Saturday, 31 March 2012

I don't get it

To me it feels sad that we need the phenomena EarthHour, one hour where we shut of the lights, i do it more or less everyday since it feels stupid to have them on in the house when I'm not in the room, it feels stupid to overconsume and have them on when there is no special function...

Why not try to get the world to save every day and not only one hour a year?

What even worse, i saw a horrible thing at the supermarket, a horrible cake made for this occasion!
That they even use earth hour as an excuse to make a cake, it's laughable!

World you better shape up, stop overconsume!!

Cause what will happen after the hour is over? I smell something burning ^^;;

My Saturday!

So in order to fix with our school project I'm off to uni...yes it's Saturday morning..can i say that life sucks XD

But it has to be done so i guess i cannot do anything about it...

I wish i was in my bed right now~


You got to be kidding, unfortunately not!
It's snowing again!! It's not fair, it should be spring, getting slightly warmer and sunshine!
This is messed up!! Totally messed up!

New PLUS friends..

Before we were introduced to SM Entertainment Kakaotalk Plusfriends, now JYP joined Kakaotalk.Actually in Korea there are lots and lots more you can befriend however for us OUTSIDE South Korea we only *for now* have access to SM and JYP.

Latest is JYP nation, 2PM and Wonder girls.. to be honest I'm not sure why there is no 2AM XD

Also KBS WORLD is possible to befriend.
Not so many but I guess the more interest the public shows the more will pop-up! Also these plusfriends post in English, in Korea they post in Korean and I guess it cost for the companies to have admin who post on Kakao so ^^

Hope u become PLUSFRIEND with ur fave ;)

*I hope YG will join soon ^^*

Friday, 30 March 2012

Boys boys boys...

I start to wonder how old these boys really are, I mean I have always known they are silly and doing weird stuff but by each year that passes by they seem to get younger XD
Today they uploaded this video and it made me happy, laugh and realize how happy I am to have these guys back ^^

A bit richer..

Today I sold off some old Korean magazines and a Super Junior T-shirt.They have been collecting dust and I have no use for them for quite some time.. so I was happy to able to sell them :)

I still have lots of J- and K-pop goods in my house I need to get rid off, or sell off ^^

Well I have been good and sold off lots of magazines, cds, dvds etc so I guess it's not too bad...

More performances!!

It sure is the comeback week..
Today the guys also performed on KBS Music Bank!!

However I have to say that they sounded better yesterday, it felt like Dongwan came a bit off key on both Hurts and Venus.
Still I love the songs, Hurts is so sad and makes me wonder if Eric wrote this based on real life...

Oh yeah.. I showed this to my mum and she said.. Wow you can really see that they are Korean and not Japanese. They are so different from Arashi XD
I didn't think she noticed but she did... she also said that Andy and Eric looked more Western than the other members, and well she's kinda right.. since they have been living in the US a long time I guess you can see it :P
Eric looks so cool on stage.. and even though I have never really looked at him before I'm starting to do so XD
Last night JunJin reminded me of FTTS member Hwanhee but today it was back to JunJin ^^




Today's quote

"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do"

Thursday, 29 March 2012

신화 Comeback stage!!

드디어 나왔당ㅋㅋ 콘서트를 못 봐서 너무 아쉬워용ㅠㅠ
그래서 이것 보면서 너무 행복해졌엉ㅋㅋㅋ

민우오빠 <3

Enjoy this Shinhwa comeback stage from M Countdown!!
Looking forward to see even more!!

MinWoo oppa <3




Food for thought

Today's quote

"May the dreams of your past be the reality of your future”

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

It's finally here!!!

I just got the tweet from their official account.The MV for Venus is out.
I've been waiting and waiting!!!

The guys are so HOT!
MinWoo oppa is the hottest of them XD

Also when seeing the (girl)dancers touching them I wouldn't mind switching place with them..hahaha

Enjoy the amazing SHINHWA!!! :)

Today's quote

"Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.”

Super tired

Last night before i went to bed i couldn't resist watching the YG special of Strong Heart.
It was funny and very interesting hearing them talking about themselves,others, life as a member of the YG Family and secrets of their CEO ^^
i already look forward seeing part two of the show, which will air next week! That episode will also be LEE SEUNG GI's final episode as MC (T__T)

Anyway because i watched the almost 1,5h long show, which made me laugh a lot, i went to bed too late..
So now 3,5h later i feel dead XD

I'm now on the train to school... Wish i could go home and sleep some more.

Also i will try to translate most of the show later..maybe tonight or tomorrow! ^^

Please drop the subject!

I have to say i start to get tired watching tv shows that goes around and try to dig out a new truth in something that already has been investigated...
No matter how much we won't get a true answer, and if they still wants to fight let them do it on their own, because to me it doesn't matter, i know it's very hash to say but this kinds of investigations are not in the interest of the public, we already know something has and is wrong but there are other was to reach out!!

When seeing all new shows on tv i finally realize what i get from watching all commercials, what can i say but i should stop watching tv!!

Thanks for the invention of the online watching of shows instead!!

I'm in LOVE

Well depends how u define it but as said before my Shinhwa bias is back :P
And I've found some fancams from their concert last weekend (#^_^#)
I wanna kill myself for missing out on THE concert of the year (T_T) It SURE sucks being in the wrong country at the right time.

I cannot wait until the concert dvd comes out!! hope it will be soon ;)

Also their various comeback stages will be shown this weekend... totally excited *cannot breath*

Hurts (Fancam)

Venus (Fancam)

Your wedding

NEWS REPORT (MinWoo oppa

Minwoo solo

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

YG Baby ^^

Today I was blessed with lots of new music, all from YG!!!
2NE1's new single Scream and CD - Collection... and Big Bang's Japanese version of Alive!!
Can I describe this happiness? No I don't think so XD

Then I'm also anticipating the episode of SBS show Strong Heart with the YG special...
Psy, Sean, Gummy, Se7en, Big Bang and 2NE1
I've already seen previews and it looks and sounds amazing ^^


2NE1 - Collection Tracklist


2NE1 - Scream Tracklist



Big Bang - Alive (Japanese version) Tracklist
08 EGO
09 WINGS (DaeSung SOLO)

도가니/Silenced 2011

Today I finally watched one of the most horrible movies ever, based on true stories that are to horrible and awful to tell!
I was so "sad" I missed this movie when I was in Korea last summer, I saw it was gonna air in various movie theatres just a few weeks after I went back to Sweden. Also friends of mine said it was so sad and horrible but they were glad they saw it, in order to understand more and to be more aware!!
The movie I'm talking about is the South Korean movie called 도가니 (also known as The Crucible or Silenced in English)
I have seen lots of movies and this one was a great yet very sad movie, just because it's based on true events. I feel so bad for children who are abused in any way (also adults), even more for people who are disabled and cannot express themselves.
It's also a sad chapter in Korean society and history. However I do bet similar events has or is going on in other countries. And to take this to a screen makes more people aware of what's going on when no-one is looking!

If you can find this movie you should watch it! Even though it's sad it's worth to watch!



Kang In-ho (Gong Yoo) is the new arts teacher at the Benevolence Academy in the fictional city of Mujin, North Jeolla (South West S.Korea). He has a dark past - his wife was a high school student who committed suicide and his daughter is under the care of his mother. In-ho is hired to teach deaf students in school but he soon discovers a dark secret that lurks among the students and the faculty. Together with Seo Ye-jin (Jung Yu-Mi), a human rights center secretary, they aid the children in their fight!

Main Cast

Gong Yoo - Kang In-ho
Jung Yu-Mi - Seo Ye-jin
Kim Hyun-Soo - Yeon-Du
Jung In-Seo - Yu-Ri
Baek Seung-Hwan - Min-Su

Making my day...

Today is my relaxing day! No class... YAY ^^It's nothing but "just being". Today I have listened to music and cooked delicous food ^^

I made pasta with chicken marinated with sweetchili mixed with mushrooms, asparagus, paprika and radish. (never made it before but it all sounded nice last night at the super market when trying to figure out what to cook..)

Music I'm really into these days are artists such as Taylor Swift, Jason Mraz, Ayaka and Shinhwa.
It sounds like a weird mix but for some reason it sounds nice in my ears XD

Keep on crying...

I re-watched this Korean drama and i couldn't stop crying.
Then again i think it was good i cried..sometimes it's good to let you tears run, it's a way to get rid of stress,anxieties and pain...but not realizing it!

So i guess I'm gonna keepon crying until i have gotten it all out XD

Monday, 26 March 2012

I wonder...

I wonder if I'd count all minutes i have been waiting for all the delays in the public transportation, i wonder how minutes it would be...

Too many i think! XD
I will probably get lost when counting!
If i also would count the amount i have spent i will probably find out it's a fortune! Such shame since the public transportation sucks! Guess that's why it's called public XD

Anyway now I'm finally on my way home..tired and want to watch some dramas! Not sure which ones though!
Before sleeping last night i watched the episode of Arashi ni Shiyagare when Ikuta Toma was guest on the show!he is so adorable, and still wonder why he...and Yara-kun...weren't able to debut!then again their talents are awesome and would probably vanish if they'd be in groups...^^;;

Okay only 50 min until I'm home ^^


I think it's spring~  the sun is shining!!
However i did feel sad when i saw the statement it will only stay for a while in today's paper..why kill the happiness?

Come sunshine, come spring and soon summer!
Good bye winter,snow and all dullness!!

Today's quote

"We cannot change our past. We can not change the fact that people act in a certain way. We can not change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude.”

Sunday, 25 March 2012


So these past couple of weeks it has been all about S. Korean 1st generation boyband SHINHWA. Yesterday and Today they held their comeback concert in Seoul for all the fans who have been waiting for their return for the past 4 years! (still cannot believe 4 years has already passed... for their last cd I ran off Kyobo in Gwanghwamun, Seoul after class just to get my copy of the new limited version of the cd XD)
The tickets sold out within 40 min.. some say it's fast.. I'd say it's slower than I imagined it, consider it's SHINHWA but then again it was through Interpark, guess they have other rules than Gmarket.
I never used Interpark, my friend usually got me tickets through them since my account was weird :S

Anyway I've reading their official twitter and other media.
I hope HyeSung oppa will be fine, as he was taken to hospital with an injury in the middle of the concert. Also heard that Andy oppa hurt his back but was more or less okay.

I just found a fan cam from the concert showing them dancing and sining to their latest single VENUS.
What can I say but I'm B I A S E D!! And cannot wait to see even more performaces from them.


Today's dinner - kimchi and seafood pancakes with black bean noodles!
Super Delicious~ ^^
And I made so much I got left overs :)
Also my parents enjoyed the meal... ;)

신화 - 허츠 가사

Here are the lyrics for Shinhwa`s other titletrack, Hurts, from their latest album "The Return".
Both Korean and English
(If you want to use this translation plz ask for permission)

살며시 옆에 누워 니 얼굴 가슴에 새겨 너 역시 힘들텐데
Gently lying next to you and engrave your face in my heart, you must be suffering too
곤히 잠든 얼굴로 행복한 꿈을 꾸는 너
With a sleeping face, you're dreaming a happy dream

웃어도 웃어지지 않아 추억에 사로잡힐때
Even if I smile, I can't smile when I'm caught in our memories
아침이 오지 않았으면 널 보낼수 없게
If the morning doesn't arrive I don't have to let you go

And it hurts and it hurts so bad 우리 마음과 입술은 서로 다른 말을 하는데 아파할텐데
And it hurts, and it hurts so bad Our heart and lips say different things, It must be painful
And it hurts and it hurts so bad 영원히 내 가슴엔
And it hurts and it hurts so bad forever in my heart
너밖에 없어 왜 모르니 넌 왜 모르니 and it hurts
Why don't you know you are the one and only and it hurts

Let it hurt let it hurt let it hurt so bad
Let it hurt let it hu
rt let it hurt so bad

제발 다시는 약해지지 말자 생각과 말은 다르게 가슴에 번진 잉크와 눈물이 마르게
I tell myself, please don't weaken again unlike my thoughts and words, so that the ink and tears that have spread in my heart dries up
한 줌의 재처럼 잡을 수 없는 새추룸 날 깨뜨려 그 속에서 널 떠나 보내게
You break me like a fist of ash, like an uncatchable bird, So I can let go of you within

차갑게 고갤 돌려 함부로 던진 말들에 난 진심이 아니면서
I turn my head coldly, in the words that I have thrown mindlessly while they weren't our honest feelings
서로의 말을 찢어놔 주워 담을 수 없는 말
Tear each others hearts, words that we cannot take back
더 이상 사랑하지 않아 그 사람과 행복했으면 해
I don't love you anymore, I hope you to be happy with that person
마지막 부탁이야 제발 그냥 가줘
It's my final wish, please just go

And it hurts and it hurts so bad 우리 마음과 입술은 서로 다른 말을 하는데 아파할텐데
And it hurts, and it hurts so bad Our heart and lips say different things, It must be painful
And it hurts and it hurts so bad 영원히 내 가슴엔
And it hurts and it hurts so bad forever in my heart
너밖에 없어 왜 모르니 넌 왜 모르니 and it hurts
Why don't you know you are the one and only and it hurts

이제 겨우나 배웠어 널 사랑하는 법 갈피 조차 못 잡겠어 너와 이별하는 법
I finally learned it, how to love you, I don't even know where to start, on how to break up with you
모두 변해가는 것에 길들여져 가는 것 사는것 많은 것을 다 포기해 가는것
Getting used to everything changing, Living, Giving up many things
가슴 높이까지 쌓인 밤새 내린 눈을 치워 웃는 삐에로 화장을 나는 지워
I shovel all the snow that has piled up to my heart all night long, I take off the happy face make-up
복구 할 수 없는 휴지통을 비워 미로 위로 날 건져주길 기도
I empty the trash folder that can't retrieved back, A maze, I pray that someone will scoop me up

아침이 오면 달콤한 꿈에서 깨서 떠나겠지 I don't want nobody else but you 보내야 하는데
When the morning comes, I will wake up from this sweet dream and probably leave
I don't want nobody else but you, However I need to let you go

And it hurts and it hurts so bad 우리 마음과 입술은 서로 다른 말을 하는데 아파할텐데
And it hurts, and it hurts so bad Our heart and lips say different things, It must be painful
And it hurts and it hurts so bad 영원히 내 가슴엔
And it hurts and it hurts so bad forever in my heart
너밖에 없어 왜 모르니 넌 왜 모르니 and it hurts
Why don't you know you are the one and only and it hurts

아무것도 안보여 눈물이 차올라서
I can't see anything because of the tears that have filled up
어디부터 잘못됐는지 머리 속에 맴돌았어
I kept thinking where did the mistakes begin
몰랐어 I was wrong 내 욕심 때매 now you're gone
I didn't know, I was wrong, because of my greed, now you're gone
And I want you back baby girl, I want you back
We can't live in the past

Busy Sunday

I lost an hour last night, it both sucks and feels nice.
I mean the days feels longer now because of the sun and all but well, loooooose an hour of sleep is not ideal XD
That's why I miss S.Korea, they do not care about Summer/Winter time... so you do not win nor lose an hour :P

Anyway I couldn't drag myself out of bed for quite some time when I woke up this morning, it felt good to just laze around, however then my mum called from our country house telling me to clean the house until they come back.
So I've been cleaning... it looks really nice now and I have also start to cook dinner, we are having Korean pancakes.. both kimchi ones and seafood ones.
I'll show pictures later ^^

Another great song...

이승철, Lee Seung Chul, is one of my fave singers in Korea and I came across his lastest song last night.
It's called 잊었니.. eng: Did you forget, and is the OST for the Korean drama called 신들의 만찬, eng: Feast of the Gods.
It's a quite sad yet beautiful song... I'd thought I'd share it with u before I go to bed.. I thought it was almost 2 am then I checked the time and saw it passed 3am! Yes..we changed to SUMMERTIME!!!

Anyway... Enjoy this song!

Screenshots from the drama - Without Eng translation

With Eng translation of the lyrics

Today's quote

"Celebrate life, live everyday like it's your birthday"

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Great words

Shinhwa - Venus lyrics

Here are the lyrics and translation for Shinhwa's latest single!!
The MV is coming out next week... totally excited!!
(If you want to use this translation plz ask for permission)

눈부신 너의 모습 날 멈추게 해 머리부터 발끝까지 모두 완벽한 걸
Your dazzling image makes me stop, From head to toes, everything is perfect
아무 말 없이 스치던 널 첨 본 순간 You light up~ light up~light up~light up~
Without words the first moment I saw you passing by You light up, light up, light up, light up

꿈만 같았어 (dreamer~dreamer~)실크 빛 너의 드레스 (angel~angel~)
Just like a dream (dreamer dreamer) Your silky shining dress (angel angel)
숨결이 느껴져 (closer~closer~)너를 부르고 있어
I feel your breath (closer closer) I am calling on you

You're ma luv uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! Venus 얼어붙어 버린 내몸을 녹여
You're ma luv uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! Venus You melt my frozen body
널 잡고 잡고 싶은걸 (just say your love) 널 잡고 잡고 싶은 맘 (just say your love)
I want to catch catch you (just say your love) My heart wants to catch catch you (just say your love)
You're ma luv uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! Venus 뛰는 가슴은 지금널 향하고
You're ma luv uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! Venus My heart is beating towards you right now
널 갖고 갖고 싶은걸 (just say your love) 널 갖고 싶은 맘 (just say your love)
I want want you (just say your love) My heart wants wants you (just say your love)

환상적인 너의 아름다움 You're goddess heaven sent fallin' down
Your beauty is fantastic, You're goddess heaven sent fallin’ down
너무 차원이 달라 비교조차도 저주받을 범죄일지도 몰라
Your level is so different, Even comparing you to anything might be a cursed sin

자꾸 너와 같은 곳엔 destiny 너의 그림자만 봐도 난 널 느껴
I keep going to the same place as you – destiny, I can feel you even by looking at your shadow
이젠 너를 놓칠까 봐 미칠것 같아 You light up~light up~ light up~ light up~
Now in case I lose you I’m going crazy You light up, light up, light up, light up

둘만의 시간 (dreamer~dreamer~) 그 환상 속에서 (angel~angel~)
Our time together (dreamer dreamer) In that fantasy (angel angel)
멈춰선 my venus ~closer~closer~)너를 원하고 있어
My Venus has paused (closer closer) I am wanting you

You're ma luv uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! Venus 얼어붙어 버린 내몸을 녹여
You're ma luv uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! Venus You melt my frozen body
널 잡고 잡고 싶은 걸 (just say your love) 널 잡고 잡고 싶은 맘 (just say your love)
I want to catch catch you (just say your love) My heart wants to catch catch you (just say your love)
You're ma luv uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! Venus 뛰는 가슴은 지금 널 향하고
You're ma luv uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! Venus My heart is beating toward you right now
널 갖고 갖고 싶은걸 (just say your love) 널 갖고 갖고 싶은 맘 (just say your love)
I want want you (just say your love) My heart wants wants you (just say your love)

신비로운 your eyes 눈부신 this night 아주 먼 곳으로 데려갈게 손끝에 닿을때
Your eyes are so mysterious, this night is so dazzling I will take you far away when the tips of our hands touch

E-r-i-c I got to love you no one else above you 24/7 always thinkin' of you 날개를 펼쳐
E-r-i-c I got to love you no one else above you 24/7 always thinkin' of you spead your wings
구름위로 더 높이 날아가 Higher baby, Lets fly, touch the sky
Fly higher than the clouds Higher baby, Let’s fly, touch the sky
No doubt that you're one of a kind, Now let's ride to the moon we can own the night
No doubt that you’re one of a kind, Now let’s ride to the moon we can own the night
네 맘을 다 비워버리고 I'll blow your mind
Empty your heart and I’ll blow your mind

You're ma luv uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! Venus 얼어붙어 버린 내 몸을 녹여
You're ma luv uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! Venus, You melt my frozen body
널 잡고 잡고 싶은걸(just say your love) 널 잡고 잡고 싶은 맘 (just say your love)
I want to catch catch you (just say your love) My heart wants to catch catch you (just say your love)

Unlike other girls you're outta this world 천사들도 다 무릎 끓을걸 꿈속에만 일어나는법
Unlike other girls you're outta this world Even all the angels have bowed before you, This can only happen in dreams
눈앞에 여신이 이뤄주는 것 These stars all dance around you all night I'm crazy bout you
A goddess has formed in front of my eyes, These stars all dance around you all night I’m crazy bout you
Don't ever never leave us you're my love my love venus
Don’t ever never leave us you’re my love my love Venus

A nice dinner

Last evening a close friend of me called and asked me to come out for dinner, being exhaused but I said yes, since I haven't seen her for some time.
We met up and went to one of the best Korean restaurants here in Stockholm, Kimchi.

I ended up eating "Spicy pork ribs" also known as 돼지갈비.
It was delicious, however I did not look so gracious when eating XD
So a reminder, never eat it on a date..hahaha
While eating it made me miss Korean food even more, and wanna go back to Korea asap ^^

H had Kimchi stew, however she became jealous of my food :P
We also had a great and fun girl conversation I guess and it was so nice to spend the Friday evening with her!

I also talked to the owners a bit, and they were surprised that my Korean was so good... they said I sounded like I have spoken it all my life. My accent was even better than their own childrens XD
I was surprised by the comment...since I haven't really talked alot since I came back to Sweden.
Anyway they said I should come back to the restaurant and they'd practise more with me ^^

Today's quote

"Cold, Wet and Windy... hmm... hmm... I guess Winter is here" - This is how Aussie people describe the Winter season XD

Friday, 23 March 2012

Exam is done and over with!

I'm done with the exam! :)
It was not as easy as I thought, then again open book exams are a pain in the *** XD
Anyway it's done and over with, now it's relax time... or something like that!

This weekend I'm gonna meet some friends, sleep and watch tv, gonna catch up with some new dramas.. like The King 2 Hearts starring Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won :)

Good morning!

Good morning from a sunny but quite cold Stockholm!
I woke up at 5 am today,since i have to go to school and write my exam..I'm sleepy but this isn't the first time i have to wake up early for class or exam so ^^

Today is a open book written exam...

The morning is okay, i mean I'm listening to Shinhwa's new album,and I'm still amazed!it's such a great album!!

Soon the train should arrive and I'll be on my way to Västerås!

Have a good Friday!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Tokyo Fashion week!

This is a photoshot from Araisara show, one off many shows at Tokyo Fashion Week!
This is ANNE (model, actress and singer..also daugther of Japanese/Hollywood actor Ken Watanabe) and she is dressed in a traditional Japanese & Chinese art (prints) meets modern fashion design.

I like this dress alot ^^

All cred to

The Kings are back!

The Kings of K-pop are back! I'm of course talking about Shinhwa!
After a few years of silence, due to military service, they are now back to take over the Kpop stage!
I think many people are excited and there have been lots of shows with the guys!
They have shared stories which have made me a even bigger fan of them!

I have to say the album is super good and strong! They have really put together a great album for all the fans and we will watch them once again take over the Kpop world!
I love the title tracks Venus and Hurts! I cannot stop playing the songs!!! But in all... I like them all!! ^^ however Venus is THE best :P


01 On the Road
02 Hurts
03 Venus
04 Red Carpet
05 Move With Me
06 Let It Go
07 Stay
08 Welcome
09 Be My Love
10 Re-Love
11 Breathin'

How one man escaped from a North Korean prison camp

I read this article in the Guardian last week and it made me sad but not surprised.
I guess I have heard similar stories...
However I thought I'd share it, I think many of you should read it...

There was torture, starvation, betrayals and executions, but to Shin In Geun, Camp 14 – a prison for the political enemies of North Korea – was home. Then one day came the chance to flee…

The unforgivable crime Shin's father had committed was being the brother of two young men who had fled south during the Korean war. Shin's crime was being his father's son.

To read the whole thing go here:

Today's quote

"Life is a gift, not a given right"

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


오늘이 나왔는데 민우오빠는 멋있엉ㅋㅋ 항상 멋있지만 사진이 잘 됐당ㅋㅋ
신화컴백 많이 기대함~ㅎㅎ

Today the teaser photo of Minwoo oppa was released!
He looks so hot ^^ he's always hot but this photo is really nice!
Only a few days left until SHINHWA's comeback!!

Goodbye to another tradition!

Swedish people can really be "non-Swedish", we have no trouble to say good bye to our traditions and old values.
Reason: We have so many new things we cannot keep the old, our fear is to bother the new things and people with other tradition.

It feels sad in many ways, there is a difference in accepting and keeping.
We all know Sweden is a mixed country with many different people and cultures. We respect each other and live together and try to make people to fit in! (it all sounds good right!?)

But lately it feels like we throw out the Swedish traditions for... NOTHING!

It's sad to see people growing up in this country, and even come here and not realize that we have many things but not showing it.

In today's paper they said that the old tradition when celebrating High School Graduation in Stockholm City, driving around in trucks/cars will be forbidden!
It was THE thing I looked most forward too before graduating! And it's noisy but everybody wants it!! It's as Swedish as it can be...
It's sad to see this to vanish as well, what will be next? Do we even have something else to throw away, or hasn't most been thrown away already?

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Great Music

It's time to share some music...again ^^

First out is JASON MRAZ and The Freedom Song!
The music and lyrics are great... such relaxing song and it gets to you!!
I'm really looking forward to his new cd!

We have S. Korean solo artist 김보경/Kim Bo Kyung!
It seems like she releases a new song every month these days ^^
But yeah.. her voice is awesome and I got captured by her new single called "뭐해/What are you doing"

Today's treat!

So i told you i was cranky and pissed off...
Therefore i thought I'd have a great lunch,didn't feel like eating at home and i had some extra money on me so i decided to go to a Korean restaurant!

Today's food:  kimchi stew!
And i got some free bean sprouts! I love the Korean service ^^

기대하고 있음

시간이 많이 남아지 않은다... 드뎌 신화컴백!!!
오늘은 10집 앨범 메이킹과 10집 '비너스' 티져 공개 나왔다!!
이것 보면서 기분이 좋아졌고 기대 많이 한다ㅋㅋㅋ

지금 승승장구 보고 싶은데 아직 나오지 않아서 기다려고 있음ㅎㅎ

It's not many days left, finally Shinhwa is back!
Today they released a Making of for thir upcoming album as well as a teaser for their upcoming title track!
Seeing these videos makes me excited and I'm really looking forward to see more of them!

Also I'm waiting to watch the latest episode of Win Win, however it's not out yet so I have to wait a bit more. H.O.T vs Shinwa :D


Old comeback stage.. still GREAT ^^

Pissed off!

So after class i more or less ran down to the station to catch my train back home!
However to my surprise i saw that theses was no train!which is leaving me to wait more than an hour! (T_T)
Seriously I'm in a quite big city and wants to go to the bigger one, then does it make any sense that there is 2 hours between the train departures?
C'Mon!! If i would have been outside in the middle of nowhere fine but this is!! It makes me wonder also it makes me even more irritating, why does the Swedish public transportation have to suck so bad?

Wasn't it enough with it snowing this morning?
Today turns out to suck!and makes me wanna leave Sweden even faster!
Not sure if it's better in Canada still then i won't commute between cities!

Also i think i base my way of thinking because of my previous lifestyle in Asia!
I think the Korean "hurry hurry" effect is growing strong on me! Then again who wants to wait when others walk forward?!

Tokyo fashion week!

Now Tokyo fashion week is on the go!
Lots of creations have been showed and once again I'm sad I'm not attending any of the shows!
This week is spring break in Japan, and today is a public holiday!

Anyway happy times with great fashion, cannot wait for more pictures!

Makes me a bit sad that i won't be able to go to Japan this least so it seems!need to save up for Canada!

It's snowing..again!

I thought winter finally had come to an end!i mean it's mid march now so it makes sense!
Then today when i woke up it looked super cold outside and when i stepped out it was snowing! AGAIN!!

Can you guess how sad it made me!
Early morning and snow, not such hit in my daily life!
Anyway what can i do about it, i can just hope it will vanish fast ^^

Time for my final class before the exam! Struck by happiness XD

Today's quote

"The bitterness of studying is preferable to the bitterness of ignorance”

Monday, 19 March 2012

Beetroot burn

Today I was cooking some more beetroot, half a year has passed, still I'm hooked on it!
Anyway I cooked both small and bigger ones and ate some of the small ones and left the bigger ones to cook a bit longer, however I forgot them so when I realized it and found them in the kitchen it really smelled bad, like a fire, but it all had gotten burnt in... however no fire!
I guess it was because I kept it at a low temp.

However now I have burnt beetroot so no dinner (T_T) or well I have to find something else to eat!

I guess I got tooo into my studies and forgot them... too bad!!

Why not?

When baking there are many ways to find inspiration...
Here is one of them ^^

Today's quote

"The heart says what the hearts wants...then it's up to you if you want to listen or not"

Sunday, 18 March 2012

드뎌 신화 컴백!!

My fave band in Korea all time has to be SHINHWA.
I've been following them for many years now and I'm so excited about their comeback!
My fave all time and still is, is Minwoo oppa! Can I say he's still looking handsome :)

I've been watching KBS 승승장구 (Win Win) and it was fun and touching to see them and hear their stories.
It made me realise how much time has passed since their 9th album!!
Today I also saw their new show called 신화 방송 (Shinhwa tv) it made me laugh a lot and I cannot wait until the next episode of the show!

Can I say that Minwoo oppa really looks well dressed as wonder woman XD
I so wish I was in Korea now.. and would have had been in Ilsan when they ran around playing their games... :P

They will have their comeback concert on March 24, Next Saturday!
I so wish I could go but sadly not!
However I'm still waiting for the new cd.. I bet it's gonna be awesome ^^
Welcome back SHINHWA!!!

샤이니 - 셜록

Shinee is back, back with a new album or actually it's a mini album!
it contains 7 songs and the title track is called SHERLOCK!

In my opinion: I think I had higher hopes? Reason...
Their previous title tracks have been more "get stuck in ones brain" style.
I listen to Sherlock and go..okay.. that was..something.. what did they sing?
The other songs are okay, still I wouldn't call it wow.
Or maybe it's me who had higher expectations?

My fave song is "The reason" - it's a hmm.. mixed song, not "ballad" but not "up-tempo".. anyway I like music and lyrics!
Then I also like the songs "알람시계/Alarm Clock", not as up-tempo... and "낯선자/Stranger" - kinda reminds me of a mix of Jojo, Ring Ding Dong and Hello here and there.
늘 그자라에/Honestly - a sweet acoustic song (^^;;)


01.Sherlock.셜록 (Clue+Note)
04.알람시계 (Alarm clock)
05.The Reason
06.낯선자 (Stranger)
07.늘 그자리에 (Honestly)

Best dad in the world!!

For some weird reason I got a virus on my computer...
Reson: using google and facebook, only viewing!!

But then I have THE BEST dad in the world!
He fixed it, it took time, starting Friday night and finished now on Sunday morning!
(note that we were at my grandmas half the day yesterday celebrating her 89th birthday)
So what can I say but he made an AWESOME job!

Thanks dad.. and my computer is back to normal! :)

Exam countdown!

I have another exam next Friday...
it's an open book exam which makes it even worse I guess.
I'm in no spirit to study but soon have too...

Good luck!!

Today's quote

"Life never gets easier, we just get stronger!"

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Today's cutie

Look at this.. isn't cute, AND funny ^^

Today's quote

"If you go away during someone's struggle, don't expect to be present during their success"

Time to vote!

Himitsu no Arashi-chan and Mannequin 5 is back, and it's time to cast your online VOTE!!
Voting period: March 17 10:00 ~ March 25 20:00 (Local time GMT+8)

The theme this time is: Who do you think is the most stylish one?

Click on each picture to see in bigger scales!

As for me.. it was hard because non of them really appeal to me!
Number 2 for me looks like a stylish grandpa XD
Number 3 looks like someone in their 40's and Number 4 looks messed up! I mean it's too much it looks confusing!
And I heard that Number 5 is a rip off a mannequin XD besides the shoes and
So in the end I voted for Number 1!! a bit boring colours but it somehow appealed to me... I also liked the shoes ;)

HOW to vote

By voting you are in the lottery to win a HNA clearfile ;)
100 voters will be chosen!

Who do you think is who?

Go here to cast your vote:

Friday, 16 March 2012

I got the tickets!

Today i purchased the tickets for Stockholm ice!
I'm excited already!!i will attend the show with 2 friends!

Let the count down begin ^^

Cross fingers!!

Today I handed in all my papers for my exchange studies in Canada!!
Wish me Good Luck!!
I selected 5 classes, which I hope to get... I do have 3 others as backup but well cross fingers and hope for the best!

The Student advisor said he was gonna send the paperwork to Canada today by mail.. and I hope they will get it within a week or two. I have no idea how the Canadian mail service work to be complete honest :P

Anyway once I get the reply there are lots of other things to do!
Fix a new passport, stupid EU rule with only 5 year! I wished I had a 10 year one, it'd be so much easier! But well it can easily be fixed!!
Then visas... hope Canda allow me to enter their, what seems to be, beautiful country!!

It's Friday evening now and I have been sleeping a lot, fell asleep right after I came back home from school!

Tokyo tower shines~

Congratulations to my fave five boys! (men is maybe more correct^^)

Tokyo tower now shines in the colours of Arashi!!


My Canada situation is more complicated than i thought!
To choose courses, to puzzle it all together so it fits!it's difficult!
Then it seems i need to get a new passport!because they want one that is valid more than 6 months after i leave the country!mine expires in May next year...
So i need to contact 3 embassies to ask about visas and stuff!

Why did EU change the rule to ONLY 5 years?last time i was getting my new passport, i was so excited to get a passport that was valid for 10 then just a few months before they changed it!?

Anyway it's not the end of the world but it would have had been easier!

Today I'm gonna submit all my papers for my study term in Canada!i hope it goes well!!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Stockholm ice 2012

I saw an ad for the upcoming Stockholm ice show!
And got really excited!i so wanna attend!two of my fave skaters will perform at the show!
It will be held on April 9!!

Got to get tickets!finally gonna use the gift voucher i got for x-mas!

Get inspired!

In todays edition of Metro they are giving people inspiration to cook rod dishes, todays food is Korean food!
It's a first!i was excited to see such news, i think more people will get an eye for Korea!
But they showed one dish that i wouldn't really call pure Korean but well better than nothing!

Also people should note that they have changed some ingredients to things you can find at the local supermarket. However for me, since I want the real thing i would never go for such!it's like trying to create Swedish food in Asia based on Asian works but it's not the same.

Still it's fun to see that Sweden notice more of Korea!!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Why so loud?

As I'm sitting on the train i can hear this couple of ladies talking, reason why? They are shouting when having their conversation! I hear them through my earphones with loud music! Obviously not loud enough!!

It just passed 8am so it might be that they haven't opened their ears yet!?

But it makes me wonder why some people on the public transportation cannot be a bit sensitive and think of others?

Or's just me who's cranky because it's morning and I'm super tired!

White day!

Happy white day!!!

I'm sad over the fact noone will give me any candy or chocolate today...since I'm in Sweden!my friends in Asia have already posted photos of stuff they have received.

But there will be another year next year so i just have to wait ^^

Anyway i wish you all a happy white day!^^

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Time Machine

This PV was released a few days ago but I've been busy and just saw it now...
It's very nice and calm...
But don't u agree with me that Tiffany looks very Japanese compare to the other girls.. I mean they look Korean and then added a Japanese girl to the group XD
But I like her new looks... ;) it also reminds a bit of Hoot.

Anyway enjoy their latest, but not very new, single...

Another day..

I sat on campus most of the day yesterday, it totally sucked!
This week is as extremely busy week!
Also i found out that i need to select my classes for Canada by this Thursday already!!it came as a shock, and other papers also need to be sent in! STRESS!STRESS!STRESS!

The pain today is horrible it feels like someone is holding a knife and cuts me here and there every step i take! Anyway now I'm sitting down on the train, thankfully enough!
I hope i survive today too..yesterday when i came home i cooked food and stuff and before i knew it, it was time for bed...

Lacking of sleep however I'm now on my way to class then more study hours!!

It's still chilly but the sun is starting to shine my way..guess spring is arriving! ^^

Food for thought

Haha... soo true, at least in my case... my grades was ok but I still hated the subject!

Monday, 12 March 2012


I want to laugh and throw something at them at the same time, they so called experts are well..not so bright!

Japan are still suffering and has lots of faults when it comes to the nuclear plant in Fukushima, however to say they had not prepared for a tsunami is wrong!
They never expected a 40m high wave!
Then Swedish media and others are calling it not being prepared is ridiculous!
How could they? In the history of Japan they have never had such big tsunami!
So please scratch that from the board and please focus on the facts,then i mean you should read more facts about Japan, and their culture and history!

Also bare in mind that Japanese people do not like to admit their true feelings as easy,they don't want to show failure even when they know they are in such position!

The report is said to come soon but I'm not sure if it will be 100% accurate!

If you really want good facts on what's going on there RIGHT NOW then I'd suggest you to visit the Fukushima diary blog!!

Today's quote

"Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it." -Bernard Meltzer

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Marching J 2012

Today Johnny's entertainment held another Marching J event..first of 2012.
None of the Arashi members attended,far as I know, but many other JE artists did.
The event was held in Tokyo Dome and many JE fans showed up to give their support for the victims in the Tohoku area.

However there has also been a report saying that Machy said he was disappointed by the amount they raised,making many fans feel angry and sad since they had donated with their hearts!

Anyhow i think we'll see more Marching J events this coming weeks and year!

Keep show your support!
Even if you are not in Japan you can help out...

Life as a student..

It kinda says it all~

One year later

A year has passed since the Earthquake and Tsunami stuck Japan...
I remember waking up to the horrible news and I tried to contact my friends and family in Japan, it was difficult since many of the phonelines were cut and it took many hours even days before I could reach all of them.
Last summer when going to Tokyo I could see what the earthquake had done to the area... but the areas where the tsunami struck was of course much worse, but it was surreal to see what happened in the city!

It seems weird it has already been a year, still we shoul not forget. There are so many people who are in need and we still do not know what happens in Fukushima.
We pray, hope and donate money, time and effort trying to help the ones in need.

Being in Sweden I cannot help out myself, only by donating money.. it's a small step but better than nothing.
Today Johnny's have a new Marching J and it seems many fans in Tokyo have gathered together to give their support.

You too.. if possible.. help out.

We should not forget 3/11

The sticker on the phonebooth in Shibuya says Remember 3/11

Photo @ Tokyofashion dot com

Today's quote

“Without trust, words become the hollow sound of a wooden gong. With trust, words become
life itself."

Help out!

China repatriates 30 North Korean defectors. China, you have blood on your hands!
In addition, I suggest you all read this from CNN.

Defector Lee Ae Ran, who made it to Seoul, says there is added concern about the defectors being caught in China as "Kim Jong Un just took over the leadership and to make his position stable, he's proclaimed that he'll kill all three generations of a defector family."

Somebody please stop the mad man and his mad regime in the North!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Today's quote

“Follow your heart, but be quiet for a while first. Ask questions, then feel the answer. Learn to trust your heart.”

Can't get it out of my head!

I cannot stop listening to Arashi's latest song WILD AT HEART ^^
The song is catchy and makes me happy...i really need a doze of happiness these days ^^

My mum and dad just left me at home to buy a new tv!my dad looked so excited, you know like a child who's going to the candy store! XD

Friday, 9 March 2012


I'm on the way to recover and i still pains from the surgery...i guess it's the stitches,i wonder when they will come off,i forgot to ask my doctor, but i hope sooner than later..
Anyway i hope I'll get better during the weekend!

Soon bedtime..I'm longing already! ^^

Today's quote

"If you can't see the bright side of life, polish the dull side"

Sho-kun goes black!

Who missed VS Arashi yesterday??
If you did... u better find a way to watch it, it was so funny.
the MMDA was shown..!!
I'm so happy I saw it because my level of humanity is below ZERO, maybe + 2 now ^^

Anyway I'd thought I'd share some photos...

I'm out!!

I had my surgery yesterday, it went fast and I came home faster than I thought, but went straight to bed.
When waking up i decided to take a small shower, but after taking it, it got too much for me and before I knew it, everything went black.
I have no idea for how long I was gone but... my mum came into the bathroom and got me back into this world.
The reason why it happened was because I have had no lunch or real food all day.

Anyway I tried to eat then slept again...
I really hope this pain will go away soon, it hurts and I have so much to do...

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Lots to prep..

Today is the day of my surgery and I have lots to do...
I had to take a shower with this weird soap... 4 times!!
Then I'm not allowed to eat anything after 7 am so I had to wake up, eat breakfast + lunch..kinda and then go back to sleep...

Now I'm running around the house to find stuff I need to bring.... I hope it will go well!!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

5% Good bye!

Today I had another weighin and I thought I'd not lose as much because I have been sick and been out of the gym, plus during the weekend I ate a bit more than I should have had, more junk than food.
However to my surprise I had lost over 1 kgs!
I was so happy!! Also I got a reward becuase I passed the 5%!!!

In such short time I have already lost 5% of my original weight! It feels great and I'm keepon on doing this!!!

Now I'm gonna sleep and prep for tomorrow's surgery!!

2NE1 Scream

The full pv of thier new song is here..
I love it and I'm looking forward to listen to their full Japanese album!!
but for now.. let's scream ^^

Reading to do..

I have lots of reading to do, and I have to finish it all today!
Tomorrow I have a minor surgery so I think I'll be wiped out after it and probably on Friday and the weekend too.
I'm a bit scared but I think it will go fine! ^^

Soon time for lunch then back to my studies...!

Today's quote

"If you have time to lean you have time to clean."

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Fantastic Baby

Big Bang keeps on releasing MVs for their new album.
Now it's time for 판타스틱 베이비 FANTASTIC BABY!!

GD is really something.. his style :P - To be honest, I'm not a fan of this new style of his!
I like Daesung, for once he doesn't look like a Thai (no offense to Thai people!!) Just that first time I saw DS I thought he was a non-Korean... I mean even Nickhun (2PM) looks more Korean than DS did before XD

빅뱅 판타스틱 베이비 가사 Fantastic Baby Lyrics
If you want to use this translation ask for my permission first!
(It might be some small errors... I'm still down with a fever so my head is not thinking straight all the time..)

여기 붙어라 모두 모여라 WE GON’ PARTY LIKE 리리리라라라
Come together, everyone gather here, We gon’ party like lilililalala
맘을 열어라 머릴 비워라 불을 지펴라 리리리라라라
Open your hearts, empty your minds, Set the fire lilililalala

정답은 묻지 말고 그대로 받아들여 느낌대로 가 ALRIGHT
Don’t ask for answers, just take it as it is, go with the flow alright
하늘을 마주하고 두 손을 다 위로 저 위로 날뛰고 싶어 OH
Face the sky and put your hands up, higher, wanna jump around oh

Nananana Nananana Wow Fantastic Baby
Dance I Wanna Dan Dan Dan Dan Dance Fantastic Baby
Dance I Wanna Dan Dan Dan Dan Dance Wow Fantastic Baby

이 난장판에 HEY 끝판 왕 차례 HEY
In this chaos HEY in the end, it’s the big turn HEY
땅을 흔들고 3분으론 불충분한 RACE WAIT
The ground is shaking and 3 minutes is insufficient for this race, wait
The atmosphere is overheated Huh Catch Me On Fire Huh
진짜가 나타났다 나나나나
It really has appeared nanana

하나부터 열까지 모든 게 다 한 수위
From one to ten, everything is one level above
모래 벌판 위를 미친 듯이 뛰어봐도 거뜬한 우리
Even if we crazily run in the sand, we’re still refreshed
하늘은 충분히 너무나 푸르니까
Because the sky is so blue
아무것도 묻지 말란 말이야 느끼란 말이야 내가 누군지
Don’t ask any questions, it's all about the feeling - who am I

네 심장소리에 맞게 뛰기 시작해 막이 끝날 때까지 Yeah
Jump to the sound of your heartbeat till this comes to an end yeah
I Can’t Baby Don’t Stop This 오늘은 타락해 (미쳐 발악해) 가는거야
I Can’t Baby Don’t Stop This Gonna go bad (go crazy and violent) today

Wow Fantastic Baby
Dance I Wanna Dan Dan Dan Dan Dance Fantastic Baby
Dance I Wanna Dan Dan Dan Dan Dance Wow Fantastic Baby
Boomshakalaka Boomshakalaka
Boomshakalaka Dan Dan Dan Dan Dance

날따라 잡아볼 테면 와봐 난 영원한 딴 따라
Catch me if you can, I’m forever a player
오늘 밤 금기란 내겐 없어 Mama Just Let Me Be Your Lover
Tonight there are no taboos for me Mama Just Let Me Be Your Lover
이혼란 속을 넘어 나나나나나 Past this chaos nananana
A split up through the beyond nanananana Past this chaos nanananana

머리끝부터 발끝까지 비쥬얼을 쇼크 내 감각은 소문난 꾼 앞서가는 촉
From my head to toes, there’s a visual shock, my well known sense is a step a head
남들보다는 빠른 걸음 차원이 따른 젋음 얼음얼음얼음 Hold up 나나나나나
Faster compare to others, in a different dimension, ice ice ice Hold up nanananana

네 심장소리에 맞게 뛰기 시작해 막이 끝날 때까지 Yeah
Jump at the sound of your heartbeat till this comes to an end yeah
I Can’t Baby Don’t Stop This 오늘은 타락해 (미쳐 발악해) 가는거야
I Can’t Baby Don’t Stop This Gonna go bad (go crazy and violent) today

다 같이 놀자 Ye Ye Ye 다 같이 뛰자
Let’s all play together Ye Ye Ye let’s all jump together Ye Ye Ye
다 같이 돌자 Ye Ye Ye 다같이 가자
Let’s all go crazy together Ye Ye Ye Let’s all go together
Wow Fantastic Baby
Wow Fantastic Baby


It's time to scream :P
Actually it's the new song of 2NE1, their first "Japanese" single... that haven't been released in Korea before hitting Japan!
The short-version of the PV was released earlier today.... and I like it a lot ^^

More facial masks!!

A friend of mine in the US sent me some stuff last week...
Lots, I think it was around 40 pcs of facial masks from Missha, a Missha BB cream AND 5 bottles of Victoria Secret Body lotion...

Anyway look at the masks.. amazing XD
and I'm so happy, as said many times before, these little things are my addiction!!

is below ZERO

I cannot stand this anymore.. I hate being sick!
Today on my home after a long day at uni campus I felt like dying, it didn't feel better when I came home.
I really need to rest, my head is so heavy I feel like dying.

My strenght is below ZERO!!

Today's quote

"Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it"

Monday, 5 March 2012

Tokyo in Sweden

In today's version of Metro there is an article about shopping in Tokyo,
they mention many great shopping places, some are forgotten but you cannot get it all XD
anyway there are also lots of photos of various people wearing different fashion,which is nice it shows the variety of the Tokyo people!
But what makes me lift my eyebrow is the picture of Shibuya,it's not the usual Sakuranburu crossover or 109 no of all photos they could have used they have a photo of the main food street in the area!XD
kinda fun since the article is all about shopping and fashion!
A photo of Takeshita-dori in Harajuku would have had been better...
But one positive thing with the photo of the food street is that Arashi's Nino can be spotted ^^

So with that my morning became slightly better!
I'm on my way to school as we speak!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

I cannot stand it!!

So I emailed my old professor more than a month ago asking him to check my grade, because the grade I got was not the one I expected.. there were others WAY WAY worse and they got a better grade. Also the part where he said "I" missed.. well it was a group assignment and it was NOT me who wrote that part. Okay.. I do have to blame myself for NOT checking it up! but I trusted her and so did all the other members, I mean to CHECK the sources and write the correct stuff is no 1 to do!! It's not difficult!! and her part was maybe the easiest part in the whole assignment!!
So I asked him to re-check it and revalue since I felt a bit sad about it, consider that was not my fault, really if that's the ONLY mistake then the other members also deserve to get a higher grade! It should be fair, even if it's a group thing... At least that's how we have been judged before
Also I didn't know that girl from before, only through that class...!!

Anyway I emailed him WAY back and he said he'd check it and come back within a week, well more than a month has passed and no answer.
Actually, the truth is that the grade doesn't really matter for my diploma, however it's just the acknowledgement I want.. some might call it stupidity but right should be right!

And in his answer today.. he blame he had been busy with other things bla bla, making all sorts of excuses!! AS USUAL!
It really pisses me off, he wasn't a good teacher for the subject and he never keeps what he promises, he even doesn't remember what he has said or not!!
I wouldn't call him senil, but maybe he should retire, or at least cut down on work so he can focus on what he has and not bring more onto his plate!!!

We'll see how it ends... I hope!

Girl's Power

KARA sure knows how to approach the Japanese market with their charms.
A few days I presented you withe Speed Up, here is the second half.. Girls Power.
This is all kawaiiii, It's not a bad song or image but I prefere other songs... Like Speed up, Mister, Step, Lupin... ^^

But I bet this song will become another success for KARA ;)

Now in Japanese..

As most Korean bands these days T-ara doesn't want to be less and is now releasing both "Lies" and "Roly Poly" in Japanese..

I'm not really sure what I think of the versions but... as usual some parts sounds weird in Japanese. And I do not think it's because they first released in Korean. It's just that it sounds like "strange Japanese"

Anyway... what do u think.. Do you prefer Japanese or Korean version of Roly Poly?

I'm so lonely

So yesterday my parents left me by myself and took off to our countryhouse.
At first I'd thought it'd be nice then the sad feelings kicked in, I do believe it's because I'm sick and feel terrible.
So what did I do.. besides from sleeping... I cleaned the house, went shopping, since I have to make dinner until they come back XD
And of course study, but to read when being sick is not a good option... and that's my only option.
Then in the evening I saw a movie, the third movie with Gaylord Focker ^^
I was fun but it wasn't as fun as the other two movies... anyway it was nice that I didn't have to read much into it ;)

Today I've been studying and sleeping and tried to empty my nose but it seems to be impossible.. it keeps on running (T_T)

I hope I will get better soon!!
Tomorrow is another study day...

Saturday, 3 March 2012

WGM 20120303

After a loooong time WGM is finally back!
We start off with EJ and JW in a car heading off on a trip :P
JW brought up that they have been apart since EJ had her accident a few weeks back and that he wanted to take his wifey on a romantic trip.
Then a small fight talking about after school member Uee, JW are on good terms with her so (^^;;)
They finally arrived to the place which is normally full of sheeps but because of the winter season non were to be seen XD
The cold and freezy weather made the regret coming in a way but finally they found the sheeps, they started to feeding them and of course they had a small couple argue ending up giving the sheeps various names. (Uee and WGM MCs)
Afterwards they went outside and JW was supposed to give EJ a sledge ride, easier said than done XD
Because of the cold the snow turned into ice and made it more difficult for JW. The date in the snow continues...
Before having lunch JW said he only had one cup noodles so they had to battle it out, having EJ winning, then he said: Did you think I only had one? taking out a second cup noodles XD
After sledging down the hill they took off to a ski resort and tested snow rafting... EJ asked how messed up her hair looked after the ride ^^

LT and S headed to get a tarot reading as they wanted to find out what the Tarot cards had to say about their compatibility ^^
During the reading LT selected two cards that brought up topics that made them feel very awkward and their embarrassment could not be hidden away. The pregnancy card came out twice :P
LT and S continued talking about their compatibility results during their dinner. LT brought up "Kissing" and finally asked S “When would be a good time to kiss?”, and “Would you do it if I asked you to do it right now?”
Anyway S then revealed her honest emotions by asking LT some questions saying, “Do we have to plan it beforehand? Can’t we just let it happen naturally?”
LT asked the staff to go out and they'd take a selca when kissing XD
They continued to decide to speak informal with eachother (which friends or people who are close ususlly do) and LT said the one who use formal speech has to do whatever the other one wishes the person to do.

Back to EJ and JW who went fishing XD they looked at the fishes other caught and EJ expressed her wish to catch some so they could have fish stew XD
However it didn't go as easy as they thought!
JW got really into it lying on the ice looking like he was gonna dive into the water catching it, EJ just smiled over her hubby's excitement!
EJ even fell asleep XD and finally JW got a trout but when pulling it up it slipped away.
However his attemped did stop him, instead he entered a competition to catch it by hand XD
And he finally catched one however he wasn't done there, EJ snapped and said: do u think u are done? u gotta get one more.. and as JW is a good hubby he went back down but the time was too short.
Afterwards they headed to the area where they could get it tooked. However they aked if they could make it a small bit into "sashimi" then rest to go, and cook it later by themselves. After dining they went to their "hotel" and took a bath.. ^^
Then they prepared the fish stew, JW did most of the cooking and the result looked amazing!! ^^


Yatta.. it's finally here, the single and the full PV for their latest song WILD AT HEART, title track of Matsujun's drama Lucky Seven.
I love the up-tempo, it was a long time ago they had this kind of up-tempo song as a single!! It makes me happy.
How can I love, is a slow song yet very nice ^^ Tsuite Oide reminds me of some mix with old songs... so it was surprise, it has some mixes with same kind of music as Wild at Heart! Then finally Futari no Katachi, lots of pop and remix but nice.
They have taken a new turn with the style of music, but all songs make me happy inside!!!


01. ワイルドアットハート (Wild at heart)
02. How Can I Love
03. ついておいで (Tsuite Oide)
04. ふたりのカタチ (Futari no Katachi)
05. ワイルド アット ハート (オリジナル・カラオケ) (Wild at Heart (original karaoke))
06. ついておいで (オリジナル・カラオケ) (Tsuite Oide (original karaoke)
07. ふたりのカタチ (オリジナル・カラオケ) (Futari no Katachi (original karaoke)