Thursday, 28 May 2015


This is another piece I picked up from Lowrys Farm.
It's a very cute summer skirt, it came in three colours, I chose the blue one ^^
I also got a top to go with it ^^
I really got a lot of new summer clothes, not only because it's a new summer. It's also a way for me to celebrate the weight I have lost so far ^^ I really enjoyed shopping a lot more this time as I could fit into so many more things rather than before. ^^ I will probably wear this one a lot this upcoming season!

Price: ¥ 5,400(税込)

Size info
総丈: 63
ウエスト: 61~84
ヒップ: 100
裾幅: 87

発売日 2015/04/16
品番 562404
タイプ スカート
カラー グリーン75, ブルー85, ネイビー88
素材 表地:綿100%
裏地:ポリエステル80% 綿20%
重さ 約 280g

You can purchase it here

Pics and info @ Lowrys Farm

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