Wednesday, 31 December 2014

닭한마리 점심

Today..the final day of the year i met up with Heejae unni for lunch. We had one of my fave dishes, Dalkhanmari ^^
As usual it was delicious ^^
I'm so happy i was able to go there ^^ and of course great company making it even better ^^

사뿐사뿐(Like a Cat)

I'm gonna end this year with a tune that rose to fame last month. It's AOA's song "Like a Cat".
I remember when AOA debuted, but I haven't really followed them. Well it seems they are getting more popular. A lot of friends have talked about this song.


Final day of the year

This year, I celebrate the final day in Seoul.
I haven't done that in 5 years!! Feels unreal!
Meeting with friend, and looking forward to a new exciting year!!
Hope it will be as good as 2014!!

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Kitty chocolatte ^^

Just psssed Natuur and just had to get this.. a hello kitty berry chocolatte ^^
Both cute and delicious ♡

Your eyes, nose, lips

Speaking of TaeYang, I just have to share this today.
It's hilarious, and I wonder why I haven't shared this before. Anyway here it is... Yoo Jae Suk's parody of TaeYang's Eyes, Nose, Lips.


Monday, 29 December 2014

서울에 도착

We are now in Seoul ^^ 
Just had a late lunch at Lotte department store.
Now it's time to explore the city ^^ aka look at what's changed and shopping in Myeong Dong

Good Boy

The day has come. It's time for us to leave Japan and head to Seoul! My second/third home^^
Although I'm sad to leave Japan in one way I'm excited to go to Seoul!

So starting from today... Korean music! ^^
I think many has been hype since this came out. GD and Taeyang collaboration!! ^^


Sunday, 28 December 2014

C.O.S.M.O.S. ~秋桜~

Before I leave Japan, today is my last whole day, I wanted to share another song with 三代目 J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE.
This song is called C.O.S.M.O.S. ~秋桜~ and this PV was released in September 2014. ^^


Tomorrow, Seoul I'm coming

Tomorrow my time in Japan is coming to an end and we're heading off to S.Korea!
These photos were taken during the summer of 2013. Although it's only 1,5 years ago, it feels strange that soon I'm coming back.
Also, it's the first time in 5 years that I'm going to Korea in winter!! My memory of the Korean winter is not the brightest, but it will be nice to see Korea in another season (^^;;)

The photos today were taken at Cheongyecheon, located in the heart of Seoul.
It's one of my fave place to talk a walk around!! 
This time, my hotel will be aprox. 5 min away ^^ I hope to see some nice night lights!

Viking dinner at Harry Potter land

Last night finishing off our day at USJ we had dinner at The three broomsticks in the world of Harry Potter.
It rather seemed like a feast for vikings. Also kinda messy as we only had plastic cutlery ^^;;
It was a fun ending on a great day ^^

Saturday, 27 December 2014


Today i spent the whole day at Unibersal studio Japan with 3 friends. It was crowded yet we had a great time.
I loved the Backdrop a lot...too bad it was such a long line. I could only ride it once. But also Spiderman, Back to the future etc were good.
Also...the world of Harry Potter was amazing!!!I loved the ride and the setting... it was awesome. I so want to go again ^^


I first discovered Superfly when a commercial was on TV and her song was used.
I wouldn't say that I really follow her or anything but from time to time I listen to her music.
To me it's a bit more "indie" style ^^ a bit different from the normal jpop I listen to.

Here's Superfly with a song from 2012 called 輝く月のように.


2 Days to Seoul!!

Last time I was in Korea I stayed in Gangnam, this time I'll try Insadong area.
Although I like Gangnam in many ways, this time I'll stay on the other side of Han River. Closer to my old apartment.
However I will surely visit Gangnam. It's a hot place for many things - shopping, food and night life!
I wonder what this trip will bring!!

2 Days to go!!

Friday, 26 December 2014


To be completely honest,
I have never really understood with the fascination for きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ.
Then again, it's the same with AKB48. But I guess that's what many others think of Arashi (^^;;)
Anyway, being in Japan it felt like I must at least share one song by her.. This one I know I have heard before so that's why I share it ^^

Here's Kyary Pamyu Pamyu with PONPONPON!

3 Days to Seoul!!

It's now 3 days to go before I'm heading North West to my Seoul!
It's going to be colder but still I'm looking forward seeing my "old hometown".
And of course the Korean food!! Bulgogi is one of the best, and of course together with Naengmyeon (ice cold noodles) makes it even more delicious!!

Also, mum is meeting up in Seoul!! It's exciting!!

Avocado cheese flavour

I shouldn't be surprised anymore... I know ^^;;
The other day i found this one - Calbee snacks with Avocado and cheese flavour ^^;;
It tasted like avocado but no cheese.. and it's a potato snack so my brain got mixed up ^^;;
This is yet another JAPAN ONLY thing I'd say.

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas decorations at the hotel

When we came back to our hotel after have had a delicious Japanese Christmas dinner we saw this outside and inside our hotel ^^
So cute.... ^^


In Kyoto

I've spent the day in we're on our way back to Osaka.
I'm gonna try to find a post office and send stuff home.
Also we are having Christmas dinner with Sacchan tonight ^^

Christmas w Michael Bublé

Today's Christmas day... the second day of the Christmas holidays!
What could be better than to listen to this guy?
Here's Michael Bublé ^^


Wednesday, 24 December 2014


For our final meal in Tokyo we went for soba and tempura ^^
We found a place in Atre mall next to Meguro station. It was very quiet and peaceful and of course good food ^^
Happy days!

Now we have left the Kanto region and reached Kansai region ^^

SMAP concert!!

I just bought my goods outside Kyocera Dome in Osaka. In a few hours i will see SMAP for the very first time...LIVE!!
I'm waiting for my friend to come, she just finished her work.

I'm super excited ^^

Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Final sightseeing today.
We just visited Roppongi Hills. Great view and weather ^^