Sunday, 31 May 2015

8 Meat Pies Into Its Crust

Pizza Hut Australia has come up with a new dish on their menu...
Together Australian restaurant Four’N Twenty, Pizza Hut is offering a pizza with eight meat pies packed into the crust.
The pizza became available at Australian locations on May 26. We'll have to wait and see if this turns globally or only for Aussies to enjoy!

Source People Magazine

Saturday, 30 May 2015


I saw this top online before I went to Japan and I was like, I so have to try it. I LOVE it ^^
I saw a girl on the underground wearing it and told S I wanted it. She was like...haha.. like where are you going to find it. If she only had known ^^ I went into Lowrys Farm and tried it, I took L size because I liked the bigger loose fit. S was like.. OMG how could you find it that quick. Then I told her my little secret. Anyway I was happy to find it, And now when I came home it turns out they have also made it into a dress, kinda upset me because I liked the dress even more.
But they, you cannot get it all. ^^

着丈 60.5
ゆき丈 41
胸囲 100
天幅 18

発売日 2015/04/08
品番 562867
タイプ トップス
サイズ M, L
カラー ブラウンベース58, ネイビーベース88
素材 綿100%
重さ 約 150g

You can purchase it here

Pics and info @ Lowrys Farm

maj månad

Ja, vad ska man säga... imorgon är sista dagen i maj och det verkar inte se ljusare ut!?

Bild cred @ owner

Friday, 29 May 2015


As I got this info and I was super shocked... really? already? I have to have it ^^
I've already pre-ordered my copy, my credit card is kinda crying but it's also used to it by now!
I cannot wait, it's released on July 29!!!! I got the Limited Edition of the DVD, it's 3 discs. It comes in a special package, special behind-the-scenes footage, and a booklet with live photos.

Let the countdown begin!!

デビューから 16年目に突入し、まだまだ進化を止めない最新型の嵐の全貌!デジタルとヒューマンの融合。パフォーマーとオーディエンスの一体化。巨大なドーム空間をフルに活かし、エンターテイメントをポップアートと言えるまでに昇華した一大スペクタクルの記録。Live DVD & Blu-rayで待望のリリース!!

2014 年 9 月、15 年前のグル―プ結成の地ハワイで行なったメモリアルコンサート「ARASHI BLAST in Hawaii」の熱気と感動も冷めぬ中、10 月にはコンセプチュアルな 13th アルバム「THE DIGITALIAN」を発表。そして、その直後の 11 月にスタートし全18公演で嵐史上最多の84.5万人を動員した全国5大ドームツアー「ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2014 THE DIGITALIAN」の最終の地・12 月の東京ドームでの公演をライブ収録。 ニューアルバムのコンセプトを、予想をはるかに上回るクオリティとスケールで体現したライブ本編の新旧取り混ぜた 22 曲は斬新で圧巻のパフォーマンス。 そしてアンコールの“5×15”と題した 15 周年のアニバーサリーイヤーにちなんだ 15 曲に及ぶ大ヒットメドレーで会場のボルテージはクライマックスに…

【DVD 初回限定盤】、【Blu-ray 初回限定盤】 はスペシャルパッケージ(デジパック仕様)。同梱の DISC3 には嵐のメンバーが自らカメラマンとなりツアーに密着したファン必見の特典映像「スッピンデジタリアン」を収録。さらにライブフォトブックレット(ページ数未定)を封入した豪華仕様。

●スペシャルパッケージ (デジパック仕様)
●特典映像ディスク(DISC 3)「スッピンデジタリアン」同梱

DISC 1~2
1. Asterisk
2. Take Off !!!!!
3. Wonderful
4. Welcome to ourparty
5. Bittersweet
6. Disco Star
7. Hey Yeah!
8. One Step
9. Oh Yeah!
10. ハダシの未来
11. Love Wonderland
12. WISH
13. メリークリスマス
15. Imaging Crazy
16. Tell me why
17. TRAP
18. Troublemaker (DIGITALIAN Remix)
19. Lucky Man (DIGITALIAN Remix)
20. Hope in the darkness
21. Zero-G
22. A・RA・SHI
23. SUNRISE 日本
24. 君のために僕がいる
25. a Day in Our Life
26. 言葉より大切なもの
27. サクラ咲ケ
28. Love so sweet
29. Happiness
30. One Love
31. Monster
32. 迷宮ラブソング
33. Calling
34. 誰も知らない
35. GUTS !
36. キミの夢を見ていた


I have to say, on me this is much shorter, I'm not sure if it's because I'm taller than the model, or if my chest is bigger that makes it slightly shorter. Anyway, I bought a skirt and this one matched really well. And I can also use it together with other items. I posted info about the skirt yesterday ^^
I got the white one to match with the skirt, however it also comes in ivory and black.
By looking at my new purchases I really feel that summer is coming. Then again if I look outside the window or step outside it feels like Autumn is coming..hahaha

SIZE 着丈 ゆき丈 胸囲 天幅
M 47 37 100 23
L 50 38 102 24

発売日 2015/04/13
品番 562873
タイプ トップス
サイズ M, L
カラー オフ05, アイボリー08, ブラック09
素材 表側:ポリエステル100%
裏側:ポリエステル81% 綿19%
重さ 約 230g

You can purchase it here

Pics and info @ Lowrys Farm


I posted the Greek version a few weeks back, and now there's a English version out for grabs! ^^
I donno which one I prefer, I mean I understand the Eng version much better ^^ but I love her singing in Greek...

Hard to decide ^^

Anyway... enjoy!

Thursday, 28 May 2015


This is another piece I picked up from Lowrys Farm.
It's a very cute summer skirt, it came in three colours, I chose the blue one ^^
I also got a top to go with it ^^
I really got a lot of new summer clothes, not only because it's a new summer. It's also a way for me to celebrate the weight I have lost so far ^^ I really enjoyed shopping a lot more this time as I could fit into so many more things rather than before. ^^ I will probably wear this one a lot this upcoming season!

Price: ¥ 5,400(税込)

Size info
総丈: 63
ウエスト: 61~84
ヒップ: 100
裾幅: 87

発売日 2015/04/16
品番 562404
タイプ スカート
カラー グリーン75, ブルー85, ネイビー88
素材 表地:綿100%
裏地:ポリエステル80% 綿20%
重さ 約 280g

You can purchase it here

Pics and info @ Lowrys Farm

Spoiled by deliciousness

I start to feel quite spoilt.
Every time I ask my bf to get me wine he get me good ones. They are a bit more pricey but the taste is good so it worth it.

I'm also thinking to switch my season now... from red to white/rose ^^

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

15.SS フラワーストーンチェーンキャッチピアス

I purchased these cute earrings, I saw them online and I hoped they'd be in stock when I came to Japan.
Cecil McBee was super full of customers everytime I visted a store, no matter location.
In the end, while I was in Odaiba I was able to locate them. I also purchased the matching ring! ^^ I posted about it a few days ago. These will be great in the summer.

You can purchase them here

Pics and info @ Cecil McBee

Pics from Sunday Brunch

On Sunday me and my bf went out for brunch.
We went to Caffee Nero, close to Odenplan/Tekniska Högskolan.
It was super delicious, I had forgotten how good the food at their place were,
I want to eat brunch there again...soon ^^

I had pasta with veal quenelles in a delicious tomato sauce ^^

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Dyra tårar feat. Isabelle

Here's a new song by Swedish Albin. I have started to follow his music more and more.
I think it's fun to listen to more Swedish.
For some reason, Albin's songs takes me back to my early teens XD


I really wanted a new skirt, and in Japan there are so many of them.
It took me almost a week before I bought this one, however the picture doesn't really tell, it looks way nice in real life.
I like the length and I found a perfect top for it. I was actually inspired by Kyo-chan. I'll try to see if I can find a pic of the top and share. Anyway back to the skirt, although it's a darker colour, I really think it's great for this coming season. I like the fabric a lot, despite being a kind of fabric that attracts a lot. Since it's a bit longer, I can pull it up towards my belly and having the top underneath, it gives a slightly older look, but it looks really cute.
I'm very happy with this purchase. The original price is stated below, however because of Golden Week I got it at 40% off I believe ^^

Price 4,212円(税込)

サイズ表記 M
総丈 55cm
ウエスト(ゴムあり) 58cm
ヒップ 130cm

You can purchase it here

Pics from Color Run

So I managed to run color run all through the race. I wasn't quite sure at first, because of my old knee injuries I should not run outside so I could have had hurt myself a lot. I still have very sore muscles but that pain I will overcome. ^^ It was fun to run with friends, although we all ran in different speeds. We met again at the goal. ^^
And as most people I got soaked both by colour and rain!
I enjoyed the race but I don't think it was really 5 k to be honest. It was too fast XD
Also, the paint was no game, it took more than an hour to scrub off, I had to use a foot file to get it all off. And a foot file should not usually be used on the arm, hands and head but I had no choice. I'm lucky I didn't scrape off the skin in the process ^^

Well well... I have to say, it was a fun race despite the rain.
Colour really does something to you! And for this race, 10 000 people had signed up!

My shoes after the race ^^
I know not the best ones to run in, then again, I didn't want to throw out any of my good ones, so I took my shitty ones ^^

Monday, 25 May 2015


I bought a lot at Lowrys Farm, I know... and there are even more to come.
This simple top is one of the purchases. I chose black colour as I know myself and will probably ruin the white one in seconds, although I like white. And as I also bought another top in yellow I thought it was good to have a mix of colours ^^
Anyway, the fabric is really light so I think this will be a good top both for work and outside ^^ And it can be worn all year around ;)

Price ¥ 4,320(税込)

着丈 60
ゆき丈 31
胸囲 104
天幅 24

発売日 2015/05/07
品番 564547
タイプ トップス
サイズ M, L
カラー オフ05, ブラック09, イエロー62
素材 表側・前身頃
後身頃:ポリエステル65% レーヨン31% ポリウレタン4%
重さ 約 210g

You can purchase it here

Pics and info @ Lowrys Farm

Dunkin treat

I had dinner at my brother's house last week, as I mentioned a few days ago. And this was our dessert.
I passed by Dunkin Donuts in the city center and I know my brother likes it so I asked if he wanted some. Of course he did so I ended up buying a 6 pack. It was almost the same as buying 4 so why not!?

We were quite full from the main course and split several of them, still there were many left.

And to be honest...
I have to say, I think it's a rip-off. They are so expensive compare to the US or Korea. and they were slightly dry. so I won't go back for a while. But I like this picture and they smelled so nice when being fresh ^^

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Standing Strong

I shared a song with Sarah last week, here is another one... a quite old one if we talk music ^^
This is from 2009, however this time it's in English.
I love the lyrics and Sarah sings it the best!!


15.SS フラワーストーン2連リング

I saw this online before I went to Japan. Then during the final days of our stay I was reminded of it and went straight into the store. Luckily they had it in stock.
They also had matching earrings, I will post them later... ^^
It's one size, and lucky me to have quite small fingers. I prefer the big ring with the flower, but I will probably use the set. I chose silver because I recently bought a ring in rose gold.

価格 2,160円(税込)
Colour: シルバー

サイズ表記 M
たて 1.0cm(モチーフ)
よこ 2.0cm(モチーフ)
全長 5.1cm(指周り)」

You can purchase them here

Pics and info @ Cecil McBee

Saturday, 23 May 2015

The Color run

In a few hours it's time to embark on a fun 5k run!
I've been looking forward to this race, I wonder how badly I will be affected by the color.. in other words, will I be able to wash it out XD
I'm running with 3 friends, it's our first time!
Time to set color into our lives!!!

Pizza dinner

I'd say I eat pizza 1-2 a year, I'm not a big fan.
It's manly because my stomach has an issue with fatty and oily foods.
Earlier this week I had dinner at my brother's house. And since they recently had a baby I felt back for them cooking so I suggested pizza. Why? since I'm not a fan, well it's pretty famous so I was keen on trying. Also my bf likes pizza so I thought it would be a good meal ^^

The pizza bread is a flatbread style and they have various toppings, to me, not the usual ones.
And the pizza is baked in a wood fired oven, which gives a great taste.
On my pizza (the pictures), I had herb oil, cheese, fennel sausage, mushrooms with herbs and garlic, caramelized red onion and fresh herbs. 
It was truly delicious, sadly... I wasn't able to finish it. I was the only one of the four of us who couldn't.
It felt like a waste, but I gave the rest to my brother to finish tomorrow ^^

In a few months time I wouldn't mind going there again, but to try another kind of pizza!

The place is called Flatbread and is located in Sundbyberg (Stockholm).