Monday, 30 November 2009

I'm bad at this..

Friday (27th)
I woke up with nothing in mind, A free day I thought.
I even ordered food, however they were slow and in the meantime Martin text me on facebook and asked if I wanted to join for Sushi, which I wanted so we went.
I saved my tuna soup for dinner, Anyhow we went to this place where u can eat as much as you want for 9800won (around 58kr) - Lunch hours, and 12 000won (around 70kr) - Dinner hours.
It was really good and I had nice company.
After our dinner we headed to all the major bookstores, I wanted some books and so did Martin.
Actually we had to go to all 3 bookstores - Kyobo, Yongpoong and Bandi Lunis!
However in the end we got all we wanted!
In the evening I just relaxed... it felt nice for a change.

Saturday 28th
I woke up quite late and was home during until 3pm then I went out for a long walk, I stopped by Starbucks and told myself, ok I should give it a go! but seriously, they SUCK!! I couldnt feel any coffee taste at all, a huge disappointment!!
At 5pm I met up with Seongwon unni also known as Sarah unni. We walked around in Myeongdong.. What can I say lots of people!!! Too many infact! and all Japanese, strange enough!
We also grabbed a hot chocolate and a dougnut at Dunkins, it was really nice, we had a long talk, we havent seen each other for... 5 months?
At 7pm she had to go to church to see her mum perform and I went to Jongak and had dinner with Heejung unni and Eunju unni. Havent seen Eunju unni since I was in Korea last year!!
We had bibimbab, I tried one I never had before, with cheese.
It was ok, but I prefere normal one! After dinner we grabbed a coffee at Coffee bean.
I tried the coffee of the day, it was really nice, I think my mum would have liked it a lot!! My dad too in fact.
Eunju unni is a funny person - at least when she is talking about her life... ^^ she made me laugh a lot!
When I came home I saw that my roommate had stolen my adapter and I was fixing some stuff on my computer and everything got shut down so I got PISSED!
However then my hero came along.. non other than Hyowon oppa! He is my male angel here in Korea..!! (my female angel is Heejung unni) Now I can see Arashi again.. you know the love of my life..hahaha

Sunday 29th
I woke up and headed out, a rainy day... and I didnt have an umbrella! I haven't had time to buy one yet!
Anyway I made it to the station without getting soaked, and met up with Sayuri unni.
We headed down to Hongdae, we were supposed to go shopping, but well.. since it was raining we went straight to the Snoopy cafe.
It's really cute, snoopy all over the place! (^__^)
and the coffee and snack was good and we also had a long chat.. maybe 3 hours?!
It's always nice to be around Sayuri unni... I really missed her, and she is so busy nowadays with school.. wish we could meet more but well.. we can always call and text.
She is going back to Japan during X-mas and she said I should go but I can't.. I'll probably go in mid/late February to visit some family.
Anyway after our looong coffee break we went back to Edae and tried to find a good movie, however it wasn't as easy as we thought, in the end we ended up seeing The Solist.
It was good, and Jamie Foxx is an great actor..! He spoke with an amazing speed..!!! I was chocked because he spoke so fast sometimes.

Monday 30th
Went to bed late, and woke up late! Surprise surprise.
I went down to Inkas office and paid my rent.. it felt good.
Then I took a walk around the area, I wanted to do some X-mas shopping but I couldn't find what I was looking for.
Got home and ate my wang mandoo, my fave snack/food at the moment. (^__^)
Today one of my roommates moved out.. so now I have a whole closet, finally!!! I'm really happy now, and tomorrow I start Sogang Univ.
... time for bed, see ya

Friday, 27 November 2009

Let's try again...

Nov 20-22
I went on a trip to Sorak San(Mountain), it's on the East Coast of S. Korea.
It took around 4 hours with a bus, however the ride was ok, we watched the latest Harry Potter movie, sang noraebang (karaoke) - yes you can do it on the bus!!!! and watched some random tv-shows. When we got there it was quite late but me and maybe 10 others went out for a drink and a snack, it was fun, we also did some noraebang.

Next morning we woke up early and headed towards Sorak san.
I was wearing jeans, sweater and sneakers - Not the best outfit for hiking but I didn't care.
Anyway, I made it to the TOP of the mountain! I actually felt proud of myself mostly because my outfit was bad! hahahah~
When we came back we hade some group discussions about various topics.
I got to be with my sister.. Yoobin unni ^^ (we both have "bin" in our names so that's why she is my sister..)
In the evening we had dinner far out.. even the bus couldn't go there so the restaurant had to pick us up!! and the driver were crazy!! like all korean drivers!
The food was really nice - a chicken dish.
After the meal we headed back and the went out to a bar, we talked and enjoyed ourselves. but I was sooo tired..loool.
Around 1am me and Yoobin unni went down to the beach, it was freeeeeezing and dark but we needed som fresh air so..

We packed our bags and had breakfast at a korean restaurant, KOREAN styled breakfast. I have to say I liked it more than the so called western one.. or AMERICAN one!
After the meal we all went down to the beach, took some photos then back onto the bus and headed towards the SPA.
We spent around 3-4 hours there, it was really nice!! It was both inside and outside.
But I have to say I almost died when we were outside since it was soooo cold (T__T)
Back home in Seoul some of us went out for dinner, we ate Samgyeopsal and kalbi (BBQ). It was really tasty and I love kalbi so it was a good end to a great trip (^__^)

I slept until 11 then I took a shower and then I met up with Minyoung unni, we had lunch at Edae's ECC. Her sister (Minhee unni) also joined.
We ate at Dr. Robinson - it's healthy food. However we had pizza, pasta and fried rice, and yes it doesnt sound to healthy but they have reduced all the sugar, oil, fat and so on and that makes it healthy.
After lunch we did some shopping, or I DID. I bought a muffler, hairdryer and a pair of uggs.
We also went to a cafe, called Rainforest.. it was a really nice place! The drinks were really good too, I took a yoghurt and pinapple "lasshi".
It was so nice to see Minyoung unni again, I havent seen her for.. hmm?! 10 months!?
In the evening I went down to Kyobo and bought some Christmas cards, they are really nice.. and it was cheap tooo!!

I stared my day with a coffee from THE COFFEE BEAN AND TEA LEAF, I took a Mocha Caramel Latte!! My L O V E <3
Then I headed down to Coex mall, half across Seoul, Me and Tiffy went to the Aquaria. We saw various kinds of fishes and other animals. It was a lot of fun and it was nice to do something that didn't invole shopping for a few hours. However since we were in COEX of course we also did some shipping. I bought a watch at OST. It was cheap and really nice so I was happy.
Tiffy bought some books, I wanted them too but they were heavy and I was too tired to carry them home so I didnt buy any... However when I came home and searched on the various internet bookstores I couldn't find any of the books.. total bummer!! so now I need to go out and buy them!!
For dinner we had Sweet potato katsu, I have to say I thought I was going to feel the sweet potato taste much more but it was ok.

I went around to various bookstores but I couldnt find any (T__T) or well I found 1 part but I want the other part too.. I got part two but I need part one first!!
and another book I wanted they didnt have at all, it seems that only ONE of all the bookstores has it!!
In the evening I met up with Hyowon oppa, he is Jiseon unnis little brother, however he is still older than me so that makes him oppa!
We had dinner at a fameous restaurant in Kangnam(South of Seoul). a lot of seafood :) but he thought the bowl was too small..poor guy, i didnt even finish mine because I got full.
After dinner we went to Coffee bean..!! and he also treated me for coffee. (^__^)
We sat there and talked for a few hours, but you know his english is not so good and nor is my korean so it was kinda fun. We mixed a lot but it worked out fine.
When I came home I watched Iris, my second LOVE!
Lee Byung hoon might be old.. but he is still REALLY handsome and H O T (^^;;)
We also had our house meeting (during Iris) and all my roommates know that it's my love but no one dared to ask me until it was over. They were like.. was it ok.. it was in the middle of iris, I said.. I was the one who suggested the meeting and well I saw the last part so it was ok besides I can also download it (^__^)

Shopping time in Dongdaemun! (East big gate)
Me and Tiffy bought a lot (^^) I spent maybe 410SEK, which is ok since I bough 4 various things, 3 of them from the same store..loool!
We had Bubble tea on the top of Migliore, at my fave bubble tea place in Dongdaemun.
We also went to Doota tower where they have a Swedish café, we ended up sharing a small Semla!! the taste was ok not like it does at home but it was ok enough :)
After 4-5 hour shopping we went home, happy with our new clothes!
At home I helped my roomie study for her exams and of course I also watched IRIS.
It's only 3 weeks left now (_ _) I sooo want this drama on dvd!
Hyowon oppa also gave me a good address to a really nice korean website...I'll use it LOADS ^^

Around 11.30 pm me and 4 roomies felt for a snack but it was too late to order anything so we went out.. and down to Shinchon. Minyoung oppa also came ^^
This is why I love Korea.. you can get a meal/snack at anytime of the day...!!and no matter time it's cheap! Compare to Sweden and other countries!
We came back around 12.45 am... happy after a fun time out ^^

Thursday, 26 November 2009


I wrote a whole update for this week but my computer fucked up and now all is gone!!!
It took me around 40 min to write!!!!!!
so now I'm just gonna sleep.. and maybe re-write it tomorrow.
I have to say this isnt the first time... I hate my computer for this!!!

(I just came back from a and a few roommates when down to get something to eat.. but we had to walk down to Shinchon since all places we like around Edae had already closed)

Thursday, 19 November 2009

this week so far.

I started off with paying all my various bills to INKAS, got a haircut and did my leveltest at Sogang, I got Level 3.. ^^
Then I met Tiffy for some shopping, however we went to Dongdaemun, A HUGE mistake.
Since it's closed on Mondays!!! We both knew it still.. we went there, we both was like, isnt it Tuesday today?!

Anyway, Tuesday I just spent at home..
Or well I also got my bedding, it's really cute!!
I also went back to the hairdresser since I didn't like my hairstyle, TOTAL korean look!!
but I went home and put a bucket of water on my head and it helped abit!!! :)

Wednesday, I met up with Tiffy in Myeongdong, did some small shopping, then we went to Yongsan and met up with Seojin.
She helped me to buy a phone.. so now I'm super happy

Here are some photos of it.. OF COURSE.. I got the WHITE one! ^^

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Koreans are funny...

Yesterday i got myself a haircut..
I have to say.. nothing wrong with the hairdresser but my hairstyle looks off..
So this morning I went back and said that I hate it.
The answer I got was: Why?? You look really good and cute. You look Korean now!
Anyway, after talking to them I decided to go home and threw a bucket of water on my head..
it helped a bit.. but I guess I have to wait until it grows out!

Then me and one of my roomies went shopping around the house, Shoeshopping.
Anyway, we came to a store where i found a nice pair of shoes and then the sales clerk suddenly went: Nice jacket, but it's not from our country is it?
Me: No. It's from Sweden.
Sales clerk: Sweden?? wow.. how come?
Me: I live in Sweden...
Sales clerk: how much does it cost??
Me: hmm.. around 320 000won
Sales clerk: EHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!??!?

Then after a while he went..
Sweden are good at football.. you have.. Larsson.. Helik Larsson (Note: it's supposed to be Henrik Larsson)

Sunday, 15 November 2009

back in Seoul

Now I'm back in Seoul..
First night I had dinner and tea with Heejung unni, Tiffy unni and Seojin.
Today i went to a concert with Sayuri unni..and did some small shopping.
Tomorrow I have my exam and going to do some shopping with Tiff and I have to stop by the Inkas office!

lots to do.. but first.. I'm gonna SLEEP

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The final day has come..

Today I'll say goodbye to EA.
Somehow it feels weird and a bit sad.. However it still feels positive.
It will be a good farwell..
Tomorrow I can sleep until late (probably not since I have packing to do..but u get the picture)
Almost 8 months has passed since I started at EA... time travel fast right?!
I still remember the day when I found out that I got the job and how excited I was!

Through my time here I have been through a lot! Then I mean a lot!!
But even though there has been up-sides and down-sides I have had a good time, I've learnt a lot and grown.

(^__^) (_ _) (^__^)/"

I look at the sky wish for the best in the future to come~

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

It won't make it...

I pre-ordered a concert dvd.. hmm.. what has it been.. 2 months ago!?
And they have postponed the shipping date..
And today they sent it, however I will not be able to get it before I leave for Korea...
It kinda sucks... it will have to wait 1 year until I can see it (T__T)

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

I finally got the chance to see the movie Slumdog millionaire.
I know.. late but.. better late than never..

What can I say?
Good movie, poor guy and what a life!!!
Sometimes you don't need to go to school in order to learn..
Sometimes life can be the best teacher there is..

Friday, 6 November 2009

MJ's - This is it <3

I finally saw it, a week later than planned but well..
What can I say?
MJ is a perfectionist, he knows all his moves, lyrics, music.. like I said he knows it ALL.. 100%
And he was not afraid to say "It's wrong". "I want this", "I want that" etc.

Also he seemed very nice to everyone he worked with on this "project", and he spent a lot of time, effort on it to get it 100% perfect for all of his fans.
I promise, it he still would be alive this tour would have had been AMAZING!
I'm so happy I saw this "documentary/movie/behind the scene"

Even in you are not a total MJ fan, this is still worth to watch..
I mean I have never been a huge fan but, WHO DOESN'T know who he is or havent heard any of his songs?!

If you can get tickets, have money for it.. and the time..
Go and see it (^__^)

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Long time ago since I was in love like this..

I have to say... it has been a long time since I loved a tv-drama this much as I do right now!!

I'm talking about the Korean drama called IRIS starring Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee.

I know Lee Byung Hun is getting older.. but seriously he looks so GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD in this drama (^__^;;)

also Big Bang's song Hallelujah is growing on me...!!