Saturday, 31 May 2014

Michael Kors shoes

Something I really want, and something I really need is new loafers!
I found these Michael Kors the other day!
I actually wanted another colour so I'm hesitating if I should buy these or not!?
I mean, I'm off to NYC in August, should I wait!? But by then the summer season will be over (T_T)

What should I do?!
Buy or wait!?

Weird huh?

Time's changing!

Pic cred @ owner

Stay with me

Have you heard this song? The latest song by Sam Smith.
I love it!!
It's currently the number one song in the UK ^^


Friday, 30 May 2014

Adult deliciousness

I'd say that there are some advantages of being a grown-up.
I tasted this a few weeks back and fell in love!
This rose wine is to die for.

It has to be super cold, not just cold... to taste awesome!!
Best thing, not lot of alcohol, cheap and super delicious!
I know what I'll drink this summer ^^

New sushi place

I use this app called Rabble, anyone else know about it?!
Anyway, there are various discounts and last Friday I found a coupon for a place called City Sushi here in Stockholm.
I was craving sushi too and it felt like a nice deal. When we got there the place was empty but the inside looked fine so we decided to try it out.

It took quite some time to make it, so a minus for that.
But when we got the food, it looked delicious, and it also tasted really good!

You get 4 coupons for sushi at this place, and I went back on Sunday before 4Minute's fanbash with friends!

Price?! 10 pcs sushi x2 for 109 SEK.
As we were three we shared 4! ^^

This is a small, hidden place, I think it's a lunch restaurant kinda business since they have no toilet at the restaurant. And it's kinda small.
Anyway, I will return! ^^

Back to the future

This is EXILE SHOKICHI's first solo song and it feat. no other than VERBAL (m-flo) & SWAY!
I like the song, but the PV is kinda weird if u ask me!
Oh well.. take a listen to this!! ^^
I hope he'll perform it this year ^^

Thursday, 29 May 2014

I want tea time

I was reading the "25 reasons to love Tokyo" and I found this place on 5th place - Aoyama Flower Market Tea House.
I looked on the link and fell in love!
This is a place I have to visit next time I go to Japan! Although there are quite some time left, this is on my "To Visit List".

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House is just a 5-minute walk from Omotesando station. This cafe combines a florist with a tea house, a great!

Official homepage

Opening hours
Mon-Sat 11:00 ~20:00  (L.O 19:30)
Sunday / Holidays 11:00 ~19:00  (L.O 18:30)
Lunch Hours (Mon-Fri) 11:00 ~15:00

Info and photos cred @ Lady Iron ChefLuxecityguides,Edokko and Universotokyo

I love it

Who has missed out on this song!? If you like music at all you cannot have missed this one!
It's a few years old too so there should be no excuse!
4Minute performed this at their showcase last Sunday, it was good... but nothing can beat the original!
Therefore I'll share the original.. Icona Pop!



One of my fave Kpop bands,동방신기, is here with a new live album!
This one is from their 4th World Tour called [Catch Me]. It has been quite some time since I saw them live, but I hope I'll be able to do so in the future. A friend of min attended this concert, so I'm jealous. But at least I got a hold of this one!!
This album feature lots of songs, both new and old! I like the combination!! ^^ Also, I love that it's from their Korean concert, although they do great Japanese songs, I still have a bias for their Korean songs/versions.
I cannot really choose a fave because there are so many good ones. And when listening, it tells it was a great tour!!! 
And...I know I shouldn't say this, but when they to oldies like Rising Sun, and O-正.反.合., I cannot help to miss the other 3 members!
Back to the album..a mix of so many songs and styles, Pure AWESOMENESS!!! (^_^)


[CD 1]
01. Prepare to Fire
02. Rising Sun (순수)
03. Getaway
04. HEY! (Don’t bring me down)
05. "O"-正.反.合.
06. 비누처럼 (Like a Soap)
07. How are you
09. 고백 (Confession)_Sung by 최강창민
10. Honey Funny Bunny_Sung by 유노윤호
11. Wrong Number
12. I don't know (Korean ver.)
13. Humanoids
14. Purple Line
15. 이것만은 알고 가 (Before U Go)
16. Destiny

[CD 2]
01. Ballad Medley (기억을 따라서 (Everlasting) (Korean ver.) + I never let go + 약속했던 그때에 (Always there…) + 지금처럼 (Specially))
02. I wanna hold you
03. Here I Stand
04. 꿈 (Dream)
05. Catch Me
06. B.U.T (BE-AU-TY) (Japanese ver.)
07. 왜 (Keep Your Head Down)
08. 바보 (Unforgettable)
09. 주문 - MIROTIC
10. Hi ya ya 여름날
11. Summer Dream
12. Sky
13. I'll be there

[Bonus Track_Studio ver.]
14. B.U.T (BE-AU-TY) (Korean ver.)
15. 기억을 따라서 (Everlasting) (Korean ver.)

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Already ending!

Today is the final work day of the week... YAY!!
I need some vaca! A few months or weeks back I had in mind that I'd travel to London for a shopping spree, however I changed my mind.
I think I need to sleep and do some work from home!
On Monday, June 2, I'm off to Finland for the day for work. Not sure how the day will be, check emails, hang out at our Finnish office, and hold a "seminar"!
I have started on a presentation, but there are still things I need to fix... oh well.. there's a day tomorrow too right!? and a day after that ^^

I'm kinda excited to go to Finland, it's my first time in many years I will set my foot on Finnish ground! ^^
It's a short trip, but I have too much going on I cannot stay longer.
So yeah, I don't expect too much as it's work, I mean I won't have time to go sightseeing, still, it will be fun just to go there!
I'm happy I managed to get flights to/from Bromma Airport, it's much closer to home!
And I think I'll be able to see my house during start and landing (^^;;)

모르는 척

This week will be most about my fave 4Minute songs, I think I got hype after the showcase!!
Kinda weird, I should have prepared right!? Oh well.. I digged out some old albums and went through them now.
I have realized I really like their ballads!!
Here's 모르는 척 (Pretend)

I found a version with eng sub for all of you who do not speak Korean!

플라이 투 더 스카이 정규 9집 - 컨티뉴엄

Fly to the Sky is back! After their tenth anniversary back in 2009, they went their separate ways to concentrate on their solo careers. However, now they return as a duo!! Their ninth album is called "Continuum" and it is featuring ten new tracks.
What can I say about this album...FTTS is really back!! And what a great come back album! I wasn't sure if I'd see them again as a duo after their break up, but here they are!! 
My fave song is 알 수 없는 이별 feat. Na Young Kim. I like it because of the music and lyrics! It's such a great combination ^^ My second fave is 니목소리, I'd say it's because of the music, the cello and piano!
십년이지나도 is also a song I like, there is something about Hwanhee's voice in this one that I'm very drawn to!

FFTS...I'm so happy to have you back!! (^_^)


01. We
02. 너를 너를 너를
03. 니목소리
04. 전화하지말아요
05. So cool
06. 너
07. 알 수 없는 이별 (Feat.김나영)
08. 십년이지나도
09. Kiss & Say goodbye
10. 거짓말 같다

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


2NE1 kicked off their All Or Nothing World Tour in Seoul on March 1-2. This time around they took support of directors Travis Payne and Stacy A. Walker. I'm not sure why it comes in a two disc version. But here it is!
There's no disappointment when it comes to their lives, I'm very pleased with this album!
If you haven't heard it, do it ASAP ^^
The various versions of the songs were a happy surprise!! I got to get into their music again.. (^^;;)


02. FIRE
03. 박수쳐
05. DON'T STOP THE MUSIC short ver.
06. 그리워해요
07. 살아 봤으면 해
08. COME BACK HOME unplugged ver.
09. UGLY

02. COME BACK HOME original ver.
03. 너 아님 안돼
05. 나쁜기집애 & 멘붕
07. 내가 제일 잘 나가 motorcycle ver.
08. I DON'T CARE rock ver.
09. GO AWAY rock ver.

Testing Dry schampoo

My hair is so dry, I think it's because I shower too much and I have dyed it too much!
So I have come up with a solution that will probably help a bit, DRY schampoo!
I have never tried it before, but a few friends said it'd be good so I felt like I should give it a try.

I have bought this one from Batisto, a known brand.
And to have some fun, I chose the tropical one, making it smell like coconut ^^
So far I'm happy with it, but will it be okay in the long run?
We'll have to wait and see!!


Here's another song that got me excited during 4Minute's fanbash in Stockholm the other day!
Here's Mirror Mirror! ^^
The showcase was much more fun than I thought it'd be ^^

Monday, 26 May 2014

Shame on Europe!!!

The EU election is based on the peoples votes, but really EUROPE, is this the kinda future we want?
Is this how we want Europe to be ruled?
The things we used to stand for and be against, are we really taking this turn?! Haven't we had enough throughout history?

I woke up being ashamed of the voting results!
I'm angry with the ones who voted like this! And I'm disappointed that so many didn't vote at all.
However those votes are also mixed, I mean it's not good to vote just because of voting and have no clue. But their vote could have changed the outcome....

Europe, despite this...I hope for a better Europe!!

#ShameonEurope #EUelection2014

The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared

I saw the movie "The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared" last Friday.
I had quite high hopes as it had been a huge success and talked about in media when it was released, both book and movie!
However I did not like it as much as I thought. I'm not sure why, but it was a movie I have now seen, won't recommend and will probably never see again. Robert Gustafsson, the main character, does a good acting job but well... the movie is still kinda boring.
Also, Mia Skäringer, I do wonder, these kinds of roles, is that all she can do!? Everything I have seen her in, her character is the same. It's kinda boring to be honest! Also, there are too much of "Solsidan", popular Swedish tv-series, in this movie. Although I love Solsidan, that was not what I wanted to see in the movie.

I guess this is a movie that you either LOVE or HATE!?

Allan Karlsson is about to celebrate his hundredth birthday, and a birthday party is planned at his retirement home. Allan is alert despite his age, but not so interested in the party. Instead he steps out the window and disappears. He gets hold of a suitcase of drug money and becomes chased by both drug dealers and the police.
Filled with lots of adventures, Allan's life story is told in parallel to this. He eats dinner with the future President Harry S. Truman, hitchhikes with Winston Churchill, travels on a riverboat with the wife of Mao Zedong and walks across the Himalayas on foot.

Robert Gustafsson – Allan Karlsson
Iwar Wiklander – Julius
David Wiberg – Benny
Mia Skäringer – Gunilla
Jens Hultén – Gäddan
Ralph Carlsson – Kommissarie Aronson
Bianca Cruzeiro – Caracas
Alan Ford – Pim
Sven Lönn – Hinken
David Shackleton – Herbert Einstein
Patrik Karlson – Sigvard Eklund
Georg Nikoloff – Popov
Simon Seppänen – Bulten
Manuel Dubra – Esteban
Cory Peterson – CIA Ryan Hutton
Kerry Shale – Harry S. Truman
Philip Rösch – Robert Oppenheimer
Algirdas Romualdas – Josef Stalin
Keith Chanter – Ronald Reagan
Johan Rheborg – Tage Erlander
Donald Högberg – Professor Herman Lundborg
Eiffel Mattsson – Havsman
Jan Berglund – Grosshandlare Gustavsson


The next single by Arashi this year, number 3 of 2014, is here!
This is my fave song so far!!! I have no idea why, but all the songs used for dramas Riida Ohno Satoshi stars in are the best ^^ (Started with truth in 2008)...!!
I love the combination of music and lyrics for 誰も知らない.
As for the other songs, I'm a bit mixed. Keep On Tryin' to me is kinda boring, yet it's fun to hear Arashi do that kind of music. ミラクル・サマー is sorta normal song, a typical B-side song for Arashi. It's nice to listen to! I think it'd be nice for a live! ^^
おかえり, I love the intro for this song! I really like this typical Arashi ballad, it's very sweet and lovely!! I hope this song also will be performed at their upcoming concert!! ^^


02.おかえり (LE)
03.おかえり (オリジナル・カラオケ) (LE)
02.Keep on tryin'
04.誰も知らない (オリジナル・カラオケ) (RE)
05.Keep on tryin'(オリジナル・カラオケ) (RE)

I'm OK

This is one of my fave songs by 4Minute and luckily they sang this yesterday at their showcase!
This is "I'm Ok"



Sunday, 25 May 2014


Even though I haven't listened more to 4minutes songs than I usually do..
I'm still excited to see them!
I'm now on the way to the venue. I hope it will be a fun event...
I think it will be a 2 h showcase!? 
(according to Kpop nonstop, the High5 event will begin at 9pm so..)

Hot issue

Tonight or this evening perhaps I should say, it's time for 4Minutes Fan bash in Stockholm!
As I said, I'm not a HUGE fan of them... but me and my girls thought it'd be a fun thing to do together so we are off seeing them ^^

Therefore, I'll share this, their first song from 2009.. Hot Issue ^^


Food for thought

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Oh Canada...

I found this by chance when googling...
I miss Canada!!!
But soon, so soon, I'll be back! ^^

Lebanese dinner

I had dinner with H the other day, and we ended up having Lebanese food!
Meze plate with deliciousness.
I just love Arabic/Greek/Mediterranean food ^^
Although this was at a normal food court it was nice ^^

The Sun is Rising

While I saw the movie The Other Woman the other day, I heard this song.
The sun is rising by Britt Nicole.
I really like both music and lyrics, and it was perfect for the movie.
I have never heard of this singer before....I got to Google her ^^

Friday, 23 May 2014

너 아님 안돼

The song was already released before, but here is a music video.
I'm kinda sad that they promote CL so much compare to the others, I mean they are a group, it's not CL and the rest. I do like CL a lot don't get me wrong but well... that was what I hoped for.
Also, this MV looks kinda plain and simple, not what I expected.
But I do like the colours!!

What do you think?!

Polly with salted peanuts

I got to try this the other day!
It's Norwegian chocolate and it's chocolate mixed with salted peanuts!!
What a great flavour! I wonder why we don't have this in Sweden? Neighbours and all, still I have never heard of this brand before ^^

Have you tried it!? ^^
If you find it!!

We don't stop

Kana-chan is back with a new track. I have been waiting!
However nothing can beat her hit "Sayonara" from last year.
Still, I'd say this is a typical Kana sound, however despite being a more up-tempo song, there's something I miss. I wish I could say what though.
Happy Birthday is a nice song, the title says almost all ^^ if I was her friend, I'd be happy if she sang this to me ^^
25 sounds like a song that'd fit in an American "family" movie.
It's a nice single and all, still... for me there's something missing....therefore 2 and half a star.


01. We Don’t Stop
02. Happy Birthday
03. 25

01. 西野カナ ファンクラブツアー「The Nishino Family Party 2013」ダイジェスト映像収録

Thursday, 22 May 2014

너를 너를 너를

To be honest i was in shock when I saw that these guys were doing a comeback!
It has been about 5 years since their previous album! But here they are!
The title track is called You You You and is a well.. kinda sad love song.

Welcome back Brian and Hwanhee ^^

The other woman

I finally saw the movie "THE OTHER WOMAN".
Although it was very predictable, it was very fun! My friend and I had some great laughs.
A total chick flick ^^

It was fun to see Nikolaj Coster Waldau in an English speaking movie, and his role.. OMG!
I saw a totally new side of him XD
Also, I have to admit.. Cameron Diaz starts to look old! Age is really taking a turn!

Weekday gifts!

Yesterday morning I got some gifts from colleagues.
I got Norwegian chocolate from one colleague and some Strawberry plants from another colleague...
And the sun was shining all day!
It was great day indeed ^^

I love my work place ^^

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

New nail polish

A friend of mine came home from Korea the other week and we met up the other day.
She gave me 2 nail polishes from Missha, an eyeliner from Nature republic and some Mobile phone stuff.
She's my saviour ^^

This one is really good to have on top of a base colour!
I bought one last year and loved it, for some reason they didn't sell it in Japan while I was there last year.
So I'm so happy F was able to get this for me!

This is a new one, I liked the picture and wanted to try it.
Or actually I sent a few colours and asked F to select her fave.
I tried it on yesterday and LOVE it. It's actually lighter, more pink than red in my opinion.
So I guess, the pic is not totally true, but I don't care! I love this one!
I will buy more of it in December!


It's finally here!! The dvd was filmed at Kokuritsu on September 22, 2013.
I hope this will be another fantastic Arahi year, after all it's their 15th anniversay.
As I said in my previous post regarding this dvd, it has been highy anticipated!! And I almost thought it wouln't be released but here it is.
It's released today, and I'm waiting for my friend to send it to me!! I cannot wait ^^

1. Face Down
2. Crazy Moon~キミ・ハ・ムテキ~ (Crazy Moon - Kimi wa Muteki -)
3. truth
4. Welcome to our party
5. Happiness
6. Hello Goodbye (Vocal: Aiba Masaki)
7. 素晴らしき世界 (Subarashiki Sekai)
8. Love Situation
10. Take me faraway (Vocal: Ohno Satoshi)
11. 時計じかけのアンブレラ (Tokei Jikake no Umbrella)
12. Monster
13. ファイトソング (Fight Song)
14. Hip Pop Boogie (Vocal: Sakurai Sho)
16. a Day in Our Life
17. Lucky Man
18. 迷宮ラブソング (Meikyū Love Song)
19. ふるさと (Furusato)
20. 風の向こうへ (Kaze no Mukō e)
21. DJ×MJ part1 (Step and Go~きっと大丈夫~Love so sweet) (DJxMJ part1 (Step and Go~Kitto Daijōbu~Love so sweet)
22. Yes? No?
23. Re(mark)able
24. DJ×MJ part2 (Troublemaker~Believe~Up to you)
25. Shake it! (Vocal: Matsumoto Jun)
26. Breathless
27. Calling
28. Still...
29. 秘密 (Himitsu) (Vocal: Ninomiya Kazunari)
30. Endless Game
31. Summer Splash!
32. Oh Yeah!
33. エナジーソング~絶好調超!!!!~ (Energy Song~Zekkōchō Chō!!!!!~)
34. ワイルド アット ハート (Wild at Heart)
35. 5×10
36. Løve Rainbow
37. A・RA・SHI
38. 五里霧中 (Gorimuchū)
41. サクラ咲ケ (Sakura Sake)
42.感謝カンゲキ雨嵐 (Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi)

Today's quote

"人生に最も必要なものは?》失敗と反省." - 櫻井翔
"In life, what is the most necessary thing? → Failure and reflection." 
- Sakurai Sho

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

This is airplane food!!

I realized that I'll fly with JAL when I go to Tokyo this December.
I'll be travelling with them from Helsinki, Finland to Tokyo, Japan!
I have traveled with them before between Korea and Japan a few times, however this is the first time I'll fly long distance.
I always liked JAL and I'm very excited to fly with them again!

And so I was bored and looked through their website and found this!
This is from their food and service pages in Economy class!!

print screen cred @ JAL


First time I had Ramen in Japan I heard all people slurping, and being Swedish and all, that's a NO-NO.
So I asked my "uncle" why they were doing that, and he said, that's what you do! It's a custom in Japan.
It also tells other it tastes good! You don't want the noodles to get soggy, and it doesn't burn your mouth while eating!
It sounded good to me, but well, inside I was anxious as we do not slurp in Sweden.

Anyway, I found this video a few days ago, and it seems I'm not the only one!
However ever since that time in Japan, I always slurp my ramen.
Do you know...? There's a different slurp sound for RAMEN and SOBA?! (^^;;)

Anyhow, there's also another hidden reason why you should slurp!
I have to try it next time, just to see if I can sense it!
To find out what it is, take a look at this!!



I introduced a song by this singer a few days ago, and while I was listening to some of his "new material" that I hadn't heard I found this song. Although it was released back in 2006, it was new to me.
I really like this song, so I'll share it with all of you! :)

Here's Erik Faber feat. Marte Wulff - Racing

Monday, 19 May 2014

Some of my JE Collection

So the other day I opened up half of my collection...Of JE and mostly Arashi stuff!!
I actually keep this box under my bed!! *Maybe that's why I sleep so well!? XD *
When I put it all on the floor I was amazed of all I had, knowing I even have lots more stuck in other places in the house!!


Most of course is with my ichiban.. Sho-kun ^^

DVD collection
(I just realized I forgot Honey & Clover and Kiroii Namida)

Cds and various con-goods

Mix of goods ^^

But this ain't all!!!

I also have lots of other things... Such as shop photos - Mainly Arashi of course, then other JE artists.. maybe 200-300 photos!?

Shopping bags
Ohno's Freestyle
Boku miteiru no fuukei
Beautiful Wold
Waku Waku Gakkou 2012
Arafes 2012
Arafes 2013 
and also one by Kanjani8 from 2008, and one by NEWS Pacific tour.

Lunch bag from Waku waku gakkou 2013
Lunch box from Waku waku gakkou 2012
T-shirts from Beautiful world and Arafes13
Pair Pouch from Love
Notebook from Waku waku gakkou 2013

AAA08 in Seoul, Taipei and Tokyo
Boku miteiru hood- and bath towel
Beautiful world hood- and bath towel
Arafes 2013 Hood towel

Magazines and photobooks
HYD Final
Only star
Wink up
An an

Tour pamphlets
Dream A Live,
AAA08 in Tokyo

I also have Pamphlet, towel, dvd from KinKi Kids Kinki You tour, some old calendars with Tackey & Tsubasa, and Arashi,
Concert dvds with V6, Kinki Kids, Tackey & Tsubasa.. and some cd's by SMAP, V6, KinKi Kids, Tackey & Tsubasa, NEWS and maybe one left with Kanjani8!
And finally...photobook and magazines with Kimutaku!

I guess this is what JE does to you... Addicted and spend money! ^^
I have also sold off lots of stuff - Kanjani8 cds, NEWS cd's + DVD, KAT-TUN cd's, Arashi con goods...!! So imagine what I had to begin with..haha

Not alone

This song started off quite boring, then suddenly there it came!
Excitement and joy! I liked this song! A good song from Armenia ^^


Today's quote

"Time is like a river. You cannot touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again. Enjoy every moment of life!"

Sunday, 18 May 2014


I found this the other day, Yeah I know, I find things here and there.
And I actually learnt something new.
There's Blue/Green tea (O_o;;) or maybe I'm just slow!?

Cred @ owner

Eye make up ideas

I found a cool webpage the other day..
How to do your eye make up!!
This is for Asians, so it's perfect for me!
I got some ideas on how to make my eyes bigger ^^

All potos cred @ owner.
To read more and see more photos go here 19 Awesome Eye Make Up Ideas for Asians


Jpop group Flower is back with a new track, the title is 熱帯魚の涙 and it means Tears of tropical fish.
I like the outfits, and the music. Lyrics is okay... (^^;;) All together is great!


Saturday, 17 May 2014

Not over

As it's the Norwegian national day, here's some Norwegian music!
I used to listen to this guy back in middle school. Turns out, he's still singing ^^

Here's Erik Faber with Not Over.

New instant ramen

I love ramen but its not so easy to get it here so instant is a common option. Today at the store i found these, to me new flavours of instant ramen! I look forward eating at the time. 

3 of 4 are based on Tonkotsu flavour ^^

  • Black Garlic Tonkotsu
  • Miso Tonkostu
  • Kobe beef
  • Shoyu (soy) Tonkotsu

Circle of life

I found this photo the other day and thought I'd share ^^
Kinda funny... no!?

cred @ owner


Today is 17th of May!
And what's with that.... well.. It's the Norwegian National day!

And NO, I know I'm not Norwegian, so what then?
Well, since I work at a Nordic office, I have co-workers who are Norwegian, so today I'll join them to celebrate their National day! ^^

I never celebrate the Swedish one, I didn't grow up doing so, they started doing it 10 years ago or something, and too me, it's no difference really. However Norwegians are all in on this day!
I'm excited to see what it will hold! ^^

Photo cred @ owner

Friday, 16 May 2014

Always No.1

I have no idea if any of you have heard this already, but I think it's an A W E S O M E song!
It's by British Alistair Griffin and it was featured during BBC's F1 cover in 2012!

Enjoy Always No.1


I found this in a second hand shop the other weekend, price US$2,20!
It looked quite new and I have wanted a steamer for quite some time however the once on the market are huge! This one can fit well in my kitchen!
This one, is like an extra casserole, but with holes. And you just put it on top of a normal one.
It came with a lid and all! Best part, it was super similar to an old one I have had at home!
That was why it caught my attention, and when I came home it was almost a perfect match.

I tried it out the other day, steamed dumplings, and it worked awesome! I'm so happy with this purchase!!

Time to share again!

These are actually old photos, but I was too tired to take photos the other day.
Oh well.. As I got a message from the blood center I felt like I should go down there and share.

Today I feel super tired, I guess it's a mix of being overloaded with work and not enough sleep.
Still, I feel good I did this.

If you haven't donated blood, consider it!!
Somebody needs you!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Sorta countdown!

I know it's more than 3 months left, but I cannot help myself!
I cannot believe I'll soon see my Tim again!!
And... best part, on Canadian ground!!

The reason why I thought of Tim is because of last weekend.
I met friends of my friend, Canadians, and we talked about Tim so (^^;;)
And yes, it's a busy week so I haven't had the time to think about other things than work, sad right!?
But for now I'm H A P P Y ! 

Svart snö

Kent is back with a new album!!
And here's one of the tracks Svart snö (Black snow)


Luleå from above!

I took these after take off last Sunday when leaving Luleå!
It was an amazing view, the photos are so so but well.. you get the picture ^^