Monday, 31 August 2015


The news all fans have been waiting for came out last Friday!
Arashi is to release a new album "Japonism" on October 21.
According to the news Arashi wants to show different angles of Japan, therefore the title "Japonism" 

The album will feature previous released singles "Sakura" and "Aozora no Shita, Kimi no Tonari", as well as nine new tracks and the member's solo songs. It will be available in three different editions Limited Edition, Regular Edition, and Yoikoto Edition. The Limited Edition comes with a DVD containing the PV and making footage for a new number. The Regular Edition will include four bonus tracks. And, the Yoikoto Edition includes a cover of Shounentai's "Nihon Yoitoko Maka Fushigi" and members' talk.
The new single "Ai wo Sakebe" whoch is released on September 2 will not be included with the album.

[한정] 에코 납작 아이브로우 펜슬

I haven't tried it yet, but I hope it's good.
I never used these in the past but a friend told me it would highlight my brows and since I started I cannot stop! I have used Nature Republic's so far, but since Innisfree is getting better and better I thought I'd try this one out. hopefully I'll like it, so far I've liked everything I have tried from there.

Name: Eco Eyebrow Pencl
Price:  3 500 won
Colours: Gray, Black, Brown, Dark Brown

You can buy it here

Pics and info @ 이니스프리

Sunday, 30 August 2015

[한정] 이니스프리 젤라이너

I have used a lot of eye shadows but I try to use colours that doesn't show too much. but I have notice that it sometimes look like I have no make up on at all.
So I found these and thought maybe I can point instead, by using these eyeliners I can create a stronger colour and a different look.
I got three different ones - pink, blue and red wine.
I have tried them all and I'm really satisfied!!
Also, Innisfree has become better and better since their start, so I'm trying to try out more stuff from their collections!

4호 분홍빛 추억,
6호 숲속의 파랑해,
7호 저녁노을 버건디

Saturday, 29 August 2015

[더 스타일] 피팅 웨어 포어 커버 스틱

I hate when I can see my pores, so I found this! A perfect cover.
I also use it to cover other things... I love the smoothness and texture of it ^^
Korean make up is the best!!

Name: The Style fitting wear pore cover stick
Price: 8 800 won
Colour: One Colour

You can buy it here
Pics + info @ 미샤

Pressies from Korea

When I came home the other day I found a box from Korea.
I knew that HJ unni had sent me some noodles, but I didn't know she'd send me this much!
She got me 4 packs of "Jja wang", black bean noodles which are very popular in Korea right now.
She also sent me a dessert/drink mix with green tea from the Korean cafe called A Twosome Place, and two mask packs from Innisfree.
She's such a cutie!! I miss her a lot. Looking forward to see her new year in Seoul. I'm gonna bring her lots of Swedish deliciousness!!!

Friday, 28 August 2015

If I were to make this dish...

Thinking of making this dish this weekend...
It's one of my fave "Korean" dishes!

[시그너처] 컴플렉션 코디네이팅 비비크림 SPF43/PA+++[베이지/깨끗한 안색]

I got the bigger, jar version of this BB cream, a few years back. I hadn't used it because I had so many other BB Creams at home. But now I use it every day. However when travelling it's not easy to carry, so I asked my darling to get me the tube one. Which obviously make my life easier.
I haven't really compared the differences, but it does feel a lot more smooth on the skin. I guess that's what I liked about it ^^ Also, Missha never disappoints so I'm happy!

Name: Signature Complexion Coordinating BB Cream
Price: 29 000 won
Colour: Beige

You can buy it here
Pics and info @ 미샤

Thursday, 27 August 2015

걸리시 러플 블라우스

My darling thinks MIXXO has not good quality, but I don't care, they are sorta cheap so it doesn't matter ^^. Anyway, my darling got me this one for my birthday as well as all the make-up items. He's the best no?? I don't think a lot of men would go shopping for their girlfriends/wives! ^^
Anyway, this is a really simple top but can be used for many occasions, therefore I wanted it.
And luckily my darling found it! ^^ I got the M size.. it's a bit tight over my chest but it's ok. Working out a lot anyway so hopefully I will tight my back and it won't be an issue soon XD

Price 39 900 Won
Item code: MIBL52412R
Sizes: S, M, L

You can buy it here

Pics and info @ 미쏘

I filled a box!

it's a little blurry, but more info will come.
This is the box of make up and stuff my bf gave me for my birthday ^^
There are deo sticks, bb and cc cream, eyeliners, nose patches...

He is the best!!!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Too lazy to cook

I was too lazy to cook the other day so I went out for some take out.
I got this delicious dish... a Middle East inspired dish. Beef steak with bulgur, tabbouleh, ajvar and tzatsiki. Although I was more or less full after half of it I ate it all.. haha I didn't want to waste it!

I really love this kind of food!!


8 days left until we are going to see the LEGENDS GAME between my fave team 
Liverpool FC and Manchester United.
My bf loves football so this will be a nice date, he might see a new side of me, a CRAZY side..haha
I'm already excited!
Plus it's the first time for me to enter the "new" stadium Friends Arena.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Bulgogi Dinner

Last weekend we tried my new electric slicer for the first time, we were able to the the small chunks of meat that we wanted. I'm so happy with my birthday gift.
We made bulgogi, korean bbq food. The pics above show the food soaking in marinade. And the pics below is when it's ready to eat!!!
I so want to make this food as often as possible ^^


In My Veins

I saw the re-run of Grey's Anatomy the other day and heard this song.
I know I had heard it somewhere else so I took my friend Google to help me. And I found it. Turns out they had also used it in one of the episodes of Castle. ^^

Anyway, it's a few years old, but I like it, sorta reminds me of Coldplay.


Monday, 24 August 2015

Lunch at Matholmen

Last weekend I met up with Hanna, we went for a late lunch at "Matholmen".
It's an open food truck market that has open every weekend until late September. A great idea to taste different foods.
It was our first time, I ended up eating a burger made of steak rib with various toppings such as chanterelle and Västerbotten cheese. It was super delicious!! I was super happy with my choice. A hamburger with a Swedish touch ^^

Totally make sense!

I saw this on FB, yes i find a lot of things
Anyway, I have to say I do not get the dish Poutine, sorry Canadians but I really don't!!
However this kind of fusion poutine totally make sense!!!
I so want to fly to Canada right now ^^

Pic cred @ owner

Sunday, 23 August 2015

My darling is coming home!!!

In a few hours my darling is coming home!!
Cannot believe three weeks has passed, it feels like ages, but now he is soon here!!
Just got to sleep a bit, then he'll arrive. So excited!!

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Hello Kitty Restaurant in HK

I have read about this before, first time i see a news feed about it.
It so makes me wanna go, but I bet it's not easy to get a table!!

The restaurant is called Hello Kitty Secret Garden and is located close to Jordan Station

Original CNN Link

Official Website
Official FB page

Today's Sweden

I found this on FB the other day, it's kinda funny ^^
Because in a way it's true... no? :P

Text above "Drive Slow - Playing Children"
Text below - "Drive as you like, we are at home anyway playing with the iPad"

Photo - Cred @ Owner

Friday, 21 August 2015

Siemens Slicer MS70002N

This is what my parents gave me for my birthday. I sorta already knew it before my b-day still super excited. Some of you might wonder.. What is that?
Let me tell you ^^ This is a electronic slicer. My main purpose for this one is to slice meat.
When cooking Asian foods, or BBQ, this makes it easier. You can buy a big piece then cut it up.
My mum has an old one you have to do everything manually, however it's really hard to get the fine cut ones. A friend of mine said he had one of these and since my b-day was coming up I thought this was the best present to get. A little bigger than I thought but I'm really happy with my present.
I haven't used it yet, but soon I will ^^ 

Manifacture: Siemens
Model name:  MS70002N
Height (cm) 23,00
Wide (cm) 36,00
Deep (cm) 26,00

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Nissin Soba

I have tried the cups before, but I came across these in Sweden for the first time a few weeks ago.
I bought two packs and the other day I tried the first one.
I chose curry and teriyaki. I tried the curry one. I really enjoyed it, I also had a fried egg with it.
I was really surprised that it was this good.
So if you haven't tried these yet, I recommend you to do so.

My own b-day gift

This is my b-day gift from myself to myself ^^
I went to Rituals on my actual birthday, reason is that if you go there on your birthday you will get a treat ^^ A really good one.
I'm really happy with my purchases. I got Fragrance sticks and Body lotion/cream. And for free I got two different kinds of Shower Foam in different sizes ^^

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

You think

Ever since their teaser for their new album came out, I was most curious about this one. And after listening to them all. this is my fave! ^^
Which song of SNSD do you like the most??
Here's my fave.

Another B-day gift

I met with Hanna last Saturday, she gave me these.
Some products from Rituals, one of my fave stores and this small painting.
So cute of her ^^

I'm so blessed to have such good friends ^^

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Lush Life

This young girl has sure made her name to be remembered. But not only because of her ability to sing. However I have skipped the debate, I focus on her music. This was released in the beginning of the year...


One of many birthday gifts

These are the gifts I got from two of my colleagues, I died of laughter when I saw the card ^^
It's so funny, so fit me as well!
They were so sweet, they gave me a gift card at one of our department stores and a lot of sweets.
Best colleagues and friends!! ^^

Monday, 17 August 2015

Perfect b-day celebration

Thanks to J,C and K for a great birthday celebration!
Yesterday we had dinner at J&C's place, they had prepared a fantastic BBQ and cake!
I just love grilled foods ^^

And the cake... not just any candle ^^
It had a big almond base, it was super delicious, I could eat it EVERYDAY!!

A big thanks for this!! I had a blast!

Pasta lunch

Last Thursday we went out for lunch.
I took a pasta dish, really delicious but too much ^^
A little bit too salty, but then again I'm not a fan of salt so it could also just be my taste buds.
It was nice to eat out and I had a pasta craving! Easily solved!

Sunday, 16 August 2015

My day!

Today is my day...

Almost there

Two weeks of three has passed..
I start to feel used to it but still lonely. I hope my darling find his way home asap!!
One more week, I hope I can manage! ^^

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Marabou + Kvikk lunsj = True

I think a lot of people already could guess when they first announced their new flavour. They showed the Norwegian flag so ^^ Kvikk lunsj consists of a thick bar, composed of wafer covered with milk chocolate, and divided into four fingers. But do not confuse it with kitkat, it's very different!

Too bad it's only sold at one location the next 5 weeks!
It was released on Thursday, I took an evening stroll there, I was quite surprised when I paid.
27 KRONA for one 200g bar!
It usually costs between 17-20 at a supermarket but since it's only sold at Hemmakväll that's what you get!!