Sunday, 16 August 2009

is 21!!!

Then I finally turned 21~~ (0^__^)0

I woke up when mom sang happy b-day (in Swedish)
then had breakfast, and went out in the sun! we took a taxi to Stanley, on the other side of HK, went to a fameous market...
it was nice but HOT

When we came back home I just lay down right on the floor and kinda fell asleep...

In the evening we went to this AMAZING restaurant.. Naomi had made an reservation at this cool restarant.. on the 28 floor in the middle of the city..
It kinda looked like Pirates of the Caribbean inside to be honest... u know from 3rd movie... in Shanghai or Singapore..can't remember where they were
Anyway.. we had an amazing dinner, loads of chinese food!!
and the bathroom..haha what to say... so amazing!!! will upload photos later ^^
During our dinner we saw a lightshow, really nice, I love lights and heights~~~ <3
As a surprise and as a gift from the restaurant they had prepared a spec desert.. on the house!!!
and they also sang happy b-day.
I got some chinese b-day cake too, it's supposed to give me luck.. dont ask.. I dont get it.. but we'll see about that~~ haha

After we had finished the manager came out and gave us tickets to a boat...
a really fameous boat, u know the one with red sails u always see on photos from HK!!!!
3 tickets for free... only because he knew Naomi and it was my b-day!!

Royal treatment or what? ^^

Then we went on the boat.. around 1 h.. so amazing, all the lights~~

All thanks to Naomi I have had the most amazing b-day!!!!!!!!
HK is the BEST!!!! ^^

Thursday, 13 August 2009


Now I only have half a day left..then VACATION!!!!
Tonight I need to pack.. because tomorrow I'm off to the airport with mom..

Hong Kong (and maybe Macau) Here I come!!!

and 3 days until my b-day (^__^)

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Funny things can be..

This morning i read the newspaper as always, on my way to work.
And I spotted a new ad for clothes, the funny thing is that the so called NEW fashion, is the exact fashion I got last year in Korea/Japan!!

I mean JP get it from France yeah!?
And Sweden is closer..still 1 year difference.
And people wonder why I don't feel like shopping... here u have it.. I ALREADY have it all!!
or seen it!!!

Next week I'm off to Hong Kong.
I wonder what I'll find... probably fashion of next year...hahaha!!

Today's mood: laughing..
Today's food: Mom's homemade food
Today's song: SNSD - Sowonul mar haebwa

Saturday, 1 August 2009

My chew

This week I finally got my pack from Korea, with my jeans, tunic, candy - MYCHEW, tea. laver and movie...
Thank you unni!! :)

I finally got my Mickey Mouse jeans..after 1 year of (^^;;)

The movie I got is called 슬픔보다 더 슬픈 이야기 - Sadder than sadness,
English title is: More than blue.
I really liked the movie.. it was much better than I though.. so I'm happy with my purchase! :)

I need to improve my korean even more, so at the moment I'm watching a lot of Korean dramas and movies... just because (^__^)

Today i have cleaned the house.. *pat myself on the head*
and I went for a long walk..really nice weather!!

Today's mood: Happy
Today's food: BBQ
Today's song: SeeYa,Davichi,T-ara - Woman's generation