Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Must eat in TOKYO (^__-)

I know I have mentioned this food or snack before.. but it's worth to do it again.
IF you go to TOKYO, Japan, there is something you should taste!

Have you heard of Melon pan? or Melon bread.
First when I heard it I thought it was made of melon, but no that's not the case.
The name comes from the shape (^^;;)
You can get it from most convenience stores such as Family mart, 7eleven etc. or bakeries. However there is a place in Tokyo where they sell a various varity of the bread.
And the taste is MUCH MUCH MUCH better than normal ones.

The shop is called: メロンパンファクトリー Melon pan factory. (no surprise there)

The shops are located in following areas in Tokyo:
(info is taken from their official homepage)

世田谷区 Setagaya ward

1) 千歳烏山店 - 千歳烏山駅から336m (京王線)
Chitosekarasuyama - From the Chitosekarayama station walk 336m (Keio line)

2) 経堂店 -小田急線経堂駅北口徒歩3分すずらん通り商店街経堂駅から236m
Kyodo - Take the Odakyuline and Kyodo station North exit, walk 3 min on the Suzuran street. From the Kyoda station shopping street it's 236m

大田区 Ota ward

1) 大岡山店 -東急目黒線大岡山駅より、北口商店街側直進、左手徒歩3分。大岡山駅から182m
Oookyama - Take the Tokyu Meguro Line to Oookayama station. North exit follow the shopping street. After 3 min you will see the shop on your left side. It's 182m from the station

品川区 Shinagawa ward

1) 大井町店 -JR大井町駅中央口から出ると近いです。踏切手前。大井町駅から296m
Ooimachi - JR Ooimachi station, From the Central exit it's close by. Cross the street (in front of you). From the Ooimach station it takes 296m.

2) 荏原町店 - 荏原町駅から312m (東急大井町線)
Ebaramachi - It's 312m from the station(Tokyu Ooimachi line)

I have only been to one of the stores, the 大岡山店.
However I guess the taste is the same since it's a brand.
I love their マッチャ (Maccha), イチゴ (Ichigo), チョコ (Choco),
But my absolute fave one is their ブルーベリー (Blueberry) however I have only had it once, it's rare to find.

For me each time I go to Japan, this is the food I look forward to eat the most, besides from sushi (^0^)

Official website (in Japanese)

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Anonymous said...

Seems delicious, I want to try. is it only in Tokyo?