Saturday, 30 November 2013

An oldie

It's weekend, and of course I listen to music...
A lot of new, but also some oldies ^^
Today I'll share a quite old song by Korean Shinhwa, it's called Thank you.
It's from their 2003 Winter story album ^^


Dinner at Hyatt booked!

How many of have seen the movie Lost in translation?
If you have, you'll recognize this place.
It's the NY Grill at Hyatt Hotel in Tokyo, Shinjuku.
They used this as location for the movie.

Yeserday I booked a table for me and mum ^^
I hope the weather will be nice so we get a good view, the restaurant said we'd get a table at the window as I requested ^^

I cannot wait ^^

Friday, 29 November 2013

FT아일랜드 - 미치도록

I have never been a fan of FT island, by that I mean I don't follow them.
I have seen them on various live shows etc, but that's because they are releasing something.
Anyway, here they are with a new song, a love song.
Hong Ki's voice is perfect for this one, it really struck me.
It's def. one of the best songs they have released... once again MY opinion!


Arashi LOVE concert tickets!!

Yesterday S-unni texted me saying the tickets had arrived!!
I'm totally overjoyed. And the seats seems to be fairly okay, the arena is so big so who knows ^^
Anyway no matter what I think it will be awesome!!

Also, I need to practise the dance, the A side ^^

Cannot wait.. Tokyo Dome - Dec 15!!!

やった~!!!! (^^)

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

When the truth will be told

I have admire him as a handball player for a long time.
And now he's releasing a book about everything happening behind he fame and glory.
I read the plot on the book webpage posted onto "his" FB account and it looks very interesting.
I want to read it, however the price, $42, feels a bit high, at least for now.

I also haven't even begun reading Aussie swimmer Ian Thorpe's book.
So I guess I need to finish that too, and hopefully by then there will be a paperback version out.
I hate the hard cover, they are too heavy ^^

Anyway, this is def. on my wish list!!
Will check at the airport in Copenhagen when going to Japan, next next week.
If they have a spec price I might pick it up ^^


Flower might have lost their leader and member.
But here they are with a new song.
To be honest, I don't really know the members, or look at them a lot.
But I like their songs, and here they are with a new song.

It will be officially released at Christmas.

I'm so happy that they upload the WHOLE song and not short version PVs!!


Wednesday, 27 November 2013

It's working!

I started with a new diet and it's totally working!
It's all because of A. She lost 17 kgs in 2,5 months and so I felt inspired to try it. It has only been a week and I have lost 2 kgs! It's kinda ironic too when thinking of what I have eaten!

I have had pizza, cheese puffs and crips among a lot of other foods.
But the trick has been to eat a lot of different foods, both healthy and not healthy. And of course much less of the unhealthy stuff. by less I mean smaller portions!
Still you get the taste, and as you are not dying tomorrow, less is better than zero right!?

And I do not eat anything after 6 pm. Only at a few occasions, that's like once a week.

Of course I have been hungry but in the end, it has given me results, and results is what counts.
I think that's why I give up on other diets, I mean I struggle like a maniac and nothing happens.
I hope this will keep up!! ^^


Korean singer songwriter Younha is back with a new song.. and soon a new album.
Here's the new single, a ballad!
I love it, I also love her new hairstyle. She really fits in blond if you ask me ^^

Today's quote

"Don't never let anybody change you!!! The best thing to be is be yourself.. ;)"

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

They are on its way...!!

S-unni has been worried since we haven't received a confirmation mail yet.
I told her not to worry as she had paid and all.. Also because JE is not fast, they have had 3 other venues and about 600 000 tickets to send out for the Nagoya, Sapporo and Osaka venues.
But it's finally time to Tokyo!!

I got a mail with this headline yesterday when leaving the office: 「ARASHI Live Tour 2013 “LOVE”」東京公演 チケット発送のお知らせ. (Announcement of shipment of tickets for Tokyo concert)

I'm so excited, as I told a co-worker on our way home from work yesterday evening, I have been waiting for this for 6 years! And I have wanted to attend a Arashi concert for more than 10 years!!
It's gonna be so awesome, no matter seat.

Also, I want the tickets to arrive to my friend's house asap. (Yes, my friend's house, as most of you know, JE do not allow membership addresses outside Japan. So my friend is the best for letting me use her home address and phone number)
I want to practice the funky dance ^^ I really need to practice...hahaha

일비스 + 크레용팝

Take two annoying songs and put the artists together and this is what you get..
it's hilarious!! The Ylvis brothers look totally

Also, here's their own song.. the fox ^^
The Asians does not seem to get the joke.. not all of them anyway ^^ which makes it even more hilarious!!

Note to KBS... for these intl. shows like these, you should have a better sound system or staff who can control it!! I'm honest when I say it was embarrassing watching the show!!

You do it!!

Found this at "Meanwhile in Canada" on FB.
It sure has a great point!!

Cred to owner

Monday, 25 November 2013

I'm a queen, again!

Going from being poor, I couldn't even withdraw 100 sek (aprox US$15) from the ATM today with my usual card!!
But I kinda have myself to blame as I have put most of my money on my savings account for the upcoming travel to Japan.

Anyway, today's the 25th... and that means... PAYCHECK day!!
And I'm going from "poor" to more wealthy. So yes, it's kinda like going from servant to being a queen!
Still, most of it, 90% will be going to my savings account. rest to pay bills and survive a few weeks before the travel, then the other days before the next paycheck!! ^^

Oh well... It feels good, so good!!
It's worth saving money, and it's good to work, because when I finally spend it, I know I need to work harder to be able to do this again, or even more!!
Because you know, money does not grow on trees!

Happy Monday!!
14 days left...I'm soon back in one of my fave cities in the world... TOKYO!

Go gentle

I have never been able to figure this man out. Sometimes he is sometimes he is out.
Anyway, the last news I heard is that he ditched Take That and is flying solo.
And here he is with a new single, Go Gentle.
I like it, it is something calm about it, not sure what it is. Also, I think it would fit a musical ^^
I donno but I prefer Robbie singing ballads.

Enjoy Go Gentle! ^^

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Sunday and Monday lunch

Today I decided to be a sinner,  so I went to the local pizza place and bought a pizza I had never tried before.
It has beef, cheese, onion, fresh tomtoes, and bea sauce.
Totally delicious but too much for one by this I also have tomorrow's luch set ^^

Awesome, two meals for the price of one ^^

I also got my lollipop when buying the pizza...what can I say, gone thete since age of two so no matter age the pizza place owner still gives it to me, so cute ^^

My love

Lee Seung Chul released his latest album back in the summer, it was also the only album I bought in Korea this year!! Surprise surprise..!
Oh well, he might not be you and a kpop star but he sure can sing and he has done some awesome songs over the years.
So here's his 11th album - My Love!
And oh boy, this time he has had a great team to create this wonderful music, he has assembled a true world-class team that includes Nickelback drummer Daniel Adair and mixing engineer Steve Hodge


01 사랑하고 싶은 날
02 My Love
03 그런 말 말아요
04 Run Way
05 늦장 부리고 싶어
06 Rain Drops
07 40분 차를 타야해
08 Beach Voice
09 손닿을 듯 먼 곳에
10 소원

Today's quote

"Our lives are but fleeting seconds that past in a blink of an eye. Seize the moments and capture that memory."

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Today's quote

"People are not interested in something real, original, or truthful. They fall in love with the Illusion of it."

Knee deep in my heart

Happy Saturday...!
This song gets me going ^^

Meishoku's DETCLEAR facial peeling gel

I have mentioned Country & Stream ORANGE Facial peeling briefly before, and I have really loved it.
Last July when I was in Sapporo I picked up another brand, known as Detclear!

I bought the mixed berries one. And to be honest, I like this one even more.
My skin used to be soft with the C&S orange one, but with Detclear, I'm like a baby!!
So if you can get this product, try it out. ;)

It's so simple to use:
1. Wash the face with warm water,
2. Apply all over the face and scrub and the dead skin will fall off.
3. Rinse your face and done!
Easy right ^^

The product cost (incl. tax) 1260 Japanese yen. I got it at LOFT, but you can probably get it at other places as well.
I think I have also seen it on for all US buyers ^^

Anyway, as I love it so much I will pick more up now on my travel. cannot believe it's only 17 days left!!

Friday, 22 November 2013

Strövtåg i hembygden

I have no idea how many times I have heard this song, yet it's still a great song.
I think it fits for a Friday like this... weekend is here. Time to relax!
The song is sung by Mando Diao and is called Strövtåg i hembygden.
It's in Swedish, but I found a video with English lyrics ^^

Enjoy and happy weekend! ^^

Go to space without leaving earth!?

I got to say, I'm not surprised this is from Japan...
They have now started with a themed tour bus, and it's called "Star Fighter"!
It looks like a futuristic spacecraft. ^^

I would like to ride it, but it seems it only runs on certain days and times.
So I guess it will be impossible to go on it this time.
Well well.. for now photos will due ^^

Who wants to go on this special tour?! Raise your hand ^^

Official site
cred @ info + pics

Thursday, 21 November 2013

every hero

This song is the theme song from the drama I mentioned earlier today.. Miss Pilot.
This is singer songwriter Kaho's debut song, and she's only 14. Media has already talked about as the new Utada Hikaru!
It will be interesting to see her progress ^^

For now.. enjoy one of the short versions of the PV's.


This season Fuji TV has some good dramas, I mentioned Dokushin Kizoku yesterday. So here is the other one ^^
This drama is starring Horikita Maki and Aibu Saki. And once again air company ANA makes a huge profit. But, whenever ANA is involved it's usually a good drama. ^^
Also, I'm so keen to see Saito Takumi. The more I see of him, the more I like him ^^

The plot is interesting, because I know how difficult it is to become a pilot and a very good one.
I'm eager to see how this will end!! On Tuesday evenings, I'm all for this!

Title: ミス・パイロット (Miss Pilot)

Tagline: 私は空に恋をした (I fell in love with the sky)
Episodes: TBA
Broadcast network: Fuji TV
Broadcast period: 2013-Oct-15
Air time: Tuesday 21:00
Theme song: Every hero - Kaho

Tezuka Haru has been desperately hunting for a job, but nothing seems to come about. Without thinking about the consequences, she takes and barely passes the necessary exam to enter the world of aviation. From then on, she begins to walk the path towards becoming a female pilot. Of course she struggles a lot, especially since the training is more severe than she expected before taking the exam. She bonds with her fellow cadets, has to deal with some very strict teachers, and meets various people while going through the pilot training.

Horikita Maki as Tezuka Haru
Aibu Saki as Oda Chisato
Saito Takumi as Kunikida Konosuke
Sakuraba Nanami as Abeno Suzu
Nanao as Suzuki Noriko
Mamiya Shotaro as Kishii Yasuji
Koyanagi Yu as Kotori Sho
Fujii Ryusei as Yamada Kazuo
Shounozaki Ken as Morohoshi Maya
Fujisawa Ema as Saegusa Kanoko
Ishikura Saburo as Tezuka Shigeo
Negishi Toshie as Tezuka Yoshimi
Iwaki Koichi as Shinozaki Katsutoyo

info @ dramawiki

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


The girls are finally back, but not with a uptempo song as I actually thought it would have had been.
Anyway, I really like this sound, and by watching the music video, it's so 2NE1 ^^

It's good to have u back girls, I'm looking forward to your come back stage ^^


I'm a little bit behind, been busy the past weeks.
However I anticipated this drama, and guess why? The story and actors of course ^^
I'm also surprised to see Ito Hideaki in his short hair, I'm so used to his longer hairstyle, it almost feels like another person. He look more manly now...haha
As for Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, I can so picture him to get married and be a great father.. so to see him like this, like a misfit is funny ^^
As for Kitagawa Keiko, well, she'll just be herself I think! From all the interviews I have seen with her I have gotten the vibe she's not so girly girly, so therefore this will be even more interesting ^^

Title: 独身貴族 (Dokushin Kizoku)
Episodes: TBA
Broadcast network: Fuji TV
Broadcast period: 2013-Oct-10 - 2013-Dec-??
Air time: Thursday 22:00
Theme song: Shareotsu by SMAP

At present, over 47% of the male population in Japan aged between 30 ~ 34 are single. While for women, the no. goes up to 60% for those in their late twenties. It is not that they are unable to get married. Rather, they all choose to remain single, as they believe that marriage is not the be all and end all. Life holds more promising things beyond marriage, and thus they are all celebrating life as a single. This drama takes a look at life from the perspectives of these men and women.
Hoshino Mamoru is the President of a film production company, having taken over the position from his father. He is an excellent creative director, but he detests chaos and hence prefers to remain single. His brother, Susumu, works at the same company, taking care of the business side of things. Currently undergoing divorce proceedings, Susumu has had to move out of his marital home.
Haruno Yuki is disillusioned with men, after having gone through several failed relationships. She wasn't making great strides in her career either, and so one day, she decided to quit her job and pursue her dream of becoming a scriptwriter. In order to pay the bills, she takes on a part-time job at a maid agency. Before she knows it, she gets her chance to make her dream come true!
It could be Fate, or just plain coincidence, but the 3 of them are plunged into each other's lives; The "Affluent Single", the "Divorced Hero" and the "Marriage Refugee". Will a pivotal moment happen upon them? Will the "Affluent Single" decide to give wedded bliss a chance?

Kusanagi Tsuyoshi as Hoshino Mamoru
Kitagawa Keiko as Haruno Yuki
Ito Hideaki as Hoshino Susumu
Fujigaya Taisuke as Kawagoe Yuta
Renbutsu Misako as Ogata Sumika
Hiraiwa Kami as Genozono Reiko
Nishihara Aki as Obara Saori
Sasai Eisuke as Kobayashi Seiji

info @ dramawiki

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

It's time

I do feel like a dog... or maybe it's because that's what I have been told I am for the last week.
Don't worry, I'm not sad, I'm just laughing.
Because of various reasons I will get a vaccination, which is a very good thing. Just that I have gotten associated with bringing a dog to the vet rather bringing a young woman to the medical center.
I guess that's life.

I hope it doesn't hurt too bad.
I'm not scared of needles but people around me have been telling me that this shot I will get is supposed to hurt (O_o;;)
Guess I cannot change it, if it hurts or not, I will have it. I guess if I just relax it will probably be fine... *coughs*

The Last Time

This was one of my fave songs from Taylor Swift's album RED.
So when I found this I was happy ^^ It's never too late ^^
Happy Tuesday

Monday, 18 November 2013

상속者들 OST 1

The whole OST, or at least part one is out.
To be completely honest there's nothing new and of these songs, I only like two of them.
Hong Ki's and Changmin's songs. As for the rest they are a part of the drama but that's it. I would never listen to them on my phone or mp3.
Well well.. on the other hand, the songs fit for the drama, which is the maint point. However to purchase the album, well.. I wouldn't!!
I'm looking forward to OST part 2, hope it will beat this one.
K-dramas sometimes comes with awesome OST, one of my fave is from IRIS! But that's another story...

Track list:
01. 말이야 – 이홍기
02. Love Is… – 박장현 & 박현규 [Bromance]
03. Moment – 이창민 (Changmin 2AM)
04. 사랑이라는 이름으로 – 켄 (Ken VIXX)
05. 두 사람 (Remake) – 박장현 (Bromance)
06. 세렌디피티 – 투영(2Young)
07. 아랫입술 물고 – 에스나
08. Here For You – 빅 베이비 드라이버(Big Baby Driver)
09. What We Used To Be – 빅 베이비 드라이버(Big Baby Driver)
10. Some Other Day – 빅 베이비 드라이버(Big Baby Driver)
11. I Will See You – 트랜스픽션(Trans Fixion)
12. 말이야 (inst.) – 이홍기
13. Love Is… (inst.) – 박장현 & 박현규 (Bromance)
14. Moment (inst.) – 이창민 (Changmin 2AM)

Today's quote

"Omni fine initium novum" - In every ending there is a new beginning.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Broken Korean

A friend posted this, and to be honest.. I haven't even seen this movie.
But I found the clip quite funny.
Jim Carrey is a funnt guy and his Korean is so broken, yet funny ^^ He surley gor the American accent when speaking!

Maybe I should watch the full movie!?

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Today's quote

"Worry less, limit stress."


Yesterday I got an email from my "uncle" in Tokyo.
He said he had made a reservation at a SPA resort in Hakone, owned by the bank his son in law works for.
I went there in 2010 and had a blast.
So I'm so excited to go there again ^^ and this with my mum!

Friday, 15 November 2013

A new snack

The other day a colleague gave me some snacks.
one of them was super delicious, and it was something I had never tried before, only seen on tv!
I feel ignorant when saying so but that's the truth.
Anyway, so what was it? It was "chips" made by Cassava.

Try it and u will be hooked as well ^^

I'm longing for this

I found this video today.
can I say, I'm hungry and longing to be in Japan right now ^^
I already told my mum that there are some places we just HAVE to visit while being there...hehe ^^

Check this out!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Guns and Horses

Another autumn day.
And another buy day. Today I'll share an older song by Ellie Goulding called Guns and Horses.


Arashi in Swedish newspaper

Today as usual I read Metro newspaper, twice!

Different articles, one about the on going case where three people have sold fake signatures of Arashi, AKB48, Hey say jump etc.
Other about their new cd. It didnt get too well credit,  also they wrote that several songs were made by swedish songwriters and the album is currently the best selling album in the world.

Oh well u cannot have all roses I guess.
Still fun they were mentioned,  but many swedes won't really bother or they will get the wrong image unfortunately...

Still keep positive★

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Today's quote

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away" - Pablo Picasso

The one

I used to follow this guy, Alistair Griffin, on the BBC show called Fame Academy back in the early 2000's.
Anyway I found this recent song, from July 2013 ^^


Tuesday, 12 November 2013

More Korean foods for the Swedes

An acquaintance of mine posted this on FB.
Kinda funny..
It's an add for public transportation in Stockholm.

Header says: Now we invest 100 billions (Swedish krona) to make Korean food more available.
Then underneath it says that Stockholm is now investing making public transportation more available around Stockholm for more people, which would make it easier to get your hands on Korean food as an example!

Kinda funny don't you think?
I mean there are lots of things they could have had used as examples for this... there probably are other things too but ^^

The Letter

The Korean duo Davichi is back with a new track called The Letter (편지 in Korean)
A very sad yet lovely song! It totally fits Davichi ^^

Today's quote

"Appreciation is a wonderful thing; it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well."

Monday, 11 November 2013

Father's day

Yesterday was Father's day in Sweden.
And in the honour of my awesome day, I made him a lemon meringue pie ^^

Happy Father's day dad... I love you ♥♡

I know you care

Another Monday is here...
The weather is, not promising, but it's mid November so I guess I shouldn't expect more ^^

Here's another great song by Ellie Goulding, called I know you care.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

"Who, When, Why"

I finally got the time to listen to this album!! I have anticipated and have had it for a few weeks but I have been too busy until now.
Well, JaeJoong is finally releasing a solo album! I'm happily surprised. And the title really reflects the album well... JJ said he named it WWW because of the "Who, When, Why" questions asked when a relationship ends.
The album includes various kinds of songs and JJ has written most the lyrics.
Listening to this reminds me of the excitement I had when DBSK released solo song... back in the days where they were 5 members. Even though we say "keep the faith", today that feels faraway.
Anyway, back to the album, I like the mix of songs, it really shows how much potential JJ has and what a great artist he is.

I wonder what took him so long ^^

01 빛
02 Don't Walk Away (feat.용준형 Of Beast)
03 Just Another Girl
04 Butterfly
05 Rotten Love
06 햇살 좋은 날 (feat. 이상곤 Of 노을)
07 Let The Rhythm Flow.
08 그랬지
09 Now Is Good
10 9+1#
11 Luvholic (feat.하동균)
12 Modem Beat
13 Paradise

Acceptable losses

It's Sunday, another week is coming to its end.
It's weird, but it's life.

Here's a song by Swedish singer songwriter Liza Miskovsky ^^

Today's quote

"Age is just a number and young is an attitude... :P "

Saturday, 9 November 2013

30 left!!

I cannot believe it, it's 30 days left before I head off to Tokyo (And Osaka and Kyoto)!
It feels so weird, I mean it's still 30 days and all, but I guess somewhere deep down I know it will past so fast.
I mean, it doesn't feel like it was too long ago I was travelling around Korea and Japan!

I'm so excited...!
First time to visit Japan in "December".
I have been there in February, May, June, July, August/September.

Just another girl

I love this song by JJ, I wonder if he based it on his real life or if it's fiction.
The lyrics are kinda sad and harsh, still has a point.
I will probably translate it tomorrow ^^

For now, ENJOY ^^

Sweden is number 1

Wow.. Sweden is number 1 ^^
Kinda amazing.

Also, why's Singapore on 12th? English is an official language there!!
As for the rest, some surprising, other not.

Friday, 8 November 2013

대답은 너니까 (ONLY U)

VIXX was in Stockholm last weekend,
I did not attend the concert as well, to be honest I don't listen to their music, expect if it appears on a show or so.
And I have been extremely busy the past month with work and job applications.
Anyway, While VIXX was here they made a music video for this new song called 대답은 너니까 (ONLY U).
I think they did a nice work with locations in Stockholm. They missed some but you cannot get it all within 4 minutes.

So for all Swedish Kpop fans, you should be happy ^^
Also Swedish Visitors board should be, I mean they get free commercial for Stockholm lol.

Therefore... Enjoy ^^

About you (lyrics)

I have talked about this album and posted the MV for this song.
And today, friday and all... positive thoughts, I want to share the lyrics for this amazing song!



The full MV is coming, but what can I say, I prefer TaeYang's solo music style over the other in BB.
I really like this one ^^

Thursday, 7 November 2013

All you need to know

This is a trailer, and I so want to see the whole thing!!!
Bring it to me ^^

In the end (lyrics)

I posted the song the other day, Shane just posted all the lyrics on his FB, so I want to share the lyrics to this amazing song  ^^

Today's quote

"Overthinking only complicates your life, think less limit stress. : )"

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Love Goods preview

So I guess many of you have seen them, the previews of the Love 2013 tour concert goods.
I have to say, I was kinda disappointed with the bracelets. They look too simple. So I have decided not to buy it from other venues except Tokyo. Although Nagoya one is red, Sho-kun's colour.

As for the other goods, Uchiwas, why do they have to look so "angry" on the jumbo ones? lol
The towel looks like copy of Beautiful world one. but with the Love logo.
I love the shopping bag and pouch, the material looks nice - simple yet stylish!
Also the stickers look really cute ^^ cuter than I thought.
Penlight will be needed for the con ^^

So I guess I'll purchase:
Penlight (for the concert) ¥1500
Stickers x2 ¥500
Shopping bag ¥1800
Pouch ¥1500
Bracelet (Tokyo) ¥500
Towel ¥3500

Total ¥9800

On my maybe list is: Clearfile group ¥500 and T-shirt ¥2800

For previews of the con goods go here:
Japanese blog 1
Japanese blog 2

HTC Butterfly S - Hello Kitty edition

A friend sent me this...
What can I say, I want it..haha
The size is awesome, look at it, not much bigger than one and a half credit card.

And it comes with a new 3D Hello Kitty design.
I like the black font and white back.
And the ribbon with a butterfly. 
It's so cute ^^

Wonder if it is a success over in Taiwan? ^^

My oh my

SNSD is back with a new Japanese single.
This was uploaded yesterday onto SM's youtube channel.
it's called My oh my, and of course it's a typical SNSD song.

But as for the concept, it feels like a mix of The Boys, paparazzi, Dancing queen, I got a boy and Oh! And TTS Twinkle.
I don't like the music or lyrics to be honest, I think it's a turn down from what they have produced and released before.
Then again, it's good people think differently right! ^^

I guess this is a LOVE it or HATE it song!
What's your opinion?

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Today's quote

"Psychological fact: All emotional pain lasts for 12 mins, anything longer than that is self-inflicted."

In the end

So I finally got the album. And my absolute fave song on this album is the song called "In the end".
I can listen over and over to it. I love the lyrics!
It's an amazing album in general, but this song is outstanding!
I'm so happy to have Shane back ^^

You and me

This is maybe the most anticipated release this year in my eyes.
I felt empty the day Westlife split up, and now the world looks brighter..haha
I mean Shane has such a great voice. It would have had been a waste if he didn't sing!
So here it is, the first solo album. I purchased the deluxe version, with 2 cds.
The reason why I chose that one, well.. the more music the better. The dvd you watch once or twice I think ^^ at least in my case.
Anyway I'm totally happy with my purchase.

My fave songs are About you, All you need to know, Coming home, In the end, and Today's not yesterday.

I hope he will come to Sweden and have a solo concert! I so want to listen to him singing all these beautiful songs live!! ^^


Disc 1
01 Everything To Me
02 About You
03 All You Need To Know
04 Knee Deep In My Heart
05 One of These Days
06 Everytime
07 Always Tomorrow
08 When I Met You
09 Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
10 Coming Home
11 Baby Let’s Dance
12 In the End
13 You and Me

Disc 2
14 Just the Way You Love Me
15 Once
16 Today’s Not Yesterday
17 About You (Acoustic)
18 All You Need To Know (Acoustic)
19 Everytime (Acoustic)
20 Everything To Me (Acoustic)
21 Amazed (Acoustic)

Monday, 4 November 2013

Qui je suis

As I'm exploring my French side these days, here's another one.
I also found her because of French "idol".
Funny thing is, I have watched Idol from all other countries but Sweden!! ^^
Everytime I see Idol in Sweden I turn it
Anway this is the second album by Myriam Abel, it was actually released in 2011, but since I stopped studying French in 2006, I kinda stopped listening to "new" music or keep in touch with what I already knew.
But since I listen to spotify at work I thought I should find some artists, after all the music is for free ^^
I'd say it's an OK album, I prefer her debut album much more, or maybe it was because I was more into her back then? Oh well.. it's an totally OK album.

1.Trop Vite
2.Le Cœur Ailleurs
3.Tout Est Là
4.Une Voix
6.Chanter Pour Vivre
7.C'etait Lui
8.Ain't Nobody
9.Là Où Tu Vis
10.Ne Me Dis Rien
11.Qui Je Suis
12.La Vie N'Attend Pas
13.Ain't Nobody (Acoustic)

お好み焼き dinner

Today i decided to make Okonomiyaki for dinner. actually it was lunch, but at dinner time so ^^
Okonomiyaki is a Japanese pancake/pizza, made of cabbage, scallion, flour, eggs, water, shrimp, and pork belly.
i also added some cheese, and on top as always okonomiyaki sauce, mayo and some seaweed ^^
so delicious and appreciated by my family ^^

I cannot wait to eat it in Japan ^^

Today's quote

"It is difficult to understand the true dimensions of a problem or a situation when so many things seem to be happening on the surface [...]" - Lee Kun-Hee

À cœur ouvert

Here's another French artist I like, I haven't heard a lot from him besides his only album.
But back in the days I had his album on repeat ^^
Today I will share his debut single À cœur ouvert.


Sunday, 3 November 2013

Le lien

As I said, I was reminded of this young man, so I thought I'd share some of his music.
Today I'll share his song called Le Lien, and means The Bond.


Today's quote

"You're the driver of your own life, don't let anyone steal your seat."

Hot Canada dry

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook.
I was surprised. I never saw a Hot Version of Canada Dry's Ginger ale in Canada. But they have it in Japan.
It makes me want to try it, I hope I can do so when I go to Japan next month! ^^

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Je rêve

As I just mentioned in my previous entry, Gregory is, or was, an amazing singer.
So I guess from here and now on I'll share some of his music.
I'll start off with this one, called Je rêve. It means I dream in French.



I still miss this guy, I remember following him through Star Academy back in high school. He and Jonathan Cerrada were my fave French artists, okay JC is Belgian, but French speaking singers ^^
I used to listen to a lot of French music, watch French movies, and read french magazines back in the days. And I actually understood French. But today, I have forgotten almost all of it, a shame but a sad reality. But not the good music. However I can barely remember what he's singing about.
Then again, it doesn't matter because his voice is just perfect.
I also remember the day I found out he passed away, it was my final year in high school and it came as total surprise and I felt so sad as he had only been famous and shown his talent for a short while. 
His career and life ended earlier than most expected. It was way too early! Still his music lives on!

This album, Rêves (dreams in French), was released in 2009, and I listened to it all day at work yesterday so I felt I need to talk about it. Because if you don't know about Gregory Lemarchal and his music, you really should listen!! It's what they say "An angel's voice".


1. Tu prends
2. Je rêve
3. Écris l'histoire
4. Mieux qu'ici bas
5. De temps en temps
6. Je suis en vie
7. SOS d'un terrien en détresse
8. Même si featuring Lucie Silvas
9. Entre nous
10. Le feu sur les planches
11. Restons amis
12. Je t'écris
13. À corps perdu
14. Zora sourit
15. Le lien
16. Quand on n'a que l'amour