Monday, 27 October 2008

Inte helt nöjd men...

Idag fick jag tillbax min tenta..
Är inte helt nöjd med resultatet, men ser det ändå positivt då jag bara hade 1,5 vecka att ta in information som de andra studerat i 2,5 månader..
aja ska inte klaga. Kan säga att HANJA (kinesiska tecken) är min grej denna termin!!
Tack till alla japanska serier osv (^-^;)
På onsdag är det dags att hålla ett nytt tal.. på koreanska såklart..och det ska vara i 10 minuter!
Ämnet: Kända personer.. Jag valde att skriva om きむたく(Kimura Takuya)
"Ett mycket bra val!" enligt さゆり(Sayuri) (^_^) synd att hon inte kommer att få höra det men... vi får höras av då o då... utbyte Engelska-Japanska står högt på min lista (0^^)00(^^0)

I helgen slavade jag i köket.. lagade en rad rätter som: 焼きそば, お好み焼き, 鉄板焼き, カレライス (yakisoba, okonomiyaki, teppanyaki, curryrice)... dock kände mig inte helt frisk.. småsjuk skulle jag tro!? då jag inte mådde bra alls... men antar att det beror på stress, omställning osv~~
Men är glad att jag fick me mig mamma o pappa o köpa mat på olika japanska affärer... typ 10 kg ris, grönsaker, kryddor osv (^^)
Plus! jag hittade koreansk glass i en av de japanska butikerna!! gissa hur förvånad och glad jag blev! *godare värre*
Antar att jag fortfarande saknar Asien! m(_ _)m

När vi ändå pratar om omvärlden så kan jag säga.. jag HATAR den ekonomiska krisen vi har!
Nu är den amerikanska dollarn samt. japanska yenet svinhöga (om vi jämför med siffran som vi hade för 1 månad sedan)
Så jag tycker att det är jobbigt då jag brukar beställa en hel del från olika håll... jag hoppas att den faller snart igen.. lite hemskt men...
Varför kan man inte lära sig av historien!? Ja menar..allt lutade åt att det skulle bli såhär men ändå sticker man huvudet i sanden!
Sämre tider väntar oss tror jag...så.. snart kommer tårarna rinna 24/7!!
Lovar snart kommer vi behöva ha en kärra med pengar för att köpa mjölk och bröd!!

I helgen är det dags för 嵐's Arashi Around Asia 4 koncerter i Seoul...o jag sitter i ett svinkallt Stockholm och önskar att jag vore i Seoul med en biljett i handen.
Säger bara: 翔ちゃん & 松潤!!

Dessutom släpps sjukt mycket nya skivor... varför kunde de inte släppts när jag var i Asien!? billigare och lättare att köpa på plats!
関ジャニエイト's nya låt 無責任ヒーロー är underbar.. den är så töntig att den äger! (^-^)
samt. Arashi's Beautiful days... en ny den är 大成功

Dagens mat: やきそば
Dagens humör: upp-och-ner
Dagens låt: 嵐 - 僕わ僕のすべて

Monday, 6 October 2008

A bit late but... here it goes

I came back to Sweden a couple of days ago...
and I have been so busy, but I realised I had forgot to write about my experience in Fukuoka and my last days in Seoul...

so here it goes~~

I woke up early and checked out from my hostel in Kyoto, bought some food at the station in Kyoto, got on the train and went down to Fukuoka, it took about 4 hours~
when I arrived the rain was pouring down!! and I thought I'd be able to find the hostel easily since I had a map and all... but I was wrong!! and after a while I got angry..
1. I was soaked
2. my luggage was soaked
3. headache

So I took a taxi, then it turned out that the hostel was around the!
Still the small taxi drive made me a bit happier~~
I checked in, then searched some stuff on the net then went out to see a rainy Fukuoka.
First I went down to Tenjin and Johnny's shop ((YEPP I went to all Johnny's shops in Japan))
it was easy to find it I went in and out within 5 min.
Then walked around a big shopping mall closeby...bought some shirts for my brother, then went to Canal city..a ever bigger and very fameous shoppingmall!
I had dinner at their Ramen stadium! ate Fukuoka styled ramen + mochi gyoza!! I LOVE MOCHI
I have to say it was nice to just be indoor since the rain made me sad!
then time got much and I was tired, so I went back home, bought some mochi icecream on the way...then prepared for the concert

When I got to the venue I was the FIRST one!
Guess if I was chocked. I often does these kind of things happen!?
Anyway..I met up with Eliza..and her friends..
saw KinKi Kids.. ((Read earlier blog story for detailed info about the concert))

Time to say goodbye~~
Woke up, packed my bags and went to Hakata station, and took the subway to the airport, very easy and cheap!
however I had to take a shuttle bus to the terminal, a VERY SLOW one!! I almost fell asleep!!
at the airport first i needed to do a security check in order to check my bags in..very weird..anyhow when it was done I could relax~
Did some final shopping then boarded the flight... The food/snack was nice... then again Asiana = 5 star!!
Back in Seoul I took the subway home, and back home I took a shower, did some laundary then went to the hairdresser and fixed my hair.. ((I cut it short, and put light colour into it...a TOTALLY new look))
in the evening I met up with Aram and Yuri in Hongdae, ate dinner (Kalguksu and Ddeokbokki) and talked..very nice..yet sad to say goodbye!
During the night I packed most of my stuff down in boxes and suitcase then went to bed!

Last day in Seoul = Woke up early, went to the post office and mailed one box home, then I went up to Ilsan and left the book for DBSK at JunSus dads pizza place, then rushed back home ((which took 1,5 hours)) met Sayuri really quick...and said goodbye..something I didnt want to but~~
She also gave me a very nice farwell gift and a small letter~ *I miss her so.. my best friend!*
We'll meet next year for sure!?!
Then back home, packed 2 other boxes and sent those home to Sweden too... then I met up with HeeJung onni and had dinner, did some shopping, stickerphotos etc!
We had Shabu shabu for dinner..hehe
however at the restaurant I smashed my head into the door...I can say even though 4 days has passed my head still hurts!!
At 11pm we said our goodbyes for this time, I came home packed and the went to bed...

Woke up at 5 am..checked my mail, got dressed and left woorijib. took the airportbus out to Incheon airport..check my bags in... ate my last Baskin Robbins icecream for this time and went through the security check..
I didnt sleep on my way back..instead I watched 3 movies, among them Matsujuns movie.. He's MAXIMUM H O T ! ! (0^__^)00(^__^0), ate non eatable food...and cried! (_ _;)

Today's mood: mixed
Today's food: Shabu shabu
Today's song: NEWS - Ai nante

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

KinKi you~

KinKi Kids and YOU... or KinKi you! (^0^)

I saw KinKi Kids in Fukuoka today...It was totally AWSOME!

I woke early in order to go to the venue and get a nice buy the goods..
However when I reached the stadium it was empty..I was like..
Where are all the other KinKi fans?
After around 15 min other fans started to arrive..still I was in a small could I be the first one...?!
The rain was pouring least we all were standing under a roof, but still it was kinda cold~
The later the time went the more people arrived...After 4,5 hours the opened and we could buy our goods~

I bought:
Koichi Uchiwa,
Tsuyoshi Uchiwa,
KinKi original photoset,
Koichi live photoset,
Limited Towel

Total 5800 yen!
I wanted two towels but then I thought of my economy and felt I might want to buy some stuff when I go back to Korea instead

I got soaked when I bought my goods since I wasnt allowed to have my umbrella!
Afterwards I went back to my hostel and left all the goods, beside from the Ko-chan uchiwa!

At 4.30pm I went back to the was FULL of people..I was amazed..haha!((That was how I thought it would have looked in the morning.. ^^))

I went in, got my seat... in the middle in the back so to say..really close (3 rows) away from the small stage!!and waited..then some Japanese people next to me asked me if I had seen KinKi before..and I said it was my first time and that I was from Sweden, so it's difficult to get tickets.
Then suddenly the arena became dark and Ko-chan and Tsuyoshi started to sing "愛のかたまり"..acapella..then they entered the stage..It was "SUGOI"
愛のかたまり is one of my absolute fave songs!!But when they entered the stage I was like.. Tsuyoshi doesnt look to he gonna be alright? ((I know what happened to him on stage in Niigata))
And.. Ko-chan..why havent u styled your hair? ((it isnt like u have to do it Somehow I wasnt surprised because he is DOMOTO Koichi!! (^__^)

During the opening MC..Ko-chan started with "Hisashiburidesu"..and the crowed went "Huh?!"
kinda cute..
and Tsuyoshi said he had catched a cold, which you could hear...poor guy, still he performed a great concert~
that was the reason why he didnt look too well~

Song list (far as I rememeber...if I made a mistake..plz tell me)

KinKi Kids forever(英語Ver.)

Secret Code
10ve in the Φ
Natural Thang/since 1997



to Heart
Theme of KinKi Kids

Secret Code


The songs was good... however I missed "Harmony of December" otherwise it was PERFECT!
And I think both Tsuyoshi and Ko-chan saw my little note "KinKi Kids.. come to SWEDEN!" At least they looked my way when they were passing by 2 times each.. (^__^)

I really enjoyed this concert.. my first KinKi concert..but also because Ko-chan and Tsuyoshi seemed to enjoy it too!
I loved their jokes...and comments

Tsuyoshi playing the piano, guitar, making weird sounds with his mouth, his story about his taxi ride...
and: "Do you want beef or chicken?"
"Chicken" chinese people (^__^)
"Excause me..but I'm JAPANESE"... (^-^;)v

Ko-chans various dancing..he makes me laugh so much.. that's why I love him (^__^)
Ko-chan..I love you (^0^)
Ko-chan falling to the floor when trying to show how it can go if you are not careful when you walk home at night (^0^)
Also he had some Oji moments... (^__^)
also him getting stuck on cute..
KOICHI..SAN!! (^0^;)

Their sexy version of Hey!みんな元気かい?.. = LOVE ^^

Also fans kept calling Ko-chan "hage" (bald)
And he said* plz can u stop calling me that... ((naw poor guy.. still he is a Oji!))

a huge + was to see MA (Musical Academy).. or 2 out of 3. My fave, 屋良朝幸(Yara Tomoyuki) was missing (_ _) but he is busy with his upcoming musical, however 米花剛史 (Yonehana Tsuyoshi) and 町田慎吾(Machida Shingo) was great ^^

KinKi Kids 4ever!!!

Today's Song: KinKi Kids - 愛のかたまり, Hey!みんな元気かい?, 薄荷キャンディー, 99%LIBERTY
Today's mood: 7th heaven
Today's food: Sukiyaki