Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Fun x2

Yesterday I met up with Hanna-chan.
Haven't seen her for 2 months?! or something..
First we had dinner at Koreana..Bibimbap! (^__^)
After our dinner Hanna-chan came up with that we should hit the movies.
While at the cinema all movies started late however we decided to go anyway.. (My dad promised to pick me up at a underground station afterwards..since I had to wake up early for work the next morning)

We bought tickets for 17 again starring Zac Efron.
I think we laughed most of the time.. Hanna-chan and me have both Western and Asian sense of humour. Therefore we laughed more than the others..
I think some people found us strange because of that, but I'm sorry.. we had fun x2!
When I was in Asia I had the same problem, I laughed at things that they didn't laugh at..
Actually after a while people whispered "Why is she laughing?!"
Kinda embarrassing, still.. I can't help it!

The movie in itself was predictable, yet fun.. funny comments and scenes.
and Zac was so HOT when he came out of the car (at school) and took his jacket on! (^__^;;)
It's a movie worth watching if you want to have a great laugh.

However when it comes to buying a cinema ticket in Sweden, we all know how EXPENSIVE it is!
Why can't they lower the price? to half or something... more people would come and watch and they'd earn more money instead of having half the population downloading it on Pirate Bay!
Besides, it cost them same for them showing the movie to a half empty cinema auditorium.

A part from the laugh etc...
I was happy to go to the movies...
I havent seen a movie on a big screen for 2,5 moths! (lack of time, and money)
And.. going with Hanna-chan was fun..we always have fun when we hang out! (^__^)

Today's mood: Cheerful
Today's food: Bibimbap
Today's song: Super Junior - It's you

Monday, 18 May 2009

Eurovision Song Contest...

Eurovision Song Contest, really who likes it?
anyhow no matter what you think of it, you still watch it!?
It is something you won't say out loud still you watch it.. with your family, by yourself..or with friends.
It's like a small party in itself. and it isn't like there is anything better on TV anyway so..

This year everyone voted for Norway.
I'm sorry to say it.. but I hated the song (I can't even remeber the title or any of the lyrics or music)
and the guy who performed it.. OMG he's UGLY!!
Every single news paper and reporters are saying that he is so cute etc.
All I can see are 2 HUGE eyebrows and a violin.. and a BORING and LAME song!

But can whole Europe be wrong? MAYBE?

No matter Norway won.. great for them..
But.. should I continue watching it?
I donno.. I mean.. I say no.. still I end up watching it anyway..since I have nothing better to do!

Also the world is facing a ECONOMIC crizes still.. RUSSIA had to use I donno what but this Show was the most expensive in ESC history!!
And..was it worth it? NO! They should think about their own people who suffers or other people around the world instead of doing an expensive show! It isn't like it was the Olympics!!

Well it's finally over.. now we just have to "wait" another year!!
So what should we do until then?

Today's mood: lack of sleep
Today's Song: Super Junior - Love Disease
Today's food: Yakisoba

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Summer is S E T ! !

Yesterday I got the final answer.. I'll get my 1 week vacation in August!
I'll celebrate my 21st birthday overseas this year too!! (^__^)v
However this year with family!
I'm gonna buy my planeticket today!
I'm looking forward to go to Hong Kong!! Never been there before so this will be awsome!
I should start planning how much money I can spend..lol!
I'd like to buy a new mobilephone, clothes, cd's etc...!!

It's going to be fun to see Naomi and Jase!!
And I thought my summer would be bad...guess I was wrong.
Summer vacation is set and "done"!

What else, this week is busy and I'm tired..
However I have been going to bed earlier for each night this week, Strange isn't it?
I should be more relaxed but no.. what should I do?

I finished the last episode of "LOVE SHUFFLE" last night..
Tanihara Shousuke was scary! Never seen him like that before!!
and I love all the P A N D A jokes!

Also, I'm in love with 슈퍼주니어(Super Junior)'s new song "너라고(It's you)"
The lyrics are a bit.. hmm.. middle/highschool?
but still they make it great! And the lyrics also reminds me of Hana Yori Dango/Boys over flowers and Doumyoji Tsukasas heart and mind (^__^;;)
I think I'm actually gonna buy the C version of this cd just to get that song! It will be my first Super Junior cd (^__-;)

My wallet is starting to get empty?!
Mango owes me 1000 sek!! which I should have got by now..if I don't get it by Friday I'll call them and complain!

Today's mood: Confused
Today's food: Seafoodpie
Today's music: 슈퍼주니어(Super Junior) - "너라고 (it's you)"

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A small update!

So last Thursday I was at work... a bit stressed as usual.
well anyway.. my dad texted me and said that my parcel from Korea had arrived.
So after work I "rushed" home..in order to open it.

I got 2 dvds (Crossing + Honey to Clover), a knitted hood, white and cute earmuffs (sadly winter is over..) and a cd! (Younha's 3rd album)
and a scarf..HeeJung unni... THANK YOU!! it's really cute!!
also thanks for the letter.

I watched Crossing again, with Eng sub.. and I held all my tears back this time, it was not easy but I managed..I think?!

I love all the things I got, seriously, what would I do without my unni? or Cheonsa.. ^^

I'm so sleepy these days.. since I work every day. wake up early and go to bed late.
Kinda depressing life..nee ^^;;
My happiness is shows and music with Arashi! Last weeks episode of HNA and this weeks episode of ANS is LOVE LOVE LOVE
Arashi are the "love" of my life.. I know..hahaha
Their new single Ashita no Kioku/Crazy moon, is stuck in my head.
And also the main track for Matsujun's drama SMILE, sung by Shiina Ringo - Ariamaru Tomi, there are something with lyrics for all these 3 songs..!!

+ I have decided that I'm gonna buy a Wii Nintendo.. the question is WHICH day this month!?

And people are talking about Spotify..and how great it is..
I have to say IT SUCKS!!
I have it at work, but since we have a UK ip number I can't reach Swedish music and other music (UK,US,FR,Asian).. it really sucks!! If they have it on the system it should work..
and for some artists.. why a few songs but not all of them? CRAP system!!!

Today's mood: Cheerful
Today's food: Ceasar sallad
Today's music: Jenifer - Serre-moi