Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Bible

Being Christian and all, I guess Passover is a special holiday. It reminds us of a lot of things.
I'm not here to preach or say what you should believe in.
But to me, Jesus means a lot, even though he died so many years ago, I know he is always by my side, even though there might be times I believe he's not.
Anyway, this weekend I found out about a very interesting tv-series called The Bible. I have been hooked every night, and I have to say, they have made it really well.
Although there are some characters looking totally different what I imagined, they have been able to catch many things that none else has done before.

The series covers "Genesis to Revelation" in "one grand narrative," within five two-hour parts,each containing two or three biblical stories told through live action and computer-generated imagery. It includes "obvious" stories such as Noah's Ark, the Exodus, and the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Five hours are taken from the Old Testament, five from the New. The series is based on the New International Version and the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible.
"God loves each one of us as if we were the only person in all the world to love."

Diogo Morgado as Jesus Christ (5 episodes)
Darwin Shaw as Peter (5 episodes)
Paul Brightwell as Malchus (4 episodes)
Roma Downey as Mother Mary (4 episodes)
Greg Hicks as Pontius Pilate (4 episodes)
Sebastian Knapp as John (4 episodes)
Amber Rose Revah as Mary Magdalene (4 episodes)
Adrian Schiller as Caiaphas (4 episodes)
Andrew Brooke as Antonius (3 episodes)
Louise Delamere as Claudia (3 episodes)
Matthew Gravelle as Thomas (3 episodes)
Simon Kunz as Nicodemus (3 episodes)
Joe Wredden as Judas (3 episodes)
Fraser Ayres as Barabbas (2 episodes)
Paul Marc Davis as Simon (2 episodes)
Paul Freeman as Samuel (2 episodes)
Will Houston as Moses (2 episodes)
Melia Kreiling as Bathsheba (2 episodes)
Dhaffer L'Abidine as Uriah (2 episodes)
Francis Magee as Saul (2 episodes)
Con O'Neill as Paul the Apostle (1 episode)
Leila Mimmack as Young Mary (2 episodes)
Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni as Satan (2 episodes)
Gary Oliver as Abraham (2 episodes)
Andrew Scarborough as Joshua (2 episodes)
Clive Wood as Nathan (2 episodes)
Hara Yannas as Michal (2 episodes)
Jassa Ahluwalia as Young David (1 episode)
Nonso Anozie as Samson (1 episode)
Jake Canuso as Daniel (1 episode)
Peter Guinness as King Nebuchadnezzar (1 episode)
Langley Kirkwood as Old David (1 episode)
Paul Knops as Adam (1 episode)
Darcie Lincoln as Eve (1 episode)
Hugo Rossi as Isaac (1 episode)
Conan Stevens as Goliath (1 episode)
Kierston Wareing as Delilah (1 episode)

Arashi weekend

Although i had to study yesterday i decided to make it more fun by playing my Arashi dvd on high volume, my parents weren't too happy but they had no choice.
Dad watched it with me for quite some time before he left to important things XD

I cannot wait until the new popcorn tour dvd is released! ^^

I want more of Sho-kun, I'm addicted to his T.A.B.O.O solo song ^^
Also MJ the DJ ^^

why can't i watch Arashi every day? Why do i have to work? Why do i have to study?

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Lunch time

Yesterday we had lunch at the local diner, it was nice to have a family meal, and it tasted really good.
I had some pork with pineapple, scampi and fried raw potato ^^

Tættere på himlen (lyrics)

These days, one of my fave song is the Danish song "Tættere på himlen" by Burhan G feat. Nik & Jay.
So I thought I'd share the lyrics, Danish and Eng translation..
I reserve for some spelling errors :P

Tættere på himlen

Burhan G
Du tager mig tættere på himlen yeah
du hvisker mit navn som ingen har gjort det før
og vores silhuetter høre sammen her i natten
baby det så vidunderligt
så vink farvel til din tåre
det vanvittigt jeg ved det men vi letter
ja jeg tog tyngeloven og hende her med mig
for evigt!
Jeg rendte rastløs rundt i gaderne
jeg vidste ikke hvor jeg var henne
tror mig jeg havde brug for dig
nu jeg ikke længere alene (åhh)

Det derfor jeg synger
åh åh
da jeg fandt dig var det lige som at finde hjem
åh åh
du har vist mig hvor regnbuen ender henne
åh åh
hvis du vil ha stjernerne vil jeg hente dem
åh åh
fordi du tager mig tættere på himlen

Min baby så bange
min bitch så beautiful
du min verden
kun jeg ser ikke dråben i dine øjne
min sol
min måneskin
min linedanserinde
du min verden
kun du ser mig for mig når vi nøgne
du har gjort mig til en bedre mand
end den jeg var
og jeg har hvirvelvinde i mit sind
tager du min i din arm og lukker mig ind.

Indtil jeg synger
åh åh
da jeg fandt dig var det lige som at finde hjem
åh åh
du har vist mig hvor regnbuen ender henne
åh åh
hvis du vil ha stjernerne vil jeg hente dem
åh åh

hop om bord på mit flyvende tæppe
lad mig tage dig derop
hvor stjernerne bor
der til hvor verdner de mødes
og hvor drømme de gror
du som sendt for oven
smuk som tusind engle der synger i kor
og jeg er solen bag skyerne
altid skarp det derfor de glor
ja det ikke told og skat
jeg følger dig jeg tjekker dig
og jeg håber ikke det vækker mig
for jeg er væk i dig
ligesom en gemmeleg
du holder mig varm selv i snevejr
jeg tager dig med i alt selv hva det indebær
du god for mig ligesom ingefær
jeg er bedre end de fleste ingen blæær
yearh rejsen er lige begyndt
vi to kunne rejse universet tyndt
du er fly som et stjerneskud
og din dreng er frisk det som pebermynt
hey shopping tur se mig spend
baby lad dit dankort blive derhjemme
for louis vuitton til magasin
i dag kan du godt glemme H&M
fra dreng til voksen mand
men jeg er så træt af voksen ting
jeg er som bungy jump
vi kunne kaste os ud
uden at vide hvor vi lander henne
drømmene hva var vi uden dem?
kom sluk dem i min himmelseng
med dig er jeg som himalaya
tættere på himmelland

Burhan G
du tager mig derop
du tager mig derop op
du tager mig helt derop nu
du tager mig tættere på himlen
åh åh
da jeg fandt dig var det lige som at finde hjem
åh åh
du har vist mig hvor regnbuen ender henne
åh åh
hvis du vil ha stjernerne vil jeg hente dem
åh åh (en efter en)
fordi du tager mig tættere på himlen

Closer to heaven

Burhan G
You bring me closer to heaven yeah
You whisper my name, like nobody has before
And our silhouettes belong together here in the night
baby it's so wonderful
so wave goodbye to your tears
It's crazy i know but we're taking off
Yes i brought gravity and this girl with me
for ever!
I ran around restless in these streets
I didn't where i was at
Believe i needed you
now im no longer alone (ohh)

that's why i'm singin'
oh oh
When i found you it was like finding my way back home
oh oh
You've shown me the end of the rainbow
oh oh
If you want the starts, i will get them
oh oh
Because you bring me closer to heaven

My baby, so banging
my bitch, so beautiful
Your my world
only i see the fire in your eyes
my sun
my moonlight
my line dancer
Your my world
Only you see me as me, when we're naked
You made me a better man
than who i was
And when i have whirlwinds in my mind
You take my arm and let me in

thats why im singin
oh oh
When i found you it was like finding my way back home
oh oh
You've shown me where the rainbow ends
oh oh
If you want the stars, i will get them
oh oh
Because you bring me closer to heaven

jump onto my flying carpet
let me take you up
up where the stars live
up where worlds meet
and where dreams grow
Your like send from above
Beautiful like the song of a thousand angels
And im the sun behind the clouds
Always shining thats why they stare
Yeah its not duties and tax
But i follow you and check you out
And i hope that it doesnt wake me
because im gone in you
like hide and seek
you can keep me warm in a blizzard
I will take you in no matter what it requires
Your good for me like ginger
And im better than most, no showing off
yearh the journey has just begun
we could travel the whole universe(Help!)
Your fly like a shooting star
And your boy is fresh like peppermint
Hey! shopping spree, watch me spend
baby leave your creditcard at home
from Louis Vuitton to Magasin
Today you can forget about H&M
from boy to a grown man
But im so tired of grown up things
i'm like a bungy jump
we could jump out
without knowing where we're landing at
without the dreams, what are we then
come and turn em off in my heavenly bed (help!)
with you im like himalaya
Closer to heaven

Burhan G
You bring me up
You bring me up up
You bringing me to the top now
You're bringing me closer to heaven
oh oh
When i found you it was like finding my way back home
oh oh
You've shown me where the rainbow ends
oh oh
If you want the stars, i will get them
oh oh (one after one)
Because you bring me closer to heaven

Today's quote

"When it snows, make snow angels! When it rains, run in it! When it's dark...use a flashlight and make shadows on the wall. Find the good in everything & LIVE!" ;)

Happy Easter!

In Sweden we usually give candy in cute eggs as tradition~
And this year is no exception!

This is my family's eggs!

Enjoy this Easter weekend!

Friday, 29 March 2013

Today's quote

"There is nothing better than being happy without a reason ... so smile away" :)

Dragon bridge!

This opened today in Danang, a dragon bridge, totally awesome if you ask me ^^

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Food for thought

It's kinda funny, and I feel bad for Americans :P and Go Sweden ^^

Today's quote

"If you cannot find peace within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else"

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Awesome ipad trick

I saw this the other day, I find it both amusing and funny!
I think it's a brilliant idea and it takes "magic tricks" to a new level.
I'm not sure if it's from Korea or not, at least the snacks is, and she looks Asian, but for that I cannot be 100% sure.

Anyway enjoy watching ^^

Burhan G - Tættere På Himlen Feat. Nik & Jay

I really like the lyrics of this song!! I can also say.. their bodies are not too bad to look at, although I'm not a big fan of their tattoos.
Anyway enjoy, Closer to heaven!

Exam time

Since early morning i have been studying since we have an exam to write, it's due tomorrow, and we write it at home.
Met up with some class mates this morning and we talked how to write it but I'm not sure if we agreed on something but it was okay ^^
It kinda sucks because the topic is so wide.

Anyway i have now taken a break and I'm now hanging out with a friend of mine whom i haven't seen for almost a year. He lives abroad and is a busy guy~

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

TOKIO - リリック

I found out about this song by watching an episode of the Japanese drama called Nakuna Hara-chan. Nagase-kun is starring in it ^^
It's the new single from Johnny's Tokio, I have to say, this song really got to me as the speed of light.
I haven't paid attention to Tokio for quite some time... so this was a very happy surprise.
Also what I like with Tokio is that they are not a typical JE band ^^
Besides from the title track Lyric, I have to admit, I love the other two tracks as well!! Well done Tokio :)


Artist: TOKIO
Title: リリック (Lyric)
Release Date: 2013.02.20

Track list
1. リリック
2. アリア
3. Pocket
4. リリック (Karaoke)

Nephew feat Marie Key - Gå med dig

When I was around 15 I was a huge fan of the Danish band called Nephew.
I during that time I also followed the lead singer, Simon Kvamm, through the Danish comedy show Drengene fra Angora.
Anyway as I have said, I'm trying to recall my loved ones from the old days.
And I found this new song by Nephew feat. Marie Key.
It's a really good song and I went like this (O_o;;) at 3.06!!!
I never thought that scene would happen XD

Anyhow.. here it is!!

Today's quote

"Sometimes someone's smile comes to your mind and leaves one on your face." ;)

Monday, 25 March 2013

The other side...

There will always be two sides of being an adoptee and going back to the country we were born in.
I think most people no matter if you prepared or not will have a shock and it will be difficult to express in words, because no matter how many who listen, not a single one will really understand what you are going through.
Sometimes it can even be better to shut up than to speak... The confusion is already big, lets not make it into a never ending mess.

The thing is that we all have Korean (asian) features, but inside we are foreigners. We feel like a foreigner inside, but we do look like the people in Korea. Korean people also, quite quick, recognize we are not really like them – our gestures, the way we
walk, and talk are different, also the fact that we, or at least most of us, are unable to speak Korean - which will remain as the big question mark to them.

In a way, overseas adoption is something disturbing to the Korean people, it's a shame for the country - that's how they have been told and that's what they believe. At the same time, Korean people are really proud of adoptees who succeed!! If you belong to one of them, they will treat you like you are one of them, you will go from being a foreigner to a "first Korean". It’s paradoxical and frustrating, but there is no other way to explain it.
I guess this is also a reason why many adoptees now speak up and are against adoptions.
Even though there are negative aspects, I'm still very happy I was adopted by my parents. They are the source for my strength and they have followed me through every step, also when being alone I always know they are there, otherwise just a phone call away.

If you go back to Korea or any other country from where you were adopted....Don't expect too much and do not build up a perfect picture in your head.
It's like reading a book then watching the movie, it will never be what you imagined, so instead of getting disappointed, try to see it as an experience. And after that very first experience you can keep on building if you want to, or let it go if you feel it's not really you. Sometimes it can take years before you do anything about it after your first visit. That is how it was for me...still that doesn't mean it has to be for others.

NONE can tell you how to feel, what to do, or how to be! Adoptee or just human being, choose the path you believe is the right one for you. You might have to walk on the wrong on a few times before you find the right one. It might be confusing and frustrating and you might even question why you are alive.
But you are alive, you are here, you have the chance to build your own future no matter what. Do not let others limit you.
Reach for the stars, but do not expect it to happen over night. All the good things in life takes time to create, and that's why we appreciate it so much when we finally get it.

Time to update myself

As I have started my work at a Danish department at the company, I use Danish more and talk about Danish stuff more.
And now I realized I need to update myself, what exactly happened to all the artists I used to listen to..
Are they still doing music or did they stop!?

I found this song by Burhan G - Din for evigt (eng: Yours forever)
I really like the music and lyrics!! So despite the song is in Danish I thought I'd share it with you! ;)

Game on

Lately me and my friends are addicted to the smartphone game called QUIZKAMPEN. It's a Swedish app, but it's fun!
During and off class, mornings, evenings, nights - u name it we play.
It's kinda annoying when you get the answers wrong, or press the wrong one by mistake, still you also learn a lot from it ^^

So... GAME ON!!
and do NOT dare to google ur answers :P

Good morning

It's another Monday morning, I'm not too excited but thought I'd share this, at least it cheered me up ^^

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Today's quote

"Always remember that the SEXIEST curve on your body is your SMILE."

Sightseeing in Gamla Linköping

Today we took a walk down to Gamla Linköping or Old Linköping as it's called in English.
I haven't been there since i was young, but already back then i loved it!
Today the run was shining and it was almost magical walking around in the small town.
I realized i should visit there more often ^^

Also in one of the shops we came across some Japanese people, would guess they were exchange students, anyway they talked about me, because at first one of the girls thought i was her friend and she got embarrassed because she turned to me... The funny thing was that they didn't know i understood everything they said ^^

This weekend was great, it was fun seeing my cousins :)
Will meet them next weekend too, to celebrate Easter ;)

Rich Man Poor Woman - in New York SP

This preview came out the other day, it's one week left!!
Who else but me is curious to watch it? I'm so excited my heartbeat is raising sky high!
It looks like they find it difficult to be together, also Asahina Kousuke left Next Innovation.
Anyway I believe it will end happy but it will be very fun to watch.

Let the countdown begin ;)

For more info visit the official Rich Man Poor Woman Homepage

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Earth hour

Today was another earth hour, to be honest I'm not sure if it helps or anything, I'd say it's difficult to see any remarks but i guess it leads to something~

So what we did was to eat dessert, drink tea and talk while only having candles ^^

A cozy Saturday!

In Linköping

Today i took the train south 2 hours~ to be with my cousins!

I love smaller cities, they have so many cute cafes~

Today, first we went to a cafe, looks delicious right!
Sandwich and soy latte

Cozy Friday

Yesterday we had a very cozy Friday evening at home! Mum made a very fresh shrimp salad and i baked a lemon meringue cake! ^^
A great start on the weekend~

Friday, 22 March 2013

Double parka

I just loved this scene from yesterday's last show~
Sakurai Sho's double parka will follow him until the end!
Love it now and forever!

Good bye HNA

Yesterday was quite sad, i had to say good bye to one of the best shows! HIMITSU NO ARASHI-CHAN.
I really really liked that show, but as said yesterday it came to an end.
The members watched old stuff, it made me laugh and cry..
Also the staff had emptied the share house, it felt so weird~
A new Arashi era will start as this end~

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Missha's Time Revolution - The first treatment essence

My gmarket batch finally came!!
and I got it.. Missha's Time revolution - the first treatment essence
What does it do, well:
Back to the Basics, a Stepping Stone to a Healthier and New Skin
A bottle full of 80% Fermented Yeast Concentrate “FISSIONE”absorbs into skin instantly and energizes your skin.

THE FIRST TREATMENT ESSENCE improves fine lines and skin tone. 
Miracle water “FISSIONE” hydrates, restores, rejuvenates, and gives you a glowing complexion. 

Anyway, it has received lots of good feedback and even beaten SKII's essence!!
So to me it was a must try, I have only used it for one day, but already it feels good ^^
It was a good buy ^^


One of my fave actors in Japan is Tanihara Shosuke, so I guess I can say that the main reason i found about this drama. Second, Ayaka is singing the main theme song for this drama, and I love the new song!!
The drama story seems so-so but sorta Japanese-styled, I bet this could actually happen in real life ^^

Title: シェアハウスの恋人 (Share House no Koibito)
Episodes: 9
Broadcast network: NTV
Broadcast period: 2013-Jan-16 until 2013-March-13
Air time: Wednesday 22:00
Theme song: beautiful by Ayaka

Tsuyama Shio is a boring thirty-something working as an OL in a boring company. As a risk-averse person, she doesn't dare to do anything that may bring on hurt. No lover, no friends, and her close friend is the convenience store at night. Thinking to change her lonely lifestyle, she decides to move into a share house (kind of like a guesthouse/hostel but on a long term basis). Amidst all the difficulties, joy and troubles of living with others, she comes into contact with two very interesting men who also live together with her in the share house. Shio starts to develop feelings for one of the men, Sakurai Yukiya, but he in turn thinks he is in love with the other man, Kawaki Tappei, who has fallen for Shio... And hence begins a strange love triangle!

Mizukawa Asami as Tsuyama Shio
Oizumi Yo as Kawaki Tappei
Nakajima Yuto as Tsuyama Nagi
Kawaguchi Haruna as Watano Kaoru
Kimino Yuma as Sakurai Sorachi
Kinami Haruka as Mochizuki Megu
Hankai Kazuaki as Suginohara Jiro
Sudo Risa as Sakurai Maki
Motai Masako as Terasaka Kanae
Tanihara Shosuke as Sakurai Yukiya

Today's quote

"Beautiful things in life are not only seen, but felt by heart."

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Don't cross your legs...

Maybe the best and most funny song made by 악동뮤지션.
The song is called 다리 꼬지 마 (Don't cross your legs)
The first song is Miss A's Breathe, however in the middle JYP ask them to sing their own composed song instead ;)

Lucky me..

Donno how many of u who heard what happened in South Korea today.

The websites and computer networks of South Korea’s major broadcasters and banks were paralyzed Wednesday afternoon in an apparent concerted cyber attack.

The simultaneous shutdown at 2 p.m. of KBS, MBC, YTN, Nonghyup and Shinhan Bank systems came after North Korea threatened cyber attacks. Jeju Bank and two insurance subsidiaries of Nonghyup were also affected.

Anyway, I'm happy I'm not in Korea atm.. also that I'm not a customer at Shinhan Bank, like many of my friends. They said they were unable to get any money at all, which of course sucked as most of my friends never carries cash anymore, only card.

Of course this made a big news all over the world, even in Sweden!
It's scary how others can do this, and I wonder if N.Korea was really behind it?
In a way, their relationship is not good at the moment but things like this is not helping, also they attacked big companies. Also consider how many good people they have in South who should be able to solve this fast, you think at least... it's even more scary.
Like a scene taken from a Korean tv drama!

More info to read about what happened go here Korea Herald article


Japanese people never fails to surprise me when it comes to making lunch boxes..
This photo was uploaded to Sonic's official Facebook page..
What do you think? Wouldn't you also like to have a bite of Tails ;)

크레셴도 lyrics

Yesterday I posted about the Korean duo Akdong Musician..
Here is the lyrics for their latest song Cresendo ^^
I will try to translate within a week or too!

모두가 날 알아보도록 어어우워워워~
날 알아듣도록 Crescendo 어어우워워워~

크레셴도 워워 one two
내 목소리가 묻혀 내 숨소리가 커져
아무도 듣지 않는 내 말은 rising in Crescendo

목소릴 높여 high 날 좀 알아줘 hi
내 목소리를 잡아 catch it tightly oh hey

비집고 들어가 틈을 너를 작게 만든 아픔을
소리쳐 널 비추는 하늘 향해

모두가 날 알아보도록 Crescendo
날 알아듣도록 Crescendo

(댄스 브레이크)

Crescendo 어워~

내 목소리가 하늘에 닿아 울려
구름도 나를 듣기까지 맘에 들 때까지

노을빛 보며
빌은 이른 아침의 소원 얘기던
시름 시름 앓았던 사랑 얘기던
일단 말하고 봐 바라던 바 시작도 안하고 포기는 마
맘 속 깊은 곳에 자리 잡은 꿈
thanks 오늘의 날씨는 기쁨
Don't cry You can fly
You don't even try

있는 듯 없는 듯 축 쳐진 고개는 들고선
들뜬 애들처럼 놀아 라시도레미파
올라가는 멜로디 빨라지는 템포를 따라
laugh aloud 하하하하하 하하하하하

모두가 날 알아보도록 Crescendo
날 알아듣도록 Crescendo
모두가 날 알아보도록 Crescendo
날 알아듣도록 Crescendo

Snowy day..

Seriously, who is doing this to me?
Why is it snowing again?! I was sure Spring was coming, bet I was wrong..
I cannot stand this, I don't want to walk around like a Popsicle anymore.
I want SUNSHINE, I want green colours and heath!!!

Dinner time

I haven't seen unni for more than a month as she went to Korea..
Anyway today we had dinner together ^^
She made 닭도리탕, Korean chicken stew! Spicy and delicious! ^^
Also she made rice with beans, so Korean!
I donno but home cooked food is always the best! :)

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

악동뮤지션 (Akdong Musician)

If you are interested in South Korea, I guess you have heard of this duo..
if not.. it's time to find out about them.

These two are siblings and are contests in KPOPSTAR Season 2.
There names are Chan-Hyuk LEE and Soo-Hyun LEE, they are 16 and 13 years old (17, 14 Korean age).
They have lived in Mongolia but are back in Korea. They are currently living with their grandma as their parents are still in Mongolia. Also they are being home schooled, which might not be too common in Korea. But since they have been away from Korea for a long time it's good for them.

Anyway back to what's important... their singing skills!!
The brother Chan Hyuk has composed 48 songs and lil-sis has remembered the lyrics.
To me their songs are cute and funny, also they have great potential to make it BIG, no matter if they win this or not they will still be picked up by a record label that's for sure!!


Sakura season

I donno how many of you who saw this yesterday, but it became beautiful in the end ^^
As the Sakura season is back in Japan it's also time for another Arashi promotion, just as last year 華嵐 (HANA ARASHI) is here!
This can be seen in 台場(Odaiba, TOKYO)


I'm a fan of Arashi, but this creeps me out.
I found this by chance, all cred to who took it... It's from a cafe in Japan i think it said,
But having Sho-kun or should i say Kageyama starring is creepy!?
Who'd want to the toilet while having this on the wall?!

Monday, 18 March 2013


It came out last Friday and guess how excited I got? It's a HAVE TO HAVE dvd of course.
I'm still jealous of S whom was able to attend the concert in Tokyo Dome!
Anyway, the dvd is second best! The song I'm most excited to watch is Waiting for you
The DVD will be released next month, April 24... I want it fast, I want it bad!
The DVD title is: ARASHI LIVE TOUR Popcorn

Track list
01 Up to you
02 Welcome to our party
03 Troublemaker
04 Believe
05 迷宮ラブソング
06 Cosmos
07 証
08 風の向こうへ
09 楽園(相葉ソロ)
10 Fly on Friday(櫻井ソロ)
11 スーパーフレッシュ
12 a Day in Our Life
13 きっと大丈夫
14 駆け抜けろ!
15 ついておいで
16 君がいるから
17 two(大野ソロ)
18 旅は続くよ
19 ナイスな心意気
20 Lucky Man
21 We wanna funk,we need a funk(松本ソロ)
22 それはやっぱり君でした(二宮ソロ)
23 リフレイン
24 Face Down
25 Oh Yeah!
26 Love so sweet
27 Your Eyes
28 Waiting for you
29 ワイルド アット ハート
31 エナジーソング~絶好調超!!!!~
32 マイガール
34 Happiness

Reason to go to Canada...

So.. have you ever thought of visiting Canada?
Look at this and you will find MANY reasons! It's a beautiful country!!

Canadian tourism asked Canadians to pick up their cameras and share some of Canada's best travel experiences. Here is the result.

The response was incredible; here is just 2 minutes from 65 hours of video and 7,000 submissions.

Today's quote

"Your present situation is not your final destination... THE BEST IS YET TO COME!" ;)

Meanwhile in Canada

This has been posted on a church board in Ontario area in Canada!
It's amusing don't you think ^^

Sunday, 17 March 2013

家入レオ - LEO

I mentioned this girl a few weeks ago, This 17 year old girl has made it big into the Japanese pop market. After having three top-ten singles, singer-songwriter Ieiri Leo is finally releasing her debut album!
The one who watched over her progress is the same one who produced Ayaka and YUI, so it also shows what a great school they have gone to.
Anyway compare to her seniors, two artists whom I like a lot, it's fun to see that this girl is more rocky and up-tempo.
My fave songs are Bless you, Sabrina, Kimi dake but I like most of the songs this album and it will be fun to follow her progress on the Japanese music market.



01 サブリナ (Sabrina)
02 Last Stage
03 Say Goodbye
04 Shine
05 明日また晴れますように (Ashita mata haremasu you ni)
06 Second Dream
07 キミだけ (Kimi dake)
08 Bless You
09 Fake Love
10 Hello
11 ミスター (Mister)
12 Lady Mary
13 Linda

Today's quote

"Success is achieved by ordinary people with extraordinary determination." :)

絢香 - beautiful 音楽で遊んでみた (Studio Session LIVE)

So far one of my fave songs this year, and I just found this on my Youtube feed.

Ayaka uploaded this onto her own youtube channel.
Here she performs "beautiful" with her friends LIVE at shilo studio TOKYO.
Music starts around 3.20

90 years old

Today we went to celebrate my grand mothers 90year old birthday, a few days a head but it's difficult to get together on a weekday due to school and work.
Anyway we ate lots of yummy cakes...both smörgåstårta and regular cakes ^^
I'm so full, won't need any food until late tomorrow ^^

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Today's quote

"Happiness keeps you Sweet, Trials keeps you Strong. Sorrows keep you Human, Failures keep you Humble. Success keeps you Glowing." :)

Hot packs

Canada was super cold, I bet it still is.
However, in Sweden too it's really cold. It shouldn't be, in my opinion, it should be spring by now.
But sadly no, what they call the Russian cold has swept over the country and everyday I step outside I feel like dying, it's so cold.

But luckily I have something to keep me warm these days, it's kinda addictive I'd say and a great invention.
A so called HOT PACK. They come in different sizes, for hand, feet or body.
My fave is the Stick-on-body patches.
Unfortunately they are quite expensive here in Sweden, but you can find them in stores.

Mine, I got from Japan, where they are super cheap. I also think I have some from Korea.

What's great about this is that it comes heat from them and it says warm for 12-16 hours!

1. Keep Warm
2. Do not catch a cold

Note: 貼る = Paste/Stick