Sunday, 31 July 2011

Got my shoes back!! Sunny Sunday

Today I woke up pretty early, I'm not a morning person, and it's a Sunday!
After breakfast I went downtown to collect my shoes, the salesperson gave me a strange look and said: is this the bag!? I'm so happy I got them back!! (^0^)

While walking downtown I could clearly notice that people are still enjoying their summer vacation. There were not many people out today, then again when it's SUNSHINE outside who wants to go in stores shopping!? ^^;;
Today is a very fine summer day in Stockholm.. and there is NOTHING like Swedish summer! I can go abroad to Greece, Spain, Turkey, Asia etc. Still Swedish summer is something special!

Now it's ONLY 5 days before take-off!! I'm so excited, Clara texted me today and said they have planned that we should have hotpot with friends when I arrive and that we should go to ktv on the 8th. I really look forward seeing her and Shao...and SG (^0^)
Still this coming week I have lots to do...

  • They had a memorial concert in Norway and the audience held up papers with redhearts to show their support.
  • Norwegians want July 22 to be an official memorial day for the victims.
  • A Norwegian ex-neo nazi said that he can recognize himself in some of the thoughts Anders B. Breivik has. He commented and said first when he heard about the bomb he thought it was Al-Qiada and Mullah Krekar, then he heard about the shootings at Utøya Island and the first that crossed his mind was a rightist(even before it hit the news). He also said that when the official news came out he felt ashame and everything he left behind so many years ago came back (He left the neo-nazi's in the 90's). He also believes that rightist in Norway and other countries see this action as something good, not the shootings at Utøya Island but the bomb.
  • Anders B. Breivik told his attorney Geir Lippestad that in 60 years time people will Thank him for his actions.
  • The Norwegain paper VG wrote and article saying that people with another ethnic background (mostly muslims) than Norwegian suffered from persecution and suspicion right after the bomb went off. People who suffered from this understood that people were scared and surprised, however to immidiately accuse people with another raise and religion before having facts made them feel very sad. They continue and said that Norway already have problems with various raises. If it would have turned out that the person behind the attacks would have had been "from a muslim background", it'd have had been very difficult for the muslim people living in Norway.

Today's song: Rihanna - Man Down

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