Friday, 30 September 2011

One more to the list..

I mentioned yesterday the various communities I'm a member of..
Today I added a membership!

I entered the Korean "미투데이/Me2day". I haven't figured it out yet but I hope I will soon..haha
If not I'll exit it.. but it seems to be quite popular among Koreans these days so I thought I'd try it out! ^^

Today's quote

"Life isn't about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself"

"인생은 자신을 찾는것이 아니라 스스로를 만들어 가는것"

Finally going to get them checked!!

I finally managed to call the "Sports clinic" and ask for a time to go and get my knees checked.
My knees are so messed up after many years of playing handball and also I fell pretty bad outside a couple of years ago.
I hope they will help me, because it hurts too much!!

Yesterday I read about this new Johnny's group that will debute, Sexy Zone . The average age is 14.2!! and the youngest member is ONLY 11 and he is from Germany. His name is Marius. (sorry for the joke but I want to see when they present him on tv.. this is "Maliusu")
But I feel bad for Kis-My-Ft2, I thought 2011 was going to be their debute year..and all of a sudden a new band pops-up!! Johnny-san sure knows how to surprise people. Before it was said that A.B.C-Z was going to be the next JE band to debute, I guess we have to wait!!

Today I'm going to help my mum with some work, I get paid so it's ALL GOOD :)

Also for lunch me and my dad will have Thai food, I've never been a fan of Thai before. In Sweden it only taste like curry or alot of lime which I don't like.
However I've found this little "Thai Wok House" close to the nearest underground station to my house here in Stockholm.
For 60 kr (aprox 9USD), I get both food and drink, which is cheap for Sweden. Also the amount of food is so much that 1 portion is enough for 2 people!!! :)

Today's song: Daughtry - September

This is one of my fave songs from Daughtry. Also since it's the last day of September.. I thought I'd share it! (^0^)

So many communities...

I've realized I'm a member of many different communities.

..and Korean Cyworld are some of them.

For some reason I have been inactive on Cy but I should start again, always good to use my Korean and talk to friends there, however many also have facebook.

Now friends are also trying to get me to use Google+.
Why so many? I don't have time to use them all...

Thursday, 29 September 2011

You know my name?You know all my thoughts?

There are times in life which makes it hard. Life is simple but not easy.
There are days filled with hate, sorrow and worry.. But there are more days filled with joy, happiness and love.

This song is called: "내이름 아시죠/You know my name right?" in Korean, in English it's called: I have a maker.
It's a hymn, in Korean.. I love it! This song was really something that made my day much better, I feel so calm.

For me there is only one way.. that's way together with Jesus!

A great laugh!! Nakai-kun is great!

This was released some time ago, SMAPxSMAP 20110815, 中居正広(Nakai Masahiro) and his しょうわ時代 (Showa era) did a parody of 少女時代 (SNSD)'s Gee dance!
But I have to say.. it's good!! and not surprised that Nakai-kun is the one to do it..haha
I have to say..see SNSD is fine but to see these old men is well ... but they make me laugh!!

Next time I want to see the other SMAP members do it as well!! ^^
Goro-chan would be AWESOME..hahaha

Woke up for nothing...

Guess what, I'm still tired...!
Anyway I went to the hospital to take the tests even though I had a time I had to wait in line. It felt so stupid and I had to wait for more than 30 min!
Finally it was my turn, and I talked to the doctor and she was about to take my tests when she "touched" abit wrong and now I have to go back in 2 weeks to re-take the test since she couldn't take it. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!
So I went there for nothing.

Now I'm in Uppsala, soon to have my final class before the exam!
Only 2 hours today however I'm super hungry, I have to buy food when I go home. I wonder how I'll survive.. 4 hours to go!!

Today's song: 동방신기/東方神紀 (DBSK/TVXQ) - B.U.T (BE-AU-TY)

This is the latest song from the boys... I think I need to listen more to this song before I can say "I like it" but Yunho U-know always.. looking HOT ^^

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Today's quote

"Music is the one place where you can lose yourself and find yourself at the same time."

and.. this one, a friend of mine posted this, I thought it was quite funny so I wanted to share..

Another long day at work

Today when I came to work I almost threw up, I don't know why but I was so tired. I was tired almost all day and the work was not the most cheerful. I worked overtime today as well, total spent 10 hours at work and I wanted to get out fast.
For dinner I had dinner plans with a co-worker, we went to Ki-mama ramen!
I had the Wantan-men, it was so delicious.. I ate it all ^^ Normally the portions are quite large so I can't finish but since I didn't have much for lunch and was super hungry!!

After dinner I met up with mum when riding the underground I saw a change, one of the car had a different interior!More like London, Seoul, Tokyo!! First time I saw this kind of car, on the outside it looked just so-so but I hope they decide to change them all and also make them look even nicer! We'll need it!!! I hate rush hour these days...

Today's song: 슈퍼주니어 - 아차 (Super Junior - A-Cha)

This song is addictive ^^
I do miss Siwon and Heechul in this promotion.... (T_T)

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


I picked it up after class.. the movie I have wanted to see all summer!
The remake of Ghost.
Japanese title: ゴースト もういちど抱きしめたい
Korean title: 고스트: 보이지 않는 사랑.
English title: Ghost - In your arms again.
The movie is starring Korean SUPER HOT 송승헌 (Song Seung Hun) and beautiful 松嶋菜々子 (Matsushima Nanako).
I loved Matsushima as Tsubaki in HYD so it will be fun to see her in something else!!I really missed her in HYD Final though! And for some reason each time I see Seung-Hun, he looks better and better! ^^

a HUGE Thanks to Shao who sent it to me.. I miss you!! <3

Today's song: 平井堅 - アイシテル (Hirai Ken - Aishiteru)

The official OST title track...

+ here is the trailer for the movie.. this is the KOREAN VERSION..

Great news!!

I just read on allkpop that Hangeng and SM has settled or come to an agreement regarding the lawsuit!
Great news, but then again... Hangeng is their way to reach China so I guess that's also a reason why they gave in!
Still not sure if Hangeng will come back as a member in SuJu, however I wish and hope he will comeback!! I miss him so much!

You can read the article here:
@all rights to ALLKPOP.

Today's quote

...and when the pieces won't fit anymore, the only thing that makes sense is to move on, and find the ones that do. (^_-)

- It's so true..don't you think!? :)

So tired I could die

I woke up at 4.30am!!!
I was supposed to wake up at 5 but for some reason my body woke up much earlier!
To open my eyes was a problem, but managed after 10min!
had a quick breakfast and then headed out. It was BLACK outside! I really want to go back home and put the blanket over my body again!

When I arrived at Uppsala station I bought a cup of coffee! I feel human again, now time for 4 h class...
See u later!

Monday, 26 September 2011

9,5 h of work..I'm DONE!

Today I came to work at 7.25am and worked until 5.30pm!
It was fun seeing some friends again.. Haven't seen many of them for one month or so.
Anyway I was excited but after a few hours my back started to hurt.
The chairs were really bad and the hours went on so slowly.
I worked overtime since I need the money. Instead of 8 hours I worked 9,5!!

Now I'm back home, just saw that I got a package from Singapore.. which I think is the dvd Shao sent me!
Also I got a message regarding my Arashi concert goods, there are now shipped and on the way to me! Super happy ^^

Now time for dinner then read my book, tomorrow once again I have a morning class!

Another week begins...

Last night me and my mum finished off last week with a movie.
We saw the movie called The Duchess, starring Kiera Knightley.
I know understand why the movie won an Oscar for best costume!!
It was a good movie, however sad. Also Kiera is so skinny (T_T) yet beautiful...

Now it's back to life, another week begins!
I'm off to work, don't want too but I need the money... ^^
Always need money right?!

Last night before sleeping I checked around Gmarket..agaian.. and found so many clothes and stuff I want!!!

+ I checked the scale, I've lost 2 kgs since I came back from Asia... I like ^^

Today's song: 2NE1 - I'm the best (Japanese version)

This is the Japanese version of the song, live at NHK!
I still like the Korean version more.. also because my Korean is better as well as I'm more used to that version (^^;;)
But 2NE1 is the BEST!!!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Bus/metro card with style ^^

I just reminded myself that I haven't showed my SL-korts (SL-card - SL is our local transportation) holders that I have bought.
If I just have it in my bag I never find it when I need it and then i found these cute ones!
So now I have a public transportation card wrapped in style ^^
I got different kind of holders, I've bought them in either Taiwan or Japan.
In Korea I used to have a Hello Kitty mobile jewlery accessory as a underground/bus pass. Very smart thing!!!

The Korean Hello Kitty pass.. Cute right?! I wish we had these kinds in Sweden!
It can be used to pay bus/metro fare..also taxi, vending machines and various convenience stores!

Chopper! (From the manga One piece, cute right? I can also have money in the pouch if I want to) I found this one at a local store in Ximending in Taipei, Taiwan ^^

My Melody (Just like the one above I can have money in it..) - I bought this one more than one year ago at KIDDY LAND in Odaiba, It has been my precious for quite some time ^^

K-on (Japanese manga) - I found this at a manga event in Taiwan, I really liked the looks of this manga, I also bought some clearfiles.. ^^

Hello Kitty Ribbon - I bought this one in Harajuku, I kept on loosing my PASMO so I bought this quickly :P
It's really cute, I use this one the most these days ^^

Gloomy Sunday..

Last night I re-watched an old movie.. The notebook, starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. It's a good movie, but for some reason I can never see Ryan Gosling as hot, I know many people think he is but I saw this old tv-drama with him when I was 11-12 and he was such a dork so everytime I see him I see that dork infront of me...

I promised my mum to vaccum the apartment.. and after doing half of it the vaccum died!!
It seriously died and I don't know what the problem is!

So now I'm gonna have lunch, watch TV and then try it again!

Today's song: 카라 - 스텝 (KARA - Step)

I know I have shared this one before.. But I love this song!!
Also I loved this performance, it's from yesterday's Music Core.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Petty Romance

I finally saw the movie 쩨쩨한 로맨스 aka Petty Romance starring 이선규 and 최강희(Lee Seon Gyu and Choi Kang-Hee).

I've heard about it so much so it was time to see it.
Also SeonGyu is one of my fave actors in Korea and KangHee is now starring the drama I'm currently following. (보스를 지켜라 Protect the boss)
The movie was a bit different than I thought.. still not sure if I think it was good or not...
Maybe I have to re-watch it. (^^;;)

Today's song: 유키스 - 네버랜드 (U-Kiss - Neverland)

This song is really popular in Korea right now.. I'm not a fan of U-kiss but I can't help to hear this song.. they play it so much in Korea..
The boys looks so young XD

Today's delicous food

I woke up really late or actually I couldn't bring myself to leave the bed earlier.
Anyway earlier this week I saw this ad for a dish I really wanted to make.
Cabbage-pork (bacon) hotpot.

I went to the supermarket to buy everything plus other things since my parents left me alone for the weekend I have nothing at home.

For the dish I needed
  • Cabbage
  • Bacon
  • Radish

I already had soy sauce, salt and "fish powder" at home.

It was really easy to make and so delicious!
With the dish I had rice and kimchi!!
Now I'm happy and full, now time to study!

Looks good doesn't it? (^^;;)

Friday, 23 September 2011

Cooking pasta in the microwave...

I saw this amazing thing on Japanese tv earlier this year.
It's a plastic container that can be used for cooking pasta/spaghetti in your microwave.

My first thought was.. NO WAY..! It can't be good!
I'm that kind of person who likes to cook food and not heat something up in the microwave! And to cook pasta in a plastic container can it really work?

I love pasta and in Sweden we eat it quite often..!

Last month when I went to Tokyo I dragged my friend with me to the store called 東急ハンズ (Tokyu Hands) the 池袋 (Ikebukuro) branch.

Actually my reason going there was to buy another thing!
When I went to Nagoya me and my friend watched tv and saw this new "pasta cap". You can put on your pasta pack and it will keep it straight and it also measure 1-1,5 portions of pasta! It looked really cute so I decided to go there.

I decided to get a green one since green is one of my fave colours! It also comes in White, Black and Red. It's cheap too, 525 jpy

And since pasta is pasta I suddenly was remined of the pasta container as well!
We asked the staff and they showed it to us! It only cost somewhat 800 jpy so I just had to get it!

On this pack it above, it says it's for 1-4 persons, however the one I bought is for 1-2 persons.

Anyway so how does it work?
The little hole in the lid is the measurement for 1 potion of pasta, on the side of the main container it says how much water you should fill it with.
You add pasta, take of the lid - otherwise you will have a explosion in your microwave!
So, 1 portion 500 watts for 13 min, 2 portions 500 watts and 16 min!
NO salt.. just plain water.

And how was it??

Best part with this little invention:
1. The pasta doesn't stick!
2. You don't have to pay attention while it cooks!

South Korean Make-up

I never buy makeup in Sweden anymore, unless I have to do so. To be honest when I was younger I didn't care too much about makeup. I was a tomboy and I guess I also wanted to be a bit rebellious?
Also it's quite expensive here, but yeah I did buy... UNTIL I went to Korea and found all the makeup stores...
Korea are filled with make-up stores..

  • BaviPhat

  • Etudé House

  • Holika Holika

  • It's Skin

  • Missha

  • Nature Republic

  • Skin Food

  • The Face Shop

  • The Saem cosmetics

  • Tony Moly

  • Of all these I always buy some things at each...

    But my fave are Etudé House, Missha and Nature Republic or at least the ones I visit the most.
    I also visit Skin Food, Face shop and Tony Moly.
    The others I have bought some small stuff at all the others, like facial masks, nail polish.

    Etudé House
    Dream on base, Hand lotions, Body lotions, Eyeshadow stick..

    I love their BB cream, Nose patches, Hair mist, Hand lotion, Deodorant and Facial masks..

    My fave BB Cream! U use it almost everyday ^^

    I love these.. Goodbye pores!!

    Facial masks! in Korea there are so many different kinds, I always want to buy them all!
    These two I got for free when shopping at Missha/Nature Republic

    Nature Republic
    Eye shadow, Aloe vera soothing gel, Collagen Eye patch, Nail polish...

    I like the feeling having these one!!

    This is great after a day out in the sun!!

    Nail polish and remover...

    I got these wetwipes for free... Make-up stores almost always give some kind of service when going into the store, this one of the Nature republic ones..

    As most people I also get spots, hate it but there's nothing I can do!
    I have tried so many things, however this little tube from The Face Shop is the best!!
    After 3 days the spots are gone, at lease in my case.

    Happiness worth $3,5

    Buy or not? that is the question...

    I commute to another city 2-3 times a week as I attend uni in another city than my hometown Stockholm.
    However my books and laptop is quite heavy to bring, I hate it.. I need a backpack!
    This might sound stupid, but in Sweden we usually (girls) stop using backpacks after middle school. But my arms have had enough!!

    I can't find a cute bag in Sweden. We have good ones but they look so boring. I mean if I'm going to force myself look like a nerd ^^ I want to do it in STYLE XD
    It sounds stupid I know, but I guess that's who I am..

    I found this one online... should I buy it or not?
    In a way I regret that I didn't buy one in Japan, my friends tried to get me to buy one, but in the end my pride couldn't let it happen (^^;;)

    Today's song: 김보경 - Suddenly/시티헌터 OST (Kim Bo Kyung - Suddenly / City Hunter OST)

    I fell inlove with this song the first time I heard it, I love both music and lyrics. 김보경 is a great singer! and she is only 21 years old!! (born in 1990)
    Still not sure if I liked the City Hunter drama itself, but watched it because 이민호(Lee Min Ho) was so hot!! For some reason he looks better each drama. I hated his curly hair in BOF but well.. that's GJP's signature and not his choice ^^

    Thursday, 22 September 2011

    Asian accessories - I'm addicted I suppose

    I love the Korean accessories, actually all the Asian ones.
    I went crazy last summer and bought quite alot, at various markets or stores.
    I purchased most of them at my fave accessory store in Seoul, South Korea.

    Here are some pictures of some things I bought!

    Headband - it's handmade ^^

    Ring, very girly right ^^

    Earrings - I love the colour

    Pin - these pin's have been popular in S. Korea during the past year,
    and you can also spot them in many various dramas.

    Earrings - They are a set but looks different, however the match is <3

    More to come...


    Once again the Swedish newspaper showed how we take after things that happen in the US, or to be clear.. WE write about things that happen in the US.

    In today's Metro newspaper there was an article about that you can pay with your phone, it works ask a "credit card". It's Samsung and Googe who makes this possible.
    And if you have a certain Samsung phone you can try it out.

    Well... What can I say!?

    In South Korea they have had this for more than 2 years!! Or actually it's not connected to Google, only to your own bank. It's like having your Visa/Master Card in your phone. You can also use it to withdraw money from an ATM.

    BUT my point is: Have we ever read about it in the NEWSpaper before?
    - NO, I don't think so.

    As we in Sweden normally look towards our WESTern friends and not as much to our EASTern. Can I call it sad?

    Like I mentioned, in S. Korea you can not only pay with your phone, you can also withdraw money from an ATM with your phone. Also this is NOT only with various SMARTPHONES.
    I had a phone back in 2008, I could do it with that phone too, a really simple one! (a 2G one)

    I wish we could open our eyes abit more. We call ourselves global but really are we?

    Today's song: AKB48 - フライングゲット (Flying get)
    I'm not a fan of AKB48, but their popularity is really growing by each day, now they also have NMB48 and SKE48. The Japanese Otaku's love these girls...
    (AKB = Tokyo, NMB + SKE = Osaka and Nagoya)

    Wednesday, 21 September 2011

    A nice reunion

    Today I had lunch with my dad before going to a friends house.
    I havent seen her or my other friend all summer and this semester we are all taking different classes. It was fun to see the girls and to hear what they are up to. We are really doing different things. As mentioned before I do law this semester while they are studying various English related classes.
    We also talked about summer travels and now I really want to visit NYC. I have never been there but I really want to go.
    These days the USD is not good therefore it'd be a great time to go!!
    But will I have enough money or time?? hmm...

    Last night I checked INGNI's homepage and saw so many clothes I want but can't buy since I'm in Sweden..
    Also I looked through my "Ray" magazine I bought when leaving Tokyo last month... I'm in love with all the fashion from Japan!!! I want to go back!!

    However a friend of mine in Japan is helping me out getting a poncho I saw online..
    It's really cute, I like both design and colour! And the best thing.. it was not as expensive as I thought!

    Today's song: Today I will share two songs, from 2 different Korean Dramas. They both aired earlier this year.. and I still love these songs (^0^)

    박보람 - 언제까지나, 49일 OST (Park Boram - Always, 49days OST)

    레인보우 - 그대와 난 씨티헌터 OST (Rainbow - You and I, City Hunter OST)