Saturday, 5 September 2015

핸드 앤 네이처 세니타이저 겔

My darling also bought something like 8-10 of these ^^
Hand sanitizer gel, some of you might think it's overrated but to me, being outside a lot, then let's say you go for a coffee or eat something. I don't think it's so fresh to put my fingers close to my mouth.
Some might say that a little dirt doesn't harm you, which is true but still.. you never know who has hold on to what. so I think it's hygienic. Same as washing new underwear before using, just in case someone else has tried them on in store.

These are from the Korean brand Nature Republic, I have bought these before and I like them because they do not really smell like alcohol, and they come in small bottles, easy to carry in the handbag!

Name: 핸드 앤 네이처 세니타이저 겔
Price: 2000 won/ea (cheaper when buying more)
Fragrance: 20 different types...

Pics and info @ Nature Republic

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