Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Birthday celebration

As I mentioned we celebrated my mums birthday last Friday.
Besides from delicious food, we had cake.
My mum had baked the Vanilla Hearts above, I think my bf ate (in total during the whole weeken) 7 hearts! I had one XD He really loves them.
ICA, one of the biggest supermarkets in Sweden, gave my mum a cake for free. It was super delicious. Such a nice gesture from them, my mum got two cakes from different ICA stores.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Marc Jacobs Earrings Disc - Garnet

I couldn't hold myself, I saw this colour at the store the other week and since the paycheck rolled in last weekend I just had to get them. I know I have so many of these now, but I just love them!
I absolutely love this colour! I saw a similar colour last year online but they were sold out. This was before I bought my very first ones. However as I saw these it became a must have. A bit tragic maybe but a small reward to myself. ^^
All people around me who has seen them says they look great ^^

Kinda hard to choose in the morning which to wear. But great thing about these are that they fit any occassion!!!

Bulgogi dinner

Last Friday we had a big family dinner, to celebrate mum and to have a nice dinner.
We used my new slicer and I marinated the meat for aprox 24 hours.
My bf said it was as good as eating in Korea, so I guess that was a good result.
We all enjoyed it, I so love my new b-day present ^^

A great and delicious!

Monday, 28 September 2015


The other item from Lowrys Farm mum and dad got me was this skirt, and the colour above, Wine!
I also wanted black but hey.. I'm happy with what I got.
The skirt is simple yet can be used at various occasions. I love it and I'm so happy they found it.
The only weird thing was the sizes. In Japan it is said to be one size but in HK it was both M and L.
My parents asked the shop clerk but she insisted it was the same thing, the "catalog" number online was the same as the tag so they got it in the end.
I'm so happy cannot wait to wear it ^^

総丈 50
ウエスト 62~84
ヒップ 126
裾幅 94

発売日 2015/07/24
品番 567095
タイプ スカート
サイズ F (M/L in Hong Kong)
カラー ブラック09, ワイン38, キャメル55, カーキ78
素材 表地:ポリエステル65% 綿35%
裏地: ポリエステル100%
重さ 約 290g

You can purchase it here!

Pics and info @ Lowrys Farm

Sunday, 27 September 2015


My parents came back from Hong Kong the other day.
They have had a wonderful trip, I have to admit I have been jealous.
But my parents were kind enough to go shopping for me ^^
Among a lot of things they bought I got these pants from Lowrys farm!
I wasn't too sure about the size so I chose a bigger just because. They fit very well!
So HAPPY for these ^^

Price: ¥ 6,372(税込)/ 599HKD

発売日: 2015/08/24
品番 568097
タイプ パンツ
サイズ M, L
カラー チェック15, ストライプ80
素材 ポリエステル64% レーヨン34% ポリウレタン2%
重さ 約 450g

You can purchase it here!
Pic and info @ Lowrys Farm

Sea otter time

This is the final animal mask for this time ^^
A sea otter, I died of laughter when I saw myself, especially around my eyes. The eyebrows are to die for lol ^^
My darling got a Hello Kitty one, he looked quite scary but he was kind enough to use it!! He's the best. I doubt many men would do it. But it has a good result, BETTER skin!

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Right here

Shane is back with a new album!
I like what I hear above, I wonder when I should buy the album!? ^^
Shane is one of my fave singers, so this is really tempting! but then there is always about the money ^^

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Friday, 25 September 2015

Cinnamon rolls

A delight most Swedes like, incl. me is Cinnamon buns/rolls.
I saw that Ochikeron uploaded a new video which looks kinda interesting ^^
I wanna try this out some day soon!!

But not this weekend ^^

Delicious dinner

Went for dinner with my colleagues the other day, we had Tapas!
I love it, I had to take a one hour walk afterwards because I was so full. ^^
When eating this I realize I have to go to Spain asap!
I hope I can visit K this winter. Our main purpose for the dinner was to say good bye to my colleague and friend who's moving to Spain!! Sad to say good bye but she is so doing the right thing!!!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Exhausted for small things

Life is ironic at times.
When you have things you don't care, however when it's suddenly gone it's the the whole life falls a part. I'm so used to do all my banking on my phone. But as I said yesterday my divorce got finalised and since I have a new phone I needed to verify it. And to do that I needed my mini bank.
Which searched for all over my house, turned inside out of most things!
In the end I had to go to my bank!! So much trouble as the bank hours SUCKS!
I have no idea why it's always like this, when not noticed you are not missing it. When you finally do it freaks you out!?

pic cred @ owner

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Divorce is finalised

For the past 13 years I have been a Samsung girl, all my phones has been Samsung since I was 14!
I'd never thought I'd change to another brand. However S6 really disappointed me. Somehow it felt like Samsung tried to copy Apple in many aspects. It pissed me off and I was not excited.
So, guess what!? LG just dropped their G4 and after reading reviews I decided to try it out.
I got the phone the other day, so what I can say is... My divorce from Samsung is finalised.
I'm now trading one Korean for another, there are still a lot to fix with the phone to make it more as mine. But the progress is ongoing. So far I'm very happy and pleased.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

A good laugh

My bf and i watched this movie last Saturday, both were quite exhausted and did not want to watch a movie that was too complicated. So we chose this one, Minions!
It was funny, a great way to relax!

If you haven't watched it yet, do so ^^

Delicious dinner

On Sunday evening after a long and busy day my darling made me this for dinner!!
Korean bulgogi styled beef with rice and veggies!
I'm so grateful for this deliciousness, I also had extra for lunch.
My darling is the best!!!!!

Monday, 21 September 2015

Fished my week on top

I know I should take it slower, but I have missed out on my work outs a few days so I thought this was alright!
Yesterday I finsihed off my work out session with a spinning ride. I'm satisfied!
And today a new week begins!!

Busy day with nice lunch

We ended up having a busy Sunday. Between our appointments we also stopped for lunch.
We went to Blåbär at Kungsholmen. I prefer the one at Odenplan 
Anyway we had a good lunch. we had hot sandwiches with 2 salads of our choice.
Both chose the same hot sandwich, with chicken and tomato and pesto.
A great stop on the way to refuel our bodies!!

I really recommend Cafe Blåbär ^^

Sunday, 20 September 2015


Can you sense the Magic??
Sorry I can't... Suju what is this!?

Olivia Batch Table

Our sofa table finally arrived!
It's a batch table, I'm so happy I found it.
It's from Swedish store Mio.
We really needed a small sized table and I have been searching like crazy. In the end I got this!
It comes in a set of 3 tables. The biggest is W50 L50 H57.
Price: 1 295 SEK.

You can purchase it here

Pics and info @ Mio

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Fika at Kaffekoppen

The other day I met with Alex, we first went for fika (coffee break) at Kaffekoppen.
I had this delicious sandwich and tea.
The cafe is super cute and usually crowded as it's located in Gamla Stan.
I have been here many times before, and I do recommend it ^^ they have one next door too, called Chokladkoppen.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Today's quote

Weekend is here

Today's the final day of the working week.. however for me it was yesterday!
I took the day off, today I'm gonna laze of doing.... nothing ^^
This is a great song to listen to, I love Shane's voice!
Happy Friday!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

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Breakfast sandwich

I posted a photo of the coffee cup the other day, I forgot about the sandwich. Nothing special but it was so delicious to eat the other day, I really needed a prepped sandwich.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Morning coffee

I took this at the station yesterday morning.
My darling bought me breakfast ^^
It was really delicious.
And the cup was super cute, I liked the colour of it.


I have have had some issues with my current gloves. I talked to my PT and said I need real ones, also covering my finger tops.
I found these the other day at one of the sports store outlets, Reebok's Crossfit gloves.
I got them 50% off, which is great consider I donno if they are good or not.
Anyway I will give them a try and hope for the best!

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Fun movie

As I mentioned, we went and saw the new Disney Pixar movie Inside out.
We really enjoyed it, this is a movie I would re-watch whenever I need to be cheered up!
And no this is not a movie for kids, this is for adults!
If you haven't watched it already, do so!

Trying it slow

My PT told me to reduce my speed when biking, I have tried it now a few times.
It's hard because I want to beat my records, but I also want to get a lot slimmer. Life is harder than you think sometimes.
Because for every meter I take it's an effort, but now I want more results!

Gotta keepon fighting!

Monday, 14 September 2015

Another sushi dinner

After a small trip to buy some china we decided to have sushi for dinner.
Thanks to one of the apps I have we got this super cheap.
This sushi is really delicious ^^ I will go back and use up all of the coupons. One customer get 4 coupons. Two big sushi for 119 sek.

A great dinner choice!!

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Cred @ Owner