Friday, 28 February 2014

AinoArika / 愛すればもっとハッピーライフ

They recently released a single which I thought was fair enough. They are already back with a new one.
However to me this is not half as good as the previous one.
So I'm not sure what to say, it's a typical Hey Say JUMP single, but the boys voices reach a higher pitch than usual!? Oh well.. there will probably be a new single out soon?! Or an album?! ^^


Limited Edition
1. AinoArika
2. 愛すればもっとハッピーライフ (Ai Sureba Motto Happy Life)
3. 桜、咲いたよ (Sakura, Saita yo)
5. AinoArika(オリジナル・カラオケ) (Original Karaoke)
6. 愛すればもっとハッピーライフ(オリジナル・カラオケ) (Ai Sureba Motto Happy Life (Original Karaoke))
7. 桜、咲いたよ(オリジナル・カラオケ) (Sakura, Saita yo (Original Karaoke))
8. OUR FUTURE(オリジナル・カラオケ) (Original Karaoke)

Regular Edition
1. AinoArika
2. 愛すればもっとハッピーライフ (Ai Sureba Motto Happy Life)
3. Oh! My Jelly! ~僕らはOK~ (Oh! My Jelly! -Bokura wa OK-) / Hey! Say! 7
4. スギルセツナ (Sugiru Setsuna) / Hey! Say! BEST
5. AinoArika(オリジナル・カラオケ) (Original Karaoke)
6. 愛すればもっとハッピーライフ(オリジナル・カラオケ) (Ai Sureba Motto Happy Life (Original Karaoke))
7. Oh! My Jelly! ~僕らはOK~(オリジナル・カラオケ) (Oh! My Jelly! -Bokura wa OK- (Original Karaoke))
8. スギルセツナ(オリジナル・カラオケ) (Original Karaoke)


So he might be the captain of the Japanese national team, and I do not really look much at them as well, I'm Swedish ^^
And when I have looked it has more been Uchida and Honda that has caught my attention.
But recently I have come over various shows with this fella - HASEBE MAKOTO.
And he just makes me laugh.
I mean the few times I have seen him, I haven't really thought too much. But I have to say, this is not what I imagined.
So from now on I'll look for more shows with him.
Kinda random I know, but hilarious ^^

If you know a good place where I can find more with him besides Youtube, give me a shout ^^


This song has been on for quite some time, but since I saw her on tv a week ago, I thought I'd share this song ^^
I guess most of you have heard it ^^

This is the US version of the video.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Parents, Get a grip! and start acting like parents!

The debate on TV stated that school boys are playing way too much video games instead of studying.
And the opposition blame the government for this, or that's what it seems. Because this issue can of course be blamed to our school system?!
Some also says "Well look at S.Korea, they play a lot of video games but they reach high on the polls of studying and good degrees".

Let me laugh at two things.
It's always greener on the other side right!? But take a look, sometimes it's only the light that fools you!

1. It's not up to the schools to ban video games, get them to go to bed, or to get these boys to study better. It's the parents that needs to due their job, be a parent!!
When I was younger, me and my brother could only be on the computer for a certain amount of time.
Why is it that when people are going through a difficult time, they more or less ALWAYS blame the government. But for somehow, isn't that what being an adult is about, to take care of yourself.
If you have a child, then raise him/her, do not expect others to do it for you!!!
Put a password to the computer, lock it in your bedroom before going to bed?! By doing so the child has no other option that to sleep at night!

2. Well, S.Korea might reach very high on those polls. But I can sure tell you, the video game playing boys who spend countless of hours on the computer are not the ones with the highest degrees.
My friends in S.Korea (and Japan and other Asian countries) spend endless of hours in school, extra curriculum classes at private institutions or even have private tutors coming to their houses. And it's all because the parents pay and watch them over.
I kinda feel sad for some of them because all they do is study - read and remember!

An example of a high school student's life in S.Korea.
6.00 Wake up
6.30-45 leave house and go to school
7.30-8.00 Prepare for class and first class begins
15.00 Classes ends
15.30-22.30/23.00 "Self study" in school or attend private institutions or have a tutor over/do homework by him/herself. Self study is to sit in class and do homework or study other material that can be helpful for the upcoming exams to get into university.
23.30-00.00 Come home and go to bed

Does it sound like a happy life?!
High schoolers in Asia have a tough time. BUT the day they have been able to enter the university their parents want and hopefully themselves too they can relax.
Compare to Sweden it's kinda "easy" to attend uni, but hell to get in.
In Sweden I'd rather say it's the opposite. We can enter uni fairly easy, but to graduate can take time!!

Also our ways of studying is completely different.
In Asia it's all about remembering, but really, what's the knowledge in that?
I'd like to credit Swedish school system for the work of "creating".


So yeah.. Parents out there, GET a grip! and start to control and raise your own child!!
There's a reason why children are children, they don't know better.
For the moment you might be the bad one and get the blame. But what about the future? Isn't a bright future on a long term more important?!


2NE1 is back with a new album! It's titled CRUSH and has 10 songs, one solo with CL.
It has been a long wait and I was curious what concept they'd use. All I can say, it's still 2NE1 ^^
I'm a bit disappointed with the cover and that only CL got a solo on the album.

I'm neither too happy with the song "Crush", to me it somehow reminds me of an American High School/Bring it on/Step Up soundtrack song.
I like sound of "Come back home", for some reason to me it was kinda surprise, the mix of the pop-ish and rnb ^^ But I like it! I actually prefer the unplugged version ^^
My fave songs on the album are "착한 여자", "HAPPY" and the Korean version of "Scream".

However in all, it's an OK album. Maybe it's my fault for having to big expectations?! Oh well...


03. 너 아님 안돼
04. 살아 봤으면 해
05. 착한 여자
06. 멘붕 (CL SOLO)

Delicious dinner!!

This is from the other day, I had take away from one of the Korean restaurants.

I had a craving and went to my fave place ^^
I talked to the owner quite a bit, so I ended up with free kimchi and kkakdugi ^^ And it was so delicious.

I haven't finished the kimchi yet, but I swept the kkakdugi ^^
I miss Korean food so much, and I talked to my parents about it and they said they miss it as well.

Maybe time for a new round to Seoul soon!? (^^;;)

Spicy Pork ribs

Today's quote

"Complaining is finding faults, Wisdom is finding solutions."

Ça Ira

I posted another video by Joyce the other day, this one is newer, from 2013.
It's called "Ça Ira" and means "We'll get along", if I'm not totally mistaken!? ^^
Oh well, I like Joyce's music, to me this is so French!!


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Black out

I have actually heard about this before, but I have never seen such a photo.
NASA published a photo over a almost totally black North Korea.
To be honest it's scary, especially as you can see the very light up Seoul in South Korea!!

pic @ NASA

Also, according to the news, it says that an average S. Korean (per/person) uses 10 162 kWh. While N.Korean (per capita) only uses 739 kWh.
It's kinda horrifying no!?


Lately I have been thinking of getting contacts again, just because it's practical.
But as I haven't used contacts for years I need to get my eyes checked.
Easier than done, as it seems to be expensive and difficult to know where to go.
I'll take a closer look into it this weekend.

The ones I want to try are Johnson & Johnson's Acuvue moist.
After reading about different ones, I think these would fit.
I hope that's the case (^^;;)


This is Helena's song for the Swedish Melody Grand Prix.
if she wins she'd represent Sweden in the Eurovision song contest. I'm was in shock when she didn't go straight to the final.
I really like this song!! It's finally out... it actually came out a few days ago ^^
so all of you, non-swedes, can listen to it ^^


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Pay day!!

I don't think I have been this happy about pay day before!
Not that I'm that strapped with cash, but it's my first pay check as a full-time worker.
It feels so nice!!
I have already decided to put a lot away for upcoming travel and savings.
But of course I will also spend some on well.. just to paper myself (^^;;)

I have already bough a hot-pot pot and a winter jacket, so well I already bought myself some things but.. just because I can, I'll probably buy something more.

I need a new suitcase so that's on my "To buy" list.

For some reason I sound greedy now, and I know there are people who has way way worse than me.
But to me this pay day means a lot as it feels like I have been able to climb a huge step in life. So sorry but today is all about me..
Others will come, but later!

pics @ owner

Today's quote

"Before you say something, stop and think how you would feel if someone said it to you"

När änglarna går hem

He's back, one of my fave Swedish singers - Martin Stenmarck.
He's competing to get a spot for Eurovision Song Contest.
I really like this song, but I don't think this will win. I love the lyrics and he make it into an awesome song, however it's not ESC material.
I hope he'll release a new cd soon ^^

The title of the song is "When the Angels go home"

Monday, 24 February 2014

Today's quote

"The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want" - Ben Stein

Through the ages

I like this version, the English one. And a few days ago I finally got to hear the Japanese version!
I was surprised that Ayaka had written both English and Japanese lyrics, as I had only heard that she'd done it in English!
Although Gabrielle sings it beautifully, I prefer Ayaka's version! ^^
However I want to share the English version as more of you can probably understand it!! :)
The lyrics are beautiful don't you think?

Who is the reason the one you're living for?
Who is the reason the one you're crying for?
If look deep inside the cabins of my heart
All I see is your smiling back at me!
This is where it all begins,
Your hand so soft and gentle I won't let it go
No, I won't let it go
All I lost, and all I am
All I wanna do is share a smile with you,
to run cross the twilight!
Nothing could be true without this love I have for you
My love will testify, last through the ages
Every soul alive, it shadows in my heart
Every soul alive is looking for the true light
But when you let it shine, the black shadow hides
Darkness will seed it from the light of fate
Nothing would ever be alone, but you spread your wings
As if you wrap around me now, you wrap around me now
All I lost, and all I am
All I wanna do is keep a smile for you until I close my eyes
Nothing could be true without this love I have for you
History burns all .. my love through the ages
No matter how hard I tried, to find a reason to believe in
Nothing matter 'til
I found this love -
All I lost, and all I am
All I wanna do is keep a smile with you,
to run cross the twilight!
Nothing could be true without this love I have for you
Everyone will know our love through the ages
Aaa-ah aaa-ah
Aaa-ah aaa-ah
Aaa-ah aaa-ah
Who is the reason the one you're living for?
Who is the reason the one you're crying for?
If look deep inside the cabins of my heart
All I see is your smiling back at me!

Ready-to-eat meals

I have started to eat more ready-to-eat meals now when I work full time.
I'm not sure what to believe, good or not. But there are days when I'm too tried to cook food so it's great to have at work.
When I was younger I could never imagine to eat such foods, as it is said to lack nutrition and is tasteless!
But it seems it has changed a bit.
I'll probably take you through some ready-to-eat meals I have tried and accepted ^^

I tried a dish by "Gooh" a few days ago. 
It was Salmon in dill sauce with food grain, lentils, and potatoes.
I loved the dill sauce!! ^^
The only thing that was kinda weird was food grain AND potatoes. I'd rather have more lentils.
Oh well, not to complain about it because it was nice.
The one behind these dishes is the famous Swedish "Operakällaren" restaurant.

Photo @ Gooh

Sunday, 23 February 2014


The new mini album leaked out on iTunes, wonder what will happen to the person who did that mistake!
Anyways fans are happy, but I wonder how SM will react as they hasn't released the cover yet!
I'm surprised that their comeback isn't a full length album, but could that mean they will have another comeback later this year!? (^^;;)
To be honest, this isn't my type of album, or at least it isn't a wow and before I get into Mr.Mr. I will need some time. "Goodbye" sounds like an early 2000's track for some reason, and "유로파" is so-so, I'm not even sure where I should categorize it. The girls also release a Korean version of their latest Chinese song, "Soul". As I do not speak Chinese I'd say I prefer the Korean version ^^
I will give them cred for a new music style, or mix. But I wouldn't call this a SMASH comeback and my impression is that this reminds me of a S-Club7 album but without the boys!! With this album, "I'll put this in the shelf, and it will probably just collect dust".


01 Mr.Mr.
02 Goodbye
03 유로파
04 Wait a Minute
05 백허그
06 Soul

What would u do?

This video has been spread all over the world it seems.
The latest one seems to be in Taiwan, as it's uploaded onto Youtube, I'd share it.
This is made by SOS Children's Villages Norway to make people aware of the coldness children in Syria are suffering from.

Take a look.
What would you do if you saw a lonely child freezing in the cold?

Je ne sais pas

These days I'm trying to listen to a mix of Asian and Non-Asian music.
Today I will share a French song, It's called "Je ne sais pas" which means, "I don't know" in French.
Singer is Joyce Jonathan. This song was actually released back in 2009 and I heard it maybe around 2010 but well.. I haven't shared it and these days I'm trying to listen more to French, Greek and Spanish music as I hope it will make my language skills will come back to me ^^

Number one (review)

It's finally here, Ayaka's new single. I have to be honest about one thing, track 3 - Hajimari no toki from her live 2013, you can barely notice it's live because her voice is so strong. This is just what I love about her music and voice.
It's rare to find someone who's better live than on cd!! ^^
I love the new track Fuji Tv's title track for the ongoing Olympics in Sochi - "number one", it has a great feeling just like most songs by Ayaka!
Through the ages too is very nice to listen to, I like the arrangement for this song!

Happy Happy Happy is all I can express!! Welcome back and hope to hear more!!


01. number one
02. Through the ages(セルフカバー ver.)
03. はじまりのとき(2013/11/19 日本武道館Live ver.)

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Canada Goose Trillium Parka

I found an ad in the paper on my way to work yesterday.
A sale on Canada Goose Parkas. And I have been talking about buying a new jacket as mine is worn out. And a sale is always welcomed ^^
So I went to the store straight after work, and luckily I found one in my size and colour I like!
It was like faith I guess (^^;;) Now I'm many US$ poorer but I'm satisfied!!

Trillium Parka - Niagara Grape

Food for thought

a boy

After many singles, Ieiri Leo is finally releasing a new full length album, it has been one and a half year since last time. This album includes all previous singles and 10 new tunes!
The music is well, can I call it, typical Ieiri Leo?! ^^ That is a mix of up-tempo and slow songs and with a heavy sound of Ieiri Leo. By that I want to say, you know it's her songs and not someone else's.
My fave songs from this album is Lay it down, 太陽の女神, a boy, Too many, 希望の地球, and 君に届け. (^0^)


01 Lay it down
02 太陽の女神
03 a boy
04 Too many
05 Message
06 Time after Time
07 チョコレート (Album ver.)
08 Free
09 イジワルな神様
10 Kiss Me
11 カーニバル
12 希望の地球
13 Papa & Mama
14 君に届け

Friday, 21 February 2014

Bowling time

I went bowling with Sandra the other day after work.
I can say, my legs hurt, I broke 2 legs and my arms are tired ^^ But we had a great time.
I have a trouble when it comes to bowling, I have broken my fingers several times so having to swing the heavy bowling ball a couple of times, my fingers hurt.
However, I just love to go bowling, it's a fun thing to do. Sadly enough it's expensive so I do not get the chance to do it as often as I wish I could.
Also, it's always difficult to find a ball heavy enough. I tried a number 7, 8, 9 and 10.
Size 10 made me fall into the side wall after I had thrown it away (^^;;) Embarrassing but nothing to do.
With number 7 I almost fell out on the lane as it was so light, but good for my fingers (^^;;)

Well well, I may have lost the game to Sandra.
But I made more strikes than her, at least something right ^^

Today's quote

"Try to remember: Count your blessings, not your problems. Have a good one everyone!"

Whistle with me

Panetoz is making it bigger in Sweden, and they have also made a song in English.
I do prefer the Swedish one, but as many do not understand Swedish I'd decided to share both ^^

Here's the English version Whistle with me


Here's the Swedish version Vissla med mig

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Oh least there was something beautiful!

In the Winter Olympics I love to follow Figure skating.
Last week we saw the men's side and Swedish Alexander did such a great job!! It was fun to see that the crowd was with him, then again he has roots in Russia. Still it was nice to see him skating too!
Today it was time for the women to skate. I have had hopes for Sweden and Viktoria Helgesson, as we only have one female skater at the Olympics. I was surprised they chose Viktoria when her younger sister Joshi, won the 2013 Swedish nationals!
But what a disappointment, of course it takes nerves to be there and all. But to think about it. At the Olympics ONLY the best can be there and what a miss by the Swedish skater. It's was tragic and sad to watch!!! She ended up 27 of 30!!!

But we could see many other skaters, among them we had the Korean skater Yuna Kim!
Her program was flawless, such a beauty to watch, it almost gave me goosebumps!
I cannot show the video in the blog, but please follow this link and you can watch it for yourself in case you missed it, This is true beauty on ice!
It's gonna be fun to see the rest tomorrow! ^^

LINK ---> Kim Yuna Sochi Olympics 2014-02-19

喫茶コンパル 大須店

Another café that was on Arashi ni Shiyagare last weekend, as I mentioned yesterday, was this place 喫茶コンパル.

Their Fried Shrimp sandwich (エビフライサンド) looks delicious!! It cost 890 yen.
As I love Katsu-sando, I think I'd love this one too!!
This is also on my list on a must eat in Nagoya.
Luckily this is a chain so it's possible to get more easier.
However, this is the shop they showed on the show last weekend ^^

How to get there:
喫茶コンパル 大須店

*TEL: 052-241-3883








Home (Album)

I posted the debut single yesterday, I found this pre-order site,, with track list.
Looking at it, as well as searching for more info, it kinda feels like most of the songs are covers of the songs that means a lot to him. So I'm not sure if any songs are new or "his own" so to say.
No matter what it will be fun to see him alone, I really liked both his and Nicky's voices but they never got to shine as much as they should have had!
The album is out next month, 

Let the countdown begin ^^

01. Home
02. What Hurts the Most
03. The Reason
04. Not a Day Goes By
05. I Run to You (duet with Jodi Albert)
06. I'll Be
07. I'm Ready
08. Waiting For Superman
09. Here Without You
10. Wanted

Wednesday, 19 February 2014


As I was watching Arashi ni Shiyagare this last weekend, I saw this and was surprised.
Not only that Nagoya is famous for it, but that someone actually makes this.
The reactions were so-so to be honest ^^ But it made me want to try because it's so...weird!?
It's sweet spaghetti. They have various flavours, such as banana, green tea, melon and strawberry!

The cafe is called 喫茶マウンテン (Kissa Mountain /Cafe Mountain)
and the dish cost 1,000 yen. It's called 甘口いちごスパ (Amakuchi ichigosupa).

Next time I visit Nagoya, I need to try this out..haha

Photos cred @ owners

How to get there:









* TEL :052-832-0897

* Location: Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya-shi Showa-ku, Takigawa-cho, 47-86

* Opening Hours: 8:00 ~ 22:00 (LO21: 40) (order of ice until 9.30pm)

* Transportation:

10-minute walk from the subway Tsurumai Line "Irinaka station"

8-minute walk from the subway Meijo Line "Yagotonisseki station"

3-minute walk from Nagoya city bus "Takigawa-cho stop"

393m from "Yagotonisseki Station"

Kian's Home

Another Westlife member is going solo, Kian was actually my fave member so it's a very happy surprise.
Here's his debut song, cover of Daughtry's Home.
I love Daughtry's version, and I really really love this version too ^^
It's gonna be exciting to follow Kian's solo journey!

Closet Tapestry Contrast Panel Dress

It's only a few weeks left until the event of the year according to my colleagues,
So for that event I have bought a new dress.
However I'm not sure this is THE kind of dress we should wear, but I fell for it so.. ^^
What do you think?

I love the prints on it and the fabric ^^
I cannot wait until I will show it up!!

The dress can be purchased HERE!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The war takes another turn

These days the relation between Japan and Korea isn't very good.
It has been showed in Media - such as Korean artists haven't been broadcast on Japanese tv, politics about the island Dokdo etc. I have also heard that many Koreans and Japanese do not travel to each others countries for sightseeing and shopping like they use to because of this.
AND....Now the Korean Magazine MAXIM is under high pressure after an article called: 일본 여자와 사귀는 법, 피폭된 애 말고. Meaning: How to date Japanese women who haven’t been exposed to radiation.

Maybe you can guess that this article headline, that was printed on the cover of the Feb issue, on a Korean magazine has been a huge offense to Japanese people. Even Koreans were shocked by this, saying it is not appropriate since the 2011 earthquake and tsunami caused a big disaster in modern history.

The Editor-in-chief may have made an apology, but really, was it really an apology?
Of course, looking back in history, there were horrible things Japan did to Korea, and there are things Japan should apologize for, but by doing so it means they have to "bow" except "defeat" which is not easy. As Korea so far has not received such words. The dispute between the countries might settle on the surface, but as times go by it seems the wounds go deeper.

And as an editor-in-chief why did he decide to throw oil onto a fire?!

info @ Globalpost

Marabou Oreo

There's a new chocolate in town!
I found it when grocery shopping last week and just had to try. I should add it was also right before Valentines so it felt like it was a good match ^^
I love Oreo's as they are and with Marabou I was thinking it could be a bit too sweet. However it was a great mix!
I really like this new flavour! I hope it's here to stay ^^

Got to buy a new one next week and send to Japan, promised S-unni I'd send her lots of Swedish chocolates ^^

Today's quote

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did. Dream, Explore, Discover." -M.Twain

Monday, 17 February 2014

Anais found her unknown twinsister on Youtube

Recently on Swedish and Norwegian TV there has been talks about adoption.
I heard about these two adoptees from S.Korea a few weeks ago and now this has been a big news all around the world.
So I want to share it with you ^^
The article is in Norwegian, however the video is from the US so it's all in English. Take a look ;)

I guess it depends how you will look at this, the difference is if you are an adoptee, a parent of an adoptee, just a human.

Anais (26) fant sin ukjente tvillingsøster på Youtube -

抱きしめたい ―真実の物語―

I've found a new movie I want to see, this came out a few weeks ago. so I'm hoping for the dvd!
It seems to be a very sweet story and I like the actors ^^

Movie: 抱きしめたい ―真実の物語― / Dakishimetai - Shinjitsu No Monogatari (Want to hold you ~A true story~)
Release Date: February 1, 2014
Runtime: 122 min.

Set in Abashiri, Hokkaido. Tsukasa (Keiko Kitagawa) got into a severe car accident when she was a high school student. She still suffers from the aftereffects of that accident, with memory impairment and needing to use a wheelchair. Nevertheless, she tries to live life to the fullest. Tsukasa then falls in love with taxi driver Masaki (Ryo Nishikido), who likes playing basketball. Even though they have various difficulties, they try to make a happy family together, but they encounter another serious situation.

Movie is based on a true story. Japanese broadcasting station TBS air a documentary on the couple on July 3, 2011

Kitagawa Keiko as Tsukasa
Nishikido Ryo as Masaki
Kamiji Yusuke
Saito Takumi
Hirayama Aya
Sato Eriko
Sato Megumi
Kubota Masataka
Terakado Jimon
Tsunogae Kazue
Kunimura Jun
Fubuki Jun

info @ Asianwiki


SM's SM The ballad is back in a new style.
Today I'm sharing the Korean version of the song, with Shinee's Jonghyun and SNSD's Taeyeon.
Oh well.. this is a sad yet sweet ballad ^^


Sunday, 16 February 2014


Singer songwriter miwa is back with a new single and three new tracks.
All songs are used for various CM's. Faith for U-can, キットカナウ for Kitkat, and It's you for House Wellness Foods.
For some reason, None of these songs can beat don't cry anymore, Hikari-e, or Delight.
Still I'm happy she's going better as an artist, but I wish I'd love these songs even more.
Of these three songs, my fave is キットカナウ. it's a very sweet song ^^
Oh all, so-so and I say better luck next time.


01. Faith(2014 ユーキャン CMソング)
02. キットカナウ(キットカット 受験生応援キャンペーンソング)
03. It's you!(ハウスウェルネスフーズ「C1000」テレビCMソング)

Today's quote

"Whatever makes you feel bad, leave it. Whatever makes you smile, keep it."

Wasting All These Tears

Cassadee Pope I also found by mistake, just like Danielle whom I shared yesterday ^^
I really like this song, so I better look more into this girl, as I have NO idea who she is...
She sorta reminds of Taylor Swift.

Oh well... Enjoy! ^^

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Tokyo Skytree in the colour of Chocolate

it's said that Tokyo Sky Tree now will shine in the colour of Chocolate and LOVE ^^
Cast of drama Shitsuren Chocolatier were present when this was announced.
I already found various pics online.
I wish I could see it myself, because Skytree is gray and boring by itself. So I like it with colour ^^

My fave colours are purple and the pink!

Pics cred @ owner

New shoes

I should have posted these earlier, but I wasn't able to find a good photo.
Now I have ^^
I bought these on sale last Sunday. I had actually been looking at them for quite some time but I didn't think they were worth the original price. Luckily I found them on sale, 50% off ^^
They are really comfortable despite the heal.
I should also mention that Bianco Footwear is famous for their comfort and fabrics.

Happy days ^^

The heart of dixie

Found this girl by chance, and I kinda liked the song.
A little too much audiotechnica here and there, but in all good...

So enjoy ^^

Friday, 14 February 2014

Bag of love ^^

When I came into my office this morning, I found this little bag of deliciousness on my desk ^^
A present from my Norwegian co-worker.

These days I give her lots of yumminess from Japan and Korea and she gives me Renee Voltaire stuff ^^
A great exchange hehe ^^

Also, as it's Valentines today, it's a perfect match ^^

Can't Remember to Forget You

When I first heard that these two would do a duo, I was surprised.
But after listening to it, it's not that bad ^^

What do you think?

Happy Valentines day!!

Today is the day of Love right... ^^
Here's the love I want to share with u all..hehe

Pic cred @ owner

Pic cred @ Sanrio

Real daredevil!

People are some times amazing, some people really want to test their limit.
Take a look at these two Russian guys whom scaled Shanghai Tower!!

To read and see still photos go HERE

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Cheap on a whole NEW level!

Before I thought I knew some cheap people.
Sometimes it's good being cheap, because in this world some companies earn so much money on crap! Sad thing is, we pay for it, and that's why somewhere in the world there's a billionaire.
Oh well, that's life right!? Rich vs Poor. And of course it's ok trying to save money on various things from time to time. However, there's cheap and cheaper!! Have you heard of this show "Extreme cheapskates"?
I mean this is cheap on a WHOLE different and new level!! Now I can say, the people I thought were cheap before, now more seems to be "thinking economically" rather than cheap!!

Seriously...I'm sorry but, are these people human!?!
I feel terrible for the children! I mean it's not like they know any better. But the grown-ups!! (O_o;;)

These people should be introduced to "Extreme couponing" ^^


This is one of my fave EXILE songs, I do have many but well.. among my top 10 as I guess, I'll share more and I have already shared some ^^
This was the title track for the Japanese drama TOKYO DOGS back in late 2009, starring Oguri Shun.


Tea bags

I drink a lot of tea, and last week at the local supermarket these were on sale so I just had to try them out ^^
I know it says that you should only let them be for 2-3 min.
But to me, the longer you keep them in the better it taste ^^

I wouldn't really say that the Blueberry muffin is like the pics below, if you believe the commercial you will be very disappointed.
But I have to say, the longer you have it in, the more muffin taste you will feel. Still it's tea!!
What I did like about it was that it wasn't as sweet as I thought.
Then I'd say that the vanilla caramel was sweeter. But not too sweet.
If I'd buy it again, I'd chose the blueberry one. Still, I prefer the old Earl Grey - Not Lipton's.
I usually go to a tea shop and get it. But, Lipton is Lipton... ^^

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


This was one of the most popular last weekend.
I like it, but it feels like I have heard it before...
Anyway, I really think Sanna has one of the best voices in Sweden! And it has been quite some time since I heard something by her.

Enjoy her new songs Undo!

Chinese styled breakfast

Last Saturday I met up with a friend, we went shopping, then out for dinner to celebrate my new job and her change of contract at her workplace.
Anyway in the end we had a spontaneous sleepover at her house.
Very nice I have to say, movies, girl talk etc.
In the morning her dad made us this delicious breakfast!!
Chinese styled breakfast - rice noodle soup ^^

So awesome, but as I'm not a breakfast person I had difficulty to finish it, but it was really really tasty ^^
No wonder her dad is a chef!
If my dad cooked this for me in the morning, I'd eat it too..hahah

僕のいた時間 (オリジナルサウンドトラック)

I'm a hopeless case when it comes to Japanese soundtracks ^^
Or maybe it's not the composers fault they create such great sounds!
A few weeks left but soon this soundtrack will be in my hands.
Although the story is sad, I have completely fallen for this drama, so I guess that's also why I love this OST!

Feb 26, please come fast ^^

01. Over the end
02. Yellow wagon
03. Wheatfield with you
04. Silent express
05. Time left
06. In the garden
07. Over the end
08. The beginning and the end
09. There is a will, there is a way
10. Sleeping beauty
11. やわらかな芽吹き
12. はるめく
13. 日々の違和感
14. やわらかな息吹き
15. 春花
16. 願うほど…
17. 命とは
18. ふたりの距離
19. 想うほど…
20. やわらかな光

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Kinda unreal

I was in Japan last December, then we had plus 12-15 degrees.
This past weekend a snowstorm hit Japan, biggest in I donno how many years.
A friend of mine sent me some pics from her house in Chiba (outside Tokyo - close to Narita Airport).
This photo is taken by Tokyo Fashion, Yamanote line, between Harajuku and Shibuya!

It feels kinda unreal seeing this photo!

cred @ Tokyo Fashion, original photo

My phone is complete

I ordered yet another case the other week.
But this time from Samsung themselves.
This is exactly the colour I have on my phone and well I want to show it.
Also this was 42% off so I thought it'd be worth it ^^

Although I got the other cases too, now my phone feels complete ^^