Sunday, 31 July 2011

Got my shoes back!! Sunny Sunday

Today I woke up pretty early, I'm not a morning person, and it's a Sunday!
After breakfast I went downtown to collect my shoes, the salesperson gave me a strange look and said: is this the bag!? I'm so happy I got them back!! (^0^)

While walking downtown I could clearly notice that people are still enjoying their summer vacation. There were not many people out today, then again when it's SUNSHINE outside who wants to go in stores shopping!? ^^;;
Today is a very fine summer day in Stockholm.. and there is NOTHING like Swedish summer! I can go abroad to Greece, Spain, Turkey, Asia etc. Still Swedish summer is something special!

Now it's ONLY 5 days before take-off!! I'm so excited, Clara texted me today and said they have planned that we should have hotpot with friends when I arrive and that we should go to ktv on the 8th. I really look forward seeing her and Shao...and SG (^0^)
Still this coming week I have lots to do...

  • They had a memorial concert in Norway and the audience held up papers with redhearts to show their support.
  • Norwegians want July 22 to be an official memorial day for the victims.
  • A Norwegian ex-neo nazi said that he can recognize himself in some of the thoughts Anders B. Breivik has. He commented and said first when he heard about the bomb he thought it was Al-Qiada and Mullah Krekar, then he heard about the shootings at Utøya Island and the first that crossed his mind was a rightist(even before it hit the news). He also said that when the official news came out he felt ashame and everything he left behind so many years ago came back (He left the neo-nazi's in the 90's). He also believes that rightist in Norway and other countries see this action as something good, not the shootings at Utøya Island but the bomb.
  • Anders B. Breivik told his attorney Geir Lippestad that in 60 years time people will Thank him for his actions.
  • The Norwegain paper VG wrote and article saying that people with another ethnic background (mostly muslims) than Norwegian suffered from persecution and suspicion right after the bomb went off. People who suffered from this understood that people were scared and surprised, however to immidiately accuse people with another raise and religion before having facts made them feel very sad. They continue and said that Norway already have problems with various raises. If it would have turned out that the person behind the attacks would have had been "from a muslim background", it'd have had been very difficult for the muslim people living in Norway.

Today's song: Rihanna - Man Down

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Punishment for being tired

Today I met up with Hanna, whom I havent seen for a long time.
First we went around the mall in Kista and I bought a pair of shoes.
Later we went in to Stockholm city, however I somehow forgot my own shoebag in the last store we visited!
Tomorrow I need to go back and find it! What can I said, not eating anything all day makes you tired and not think straight!
We ended up at an Asian buffe restaurant and my friend knew people who worked there so we got special treatment... and before leaving they told us we didn't need to pay a penny!!
Had a great day... except losing my bag!

Friday, 29 July 2011

One week later

It has now been a week since the terrible terrorist actions in Norway.
Both in Sweden and Norway people gathered to honour the memory of the victims.
There is also said that Breivik was planning more attacks on the 22nd of July, however the police got him.
During the hearing Breivik is continuing to put up with various demands:

1. He does not want any food prepared by a muslim and it should not be halal.
The court said: Yes

2. He wants a computer so that he can continue to write.
The court said: NO

3. He wants paper and pen so that he can write a speech
The court said: Yes

4. Before prison he wants to wear a uniform
The court said: NO

5. He wants to be able to wear red clothes, a kind of uniform according to him..
Note: He is wearing a red Lacoste right now during hearing..

6. He wants to be able to access webpages such as Wikileaks.
The court said: NO

7. He does not want his photo taken or leave fingerprint

It's said that Swedish police is hunting down some people they believe have connections with Anders B. Breivik.

In total 77 names of deceased have been released.
People are still leaving flowers in central Oslo.
The Norwegian people do not want to be afraid, they want to take their country back!!

Today I had my final day at my "part-time summer job". I have been working 1,5 week straight.
And it felt good, it has been many early mornings and long working hours.
This coming week I will be relaxing buy stuff I need for my travel etc.
It's only one week left before take off.. actually less ^^

Tonight I watched the Danish movie called After the wedding.
I bought it in Denmark a couple of weeks ago, I found it on sale and thought it was a good buy.
Also I didn't remember that I have seen it before, however as I started to watch it I realised I have had seen it some years ago, however I could not remember the story so I watched it.
It was really good, a VERY touching movie.
While watching I opened a bottle of Rose wine..!! great final of this very busy week!

Tomorrow I'm going to meet Hanna, whom I haven't seen for a month or more since she has been travelling, it's going to be fun to hear about her trip!
Also today my good friend Sandra told me she has bought an apartment!!! soooo looking forward seeing her next week and hear more about it, it's not mine still excited to hear about it ^^

Today's song: TVXQ - Superstar

Thursday, 28 July 2011

the world is suffering from lots of problems + had a nice evening

Besides from the tragedy in Norway there is problems in Africa.
Every day on the news about the drought in the Horn of Africa, we see news report and it's really awful to see. They are suffering so bad, not only humans, animals too.
Anyway as most people are trying to help with aid, one news report made me really angry.
A Swedish News report showed an interview with a woman who has arrived at one of the camps runned by the Red Cross.
Anyway the woman was complaining that she didn't get enough aid, she only "got a few things" and said that the help she was getting was almost like NOTHING!
I do understand they need more help, but her words made me feel angry and sad! At the moment there are many people who needs help and to help everybody is impossibe, 100% aid is hard to give. And most people are happy that they at least get something to eat or drink at least once a day. However this woman wanted perfection, a house even.
We spoke about this at work and one co-worker who has lived in Africa for many years said that people there thinks that we are so rich so if we can afford little we can afford everything, since we have we should give it all.
"We give them a hand and they want the whole arm"
I feel sad that they think it's like that and the news channel who aired that interview, I think many people just like me felt angry and sad.

South Korea
South Korea has had heavy rain, normally during rain season they get around 527mm in total, however in two days they have been getting around 528mm!!!
It seems it's getting better now, however people have been perish by this crazy weather.
There has been many photos and videos of the horrible weather around the internet!
I hope it will be long gone before I arrive in Seoul. I don't want to carry my rainboots around!!

Today the Norwegian police announce more people who was killed in last Friday's massacre in Oslo and Utøya.
Hearing will continue tomorrow but it seems the progress is slow. Also tomorrow in Oslo they will have a memorial service. So far 24 names of dead or missing people have had been announced in public.

  • Tomorrow will 18 year old Bano be buried, the first of all victims. The Norwegian Singer who won Eurovision Song Contest a few years back, Alexander Rybak, will sing at the funeral.
  • Singer Morrissey commented during a concert in Poland that The massacre in Norway is nothing compare to how McDonald's and KFC kill all animals, and he also performed a song called "Scandinavia", with the lyrics: «I despise each syllable in Scandinavia. Let the people burn, let their children cry and die in blind asylum». He has accoring to Norwegian paper VG received lots of critisism for this!! No wonder he seems to be HEARTLESS

Today after work I met up with Fredrick, we had a glass of Rosé wine in central Stockholm and taked for about 2 hours about various topics, such as the daily news, friends, technology, daily life and future.
Not sure yet but this might have been the last time for a long time. Anway happy for the good times.
Also he made me jealous, now I want to buy the newest phone from Samsung, the GALAXY S2! I can afford it but should I buy it!?
Thanks for a very nice evening!! (^0^)

Today's song: 환희 - 하루 종일 (Hwanhee - All Day)

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Music - Piggy Dolls, 2NE1 and Super Junior

There is a quite a new and different girlband out these days.
They are called 피기돌스(Piggy Dolls), there are 3 members and what makes them special is that they are not as skinny as most Koreans. This is to show Korea that there also are beautiful slightly overweight girls too!
They did their comeback a week ago and to my surprise they have lost a lot of weight since last time! I wonder how long they can be called "piggy" if they continue.
The girls are born in 1991 and 1994, same age as many other members of various Korean girl bands.
At the moment I'm stuck on their new song: 하쿠나 마타타 (Hakuna Matata)

2NE1 finally released their final song from their new mini album.
Title is Ugly, and the song has a great up-tempo beat, music video is fun and full of colour and attitude!!
I think it will be on the top of various K-pop charts.

Super Junior are posting new photos on Facebook and today I finally got to see CHOI SI-WON, my fave member, he has been my fave ever since I saw him as a trainee ^^
Anyway SM has revealed the name of the titletrack on their upcoming album.
"Mr Simple" will be released on various digital sites on Aug 2 and album will hit the stores on Aug 3! I can't wait!! ;)
However I think I will wait to buy it until the C version is out.. I usually ONLY buy the C version since it comes with bonus songs ^^

Today's songs:

Piggy Dolls - Hakuna Matata

2NE1 - Ugly

Heavy rain in Seoul!

I just heard about the weather news in Seoul, South Korea!
Some 70 mm of rain per hour pounded the Seoul metropolitan area on Tuesday afternoon, leaving four missing and traffic severely congested. Lightning caused an explosion that led to one death. Over 400 cases of flooding were reported in Seoul alone. Pocheon in Gyeonggi Province had the heaviest precipitation of 198.5 mm, followed by Namyangju and Uijeongbu in the province with 191 mm and 190.5 mm. Next were Dongdaemun district with 180 mm and Nowon district with 173.5 mm, both in Seoul.

I used to live in Nowon and I wonder what it looks like right now!?
I have never seen this much rain in Seoul before.
I hope all friends are safe!!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Study Korean language...

II have noticed that people are interested in South Korea and Korean languge.
Many also seems interested in learing it.
Here's some info (^_-)

As for myself I have tried many different ways to learn Korean language!

  • Korean language school (once a week) - Sweden

  • Korean online language school (whenever i had time)

  • Korean studies - language, history, literature, social science - University in Sweden

  • Korean language studies - in Korea at different universities in Seoul.

  • What can I say...
    The best alternative is of course to go to Korea and study. But it's not for free!

    I began my studies in Sweden and well I learnt some, however I didn't get to practise and use my Korean as much as I wanted and wasn't able to progress my ability as much as I thought I would.
    I first tried out Korean school, every saturday however I didn't really have much homework and didn't give too much effort since I had my normal high school studies to focus on. And it was hard to learn since the books did not come with any translations. However one semester I got a new teacher, it was when I had Jun-Gyu oppa as teacher I began to take my studies more seriously! At first we were 6 students, 2 weeks later we were only 2 left! However he made me study and learn! He was a great teacher and he knew English very well and could explain EVERYTHING! After he went back to Korea I sort of stopped my studies and put all my focus on normal High School studies.

    At University in Sweden. Well.. the teachers I had were not good. Looking back I can't believe I spent 1,5 years there. And I actually put more effort in our history, literature and social science classes rather than my Korean language classes!! And the teachers were kinda off many times when they judged us students and when they tried to explain. Some teachers also said very rude comments to students.

    Then in 2008 I was able to go to Korea and study at one of their many universities in Seoul. I learned 100% more while living in South Korea compare to my slow progress in Sweden.
    In Korea I have had been able to study both Ewha Woman's university (2008) and Sogang University (2009-2010), both in central Seoul.

    As for Ewha or Edae as they say in Korean, it's a very good school, good teachers (at least mine). As most universities - Yonsei, Seoul National etc. Edae focus a lot on grammer and writing. They have changed books since I studied.
    You had 2 teachers, you have one 3 days and the other 2 days. All day long you have the same teacher. You change class when you pass the next level! some classmates will be in same class, so you won't be all alone when changing class.
    I started in level 2 and my teachers spoke maybe 3 words in English. So for newbies, you really need to try your best!
    The school has fun activities and make great memories.
    Each day we had a written test on our homework and presentation!! We also had 2 written homeworks every day.
    There were no grammer books, we had to learn everything IN class, we had a small dictionary with some words for every chapter but not all of them. Therefore I needed to focus and study many hours after class too!
    Many of my classmates did not speak a word of English, therefore I had to study extra hard otherwise we had nothing we could talk about.
    The majority of my classmates were girls, I had 1 guy in my class however he kinda skipped alot.
    Then again the university is called Ewha WOMANS unversity, however they allow guys to study korean language there since it's different from the "normal" uni studies.
    At Edae I found a really good friend, maybe one of my best mates from my years in Korea. We keep in touch very often. Even if we now live on differnet sides of the world we always find time to see each other and do funny things!!

    Sogang - if you want to be able to speak alot, this is the school for you!
    Instead of 1 hour speaking class you have 2 hours, this makes Sogang different from other universities in Korea.
    You have 3 teachers, you change teacher for each class (2+3 = same teacher). Sometimes you also have to change classroom and some classmates (between class 1-2 from level 4 but can occur at other levels too)
    I liked that we changed teacher for each subject. You always find a better teacher than another.
    As for me, I loved my level 3 writing and speaking class teachers, my level 4 reading and level 5 videoclass teacher. (note: all different teachers.. I never had the same teacher twice)
    I took 3 semesters at Sogang. (Level 3-5)

    Typical schedule level 1-3
    1st - Writing class
    2+3rd - Speaking class
    4th Listening or reading class

    Typical schedule level 4
    1st - Writing class
    2+3 - speaking + listening class
    4th - reading class

    Typical schedule level 5
    1st - Writing
    2nd+3rd - Speaking + reading
    4th - Video class (Listening class)

    In writing class we had written homework everyday and we could also write during class time.
    We also got homework in speaking listening/reading in level 3 and 4.
    Besides that we also had our "work book" we had to finish. Many times I asked my native Korean friends to help me, even them said it was really hard! So guess how hard it was for me!
    In level 5 we had to do our "work book" every day, it was much more difficult and took longer time rather than level 3 and 4, in those levels we could do the WB once a week or whenever we had time without any pressure. However in level 5 it never ended, I wanted to die and burn the book a few times, we also have a test in speaking and reading everyday since we progressed really fast!
    We had a video homework each day and the video was extreeeeeeeemly difficult since the audio was bad! The first thing our teacher said was: This semester we are going to have trouble! Even I do not understand what they say in this video, I have to listen at least 2-3 times before I get it!
    Anyway we had a great teacher who helped us.
    What was bad was that normally they have a grammer book, in English, Japanese or Chinese.
    However for level 5 it was ONLY in Korean!! It made it even more difficult to understand, sometimes when they explained it in Korean they used grammer and words we didn't know!
    But they were in progress to make one, in English.. And my teacher gave me, AND only me, a copy. Reason!? She wanted me to check it and see if it was understandable XD and if the grammer was correct! it was 100 pages! I got a book of single papers!
    At Sogang the age of my classmates was very different from 18-65 years old. However all of us had fun together no matter age or gender.
    Most of my classmates were Japanese, then I also had Taiwanese, Chinese, English, Canadian, Iraq, German, Italian, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Singaporian, French class/schoolmates...
    Some spoke English some didn't understand a single word therefore most of the time we spoke Korean however during breaks we tried to teach some English other Japanese etc.

    Anyway, Sogang was really the school for me. and when I go back I want to study there again!
    Other friends have gone to Yonsei, Ewha, Korea Uni, Hanguk uni of foreign studies, Seoul Natl. uni, Kyunghee uni.
    I think that Hanguk uni of foreigin might be the best of all. it's an all language school.
    I've heard that Level 2 in Hanguk is like level 4-5 at Edae!
    Also a very close friend of mine finished level 2 at Korea Uni. and when she came to Sogang she started in Level 5! (Note: She was Japanese and her Korean skills were great from the beginning!!)

    So if you are curious which school is the right one for you..
    Read on each school's homepage... and if you have any Korean friends or friends who have studied in Korea ask them what they think!

    IF you have any questions,drop a comment below and I will get back to you! (^__-)

    Today's song: Shinhwa - Perfect man
    One of the first Kpop songs I really really liked ^^

    As you can notice..

    As you might have noticed already..
    I have been writing alot about the terror attacks in Norway lately.
    It really struck my heart. Norway is our neighbour and "brother".
    It felt unreal and like a dream when I first heard it. Also I was there exactly a week before it happened in the same area!! Therefore it felt even more.

    Also it was not a group it was a single man. A very lonely man filled with hatred!

    I will keepon updating about this since many people who does not speak Norwegian can get news as fast...

    As said before in Sweden we have more security around the country these days and especially in our capital, Stockholm.
    Also Swedish television networks are still broadcasting news together with Norwegian television networks.

    Hearing has started..

    Yesterday most of us held a silent minute for Norway.
    Also the hearing started yesterday. Anders B Breivik commented that he thought it had went fine, ...then again he has been waiting for this day in 9 years!!!!!

    His dad was interviewed by Norwegian tv, and said he was sad and felt sad for all involved.
    He'd never have contact with his son again and that he thought he should have taken his own life after his action or even before the action!!
    Strong words from a father but he said it's a huge shame and he is so sad for everybody else. I thinks he takes the blame since it's his son and all.

    The hearing will continue for at least 6 days.

    Other short-news.

    • On the homepage of the Norwegian newspaper VG they have posten names and pictures of the people who lost their lives or are still missing.
      There are also many various articles updated each hour..

    • There are 13 other men with the name Anders Breivik - One said it felt like waking up and be named Adolf Hitler. He also said the phone has been ringing non-stop since Friday and that he does not be dragged down by this! Many of them are now trying to have their name to be taken off public search engines, such as phonebooks and Eniro

    • The numbers of dead from the bomb and massacre last Friday are dropped from 92 to 68 people. The police overestimated the number.
      8 from by the bomb in Oslo and 60 from the Island.

    • Crownprincess Mette-Maarit of Norway, her stepbrother was one of the victims at Utøya island. He was a policemen and went to the island as a volunteer and before he was shot to death he tried to stop Anders B. Breivik but was hit by several shots.

    • It seems Ander B. Breivik puts up many demands, special treatment, food etc in order to talk and tell. It's really awful, but since he has planned this and is so far the only behind it and we don't know if he has any connections the judge doesn't really have much choice.

    • One of Anders B. Breivik's childhood friends describe him as a loner, he chose to be by himself, he was cold, never had a girlfriend or fancy anyone. And she also said that her father had said at one occasion that he was worried what Anders would turn out as in the future.

    • Anders B. Breivik's attorney, Geir Lippestad, said that Anders has a total different view of the world and he does not understand how the judicial process works.

    • Norway does not have "life imprisonment" as a sentence. However it's speculated that he will get 30 years imprisonment. So make a new sentence, what he has done is total inhuman!!! What he has done is not a common crime!

    • VG also posted an article about Tove, 56years old, who died by the bomb in Oslo, She was working at a company nearby. Usually she rides her bike to work, however there was somethig wrong with it and that day she had to take the subway. She left her work 5 min before the bomb went off and reached the area when it went off and became an innocent victim. It's really terrible to hear, everybody who lost their lives because of one very sick man!! People who lived happily and never thought anything like this could occur! But in one moment everything changed.

    Today's song: Shirley Clamp - Jag fick låna en ängel (English: I had borrow an Angel)

    Monday, 25 July 2011

    Bridesmaids movie

    Today me and my cousin Eva went to the movies after work, or after I finished work since she is on vacation!

    Anyway we have had been talking about what movie we should watch either KungFu Panda 2 or Bridesmaids. Bridesmaids just came out still KungFu Panda 1 was great, however to our fear they only shows it with Swedish dubbing these days. Therefore we went for Bridesmaids.

    What can I say, a very fun comedy, however it also had a good story and that's why I liked it, maybe a bit too happy for some people but it was filled with laughs!!
    Both women and men will like it even though it looks more like a chick flick...

    Here is the trailer...

    Silent minute at 12pm (local time)

    Today at 12 pm (GMT+1) in Norway they will hold a silent minute in honour of the victims of the Friday attacks last week.
    All the other Nordic countries are said to do the same...!
    Today the trial will start against Ander B. Breivik, who planned these attacks for 9 years!!
    More to come...

    Sunday, 24 July 2011


    I have been missing out on it but I'm back on track!
    I'm talking about following Korean "girlband" 2NE1!
    Their 2NE1 tv season 3 just started a few weeks ago, and I have started to follow it!
    And just as like the past seasons I love it

    The first or episode 0 was most fun to watch, at least so far... they went back to their debute days! It's only 2 years ago still they have grown so much when you look at them today and back then!

    Anyway.. I love 2NE1!! great music, great girls... they are are not just like any other "girlband" in Korea, and I think that's why I like them.

    Latest song: I'm the best

    Check 2NE1 out!! ;)

    Norway 48h after the attack!

    On Swedish tv the still broadcast live through Norwegian tv, at the moment they show the sermon from the catherdral in central Oslo.

    The Norwegian newspaper writes that the man behind it all, Anders B. Breivik has said he acted alone and his target the party AP and it's recruits, the young people who was out at Utøya, as much as possible. Reason: He wanted to change the politics in Norway.
    He had known the schedule at Utøya island all week and knew that politician Gro Harlem Brundtland was going to hold a speech out at the island, Gro has among many things been Prime minister and general secretary of the WHO.
    It's possible that she was his maintarget.

    The mother of Anders B. Breivik has said to the Norwegian newspaper VG that she knew nothing about this plans, She also said that he used to be a nice and happy boy and she was proud of her son. And could not understand why he did this action. These days even though they lived separately he comes home every Sunday to have dinner.

    The father, who currently residents in France, found it out through web-papers. He was in total chock when he saw the name and photo. He also said he has not been in contact with his son since the son was around 15-16 years old.

    There are still bodies lying around the shore at Utøya.. and there are still people missing.
    The police have been "shipping" the bodies from the island to mainland today, Also it was confirmed that one man died from his injuries after being saved from the island on Friday.
    There are also still people who are missing, the police suspect that they are lying in the sea between the island and mainland, and they are still searching.

    The trial against Anders B. Breivik starts tomorrow, it's said that they hope it will be a "closed-door" trial, since people don't want him to be able to "show off". It has been said that bomb and massacre was a step in a bigger process.

    A witness from the island, he said that one bullet went through his left arm and was badly injured. However he is alive and he said that people ran around like crazy, and once turned around and saw the man follow him and others. Then they came to the camp area and the witness said that Anders B. Breivik started to open tents and shot the people inside who tried to hide inside. The witness said he fell and the man came and he begged and said: please do not kill me and the man let him live. The witness still do not why he let him live but he is happy that he is alive. He also describe the man as "character that could be in a nazi-movie".
    He said that even though he today is sad that he has lost many of his friends, he will still continue fighting for AP and politics.

    Media says that Anders acknowledge what he has done and is not sorry for what he has done. It was a very cruel thing but needed. And he is most likely to get 21 years in prison.
    (Seriously 21 years!?! It's NOT enough according to me!! it should be lifetime, and he shouldn't be able to interact with anyone!!)

    Tomorrow when the trial starts we'll know more about his motives!!

    Today's song: Westlife - I'll see you again

    Saturday, 23 July 2011

    Bomb and Massacre in Norway

    Yesterday while I was sitting in a bus towards my family's countryhouse the most unbelievable thing happened, a huge bomb went off in central Oslo, it totally stuck their whole parliament etc.
    I didn't find out until I arrived and I couldn't believe what I just heard, and soon afterwards I heard about the massacre out on the island of Utøya.
    We called my brother who's living in Norway and checked if he was fine. He said that he just finished his final day at work - after a year in Kristiansand, Southern Norway (around 5h drive from Oslo), and also he knew nothing, he asked us if we joked! then he turned the radio on in his car and said he'd call back later.
    Later in the evening he gave a call when he had crossed the boarder home to Sweden... still chocked and just wanted to go home.

    It felt so unreal seeing the pictures and videos from Oslo, I was walking there exactly a week ago!!
    When I was in Oslo it was just like any other city, warm weather, lots of people enjoying their Friday afternoon.
    But in one moment peaceful Oslo turned in to a war zone, and Utøya from a paradise to hell.
    Innocent lives were taken, many were hurt and chocked! and there were so many young people who lost their lives at a place they were suppost to be having their time of their life!

    Also the man behind it all was wearing a police uniform and according to witnesses the man said he came out there to inform them about what had happened in Oslo. And since he was a policeman it was nothing they needed to worry about nothing.
    As the young people who attended the summercamp out their seemed to calm down the man took out his gun and started to shoot around.
    As for now 85 young lives were taken out at Utøya and 7 in Oslo, many has been injured and many are still missing!

    Here in Sweden they are broadcasting together with Norwegian national tv so we get more information earlier. (Swedish and Norwegian language are similar so we understand each other when using our native language)

    Norway will have days off in next week to honour the people who has lost their lives, been injured and for the families and relatives.

    I never thoought terrorism would come to Northern Europe, at least not this soon.
    And the man behind it, a 32year old Norwegian man!!
    The norwegian news report that the man has written a 1500 pages long document, a manifest and published it online. In the document he describes what he is going to do, it is filled with names, dates, interview with himself. He also said that he knew that people would disagree with him! (YEAH, What he has done is NOT HUMAN!!!) They have also found videos he has posted on Youtube, his twitter and facebook account!

    My thoughts goes out to Norway and it's population...
    It will take time before people can go back to their daily life but Norway will be able to come through this, We in Sweden are here to give our support!!

    Today's song: Hush - A lifetime

    Thursday, 21 July 2011

    FYI - You should watch this!

    Okay.. enough about complaining!! at least for today!

    Here is small FYI (^0^)
    I'm currently following the SBS tv show called 김연아의 키스 & 크라이 (for u who do not know Korean= Yuna Kim's Kiss & Cry)
    *Note: Kiss & Cry is the is the area in an ice rink where figure skaters wait for their marks to be announced after their performances during a figure skating competition.[1] The skaters and coaches often kiss to celebrate after a good performance, or cry after a poor one.

    It airs on every Sunday at 6.50pm, and so far there has been 9 episodes, 10th will be shown this week.
    On Aug 15 during 올댓 스케이트 서머 (= All that skate) there will be a final and special show!
    The show portray the challenging process of ten entertainers as they learn how to figure skate from professional skaters, in couples.
    Each week they get a task/theme plus a certain figure skate "step" they should include in their performance.
    1st just introduction of the 10 stars
    2nd Couple (Spirals)
    3rd Dance Dance (Lifts)
    4th Friends (Spins)


  • 김병만 (Kim Byung-man)
    Couple with: 이수경 (Su-Kyung Lee)

  • Singer

  • 유노윤호 (U-Know of DBSK/TVXQ)
    Couple with: 클라우디아 뮬러 (Claudia Müller)

  • 크리스탈 (Krystal of f(x))
    Couple with: 이동훈 (Dong-Hun Lee)

  • 아이유 (IU) - Was beaten out in ep 8
    Couple with: 최인화 (In-Hwa Choi)

  • 손담비 (Dam-bi Son)
    Couple with: 차오름 (O-Rum Cha)

  • Actors

  • 박준금 (Jun-geum Park)
    Couple with: 김도환 (Do-Hwan Kim)

  • 서지석 (Ji-suk Seo) - Was beaten out in ep 8
    Couple with: + 유선혜 (Seon-Hye Yoo)

  • 이아현 (Ah-hyun Lee)
    Couple with: 김현철 (Hyun-Chul Kim)

  • 진지희 (Ji-hee Jin)
    Couple with: 차준환 (Jun-Hwan Cha)

    • Speed skater

    • 이규혁 (Kyu-hyuk Lee)
      Couple with: 최선영 (Seon-Young Choi)

      • My Fave couples are: U-know + Clara, Krystal + Dong-Hun and Ji-Hee Jin and Jun-hwan Cha!
        One day in the future Jun-Hwan will def. become a very fameous skater! He is already great and he will be even better with in a few years!!

        If you haven't watch it.. DO IT!!
        It's a great show, however I don't know if anyone has subbed it for you who doesn't speak Korean. However to watch the people skate you don't need to know any language, you can just watch and ENJOY~!

        My fave from ep 9 - Krystal and Dong-Hun
        Theme: Circus

        내가 일주일마다 김연아의 키스&크라이 보고 있음!ㅋㅋ
        스타와 전문 스케이터가 짝을 이뤄 피겨스케이팅에 도전하는 프로그램이다
        이프로그램이 너~~무 잼있다! 아직 못 봤으면 빨리 보세요! (저녁 6시 50분 ~)
        ...올댓 스케이트 서머에서 마지막 날 특별공연을 하게될 예정이다. 내가 기대 많이 하고 있음ㅋㅋㅋ
        8월15일 나 한국에 도착해서 못 볼거양ㅠㅠ 생방송봤으면 재밌을 것같다.ㅎㅎ


        Last night I updated the software in my phone..but it didn't turn out as good as I thought!
        Instead I got stuck with a messed and non-usable phone! It sounds childish, but I have alot in my phone!!
        So I emailed Samsung and asked them to help me out! The answer: Re-boot your phone!
        I lost everything, of course I did a back-up on the important stuff, it have taken hours to download and re-install applications!
        Lucky enough I got off work early today as well ;)

        Tomorrow I'm off to my parents, who are currently in our vacation house!
        We are having a dinner with relatives etc tomorrow evening at our house too. A BBQ party! SWEDISH style!

        For lunch today I made home-made healthy styled pizza, it was fun and relaxing.
        I used fresh mushrooms, sweet pepper, Parma ham, Feta cheese, onion..and sundried tomatoes!

        Today's songs: Both by Japanese singer YUI and her OST for the Japanese movie Paradise Kiss
        YUI - YOU

        YUI - Hello ~Paradise Kiss~

        Paradise Kiss Trailer

        I so want to see this movie!! (^^;;)

        Wednesday, 20 July 2011

        Work, cough and 2NE1's new song

        I woke up at 6am this morning and was NOT happy!
        But I managed to get to work and it was a really slow morning, kinda boring but at least I get paid ^^
        However when they checked who was there and not they told us that we ONLY needed or was required to work until 1pm! I thought it was until 4pm!
        Due to the small amount of work they couldn't keep us that long, this week! But it will be more next week and by then I should work until 4pm! Last month it was chaos some days and relaxed during the other days.
        Anyway I thought I was going to stay at home during the coming weeks so I'm happy for the little I get!

        I still cough and my voice is weird! (T_T) I hope it will be better soon, I hate being sick during the summer!!

        Since I ended work early I had time to catch up on some Korean drama series, finished MISS RIPLEY! The end was a bit different than I expected still I liked it!!

        I got 2NE1's new song - Hate you.
        I like it much much more than I'm the best.
        And the Music video is cute, animated :)

        Today's song: 2NE1 - HATE YOU

        Today's fun! w 장근석 チャン・グンソク Jang Geun Suk

        Today is the day... or should be!
        I should be getting the result from the balloting for (ARASHI) concert tickets, I know the chance of winning is VERY small, kinda like 1 in 1 000 000!
        Still I hope..and pray (^0^;;)

        I watched SMAPxSMAP from the 18th, it was funny - Bistro part!!
        장근석 (JANG KEUN SUK) was guest and I kept on laughing.. + I didn't know he was a fan of SMAP!!
        Also he looked like a fanboy throughout the episode!
        Shingo-san was also funny - Let me cry nee~ (^_^;;)
        Tsuyopon speaking in Korean and JKS in Japanese!

        And the winning Kimchi jjigae looked awsome!! the pasta was new!! I'd like to try it.. Kimutaku can u come to my house and make it? (^^;;)

        Part 1

        Part 2

        Part 3

        Part 4

        Part 5

        Today's song: 장근석 (in Japanese it's チャン・グンソク) - Let me Cry
        (for some reason I couldn't find the WHOLE pv.. only short version.. anyway ENJOY)

        Tuesday, 19 July 2011

        Sunny day!! and 2morrow I start work!

        Today seems to be a sunny day, soon I'm going out to meet Hannah and take her and her bf sightseeing around Stockholm! First we are going to walk around in "Gamla Stan" (aka Old town) To be honest... it's beautiful, normally when I walk there people think I'm a tourist and tries to sell me souvenirs, then again it's because of my Asian looks!
        Then we'll see where we go.. ;) Have to ask them..hehe

        Tonight I'm going to cook lunch for my job.. I got a part time job..or well fulltime until next Friday! 8 working days... maybe not the most funny job there is but I get paid and money is always needed right?! and much better than sit at home watching tv right!? ^^;;
        And I'm also going to enjoy another episode of MIDSOMER MURDERS, my fave tv-show during the summer.

        Ohh.. yeah.. I need to mention that I got a really cut postcard from Sayuri-unni in Japan yesterday!! A summer inspired card, I should take a photo and upload ^^;;

        Today's song: 少女時代 (SNSD) - Bad girl

        Monday, 18 July 2011

        Being sick and alone..kinda sucks!! & FIFA WOMEN's WOLD CUP 2011

        So I'm stuck with my cold, I have slept most of the day and I have been coughing the other half. Sucks right!?
        Anyway went out for a short while to the supermarket, since my parents left for our cottage!
        I'm going to be alone during the coming 2 weeks! but I don't mind it at all..! except that it's empty in our kitchen due to that we came back home yesterday! And when you are sick it's not too fun to step outside and go shopping groceries!!

        I start work on Wednesday, not the most fun job in the world but I'll get money and money is always needed!!

        Ohh... Sweden got Bronze and Japan won the Fifa Women's World Cup 2011 in football/soccer!!
        なでしこジャパンおめでとうございます!!(Nadeshiko Japan CONGRATULATIONS)
        The final game between Japan and the US was amazing!! I have to say that Japan deserved to win!! So happy for them!
        And well.. next time I hope it will be Sweden who will be no 1, but 3rd is better than 2nd.. I mean it means u won.. while 2nd means u lost, if u know what I mean!!

        Today's song: C21 - Tell me why it ain't easy

        Saturday, 16 July 2011

        Back home!

        I'm finally or at last at home.
        I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad, however I've had a fantastic week around in Scandinavia!

        I had a blast in Denmark - Shopping in Odense, Went to the beach both in Blokhus and Skagen!, Bought freshly made bread each morning! (Danish bread is to die for!), Had nice dinner with my parents... Drove past both the bridge of Öresund/Øresund and Store Bælt!!
        I managed to be in two seas at the same time!! (Kattegat and Skagerrak)
        I also bought 2 dvds!!so happy...both on sale and I have wanted to see those movies for quite some time. Both are Danish of course (^0^)

        Even though my Danish is far better than my Norwegian and I know DK much better I have to say that the landscape and views..and food in Norway is one of the best! I just wish it wasn't as expensive as it is!!
        Not only food.. EVERYTHING is expensive in that country!!
        Anyhow I have mad a trip I'd never would have done if my brother would'nt be living there! He is moving home in 2 weeks so I'm happy and very pleased with everything!
        Oslo was well.. nice but I like Stockholm much much more!! Next time I hope I can visit the city with friends!!
        Also Norwegians love to spell words so funny!! (ie. Stasjon = Station, Centrum = Sentrum)

        It's good to be home, however I have got a cold now (T__T)
        I blame my mum.. since she has been sick throughout most of the trip!!
        Anyway within a days I should be healthy again!

        I got a letter from Takako-san, she said that I'm welcome to stay at their house while I visit Tokyo!
        I love their house, it's really central (in Meguro) and she and Mitsuo-san are always so nice to me!! As Takako-san said to my mum while we visited: "Mitsuo has found his 3rd daughter" (^0^;;)
        He always buys me good stuff - such as foods and gifts AND take me to awsome places!
        Really looking forward to my stay in Tokyo and of course in Osaka and Nagoya! ;)

        Ohh.. yeah.. I got accepted to Uppsala Uni this automn semester!!
        It's going to be a busy semester, 45cred!!
        Also working 1,5 week just before I leave for Asia, extra money is ALWAYS good to have!

        Today's song: Nik & Jay - Gi' Mig Dine Tanker

        Friday, 15 July 2011

        Kristiansand is beautiful

        Today I woke up at 6.30 am, went to the local bakery in Hune, Denmark...
        The smell of freshly made bread (^0^)
        After a quick breakfast we packed the car and went to Hirtshals and took the ferry to Kristiansand, Norway!

        It was fast but too many cars and too many children! They were going crazy inside the ferry!!
        Anyway soon enough we arrived in Kr.Sand, Norway.
        What can I say!? It's is BEAUTIFUL.. the city is maybe not the best, but the landscape and surroundings! and the houses are not a joke, they are HUGE and have great windows! I wished I had a house here, but I need to marry a millionaire first!! (^^;;)

        We went to IKEA to see my brother however after running around the massive building without seeing him I asked his co-worker who told me he had already left the building at 3.30pm!!!
        Stupid boy..! Anyway met up with him down in the city center, had a very nice dinner!
        I had a dish with lots of fish and seafood!!! (^__^)

        After dinner we did some sightseeing by car around Kr.Sand!
        I have to say once again... it's really beautiful!!!

        Tomorrow we are going to Oslo then back to Sweden!

        Today's song: Erik & Kriss - Etter regnet

        Monday, 11 July 2011

        In Malmö

        View from our stay in Öland

        The weekend is over and now I'm located in Malmö!

        I had a fantastic weekend at Öland, great weather, great landscape, great people and good food.

        This morning we drove first to Kosta and did some shopping - I bought pressies for my friends in SG and Taiwan.

        Evening in Öland

        Just now my and my parents finished dinner here in Malmö and tomorrow we are off to Denmark. First to Fyn then Jutland

        And going to Norway on Thursday to see my brother again!! :)

        Today's song: Alice - Moving on

        Saturday, 9 July 2011


        I have forgotten to post this one..
        It's great great song!!! Starring Ashida Mana, my fave child actress.. and Suzuki Fuku! I'm of course talking about the Maru Maru Mori Mori song!!!
        The dance and song is just awsome and really addictive ^^
        This song has beaten AKB48!!!!

        *NOTE I did the romaji(Alphabet) if I made any mistakes..sorry!

        Maru maru mori mori! Minna taberu yo
        tsuru tsuru teka teka! Ashita mo hareru ka naa?(Wasuremono sunna yo)

        大きくなったら お空に声が届くかなぁ?
        Ookiku nattara o sora ni koe ga todoku ka naa?
        いつまででも いっしょだよ
        Itsu madede mo isshoda yo

        Maru maru mori mori! Minna taberu yo
        ツル・ツル・テカ・テカ 明日も晴れるかなぁ?
        tsuru tsuru teka teka! Ashita mo hareru ka naa?

        悲しくて泣いていた 一人歩く帰り道
        Kanashikute naite ita hitori aru ku kaeri michi
        こんな時 ほんわかな みんなに 会いたいな
        Konna toki hon wa ka na minna ni aitai na

        Maru maru mori mori! Omajinaida yo
        Tsurutsurutekateka! Nikkori egao
        1・2の3・4で ゴマ塩さん
        ichi ni no san yon de goma Shio-san
        たくさんだと おいしいね
        Takusandato oishii ne

        マル・マル・モリ・モリ!プカプカ お風呂
        Maru maru mori mori! Pukapuka ofuro
        Tsuru tsuru pika pika! Goshi goshi burashi
        皆さんグッナイ また明日
        Minasan gunnai mata ashita
        朝ご飯は なんでしょね?
        Asa gohan wa nandesho ne?

        薫と友樹、たまにムック - マル・マル・モリ・モリ! (Kaoru to Tomoki, tama ni mukku - Maru maru mori mori)

        Scandinavia tour my the family!

        Tomorrow I'm off to Öland, a Swedish island.
        I'm gonna attend my youngest cousin Moa's confirmation!
        90% of the family will be attend and I haven't been to Öland for many years so it's going to be fun!
        We are going tomorrow morning and should reach the island in the late afternoon. Also my brothers is coming from Norway!! :)
        On Monday we travel to the city of Kosta, to do some shopping then off to Malmö, the biggest city in southern Sweden.
        On Tuesday we go to Denmark, I really look forward to drive on Öresundsbridge or well daddy will drive but I have never gone by car, we usually take the train ^^ In Denmark I want to visit the city called Odense..
        However we are going to sleep in a village called Blokkhus, and it's on the Danish island called Jutland. On Wednesday we go to Skagen and other parts of Jutland.

        Thursday morning we'll take the ferry and go to Norway. First we are going to visit my brother.. I also hope Kristiansand has lots to offer, it looks like a really nice summer city!!
        Friday will be a driving day all the way to Oslo...
        Then back home on Saturday!!

        Scandinavia tour here we come!!!

        Today's song: 천상지희 다나&선데이- 나 좀 봐줘 (The Grace Dana&Sunday - One more chance (plz look at me))

        Friday, 8 July 2011

        Not long to go!! (part 2)

        So first I will be in South Korea for 3 days.. guess just relax, eat and hang with friends AND celebrate my birthday!!It will be second in a row that I'm in Korea.
        Also since my 20th b-day I have celebrated my b-day overseas! First time I did that I manage to be in 2 countries, that was in 2001, I was in Korea in the morning and Singapore during the evening!

        Anyway.. this year I will have dinner with friends somewhere, not sure yet though! Either gogi (=meat) buffé or Dalkhanmari...or something else! There are so many delicious foods in Korea but need to find something most people will enjoy!

        I'm also going to colour my hair, I havent done that for a year and I really look forward seeing my fave hairdresser in Korea, or maybe the whole world! I have never looked as well as after a visit to that hairsalon!

        I look forward seeing JiSun-unni, HeeJung-unni, Eri-unni, BK-oppa, Jin-Oppa, MinYoung-unni, YoungEun-unni, SiNae-unni, EunJeong-unni, Eubinne-unni and all the others.....

        This might seem odd to some people, but something I'm really excited about is to go to Kyobo bookstore in Gwanghwamun!! Last year before I went home to Sweden they were renovating it and opened up the week after I left so I haven't seen it yet. And people who knows me know how much time I spend at that bookstore.. it's as Martin said: My second home!
        I do not read many books in Sweden, but for some reason Kyobo changed it! I like going there buying books, magazines, cd's, dvd's or stationary. Or just to read magazines and books!
        On weekends you can see people bring foods and drinks and just sit here and there and read all day! Just like a library! I think I spent several "half a days" in there. Kyobo bookstore is a place in Seoul that made me calm I suppose.

        On Aug 18, I'll fly to Osaka, going to stay for 24h. I'm gonna stay at Sachiko's house! And we are also going to meet up with Yuuka!! :)
        Sachiko also promised me to go to JE store!! I haven't been to the Johnny's shop in Osaka for 3 years however it will probably look the same...! ^^ I'm going to buy some new Arashi photos I suppose!

        On Friday afternoon I will go to Nagoya and probably meet up with Midori, then with Jina!
        Gonna stay at Jina's house until Sunday then take a shinkansen train and go to Tokyo!
        I'm going to shop until I drop in Tokyo!! I love to shop in Tokyo... Harajuku - Takeshita dori One of my fave shops are Momo/Wonder rocket then Liz Liza also have nice stuff. Shibuya - 109, HMV, LOFT. Ikebukuro - Sunshine city, it's a shopping mall but they have lots of great stores!!

        I also hope to meet up with Sayuri, Mikina, Setsuko, Ikuho....and also with all my "relatives"!
        I want to eat sushi and Melonpan from my fave Melonpan store in Ookayama!

        On Aug 24 I'll fly back from Narita airport to Incheon Airport. Actually I wanted to fly from Haneda Airport since it's closer to downtown Tokyo but they didn't have any tickets (T^T)

        From Aug 24-29 I'll be in South Korea.. not sure if I will travel around the country this time! It would be nice but it depends on time and budget, it would be nice to go to Busan and Mokpo.
        I never have had the time to go to Busan, and I'd like to meet up with Hani, but she lives in Mokpo therefore I want to go!Also I have only seen Mokpo in the winter and since it's a harbour city I bet it's nice in the summer ^^

        Since I'm staying right across Lotte Hotel this time Myeong-dong will be close and if you have been to Seoul you know that Myeong-dong is a huge shopping district and also have lots of bars and restaurants!!
        And it's also close to Dongdaemun, maybe the best place to go shopping in Seoul! It's open almost 24/7 and you can bargain!!! (^0^)

        Still some time to go, but plans are needed! Time goes by so fast these days and I don't want them to go to waste therefore I've already planned what can be planned so far!!

        Today's song: 티아라 - 진짜 진짜 좋아해 (T-ara - Really really like you)

        Thursday, 7 July 2011

        Not long to go!! (part1)

        Within one month I will be back in Asia!! For a short while, than last year, but some time is better than no time right!?
        My first stop will be Singapore! I will arrive in SG on Aug 6!
        I'm so excited, gonna meet Shao-unni and Rara-unni :) I'm gonna stay att Rara-unni's house, she also took all days off work while I'm there. On Aug 9 it's their National day + Rara-unni mum's b-day, so I need to buy a nice present and bring!

        I really look forward to everything!! AND It will be exactly 10 years since I visited SG last time, long time no see... haha

        1. Be around wonderful and missed friends!!

        2. Try real Kaya Toast.. the fameous toast!! ^^

        3. Visit Marine Bay Sands Hotel!

        4. Go shopping at Victoria's Secret

        5. Do a daytrip to Malaysia

        6. All other kind of awsomeness!!

        Second stop will be Taipei, Taiwan

        Going for a short stay, to see my "sister" Una or Sangbong as I call her...but I think her Taiwanese name is nice, Hsiang Feng ^^

        It's only for 3nights 4days, but it will be AWSOME I guess ^^
        Nice food, shopping sightseeing

        On Aug 15, evening I will arrive in Seoul, South Korea
        I'll be celebrating my b-day in Korea, once again! Looking forward spending time with my unni's and oppa's (^__^) Seems like I will miss all good concerts this time but I suppose I survive, seen them all many times before (^0^;;)

        More details about my trip to S.Korea and Japan, what I have planned so far will come but later....

        다이어트 하기 싫지만...잘하고 있음

        지닌주부터 다이어트하기 시각했다. 매일 헬스장에 가서 운동한다!
        보통 2시간동안 운동한다. 운동하긴후 몸이 좋지만 사실은 다이어트하기 싫다ㅠㅠ 그냥 재밌게 운동했으면 좋겠지만 그것 아니다.
        일주일밖에 안 지났는데 벌써 3킬로 빠졌다!! ^^ 넘 좋지ㅎㅎ
        8월까지 (아시아 가기전) 10킬로+ 빠졌으면 좋겠지ㅋㅋ 열심히 할게!! 홧팅!!ㅋㅋ

        어렸을땐 매주 6-7번 운동해서 날씬했다. 내가 핸드볼선수였으니까ㅋㅋㅋ 고등학교 다닐땐 다양한 신체부분을 많이 다지고 특히 다리를 많이 다쳐서 고2년에 그만됐다ㅠㅠ 지금도 다시 한번 핸드볼을 하고 싶지만 다리를 아파서 못한다ㅠㅠ
        살을 쉽게 찌지 않았으면 좋겠다!! 요즘 항상 체중에 신결을 써야 해서ㅡㅡ
        안 먹어도 살을 찐다고 생각함! 이상하지만 그렇게 생각하고 있음ㅎㅎ

        매일 두번 다이어트 셰이크를 먹고 한번 먹고 싶은음식을 먹다. 양이 많지 않지만 살을 빼고 싶으면 이렇게 해야겠다ㅋㅋㅋ (보통 아침과 저녁에 셰이크를 먹다)
        밤엔 배가 고프면 오이를 먹으면 된다!!
        참~ 하루에 주스 한두잔도 먹으면 된다ㅋㅋ

        난 다이어트 할수 있다!! I CAN DO IT!!

        지금 헬스장으로 간다!! 이따 봐~ ^^

        오늘의 노래: 소녀시대 (오사카 공연) - Genie, Mr Taxi, Let it rain, the great escape

        Wednesday, 6 July 2011

        the diet seems to work!

        It finally seems to work the way I want it.
        I do hate diets, I really do and I have lost count over how many different kinds I have done in my lifetime so far.
        Anyway the current diet seems to work! I hit the gym almost everyday and eat differently, mix of dietshakes and normal food!
        Happy that I have lost so much as I have within a week! It really motivates me and makes me want to continue!!
        Today I really worked out alot, the sweat covered my whole body and I felt great when I came home!!

        For lunch or maybe dinner..since it was dinner time however I missed lunch therefore I'm not sure what to call it, anyway I met up with my mum and we ate at Hötorgshallen, a covered market in central Stockholm... We went to my fave Fish place, Kajsas Fisk.
        I had salmon, mashed potato and some olive mix and my mum had a shrimp sallad!
        All very nice and tasty! Normally I eat their fish soup, it's maybe the best fish soup I have ever eaten ^^ However today I felt like trying something new...
        After the meal we bought some "air-dried" italian ham and salami and Swedish strawberries and went home!

        It's only 9pm but I'm exhaused!!
        Back to the gym in the morning~

        Today's song: 씨엔블루의 강민혁 - 별 (CN Blue, Kang Min Hyuk - Star)

        Tuesday, 5 July 2011

        A long day!

        Today I have done a lot of things!
        Okay first I slept late since I stayed up until early morning...

        First I went and bought myself a new camera!! I finally found the chocolate one!!! and for a really good price, It's the nicest colour still not many shops in Sweden provides it!
        Include the price I also got a 4gb memory card and a bag!!

        Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ20

        Afterwards I tried to find a present for my cousin, it was not an easy and still not done but now I know what to buy!!
        But I guess I will let my mum buy it since her work is closeby the store!

        After that I went to a blood central, since I don't know my bloodtype and that is the only way to get to know what type you belong 2!
        So I filled out various forms and took some tests, on Aug 2 I'll find out what type I belong to.. and do a good deed!

        The day finished with a really late lunch or maybe I should called it dinner at Ki-mama Ramen, I took a Shio Ramen!! Really good but no bean sprouts!! I can thank EHEC for that (T_T)

        Now it's time for a new episode of MIDSOMER MURDERS

        Today's song: Hey Say JUMP! - Over
        (The thing about Morimoto Ryutaro is sad, but he has himself to blame! Also he should be aware of the history of his sempais)

        Monday, 4 July 2011

        Time for a change...

        So I felt bored and felt like changing design...
        As you can see it now has a background with ARASHI!!! aka. The love of my life.. hahaha

        Also.. I saw that I have had readers from all over the world.. THANKS for checking my blog and hope you find something interesting... (^^;;)
        And sorry for you who don't know Swedish, recently I have been writing most in Swedish, and probably will write a lot in Swedish in the future as well, however I will try to write lots in English too!!

        When I go to Singapore, Taiwan, S.Korea and Japan this summer I'll probably write mostly in English since I won't bring my laptop with me this time..since it's only a 3 weeks trip!!

        ENJOY the SUMMER season... I do! (^0^)

        Today's song.. 카라(KARA) - Go Go Summer

        Sunday, 3 July 2011

        Kim Yuna's Kiss & Cry

        There are many shows I follow from S.Korea and Japan...
        Right now I follow mostly Korean shows, both dramas and varity shows.
        One of my fave varity show right now is KIM YUNA's Kiss & Cry - My fave couples are DBSK's Yun-Ho & Claudia and F(x)'s Krystal & Lee Dong-Hoon

        This weeks show was really fun watching!! A great end on this week! ;)

        Yun-Ho & Claudia - Ballet and B-boy
        It shows that even though Y-H has been abroad they have been able to practise more!! They really are cute together, kinda Big brother-little sister kinda feeling (^__^;;)

        Krystal & Lee Dong-Hoon - Livin' la vida loca
        All their lifts are so cool!! It was a pity that they missed a bit at the end still very good round!!

        Hot summer!! + other SM

        Det är så varmt nuförtiden, NEJ jag klagar inte, jag bara säger som dt är (^__^)

        Nu förtiden hör jag 에프엑스's (f(x)) låt Hot summer...
        Egentligen så vet jag inte vad jag tycker om den, men well.. den spelas väldigt ofta i Korea så kan inte undgå den!! Gillar Amber's korta o blonda frissa!
        Plus MVn är färgglad vilket passar säsongen!

        HeeChul's nya mix!! 뭘봐 (Close your mouth)
        *Note: 뭘봐 betyder vad kollar du på*
        Passar honom!! LOVE it!

        Hittade även att SM lagt upp framträdanden från SM Town i Paris!! ☆
        Ganska kul när man ser alla fans med sina kameror i högsta hugg! I Korea är vakterna som hökar och mer eller mindre sliter kameran ur handen på en om de ser en! Men här var det tydligen OK att filma o ta bilder.. ge ett bra intryck på Europa kanske?! (^___-)
        Jag hade velat gå men orka betala 1000 kr för en biljett! När det kostar mellan 200-500kr i Korea!

        동방신기 (DBSK/TVXQ) - 이것만은 알고 가 (Before u go)
        Yunho oppa är hur snygg som helst!!!

        슈주(Super Junior) - 돈돈 (Don't Don)
        Gillar remixen!!! + Donghae o Siwon ♥♥♥♥♥

        샤이니(SHINee) - 누나 넘 예뻐 (Replay)
        Det känns som att det var igår jag såg dessa småpojkar släppa den här låten, visst hade de fans men inte lika många som idag.. hann med att se o träffa dem innan de blev stora (^^;;)

        Saturday, 2 July 2011

        Great food! + ARASHI's Beautiful World

        Today I didnt leave my bed until 2.30pm!! It have been years since I slept such late!
        Then again I went to bed at 4am and I have not been sleeping much for the last couple of days since I have been working from early hours!

        Today I got the new cd of ARASHI.... Total happiness!!
        (As most people know ARASHI is my fave!!)
        The cd has official release on Wednesday next week however here it is already!
        The album title it BEAUTIFUL WORLD! Just as their upcoming tour.
        I'm not 100% sure but I think it was mentioned that Sho-kun said something about Beautiful world and then the name was born! ;)
        I hope that Aiba-chan will be healthy until then!! GANBATTE~
        What can I say about the album... WONDERFUL!!
        One funny thing is that you can hear which songs Swedish songwriters have created..haha
        And crazy enough I like Matsujun's solo song the most! The song really fit him and it's just great - uptempo and catchy!
        Nino's selfwritten song is great too!! It's no. 2 for me!
        However I'm a bit disappointed with Riida, Well on one side it's fun to see a new style and he pulls it off, however it's not my cup of tea. I think I prefere the ballads (^^;;)
        This coming week I'll be playing alot of Arashi!!

        Today, this evening the whole family went to Tina o Benji's home and celebrated Tina's 30th B-day! Feels so weird that both my older cousins have reached the age of 30! However that also means that I soon, in a few years time, will hit the same age!
        Benji is a star chef so of course we got great food!! Turkey, Swedish summer pototo, Tomato sallad, Asparagus, beetroot, Lime butter and freshly baked bread!!

        As dessert there were lots of different kind of cookies and of course cake, however the main dish was the best!
        And since I had not eaten anything since I woke up it was all extra tasty..haha

        Today's song 嵐の松本潤(Matsujun) - Shake it!