Tuesday, 30 April 2013

North Japan... Booked!!

Midori-san and I have been talking about places to stay at in Hokkaido.
First we talked about guest houses etc. Then I looked at various search engines like hotels.com and found hotels for same price as many hostels and guest houses. Some cheaper, some slightly higher, but so worth it as it's such small amount of money.

When we go to Hokkaido we have planned to go to Hakodate and Sapporo.
We'll spend 24 hours in Hakodate, look at the evening view and enjoy onsen (hot springs).
We even found a hotel including onsen!! And dinner and breakfast (^0^)

We'll spend 3 nights and 4 days in Sapporo together, I will have one extra night since I'll head back to Korea the day after.
I found a really good Best Western close to Sapporo Station, which is good for our day trips, to 旭山動物園 (Asahiyama Zoo) and probably Otaru.
I also booked a separate hotel for that, not as fancy as Best Western but good enough for one night.
It was either that or hostel, still hotel Sho (I know..Arashi ^^) was cheaper. Anyway I read some of the reviews made by Japanese customers and 90% seemd pleased so it should be fine I guess ^^
The location is close to a subway station so it's all good!!

In all... one step closer to Japan, and for now my wallet is crying!! :P
Paying for all hotels, tickets etc is not cheap (^^;;)

湯の川温泉 ホテル万惣 (Yunokawa Onsen Hotel Banso)

Hakodate Yunokawa Onsen is one of the oldest and the best Natural Hot Spring spot in Hokkaido. It has been loved as therapeutic bath since around the year of 1650.

Hotel Banso offers Japanese-style and Western rooms with personal attendant service, indoor and outdoor natural hot spring baths and a karaoke bar. Facilities include a souvenir shop, drinks vending machines and a games corner.

Hotel Banso official website (ENGLISH)

ベストウェスタン ホテルフィーノ札幌 (Best Western Hotel Fino Sapporo)

Situated in Sapporo, Best Western Hotel Fino Sapporo is close to Sapporo JR Tower, Former Hokkaido Government Office Building, and Hokkaido University. Also nearby are Sapporo Beer Museum and Clock Tower.

Best Western Hotel Fino Sapporo (ENGLISH)

ホテル翔SAPPORO (Hotel Sho Sapporo)
Situated in Sapporo, Hotel Sho Sapporo is close to Ramen Yokocho, Sapporo JR Tower, and Sapporo

Hotel Sho Sapporo official website (ENGLISH)

Way to lose weight in Thailand!

This commercial has been airing in Thailand, the product is called SLIM.
Bet lots of women wish they to get slim by doing this ^^

Funny bus!

I spotted this awesome bus in downtown Stockholm! ^^

Why not in Stockholm?

Future gigant IKEA did this to the subway in Kobe back in 2008.
I don't really like the colours but i think it's a fun idea.
I wonder why IKEA hasn't tried this in Stockholm yet!?

Monday, 29 April 2013

Χωρίς καρδιά

Although I love the English version, I have also been taken by the Greek version.
First time I heard it was back in 2006, and from now and then I take out my LIVE BALLADS cd with Sakis Rouvas, then I listen to both version.
Also, I like the original version made by Damien Rice. Even though it's the same song it feels like two!!

anyway here it is... the greek version, Χωρίς καρδιά (Horis Kardia) literary = Without a heart.


Today felt like a bad day, cold and super tired.
I think I had 6 cups of coffee at work today, not a single of them woke me up.
Tragic I know and I wonder why Monday's are like this!?

And the song I think fit today is 2NE1's UGLY!!

Korea in a nutshell

This was posted in today's paper and i couldn't stop laughing!
It talks about Miss Korea candidates and how similar they look.
It also mentions that plastic surgery is very common in Korea.

YES IT'S TRUE, and quite scary!
When i lived there i saw ads for it everyday.
So yes, it's ironic, also some of the features on these ladies look very similar, perhaps they used same surgeon?! XD

Sunday, 28 April 2013

TDS (東京ディズニーシー)

The other day I kakaotalked with Sayuri-unni in Japan.
I'm so excited about my up-coming trip. Just like last time I will visit various cities and areas in Japan.
Osaka, Kobe, Tokyo (and Chiba), Hakodate and Sapporo.
Anyway Sayuri-unni is one of my oldest friends, We met back in 2008 and kept in touch ever since.
Last time I saw her was back in 2011, we spent a whole day shopping around Tokyo - Shibuya, Harajuku, Ikebukuro.
So in all I'm super excited to see her!!
In Tokyo I will also meet with Mikina-unni, Setsuko-unni whom I also met last time!!
And...I'm gonna stay at Mikina's house this time :)

Back to the main event of my Tokyo stay.
Yesterday when chatting unni asked me what I wanted to do in Tokyo this time. Tokyo is a city full of things to do, and I have spent some of my best days in Tokyo and I have to say it's maybe my fave city in the world!!
As I'm the guest they let me decide, and every time I have been there, I have always wanted to visit TDL or TDS. (東京ディズニーランド and 東京ディズニーシー) but there has always been something in the way, like bad weather.
There is no way to visit both parks in one day, and we only have ONE day. And since I visited Disneyland in California a few months back, I thought it be more fun to visit Disney Sea. It's also said to be more for grown-ups ^^
So that's what we have decided so far!! Also talked to Setsuko-unni about it, also she got excited! I think we will have an awesome girls day out!! (^0^)

SERIOUSLY!?!??! - Children For Sale On Facebook

I have heard a lot during my "short life", but this has to be the worst thing I have ever heard!!
Seriously, what's wrong with some humans!??!?!?!?!
What happened to them as children? fell down a couple of stairs and landed on their heads as children?!

This is really outrageous, both sides!!!

Children For Sale On Facebook, Mom Arrested After Posting $4,000 Offer | Social News Daily

Sunday food

Being left alone i decided to cook a Sunday dinner.
Despite being alone i had a delicious meal~

Deer stew with veggies and roasted sweet potato (yams), beat root and fennel ;)

It will get better

This song was released last year, and it has a good meaning.
I really like this song. Once again it's with Swedish artist Peter Jöback!!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Today's quote

"for gaining wisdom and instruction
for understanding words of insight
for receiving instruction in prudent behavior, doing what is right and just and fair
for giving prudence to those who are simple, knowledge and discretion to the young—
let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance—
for understanding proverbs and parables, the sayings and riddles of the wise."

A second chance

I love this man's voice, he is awesome!!
I wish I could go to NYC to see him perform as the Phantom in Phantom of the opera.
Anway, this is his latest single, in Swedish. It's called En andra chans or A second chance in English.

Cooking dinner

Today i have spent my day studying, but tonight i will stand in the kitchen and cook dinner for my friend ^^
We usually eat Korean food,but today i will make some Italian food ^^

Friday, 26 April 2013

Why so serious?

Shinee is back with a new song, but sorry, it's not my cup of tea at all..
My answer to "Why so serious"...well... it sucks :P
But I know others will like it, as for me I'll wait for a new song from them ;)

JR Pass is booked

I finally booked my last ticket, or at least the one I need to book in advance.
I got my Japanese Rail Pass (JR Pass), so for 7 days I can ride unlimited trains in Japan, incl shinkansen.
I did that 4 years ago and it's awesome. It doesn't cover Nozomi but Hikari and Kodama.... ;)

Happy days and good weekend!!

Today's quote

"..For wisdom will come into your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul, discretion will watch over you, understanding will guard you"

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Today's quote

"Making your ear attentive to wisdom and inclining your heart to understanding"

Wedding bells are ringing ^^

This morning I kakotalk texted a friend of mine in Korea, telling him to meet up this coming June.
He said I'd call him when I get there ;)
Also... he told me he is getting married on July 7!!! And invited me to the wedding reception.
It's during the time my parents are in Seoul, but of course I have to attend it, so I will have to set my parents up with something - some kind of sightseeing, I have already done.
Because I cannot miss the wedding, and for my parents it'd be weird to go since, 1. They do not know him, 2. They do not speak Korean.

Anyway that's a problem I will solve later... just wanted to share the good news ^^

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

남자가 사랑할 때 (When a Man loves)

I like Song Seung Hun and Shin Se Kyung so this felt like a must see drama.
I have already watched all episodes that aired and so far I like it. It's a typical K-drama and it has similarities to other ones, but who cares... it's good for my Korean language skills and Song Seung Hun is not bad to watch ^^
Not sure if I will be able to continue to follow the drama as it airs due to my thesis but I'm happy to know where to turn when I need to relax!

Title: 남자가 사랑할 때 (When a Man loves)
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2013-Apr-03 to TBA
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55

The story revolves around a world-weary gangster as his love life intertwines with three others, and how the course of their lives changes entirely based on one moment of fevered passion.

Song Seung Hun as Han Tae Sang
Shin Se Kyung as Seo Mi Do
Chae Jung Ahn as Baek Sung Joo
Yun Woo Jin as Lee Jae Hee
Jo Jae Ryong as Yoon Dong Goo
Jung Young Sook as Yoon Hong Ja
JB as Seo Mi Joon
Jr. as Ddol Yi
Kang Shin Il as Seo Kyung Wook
Oh Young Shil as Choi Sun Ae
Lee Chang Hoon as Goo Yong Gap
Kim Sung Oh as Lee Chang Hee

Introduction to love

This song is one of the OST to the Korea drama I'm currently watching.
I haven't mentioned it before, like I usually do about the dramas I watch, so I will do so after posting this.
I came across Baek Ah-Yeon when I watched Cheongdam-dong Alice.
This song is not as good as the one she did for that drama, I think she needs to develop her voice more.
Still it's a good song, I like both lyrics and music and therefore want to share it!!

Enjoy... 백아연 - 사랑학 개론 (Baek Ah-Yeon - Introduction to love)

Popcorn DVD

My friend texted me today, telling me that my Arashi Popcorn dvd had arrived!!!
Despite being busy like nothing else I was of course super happy, and I'm so excited to get the dvd in my hands!

I already found pics of the dvd booklet, and it looks awesome! I still think it's unfair that my friend could attend the concert and not I :P
Of course I'm happy for her too but I have been a fan for almost half of my life and she for 3 years! ^^

Today's quote

"Over thinking can cause unwanted emotions. Take it easy.." ;)

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

This is Sweden

Found this, do not agree 100% but 90% ^^

Today's quote

"Dance through the masquerade of life without wearing a mask, for being yourself is a wonderful thing..." ;)

Excited and anxious

Yesterday i booked my tickets to Korea and Japan, as well as my parents tickets to Korea.

I also booked our hotel.
And my hostel during the time I'm alone.

It feels great!! ^^

I still have my train Japanese ticket to book...

And i feel a little anxious to be honest~
I donno why but i do!

Monday, 22 April 2013


Today i met with a friend for dinner, it was nice, we had sushi ^^
Also we spent talking a lot~
Should soon meet again ;)

All set

I finally got every paid... my tickets for my travel this summer.
June 17- July 15!!
My Korea-Japan trip is all set :D :D :D

I'm totally excited, my parents are coming too!!! :)

Today's quote

"Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy."

Why tease me?

First credit to the uploader, but i just had to share it!
The movie will be released in October but already the flyers are out!!!!!!!!
It's like they are teasing me, i want to this movie so bad!!And i have to buy the book in Korea this summer ;)

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Today's quote

"It is crucial to establish a reputation for toughness. Remember that when you punish your son, you have lost the battle but are winning the war: the discomfort of imposing discipline should be weighed against the future misbehaviour you are preventing. [...] Perhaps this all seems like common sense, but you should be aware that two Nobel prizes have been awarded for this analysis. Economists have worked hard to demonstrate to you that sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind." - Tim Harford, Dear Undercover Economist (2009)

More music

Today is a day I need more music to get through the boring day.
Although the sun is shining I have to study....

Here's another song by Norwegian Maria Mena.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Today's quote

"Be careful about what you think. Your thoughts run your life"


My life feels boring, I feel like a machine, doing same things over and over again.
I'm just a piece in a puzzle, that's not how I wished for my life, but I guess that's a part of being a member of a society!?

Also, this is not the end, it's just the beginning of life and the end of a part of my life.
I wish for it to pass fast, I want to rip the bandage off!!

This weekend as most are filled with studies and duties.
At least I will try to enjoy some of it, not sure how but I'll figure it out.

Maria Mena - F*ck You

I grew up listening to this singer, I always thought she had great lyrics and a special voice.
However years has passed by since I heard anything from her, and I thought she'd moved on or only focused on the Norwegian market, but I think it's just my ignorance and finding new music.
Anyway it's fun to see her again, looking the same like before!!
Here she's with her new song FUCK YOU (what she means with the title is: I don't care)
She said in an interview that she wrote this after reading comments on Youtube about her looks, she said it's not her fault that she looks like she does, also she felt anger because they write such things and instead of writing comments back to them, she made a song! Quite clever if you ask me ^^

Just give me a reason

Happy Saturday everybody!!
I'm stuck inside studying but that's life....

Here's some music to get through this day!

Friday, 19 April 2013

Today's quote

"Life's not a fairy tale but there's nothing wrong in dreaming!" :)

Local news

Kinda funny how a Facebook group made the local news..
I loved the site in the beginning but as they also mention the "I have a crush on X", "I think Y is hot", is boring to me.
I like the small things that you know if you spend time on campus, it also made me miss UofR campus!!

Anyway, here is the link if u want to read it!

Students' Facebook confessions scrutinized by university officials


All my friends from last semester in Canada are currently busy with finals, and strange enough i envy them.
I'd rather write finals than thesis!

I miss my Canadian life!

  • Coffee at Tim Hortons
  • Dinner with my roomies
  • Movie dates with Sara
  • Working out at FLC
  • Dollardraft on Wednesdays at the owl
  • Study at Archer library
  • Grocery shopping at walmart
  • Various campus events
  • Hanging out with friends
    List goes on!!

My umbrella!

For the past 2 days i have been carrying around my heavy umbrella, and no rain!or it has rained but only when i have been stuck inside the office.
So today before heading out i asked my mum what she thought, she said DON'T bring it, it won't rain and it's heavy to carry.
And therefore i listened to her advice, but guess what...i set my foot outside and it starts to rain.
So here I'm without an umbrella!


Thursday, 18 April 2013


Ieiri Leo is a Japanese artist I came across last year and ever since kept an eye on.
She has a special look and I have to say, she is one of many talented upcoming singer-songwriters!
This short version Promotion video of her new single "message" was posted on Youtube the other day.
Although it's simple, it fit the song, and I'm already excited to hear the full version!

Blood types

Recently, being a blood dontator and all I'm curious about blood types
I wonder how we get what we get etc and what the difference is.

According to some research this is how it is:

Parents blood type           Children get blood type
O and O                =        O
O and A                =        A or O
O and B                =        B or O
O and AB             =        A or B
A and A               =        A or O
A and B                =        A, B, O or AB
A and AB              =        A, B or AB
B and B                 =        B or O
B and AB              =        A, B or AB
AB and AB           =       A, B or AB

and... my blood type personality.. I think I mentioned this before..anyway a second time cannot hurt?! :P

In Sweden
Blood type 0, the hunter: Have advantage of eating meat and avoiding wheat, most cereals and milk products and to exert strenuous exercise. Wrong diet can increase risk include ulcers and inflammations such as rheumatoid arthritis.

In Japan
O: Relaxed, have patience, stable, controlled, strong will, inflexible and full of confidence despite a modest exterior. Good leaders.
O - The Warrior
Best features Pleasant, Social, Optimistic
Worst features Idle, Impolite

However I do not really believe that my blood type really set my personality, however it's kinda funny to read.

Change name!?

I start to feel that the name of the blog, ccarollinee.blogspot, feels boring..so I'm thinking of changing the domain name, just need to figure out another name I like...

I got to keep thinking and see what will happen!!

Today's quote

"This life trips you over and over. It is up to you to get up, shake the dust off and keep on walking." ;)


Found this funny road sign online and thought I'd share it, all credit to the uploader ;)

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


The new single from miwa is called ミラクル (Miracle)
It's a quite catching song... I cannot wait for her new album, I want the full version of DELIGHT, the theme song for Rich Man Poor Woman in NYC SP!!

but for now, enjoy ミラクル

New sound

Today Sho-kun's new drama Kazoku game started, and the preview of their new single came as it's used as the theme song for the drama.
It's a new sound, not really sure what to say about it, or compare it with.
To me it's not as catchy as Breathless and Calling, I mean I fell for those the first I heard them, but then again I'm happy that they try something new and cannot wait until the whole version is released!!!

It's fun to see them developing!! :)

Scary school route

I found this in today's paper, it's about this small village in China that's located in a valley and when children go to school they have to climb this wooden ladder! To walk around it takes 4 hours, so this is the cheapest alternative!
I'd be terrified if i had to do this everyday!!!
What do you think?would you like to go to school like this?

Endless game 5/29

Got a Arashi FC news mail... and the date is set, the new Arashi single Endless game will be released on MAY 29!
Here is the tracks, first limited followed by regular edition.

初回限定盤(CD+DVD)・・・1,470円 [CD]
01.Endless Game
02.Magic hour
03.Magic hour(オリジナル・カラオケ)
[DVD] Endless Game(ビデオ・クリップ)

01.Endless Game

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Magic of a rice cooker

My life became so much easier after I started to use a rice cooker.
I know there are unbelievable many ways to use it, but I usually do not cook anything but rice is it.
Maybe that's also because I do have all the other utilities I need to do so.
Anyway this site gave me some inspiration... maybe I should try to cook something else but rice! ^^

Blood donation

Yesterday after many months i finally got time to visit the blood central.
It went quick, i didn't have to wait long to donate but the flow of my blood was not so good.
The nurse had to push on the needle...after 15min i had collected 434cc of blood. I usually give 450 but because of my bad flow that was what i got out.

Anyway a good dead ^^

Always two sides of a story

Lately there are lots of stories or writing or news reports regarding adoption from South Korea.
In a way it's good that they do mention it, but it always give ONE side and I think for adoptees, parents of adoptees, future parents of adoptees and general public can create misunderstanding and confusion.

I do agree to many things of what they talk about, but I also feel that they are seeking a problem they won't find an answer to.
It's just easy to call it "adoption damage". But seriously to me it's BULLSHIT in so many ways, and there is NOTHING that can prove if it's right or wrong because there is NO way to prove it.
No matter how many adoptees you ask you won't be able to find ONE answer as the issue is so complex.
However in research and for general public to understand that's the easy way to go.

But what about people who grew up with their biological family, what do they have to blame? Ignorance from parents?
You cannot blame the blood related family like you can with adoptees, because there's always a reason, like divorce, parents who are away too much, alcoholics or drug addicts etc.
To me it's sad that the human being cannot see what debate they actually open by saying these kinds of saying. And that they think they help so much, but I think many just get more confused.

Another example is foster care, I mean....Look at children who have been placed in foster care and if they are forced to spend time with both their foster parents and biological parents, does it help them or destroy them? Those children as well have been "abandoned" or is being "taken care of" by others.
What's is good? what's bad?
I'm not to tell the difference but it seems like a small article in a news paper is trying to!!

In today's adoption there are many mistakes and wrongs being made, but instead of looking at the real problem they use white lies and smaller issues to cover them.
Maybe look at the society from where adoptions are being held, why is it that country X has so many children given up for adoption? How can they change a culture and people?
Just by looking at question two, it's like mission impossible!!

By finding you heritage can make you more complete in one way, but it can also make you even more split.
I'd say it depends how the parents and society acts towards you, how open they are and how much they show if you are an "insider" or "outsider".
It also have to do with yourself, look into the mirror and say what you see, what's bothering and what's missing. Is it really important? if you eventually find it, will it make a difference? What else do you have in life that's precious to you?

Because this topic is so taboo, I think many do not really talk enough and that create the bigger holes.
Only to mention certain things doesn't mean that what you have is bad. Being open might make you more comfortable, but be aware of open the box to fast, once it's opened there's no turning back!!
It's better to seek for the things that matters the most, and keep in mind that everything cannot be answered not matter if you have been adopted or if you are a biological son or daughter.

Of course I as an adoptee I will always be different in one way, but I'm also just as normal as any other human being. And I do not blame my adoption for the trouble I have had in life or trouble I might come by, I believe problems occur because of other reasons. It's all depends on yourself, and your surrounding - who's holding your back!!

You know, questions will not stop until you get an answer or something close to it that satisfy your heart and mind....

Read all about it Pt. III

This is my fave song by British singer songwriter, Emeli Sandé,
but her whole album is worth checking out ;)


Monday, 15 April 2013

Shadow Theater

I found something awesome on YouTube...
It's from Britain's got talent, and what they do is a SHADOW THEATER.
Take a look and be AMAZED!!! They are from Hungary but entered Britain's got talent!

I love the song they use in this video, and after google a bit I found out that it's
Emeli Sande - Read all about it part 3

why does it rain!?

Stupid of me, I unpacked the umbrella I had in my bag this morning.
And now the rain keeps on pouring down, for now I'm at the office so it's fine, but if it keeps on all day I will be WET when I go home!!
I know it's just water, still I hate getting wet...just like a cat


Today I woke up 1 hour and 10 min late, and 10min later than I should have had left the house.
So guess what, I rushed out of bed...and somehow I managed to arrive to work only 10 min late!!

That's what I call a success!

Today's quote

"Chase your dreams. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't or shouldn't. Get up, get out and prove them wrong." ;)

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Last Cinderella

My new relax, or whatever to call it is the Japanese drama Last Cinderella starring two of my fave male actors in Japan! I do have many but then again there are many people in Japan! ^^
I wonder how this will turn out... ;)

Title: ラスト♡シンデレラ (Last♡Cinderella)
Broadcast network: Fuji TV
Broadcast period: 2013-Apr-11 start
Air time: Thursday 22:00
Theme song: Star Love-lation by Kera Kera

Women today can sometimes forget about their gender, as they devote themselves deeper and deeper into their career. Among such women, some suffer overwork, unbalance of hormones, hair loss and the likes. In fact, few women even experience the growth of a thick mustache! According to a survey, there have been results indicating that about 60% of women feeling that they were “turning male” in the past. At 29, these women only had to be concerned with marriage or work, but at 39, the time limit draws nearer, with increased concerns of pregnancy, divorce, aging parents, and change of job.

"Last Cinderella" will depict the reality of these women, who try their best to live each day to their fullest. Playing the main character, a 39 year old female hair stylist Toyama Sakura is Shinohara Ryoko. Sakura meets a handsome younger man, Saeki Hiroto at a party and is drawn to him. A BMX rider since age 20, Hiroto’s income is dependent on his performance, which means that his pay is unstable. As he gets to know Sakura, he is slowly drawn to her as well. Then there is Tachibana Rintaro, Sakura’s boss and good friend, Takenouchi Miki, Sakura’s best friend who suffers from a sexless marriage, and Hasegawa Shima, the other best friend who is addicted to sex, and finally a regular customer to the hair salon, Ooami Chiyoko who is in love with Rintaro. It’s a modern heart-thumping love comedy that’s sure to make you smile!

Shinohara Ryoko as Toyama Sakura
Miura Haruma as Saeki Hiroto
Otsuka Nene as Takenouchi Miki
Endo Shozo as Takenouchi Kohei
Nanao as Ogami Chiyoko
Hashimoto Satoshi as Endo Kenichi
NAOTO as Kashiwagi Tomonori
Takizawa Saori as Matsuo Nozomi
Hirata Kaoru as Shibata Haruko
Nogawa Yumiko as Takenouchi Setsuko
Iijima Naoko as Hasegawa Shima
Fujiki Naohito as Tachibana Rintaro

Drama Official website


Yesterday when I entered the embassy they showed the concert from Seoul! Of course.
It looked like an awesome show, then again it was expected.
I bet people had a lot of fun and even though I missed most of the show I could at lease catch a glimpse of it.

So back to PSY's new single Gentleman, as said, I'm NOT a fan of it at all.
Anyway the video has already had more than 22 million views on Youtube!!
Still, I think the lyrics is boring and the music sounds like bad house/euro trash. I'm sorry but that's MY PERSONAL opinion.

Back to the music video, It was surprising to see Brown Eyed Girl's GaIn, then again the dance in this MV comes from their 2009 hit "Abracadabra". But I was wondering who would show up...
Then we could also see other famous Korean comedians such as Yoo Jae-Suk and No Hong-Chul - both featured in Gangnam Style, then Park Myung-Su, Jeong Hyung-Dong and HaHa to mention a few...
I still wonder if all people in the West and other countries outside Korea really understand the concept he uses in this video.

Still I think it's too much westernized and many similarities to Gangnam style, as said before PSY is so much more than this!!!

브라운아이드걸스 (Brown Eyed Girls) - 아브라카다브라 (Abracadabra)

Swedish language ^^

There's this saying about some Swedes, they speak very few words... and here's proof!

What time is it?

Don't we all feel like this from time to time~?

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Day at the Korean embassy

Today i spent some a few hours at the South Korean embassy, listening to various presentations.
It was quite interesting, but the most fun part was to see old friends and acquaintances...
After the hours at the embassy we went downtown for dinner, the food was quite good, a lot better than other ones, also we, at my table laughed a lot! ;)

So in all, without being too serious and so, i had a great day ^^


I made my own crispbread this morning, it got to be the most delicious one i have ever had!
I got the recipe from my coworker yesterday! ^^

Friday, 12 April 2013

hmmm...? I do wonder...

Women, what do we think about this?


Last time I saw her she was..what? 8 years old something?
Anyway she's back... Zara Larsson. First time I heard this song, I thought it was a Rihanna song... to be honest!
But I have to say, it seems we, Sweden, has a future in Music!! ;)

Live version....

Spring...where are u?

Found this... and it can be applied on Sweden too ^^

Thursday, 11 April 2013

싸이 - 젠틀맨 (PSY - Gentleman)

First off I'd like to say this to PSY: 싸이 오빠 정말 죄송하지만 이것 오빠스타일 아닐것 같아요!
(Psy, I'm really sorry but this music is not for u)

I have liked PSY since 2005, and last year he took over the world with his Gangnam style. In my opinion he has had a lot better songs but I do understand why it became a hit.
Easy music to follow, great at night clubs etc, and the funny dance! That's what PSY is, an entertainer.
Anyway, the world is waiting for his comeback, although he did actually release a song after Gangnam style and Oppa is my style... Champion! But I don't think it made it outside Korea.

Back to the new song... can I ask... what happened?
This is... beyond... what I thought! It's horrible... it's not for PSY, maybe 2NE1 could pull it off in a slightly different direction.
My question to this is...Did someone give PSY a lot of money to produce this shit?!
What makes me most sad is that NOW the world will only think of him as the guy with ONE hit, which is tragic since he can do so much better!
Soon, unless he give out something else he might be forgotten or referred to "that Gangnam style dude".

PSY, you can do better!!! Fighting!!!

Today's quote

"Make a mistake, take a chance, laugh out loud, fall down hard, get up once again, smile big, fly away, play today, and keep moving forward." ;)

How will this end up

I'm so tired, my body wants to give up but it's not possible because i have so many things to do!
Got to focus and on all work!
I need strength! Someone save me?!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I need to be reminded

Somehow I need to be reminded how to smile, how to go on, how to be happy.
These couple of days I have been so depressed, almost suicidal, I have lost all hope.
But as said, with my loved ones cheering me on, they helped me back on the right track.
It's still dark but I start to see a small ray of light!!

So today I'll share this song, the new song by miwa, it's called smile and it somehow bring me back to a lot of happy memories.

miwa - スマイル

(cred to uploader on youtube)
綺麗な花が咲きました 君にも見せてあげたいな
あの星にお願いしました ずっと一緒に入られますように
どんな時でも 笑っていようね

おはよう おはよう さぁ出かけよう
歌おう 踊ろう 手を繋げば

涙はこぼれるたびに 悲しみ流してくれるの
笑顔はあふれるたびに 心に幸せを見さしてくれる
どんな時でも 信じていようね

帰ろう 帰ろう うちへ帰ろう
君と 居ると 強くなれる

君が笑ってくれるから 寂しくなんか無いよ

おはよう おはよう さぁ出かけよう
歌おう 踊ろう 手を繋げば

I put my faith in you

With you by my side anything is possible, "have faith and believe in me" is what you said~ i entrust my life in you!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

a little help...

This song is what came to my mind today, this song really calmed me down when it felt like I had nowhere to return.
It's really true, Ayaka's songs really make you stronger!!!

Ayaka - Beautiful

Sing to me quietly, so only I can hear
On the days when tears cloud my vision, smile by my side.

A gentle wind to my empty heart
You're so dear to me it hurts

All we wish for is happiness
Just by smiling you can make the whole world sparkle

Although I'm afraid to become an adult
As long as you believe in me I can walk on

Tears overflowed
Beneath the beautiful sky
And for a moment, without a word, I sensed it all

The shining sun beyond my curtains
I see the sky extending around it

Embraced in your gaze so much it seems bright
I reach out to your heart with my clumsy love

Today's quote

"Sometimes making a decision you will regret, is the right decision." ;)

今日も 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。


Endless game

The new single for Arashi will be called ENDLESS GAME, also it's the theme song for Sakurai's new drama Kazoku game!
According to info online it will be a "cool, up-tempo" song with minute divisions for singing parts"
Sounds very interesting to me! :)

This text was posted on Onlysta's twitter: 家族ゲームの会見に行ってきました!嵐の主題歌『Endless Game』が、その場で流れ、アップテンポでカッコよい曲でした♪櫻井くんも『歌いわけが細かい』と話してましたよ!この会見は4/19売[表紙/ゆず]でお伝えします‼【オリスタ編集長/吉ギュウ】

Monday, 8 April 2013


今電車のって家に帰りよ♡ 早く家に帰りたいいい (笑)

Today's quote

"Make choices today, that will make you a person you can live with tomorrow!" ;)

After Psy

Today i found this article! In Swedish Metro they say that SM's f(x) is the new kpop that will sweep over the world!
I donno but that might be true, at least they are unique in many ways, just like the article also says! (They have done some research i have to say ^^)

Anyway it feels like kpop is growing here in Sweden, but we cannot be sure if it only has to with that it's because the help of major Americans influence...

Next out should be 2NE1!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Today's quote

"Picking old wounds, makes your future bleed."

FINAL - K-Popstar 2

So it came down to the two, Bang Yedam and Akdong Musician.
I like both and I hoped for them to battle, however it must have had been hard for both "teams" consider they have collaborated during this season of K-popstar.
Both did very well and it was a CLOSE victory.

Akdong Musician performed Hanson's “MmmBop” and Toy's “Hot Goodbye“, while Bang Yedam sang Tamia's “Officially Missing You” and Culture Club's “Karma Chameleon“.

YeDam, despite his very young age he did a very well speech after the announcement. His parents looked proud! :)

No matter what I think both will be signed and make it big!!
Also, will SM sign any this time? To me both Akdong and Yedam should belong to either JYP or YG, becuase of their kind of music. To me, there are not enough successful solo artists in SM these days, to me SM put more into groups. (I know BoA and KangTa belong to SM, but to me it's not enough) And I wouldn't want to see either Akdong or Yedam to be put in a group!

ホイッスル ~君と過ごした日々~

Today's song is by Japanese singer songwriter miwa.
I really like her "childish" sounded voice, it's soft, yet she can become very powerful.
This song is called ホイッスル ~君と過ごした日々~ (Whistle - Days I spent with you)

家族ゲーム (2013)

My new excitement is this drama, starring my fave Arashi member SAKURAI SHO!
I have already watched a few previews, it looks interesting, and just like Sho-kun said "he will show a new side of him", and I'm anticipating it!! He's really growing when it comes to acting, from being a lost student to slightly more aggressive and more adult-like.
Also, I wonder when they will announce the title song, it should be an Arashi song otherwise I will be extremely sad and disappointed (^^;;)

Title: 家族ゲーム (Kazoku Game)
Eng Title: Family game
Episodes: TBA
Broadcast network: Fuji TV
Broadcast period: 2013-Apr-17 to
Air time: Wednesday 22:00
Theme song: Endless Game - Arashi

Based on Honma Yohei’s award-winning novel of the same name, and it has been adapted into live-action movies several times. This new version will feature some modern problems like bullying and school refusal.

Yoshimoto is an eccentric home teacher and when he starts teaching the second son of the Numata family. While being tossed around by the weird and unconventional home tutor, the remedial student and his family gradually start changing.

When Sho-kun was younger, junior high and high school, he used to have a home tutor himself and during the press con he commented: "I hope to reflect on my memories from those days into the drama, and I want to make it a drama that gives you a tingly feeling while watching it with your family.” and “I’m already excited that I will be able to show a new side of me.”

Sakurai Sho as Yoshimoto Kouya
Suzuki Honami as Numata Kayoko
Kamiki Ryunosuke as Numata Shinichi
Uragami Seishu as Numata Shigeyuki
Itao Itsuji as Numata Kazushige
Kutsuna Shiori as Asami Maika

Advertisement in Tokyo Subway stations has already started!

More studying

Writing thesis is not a joke, I have spent all weekend on them. While it's progressing it's still so many things to do.
I also wonder, why do we write thesis in Sweden in order to get our Bachelor degree, while in Canada they only take classes!!!
My life would have had so much more simple if I only had to attend classes!! :P

Just my luck

A friend of mine texted me the other day asking if I wanted to attend a concert with her, OF COURSE I WANT TO, however the date sucks for me.
The concert is in Seoul in August, but I will go there already in June so that's a NO for me!
It totally sucks, as she is a member of the fan club she could get tickets for us, but sadly I won't be able to.

I came across Shinhwa back in 2001 when I visited Korea for the first time after being born and I have been a fan of Shinhwa since 2005, that's 8 years.
And for some reason, magically or not, I always miss out on their concert!!!!!!!

Why? Why can't I attend it just once?!