Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Off to the airport

I think I have set a record of how many times I have been at the airport this year!!
I'm off again, however..sadly enough I'm not flying anywhere.
Dad and I, as I do not have a drivers license yet, off to pick S-unni up.
S-unni is coming to stay until the end of the week! I'm excited. I haven't seen her since Korea last July!

Last time she was in Sweden was 1,5 years ago and back then it was summer.
I wonder what she'll think of our autumn/winter ^^

EXILE PRIDE ~ こんな世界を愛するため~

This song has been a fave song of 2013, I really like EXILE's up-tempo ones.
Also I like their mix with performers and singers.
I think more groups should be formed like this!! Also these men are a bit older than other "idols" yet they are awesome. However it seemed like HIRO said his final good-bye the other day. Then again he's 44 so I can understand he wants to focus on other things.

Anyway... soon a new year!
Here's a party song ^^


Kinda late, but I finally finished this drama!
I donno why I didn't follow it through.. I think it was because of my thesis.
Anyway, with the final day of the year I can say I finished it ^^
Compare to most dramas, sure this had a story too, but it was a calm drama with a nice touch!
I liked it a lot, also because it was short, only 8 episodes. And it made me hungry lol
I so want the fruits sandwich ^^

Title: 真夜中のパン屋さん (Mayonaka no Panya-san)
Episodes: 8
Broadcast network: NHK, NHK BS
Broadcast period: 2013-Apr-28 to 2013-Jun-16 (NHK BS), 2013-Nov-5 start (NHK)
Air time: Sunday 22:00
Theme song: hug by CHARA
Insert song: Hitonigiri no Kanosei by Emi Evans

Buranjeri-kurebayashi is a strange bakery which only opens from 11PM to 5AM. Drama series contains various cases involving people who visit Buranjeri-kurebayashi.

The drama is based on the novel "Mayonaka no Panya-san" by Noriko Oonuma (published June 3, 2011 by POPLAR PUBLISHING CO., LTD).

Takizawa Hideaki as Kurebayashi Yousuke
Kiriyama Akito as Hiroki
Tsuchiya Tao as Nozomi
Ito Ayumi as Kurebayashi Miwako
Rokkaku Seiji as Madarame Yūya
Muro Tsuyoshi as Sofia
Fujino Daiki as Mizuno Kodama
Maeda Aki as Mizuno Orie
Tomosaka Rie as Shinozaki Ritsuko

Monday, 30 December 2013


I have heard of her but not really noticed, I guess it's because of her age and music.
It's not really my type of music, I think!? ^^;;
Anyway, I found this song because of the NHK drama Mayonaka no panya-san, starring Takizawa Hideaki.
I like this song, I guess it's because I have heard it through out the drama series ^^


01. hug
02. 永遠
03. 永遠 (1st demo ver.)


Soon back to work, the final day of the year...
And I'll share this song, one of my fave songs by YUI-chan ^^
It's called Tokyo and even though it's kinda "sad", it's very understandable.
I love both music and lyrics!


Ingni's ティペット付3点/SET

I came across this cute 3 piece outfit in Tokyo a few weeks ago and decided to buy it for myself as a Christmas present ^^
They had various colours but I fell for the pink one!! Believe it or not, but I do not own a lot of whole pink stuff ^^ I guess me getting older also has proven myself to accept more pink stuff ^^
Anyway, this is so cute, a perfect winter outfit, and all of the pieces can be used together or separately which is great!

I bought this at Ingni, at their store in Shibuya 109, but it can of course be purchased at any Ingni store.. also online, see bottom for link!

Anyway... cute isn't it!? ^^

This 3 piece dress outfit can be purchased HERE!!

Sunday, 29 December 2013


The year is about to come to an end..
It's weird, 2013 is almost almost over, but there are 3 days left.
I found this on Ayaka's youtube channel. And well, this song was my fave on her "cover" album.
Also her music belongs to my fave music, so why not try to end the year with music I love ^^

Here's たしかなこと



Tokyo Banana belong to a fave snack of mine.
But I do not buy them too often as I have been travelling and they do not last for too long!
Anyway, during my trip a few weeks ago I managed to pick some up at the airport ^^
I chose a special edition flavour, Caramel Custard Cream ^^

For you who hasn't tried this, well it's a well-known cake in Tokyo! ^^
A Must-eat, or Must-try if you stop by it.
You can usually find it at various souvenir places in Tokyo like - Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Station..and of course Haneda and Narita Airports!

For more info check out their website...HERE!!!


Another X-mas present I got was this sweater from LizLisa.
Yeah I know it's one of my fave brands in Japan.
So with Winter sale and X-mas coming up what can I say, but what a great combination.
It was too bad in one way, I could have bought so much more, but well.. my suitcase gave us a limit ^^
I got the beige coloured one, but LizLisa uses the white for promos on their website.
But you get the hint of what the design looks like!!
This one was super popular, I grabbed one of the last ones at Shibuya109 ^^

It can be purchased HERE!!

Saturday, 28 December 2013


I found this guy by chance back in 2010 when visiting HMV in Shibuya.
I had time over before meeting a friend, so I went there and listened to some music and found Yuya! ^^
I don't think I would have had come across him without HMV lol

I really fell for him, and I wish he'd become even a bigger artist!
Anyway here's a song from 2012 called Winter Sky!


총리와 나

Who has missed this drama?
I've been a few weeks behind but finally been able to catch up, it's not a wow drama but good enough to entertain! It's big in the news, because of SNSD's Yoona starring well known actor Lee Bum Soo. Also their age difference and their close relationship in the drama!

Oh well... Like I said, it's good enough to entertain me and also good practice for my Korean ^^
Lately I do not use Korean as much as I wish I would.

Title: 총리와 나 (Prime Minister and I)
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2013-Dec-09 to 2014-02-??
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00

Kwon Yul, a South Korea’s youngest Prime Minister who is 100% capable in his work but 0% capable in parenting, he struggles in raising his 3 kids alone. Nam Da Jung, a young reporter who full of enthusiasm but always ends up missing big scoops. She accidentally gets into a scandal with Prime Minister and to keep his position, they get married. She enters his house and becomes a young affectionate mother to his kids like a Christmas present and that's when the love story begins.

Main Cast
Lee Bum Soo as Kwon Yul (42)
Im Yoon Ah as Nam Da Jung (28)
Yoon Shi Yoon as Kang In Ho (32)
Chae Jung Ahn as Seo Hye Joo (35)
Ryu Jin as Park Joon Ki (42)

Peple around Kwon Yul
Choi Soo Han as Kwon Woo Ri (15)
Jeon Min Seo as Kwon Na Ra (12)
Lee Do Hyun as Kwon Man Se (7)
Jun Won Joo as Na Young Soon (60)
Lee Young Bum as Shim Sung Il (53)
Jung Ae Yun as Park Na Young (40)

People around Da Jung
Lee Han Wie as Nam Yoo Shik (60)
Choi Duk Moon as Go Dal Pyo (52)
Lee Min Ho as Park Hee Chul (26)
Min Sung Wook as Byun Woo Chul (44)

info @ dramawiki

LizLisa オーガンジーリボンニット帽

On Christmas eve I got some wonderful gifts, a lot of Arashi stuff, will post about that later.
But I also got this cute LizLisa beanie!! It's adorable don't you think.
I knew before hand that I was going to get it but still ^^
However this year hasn't been that cold, but I have wanted a pink one for quite some time, and well.. not a lot can compare to LizLisa's stuff ^^

This beanie can be bought HERE!!

Friday, 27 December 2013

Knee deep in my heart

The video is finally here!!
Actually it was released a few weeks ago.
Anyway, it's not Christmasy, but it's filled with LOVE which Christmas should be!!
How are you feeling? Stuffed after all great foods? ^^

Today's quote

"Peace is not something you need to find or search for, it is a choice you make :)"


SMAP is back with a new single right before X-mas.
The reason why I have taken a shine to this is because I have followed the tv-drama for which this song has been the theme song.
I have to say, with all SMAP songs this year, this is my fave ^^
I like both music and lyrics!! It's a great surprise as I'm not a big SMAP fan but since they are JE, it's kinda difficult not to notice them ^^


01. シャレオツ
02. ハロー
03. シャレオツ (JM Remix)
04. ハロー (Twinkle Ver.)
05. シャレオツ (Back Track)
06. ハロー (Back Track)

pic @ vic entertainment

Thursday, 26 December 2013


絢香 uploaded another live session of one of her songs, I love her live sessions.
They are much better than on CD ^^

This might not be a Christmas carrol, but it's so good it's worth to share today ^^

"L" album

After two years of waiting, KinKi Kids is finally back with their 13th album! Centering on the theme of "love & life". The normal edition comes with two extra songs, "Candle night" and "君らしく生きる君が好きだ".
I have missed these two guys a lot. I was soooo in to them a few years back but then Arashi took over completely.
Anyway it's good that I have found them again ^^
The music makes me calm, which is needed this season...


01 むくのはね
02 勇敢な君に
03 まだ涙にならない悲しみが
04 この月は沈まない
05 Cool Beauty
06 3-2-1
07 Stand By Me
08 i love you
09 恋は匂へと散りぬるを
10 Candle Night

01 スピード
02 命のキセキ
03 変わったかたちの石
04 Tomorrow Again
05 ウタカタ
06 Morning Glory
08 君らしく生きる君が好きだ

Today's quote

"Life's not a fairy tale but there's nothing wrong in dreaming!"

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

The real reason for Christmas

Silent night

In the spirit of Christmas ^^

Christmas day!!

I took this a few weeks ago at Narita Airport!
And today is 25th, second day of Christmas!
Hope you are with your loved ones!


Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Share the X-mas spirit ^^

O Holy night

This is one of my fave songs at Christmas, and Celine Dion is one of the best singers in the world... need to say more? ^^

Merry X-mas!

Today's the 24th and this is the day when we celebrate X-mas in Sweden.
So from me to you all... I wish you a MERRY Christmas!! ^^

Arashi LOVE con report 20131215

I finally, after 12 years of fandom and 6 years of being a FC member, I finally got tickets to see Arashi live!!
I hadn't planned to go to Japan this December at all, I mean I went last summer, but of course I felt like I had to try to ballot. And as so many knows, it's almost impossible to get tickets. I could never imagine this would happen!
Here's my concert report... it's still not 100% because there are a few holes here and there, but I'll try to do my best ^^ My 2 friends who I went with helped me out with the MC part as my Japanese is well still not complete :P

Anyway, we got great seats, First floor standing. close to most stages!!
I had gone to Tokyo Dome already on Wednesday to buy the goods I wanted.
But then later that week my dad said he wanted a towel, which felt like a mission impossible because I was not ready to stand in line again. But when we arrived at the Dome around 5 pm on Sunday we could walk right in to the goods area and I was able to get it!
Some items, like pouch and stickers were sold out!
To get into the Dome was quite easy, but omg.. the que to the toilet!! I thought I wasn't gonna make it before the concert started. I seriously stood there for 45 min!

The opening was taking from "愛を歌おう", and "Breathless" then jumped over to "ワイルドアットハート"...
O-chan and MatsuJun went on the moving stages closed by, and I waved with my Swedish flag like crazy. The performance was followed by "LΦve Rainbow", and Sho-chan, Aiba-kun, and Nino's stage cruised by. I have to say Sho-chan is even more handsome in real life ^^

Opening MC part:
Matsujun: Hey! Hey! Hey Tokyo! We wanted to meet you! Are you ready to have fun?! I cannot hear ya! Are u ready to be happy? We'll love all 60 000 of you here! It's the final day, so let's go wild!!
Nino: Welcome! Welcome! Ready for fun?! It's the final day! Let's make some great memories!
Aiba-kun: Are you getting excited!? Yeah Yeah! Let's love, love each other!
O-chan: Hi~! Hi~! Hi~! This is the final day! It's a love matsuri day!
Sho-chan: (in English) How you feeling Tokyo! (then something in Japanese like.. we weren't loud enough I think and we should make more noise) More! More! (that's nice -->)Ii desu ne~ Let's love each other!

During "Confusion" Sho-chan gave off a crazy sho-vibe and, O-chan and Matsujun showed their usual affection. I really liked this song live, it's good on CD too but live version was much better. I also liked the performance of "Endless Game".
I was so happy to see the performance of "Intergalactic". The show and clothes they put on for this was awesome - "light show" and all. Just like I imagined, but after they had done the performance Tokyo Dome went silent, so it made me wonder if I was the only one who got excited, because I wanted to scream and shout but kept silent :/

Then, "Step and Go" came on, I didn't imagine to hear this and it brought back many memories ^^ Followed by another oldie, "Eyes With Delight". Arashi members rotated positions in the arena by moving stages, and suddenly Sho-chan disappeared and I went..solo time ^^

Sho-chans "Sugar and Salt" was amazing, I also liked the VTR part for this. To me this is one of the BEST solo's by Sho-chan. Lyrics, music and dance! It was a candy for the eye to watch. O-chan's "Hit the Floor" followed and I was amazed by his movements for this solo, he was so quick yet so awesome, handsome and pretty. O-chan is really "a man who can do it all"

The song "サヨナラのあとで" is another fave song from their LOVE album and I felt goosebumps when I heard the intro. I really liked the dance part for this one too, and outfits ^^ "Rock tonight" brought many into joy!! Arashi sure knows how to mix their songs!

The baby pics and talk of Arashi was funny, they sure knows how to capture their fans hearts.

Other love songs, "One Love", "果てない空" and "君のために僕がいる" - all of them in different ways went the fans go crazy, me as well! Me and my friends kept on waving my Swedish flag like crazy ^^ I think all members noticed ^^ or at least I hope so.

Another song that made my spirits go SKY HIGH were "言葉より大切なもの"
and "エナジーソング". There's something with these songs that makes my heart race ^^

As for the second part of the concert.
They had a MC part and O-chan had a line he had been messing up during the week.
I think the correct way to spell it is "Cho chozetsu zekkoucho cho no saikou cho deshou"
Sho-chan replied something like: You'll never be able to repeat it again.

Then they told all to sit down and they kept on talking that this was the final live in Tokyo for this tour, and it had been amazing. Also asking how many fans who had listened to the new LOVE album before the concert, which the majority of fans of course had.
Sho-chan continued saying something that there are also people in the crowd that might not have ever seen a con-dvd with Arashi and started to talk about that mystery.
Then Nino said that he had kinda been saying same things over and over... I mean "Irasshaimase" thing is Nino's ^^
And when he said this O-chan started to laugh which of course Nino had to point out and talked about O-chan's "Hi! Hi! Hi![...]it's a love matsuri day".
Then O-chan was picked on, saying fans cannot really answer anything but "yay" or excitement.
Sho-chan and Nino wanted to get to the bottom to his greeting and Nino said something like: Why don't you like get them all to say “Tokyo Love Matsuri Day!”. Or if it's in Osaka, “Osaka Love Matsuri Day!”.
O-chan answered "No... not really."
Then Matsujun butted into the conversation saying he thought it was a bit off too, he first talk to the fans and the concludes the sentence by himself.
Then they got whole Toko Dome to practice with O-chan ^^
O-chan: Hi!
Crowd: Hi!
O-chan: Hi!
Crowd: Hi!
O-chan: Let's do this
Crowd: Yay
O-chan: Tokyo Matsuri day
Crowd: clapped hands...

But Matsujun wasn't satisfied with the clapping hands and Nino said we, the crowd, should do something together.
Aiba-kun said "Why not have them say “day”?"

Once again..
O-chan: Hi!
Crowd: Hi!
O-chan: Hi!
Crowd: Hi!
O-chan: Let's do this
Crowd: Yay
O-chan: Tokyo Matsuri
Crowd: day

Sho-chan said, Isn't that better? which O-chan agreed to and in the end we all said it once more. Also the other members said O-chan should switch depending on the concert venue or name of the concert tour, making it kinda side tracked because well... it was too deep and not saying alot. But I believe all members said it was good for tours with short names like "Love" and not "Kimi to Boku no Miteiru Fuukei!"

After the final one, Matsujun asked O-chan what he said during AraFes. Which O-chan replied "Tokyo.....Kokuritsu Matsuri Day!" Making Matsujun answer "AraFes equals Kokuritsu for you?"
And it kinda ended with that O-chan would always used Matsuri day, every time they had a show.

From this, Sho-chan changed the topic and told us about this morning's news about the Oricon ranking and Arashi winning six awards! And they also thanked all fans in the arena for helping them receive these awards. Sho-chan continuing by saying they all had lunch together to celebrate the awards. And on the monitors a photo from the lunch appeared. O-chan was so cute in the photo, which he got teased by the other members for. He made a double peace sign and a had a big smile on his face.
They had ramen to celebrate and they also said it had been quite some time since they have had a meal together. And they also said it had surprised some fans and Sho-chan showed his "eating ramen face".
Matsujun also mentioned that he had met someone at the washroom, saying "sugoii" lol
All members also bowed to Riida as he had paid for the meal ^^

Then it was time for the Funky dance explanation, which I was kinda afraid off. Because of work I had not been able to practice and before the con standing in line for the washrooms I saw fans practicing and all were PERFECT!
But Sho-chan couldn't get his words right so he let Matsujun to explain how they wanted us to do it.

They also promoted various things - Matsjun's new drama, O-chans SP and Sho-chans new movie. Matsjun's "Dance in the dark" was also great, much better live than on CD ^^ There's something with Matsujun and solos! Then again, he's great when it comes to ideas for concerts so I shouldn't have been surprised at all.

“P・A・R・A・D・O・X ” hasn't been a fave song of mine this year, but I liked the performance, I guess live makes a difference ^^
When "Calling" finally came I felt calm, because I had missed it ^^ but I was kinda sad when I saw Aiba-kun leaving as it felt it was "his" song, but I knew he had to go to prep for his solo "夜空への手紙". Before Aiba came back we could also hear, "Tears", another song I loved from their LOVE album.

They also performed "Starlight Kiss", "Funky","迷宮ラブソング", and "Love So Sweet".

Then it finally came, my absolute fave song on the album "愛を歌おう", they really put on a nice show for this song!!

Part two ended and first encore came on. And during "遠くまで" the Arashi members showed their affection for each other... ^^ and the "flower garden" in the center was so amazing, I bet it was Matsujun's idea!! I so want the dvd to get a better look at it ^^
Then back on the moving stages and they started playing the music for "サクラ咲ケ", Aiba-kun forgot some parts of his lyrics ^^ and the crowd went all excited ^^

"Happiness" also made the crowd crazy! It's such a genki song!!

Then they started their goodbyes, Sho-chan said his thanks to all fans and hoped for us to stay with them and if we felt their love. And it's because of all fans they are what they are. And then mentioned their 15th,20th, 30th, and perhaps 40th anniversary and saying they'd be 70 years if they'd reach that ^^
He also added that when Arashi visited that hotel this morning, they said it was a “lucky day”, which is common used for weddings. And he meant that Arashi will always be happy. ^^

The rest gave normal greetings, being thankful for the concert, asking if the fans were happy and enjoyed it, they'd shower go home and continue with work tomorrow and hope to be here for fans in the coming years.
They also talked about this year's theme LOVE, what love means for some members, how much love was putting into the songs they performed and love when creating the concert, love for family and dear ones, love for fans...
Matsujun also said that now with their 15th year coming they continue their hard work!

As for 2nd encore, they sang "感謝カンゲキ雨嵐" and "マイガール"!
Also here they showed great love for all fans and it really felt like it was coming to an end. Way too soon!! Although it was almost 9 pm.
Before leaving the stage Matsujun turned around and showed a L sign with his hands and said "This is Love" ^^

Fans kept calling for a 3rd encore and we got the wish granted, they came out and sang "A・RA・SHI". Matsujun ran over to the back stage and stood on the edge of the stage making fans go crazy, trying to touch his feet!! After a few sec he jumped down and rushed back to the others ^^
Before finishing they told us to be careful on our way home, and to stay warm!

The concert ended around 21:05!!


Song list

愛を歌おう (Only 1 chorus)
LΦve Rainbow
Endless Game
Step and Go
Eyes with delight
sugar and salt(翔ちゃんソロ)
Hit the floor(リーダーソロ)
Rock tonight

One Love


Dance in the dark (松潤ソロ)
Starlight Kiss
Love so sweet




My other post related to LOVE tour can be found here...

Monday, 23 December 2013

Everyday Love

Here's the other song I like from SNSD's new album.
This one is called Everyday Love.



My friends took us to a very interesting restaurant while visiting them in Nagoya. It's called Tsukada nōjō, and they are famous for their chicken dishes. The food comes from Miyazaki, Kyushu.
Anyway, it is well themed, typical Japanese and we had a great time. Lot's of delicious foods and alcohol.
I think the staff liked us more because of my mum..haha

Anyway, we also tried this dish, although it looks cooked, it was more or less RAW!
You see this prefecture is known for their raw chicken, which is known as something dangerous to eat in most parts of the world!
I have to admit, it was tasty!! REALLY it was. I would never had ordered it myself, so I have to thank my friend for doing so ^^

They do have lots of other foods too, cooked ones! So please don't be afraid ^^

Anyway they do have restaurants all over Japan, and if possible, I'd say this is a worth visit.
Not expensive either, like a Izakaya ;)

Shopping at フリーズマート

Another store that I like is Free's mart.
Also them have a mix of casual and work clothes ^^
This time around I picked up two bottom parts, one skirt and a pair of shorts ^^
I wish we had this store in Sweden too... 
I could have bought lots more, but this time I had to settle for two, as I had kinda maxed my suitcase ^^

I bought these dark ones ^^