Thursday, 31 July 2014

Food for thought

"Hard work never killed anybody, but why take the risk?"


Summer ain't over, so here's an old summer tune by AKB48, It's called Ponnytails and hairties.


Back Seat (Lyrics) / 백시트 (가사)

First when I heard it I went.. did I just have s*x?
I mean, listen to the lyrics and you get it. I was surprised they'd have a song with this kinda context. And I wonder if they will broadcast this on Korean TV?
No matter it's a great song by JYJ, it totally fits them ^^

And as I need to practice my Korean, here's the translation of the lyrics!

If you want to use this lyrics, ask for permission FIRST! Also, if allowed, always credit!

제이와이제이 - 백시트 (가사) / JYJ - Back Seat (Lyrics)

Alright girl
Don’t be afraid of it
I’ma put you on my back seat
Here this

조금 더 가까이 와
Come a little closer
좋은 냄새가 나
Something smells good
벨트는 이제 그만
Take off your seat belt
어깨에 기대봐
Lean on my shoulder
긴장은 하지 말고
Don’t be nervous
Alright girl
You don’t have to be afraid now

두 팔은 부드럽게
Gently, with your arms
내 허릴 감싸줘
Wrap them around my waist
입술로는 달콤하게
Sweetly, with your lips
귓가에 속삭여줘
Whisper in my ear
부끄러워 하지 말고
Don’t be embarrassed
Alright girl
Wanna touch your body all night

더 원하고 있잖아
You want it more
날 믿잖아
You trust me
내 느낌으로 따라와
Follow my lead
Put you on my back seat
Back seat
Back seat uh-woo-uh

이 기분을 내버려 둬
Let your feelings go
You don’t have to fight
부끄러워하지 마
Don’t be embarrassed
Put you on my back seat
Back seat
Back seat
Now let’s get it on-on my back seat

이 긴장을 조금 늦춰봐
Put off your nervous feelings
That is what I’m looking for, now
어색한 이 감정, time’s up
This awkward feeling, time’s up
멈춘 이 순간
The moment everything stops
우리만 아는 언어의 시간
It's time to speak the language only we know

너와 내 숨소리가 가득한 이 밤
This night is filled with sounds of us breathing
어떤 말도 지금 필요 없잖아
right now, no words are needed
어떤 것도 우릴 멈출 순 없어
Nothing can stop us
Don’t you know that this is all about

더 원하고 있잖아
You want it more
날 믿잖아
You trust me
내 느낌으로 따라와
Follow my lead
Put you on my back seat
Back seat
Back seat uh-woo-uh

이 기분을 내버려 둬
Let your feelings go
You don’t have to fight
부끄러워하지 마
Don’t be embarrassed
Put you on my back seat
Back seat
Back seat
Now let’s get it on-on my back seat

작은 니 숨소리 단 하나도
Even the smallest sound of your breath
내 것으로 만들래
I want to make it mine
뻔한 사랑들과 좀 더 다른
Look at us,
우리 둘을 봐
we’re different from the typical love story

마지막 하나 남은 느낌까지 가져가
Take away even the last feeling
Baby this is all about
너와 난 이대로 원하고 있잖아
You and I want each other as it is
더 원하고 있잖아
You want it more
날 믿잖아
You trust me
내 느낌으로 따라와
Follow my lead
Put you on my back seat
Back seat
Back seat uh-woo-uh

이 기분을 내버려 둬
Let your feelings go
You don’t have to fight
부끄러워하지 마
Don’t be embarrassed
Put you on my back seat
Back seat
Back seat
Now let’s get it on-on my back seat

This mood is right
You can get it on girl
I can put you on my back seat
You know what next is back seat

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Hotpot dinner

I donno why we ate this since it was so hot outside but we did!
Hanna and I had been talking about this for ages so in the end we decided to eat hot pot.
We were the only ones at the restaurant. And to be honest, I wonder why I haven't been there before.
They had both "teppanyaki/bbq", "hot pot" and "regular Chinese/Japanese buffet.
Also, in my opinion it was cheap, consider everything being expensive in Sweden XD
This is the best hot pot place in Stockholm
I will so visit this place again!! ^^


EXILE is back with a new single, it topped the Oricon chart when it was released.
According to the news, Atsushi wrote the lyrics for this song. It's said to convey his feelings towards the newborn group - change and adding five new members.
I cannot believe they are 19 members now!!!

This will be a good song to use at the gym ^^


저스트 어스

It has been almost three years, but now, finally they are back! JYJ is here with a brand new album and it's called Just Us. The album is filled with 12 new tracks, and 1 intro. It's a mix of styles, all from a cappella to ballads and dance! They really shows a lot of them and what they can do with music and what they want to convey to the world!
My fave tracks are "Back Seat", "Letting Go", "Dad, You there", "So So", "새벽 두시 반", "DEAR J", and "Creation". It has been worth waiting!! It's a GREAT album!! 
Welcome back JYJ!! ^^

04. 7살
06. So So
07. 새벽 두시 반
09. 서른..
11. DEAR J

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Most expensive cardamon bun ever!!

At brunch the other day H oppa suggested to order one of their buns.
He already told me the price.. 50 SEK.
At first I was like, 50 SEK for a cinnamon/cardamon bun.. what!? Did they put something else magical in it?
But when I saw it with my own eyes I understood why. It was HUGE!!
I think we didn't even finish half of it, so yes.. a bun for 4 people.
As he had eaten it before I could decide whether I wanted cinnamon or cardamon, and since I'm so weak when it comes to cardamon it was an easy choice!!

Thanks oppa for this great experience and nice afternoon just talking about everything and anything!!

Back Seat

This is a comeback I have been waiting for!
I still wish they'd get a fair treatment, but life is what it is?!

I like the theme of the video it's new and it fits the song and the boys!!

Here's Back Seat! ^^

#JYJ #Back #Seat #Always #keep #the #faith

Today's quote

"You are free to choose, but the choices you make today will determine what you will be, do and have in the tomorrows of your life"

Monday, 28 July 2014

Sunday brunch

Here's the photo of my brunch..
I had Eggs benedict, or Eggs Atlantic as I took one with salmon!
Very nice and of course great company. I hope I can visit "Café Saturnus" soon again! ^^

Different kind of public transportation

The Belgian bus company Lijn made a funny ad to make people seeing the advantages with public transportation.

What do you think? ^^


Yesterday I met up with H oppa for brunch.
Although there had already been some heavy rain earlier that day we did not expect this!
We managed to find a blind and stood under it for 20-25min!! There was also lots of wind so we got kinda wet.
In the end we had to call for a cab, however it was not easy, kinda like trying to find one on New Year's Eve.
Oh well, in the end soaked and all we managed to get to the café a few 100 meters down the road, we had some delicious foods and coffee.

So in the end, we had an experience of monsoon like weather in Sweden, and good food!!
It was kinda unbelievable as we walked the same street on the way home and it was all dry, no sign of the rain earlier!!

Sunday, 27 July 2014


I donno what it is with this song, it's cute and all... but there are other AKB songs that I think is more appealing.
However this one is considered as the number 1 song at karaoke places in Japan and various editions of music videos with random people dancing to this tune has been released onto YouTube!!

What do you think??

Power of tv!

One of my fave shows as I was younger was def. Fresh Prince i Bel Air, I saw this the other day and I got so into it, I better get the old dvds out and re-watch some!!!
This clip is awesome, and yes... it was good he decided to call his character Will ^^


I have wanted one for 4 years or more, but whenever I have been in Korea I have forgotten about it.
But now I can't stand it anymore, I need one of these.. a so called Dutch wife or Bamboo body Pillow.
This is a great invention for the hot summer nights.
I hate to twist and turn, so now I have ordered myself one of these.
It's kinda cheap too, aprox 15 USD + shipping.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Tory Burch Cami Ballet Flat in Tiger Lily

I found them 3 days ago, and I like them.
But as I know I'm off to the US within one month I was thinking, should I or...?
So I went home and thought about it but the day after talking to a few friends, I decided to buy them ^^
They were 60% off so it was a good deal ^^

I just love the colour and that there's a twist on the classic cap-toe, this one has a gold logo cap toe!

Food for thought

cred @ owner


This is one of my fave songs by J-Min whom I have been mentioning this week.
So I hope you like this song too.


Friday, 25 July 2014

HERO 2014

It started two weeks ago, but I'm a bit behind. Oh have I waited for this!!
First time I saw Kimutaku in this role was back in my teens, and although he has gotten older, you can still recognize him so much, it's like he never done anything else..hahaha
Although I miss some of the old cast I have high hopes for this. I wonder what kind of funny "tv-order-goods" will be brought out this time!

Title: HERO
Episodes: TBA
Broadcast period: 2014-Jul-14 -
Air time: Monday 21:00
Broadcast network: Fuji TV

Kiryuu Kohei has returned to the Josai branch of the Tokyo Public Prosecutors Office which is now headed by Deputy Public Prosecutor Ushimaru Yutaka. Kiryuu’s new assistant is the dignified, beautiful but coarse Asagi Chika.

Kimura Takuya as Kiryuu Kohei, Josai Branch Prosecutor
Kitagawa Keiko as Asagi Chika, Josai Branch Secretary
Sugimoto Tetta as Tamura Masashi, Josai Branch Prosecutor
Hamada Gaku as Uno Daisuke, Josai Branch Prosecutor
Masana Bokuzo as Ido Shuji, Josai Branch Secretary
Yoshida Yo as Baba Reiko, Josai Branch Prosecutor
Katsuya (勝矢) as Kosugi Keita, Josai Branch Security Guard
Matsushige Yutaka as Kawajiri Kenzaburo, Josai Branch Prosecutor
Yashima Norito as Endo Kenji, Josai Branch Secretary
Kohinata Fumiyo as Suetsugu Takayuki, Josai Branch Secretary
Kadono Takuzo as Ushimaru Yutaka, Josai Branch Headquarters Deputy Public Prosecuto

Cajun burger at BankOmat

Last Saturday, Clara, her mum, Martin and I had dinner at BankOmat.
I ordered a Cajun burger. To be honest, I'm not sure what the cajun was supposed to be, because I couldn't feel any kind of taste, I mean other than meat.
I thought it was supposed to be a bit spicy but no.
Still it was a nice burger and good fries.
Also the nice company made it all a better evening!!

I cannot believe it took me almost a week to upload it, but I guess...time is money!?

Cross The Border

I made a review of her Korean debut album the other day, I really like this album, and I looked through my archive but was unable to see that I had made a review for this one. So I decided to make one for her latest full length Japanese album. She has a powerful voice and a sound that attracts, still I'm not sure on who she reminds me of.
Oh well, she sure delivers!! The album comes with a mix of songs and she shows the possibility to go even further!!
My fave songs are Sorry, Heart Theater, If You Want, Earth-Aholic, Song on my guitar, and Possibility.

1. Sorry
2. Cross The Border
3. Knock The Walls Down
4. Looking For A Hero
5. Heart Theater
6. Waiting For You
7. If You Want
8. Earth-Aholic
9. Cry Baby
10. Song on my guitar
11. Possibility

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Timbaland - Apologize ft. OneRepublic

I heard this song yesterday, it has been quite some time...
but it's a good song, so I decided to share it ^^
Today is Monday, yet another week is about to begin!!


Ian Thorpe: The Parkinson Interview

I finally had time to see this interview, it was a really great interview to see and listen to.
Parkinson is kinda harsh while doing this interview, but I still think he is good at his work. I think it's only him and maybe Oprah who could make someone open up like this.
And I admire Ian for answering all these questions and explain himself so much.

I so need to read the book, it has been in my shelf for quite some time.
I read his "first" one from 2004, I even got it signed! That was like the happiest Christmas ever. (^^;;)

I always admired Ian Thorpe as an athlete and now I'd admire him even more as a regular person. I mean it's amazing how much he opens up, talk, and share about. If it was me, I'd refused this kind of interview.

Thanks Ian for sharing! I hope to see you in the pool again soon!

If you haven't seen the interview, you should take a look!

Vegan choice

To be honest, the photo doesn't really look too appealing, I admit that. But I had a nice experience with some VEGAN food!
Yes, VEGAN, I love my meat so it's not common for me to eat vegan, vegetarian maybe but.
Oh well, last Sunday we went to a flea market and there were some food trucks, and in the end after looking at the various menus I decided to try it out.
This is supposed to look like a vegan styled gyros.
The "meat" was made from some kind of wheat protein, and I have to admit, not bad... not bad at all.
However, if I was to be honest, I'd eat an original gyros any day ^^
But still I was happily surprised that this meal tasted a lot more than I could ever had imagined!

A change from time to time is good!
And if I come across another vegan place, I will try it out! ^^

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Sukiyaki dinner

Last Thursday we had a mini family dinner.
Uncle made sukiyaki for us, as I requested it ^^
It's one of my fave Japanese foods!
It was a bit too salty this time for my taste, still very very delicious!

資生堂 エリクシール シュペリエル

I forgot to mention, when uncle came from Japan a few weeks ago he also brought some skin care stuff. He brought my fave brand, Shisedo.
He actually gave this to my mum but as she knows I love Shisedo she gave it to me.
The ones I got was from the 資生堂 エリクシール シュペリエル collection.
I got the Shiseido Elixir Superieur Lifting Moisture Lotion II and Shiseido Elixir Superieur Lifting Moisture Emulsion II.
It's said they are good for dry skin, so yes, it should be a perfect match ^^
I haven't tried them before, but so far... I love them!!

What is Shiseido Elixir Superieur Firming Series?
This revolutionary skin care series begins at the outermost surface of your skin. Shiseido Elixir Superieur CE series nurture the protective membrance that is the key to softness, clarity and radiance. Products contain Collagen & Elastin Extract to build firmness and resilience, while giving a lifted look to the skin. The skin feels supple, resilient and incredibly soft. It should bring a difference in 2 weeks only.

Shiseido Elixir Superieur Lifting Moisture Lotion II
This lotion acts as skin softener which contains CE enhancing moisturizers impart a dewy glow and vibrant resilience to the skin.

Shiseido Elixir Superieur Lifting Moisture Emulsion II 
This emulsion contains CE - a special ingredient to firm, moisturize and give a dewy glow to the skin. This product can be used day and night and will not leave a greasy layer on the skin.

제이민 - 샤인

I call her new and that's because we haven't seen her a lot in the kpop world.
We have more heard from her in the Jpop world, and I wonder why!? I wonder why it has taken this long before she got to debut in Korea. Korea needs more strong female artists!!
I hope J-Min will grow and get even more popular, Korea needs more talented artists, not only boy/girlbands!
Although I wished for a full length album I guess I have to settle for this. It's an album with a mix of songs, yet all fits perfectly. I love her voice and her ability to write songs.
My fave songs are Shine, 후, and 비밀편지.
A great debut and I look forward to see and hear a lot more from her in Korean!! ^^


01. Shine
02. 후 (後)
03. If you want
04. 나의 매일 (My Everyday)
05. Finally
06. 비밀편지 (Secret Letter)

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The chart of love

I found this in SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) entertainment magazine for July.
I hope they will show it next month too when I fly to US/Canada.
I so want to see this movie and it comes with Eng sub so it's PERFECT!
Last December when I flew with SAS to Tokyo they showed Sho's Nazodi movie!!!
I got to say, the English title of the movie, Japanese title: Kamisama no karute 2, is kinda cute ^^

I hope, wish and pray!


I took the photo last week while sightseeing with Clara.
Because of the light and camera lens it got very dark.
However I decided to have a bit of fun with it with one of my apps, and this is what I got ^^

@pics are PRIVATE!!

Albion Sky

First time I saw Alistair was in Fame Academy, which aired on BBC 10 years ago.
I have been following him on and off ever since. Now he's releasing a new album and for some reason I decided to re-listen his 2nd album that was released two years ago.
I really wish he'd be even more known, because his music is so awesome!!!
My fave song from this album has and will always be "Always No. 1". I hope I can get a cd copy of the new cd as well, although it's old fashion, I like the cds ^^
Back to this album....This album contains a mix of songs and lyrics, I love Alistair's way of expressing the lyrics, there's a certain harmony to them!! As I listen I want to jump onto the sofa and just have the music on HIGH volume and don't do anything else but to listen!!! Pure awesomeness, such a progress since his debut album.


1. Blinding Lights
2. Just Drive
3. Save This Day
4. Always No.1
5. Albion Sky
6. Chemistry
7. High
8. Willow Girl
9. All These Dreams
10. When God Was A Boy
11. Silent Suicide
12. I Have Lived

Monday, 21 July 2014

昼顔 ~平日午後3時の恋人たち~

The summer season is continuing and I haven't had a Japanese drama until now, I have two even... Hero and this one! I'd say it's mainly because of two actors - Ueto Aya and Saito Takumi.
I saw the first episode a few days ago, and well... already now it's twisted. I wonder how the drama will be... good or not? Oh well... I'm excited! To be honest, I think this is quite common in Japan, and all over the world, believe it or not!!

Title: 昼顔 (Hirugao)
Tag line: ~平日午後3時の恋人たち~ / ~Heijitsu Gogo 3-Ji no Koibito Tachi~
Episodes: TBA
Broadcast Network: Fuji TV
Broadcast Period: 2014-Jul-17 start
Airtime: Thursday 22:00
Theme song: Tanin no Kankei feat. SOIL&"PIMP" SESSIONS by Hitoto Yu

Sasamoto Sawa is a happily married housewife of 5 years, who works part-time as a cashier at a supermarket. Takigawa Rikako is also a housewife who had recently moved into the neighborhood. Rikako is the wife of the editor of a huge publishing company, and together with their 2 daughters, they live in a newly constructed home. Even though they seemed like a nice happy family, Rikako is actually having affairs in the afternoon, while her husband is at work and her kids are at school.
One day, Rikako is with one of her numerous lovers, a young man by the name of Hagiwara Tomoya, but while in the supermarket's carpark, a high school student, Kentaro, tries to rob them. The police shows up and Rikako needs to cover up the fact that she was having an illicit rendezvous with Tomoya. Spying Sawa leaving the supermarket for home, Rikako quickly pulls Sawa to her side and claims that she was actually at the supermarket with Tomoya to meet up with Sawa, as the three of them had pre-arranged to have coffee together. Sensing Rikako's desperation, Sawa decided to fall in with the act, and backs up Rikako's story. While sorting out the case with the police, Kentaro's form teacher, Kitano Yuichi, shows up to bail his student out. After this chance meeting with Kentaro, Sawa finds herself unable to forget Yuichi, and soon, the two of them become lovers...

Ueto Aya as Sasamoto Sawa
Kichise Michiko as Takigawa Rikako
Saito Takumi as Kitano Yuichi
Takahata Atsuko as Sasamoto Keiko
Suzuki Kosuke as Sasamoto Shunsuke
Ito Ayumi as Noriko
Kinami Haruka as Hasegawa Misuzu
Kinoshita Hoka as Takigawa Toru
Kitamura Kazuki as Kato Shu
Fuchikami Yasushi as Hagiwara Tomoya

info @ dramawiki


SNSD is about to release a new Japanese BEST album.
There will be two new songs, Japanese version of Mr Mr and this tune, Indestructible.
I think it's a very sweet song and I like it a lot. ^^
The only thing I'd like to change is for other members to sing the English parts, I know Tiff is the best, but c'mon, they can switch!!

Here it is...and with Eng sub! ^^

More pics from Södermalm

Here are some more photos from our sightseeing around Södermalm from last week.
It has been quite some time since I walked around these streets!
But they are indeed very beautiful!

We were also lucky with the weather ^^

Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Man Who Can't Be Moved

This is quite an old one, considering a lot of new music always comes out.
But well, no matter how much time passes a good song is always good.
Here's The Script with The Man Who Can't Be Moved


Evergreen Dress

One of my fave Swedish brands are Odd Molly.
And the other week I bought a dress from their collection - Evergreen dress!
I wanted the Military Green but it was sold out, so instead I bought the Light Yellow one.
I'm super happy with my purchase ^^
A perfect summer dress!!! ^^

Today's quote

Saturday, 19 July 2014

View from Söder Mälarstrand

I showed Clara and her mum the area called Södermalm the other day, and I took them to the place with this fantastic view of Stockholm.
It's called Monteliusvägen. We also entered Ivar Los Park and took some shots from there too.
From here you have a great view of Riddarfjärden, Kungsholmen/Norr Mälarstrand and Riddarholmen.

Access - Metro station 
SLUSSEN (Red/Green Lines) 

Hello Kitty Surprise

I was at one of many local supermarkets the other day and found this.
It's for candy, you can fill it with your fave "unpacked" ones..
I was surprised when I saw the backside which is both in Swedish and Japanese.

Swedish - Glad Sommar = Happy Summer Holidays
Japanese - 夏がやって来た = Summer is here


Maybe it's not a big thing, but it does get others to think.
And while it's true and sad in a way, despite this movie a lot won't change. Still it's great that this kind of thing gets attention!

Here's Colbie Caillat with her statement about beauty ideals, powerful or not, you decide!!


Friday, 18 July 2014

Lunch @ Uppsala

More food, I know ^^
And more is coming!
This was the dish I had in Uppsala 2 days ago... you see the late pattern (^^;;)
Anyway, it was good, but not as good as the one I had at Vaxholm.
This was...ehm... Salmon baked in another fish, mash and some veggies.
Sorry can't remember what it was but it was good!