Friday, 26 April 2019

NeogenxJoan Kim Vita Duo Cream - REVIEW

I have seen people complaining already about it and saying they feel Joan scammed them. But to be fair, isn't it the same with all "companies"? You promote your brand and product for people to buy it right? Not to defend Joan at all but just saying, as a consumer we have our own responsibility as well.Personally when someone says it's SOOOOO GOOD and perfect for all, I get SUPER SUSPICIOUS and I always take a second look because I don't trust people/companies! I mean at the end of the day they want to SELL!
I read and I hoped it would work on me despite the lavender oil etc. but knew I could get into trouble. Yet I was willing to spend the money although the cream isn't cheap!
Looking back at Joan's own review on YT and after using the cream I'm keen to know how many are in the Neogen office and how the various skintypes/age/gender etc was representative before this was approved to "fit all skin types".

The creams - Day cream is super thick yet easy to apply and Night cream - it's like a gel and light. I hate the lid, to me a little product escape each time when I close and i always had to clean it to avoid bacteria/dirt!!!
A little goes a long way so that's of good value for your money! It sets quickly to your skin.
I have super dry and somewhat sensitive but seems to be very selective for what drives the sensitivity. As a first impression I was super happy like WOW and no immediate irritation or anything. However 2 weeks in using it day and night I'm not so pleased.

1. Being as dry as I am, I urge to use my face mist throughout the day, usually it's enough like 2-4 times a day, now i want it every 30 min! If I tap on the skin before I mist it feels ok yet not the way other creams have done and therefore I urge to use my face mist way more than with other creams.
2. I get red around my cheeks!!!
3. When I put on make up, my foundation is caking!! Never happened with other creams!
4. it itches around some areas of my face.

I looked at Sokoglam's website to see what's out there for English speakers to support you in the choice (I bought mine using a Korean website and info in Korean). Sokoglam's website says "The nourishing Joan Day Vita Cream gives skin a morning boost with ingredients like energizing green tea and brightening vitamin C. The fast-absorbing formula also serves as a smooth canvas for makeup.
The Joan Night Vita Cream features a juicy gel formula that repairs, soothes, and strengthens skin while you sleep thanks to ingredients like lavender oil and vitamin E.
Using this perfect pair also ensures round-the-clock hydration.
Both formulas are free of parabens, artificial fragrance, animal ingredients, and mineral oil."

I think it gives you an idea right and also have full ingredient list! Awesome!!
But looking at the statement "smooth canvas for make up" - not for my skin! I have tried them separately and mixed. It's good they mention the Lavender oil!
It feels like a waste of money unfortunately (my own fault for want to try it out) as I have 90% of the jar left! I will see if my husband can use it, however he has even dryer skin than me...
I won't re-purchase it and I cannot recommend it to people with dry skin or sensitive skin.

I hope they can re-formulate it and remove oils and other ingredients which can irritate the skin. Possibly also only recommend it for certain skin types and not all!

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