Wednesday, 28 May 2008

I'm burnt-out

I have been so tired during the past week, you can not imagine, everytime I wake up I'm tired.. however I have to stay awake and it makes my head is hurting like I don't know what.
And now I have had it.. or at least my body has..!!
Yesterday when I came home I took a shower, which should have helped me getting a bit more awake.. but 30 min after I passed out on my bed. this was around 7pm and I woke up at 1am and shut down my computer and went back to sleep, and woke up at 7 am. so I slept for around 12h in a row, something that has NEVER happened to me before!! maybe as a baby..but that doesnt count!! Everyone who really knows me KNOWS that I love to sleep.. and sleep a lot.. but 10 h. in a row is the max.. otherwise.. I usually sleep for 8, awake for 1 sleep again.
This really proves how much work takes out on me, and I thought this job was going to be a piece of a cake!! I WAS WRONG!
When I talked to mum about it this morning she was kinda concearned about my health, since this isn't good at all.
Therefore the question is "Should I take an extra work-pass on Friday or not!?" I need the money but..hmm.. what about my health?

THEN today.. I got an email from one of my professors.. she told me that Finnair has lower this prices on tickets to Korea..
So I checked it out.. and now it only cost 4370 kr!!! seriously.. I payed 10 219kr for mine.. which is more than the double and I can't exchange my ticket!! Which made me PISSED!! therefore I really need to work.. cause 6000 kr is kind a lot!! ((Aprox US$825)) That will say that's how much I lost!! on the "same ticket"...
Anyhow.. because of the low prices some friends might pop-by Korea and visit..which would be AWSOME :D :D

Oh.. yeah.Yesterday I also recieved my Japanese railpass ticket ((i didn't check it out much since I passed out.. will do it tonight, unless I pass out again)).. that means that I'm 1800kr poorer..but I'm happy.. I'm really going to Japan in September..
Japan = SHOPPING, delicious food and loads of J-boys :D :D

Today's mood: Burnt-out
Today's song: Mizrock - In the rain
Today's photo: V6 -(井ノ原+健ちゃん+坂本くん+長野くん+剛くん+岡田くん), 絢香, 櫻井翔ちゃん
They are back!! :)
I can't wait until her new cd comes out!!!
He is so cute!!! ^__^

Monday, 26 May 2008

Music of the month - May 08


SMAP - Everybody ((Not really a SMAP fan but this was totally different!!))
絢香 (Ayaka) - おかえり(Okaeri) ((2nd single of Ayaka this year.. it's not as good as Te Wo Tsunagao..but it's one of the better!!))
에픽 하이 (Epik High) - One ((Perhaps the best song of Epik High!?))
宇多田ヒカル (Utada Hikaru) - Prisoner of Love ((Love her voice, love the song.. music + lyrics!!))
샤이니 (SHINee) - 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay) ((They look like Big Bang wannabes.. but the song is good.. have to wait and see what SM will turn them into..))
손담비 (Son Dam Bi) - Bad Boy ((A great tune.. nice to have her back))
嵐 (Arashi) - One Love ((OMG I have waited.. thanks Jun-kun and his radio show Jun-style for a radiorip! The lyrics is so sweet, it really goes well with HYD Final.. kinda similar to Makino's and Doumyoji's relationship~ LOVE ARASHI!!!))
赤西仁 (Akanishi Jin) - Love Juice ((It's in ENGLISH!! and you actually understand what he is saying!!!))
二宮和也 (Ninomiya Kazunari) - 痕跡 (Konseki) ((I think it's the best solo he has done!! this one and Niji))
Hey! Say! JUMP - Dreams come true ((a cute tune))
テゴマッス(Tegomasu) - アイアイ傘 (aiaigasa) ((Tegomasu is back.. with a sweet tune of course!!))
Micro - 踊れ(odore) ((Love this song, the lyrics are great!! also it realy fits into the opening of the drama Osen))
동방신기 - どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (Doushite kimi wo suki ni natta shimattan daro) ((I have only heard a radiorip..since the single is going to be released in the end of July.. still what I have heard.. I LOVE!! one of their best songs in Japanese.. want to hear it in Korean!!))
NEWS - Liar ((a side track on their new single SUMMER TIME.. however I like this one even more!! really cool lyrics and music!!!))
빅뱅 - We belong together (ENG + 한국어 version) ((Loved the Korean version when it came out..a long time ago! but now I have also heard the English version, not as good but it's totally fine!! ^___^))
V6 - 蝶(Chou) ((Nice to have V6 back.. and this tune is really good, I get a more European than Japanese feeling when I listen to it.. I love the "Chou"-dance in their PV.. and Morita looks so good in it.. but what about Okada-kun.. plz shave and cut your ^_^ also Ken-chan looks good in longer hair!! Nagano + Inocchi = L O V E as always..haha.. and Sakamoto's voice is great in it!!))


Mizrock - Mizrock ((Released some time ago in Japan.. but since she won't release it here in Sweden.. it took me some time to find it!! however I love the album!!))
WaT - WaT Collection ((A collection of new and old WaT songs... NICE!!))
동방신기(Dong Bang Shin Ki) - T ((Have had the album for 1,5 month.. still it's a great album to listen too!! and finally now I have the time))
전진 (JunJin) - New Decade ((His first soloalbum.. maybe not THE greatest soloalbum.. but good enough))
빅뱅 - With U ((Their second Japanese album.. full of songs I LOVE with them.. ie. Last Farwell and We belong together. Also nice to hear a Japanese version of My girl!!))
슈퍼주니어 엠(Super Junior-M) - 米(Me) ((Best SuJu sub-group..even better than SuJu itself.. finally some talent!! Siwon+ Hankyung = <3))

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Final time?? Summer time?? no work time!!

So now all my finals are done, unless I have failed anyone of them..
I havent so far anyway... :)
So basically SUMMER TIME should have begun but no.. now it's time for work, I need some extra money for Korea, so I guess it's fine but well yes I do get tired..
I'm even more tired now then I'm when I'm studying, which isn't too good.

Oh.. yeah, I have booked my Japanese rail pass.. ((so it's for sure that I'll go to Japan in September... *YAY*))
I have also bought a new camera for my trip to Korea.. a NIKON Coolpix S210.
It's nice isn't it?? :) :)

I have also applied for a new passport, and i have to say.. I didn't like my photo in my passport att all..!! but well what can I do about it now!?
but I'm 1 centimeter taller now.. :D :D :D I'm 166 cm which is amazing..haha and my mum thought I was going to stop at 155cm.. ^^

Today is the Eurovision Song Contest, and all I can say.. I'm not really sure at all.. I havent really found a song I really really like.. I like Sweden, Russia and Greece.. I havent heard all of them but some was REALLY bad, off key and I don't know what!!
On my shoppinglist
嵐 - Dream A Live tourgoods
関ジャニ∞ - Spring tourgoods
Things for Korea - shoes,clothes, various things..

Today's mood: Tired and Excited
Today's song: Micro - 踊れ
Today's photo: Coolpix S210 + 錦戸亮 + 嵐

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Dream A Live has begun!!

Arashi marks 2008 - Dream A Live tour has begun..
I have already read some reviews..
Why can't I see it too?? it sounded so amazing..
Arashi for dream!!
I so wanna see smexy Matsujun singing his solo.. ^^
I want to hear ONE LOVE~ HYD Final countdown!!
I want to see Riidas solo performance!

But NO I'm stuck here at home.. 1 final to go.. or should I say 2 in 1.
and work.. and I need to fix prof. Kims cd's.. seriously KILL ME!!
Why is my life so boring compare to others?! or the life I would like to have at the moment.. hmm..

I have started to watch Osen.. with Uchi Hiroki..
Its a great tv-serie so far.. ^^ I have only seen the ep that are out but.. I'm looking forward to the rest of it.
Also Ep. 6 of Last Friends.. gaaah.. what will happen to Michiru? and how will Ruka die?? and what will happen to Sosuke?? Ryo-chan is so scary!!!
Plus... I watched ep.9 of Fated to love you.. finally something will start to happen ^^
and how many episodes are left of Wish to see you again??hmm..
So many tv-series, so little time!!
Study, work, study, work, study - sleep

Today I had my "biggest" final of the semester.. GRAMMER part.. 8 chapters of Korean grammer..
I have no idea how it went... however I answered on everything BUT one thing!!

Afterwards I went to the hairdresser again.. haha I have been there twice this week ^^
But now I'm happy with my haircut.. what's missing now is some colour, but I'll fix that when I go to Korea :)
I also bought 2 pair of shorts.. and a pair of earrings.. so NOW I'm broke.. ^^
((well I was kinda broke before too.. since I have paid for my cd's, clothes, Arashi tour goods, Kanjani8 eco bag..etc))
I also recieved an email from Ewha Univ. regarding my summer language course.. gaah it's getting closer!! less than 6 weeks to go!! :) :) :)

This weekend is my makefoodweekend.. that will say I'll cook all the food at home..
my menu includes Yakisoba and Japanese Curry ^^

Today's mood: Exhaused, tired and a bit worried..and happy
Today's song: Odore by Micro (of Def Tech) & Koi Uta by Tackey & Tsubasa
Today's photo:

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Too much to handle!?

I began to study some grammer, then I went into city and got a new haircut..
my dad thinks that if I'd cut it more I'd look like Domoto Koichi... LMAO!!
I think his reaction was a bit too hard on me.. Okay its MUCH shorter than before, but since the "summer time" is here.. who wants to have long and heavy hair?? not me..
and I can't wait until I go to Korea, cause I will def. dye my hair!

Then on my way home I went passed the postoffice and picked up to parcels..
1 with clothes,and I had to pay over 600 sek (swedish krona) in custom!! gaah I hate customs..why couldn't they have written gift on the stupied EMS thing.. :/
well I love the clothes.. :) :)
but when I got home and opened it.. I cut myself with the scissor and it never stopped bleeding... I think it took 40 min.. or smth!! And still I'm alive.. however it still hurts.. but I'm "happy" it was my left hand and not right.. then I'd be dead!!

Well well.. the other parcel was 2 dvd's... KinKi Kids 2004-2005 tour + Arashi 2004 tour, but the one with Arashi didnt work on any of my dvd players :S
but thanks to the seller I got my money back.. :) :)
However the one with KinKi kids is awsome.. however I just watched 3 clips.. but that I loved!!
Will check the rest next weekend.. :) when all my finals are done.

I also ordered my Arashi - Marks Dream-A-Live goods.. :) :)
But I wish Johnny-san could post the photos earlier.. it would help me to make up my mind much more easier!!!

Today = LOADS of work.. and the stupied database never seems to work!!there is always something wrong..
And why did I say I could work this week.. I'd rather be home studying 24/7 for my exam.. gaaaaaah~ what should I do??

I have been studying loads after work... however I have been exhaused so it has not been easy at all!! its too many words and too much grammer.. some is easy but who knows.. I might forget it on the exam..!!
At least I got A's in Old Korean History and Korean Literature and Art

I love the show Arashi no shukudai kun...ep.83 was amazing..
and now I have a craving for Gyoza!!!
+ Can't wait for next ep. MatsuJuns new haircut + Ohchans new haircolour.. :)

Today's Mood: Tired
Today's song: Son DamBi - Bad boy
Today's photo: Ueda Tatsuya - I love his new solo!!

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Loads of マキシマム うまい food..

It's kind of fun when I think of it...
I have been on a diet for quite some time now, and well I'm still on it but I'm not ONLY eating my diet, I also mix with sallad and no-carbs..
Well I have eaten some but not much, and somehow I do not miss carbs.. I love sallad, salmon, chicken, and some meat.
This week I have been eating out three times! I have to say it's a record...
I mean beeing in Sweden and all.. when I'm overseas I eat out almost everyday..but since I'm home I usually do not eat out.
And guess what.. all three times = Asian food.

Wednesday - Yookgaejang ((Korean food)) at Nam Kang
Together with my classmates..
I love Yookgaejang, it's definantely one of my fave Korean dishes, however it wasn't as spicy as it should have been!? strange enough..!!
*うまい* next time put some more chili in it ^^

Friday - Yakuniku ((Japanese BBQ)) at Murasaki
Me and Linnea did some BBQ at the table, it was very fun.. it was Linnea's first time.. but she liked it..!!
we got "fresh" meat and vegetables, rice and some sauce ^^
*マキシマム うまい* however quite expensive, then again it's not so common in Sweden so I guess I have to put up with it.

Saturday - Sushi+Japanese+chinese food at Dragon House
My dear brother Mickey came home from Örebro..for a day-visit..
and we had dinner at Dragon house... loads of sushi - salmon, shrimp, egg, tofu, pilgrim scallop and some fish ^^
We also tried some other Japanese and chinese food.. which was totally okay.. maybe one of the better Chinese restaurants in Stockholm!

However I found myself everytime not eating much rice.. maybe 1/10 of my ricebowl!
I guess it's good.. carbs are not good to eat anyway so.. :) :)

I quouted 翔ちゃん from 嵐
"マキシマム うまい" =MAXIMUM Yummy
"うまい"= Yummy

Around 6 Weeks to go...Countdown Korea 2008

Today's mood: Happy
Today's Song: Hey Say Jump! - Dreams come true
Today's photo: 翔ちゃん, リーダー - 嵐の宿題くん

Wednesday, 7 May 2008


I came to uni this morning to take my Korean art and literature exam.. and do you know what it said on the paper ^^
From what you have read... what have you understood and appreciate from the Pansori Ch'unhyangga and the novel Your Paradise..
LMAO.. I couldn't believe it!! I thought it was going to be at least 3 questions...
but this one.. how can he grade it?? this is a matter of opinion.. no right/wrong answer!!
well well.. after 2 hours I was done..and my wrist still hurts a bit ^^

When I came hope there was a BIG PARCEL outside our door...
and when I opened it it was my 光一うちわ and all my photos (嵐, タッキー, 千賀).. *yatta*
Haha..when my dad saw the uchiwa he said.. well what are u going to do with the others you have.. ((matsujun+ryochan)) I said..nothing, and placed 光ちゃん between them.. then my dad said.. He's the best looking out of those 3!!! *haha.. I never expected my dad to have an opinion about them at all, he usually calls Tegoshi for a*
Anyway.. I'm HAPPY HAPPY :) :)

However I also found out.. that our clothes (Mine,Tiffs,Yazz,Lisan and Moas) are stuck at the customs department here in Sweden!!gaaah I really don't want to pay anything, it feels so STUPIED!! it's not our fault Swedish stores doesn't sell that kind of clothes here!! so if I get them on my own..why do I have to pay more than I already have!?
and I also found out that my STEP&GO cubic box finally arrived to Sweden, after..3 months.. SERIOUSLY boats are slow!!!! but cheap!!
I almost had forgot about the cubic box since it was such a long time ago since I order it.. but I'm happy to recieve it.. + the 大野智 shopping bag.. :)

Today I also had dinner with my class... 한국음식 + 노래방.. I sang a few solos.. haha ^^
+ all girls sang.. BSB and Spicegirls..old memories came back ^^
gaah now I'm exhaused.. how am I suppose to survive work tomorrow??
Today's Mood: Surprised/Happy
Today's Song: DBSK - Love in the ice, 嵐 - Aozora Pedal(アオゾラペダル)
Today's Photo:嵐の宿題くん ep.82!!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

my brain will explode!!

I jumped out of bed and walked to my bank this moning...
Seriously I hate todays technology sometimes!! why does simple things has to become complicated!?
I tried to pay KRW 70,000 yesterday over the net.. but my bank refused.. stupied!! so I had to go to the bank and fill a loooong paper and do loads of other stupied things..
However the most funniest thing happened while I was there... the woman who helped me asked for my ID and of course I gave it to her.. and then she suddenly said.. wait you are not 18?!
I was like..erhm... I'm 19, soon 20. then her face became red and she said sorry, she had read it fast so the 1988 became 1998!! that will say she thought I was 10 years old!!!! LMAO!!
People sometimes think I'm 16 but that's okay.. but c'mon.. 10!! I'm not that little!
However I got my money sent over to InKAS and Korea! :)

Gaah.. it's only 1,5 months left.. then I'll be in Korea.. is so strange to come and think about it!!

Well it was a sunny day but I spent it inside studying for my KOREAN LITERATURE and ART exam..
I think my brain is going to explode!! tooo much too read..and some info really sucks!!
And I can't find a good answer for some of the questions.. becuase there isn't any available!!
anyhow I have filled my quote with information!!
but I think it will work out fine tomorrow.. just need to wake a bit earlier and revise some of the info.

Today.. I paid for my J-goods, and my clothes from Hong Kong is shipped :)
I'm so happy I can't wait.. :D :D :D
and soon I have to order some other stuff..haha my bankaccount will go crazy ^^ but I don't care!!

Tomorrow.. besides from the exam I have to attend a dinner with my classmates.. like a "final goodbye to our semester".. so it's Korean food and Karaoke on the menu! :)
and Thursday and Friday = WORK

Today's mood: Calm
Today's song: Arashi - Do my best, NEWS - Liar, Epik High - One
Today's photo: マツじゅん、朝幸、錦戸くん&すばる
from ANS ep. 62 - マツじゅん is showing how to fit a piece of toast in his mouth ^^
[ENDLESS SHOCK] 朝幸くん looking good as usual!!
亮ちゃん & すばる my fave in Eito!!

Friday, 2 May 2008

A loooong weeeek!!

I'm going back a few days..

Tuesday, April 29.
So the day started with a exam in Old Korean history..
Seriously his questions..
Explain the origins of the Korean people, why,how and when!?
and Explain the Pre-ImJin and Past-Imjin war periods!?
It's kinda the same to me!!
Well anyhow..after 3,5 hours I was done.. we had 4 hours..
Afterwards.. I was kinda dead..but me and Tiff met Lisan and we went to Ki-mama Ramen and had dinner.. which was nice!!
I had Nabe with Udon noodles.. very tasty, after having a lot of chilipepper on it..haha ^^
then afterwards I went home anygry as a bee and went to sleep.. ((My cd didn't arrive today either))

Wednesday, April 30.
anyhow..I got pretty sick of hearing all the interviews about this's the worst day of the year when it come to alcohol.
Hmm.. maybe it is.. but we ALREADY know that!! so why sounds so surprised??
Off to class.. in the morning we had Kang sonsaengnim, and strange enough we "played games".. so it was a great ending of the semester..
After lunch we had Eunah and went through some grammer and then we were done and I went home.. taking a shower, pack some clothes etc.. and went over to Tiffany's house..
where we ate dinner, drank some Soju..and played Nintendo Wii!
At 9 we started to get ready for the party.. but we didn't go out until 11pm something.. when we got to the party venue.. the que was LOOOONG, and it started to rain and I got cold pretty fast, and just by standing there made me feel like I just wanted to go home, drink tea and sleep..
So in the end, at around 12.30 we went home instead.. we had been waiting for more than 1 hours and it didn't happen much, so before we took the underground back home to Tiff's we went to 7eleven and bought tea and coffee!!
So well no party, still... I heard the day after that it wasn't a great party anyhow so we didn't miss a thing.

Thursday, May 1
Woke up..and my head was kinda blue.. guess it was the soju and vodka.. not a great combination I suppose ^^
Then me and tiff talked some and then I went home.. 1st May = a bad day when it comes to public transportation..haha!!
Back home I didn't do much.. went out buying some milk etc.. since mum and dad isn't home for the weekend.. and my brother went back to Örebro.
I started to watch the tv-series called "over the rainbow" I read about it some time ago and it seemed like a good serie.. however I have seen better.. it was kinda slow, so I got dissapointed! Instead I watched my WHOLE V6 concert, 4 discs - 2 concerts, 2 bonus material!!
I LOVE Okada's solosong - No Fin, Way of Life, Voyager, Honey Beat, Music for the People, Can do Can go!

Ahh.. I also found the episode of Gakkou e ikkou MAX.. with Nino as the guest... it was so fun to watch!! Seriously the guys looks like girls!! totally!!!
It's scary when you think about it..haha... cause you can't tell the difference!!
They have done a great job when it comes to make-up, hairstyles, clothes etc!! and some of the boys has girly voices therefore it makes it even harder!!

Friday, May 2
I woke up to the sound of the mail dropping in..
I love Riidas solo - Take me faraway so much!! and also Sirius, Happiness, Step and Go, and Do my best!! and Matsujun's solo Naked.. :) At first I thought it was going to be a kinki-kindofsong.. but it's not! it's a nice tune I can listen to over and over again :)
This album is very different from their last album (Time) it's more "popish" or something.. still I like it.. it's very Arashic ^^
Also I loved the photobooklet which came with it!!
I wish I could see their tour this year, I think it's going to be awsome..!! I'll at least get some tour goods..hehe :)
Then besides from listening to the cd... I did some Korean grammer exercises.. gaaah.. I'm still not done!! why why why does there have to be so many!? :/

Today's mood: Happy~
Todays's song: Okada Junichi - No Fin
Today's photos: にの、翔ちゃん、岡田くん

To kiss someone is scary ^^ ie. if it's a boy :O
It's supposed to be Maximum Umai right!? :)
It's called skinship ^^