Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Delicacies in Stockhom

I know I have mentioned this place before but it can be mentioned again!
This place is great. You can find so many delicious things at this covert market.
It's called Hötorshallen and is located in the center of Stockholm.
My absolute fave place is this one, Östeqvist.
If I don't go, my mum or darling.
We buy our cured ham here, or at their other store close to Odenplan.
We also buy parmesan cheese here. It's the best, taste and service.
Also it is cheap consider what you get.

If in Stockholm, pay it a visit!!

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The way to go!!

This is hitting S.Korea in a few days/weeks. To me this is a must try next time I'm there!
This is totally the way to travel on the road, and cheap too!!

Monday, 29 August 2016

If you

Oh yes...a new song from Ailee!!
I have been waiting, I so long for her come back!
I really like her voice, a true singer.
Sorry all Kpop fans but there's a


Friday, 26 August 2016

Dinner @ AG

We finally had our dinner at AG, as we have Kyo-chan visting we thought it'd be a great place to eat.
The outside looks so so and when you walk down then up you start to question where you really are heading. Once you come up the stairs and see the entrance you know you will be served a good meal!
The interior was very simple, like going to a butcher.
We ordered lots of different foods, everything was delicious!! We could not have had a better meal.
I think most of us were full half way through, still we kept eating.
And service, not only how they served us. The bread came really late, almost together with our mains due they double and triple checked so there would be no nuts in it.
We also had dessert, I had a cream catalana.

I strongly recommend a visit if you like meat!
You won't regret it.

And dessert...

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Best of Stockholm

We have visit from Japan right now.
I took her here the other day, one of the best views in Stockholm!!
Stockholm is the best in the summer according to me, the city really bloom!

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Sandwich cake

To celebrate my b-day mum and dad got this, a Swedish sandwich cake!
It's so delicious, I was so happy!!
The Swede who came up with this one was a smart one..hehe

Have you tried it? If you come to Sweden.. this is a MUST EAT!!!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Namie's latest single, it has been quite some time since I listed to her..
Looking forward to see more! :)

Kurihara Harumi

I was blessed to get 2 Japanese cooking books.
I'll post more about them later.
Her name is Kurihara Harumi... Japan's Martha Stewart!
I have to say, it looks delicious, all her food.
Also take a look at the stove, That's an awesome stove, so Japanese..hehe I want one!
And this video was posted in 2012, I wonder what versions they have now.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Sunday, 21 August 2016


It was released a few years ago, still as good as it was when it first was released!
Enjoy... 2NE1's Missing you.
We miss all 4 of 2NE1!!!

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Seafood heaven

The other day I ended up having dinner in seafood heaven!
It was not set plates, we had a all you can eat! It was so delicious!
I cannot even describe the happiness and what a nice dinner all had!!

When in West Sweden you need to eat this!

Friday, 19 August 2016

Delicious protein salad

I got the inspiration from this link but added a few things!
It turned out to a DELICIOUS and healthy protein salad.
With tuna, lime, jalapeno, red onion, red cabbage, chickpeas, tomatoes. avocado, salt, pepper, some left over salad and Tabasco! And finished off with some egg whites.


Thursday, 18 August 2016

Absolut Korea

I had to have this one, it was released a few weeks before we went to Korea.
I do not really like Vodka, but I like the design of the bottle and it was a perfect souvenir.
We haven't tried it yet, not sure if we will either, the flavour doesn't seem so appealing to me.
Oh well.. a fun Swedish Korean Souvenir :)

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Birthday cake

I got exactly what I wanted, I got this beautiful cake with candles!
Yepp.. now I'm officially 28!
This cake is from the Swedish NK department store.
It's called "Estelle cake" or "Estelletårta" in Swedish.
Delicious raspberry cake with meringue and marzipan.


Thanks to my LOVE!!


I missed this last week, this is the other song by YGs new girl group Black Pink!


Tuesday, 16 August 2016

B-day dinner @ Räkan

I have passed this place for so many years and finally we decided to have my b-day dinner there.
A lot of foreigners were there but also Swedes. 
We got a nice table, however it started with that a Japanese child dropped her glass of Fanta and I got some over me, the waitress did not ask me if I was fine, as I do need to send my dress on dry cleaning! But luckily the child was ok, I brushed most of the Fanta off my clothes and shoes.
I got 100grams of fresh shrimps for starter, I got dirty but worth it as it was delicious! My darling took a Toast Skagen. Also that was DELICIOUS.
As for main I took a baked cod with Swedish Västerbotten Cheese served with a lobster sauce.
And darling chose Moules Frites. All was delicious, I couldn't imagine a better b-day dinner and of course with my other half!! We celebrated last Saturday as I'm off to West Sweden today for work.

Thanks darling for the best B-day date

28th birthday!

Monday, 15 August 2016

The Secret Life of Pets

My darling and I went to see this last Friday.
It was so much fun!
We laughed so much when watching this. And no it's not a kids movie, it's a grown up movie!
Go and see it!!!

SMAP will be disband

Johnny & Associates made an official announcement that SMAP will be disbanding on December 31!
I still cannot believe it, I mean they have been a group since I was born! But like most things in life things comes to an end.. I think it will take some time until I fully understand!


For always supporting SMAP we thank you very much.

Many have been worring about SMAP's future activities, now we would like to report on the conclusion after consulting each member multiple times.

Since their debut SMAP has been doing group activities for 25 years, will be disbanding after December 31, 2016.

After receiving the members' intentions to stay in the company and continue their group activities back in January of this year. Our whole company has been preparing support in many ways for SMAP. Starting in February until August 10 we have spent over 6 months in consultations both individually and with all members, proposing usual appearances on music shows, holding live concerts and commemorative events for the 20th anniversary of their TV show, as well as the 25th anniversary since their CD debut. However during the consultations some members expressed "It's difficult to continue as a group with the current situations", which caused the group's non-appearances on the music shows during July.

In August we suggested them to take a break as a group in order to have some time to think it all until the whole situation settles in a positive way, for the sake of people who are waiting. But some of the members preferred disbanding rather than taking a break. Although it was a tough decision with respect towards the members who have kept running until now we thought that it is difficult to continue as a group if some members are wishing to disband.

We feel terrible for our inadequacy not to be able to meet the support and expectations of the fans who were eagerly looking forward to the 25th-anniversary concerts and event. Please accept our apology.

Even though SMAP is disbanding after this year all of them will continue staying with the company. And each one will do their best in solo activities, so we would like to ask you for your continuous support just like now.

We will greatly appreciate your further guidance and encouragement.

And there has also been statements by each member, to me it looks more clearly who wants out and who wants in..original article: NHK
So sad it had to come to this still I can't grasp it, although I somewhere also understand...!
All work colleagues will part sooner or later, but since they have been one group for such a long time and yet have had their solo work too, I wonder why now!?

Nakai Masahiro
To the fans and people concerned, please allow us to announce that we, SMAP, will be disbanding. I'm so sorry to have troubled and worried you. I thank you for all of your support for us over the years. Please forgive us for coming up with this kind of outcome. I am truly sorry..."

Kimura Takuya
About this group's disbandment, I am honestly regretful. But for the 25th anniversary live or our group activities, there is nothing I can do if five of us aren't together, so all I can do now is to understand. Ignoring the feelings of the fans who supported us a lot and the staff members, it ended up with such a deplorable outcome as "disbandment". I'm loss for words.

Inagaki Goro
To the fans and the staffs, I am truly sorry to have troubled and worried you. We thought that it was difficult to continue our group activities in our current situation, so we have decided to "disband" though it was a tough decision. I hope you understand our intentions. Thank you very much for the past 28 years.

Kusanagi Tsuyoshi
We, SMAP, have chosen the road to disband. To the fans who have always cheered for us and the other parties who have supported us, thank you very much for the 28 years since the formation of the group. We will continue devoting ourselves, so I will be happy if you watch us over warmly.

Katori Shingo
To the fans and the staff members, we, SMAP, are disbanding. I sincerely would like to give my gratitude for many people who supported us and also I deeply apologize for this sudden announcement.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Stockholm Korean Culture Festival

Yesterday we attended the Korean Culture Festival in Stockholm.
A lot more people turned up than I thought. It was fun, but the line for food... OMG they should have pre-pared "lunch boxes". My darling stood in line for 2,5 hours!! I was like..seriously? How could they not have thought about this? I got some Hoddeok, a Korean snack, also there I stood in line for 45 min! But luckily it was delicious.
It was nice to see that so many people like Korea, but yes for next time there are some improvements that needs to be fixed. A lot of Kpop fans, next time it would be fun if they could bring some kpop bands, it would be awesome. Also more things to buy.. foods, merchandise etc.

In all great weather and company and food!!

Lunch @ Esa Sushi

I pass this place almost every day on my way to work, I have also heard good review of it.
The other week we tried it out. I was cheaper than I though and we got lot for the money.
I took their special roll while my darling took their Medium size sushi plate.
I got so full, I couldn't finish it all. My very first time considering this was sushi.

Review - Not the best I have had, then again nothing beats sushi in Japan. 
But for being Sweden yes! This is to recommend, it belongs to one of the better places.
Also, decorations were nice, we also got some seaweed/alga salad.
Value for money, call before hand, they tend to be very busy!

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Workout of my life!!

I had one of the toughest sessions ever with my PT the other day... Tabata cardio on all of the cardio machines at the gym plus some other tabatas and stretch. I probably died a few times but came back to life miraculously!!
My body is still sore and I know what's gonna come this autumn!!

#Exhaused #LimitsDoesNotExcist

Friday, 12 August 2016


Kransekake, or Ring cake is a Norwegian cake made from almonds, icing sugar and egg whites.
The cake is often served at various celebrations like weddings, baptisms, Christmas.
Kransekake is made by rings in different sizes which are then stacked into a pyramid-shape. It is held together by icing between the layers.
My Norwegian colleagues have talked so much about this cake but I have never had the chance to taste it, when I saw it at my colleagues house last weekend, I was like..FINALLY I get to try it. And it was GOOD!! I could eat this with ice-cream any day as dessert! A great dessert!
My darling liked it too. We are so happy we got to try this and all the other deliciousness's on the table!

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Dangerous maybe?

We thought our first hotel room had a great bathroom, but as the shower didn't work we got to change our room. As it was fully booked we got a free upgrade!
A very nice one. And this bathroom, take a look.
I'm happy I was not under any kind of influence, I mean it could be dangerous, also to find the lights was not easy, and going to the bathroom at night could turn out for the worst!
I liked the design and it was the first I ever saw something like this.
But yes, maybe not the most practical?!