Monday, 30 April 2012

Would u dare to try?

Have you ever thought of dive of a high building? or do bungee jumping?
In Brazil at a water park, in the city of Fortaleza, it is now possible to slide down on the INSANO, the highest water slide in the world!! And it's 14 storey buildning high!!

It's said to ONLY take 4-5 sec to slide down and that you can reach the speeds of up to 105km/h!!
INSANE or what ^^

Would u dare to try a ride in Insano?
I would.. then again, Brazil is too far away!

More info @ The beach park’s official site


I've never been such fan of Sistar, I have only seen them a few times in Korea by chance and also heard their songs becuase it's difficult to avoid XD
Anyway this new song... has become addictive. I don't know why because to be honest the lyrics and music is just so-so. BUT it's stuck!

So now I'm gonna share this addictive song... 나혼자


So the new sub-unit from Girls' Generation is here... 태티서/TAETISEO.
It's quite easy to realise who's in it ^^
According to SM they chose that name because TTS would be to difficult to pronounce *for Koreans*, unlike SuJu's K.R.Y.

Anyway the album has 8 tracks, or 7.. the last one is a looooong message from the girls.
Tiffany speaks in English, fun for all non-speaking Korean fans!

In my opinion... why has this taken such long time? ^^
This unit is really great and I hope to see more in the future, as most snsd fans knows.. Taeyeon and Tiffany has already worked together but now they've added Seohyun ;)

My fave songs on this albums are 트윙클 and Baby steps.

01. 트윙클 (Twinkle)
02. Baby Steps
03. OMG(Oh My God)
04. Library
05. 안녕(Good-bye, Hello)
06. 처음이었죠(Love Sick)
07. 체크메이트(Checkmate)

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Scandinavian comics

I found this page through Facebook, it makes me laugh because most of the comics are true.. :P
So if u wanna learn more about Scandinavians in a fun way, you should visit this site ^^

 This comic - Full story @

Today's quote

"We don't think of setting ourselves a goal that we have already achieved before"

Say Hi!

As I felt a bit bored yesterday in the car, I found myself playing with my phone and "Pudding Camera"
This is what I got from it ^^
Kinda silly I know but I guess, but I blame the heat and time spending in the car :P

Happy Sunday

Spring is finally here.. I think ^^

Today I took my usual walk, the walk I always take when I'm at our cottage. It's around 9,5 km long.
and today's weather was awesome, lots of sun ^^
And on my way I found some spring flowers, lots of them!

I hope and wish this will stay, I want spring and if summer would come sooner it'd be better ^^

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Food for thought!

I came across this.. it kind makes me laugh ^^


Finally it feels like spring, however i wish it was a bit warmer.
At least it's warm in the sun ^^

Today we left Stockholm for a nice and long weekend at the cottage.
On the way here we stopped over and bought a new bbq!!
By buying it at that particular store, we saved 60USD! ^^

So tonight we'll have a big bbq party!
I'm already looking forward to tonight ^^

Friday, 27 April 2012

No tears

It has been quite some time since I listened to this song, however on the bus ride home I felt like listening to James Blunts album and of course this song. It reminded me of old times and I thought I'd share this song with you...

Don't I know it
Nobody has to say
I've been lucky
Guess I was born that way

I thank my father
His absence has made me strong
And I love my mother
But she had troubles with God

No tears For the life that you led
You had angels in your head
Did you hear them singing in the air?
All the things that do seem
All the things that could have been
Well I've been everything I wanna be
So no tears, no tears for me

Yeah I've bathed in sunshine
But cherished the fading light
And I heard my heartbeat falter
On a winters night I loved a woman
But she didn't hear my prayers
So lord, oh lord, I'm yours
And no tears

For the life that you led
You had angels in your head
Did you hear them singing in the air?
All the things that do seem
All the things that could have been
Well I've been everything I wanna be
So no tears, no tears

Because someone somewhere's going home tonight
Try to understand the sacrifice
So save your tears for those left behind
For the life that you led
You had angels in your head

Did you hear them singing the air?
All the things that do seem
All the things that could have been
Well I've been everything I wanna be
So no tears

No tears
No tears for me

Today's quote

Life is not about having what you want, but wanting what you have and be satisfied about it!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Kinda bumped out...

I've been thinking of translating lots of Kpop lyrics.. to English... but these days I have so much to study I cannot seem to find the time to do so.
I have not either been able to "reviews"/"translations" of various shows and dramas.

I used to do WE GOT MARRIED and Skip Beat.
But WGM has been cancelled more or less and Skip Beat has already come to an end.
I'm gonna write a small shortcut later of my thoughts, what can I say but.. BORING!
SiWon and Donghae, I love u guys but..sorry the drama was boring!!

WGM, I wanted to see more of LeeTeuk and Kang Sora but well..

Then now I'm following lots of shows Shinhwa appears on.. however I haven't been able to write much (T_T)
Being a fangirl and student at the same time totally SUCKS and this sucking state will not be any better...

Getting thinner ^^

Last evening i had another weighin, as always on Wednesdays.
And guess what, I've lost more weight...

To think of it, i have doing this for what...2,5-3 months..

And i have lost so much within this short time period, and at the same time i have been eating more than ever!
Imagine that, who would have thought such "diet" would work?

Anyway I'm pleased and is getting more excited to carry on, since the result is awesome!
I hope i will lose 20kgs in total this year, and I'm on the right track!
I've already lost a little bit over 7kgs!!

Keepon fighting, Keepon smiling!!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

스파이 명월

I finally finished the Korean drama Spy Myung Wol. Kinda late I know XD
But better later than never I guess? To be honest I only saw it because of Eric!
Eric hasn't been my fave in Shinhwa, however he's known to be the handsome one... I've never seen it, UNTIL now XD
Anyway the story is quite amusing, but sometimes it feels like they do massive jumps and it feels like some parts are missing, or maybe it's just me?
Also it's fun to see both Eric and Han Ye-Sul speaking in English - both have been living in the US, maybe it's Eric's voice but some words are difficult to hear so I give Ye-Sul more cred ^^
another PLUSpoint is the OST, my absolute fave is the song performed by Lena Park!!


  • Title: 스파이 명월 / Spy Myung Wol
  • Genre: Romance, comedy
  • Episodes: 18
  • Broadcast network: KBS2
  • Broadcast period: 2011-Jul-11 to 2011-Sep-06
  • Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55

  • Story
    An elite North Korean spy, Han Myung Wol, and her partner, Choi Ryu, infiltrates South Korea on a mission to disrupt the Hallyu Wave by kidnapping one of their top stars, Kang Woo. Despite her proficiency at her job, Myung Wol's one weakness is her uncontrollable curiosity. Hijinks ensue when she falls in love with Kang Woo instead.

    Main Cast
    Han Ye Seul as Han Myung Wol
    Eric as Kang Woo
    Lee Jin Wook as Choi Ryu
    Jang Hee Jin as Joo In Ah

    Today's quote

    "When one member falls behind or in a bad situation, the other five raise him to his feet and walk together with him" -Lee Minwoo

    Is it a joke?

    I've been wondering how the new Swedish bills will look like, as we will change them soon.
    Today they were shown to the public, when i saw them it made me think, is this a joke?

    We will change from bills with people who have contributed in what, actors and singers? Except 2 of them..Astrid Lindgren and Dag Hammarsköld.

    It feels more like money children will play with rather than real money.
    The only good thing is that we will re-install the 200 kronor bill!!

    Anyway the decision is made, not much to do, still i think it look like a joke!

    Tuesday, 24 April 2012

    Today's quote

    "생각하는대로 살지 않으면 사는대로 생각하게 된다/You must live as you think, or sooner or later you will think as you live"

    He is back home!

    Yesterday, after many months living in Australia, my brother has returned.
    It many ways it feels like he never left XD
    Guess it's because his stuff is all over the house and he is his usual, himself, so we cannot avoid to feel his presence ^^

    Still fun to have him home!!

    Welcome home big bro ^^

    I got it!!

    This morning i got a call from the post office! They finally found my package, still they tried to blame me for it, that i lost it for them!?
    Also the one who called wasn't nice, but she came within 5 min and gave it, still a bit grumpy!
    But i guess this is what Sweden can offer, this is our standard service!
    Therefore it's not surprising in any way, in other countries they'd given me an apology, also some gift vouchers or something, i mean even McDonald's gave my brother vouchers worth 3 times as much for the burger he bought!
    Kinda ironic but right now I'm just happy i got it!

    I mean...cute mobile accessories, scarf, Shinhwa cd and handbag ^^

    Okay..time to go to school!

    Monday, 23 April 2012

    Today's quote

    "Don't give up on anybody, miracles can happen any day"

    Also called shortie

    In today's paper they posted an article about the latest trend from the US, also known as the insole sneaker, which make you a few centimeters higher still not as obvious as in normal shoes with heals.

    It makes me laugh it can even be called a trend, its a normal day for many women in Asia and has been for years!
    First time i saw them was back in 2007...
    Also the ones in the paper are not half as stylish as the ones in Asia.
    Then again these shoes are normally for the shorter population who wishes to be a bit taller outside the house!

    I know i sound a bit cranky, maybe it's the morning but in some was it feels tragic that we only look and point to one side of the world, since obviously the other half is way faster?

    Anyway better to find it later rather than never i suppose ^^

    Sunday, 22 April 2012

    The Big Bang Theory

    These days I'm really into the US sitcom The Big Bang Theory,
    I'm more or less... addicted to the show (^^;;)
    It has been some time since I really followed an US show.
    Also I'm amazed that they guys can remember and memorize all their lines, ie. physics related ones ^^
    Anyway I'd just wanted to share some videos, the show in itself is hilarious however these bloopers are even more fun XD

    Your ideal Shinhwa man ^^

    Try finding out which of the six oppas is closest to your idea of the perfect man. We hope this can be an opportunity for those who have lived as ShinChang (Shinhwa Changjo) for 14 years, to rediscover or find out charms of Shinhwa they have yet to discover.

    Male #1, Kim Dongwan
    For some reason it feels like he has filmed a CF for Bacchus (an energy drink), but it was actually a CF for Gas digestive medicine. Just like the straight nose bridge he received from Lee Soo Man as a ‘gift’, he is an upright and proper young man, no, uncle. Sleeping early and getting up early, that’s basic, and for him there’s no such thing as mixing with female friends at night clubs. Occasionally he puts on his glasses and displays his unique charms as a patriotic intellectual in Korea during Japanese rule. Think you might get bored? Don’t forget, he’s still Shinhwa’s Wit Guy.

    Male #2, Eric
    Tall and good-looking. Just this alone leaves people in awe, but together with Lee Minwoo he also holds the role of co-CEO of Shinhwa Company. Looks and ability, it seems like he’s not lacking in anything. But a guy that’s too perfect puts people off. He said himself that green blood flows in him, and that he taught Korean and English to his pet dog ‘Chamchi’ (Tuna). His 4-dimensional comments only serve to increase his charm. The more you look at him, the more mysterious he seems. The more you know about him, the more curious you become. But if you want to have this guy, you must be prepared to enjoy going to the church.

    Male #3, Lee Minwoo
    A person who’s suited for silver-coloured hair. Very rare. If you see him anywhere, you might smell a subtle whiff of Davidoff Cool Water, with his trademark smiling eyes making him cute yet sexy at the same time. He may seem gentle but when he’s riding his motorbike or when he’s dancing, he’s a man among men, exuding a rugged charm. Because of this you may worry about whether he will be snatched away but you’ll have to close an eye to his occasional outings to the club. If you’re still worried no matter how you think about it, there is only one solution. Make your relationship public.

    Male #4 Shin Hyesung
    He may look cold but he’s as affectionate as a mother bird. He’d rather die than to do anything embarrassing, but he lets everything go when it comes to the ‘crab dance’ or the ‘mommy, buy me that’ dance. His sweet ballad-singing voice, having to fix his hair with the straightening iron to go to the nearby convenience store, and his outstanding gaming ability that he displays when playing Starcraft in a PC cafe, Shin Hyesung has so many charms that we’re not able to share everything here. So we can only shout this out, “Jung Feel Gyo over ki-dok-gyo (Christianity)”.

    Male #5, Junjin
    He doesn’t just wear any beanie. Let’s remember the fact that fashion is most certainly only complete with the face. Thanks to his ‘SF Comic Image’ looks, Junjin is able to wear even beanies with stitches showing. Should we say that the beanie has been Junjinized? But Junjin didn’t just only inherit his looks from his dad Charlie Park. He has also inherited irrepressible talent, so be prepared to get married and raise another celebrity in the family.

    Male #6, Andy
    32 years old, and has completed his active military duties. But he’s still a cute ‘pocket guy’ that you want to keep in your pockets and bring around. With his exquisite features and smooth skin, he looks like the same 18-year-old young boy during his debut….. That would be a lie, but he does look like he’s in his mid-20s. On top of that, his caring ways towards Solbi, his onscreen wife in MBC’s We Got Married, and his good manners towards his onscreen in-laws, make him the model husband. His autoplay heart dance when you’re feeling down is a bonus.

    I've done this twice, first I got JunJin then Eric XD
    Still my fave Shinhwa member is MinWoo... but after reading what he has to offer.. not sure if he's my type at all XD

    Credits: 10asia + Absolut Shinhwa

    Saturday, 21 April 2012

    Vote vote vote!!

    The world let's participate and vote!
    Let SHINHWA Changjo's all over the world show our support by voting for our 6 guys in the MNET MCountdown chart!!!

    Here is the link, all info is in English...

    Let Shinhwa become NUMBER 1 next week as well!!!!

    Friday, 20 April 2012


    Now time for another drama...
    I've currently following 2 Korean dramas and now it's time to present the first of 3 Japanese dramas.
    I'll begin with the drama called PAPADOL!
    It seems fun and I think it will be interesting, Nishikido Ryo-kun has always been one of my fave Johnny's people so I just had to start watching it I guess ^^

    “Papa wa Idol” is a remake of the 1987 drama series “Mama wa Idol,” which starred singer and actress Nakayama Miho as herself.
    In this version, Nishikido naturally plays the part of Nishikido Ryo, member of Kanjani8. One day, he meets a single mother of three children, and he suddenly falls in love and gets married. Yuka will play the part of the mother.

    Nishikido Ryo as Nishikido Ryo
    Yuka as Hanamura Haruka
    Kawashima Umika as Hanamura Mei
    Imai Yuki as Hanamura Hideto
    Tani Kanon as Hanamura Kana
    Sato Jiro as Kariya Takahiro
    Enari Kazuki as Wakizaka Shohei
    Takahata Atsuko as Hanamura Natsu
    Yashima Norito as Mamiya Yoshiharu
    Zaizen Naomi as Masako Motoko
    Joshima Shigeru as Okajima Mitsuru

    Today's quote

    "Being yourself is the only way to be"

    Still nowhere to be found...

    I'm still waiting on my package which seems it cannot be found...
    I'm starting to get seriously pissed off since all the feedback I get is - We are working on it, We still do not know where it is, I can send you to "lost" division, I have written it down someone will call you later today - we think etc.
    It still doesn't help the progress at all, They just think I'm crazy for wanting it so bad!
    But HEY, I didn't pay all the extra money for tracking service and fast delivery to get it lost and nowhere to be found!!

    I wonder what they do, probably drink coffee and check their Facebook pages!!!

    I want my package and I want it right now!!!

    Thursday, 19 April 2012

    Covers are out!!

    Yesterday or the day before maybe.. been to busy and my memory sucks these days...anyway the covers for Arashi's new single FACE DOWN have been released!
    They suit the theme and different from previous ones.

    Also tomorrow the PV will be released :) Much to look forward 2 ^^

    Will I ever get it?

    Someone working for the Swedish postoffice has STOLEN my package with Gmarket goods from Korea, and the Swedish postoffice refuse to say the truth (who the stupid arse is and where he/she did to it and WHY) nor are able to locate the package!! They have been "searching" the whole day without any luck and they said they will call me 2morrow and "hope" they can find it so I can get it, however it makes me wonder how they work and what stupid staff they have! My mum said we shall sue them for this!!! I'm SO pissed off, I payed 50USD extra for tracking and fast delivery...which obviously didnt work out :/

    Finally Number 1!!

    Today was M Countdown and guess who was voted as number 1?!
    Finally they got the number 1 spot! I'm so happy for them and they totally deserved it!! :)
    Happy I voted many times XD



    Last evening i went on my usual weighin, and i didn't lose much the past week, then again because of my friends came i ate lots of unhealthy things! So in a way the number was positive!
    I actually thought I'd gain XD

    But back to the main point!
    The result of my current weight showed a very positive number!
    I haven't weight this little in 4 years...i believe!!
    So this is totally a milestone for me!and the motivation to get rid of more is even higher!

    Such a mess!

    The Swedish post office is such a mess and their ways of working really shows how incompetent they are!!

    They told me to go to one place to pick up my package then they sent me to another place saying the one who left me the note got it wrong!
    They when i reached the other place the manager told me the other place had come and collected it!!!and had taken it back to the first place i went, without telling me!
    The manager also told me the reason was that they'd deliver it to my house, far no see, and all the other times they have knocked on my door is at a time normal people are not at home!!

    What can their so called service be called...Outright stupidity!?

    So I'm still packageless and don't know where it is, since the other place won't answer!
    And i have class so i cannot go there now!!

    I want my package! And i want it right now!

    Wednesday, 18 April 2012

    Today's quote

    "Life is full of small, perfect moments"

    The best! Compilation album is out!

    Today one of my fave solo singers in Asia released a "Best of album".
    It feels kinda early yet not. Lee Seung Gi has been around for quite some time now and he always releases great songs! He has such powerful voice and of course he's known for his looks ^^
    He is great both on CD and LIVE!!!!
    Anyway back to the album, it's great to have many of his most famous and best songs on one album!!


    이승기- THE BEST
    Release Date: 2012.04.18
    Genre: Ballad
    Language: Korean

    Track List:
    01. 내 여자라니까
    02. 착한 거짓말
    03. 다줄꺼야
    04. 사랑이 술을 가르쳐(feat.백찬 of 8eight)
    05. 결혼해 줄래(Feat. BIZNIZ)
    06. 처음처럼 그때처럼 (Feat. 강민경 of Davichi)
    07. 하기 힘든 말
    08. 제발
    09. 아직 못 다한 이야기
    10. 삭제
    11. Smile Boy 2010
    12. 입모양
    13. 우리 헤어지자
    14. 정신이 나갔었나봐
    15. 여행을 떠나요


    The picture says it all ^^

    Time to say goodbye!

    I cannot believe the time has passed already! It has been so fast!
    Now it's time to say good bye to my darlings Carolina and Julia!
    It's passed 2 am and soon me and dad will drive them to the City terminal where they will take a bus to the airport!!

    At the moment everybody but me is sleeping ^^
    But if I went to sleep I wouldn't have had been able to wake up, so instead I have been watching dramas and tv XD

    Soon time to go..go...go

    Tuesday, 17 April 2012

    Happy Birthday big brother!

    Today is my brother's birthday!
    Unfortunately he is not at home this year, either (I think he was in Norway last year), so i cannot celebrate with him!

    Anyway he's coming home within a week so i guess i will celebrate then!
    I hope he has a great and lovely birthday in Down Under! ^^

    Happy Birthday Mickey!!

    Loss at words!

    The trial in Norway has begun, its so sad to see that the man behind it all cannot see nor understand his own actions!
    He shared not even a single emotion during yesterdays hearing when the prosecutor read out all the names of the victims and how they died!
    He has no empathy or feelings for others at all!
    The only time he shared some what called emotion was over his own uniform and his own made propaganda movie!he even cried when he saw it!

    It's absurd and pathetic! I wonder how the victims families can take it, sit in court and see such! It's so cruel!

    Today and the rest of the week the trial will continue, and i guess we will find out more about his actions and so called reasons, besides what he stated yesterday. He admitted the actions, but not being guilty, saying he did it in selfdefense, to protect Norway and its culture....

    It will take time until he get his sentence, and the world will follow the whole procedure!

    Monday, 16 April 2012

    Sick again

    I donno what i have done wrong but yes, i have once again managed to get a cold!
    Last night and right now I'm coughing so much it feels like my lungs will explode!
    I haven't been like this for years!and i still have my lovely friends over...

    Now they are at home sleeping and I'm on my way to school, i wanted to skip but cannot do so..

    The train just arrived ^^

    Sunday, 15 April 2012

    More sightseeing!

    Today we went to our Royal Palace here in Sweden, it was nice since I havent been there for quite some time.
    The girls also enjoyed the area and all the paitings etc!
    When we got to the Chinese Pavilon (spelling?!), we met this older man who gave us a lecture about the area etc. A history lesson, at first it was okay, then he followed us on "our" tour XD anyway he seemed like a nice man, just lonely and had no one to share all his knowledge with. So today we made someone happy!!

    Anyhow the day is now at its end and I have to sleep, tomorrow I have to attend class then rush back to Stockholm for more sightseeing ^^
    It has been so nice to be with Carolina and Julia and it feels so strange that we haven't seen each other for all this time, however also natural to see each other again!!
    However next time.. let's go to ROME!! and not cold Sweden XD

    For now... Good Night!!

    Busy sightseeing!

    Right now I have two friends on visit here in Sweden so I'm currently busy sightseeing around my city, it's fun but also exhausting, because I wanna show as many good sights as possible..

    HOWEVER today, we woke up by seeing SNOW and lots of it!! it was not fun at all...
    and it turned into water so it was super cold and nasty!!

    Anyway we had a great time, lots of good sights and good food ^^

    Friday, 13 April 2012

    Waiting for the arrival!

    Right now I'm sitting on a bench at Stockholm busterminal, waiting for Carolina and Julia to arrive from Skavsta airport!

    They should be here soon ^^
    Meanwhile i have been reading the book for my new class, it felt like i have read all that info before in other books and other classes, anyway thanks to Maria i could borrow it from the library so i don't need to buy it, unless i need to get the upgraded edition...

    Today' quote

    "Life is like a camera, you got to face it with a smile"

    케이윌 - 사랑이 운다 (더킹 투하츠 OST)

    This song was released almost 2 weeks ago.
    Anyway I'm hooked on it so I wanted to share it..
    It's a sad song yet very beautiful.
    It's also the OST for one of the Korean dramas I'm currently following.

    Also if you press on the cc button you'll get ENGLISH lyrics for this song, which is performed by K. WILL - one of my fave solo artists in Korea ^^
    He's amazing both on cd and live, I so want to see him again ^^

    Thursday, 12 April 2012


    Today I realized a big problem... or maybe not big but it's a problem.Anyway you can clearly notice the difference between people who have worked in an office and not.
    The way of understandning and thinking is so different, also some people are so naive and cannot take critism, this kind of critism is for their own good for the future. Not to bash anyone on a personal level as they seem to believe. Time to grow up and not think about it as a middle schooler!

    Anyway it's not long to go, but still enough to give oneself a headache XD
    bite the molars and hope it will pass fast enough :P

    Why so slow?

    I keep checking the status on the goods I ordered from Gmarket, I'm still waiting for my Shinhwa cd..
    I wonder why it's so slow.. I want my goods and I want it now :P
    The Korean post service within Korea should be faster, I mean the cd was released yesterday ^w^

    I ordered a scarf, a bag, mobilephone accessories, earrings and the Shinhwa cd...
    anyway it should be shipped out on Saturday or Monday, so it should be here within next week or so.

    Time to get our grade!

    Today we will find out our grade for our last written assignment!
    I do think we could have had done better in one way,but in the other i don't care, we should have passed, compare to the other groups we have written one million times better!

    Anyway is now waiting for the train...
    But i actually wish i was at home,it feels like I'm coming down with a cold!and i wanna be healthy for tomorrow when C and J arrives!

    One day to go!

    Still cannot believe that my darlings will arrive tomorrow! ^^
    Haven't seen them since Korea 2010!!
    Time really goes fast!
    Also all three of us live in Europe however to find the time and place to meet up is the issue!however we finally decided on meeting here in Sweden! Just wished we had better weather, it's gray and it's raining!oh and it's COLD!

    Anyway no matter we'll have a great days together!
    Excited and cannot wait until tomorrow afternoon! ^^

    Wednesday, 11 April 2012

    Today's quote

    "Let's keepon moving forward, have no regrets! No matter what you cannot change the past, Let's create a better future"

    Tattoo stockings/thights

    Maybe some of you already know this, but the latest fashion in Japan right now is the TATTOO styled stockings/tights! I do believe the popularity is also growing in the US
    I have seen so many photos and is super jealous, since I also want them! Anyway a good friend of mine is gonna check it for me, she also wants a pair and she's off to Tokyo this weekend ;)
    She lives close to Nagoya, but she said they probably have more in Tokyo, so I guess I have to wait and see ^^

    Some are a bit too much for my style, still I think it's an awesome idea, I don't think I could ever get a real tattoo since you will be marked for life and well as you ages the skin will not look the same and the future ones opinion will probably change... therefore this idea is great!

    Here are some of the ones that are popular...

    This one with all the hears is cute and it's very popular, sold out at most places...

    This one is my fave ^^

    Dance version..

    Finally the DANCE version of Shinhwa's latest song VENUS was released!
    I love it, not that the other version was bad or anything, just that I really really liked this version.
    We get to see more of Andy and Eric (^^;;)

    Tuesday, 10 April 2012

    Totally amazing!

    Yesterday i attended Stockholm Ice show, it was amazing, i got to see some of the best figure skaters! And also some of my fave skaters all time! Like the little prince!i miss him on the world stage however i was happy to see him here, he's so amazing and handsome!

    A great experience and great company!

    I wanna attend more events like this in the future! ^^

    Monday, 9 April 2012

    At the Globe!

    So we have arrived at our national stadium and is waiting for Stockholm ice to begin!
    Soon I'll see some of the best figure skaters live for the first time!

    Get excited!get pumped up ^^

    Sunday, 8 April 2012

    Soon back home

    So I'm almost back home in Stockholm but what can i say, now on the high way on the way into the suburbs of Stockholm what can we see..

    Darkness, no clouds but it doesn't look good!
    I went from cold and sunshine to this!

    May i cry?


    It's still Easter Holiday and today is Sunday... and I guess u all know what day today is.

    Anyway I'm going back home to Stockholm today because tomorrow I'm attendning Stockholm Ice!! :)
    Before leaving here we got to clean the house...

    Saturday, 7 April 2012

    Like a dream!

    We have been talking about this for ages, when to meet again!
    We all live in Europe - Germany,Italy and Sweden, however what is the tricky part is to find the time!

    FINALLY we found it!
    Next Friday until Wednesday, my Carolina and Julia will come and visit me here in Sweden!!

    It feels like a dream come true and I'm so excited!
    We spent so much time together in Seoul and if felt so sad once we had to say our good byes after almost a year together!

    Anyway next Friday we all will be together again!

    Let the countdown begin ^^

    Today's quote

    "Some memories will never fade"


    The sun is shining which is awesome, however the wind is icy!!!
    I cannot believe it.. why this difference!?
    I really wish it was both sunshine and warm outside, guess u cannot have it all!?

    Happy Easter

    I cannot believe it\s already Easter, then again Easter was super late last year!So did you end up getting lots of candy?
    Not me.. I didn't want any, so instead I got a new bra and some cash ^^
    Tonight we'll have a family dinner with my uncles and families... hope it will be nice ^^

    Friday, 6 April 2012

    사랑비 / Love Rain

    Another drama I'm following is the anticipated drama starring SNSD's Yoona and Asia's prince Jang Geun Suk.
    I'm not really a fan of any of them but because people talk about it so much, it's a must see XD
    It started off a bit slow but now the real world begins, wonder how it will turn out. ^^

    Episodes: 20
    Broadcast network: KBS2
    Broadcast period: 2012-Mar-26 to 2012-May-29
    Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55

    "Love Rain" depicts a 1970's pure love and a love from the present day at the same time. It shows how the offsprings of a previous ill-fated couple, who met in the 1970s, managed to meet and fall in love. Seo In Ha and Kim Yoon Hee, a art student and a shy beauty, met and fell in love with each other during college in the 1970s but unfortunately their love was fated to never be. Now in the present 21st century Korea, Seo In Ha's son, Seo Joon (a liberal photographer) meets and falls in with the daughter of Kim Yoon Hee, Jung Ha Na, a cheerful and energetic girl who's personality is different from her mother's. Will their love for each other keep them together or will they have to face the same fate as their parents?

    Jang Geun Suk
    as Seo In Ha in the 70's / Seo Joon (In Ha's son)
    Im YoonA as Kim Yoon Hee in the 70's / Jung Ha Na (Yoon Hee's daughter)
    Kim Si Hoo as Lee Dong Wook in the 70's / Lee Sun Ho (Dong Wook's son)
    Son Eun Seo as Baek Hye Jung in the 70s
    Seo In Guk as Kim Chang Mo in the 70's
    Hwang Bo Ra as Na In Sook in the 70s
    Jung Jin Young as middle-aged Seo In Ha (Seo Joon's dad)
    Lee Mi Sook as middle-aged Kim Yoon Hee (Ha Na's mom)
    Kim Young Kwang as Han Tae Sung
    Oh Seung Yoon as Cho Soo
    Park Se Yeong as Mi Ho (Sun Ho's younger sister)

    더킹 투하츠 / The King 2 Hearts

    One of my fave new K-dramas is this one, starring Lee Seung-Gi and Ha Ji-Won.
    Also I have heard that even North Korean likes this drama and that MBC have been good with re-creating spots etc from North Korea. However they also said that Ji-Won's skirts are too short, if a N.Korean would wear such short skirt she'd be called a slut XD
    Anyway I like to see Seung Gi in this kind of role, it's sad he left SH but it's great that he wants to do his best for this part!!

    Episodes: 20
    Broadcast network: MBC
    Broadcast period: 2012-Mar-21 to 2012-May-24
    Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55

    This drama is set in modern day where South Korea is governed by a constitutional monarchy. Lee Jae Ha is a handsome and materialistic crown prince that doesn't care about politics. He falls for Kim Hyang Ah, a North Korean special forces agent

    Main Cast
    Lee Seung Gi as Lee Jae Ha
    Kang Han Byul as young Jae Ha
    Ha Ji Won as Kim Hang Ah
    Jo Jung Suk as Eun Shi Kyung
    Yoon Je Moon as Kim Bong Goo / John Mayer
    Lee Yoon Ji as Lee Jae Shin

    The Royal Family
    Lee Sung Min as Lee Jae Kang
    Park Gun Tae as young Jae Kang
    Yoon Yeo Jung as Bang Yang Sun
    Lee Soon Jae as Eun Kyu Tae

    WOC Members
    Jung Man Shik as Ri Kang Suk
    Kwon Hyun Sang as Yeom Dong Ha
    Choi Kwon as Kwon Young Bae

    Extended Cast
    Lee Do Kyung as Kim Nam Il (Hang Ah's father)
    Jun Gook Hwan as Hyun Myung Ho
    Samanda Daniel as Bon Bon
    Yum Dong Hyun as Park Ho Chul

    BBQ time!

    It's BBQ time..
    Actually since it's Good Friday today I wanted lamb, however it was sold out in the stores so we decided to have a BBQ today!!

    I'm excited.. since it's the first one of many this year ;)
    Swedish BBQ is awesome!! Also I have great company, the sun is setting... and it's quiet, what else do you need? :P


    Look at this photo, sent out by IKEA Australia!

    It made me laugh so much! Guess it's an IKEA thing XD


    I really needed this, today i have had slept long passed my usual wake up call!it felt really good and it was needed!

    Today the sun is shining and it feels like a great day out on the country, all though i wouldn't mind having a few more degrees higher in temperature! ^^;;

    Thursday, 5 April 2012

    Some time away

    It's Easter this week, and despite my stressful week i have now left the city for a weekend on the country side...

    It feels nice to get away and it was needed!

    Music, movies and relaxing is what i need!

    Wednesday, 4 April 2012

    Time to get more gmarket goodies

    I ordered some Gmarket goodies the other day, but because Shinhwa postponed the release of their THANK YOU edition, I was thinking if I should add some items to the order, then again it's all about money.

    Soon it's Easter... hope u will enjoy the holidays

    Sunny morning!

    The sun is shining! Wonderful morning, just wished it would also be warmer, since we still have minus degrees!
    Guess we cannot have it all~

    Now off to uni, hope we'll advance in the progress of finishing our project assignment!


    It's fun to see what our rail company puts money on, instead of more trains or CLEAN the ones that are in traffic, they have now bought expensive screens so that, we, the passengers can see the time table, when it will depart/arrive.

    So the old ones were old school, however they were fine!!it's not something that need to be stylish, it's only the time table.

    Wonder how they think when they priorities, at least now i understand the reason why i have to pay as much as i do for my lousy train tickets!!!

    Student discount  - as if!!

    Tuesday, 3 April 2012

    Free cup of coffee!

    So i felt like i needed a cup of coffee to wake up,and i found this new super market on central station who also sell fresh coffee, and felt i needed to try it, however i wasn't able to fill the cup until there was no coffee left, so now I'm waiting but the good thing, the service, is that i got this half cup for free while I'm waiting for the fresh brewed one!

    I like when they give you good service!


    So i didn't have any luck with my sleep last night!to be honest i could barley sleep at all, however i start to get used to this...

    This morning i walked and hoped I'd be able to catch the bus,but when came i saw it leaving however the bus driver stopped for me ^^
    It kinda made my morning!!
    Also my dad was on the bus,and he left the house much earlier than me so he was surprised to see me ^^;;

    Now on my way to university.

    Monday, 2 April 2012


    This morning it was finally possible to pre-order the THANK YOU Edition of SHINHWA's 10th album.
    It just came out 1 week ago and they already posted another version for sale,
    In one way I'm excited yet scared that they will later release another version with extras.
    But Shinhwa normally just releases 1 or 2 versions, but since it a "huge" comeback I cannot be sure :S

    Anyway this cd is amazing and I cannot wait until I have this version in my hands ^^

    01. On the Road
    02. Hurts
    03. Venus
    04. Red Carpet
    05. Move with Me
    06. Let It Go
    07. Stay
    08. Welcome
    09. Be my Love
    10. Re-love
    11. Breathin'

    Info about this version... only in Korean
    and I'm to busy these days so I cannot translate, but for all fans... just buy it ;)

    신화 정규 10집 - The Return (Thanks Edition) + 지관통 포스터

    ‘왕의 귀환’ !!
    이제는 전설이 된 이름 ‘신화’ !!

    2012 신화 10집 정규앨범 ‘The RETURN’
    ‘Special Edition’ 3만장 완판에 대한 보답…

    Thanks Edition 발매 !!

    4년의 기다림.
    14년의 결정체.

    한층 더 강렬하게. 한층 더 매혹적인..!

    하나되어 돌아온 퍼펙트 넘버 6.
    왕의 귀환, ‘신화’!!

    2012년 3월 23일
    섬세한 디테일을 넘어서 하나의 작품으로!
    전설이 현실로 이루어지는 날.
    우리 눈 앞에 다시 선 그들을 만나다…

    국내•외 최고의 아티스트들과 여섯명 멤버 모두 공동 참여,
    신화 14년의 모든 것을 녹여낸
    10집 정규앨범 ‘ The RETURN ’

    ‘Special Edition’ 3만장 완판에 대한 보답…
    Thanks Edition 발매 !!

    “14년이라는 시간 동안 우리 곁을 지켜준 팬 여러분께 이 앨범을 바칩니다” -에릭
    “처음부터 지금까지! 이번 정규 앨범도 모든 열정과 노력을 담아 만들었습니다.
    여러분 모두 You are my Venus 입니다.” -민우
    “모든 멤버들이 모여, 모든 멤버들의 꿈이 현실로 된 앨범…많은 응원 부탁드립니다!” -동완
    “신화 여섯 명의 열정과 노력으로 만들어진 10집 정규 앨범-오랫동안 여러분들의 기억에 남길..” -혜성
    “싱어로서, 랩퍼로서 정말 많은 노력을 기울였습니다. 좋은 노래, 매일매일 들어주세요~” –전진
    “오랫동안 기다려 주신만큼, 큰 선물이 되었으면 합니다. 여러분 모두 사랑합니다!!” -앤디

    이제는 가요계 하나의 전설이 된 이름 ‘신화’ !!

    2012년 3월 23일,
    4년 만에 정규 10집 앨범 ‘THE RETURN’ 으로 ‘왕의 귀환’을 알렸다.

    오랫동안 변함없이 기다려 준 팬들을 향한 ‘신화’ 여섯 남자의 마음을 고스란히 담아 3만장 한정판으로 제작되었던 이 앨범은, 예약 선주문 반나절 만에 ‘완판’ 되며, 음반 시장의 지각 변동을 예고했고 또, 음악뿐만 아니라 컨셉과 디자인도 기존과 차별화 시켜 더욱 소장가치를 높였던 ‘웰메이드 앨범’ 이었던 만큼, 팬들의 추가 제작 문의가 빗발쳤다.

    이에, 정규 10집 앨범 ‘THE RETURN’ Special Edition (스페셜 에디션) 3만장 완판에 대한 보답으로 ‘Thanks Edition’ 이 발매된다.
    정규 10집 앨범 ‘THE RETURN’ ‘Thanks Edition’은 스페셜 에디션의 축소판으로, 그 동안 ‘신화’ ‘신혜성’ ‘이민우 (M)’ ‘김태우’, ‘린’ 등의 앨범에 참여하며 호흡을 맞춰왔던 그래픽 아티스트 ‘이카마’가 또 한번 참여, 신화의 새 로고가 디자인 된 화이트 박스에 70여 Page에 달하는 포토북 등 Special Edition (스페셜 에디션) 못지않은 정성스런 패키지의 앨범으로, 신화 정규 10집 앨범에 대한 소장가치를 더욱 높여주었다 .

    14년이라는 짧지 않은 시간 동안 늘 그 자리에서 우리에게 감동을 주던 그룹 ‘신화’ !!
    그리고, 14년 동안 한결 같은 마음으로 그들의 가장 가까운 곳에서 응원하며 힘이 되어준 팬들에게 바치는 감사의 ‘선물’과도 같은 앨범, Thanks Edition !!

    2012년 4월,
    그 무엇을 기대하던 그 이상의 감동과 떨림을 또 한번 느껴볼 수 있을 것이다.

     ‘SHINHWA’ 의 음악
    - 팬들과의 약속을 담은 신화 10집 정규 앨범 ‘ THE RETURN’
    ‘Venus’ ‘Hurts’ 두 개의 타이틀 곡으로 그들의 오랜 기다림에 답하다 …

    14년의 철저한 내공, 시간이 흐를수록 노련해지는 멤버들 각각의 곡 해석력 및 업그레이드 된 퀄러티의 음악을 정성껏 담은 ‘신화’ 정규 10집 앨범 ‘THE RETURN’!

    이번 앨범은 일렉트로니카라는 새로운 장르에 대한 시도와 예전의 신화를 느껴볼 수 있는 곡들이 함께 담겨져 있어 신화의 과거와 현재, 미래 그리고 ‘뮤지션’이자 ‘아티스트’가 된 신화의 면모까지 재확인 해볼 수 있을 것이다.

    또한 전 멤버가 작사, 작곡, 디렉팅 및 앨범 전체에 걸쳐 참여하고 함께 작업한 이번 앨범은 수록 곡의 구성, 트랙 순서, 트랙간의 간격까지, 그 모든 것들을 세심하게 고민해서 만들어 낸 앨범으로, 그야말로 왕의 귀환을 예고하며 가요계에 일대 파란을 몰고 올 예정이다.

    팬들의 오랜 기다림에 답이라도 하듯 ‘Venus’ 와 ‘Hurts’ 두 개의 타이틀 곡을 선정 ‘신화’만의 매력을 고스란히 담아낸 10집 앨범은 신화 9집의 타이틀 곡 ‘Run’의 작사•작곡에 이어 다시 한번 앨범 작업에 혼신을 쏟은 멤버 이민우, 작사 및 보컬 디렉팅으로 참여한 ‘에릭’ , 브리트니 스피어스와 레오나루이스 등과 함께 작업 한 앤드류잭슨, 히트곡 메이커 윤일상, 이효리의 ‘텐미닛’을 작곡한 김도현, 솔리드 출신 뮤지션 정재윤과 아지아틱스 등 국내•외 최고의 아티스트들이 참여해 그 완성도를 높였으며, 수록된 11곡 모두 다양한 시도와 감성들로 더욱 풍성해진 ‘신화’의 음악세계를 만나볼 수 있다.

    특히, 댄스 타이틀 곡 ‘Venus’ 는 멤버 ‘이민우’가 직접 작사하고 , 브리트니 스피어스와 레오나루이스 등과 작업을 같이 한 ‘앤드류 잭슨’이 작곡한 Pop-Electro장르의 댄스 곡으로 강한 비트와 인상적인 후렴구가 돋보이는 곡이다. 한 여인을 향한 자신의 마음을 표현하는 내용이 담긴 댄스 타이틀 곡 ‘Venus (비너스)’는 전 세계 트렌드인 일렉트로니카 장르에 ‘신화’ 특유의 강도 높은 안무, 귀에서 맴도는 중독성 있는 후렴구로 ‘신화’를 대표하는 또 하나의 대표 곡으로 기억될 것이다.

    또한, 발라드 타이틀 곡 ‘Hurts’는 멤버 ‘에릭’이 작사 및 보컬 디렉터로 참여하고 세계적인 아티스트 ‘Frankie J’가 참여한 8비트의 애절한 팝 발라드 곡으로, ‘에릭’의 정교한 보컬 디렉팅을 느낄 수 있으며 그 어느 때 보다 ‘신화’ 여섯 멤버의 섬세한 보이스가 돋보이는 곡이라고 할 수 있다. 특히, 새롭게 시도하는 ‘에릭’의 랩 스타일은 듣는 이의 귀를 애잔하게 만들어 ‘신화’의 또 다른 매력을 충분히 느껴볼 수 있는 곡이 될 것이다.

    돌아온다는 팬들과의 약속, 그리고 4년만의 정규앨범.

    ‘신화’답다 라는 것과 ‘신화’의 새로운 모습을 보여주는 ‘THE RETURN’은 대중과 예술의 간극에서 가요계에 또 다른 획을 긋는 앨범으로 자리잡게 될 것이다.

     ‘SHINHWA’ 의 앨범
    - 하나의 작품으로, 최고가 선물하는 최상의 앨범!
    오로지 팬들을 위한 그들의 특별한 선물 !

    신화의 10집 정규앨범 ‘THE RETURN’은 신화의 새 로고가 디자인 된 하드케이스에 A4 사이즈의 80여 page에 달하는 포토북 등 4년을 기다려 준 팬들을 위한 ‘신화’ 여섯 남자의 마음을 고스란히 담아 그야말로 스페셜한 앨범으로 특별 제작 되었다.

    뿐만 아니라 최근 가장 ‘핫’한 남성 브랜드 ‘길옴므’의 디자이너 ‘서은길’이 특별 제작한 의상을 입고 현대적으로 재해석된 뱀파이어를 세련되게 표현한 신화멤버들의 앨범재킷 사진은 떠오르는 신예 포토그래퍼 ‘김외밀’이 ‘신화’만의 매력을 섬세하게 잡아내어 여섯 남자가 만들어내는 아찔한 유혹, 그리고 더욱 강렬해진 파워를 느껴볼 수 있을 뿐 아니라 존재감 만으로도 감히 넘볼 수 없는 이들의 아우라로 한층 그 빛을 더했다.

    4년의 정성을 고스란히 담아낸 신화 10집 정규앨범, 최고가 만들어낸 최상의 선물 ‘THE RETUN’은 내용과 패키지까지 모두 완벽한 조합으로 받아보는 이들 모두 하나의 ‘작품’을 만나볼 수 있도록 제작된, 소장가치 200% 앨범으로 각인될 것이다.

     ‘SHINHWA’ 의 뮤직비디오
    - 더 이상의 설명은 필요 없다! 그냥 보고, 듣고, 느끼기만 하면 될 뿐…
    한 편의 영화 같은 ‘Venus’ 뮤직비디오 !

    이번 10집 앨범의 타이틀 곡 ‘Venus’의 뮤직비디오는 삼성 울트라 노트북, 니콘 카메라, 스카이 베가 스마트 폰 광고 등, 뛰어난 감각과 섬세한 연출력을 자랑하는 김광석 CF 감독이 메가폰을 잡았다.

    잡히지 않는 비너스를 잡기 위한 여섯 명의 ‘뱀파이어’ 컨셉에 마치 한편의 영화 같은 스토리, 타이틀곡 ‘Venus’와 어우러진 신화 멤버들의 애틋한 감성 연기로 보는 이들 모두 눈과 귀가 동시에 만족되는 특별한 경험을 누려볼 수 있을 것이다.

    특히 이번 뮤직비디오는 신화 멤버 각각의 매력을 뽐내기 위해 여섯 곳의 각기 다른 장소에서 촬영, 각 멤버들을 위해 제작된 여섯 개의 세트장 및 단체 군무를 위한 특별 대형 세트장에서 삼일 밤낮으로 작업하여 신화의 열정적인 모습이 고스란히 담겨 있을 뿐만 아니라 2억원이 넘는 제작비를 들여 만든 블록버스터급 위용과 섬세한 연출에 빛나는 유려한 영상미로 모두의 시선을 사로잡을 예정이다.

    ** SHINHWA’ 의 공연

    -신화는 계속 된다… 서울을 넘어 아시아까지! ‘퍼펙트 넘버 6’의 화려한 비상!

    데뷔 14주년 날짜인 2012년 3월 24일.
    신화는 이 뜻 깊은 날짜에 맞춰 “THE RETURN” 서울 콘서트로 2008년 체조경기장에서 열렸던 10주년 콘서트의 감동을 그대로 재현했다.

    공연형 뮤지션으로서 틀에 얽매이지 않는 자유로움과 언제나 한발 앞서 트렌드를 이끌어 왔던
    그룹 신화는 이번 공연 역시 한층 더 넓어진 음악적 스펙트럼과 톡톡 튀는 아이디어, 노련한 무대 매너, 넘치는 에너지와 열정으로 다시 한 번 공연계의 새로운 패러다임을 제시했다.

    이처럼 성공적으로 서울 콘서트를 마친 신화는 오는 4월 30일 상해 콘서트들 시작으로, 대만 , 광저우, 일본, 북경, 싱가포르 등에 아르는 아시아 투어를 시작한다.

    원조 한류스타로서 14년의 내공과 묵직한 떨림까지…!!
    이 모두를 전 아시아에 전달할 ‘신화 2012 아시아투어 콘서트’ 는 한층 더 높아진 공연수준과
    무대, 음악으로 현재 진행형의 역사이자 또 하나의 ‘신화’ 를 만들어갈 것이다

    Already over..

    This weekend I have been stuck with school work so it feels like I have missed out on it.. TOTALLY!!
    It sucks, I'm so tired of school, I wish I could find a great job and just move on.
    When I was younger... back in high school, it was much easier, by that I mean.. I liked studying and didn't see many dark corners. That was what I knew and was good at.

    Therefore it sucks that I have already been to the other side... the working side.
    It's not that it's any easier, except... when the day is over, it's OVER.
    And NO homework or studying for exams.
    Then yes of course it has it's dark days too but for some reason those days are not as dark as the days I'm trying to pass these days.
    Maybe it's just the mental issues I need to pass.
    But also, I cannot wait until graduation, however first I'm moving to Canada for one semester, then 1 more semester here at home, then hopefully I'll find a great job.
    Otherwise I think I wanna try to apply for Keio Uni in Japan and there Japanese language studies.

    However many things can happen along the road, but it's always good to have a plan for the future just in case.
    And for the future I leave the rest to the one above us, God has helped me so far and I think he has a plan for me, not too sure what it is yet, however leaving it in his hands feels safe!!

    Today's quote

    "There are no rules in this game, just... in or out"