Friday, 29 November 2013

Arashi LOVE concert tickets!!

Yesterday S-unni texted me saying the tickets had arrived!!
I'm totally overjoyed. And the seats seems to be fairly okay, the arena is so big so who knows ^^
Anyway no matter what I think it will be awesome!!

Also, I need to practise the dance, the A side ^^

Cannot wait.. Tokyo Dome - Dec 15!!!

やった~!!!! (^^)

3 comments: said...

Uwaaa!!! Lucky!!! Do you know anyone who might have an extra ticket??? ;))) said...

Uwaaa!!! Lucky!!, ;)) do you darlings know anyone who might have an extra ticket and is willing to sell at the original price?? ;))

C-line/수빈 said...

Unfortunately I don't know anyone. I got these though my membership, a friend who is going tried to get too and she lost. I think all of my friends who tried out but me lost this time. Hope you can find someone.