Friday, 26 June 2009

So little time..

Work fulltime.. gaah it's tough!
Normally when i come home I usually watch my Japanese varity shows/dramas, Korean stuff, English/Australian/Dansish shows but for the past 2-3 weeks I have stopped following my usual tv-shows (It's my way of relaxing at night...) I guess it's because I'm too tired to focus..
Anyhow I have been able to meet up with friends I guess i can't complain too much.
I have also been to the movies 4 times during the past 3 weeks, it's a record. And all thanks to the "half price" offer.
hmm.. what else is going on?
Ohh.. yeah.. the weather in Sweden is AMAZING.. +25-30 degrees celcius and SUNNY!!!
So I rather spend time outdoors.. (^__^)

Yesterday I pre-ordered Arashi's upcoming album...!! [All the best! 1999-2009] Limited edition of course. (^__^)
I'm also trying to get tickets for their 10th anniversary tour that kicks off in August and ends in January 2010! it won't be easy but I hope for the best.

I should get on a diet.. or maybe stop eating!?
Need to think about that..but something has to be done!

I'm currently saving as much money as possible for my trip to Hong Kong with mom~
To be honest..I have enough money already but well.. there are more things I can save for...

Today's mood: I donno
Today's song: Ayaka - Minna sora no shita

Sunday, 14 June 2009

An amazing weekend

Friday at 4.15 pm I came out of the office and went to the airport..
However the rain just kept on falling!
At 20.05 I landed on Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5.
I sent a text to JiSeon unni and we agreed on meeting at Paddington station.
I have to say the tickets for Heathrow express is TOOOOO expensive, still I was too lazy to take the tube so I guess I only have myself to!

When I arrived I didnt see her, but suddely I got a text saying she and Sarah was waiting at a cookie place..
I haven't seen Sarah since I was in Korea last year, and it was so much fun seeing her again! and of course JiSeon too!
We walked to Jiseons studio, where she cooked dinner - Rabokki, miyeokguk and some Swedish candy and cookies ^^
We had a lot of fun, just talked and enjoyed ourselves!

Next morning Sarah had to pack her stuff and go back to S.Korea... We didn't want her to leave but.. no choice there (>.<)
Anyway her flight was in the evening so first we went shopping..
OMG half of London was out!! I really hate that even though London is a HUGE city the crowd is bigger there than anywhere else in the world! Well well.. what can u do?

I ended up buying.. clothes from Uniqlo, underwear, a bag and accessories from Primark, China from Japan center, Books from HMV (They were cheaper there..), Foods from the Korean supermarket, Tea from Whittard of Chelsea...
We also had lunch at a crepe cafe behind Oxford street.. it was MAXIMUM yummy!! ^^
We said goodbye to Sarah at Paddington station.. it was sad.. the time passed so fast (T__T)

Afterwards I met up with an old high school friend (Hiwote) whom I havent seen since we graduated.. 2 years ago!! to be exactly actually, because we graduated on June 13 in 2007!
Quite cool when I think about it now..haha..
We did some more shopping and had dinner at a Korean restaurant in China town. We ate Haemultang (Seafood stew)
It was fun.. afterwards I went back "home" and rested and changed and at 11pm I went out to meet Jiseon... We decided to meet up at Charing cross, however it wasn't as easy as we thought..
We missed each other etc. It took over 30 min in total!!
However then we took the RV1 bus down to London Bridge, my old neighbourhood ^^;;
We actally went passed my old house..quite nostalgic! If I could afford it, I so would want that apartment!
Then we walked around water and up on Tower Bridge. It was a bit cold and we both were really tired but we had fun!
I think we came home around 1.30 am or something...
I fell asleep so fast..haha.. I was exhaused since I had been walking around London city all day long (^^;)

Sunday morning, time to go home.. I didnt want 2 but no choice really (>.<'')
We had an English/Korean breakfast, packed and went down to Paddington station..
Then when I came to Heathrow I check in and what a security they had.
Off with everything.. shoes, belt..all.. I was like.. do u want me to take off my pants too?! (Sorry for that comment ^^; )
Anyway, I did some taxfree shopping then I saw that my flight was 40 min late.. Yay.. or NOT
I got pissed and went to eat something.. I ordered a okonomiyaki, however it tasted like an omelette. And when the staff asked how the taste was I told them that it was okay, if it would had been a omelette however as for a SUCKED. The boss came out and asked what was wrong with it, and I said.. that their so called okonomiyaki WASN'T a okonomiyaki.
And they said sorry and said I could choose something else however I didnt have time to wait since I had my flight to catch so I just walked out of there.
On the board I could see "Go to gate" so I rushed down, first I rushed and bought some cookies for mum that she wanted, ENGLISH ones.. then rushed to the gate, which wasnt easy since there was 1 million people everywhere!!
However when I reached the gate they hadn't even started boarding! *CHOCK*
I got a bit pissed, I had rushed for NOTHING. and besides I had to wait for over 20 min before I could go on the plane!
As soon as I got my seat I sat down and fell asleep... before I knew it I was back in Sweden.

Today's mood: Reallllllllly Happy
Today's food: English vs Korean
Today's song: CJSH The Grace - Sukoshi de ii kara

Monday, 1 June 2009


Finally we got some real sunshine over here!!
Since Tegomassu cancelled their concert, I decided to go to my cousins house in Linköping for the weekend.
I got there Friday evening and stayed until Sunday afternoon..

Anyway when i arrived we went home, ate SWEDISH strawberries~
They were MAXIMUM YUMMY ^^
and also watched some videotapes from their trip to Paris, and some old ones from when I was 10 years old..haha.. good memories!!
I slept in my cousins bed since she was at a party with her classmates..a sleepover party.. (she is 14yrs) and I loved her bed..and pillow ^^
Woke up quite early.. earlier than my other cousin, it has to be a record! I mean I usually wake up last, and she is always the first one to wake up in that family!! ^^
Had a nice and slow breakfast then got ready and went out with my aunt and uncle..!
My other cousin were dancing with her school in the city center. Really cool and she was good.
However the sun was shining so it must have been difficult, I mean I almost melted away ^^
She was done after 2 hours, and they went home and took a shower, while I stayed in town and did some small shopping..! (^___^)

Somehow it was a lot of things going on, and I tried one of the games they had..
Bicycle 400 meters in 1 min and you can win...
I managed 440 meters.. and I can say I was so tired when i came off the bicycle ^^
but the one who was in charged said I was the fastest so far!! pretty cool..but I needed something to drink, since the sun was burning!
After a while my cousin came back.. fresh ^^
We had lunch in a garden then went to see her little sister.. She was singing with her musicalgroup in the garden (where we also had lunch)

Back home we all were tired from the sunshine and just sat inside playing various boardgames..
then in the evening we had a BBQ outside and later we watched a movie.
However it's kinda interesting.. My uncle and mum are the same.. both falls a sleep while watching movies ^^
Almoste everytime I've watched a movie with my uncle he falls asleep in the middle, same with my mum ^^
I rememeber when I was younger and me and my uncle watched a horror/thriller movie,(My aunt usually does some work and my cousins already went to bed, since they are younger than me) a movie HE WANTED to see..anyway.. in the middle he fell asleep, leaving me alone to watch it!
And he woke up almost at the end and I had to explain what had happened.. ^^
I think that is a family thing...hahaha

Sunday morning, we had breakfast,played some games, packed..
then went to a cafe close to the "river"
we had waffles (^__^)
However after our small lunch it was time for me to head home.. but I almost missed the bus..
I made it with 1 min!!! LOL~~
I blame my uncle..haha ^^
anyway I made it.. and I had a blast~~
Want to go back soon (^___^)

To sum it up.. a GREAT weekend with a lot of SUNSHINE (^___^)

Today's mood: HAPPY
Today's food: Strawberries
Today's song: YUI - Sea