Saturday, 31 December 2011

Kohaku 2011-2012

Wow... Finally the RED team aka Womens team won the Kohaku!! After losing 6 years in a row it was the time for the women to show their power!!
Well done Arashi but.. CONGRATULATIONS to Inoue Mao-chan for taking the victory home!!

I think some of the reasons they won was because of AKB48 and little Ashida Mana that made this win possible (^^;;)
This year we could also see Korea's Kara and SNSD on stage. As well as Ayaka!! She's finally back! :)
As well as on MSSL 2011 Lady Gaga appeard!

Mao-chan shed a tear after the announcement was made!

My fave performances were made by...
Nishino Kana

2011 Goodbye

Happy New Year
새해 복 많이 받으세용
Gott Nytt År
Feliz Año Nuevo!

Amazing dinner!

Final dinner for this year!
We had Japanese New Year's soup, nikkujaga, okonomiyaki, tempura, maki rolls (^0^)
Sound nice right? I should upload photos but it's just 1 h left until 2012 now so I don't have time

Hope you all have a great end of 2011 and start of 2012!!

The kitchen is full!!

Today when I woke up and went into the kitchen I saw a huge pile of food on the zink..
All prep for tonights NEW YEAR's EVE dinner :)
We are having all from Tempura and Okonomiyaki ^^

But before that we are going out shopping :P

Soon time to say goodbye to 2011 and hello to 2012

Today's quote

"Love saves Earth, you know?!"
"It does, Stupidity saves Earth!"

Something wrong..

I have no idea why this is happening.
Last time I ordered from Gmarket through the KOREAN version of Gmarket they sent me emails in ENGLISH.
And this time when I use the ENGLISH version they send me emails in KOREAN.
I do understand both so it's fine still I wonder why? It doesn't make any sense :P

Anyway I guess and hope I'll get my order within next week or early the week after!! ^^

Friday, 30 December 2011

Ramen dinner

Our Japanese guests came back today after their small trip and for dinner they made Ramen :)
Can life be any better? :P
Before dinner we went grocery shopping, they are making dinner tomorrow. we are getting Japanese New Year's Eve Dinner!! Let me smile..haha

I know it sounds it's all about food but well.. all the other sightseeing etc is Swedish so it's not as much fun..

Today I also got an extra Christmas gift, they forgot it.. I got some small cute bags :)

JE why make my life so complicated

I donno why but JE makes my life complicated.
I tried to change address to get my FC stuff sent to another place however it seems it's not just to registrate it online on my FC page.
Now it seems I need to contact the Japanese Post Office too in order to be able to send money and recieve tickets. This really S U C K S!
Why do they always have to be this complicated?? why can't I just change it easily?

No more rest!

It's almost New Year's and I'm supposed to enjoy my Christmas vacation.. but no!
I have to study.. I have exams on the 9th and 12th of January!
I don't want to study at all, I blame my cold but I can't use it as an excuse since in the end if I do not study I'll fail the class...

Better get on to it (T_T)

Today's quote

"The past can hurt. You can either run from it or learn from it."

Thursday, 29 December 2011

New Year's Eve (The movie)

Take some of the most known actors from Hollywood, put them together in a movie with a theme most people can relate to, add some comics and feelings to it and you have New Year's Eve - the movie! (^^;;)
I went to see this with a friend of mine, what I liked was that it was easy, fun to see so many actors in the same movie.. and it was much much better than the previous Valentine's day.
As being a fan of the British Love Actually I was surprised that I actually liked this one since VD was kind of disappointment.
I also guess having New Year's Eve 1,5 day to go it also made me more in the spirit.

A good movie to end the 2011!! and Hello to 2012? (^0^)


Yesterday I got a notice from my Kakao talk account to add some new friends.. or to be correct "Plus friends". The plus friends are no other than SM Entertainment's DBSK, Super Junior, F(x), SNSD and Shinee!
After added them I got messages saying through these accounts are made for fans to get the latest news, music etc about their fave groups.. also chance to win prizes etc. ^^

Anyway SM artists are the first but I bet we'll see more Korean artists on kakaotalk in the near future!

Skip beat - LAD ep 2

New ep of my new drama Skip Beat..
I donno why but this episode made me realise why I hate Taiwanese dramas.. they are toooooooo long!
I mean for the audition part they aired a whole episode, of course it's a huge part for what's coming but well.. maybe they went a bit crazy? Since it seems it's not over yet!!

Also for some reason Ivy who acts as Kyoko looks to old. Kyoko is supposed to be 16 years old.
Sure Ivy is cute and all but she is 29 years old, almost 30 which makes her almost double the age.
Anyhow.. as said we could follow Kyo-chans or Gong Xi's audition... (Taiwanese name for the character is Gong Xi) and we'll see even more soon, no sight of Donghae or Bu Puo Shang as his character is called in this episode.
Siwon or Dun He Lian looked as awsome as always.. I like his facial expressions ^^ but wished I could hear his real voice instead of the dubbing part.

Wonder if I'm gonna skip the first half since it's almost identical to the manga and anime.
However since volume 29 of the manga just came out I guess the drama will be having from twist and turns we haven't read about.

I need to get a copy of vol 29 of the manga!!! :P

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

소녀시대의 크리스마스 동화

(SNSD's Christmas Fairy Tale)

I saw the news about this show some time ago and it's finally time to watch it.. ^^
What can I call it.. a SNSD Christmas concert/show?
This was aired on MBC on Christmas Eve.

Oh Sang Jin

Welcome Christmas
All that Christmas (All That Jazz - Chicago musical)
Santa Baby
Enter the circus + Sexy
The Boys
Kissing You
When you wish upon a star (Jessica)
Oh Holy Night (Taeyeon)
"Castle of magic" (Seohyun, Jessica, Taeyeon, Tiffany)
Winter Wonderland (Yuri, Seohyun)
Christmas dream (Tiffany)
Sway (SooYoung)
One Year later (Jessica + SHINEE's Onew)
If there is someone good out there let me know!? (Yoona + Alex & Oh Sang Jin)
Last Christmas (Tiffany + Sung Si Kyung)
Silver Bells (feat. Sung Si Kyung)
All I want for Christmas (feat. Alex & Oh Sang Jin)

MINUS parts
The sound and voices doesn't match well from time to time..
Yuri's english is quite bad compare to the other girls
Maybe too much musical in the beginning and it doesn't really match the girls very well.

Online Shopping!

Since I got money for Christmas I decided to give myself a treat..
I went online shopping on Gmarket.
I bought 2NE1's concert dvd!!! (^0^) I still wonder why CL's solo is not included however NOZA seemed to be so much fun so I'm excited.
I also bought a skirt and many facial masks. This time from Etude house since they are the ONLY one who send their mask overseas.
I don't understand the reason why, I prefere Missha or Nature Republic (^^;;)
I also got an eye liner from Etude!

Now I just have to wait.. :)

Today's quote

You think the only people who are people, are the people who look and think like you. But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you'll learn things you never knew you never knew.

Lunch time!!

It's already lunchtime..
I'm having leftover curry..with tonkatsu and rice...and kimchi!!
Do I sound Asian or what XD

I do not mind it, it's a dish I love!! today I'm gonna study abit then relax.
I still suffer from my cold (T_T)

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

WGM 20111224

In this episode of WGM all couples gathered in the MBC studios!
Jangwoo was the first to come and while looking at the photos he said: all the photos of us are when we are kissing XD
Sora was second to enter in a very short yet beautiful dress. JW and S realised they are Senior/Junior at University. However they were not able to talk easily. JW also asked if S knew about EunJeong since she is also a student at the same uni. S said she knew but never met her there, they only bumped into each other at the hairdresser.
JW & EJ marriage have been going on for 8 months while Leeteuks and S only passed 3 months. (^^;;)
JW asked S what she thought of her hubbys personality, she said he's the best and that lots are jealous of her.
Then EJ arrived without her "wedding/couple ring" making JW saying we need to talk later :P
Making EJ replying she did it on purpose. Then small talking..
Suddenly WonJun came with his pony ^^
JW said he had seen WJ at the Gym/Sauna a few times when he went to High School making WJ surprised since he had no idea about it ^^ EJ laughed and said What in the world were you doing at such place XD
While talking about their time being wedded JW burst out that EJ sounds like an Ajumma when talking, of course making EJ pissed off XD
SoHyun arrived and asked S if she was okay since her head looked heavy ^^ WJ said it looked like her wedding day and they were guests XD
Then SH took off her outer making WJ's eyes go wide open and stumble she should put it back on making EJ and JW die of laughter.
Finally LT arrived to the set :)

LT took over the MC quite fast having the couples to introduce themselves, also LT laughed so much his face went all red.
After the small talk it was time to enter the studio...

Part 1 - Game time :)
First off they just talked abit about what was going to happen etc.
Then first showed the best parts in 1 min with each couples starting with JW/EJ couple, ofcourse it was all about their first kiss. Then taking out Peppero, saying the couples could do it live on set. :) Making JW saying he and EJ could demonstrate it for the others XD
After such chance WJ burst out Thank you MBC.. it was the first time he and SH shared a kiss.
LT said since the others did it they also had too.. S looked nervous so LT said that she should leave it up to him and just stand still. However at last S couldnt and bit of her part leaving LT a bit sad.

Then to WJ and SH's minute - truth or dare
Making the couples try it out. However it never snapped making the MCs feel it was boring.. XD
Finally LT was given one on each hand making one of them saying he lied.
As for LT and S moment it was from the SuJu Super Show.
LT stared to mention dating in secret which made S ask if he had done that alot XD

Part two - Romantic part.
LT started off singing a song for S. The lyrics were very sweet.. also LT got a bit lost at number 9 XD
JW surprised us by singing in English and WJ sang a song he made himself.
Then SH started off for the girls team and danced to Wonder Girls latest hit. Instead of the cute version SH performed EJ brough a sexy dance.
S performed SNSD's OH making LT to cheer like a crazy fan XD

Part 3 - Truth time
While closing their eyes they had to raise their hands when they heard the name of the one they liked the most. at the end SoHyun won the prize! :)

Part 4 - Guess who/truth is out?
Friends to the couples arrived and told stories when topics was said open.
first topic Sexy woman.
It was fun to listen too they said some very funny things making many die of laughter.
Later when S called LT oppa for real LT almost died of happiness and almost broke the set XD

I guess we'll see more next week.. there were no preview so ^^


少女時代 - Re:package "GIRLS' GENERATION" ~The Boys~
This repack version was released right before Christmas and I guess most Japanese fans ran to their local store to purchase this one.
So far THE BOYS album has not been released in Japan. Instead they got a repack of their Japanese debute album + the Japanese version of The boys.
I'm not a fan of the Japanese version of the hit song The Boys. The Japanese sounds strange and the song is not as catchy as it is in both Korean and English. I was actually quite disappointed when I first heard it.
As for the other 3 songs it's maybe the songs that have been played in Japanese media the most.
I like the new version of Great Escape, I'd like to see this one be played at a concert. However the version Bad girls sounds like a bad mix of some kind of Euro-techno "trash" I heard back in the 90's. It was a disappointment, the song has lost it's edge and greatness. Also instead of "Dev" I bet Tiff could do the rapping part much better (^^;;)
I like Time Machine, it's a pure Japanese song and I guess that's why. Compare to most of their hits this year it's a slow song. It does remind me of other songs however I like it, both lyrics and music!
As for Mr Taxi - the most played one and their biggest hit in Japan this year. At the start it sounded like Super Junior's Mr Simple. Also the intro is very long, almost 1 minute.
This version is more up-tempo and could be played at nightclubs!
I'm not very pleased to be honest, the cd is very expensive and for the amount I thought I was getting a WOW moment but this isn't too much to say WOW to.
It's a shame... Or maybe it was just me who hoped for more?
★★ / ★★★★★

01 The Boys (JAPANESE ver.)
02 THE GREAT ESCAPE (Brian Lee remix)
03 BAD GIRL feat. DEV (The Cataracs remix)

04 Time Machine
07 Gee
08 I'm In Love With The HERO
09 훗 (HOOT)
10 Let It Rain
11 Beautiful Stranger
12 you-aholic
13 Run Devil Run
15 MR.TAXI (Steve Aoki remix)

I do not provid any links for downloading...

Today's quote

"When you can dream...Then you cant stop! A dream is a wish that you make with your heart!"

Pelle Svanslös

I got a very fun Christmas gift from my mum..
The dvds with the old advent calendar series with the Swedish cartoon. This is the live action one. It was broadcasted back in 1997 when I was 9 years old. I loved it and I always wanted the dvd and now I finlly got it.
So now when I have a cold, this is the perfect thing to watch (^0^)

Home at last

Last night we packed all our stuff and headed back home.
The power came back but we decided to go back anyway. Since we already had decided on it so we felt it was for the best.
It feels good to be back home, my cold is getting worse.. so I have to go down to the pharmacy to get some stuff.

Today I'm just gonna relax, watch movies or series and listen to music and catch up with shows I missed during Christmas ^^

Hello Kitty snacks

As said earlier I got lots of pressies from our Japanese guests.
One of the most cutest was the pack with Hello Kitty snacks.
Yoko-san bought these at the supermarket in Japan, she told me when she saw it she said she just had to buy these for me since I like HK ^^
I just opened one of the snacks, I think it's some kind of rice snack, very yummy :)

Monday, 26 December 2011

Boxing day

Today the annual sales began and since we had no electricity at home we took our guests for some boxingday shopping.
As for myself i found ZERO, not even one thing that was a little nice.
For some reason i wonder why people went crazy for it.
Anyhow happy that some people are enjoying the sales.
I think i will wait for the news instead!^^

No electricity

Last night a huge storm struck over Sweden and the area i am located in was worst off!
In the middle of the night the power went out,so we needed to find a bucket for us to use as a toilet..
Also bring out candles so we could see anything at all.
This morning we went out and saw it all,not a nice view.

According to the news we are worst off, with 170 000 people without electricity!
Also because of the storms lots and many trees have fallen down.
No trains are in traffic north of the biggest city close to us.

So now we are gonna pack our car and go back home since we cannot stay here.
A sad ending on this holiday!

Talk later when i gel back to Stockholm!

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Full of Japanese food!

I just had the most delicious dinner ever!!
Lots of yummy Japanese food, all from tonkatsu to curry and one of my absolute fave, Okonomiyaki!
They also made soup, yakitori and other chicken dish + potato sallad, tofu sushi..

I have eaten so much my stomach is pointing at 5 ends :P

How many are lucky to have 3 Japanese women taking over their kitchen and cook such delicious meal for you??

I feel blessed... now I'm gonna relax, maybe watch a movie! :)

Japanese food time!

So today it's all Japanese!
Our Japanese guests have already taken over the kitchen and is now preparing for dinner.
I think we are having at least 4 different dishes. Among them Tonkatsu, Okonomiyaki and curry.
They are all housewives and great chefs!one of them also used to be a okonomiyaki master! ^^
So it's a lot to look forward to!^^

Greatest Hits

I finally got my copy of Westlife's Greatest hits album,i even got the deluxe version, 2 cds and bad 1 dvd!
I'm sad it's the final one, however it's great to have this one.
I haven't seen their latest music videos so I'm happy i finally can.
Still sad that the 2 final ones - beautiful tonight and beautiful world are not included.
Westlife music always calm me down..
Also it's so much fun to see all the videos from the start until the end, as i cannot believe the time has passed this fast!

Anyway thanks for these amazing years and i will treasure this cd!^^

a different ending

Christmas ended in a weird way..
Mum got sick,really sick for some reason..i feel so bad for her.

I got both good and bad presents from Santa,i shouldn't complain, but sometimes i wonder those people really know me at all!?
Anyhow tomorrow is a new day!

Time to sleep!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Gift time

After a huge Christmas lunch we waked over to my uncles house.
It was lots of ice so i almost fell over XD

Santa just came and now it's time for the other Christmas presents.
It's really hot inside,i feel like dying!but i hope i will survive!
After Christmas presents opening part we will eat some Christmas cookies i believe~

The beginning of a new year with Ayaka

Ayaka-san performed はじまりのとき (Hajimari no Toki) and やさしい蒼 (Yasashii Ao) on Music station.. I found it on Chinese tudou.. plz have a look.
I'm in love with the songs already!

plz go here:

Music Station Super Live 2011

Yesterday the annual Music Station Super Live was broadcasted.
I was very happy to see Arashi perform, also it sounded so much much better than FNS.
However I cannot seem to find a link to share it.

YUI sang her Hello, but what happened to her hair!?

Also AYAKA is back!!!!!!!
I love the songs she performed, she looks well but still a bit swollen. Hope she is recovering well!!
Also looking forward to her new album! :)

Soon time for Donald and the others

We have an old tradition to watch Donald Duck and other Disney characters on TV on Christmas eve.
It's 30 min to go.. I wonder what new stuff will be in the show this year.
Besides from the new I'd say that 95% are old stuff, same things every year, still we like to see it..haha

Lack of other things to do? XD

Compare to many other countries we celebrate X-mas today on Christmas Eve and not on Christmas day...

Merry Christmas

Christmas is here!
I can't believe it's already here!

I'm having a white Christmas and our house is full of people and food!
Hope Santa will find us and bring us presents!^^;;

Dad is playing lots of nice Christmas music while mum and the others are preparing for lunch and dinner!

I'm also excited about tomorrow,then the Japanese ladies will take over the kitchen and cook up some nice Japanese food!
Donkatsu,curry, chicken, okonomiyaki...^^

Anyway...i wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

we are here!

So finally we arrived at the country house,lots of snow here.
Kinda surprising since it's not too far away from Stockholm!

We had pizza for lunch,i think it's my first and last pizza this year!XD

tomorrow is Christmas,i hope Santa will bring me something nice..
The devil came and gave me a cold so i can only hope for better!^^;;

Friday, 23 December 2011

Skip beat - LAD ep 1

Last night before bed I finally watched the first episode of Skip Beat - Live Action Drama.
What can I say... it felt like they totally copied the anime version.
I like the songs, still cannot understand the ending song, why HENRY??? I wish it would have had been Siwon, I mean Henry has NOTHING to do with this... :P

Anyway.. their acting was fine, the boys are good looking - as always!! And since it was the opening episode and all - some things were dragged out. We didn't need all that but maybe that's because I've read both the manga and seen the anime version.
I was disappointed that DongHae and Siwon's voices were dubbed into mandarin, But I do believe they are actually speaking in Korean because their mouths and what's is said in Mandarin to not match XD and I think I read it somewhere before.
A shame... because it looks strange.
I really want to see it without dubbing and then instead having subtitle.

Stay tuned for next weeks episode!! (^__^)
Cannot believe it already started! :)

I'm coming down with something

I don't know but I think I'm coming down with a cold...
I don't want to, however when I woke up this morning it felt like a lump in my throat.
I'll try to stay warmer today, drinking lots of hot things etc. I hope it will work! I don't want to get sick now!

It's early morning once again, I hate it.. but that's how it is when you have guests! :P
Soon I'm have to go downtown to help J and N get their rental car, then we are off to our country house!! :)

I already have a ve~~~ry hot shower, so I feel somewhat better XD

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Goodbye Stockholm

Now it's time for our big family to leave Stockholm and head up to our cottage to celebrate Christmas! :)
I think it will be very nice... however first I need to sleep!!
It has been a long and exhausted day!!

Today's quote

"The first step before anyone else in the world believes it is that you have to believe it." -Will smith

Off to grandmas

Today we have been around Stockholm city.
Started off with breakfast with F at Vetekatten, as usual he was late XD
Anyway it was nice to see him since he's so busy.

Afterwards I met up with our guests and walked around Stockholm city and various Christmas markets.
Very nice but cold!! (T__T)

Now we are back home for a short while then off to grandmas house for tea and cake..!!

I'm so sleepy though...

Sightseeing day!

Good morning world!

Now I'm off to the city center to meet up with F and have breakfast.
Since both him and I have very little time this week, he is going back to Syria 2morrow and I have my guests, we decided to have breakfast ^^

After breakfast I'm meeting up with my Japanese and Australian guests.. we are going to go shopping and visit various Christmas markets, like Gamla Stan and Skansen. :)

See you later

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas already!!!

Today I picked up our Japanese guests at the airport and they had LOTS of things with them!!

Anyhow now we are home and they have started to unpack and they have already given me lots of presents, all from cute Hello Kitty snacks and stickers to magazines and calendar with Arashi... and last but not least my fave Japanese snack... MELON PAN from MelonPan Factory!!!
Could the day be any better? I feel like it's Christmas already, however they have already said that this is just for arriving and I will get more on Saturday when we celebrate Christmas!!!

I'm already on cloud 9!!

More music

Today I'm really into music.. so here is another song I'd like to share.
It's YUI and to mother





I don't know how many of you who knows much about North Korea.
I can tell you that they are not as updated and high-technological as South Korea.
When seen photos from North it looks like they use stuff from the 60's-80's.
A few years ago they gave South a telephone they could use when contacting North, the phone looked like one of the first telephones EVER made XD

Anyhow I recently saw this photo of a N.Korean soldier at the JSA...
Seems like N.Korea is upgrading! (^0^)


Since today is my final day this year.. and maybe forever here at my work since my boss has not received an OK for next year yet. She and the others gave me a nice flower bouquet.

I'm touched.. it's not only huge and smells nice, they really thought of me when buying it (^0^)
Bouquet Theme: Hello Kitty XD

Colbie Caillat - I Never Told You

I heard this song a few days ago..and liked it :)
So I thought I'd share it ^^

Today's quote

"Fate chooses your relations, you choose your friends." - Jacques Delille

The song list is out

The song list for the upcoming Kohaku is out!
Already excited about the show, I wonder what songs will be included in Arashi's medley ^^

Red Team

Aiko – “Koi no Superball”
Ayaka – “Minna Sora no Shita”
Angela Aki – “One Family”
Ikimono Gakari – “Aruite Ikou”
Ishikawa Sayuri – “Tsugaru Kaikyo Fuyugeshiki”
AKB48 – “Kohaku 2011 AKB48 Special MIX ~Ganbarou Nihon!~”
KARA – “KARA 2011 Special Medley
Kawanaka Miyuki – “Nirinso”
Koda Kumi – “Ai wo Tomenaide”
Godai Natsuko – “Kinmokusei”
Kobayashi Sachiko – “Onna no Sakaba”
Sakamoto Fuyumi – “Yozakura Oshichi”
Shiina Ringo – “Carnation – Akagumi nara Dare Demo”
Tendou Yoshimi – “Ai Sansan”
Nishino Kana – “Tatoe Donna ni”
Perfume – “Laser Beam”
Hamasaki Ayumi – “progress”
Hirahara Ayaka – “Ohisama ~Taisetsu na Anata e”
Fuji Ayako – “Ayako no Okuni Jiman dayo ~Ganbarona Tohoku!! Kohaku Special~” Matsuda Seiko & Kanda Sayaka – “Ue wo Muite Arukou”
Matsutouya Yumi – “(Minna no) Haru yo, Koi”
Mizuki Nana – “POP MASTER”
Mizumori Kaori – “Shounai Heiya Kazeno Naka”
Wada Akiko – “Ano Kane wo Narasu no wa Anata”
Ashida Mana & Suzuki Fuku – “Maru Maru Mori Mori!”
Natsukawa Rimi & Akikawa Masafumi – “Asu to Iu Hi ga”

White Team

Arashi – “2011 Kohaku Special Medley”
Itsuki Hiroshi – “Furusato”
Inawashirokos – “I love you" & "I need you Fukushima”
EXILE – “Rising Sun”
NYC – “100% Yuuki NYC”
Kitajima Saburou – “Kaerokana”
Gou Hiromi – “Go Smile Japan”
Sen Masao – “Kita Guni no Haru”
TVXQ – “Why? (Keep Your Head Down)”
TOKIO – “Miageta Ryusei”
Tokunaga Hideaki – “Jidai”
Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi – “Hitotsu”
Nishida Toshiyuki – “Ano Machi ni Umarete”
Hikawa Kiyoshi – “Jounetsu no Mariachi”
Hirai Ken – “Itoshiki Hibi yo”
FUNKY MONKEY BABYS – “Soredemo Shinjiteru”
Fukuyama Masaharu – “Kazoku ni Narou yo”
Flumpool – “Akashi”
Hosokawa Takashi – “Nebuta”
Porno Graffitti – “One More Time”
Mori Shinichi – “Minato Machi Blues”
Yuzu – “Hey Wa”
L’Arc~en~Ciel – “CHASE”

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

What happened here?!

SNSD performed the JAPANESE version of the boys on Hey x3 however I couldn't understand a single word, It just sound weird. It's OKAY while reading the lyrics however even so it just sound like.. hmm..!? It's not the same feeling as the song gave me while listening to either the Korean or English versions.
So yeah..a good song went bad.. they should have kept it in ENGLISH only for the Japanese release or just use a FEW japanese words and mainly used English.
I do not blame the girls, I rather blame the translators who made the lyrics because they did not make it in a way so it fit music and sound.
Even MC Hamada said the same thing... It was not nice but it's the truth, it's almost impossible to understand it without seeing the lyrics!!

Sorry SNSD but you just ruin a perfect song! (T_T)

For you who haven't seen or heard it.. here u go

Ayaka - The beginning

CD JAPAN released the Tracklist and covers for Ayaka's upcoming album!!
Much to look forward too!

1.はじまりのとき (Hajimari no Toki)
3.アカイソラ (AKAI SORA)
4.The beginning
6.空よお願い (Sora yo Onegai)
7.繋がる心 (Tsunagaru Kokoro)
9.そこまで歩いていくよ (Soko Made Arui te Iku yo)
10.笑顔のキャンバス (Egao no KYANBASU)
11.Magic Mind
12.キミへ (KIMI e)
13.やさしい蒼 (Yasashii Ao)

DVD track list:
1. Hajimari no Toki (Music Video)
2. Making of "Hajimari no Toki"

Booklet: 40 pages

Life ain't easy

I wonder why people can't let things go?
Why stay in the past and just let the bad things stay with them? Why not walk forward into a new world where the pain doesn't exist anymore.

Leave the black side full of hate, pain and tears.

Also why do anybody wants to live in the past? as if they know that they have done something wrong and therefore cannot let it go?

No matter if we wish for it or not the world keepon spinning and take us to the future, however since we have our own will people can choose where they want to be!

김정일 사망

More reports regarding North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il's death.
These reports are from Arirang TV, a South Korean channel who operates in English!

Part 1

Part 2

Unification Ministy

From a non-Korean news channel.

Kim Jong Il's deathbed

The cutie of today..

I saw this clip a few days ago.. it's really cute!
Mana-chan is such a super genki girl, these songs make me happy for some reason!
Also Fuku-kun is adorable :P

Maru maru mori mori song comes in the second half...

What a start in the morning!

I hate mornings, I'm a evening/night person.
Anyway this morning right after I woke up I had a long and hot shower, it really helped me waking up!
I love hot showers or/and hot baths. It's the time where I relax, I think that's why I fell asleep in the shower a few weeks ago XD

Soon our guests are arriving, so I'll try to get some breakfast down!!
Wonder if I can find something to eat...I hate to eat breakfast too so I wonder if I'll find anything eatable.

On the go...

Just checked the flight status!!!
Our guests have arrived in Sweden and should arrive within an hour or so.
I'm kinda excited, haven't seen them for 2,5 years and it's the first time to see their baby girl. (^^)

Also off to work later, today I'm working half-day!

Today's quote

"Laughter & Love are pricelss gifts, So live with passion - laugh & love as much as you breathe!"

Monday, 19 December 2011

Early Merry Christmas to me!!

Today I got my paycheck by email.. actually I got the statement saying how much I'll earn this month.
What can I say but MERRY CHRISTMAS to me!! I get more money than I thought I would after tax.
I get around 400 USD more than I thought I would get!! AWESOME!
I'm not poor anymore XD

Today's quote

"People who throw away 'trash' in ashtrays won't succeed in life"

Take me to the moon

A Beautiful World..

The new era?!

With news of the death of Kim Jong Il now the world put a focus to what they believe will be the 3rd and next leader of North Korea.

North Korean state media has already urged its people to follow Kim's youngest son and heir apparent Kim Jong-Un, aged in his late 20s (no official d.o.b is recorded), after announcing that his father had died.
Jong-Un was born to the leader's third wife, Ko Yong-Hi, who is believed to have died of cancer in 2004.
Kim Jong-Un is believed to have studied at international school in Switzerland under a false name. (there has also been a documentary on KBS in 2010 regarding this matter)

Some analysts had seen second son Kim Jong-Chul as favourite to take over, however rumors has it that Kim Jong-Il thought Jong-Chul was too feminine and unfit for leadership.
Eldest son Jong-Nam was taken off the list after being deported from Japan in 2001 for trying to enter with a forged passport while attempting to visit Tokyo Disneyland.

Kim Jong-Un's life is shrouded in mystery however recently he has been pushed to the forefront as North Korea has tried to speed up plans for succession after when Kim Jong Il suffered from a stroke back in August 2008.

It was in September 2010 the world first got to see a photograph/video of the young man as he became a four-star general and was given senior ruling party posts, despite his lack of any military experience. (Strange since...well N.Korea are strict when it comes to their army)

It's also said that Kim Jong-Il's only sister Kim Kyong-Hui and her husband aka the country's unofficial number-two leaders are expected to act as his guardian and throw their political weight behind him when needed.

More news will probably come within time.. this is what I had to share now.

info @ Southkoreannewspapers

Goodbye SAAB?!

Accoring to the news.. Swedish car brand SAAB has filed for bankruptcy.
After many twist and turns it seems the brand cannot be saved after all.

Goodbye to yet another Swedish brand (T_T)

3rd year in a row!!

Oricon has annouced the 2011 rankings and what we can see is that Arashi dominated both the album and Music DVD ranking for 2011!!!

Arashi’s album “Beautiful World” became number 1 this year with 908 000 total copies sold. This record made it the third consecutive year that Arashi has topped the Oricon album chart (earlier All the BEST! 1999-2009 and Boku no Miteiru Fukei).

Arashi also for the 3 consecutive years topped the Music DVD chart with their ARASHI 10-11 TOUR ‘Scene’ ~Kimi to Boku no Miteiru Fukei~ STADIUM live dvd!
It has sold 793 000 copies which is making it the best selling music DVD ever in the Oricon DVD ranking history. Also they are no.2 best selling music DVD with the ARASHI 10-11 TOUR ‘Scene’ ~Kimi to Boku no Miteiru Fukei~ DOME+ which has sold 673 000 copies.

In total our fave stormy boys topped 4 categories this year in the Oricon chart.



I'd thought I'd share my fave parts from 2NE1's NOLZA concert in Japan

I don't care
Pretty boy
Clap your hands
Hate you
I'm the best
Go away (+ ending)

Time to look forward to the Korean version!!

5 days to go!

I woke up to the news of North Korean leader being dead.
Some people are saying it's a early Christmas gift, however I don't see it that way.
Anyway there isn't much we can do but to wait and see what will happen

So there are only 5 days left until Christmas!!
Can't believe it and.. finally... we got snow!! it's not so snowy though since we still have PLUSdegrees. hope it will melt away! XD
I'm not a fan of snow :P

Tomorrow morning H, J and N are arriving and on Wednesday T,T,Y and K are arriving!
Lots to do before that!!

What will happen now?!

The news is out, the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Il is dead. He was 69.
Kim's death was announced Monday by the state television from the North Korean capital, Pyongyang.
Accoring to the news they believe he died last Saturday by a stroke.

South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff(JCS) on Monday placed all military units on emergency alert following the news of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il's death.
The JCS called it an emergency meeting of officials handling crisis management and operations just after noon Monday, after the North Korean media reported Kim's death.

Other countries in Asia are now in shock and wonder what will happen.
Japan held an emergency security meeting after the news.
The economy is also shaking, it's reported that the benchmark KOSPI fell 89.36 points to 1,750.60 minutes after the news of KJI's death, however it's also reported it has slightly been edging back up again.
While S Korea's Kospi index dived 4.1 percent to 1,765.15 other Asian countries also stuck with the news.
Japan's Nikkei 225 index was down 1.1 percent at 8,304.47, Hong Kong's Hang Seng slid 2.5 percent to 17,833.42 and the Shanghai Composite Index fell 2.6 percent to 2,167.68.

The North declared a period of national mourning from December 17 to 29 and funeral will be held on Dec 28.

One mans death has one changed the world, we have no ideas what to expect now from the closed N. Korea. All we know is that S.Korea are now preparing for the worst! No-one knew this would happen and we do not now much about the son who is supposed to be "the next leader"
Will N.Korea survive this?

It's time to start praying

photo+words from
김정일, 열차서 육체적 과로로 사망

`先軍통치' 김정일 이틀전 열차내서 급사
北 `김정은 영도' 첫 언급…장의위 구성
금수산기념궁전 안치…외국조문단 안받기로

북한 김정일 국방위원장이 17일 오전 8시30분 급병으로 사망했다고 조선중앙통신 등 북한 매체들이 19일 일제히 보도했다. 향년 6 9세.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Go Away (JP version)

I told you earlier I watched the Japanese NOLZA concert and I noticed a difference!!
The live version and the cd version of the hit song GO AWAY are different.
In live version, the second part CL "sings/raps" in English but in the cd version it's in Japanese.
For some reason I like the English lyrics much more XD

I wonder if a 2NE1 ENGLISH album will be out next year!?

Ending the weekend..

Now I'm ending my weekend with a good and old movie and a facial mask from korean brand TONY MOLY :)
Hope you all had a great weekend, not many days left until Christmas!!
Done with you Christmas shopping yet? :)

Lots of food and laundry

Last night, quite late the whole family went to the big supermarket and bought lots of food!!
Since our guest are arriving soon we need to prepare alot!!
I have no idea how much we bought but the trolley was FULL :P However it didn't become as expensive as we first thought!
So today we have been cooking, cleaning, buying a Christmas tree and also do a lot of laundry.
Change the sheets etc!!
I don't the the house have been this clean and full of food at the same time for many years :P

Oh yeah.. it snowed abit yesterday but due to the + degrees it became water!! I hate that... It's the worst!! when snow turn into water!!

Soon I have to make food for the week, both me and dad need lunch boxes for work...!
I only have 2,5 working days left this year!!

Nolza concert in YOKOHAMA

Last weekend TBS broadcasted a tv version of 2NE1's Nolza concert in Japan.
It looked like a great concert, now I'm even more hyped to see the Korean dvd version!! (^0^)

TBS version tracklist
01. Intro
02. Fire
03. Can’t Nobody
04. Let’s Go Party
05. I Don’t Care
06. Knock Out (GD & TOP)
07. Oh Yeah (GD & TOP feat. Park Bom)
08. High High (GD & TOP)
09. It Hurts
10. Lonely (Japanese Ver.)
11. In The Club
12. Pretty Boy
13. Don’t Stop The Music (Jp Ver.)
14. Clap Your Hands
15. Hate You (Jp Ver.)
16. I Am The Best (Jp Ver.)
17. Stay Together
18. Go Away (Jp Ver.)


What do you think?? Do you recognize yourself?
A friend of mine posted this on Facebook and commented that he needs to bulk up his wallet XD
Poor guy.... or is he just facing the truth?! (^^;;)

Already ended..

My 9 week drama has come to an end.. I'm talking about 専業主婦探偵~私はシャドウ / Sengyou Shufu Tantei ~Watashi wa Shadow.
I really enjoyed it and is sad it already came to an end... However it cannot always last forever right?!
I bet I soon will have another good drama to follow (^^;;)
I still got Nazotoki wa dinner no ato de to follow (^0^)

Today's quote

You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure. -Zig Ziglar

Saturday, 17 December 2011

WGM 20111217

Another week, another episode of WGM!

NO Eunjeong and Jangwoo couple this week...
Only Leeteuk and Sora!

Super Junior Super Show 4 time!!! While L is having press con and preparing for the show, S is home cooking for her hubby. She made a lunchbox using a photo like L to make the food look like him. So cute.. and typical Asian style XD
Looking at the finished thing.. it looked quite alike!
However as for her own one, it was not as classy as the one of her hubby. She also prepard a lunchbox for each member of SJ.
S also prepared a paper version of L, she made all the small accessories herself! She also told the fans to take a photo with it XD
Finally they met, S called L "good looking" with his hairstyle and clothes however L said it was just so-so. the she handed over the lunch boxes, however due to not much time left before the show L had to run off. (The wgm crew said L should have hugged S!). While walking to her seat she went passed many fans who said she was pretty.. :)
I almost cried when I saw the SJ super show 4 parts.. so pissed off I wasn't there..
SungMin carried out mission one, use the handkercheif o L.
Then mission two, since L has a oily face, Eunhyuk "dried it off". Making L ask why he was doing it. and mission three was carried out by Donghae, to feed L.. however since it's not good to eat then perform he fed him water XD
Back hug, mission four by Kyuhyun!! However when giving the hug L asked.. what favour do you want? XD KH answered he as maknae just wanted to give his leader a hug without a special reason. L answered: if you'd do this normally it'd be strange!
During his solo at the end he had one rose left and walked towards his wife, he also dragged her up on stage, and said: Sora, there is something I have prepared. *taking out the ring* I'm not sure if it will fit you or not, give me your hand *placing it on her finger* It's a bit big?
S: Yes a bit..
After coming out again S was still in shock, wondering what just happened.

After the concert S met up with guy no 2-4, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae and Kyuhun. They asked how she felt after getting the ring, saying the fans went really loud! DH joked and said he thought L & S were fighting because of the sound
They practised the dance moves S had prepared, however she made some small changes making it hard for the boys to learn XD but they had the blind dates in mind and tried their best!
Finally she met with L and carried out the dance. L thought it was done after Sorry Sorry so Eunhyuk showed his finger saying L should sit down and be quiet since there were more to show!
After the small show L asked when they had met and practised this as well as telling S she was really good at dancing.
They also talked about the missions, that it was a favour they did for S... then S had to do a real back hug, a very small one at first.. then KH was supposed to show however just before be stepped back S hugged him again.
When it was time to hand out the lunchboxes L said: Sora.. what are these numbers for? who is number 1? I know who number 3 is... (everyone knows about DH's nickname)...
Alone again and S handed over L's lunchbox, however first when he opened it he got surprised, then he changed the angle and understood it better :P
S also opened up hers making L laugh and clap his hand out of joy!

Next week all couples will in the studio... getting to know their secrets... and laugh together!

I wish it would have had been me!!

Yesterday I saw this post for 3 Arashi concert tickets that were up for sale. For their Nagoya concert.
It said that the person won 4 tickes and only needed one, they got seats on the floor (arena) section.
However the price for EACH ticket was 100 000 yen!!

I feel so sad when I see those things, other fans who tries to scam others.
I too tried to ballot for the tickets but didn't win!! if I would have had..and got one over I'd sell it for MAXIMUM 20 000jpy. Just because it's mine (I pay for FC membership, it cost me lots to go to Japan...)
However when we know the ticket cost 7500 yen each it feels so wrong when people wants 100 000!!

Anyway for now I'll settle with their dvds and tv-shows!!

Much to plan and do..

There is only one week left until Christmas and on Tuesday our first guests will arrive and the rest follows on Wednesday!
We are now cleaning and fixing alot at home...!! It's really much and lots to do!!

I hope we'll manage to finish in time before they arrive ^^

Friday, 16 December 2011

Fuku + Mana

Once again they visited SMAP x SMAP
and played games... I think this one is the funniest :P

Oppa oppa

The MV is out... the first performance have been broadcasted already.
I'm of course talking about Super Junior's Donghae o Eunhyuk's song "Oppa Oppa" or "Oppa has arrived" as it's called in Korean.
But to me instead of Korean Oppa.. it's more like greek O Pa ^^ which means something like Hooray, Yeay (^^;)

The song makes me laugh for some reason... also it's fun to see this "couple"

Official MV


Long time no see...

As I'm listening to alot of Westlife music these days...
I came across this. I've seen the music video and heard the song before..

but it's the first time I saw these...

and here is the music video...

Today's quote

"If people are trying to pull you down. Be proud about it, because it only confirms that you are above them."

Jump jump jump!

Would you dare to do the same?
This photo is not fixed, this is the real thing!
And where can you throw yourself down a cliff?
In California.. at the HALF DOME.

I read a small article about this in todays morning paper and got kinda excited.
It looks awesome... time to fly like a bird! (^^;;)

Half Dome is a granite dome in Yosemite National Park, Northeastern Mariposa County, California,The crest rises more than 1,444 m above the valley floor.

UK's The Guardian talk about Kpop

Last night the UK's the Guardian posted an article about K-pop:
Bored by Cowell pop? Try K-pop
Korean pop music – driven by soap operas, not reality TV – is beginning to make serious inroads in the west. Live magazine contributor Edwina Mukasa joins the crush at the front

Then again there are some things in the article that makes my eyebrows to go higher... but it's awesome that K-pop is starting to become even more global!!
(I mean it's not many who knows Korean language in Europe etc..)

Full article can be found here:

2NE1 on BBC

This morning I saw this interview with CL from 2NE1 on BBC news!
It's amazing how 2NE1 have become popular during the latest 12 months and it's fun to see them on channels such as BBC.

If you want to see the interview as well, please go here:

Late or slept too long

Today I left my bed quite late, later than usual. So I did no have time for breakfast, not that I usually eat much in the morning either however today I even missed out on my usual glass of juice!

Anyhow I'm at work and trying to feed myself a Corny musli bar.
It's not going too well..haha
I forgot it was this sweet, I havent had one since middle school (10 yrs ago).
I also got some green tea and a banana. Not sure if I can eat the banana after this sugar rush though XD

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Once again trouble with the post!!

Me and the Swedish post office services doesn't match, I already told about my problems earlier this week, guess what? Here we go agian!!

I'm not surprised, sad, angry anymore just a hughe piece of DISAPPOINTMENT is all that comes out of me!

I wonder why they have to make my life so hard? it's like they do it to piss me off and they do so 4 times within ONE single week. it got to be a record!!!

Can't believe it...

This is the last one...

I don't want to say good bye but I have no other choice.
Thank you for some amazing years!!!

Food coma..

We got Christmas lunch at work, you know the usual Christmas food..
It was alot alot!! I did not eat a single carb... I avoided the potatoes ^^ and instead ate fish, beetroot and so forth XD but I didn't eat that much either.. as I'm not feeling hungry today.

Anyhow.. now lunch is over and I feel like I'm in a food coma!
AND worst is I have 4 h left at work!!


My boss from Academic came by to talk to me, since we haven't been able to meet at all.
And.. she also gave me a Christmas gift, a BOX full of truffles!!

Nice right? (^0^)

Today's quote

"Never let your victories go to your head and failures to your heart" - Grant Hackett (AUS swimmer)

The girl with the dragon tattoo - US version

Next week it will be out in the cinema in Sweden, I both want and do not want to see it. I guess it's because I've seen the Swedish version (all 3 movies in this series). That's why I think it will be a bit weird, I'd probably compare them. Also to know it's a SWEDISH production to start with, names, places etc then hear it in English will make a difference. Also based on earlier experience it does not always turn out good.

I've also heard that if you know Stockholm and Sweden, as I do since I'm Swedish, you will be a bit disappointed with some the set locations in Stockholm, as they jump around places in the city that's far away from each other and not as close as it will be in the movie. As well as there will be a scene where they are selling cigaretts at a café. (Note: WE DO NOT do it in Sweden!! We are actually kinda strict when it comes to tobacco and alcohol!)
Already when watching the trailer I noticed that they filmed the OUTSIDE of the NEWER underground car, but when filming inside the cars they use the OLDER ones!! I guess they want a certain feeling, however being Swedish and knowing that it looks weird. (Like stepping on to a double decker and film the outside as it drives somewhere, then film the inside from a normal bus)

Also they replaced some other things according to the Swedish newspapers, among that some actors - from Swedish to American/British. for parts that doesn't even matter much. Also having newspapers and stuff in SWEDISH...but non-of them know the langauge XD

One of the scenes.. is filmed at my old office building, maybe the BEST office building in Stockholm!!

Anyway.... I'll update more once I have seen it.. (^^;;)

LONG trailer..

Note: the book/movie is called "Men who hate women" in Swedish..

Hard to say goodbye...

There won't be many lives before it's the final Good Bye..
I'm off to sleep now, just wanted to share before I do so, ENJOY

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Study study study... or try to come up with new ideas..
My brain is starting to fail me, HELP!!

I really want to finish this essay today! I wanna be able to focus on other things...
This essay is vauge and each time I think about the reason why we write it makes me laugh.
Is this really what it's supposed to be? or is it because our teachers are lazy?

Today's quote

"Believe you can and you're halfway there!"

Coffee was not the answer...

As I felt more human while drinking my cup of coffee this morning.
However, now 2 hours later I feel so tired I could die! I wonder why? the coffee was not the answer to wake me up... any suggestions how to wake up??

Final day!!

Today is the last day of class... for this year!!! ^^
Last night after I came home from the hairdresser I had a late lunch, then napped for about 4 hours XD
I was supposed to make new saffron buns for my mum but since she couldn't wake me up she had to do it herself... I kinda feel sorry about it but I really needed my sleep.

Anyhow... it's morning... again! And it's my final day of class, which I'm very happy about!
I'm still pissed off over the fact that this course feels strange, it's interesting but the teacher is well.. not the best one

Today I started off the day with a breakfast... this delicious sandwich + a HUGE cup of coffee.

Delicious sandwich!

I got this for dinner... my dad went to his aunt and brought this shrimp sandwich with him home... What can I say but DELICIOUS

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Terror attack in Belgium?

In the city of Liege in Belgium a man scared the city by starting to open fire in the city centre and before taking his own life he threw grenades from a roof top.
According to the police he was named Nordine Amrani, age 33, and known by the police. It's said he had been in jail back in 2008 for possessig firearms and drugs.

So far it's said that 3 people was killed and over a hundred people have been wounded.

Still noone really knows the reason behind this attack... It's said the man was supposed to be down for questioning at the station but instead went along with this attack.

Last year, Dec 11, we had the suicide bomber in Stockholm, Sweden and last summer we had the attacks in Norway.
The world is falling apart, what worse is that innocent people have to put their life in these horrible actions.
We were fortunate that no-one died in the attacks in Stockholm, however with just 1,5 weeks left until Christmas, with today's happening some people in Belgium will now have a very different Christmas.

It's GONE!!

I went to the hairdresser today and got my haircut, I actually cut of half of my hair! It's gone - still it doesn't look any different, except my head feels lighter! ^^
It took around 1,5-2 hours to get it done but I'm very happy with my "new" hairstyle.

As I didn't had time to have lunch before I went there I picked up some Korean bibimbap on the way and ate it when I came home.. a really LATE lunch ^^

Also I finally got my parcel from Japan!! with my clothes :)
Thanks to M-san ^^

Time to cut some hair!

Today, finally I got an appointment with a hairdresser!
I'm of course going to Björn Axen academy...
As I've stated before it's expensive to cut hair in Sweden (I miss the Korean prices)
Anyhow this afternoon I'll go and get my ends fixed!! and style it abit I suppose. At the moment I feel like a panda, my hair just is.... heavy and boring XD

Looking forward to it.. :)


Har nu sett ett Luciatåg, med enbart pojkar utöver lucian som var tjej ;)
Mycket vackert måste jag säga och det var längesen som jag såg ett sådant.
plus har nu hört ALLA versioner av Staffan stalledräng som finns!!!

I'll reach you

This song was my fave song on Westlife's previous album Gravity
It's called I WILL REACH YOU... hope u like it as much as I do (^^;;)

Please do not let me catch it...

Many people around me are down with colds and when taking the public transportation people keepon coughing etc.
I hope I won't catch it! I do not want to be sick now, I have too many things on my mind and a cold is the last thing I need.

I wonder if I should start to use a mask to protect myself, however since I'm not in Asia people will think I'm crazy. We do not use masks here in Sweden.

On the other side I'm down with a cold sore for the FIRST time in my life, I wonder what I have done wrong now (^^;;)

Monday, 12 December 2011

Gingerbread making!

I said earlier today I made ginger bread last weekend.. here are two photos from when I was making them!! (^0^)

Don't cry..

For you who liked 2NE1 Park Bom's song Don't cry..
Here is a version you MUST hear!! :)

We are not on good terms!!

Today started off as a good day but "ended" in a kinda bad way. It's only 5pm-ish and I'm NOT in a good mood.
The Swedish Postal Office have once again made me go crazy.

First today I got messages that I had parcels to collect, so after my day at school I went to the place to collect the first one. However I did not have the id-number but they usually find it anyhow so I went there with high hopes.
However they were really UNpolite and had no answers what to do.
I asked them.. but don't you put the parcels you get by the day they arrive?
Answer: NO we just put them where we can fit them!

So angry I went off to the other post office, only to find they moved so I had to walk another 10 min.
When I got there it was 5 people standing in a small room, looking like a closet. And asked them for my other parcel, their answer: We do not have it!
They had obviously rang my doorbell at 9am this morning. But c'mon.. who do they think is at home at 9am unless you are retired or are out of work?!
They always come around that time and I have no idea why... not a single NORMAL person is at home at that time.
Anyhow the 5 idiots had no idea and no idea when it would arrive, to be honest they didn't even care to look for it which pissed me off even more!

Then when I came home I found a slip that said that the parcel was at the 1st postoffice.. so I decided to go back, so I could collect both, since I had also found the id-number for the first parcel.
I finally got there and handed over the slips.
I got the parcel with the id-number.. however the other one (the one I could find at post office 2) was nowhere to be found.
Then I got even more pissed off and said: How can you send me a slip saying I can come and collet it when it's not here?
The answer I got.. Maybe it's on it's way.
I was like: so it would take the driver to drive a 10 min drive a whole day? what kinda crap is that? I mean he cannot give me a slip saying I can collect it here without dropping it off. Now I have been to two postoffices and it's nowhere to be found ONLY because you deliver on a crappy time!!

Also I have paid EXTRA money just to get it to my door so it's not my job to go around the area like crazy!! It's your job, I've paid you extra to come to me not the other way around!!

The he said: if u have a problem plz call customer services...
And I did, guess what they replied: Welcome to customer services, we are open weekdays 9am - 3pm!!!

So now I'm missing a parcel, a parcel I've been waiting for and paid lots for but have absolutely NO idea where it is!!
Tomorrow morning I'm gonna call them and speak my mind!!!!

Today's quote

"Never hide who you are. It does not matter what others think. It matters what you think about yourself."

Cute food

If you have time over... why not try to make these ones for your lunch box!!
If I had time I would make these... at least I'll try to make the panda ones.. as for kitty-chan it will have to wait until the summer?! (^^;;)

I wanna hurry home..

오늘은 빨리 집으로 가고 싶다! 내소포가 스웨덴에 도착했다고 우체국의 홈페이지에 봤어ㅋㅋ
일본에서 온 소포다ㅎㅎ 친구가 내게 보내줬다! 내용이 옷과 과자당ㅎㅎ
근데 오늘은 웁살라에서 반친구들과 공부해햐하는데 빨리 못 갈것 같다ㅠㅠ

I just saw that my parcel from Japan has arrived in Sweden, however since no one is home to collect it I have to go to the postoffice and get it.
I really want to hurry home!! It's my clothes and Kaibutsukun snacks... ^^ However today I have a study day with my classmates so I won't be able to go as fast as I wish!
Can we hurry up?! ^^;;

Skip Beat - to begin!

It's less than a week until Taiwanese FTV will start to broadcast the Live Action Drama version of SKIP BEAT starring Super Junior's Siwon and Donghae.
I'm very very looking forward seeing the first episode!! I've already seen it will be broadcast in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore... S.Korea is not to be found yet! I think it's because they need to translate the chinese.

There are 2 channels in Taiwan who will broadcast this drama.. starting with FTV on the 18th and GTV on Dec 24! It's 13 episodes and the final broadcast will be in March!!
I wonder if I'll be able to follow it by each week, however I love the manga so I'll def. try to follow this drama as much as possible!!

Get ready for Kyoko, Ren and Sho!! (^^)

Saffron and Ginger!

Besides from studying this weekend, I helped my mum out with the annual Christmas baking!
Since we both are busy we haven't been able to do anything until now, still much is left to do!
However we managed to bake saffron buns and ginger bread!

I have to say, my mums ginger bread dough is the best!
I'm not kidding... of all gingerbreads I have eaten in my life, nothing can beat hers!!
I wonder what she puts in it, I have helped her out..still can't figure it out!? (^^;;)
As elementary school children says: It's my mums secret spice... her love XD

Will upload some photos later if I have time :)

Only 1,5 weeks left until Christmas! Can't believe it!! It doesn't feel like it, it feels like mid-november to me!
Also 1 week and 1 and 2 days before Naomi and Jase and Hannah arrives from Australia and Kunio-san, Yoko-san, Takako-san and Taeko-san arrives from Japan! :)

As said.. still lots to do!! (^^;;)

What a start!

As I'm not a morning person, waking up at 5am is not a hit. I have been doing so all semester, still my body cannot get over the fact that I have to wake up early.
Anyhow.. When I arrived at Uppsala Centralstation this morning I got a nice surprise, free coffee and cinnamonroll! Could the morning be any better? :)
Despite the rain it feels good, I guess it's the caffeine that talks!

So I wish you all a happy Monday morning!
For me it's soon time for class... however I have NO idea what we'll do! (^^;;)

Sunday, 11 December 2011

The world!

As one part of the world are in stress to fix with Christmas and all that comes with it..
Others struggle to just survive.
I know.. I'm on the stressed side.. and I do know there are people who needs help, however I do also know we cannot save all..
It's a shame but true. However what we can do.. is to donate money, instead of buying many Christmas gifts and eat so much until we die, we can send a share to those who are in need...

Food for thought

Today's quote

"What's that?"
"A pig"
"A pig...? it looks like a potato"

No Christmas spirit in North Korea

According to BBC news Security was tight when the border Christmas 'tree' was lit last year and now North Korea has warned South Korea of "unexpected consequences" if it lights up a Christmas tree-shaped tower near their tense border.

The tree-shaped, 30 metre-high steel structure on Aegibong hill - around 3km from the border - was illuminated by thousands of small light bulbs last year.
And it could be seen from cities around Kaesong area in the North.
North has previously accused South of using the tree to spread the Christian message to people inside the secular state.
And this is to cause trouble and if they will do the same this year they will take actions of some kind...

I guess all countries does not like Christmas...
Wonder how South will react and what they will do.
북한은 크리스마스을 싫어하나봐.

Full artice:

WGM 20111210

EunJeong and JangWoo's camping trip continues.
For dinner they have all from clams, kimchi stew and bulgogi. Mother-in-law praises JW for his cooking skills!
And cheers for the meeting and the future! ^^
The food looked so delicious! EJ gets embarrased by her mothers words...
Later infront of the campfire mother-in-law brought out photos of EJ as little! EJ did ballet as a child however EJ did not like her mum for showing them on tv XD
There were also photos from middle school when she did Taekwondo!!
After eating mashmallows JW took out a present, he played guitar for his women! :)
They ended the date with a romantic walk around the camping area..

As for our other couple, we meet them before SUJU's new concert, Sora prepared gifts in the car!
While she was doing that Leeteuk carried around a paper-out cut of S!! and talked to "her" XD
He said he had prepared a surprise for her!!
L took out his SAX and played!! While L was on stage S went to their dressing room, meeting with Kyuhyun, EunHyuk, DongHae and SungMin.
S said it must be difficult to prepare the show etc, then open up her bag and presented the boys with pressies! which of course made them very surprised!
The gifts were ginsaeng! which is very good for health!
They also talked about the nicknames, saying it was too difficult to use the ones they presented each other on the first date, instead be more causal, using oppa.
Then they joked around what to call S, first Hyungsoo nim which is maybe the most common and usual to use.
In the end they chose number 5 hyungsoo nim XD (number 5 in Korean is.. Oh) so they added an extra long Ooooh XD
L still practised and had no idea that the "real" S was in the building.. anyway he practised hard because he wanted to show her the best on Sunday's performance!
S discussed her problems and the SJ members tried to help her out.. really cute :)
In the end they wrote down S wishes, as give food, slap/hit him, give a massage, give a back-hug.. Instead of S.. the members would carry them out to L (^^;;)
Also after the concert S wanted to do a special medley with the guys infront of L, Sorry sorry, Mr simple and A-cha, she said she wanted to do it since she couldn't make it on the first meeting.
Then Eunhyuk said.. since we have agreed to do this, however there is ONE condition.. we are number 1-4.. so please bring 4 girls for us, actresses! XD Then also saying what kind of girl they wanted. For example: Eunhyun wanted a girl with white skin and big eyes! then DongHae joked and said the same XD S said she'd try her best to please them...
Then S ran off since this meeting was supposed to be a secret from L. And when he came back with the paper version to the dressing room the others got scared and asked why he carried such a thing around!
Then S came back as if she had never been there, which brough L to die.. since he was standing next to the paper version!
They told L & S to hold hands which made them shy so the other members showed how it's supposed to be done XD
S then presented L with a drink... when the other wanted to see it he told them to step back 1-2 meters and not come close as he showed them which brought them to laughter!
Then when L took S hand the others joked about it.. since it looked so mean and stiff!! XD
Alone, finally, S asked why he had the paper version of her... then after talking L left for group reharsal..

The lineup for TV Asahi’s annual year-end music special - “MUSIC STATION
SUPER LIVE” has been announced!
This year the program will broadcast live on Dec 23 from Chiba Makuhari Messe, 7:00 – 11:10 PM.

The following artists who will perform are:

Lady Gaga
Fukuyama Masaharu
Nishino Kana
Kinki Kids
Porno Graffitti
Kimura Kaela
Kuraki Mai
Kanjani 8
Koda Kumi
Saito Kazuyoshi
Hey! Say! JUMP

I'm really looking forward seeing Ayaka and Arashi.
The performance of Ayaka will be the first in 2 years!!

Also I'm surprised to see that Lady Gaga also will be performing, she is the ONLY Lady Gaga also will be performing, she is the ONLY non-Japanese artist!

Dinner with the relatives!

Today me and dad went to see our relatives for dinner in Stockholm city.
my mums back was hurting alot so she stayed at home.

Anyway I decided to have the fish casserole!
It was really tasty, I love fish.. however the amount was so small! I wondered why I paid so much for it, I kinda regret that I didn't order the wild steak hamburger made with meat from various animals, can't remember which ones.. but a bit more exotic than normal beef.

I had a fun conversation with my cousin!!

Nice evening, soon time to sleep, I'm exhaused!!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Tired to make people happy!

Lately I've been helping people out, since they have asked, Actually I do not have time to do so still I've been kind to do so.
However now I'm getting the blame for doing so? obviously I'm not doing enough!!

I don't know but when I hear that I get fed up and do not feel like I wanna help out anymore, why make people happy.. or try when they always want more?

I think it's becuase of the Christmas season, people are stressed.. but what about doing something YOURSELF!?! (-_-?)

SMAP and 僕の半分

I've heard it alot.. and well I'm not a SMAP fan really however I like the song - lyrics and music!! I also like Kimutaku on the guitar!! (I hope he will cut his hair soon.. I prefer him in short!! XD)

I'm not too sure about the live version and all.. since well.. some of them have trouble singing :S

Also it was quite some time ago since I fell for a SMAP song!!
Gonna look for it more... release Dec 21!