Monday, 31 October 2011

More lovely music

Today I got YUI's new cd, How crazy your love.
It came with 13 tracks and the dvd for the limited edition contains the whole concert, Holiday in the sun live from HK!! Pretty amazing that she released it on this cd!! I thouht it'd be released as a separate dvd (^^;;)
Actually I didn't like her last album that much, to me it was only so so however this album is great!! So I guess that's also why I'm extra happy this time!

The album is mixed with slow ballads and more up-tempo songs, like always.
I like the whole album, but there are some songs I like more (^0^)
These songs are:
Get back home
Lock On

More goodies from Korea!

This morning I got a another huge package from Korea, with stuff I've, once again, ordered from my beloved Gmarket!

My new jacket, the best thing you can take out the nice and furry part.. ^^ so the jacket can be used for both warmer and colder days!

New boots.. I love the darkbrown colour and the sole is thick which is needed here in Sweden!!
I also got some really cute socks!

And finally a dress/long jumper, perfect outfit to wear at home or at school!!

What can I say... I'm so happy for the things I just got and I know more are on it's way!!Gmarket is awesome, my fave place to go shopping!! (^0^)

Good morning!

Good morning from a chilly Stockholm!
I didn't sleep much so I'm pretty tired today! anyway instead of sleeping on the train to school I chatted with Mikina-unni on Kakao ^^

This morning I also decided to wear my latest design... I'm of course talking about my CONVERSE shoes!

Japan I miss you..

Today I watched some photos I took in Japan 2 months ago..
I really want to go back!!

Also I want to go shopping in Japan!
Today I checked Liz Lisa and Ingni, I found some stuff I want, I'm gonna see if my parents want to give them to me for X-mas ^^
My mum bought me stuff already and said she'll think about it, she said I need other stuff than just clothes.. But then again she likes what I buy so we'll see :D
I think they will give me 2 things I want and the 3rd I'll pay myself, both my parents said they liked the things I wanted so that means I'll probably get them..haha

It's all about hard working...
And I also think my parents reward me with some extra stuff just because I've been taking care of lots of things at home since I came back from Asia due to my dad's leg injury. Also I haven't asked them for much this year.
Also my brother said he'll give me something for X-mas but since he is in AUS he'll probably let me pick what I want then send me money..haha
He always do that unless there is something he can go and buy himself! I love my brother..hehe

Gaah.. sounds like I'm spoilt, but I do not really buy much things in Sweden.
I buy more things from Asia.. Also Asian stuff is lot cheaper then in Sweden so even when I do buy things and with shipping and all, it's not as expensive as if I'd buy the same things here in Sweden!! I'd say I save up 50-90% on all the things I've bought.

Earlier this year when I wasn't living at home I didn't spend much money at all, I think it was because I was too depressed in school.

Anyway time to sleep..

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Done it again ^^

So after a long day doing hand crafting I did a new order of goodies from Gmarket!!
Half of it was X-mas gifts and some other things..haha
I know it's the second time within this month!! I should have done it but as I said I can't seem to help myself!! They have so many wonderful things..
I want it all..haha

I'll probably order more next month.. right before X-mas ^^

I love that Korea can come to me when I can not go to Korea!!

제이와제이 - 삐에로

제이와제이 노래중에서 이노래를 제일 좋아한다!!
음악과 가사가 대박!!ㅋㅋㅋ
한번 들어보세용ㅎㅎ

This is my fave song by JYJ..
I love the music and lyrics!
Please listen to it ;)

I tried to translate the lyrics... sorry if there are any mistakes but it should be quite okay (^^;;)


Oh Oh Oh~ x4
난 너의 Pierrot 정말로 웃겨
I'm your Pierrot, it’s really laughable
너에게 다 받쳐 찌들어 제대로 my mind
my mind getting it all from you, it dirty my mind
낸 눈 앞에 our bro 돈 앞엔 뭣도 없는
In front of me our bro, in front of money I’m nothing
완전한 넌 pro 제대로 p.s.m.
You are really perfect pro, a real a p.s.m.
아직 어린 내께 또 무슨 짖을 하게 또
What will you do to the me who's still young
이 더러운 손 좀 치워
Your dirty hands take them away
상대도 하지마
Don’t even try to confront it
어제의 우리가 아냐
We are no longer what we were yesterday

No. just do not touch me
I’m not a pierrot
더 넓은 하늘을 등지고 살고 싶어
I want to live under a greater sky
자류를 알고 싶어 더 높이 fly fly
I want to know the meaning of freedom Fly fly much higher
나만의 새각이 있어
There’s only thoughts of myself
나만의 인생이 있어
There’s only my own life
감옥 같은 그 때 추억하기 싫어
The days we lived in the prision cell I hate to even think about them
영원히 Bye bye bye
Forever Bye bye bye
너만의 그 생각 집어쳐
Throw away those thoughts only of you
너의 그 핑계 집어쳐
Throw away those excuses of yours
죽도록 더 고통스러운 날들로 가득할 테니까
Because it will only be filled with those days of misery and pain

눈 감아도 보여
Even if I close my eyes I still see it
난 이제 master
I’m now the master
끝없이 파고 들어오는 건 no. no
Delving like there is no end no. no
그 정도 화보 따위에 가두려하지마
Don’t try to picture the degree of imprisonment
세상을 잘 봐. 너무나 멋져
Look at the world closely. It’s so beautiful

No. just do not touch me
I’m not a pierrot
더 넓은 하늘을 등지고 살고 싶어
I want to live under a greater sky
자류를 알고 싶어 더 높이 fly fly
I want to know the meaning of freedom Fly fly much higher
나만의 새각이 있어
There’s only thoughts of myself
나만의 인생이 있어
There’s only my own life
감옥 같은 그 때 추억하기 싫어
The days we lived in a prision cell I hate to even think about them
영원히 Bye bye bye
Forever Bye bye bye
너만의 그 생각 집어쳐
Throw away those thoughts only of you
너의 그 핑계 집어쳐
Throw away those excuses of yours
죽도록 더 고통스러운 날들로 가득할 테니까
Because it will only be filled with those days of misery and pain

No future
No freedom
It’s just like a chase for us but it doesn’t matter now
we’re just gonna walk out way for the rest of my life

나만의 새각이 있어
There’s only thoughts of myself
나만의 인생이 있어
There’s only my own life
감옥 같은 그 때 추억하기 싫어
The days we lived in a prision cell I hate to even think about them
영원히 Bye bye bye
Forever Bye bye bye
너만의 그 생각 집어쳐
Throw away those thoughts only of you
너의 그 핑계 집어쳐
Throw away those excuses of yours
죽도록 더 고통스러운 날들로 가득할 테니까
Because it will only be filled with those days of misery and pain

Oh Oh~ Oh x9

Fun reading..

These books are funny, they are called 日本人の知らないの日本語. In English it means "Japanese that Japanese people do not know".
It's a story where we can follow people, non Japanese who are trying to learn Japanese and they ask questions and used Japanese in an incorrect way which confuses Native Japanese. It's very funny and I undertstand the main point of the book (^^;;)
I think it's the same for all languages... If you don't have it as your native language you do not understand it all, some things are just there.. it's not something you actully can learn from a book.

Also these book were made into a dorama, it was aired last year, starring Naka Riisa.
The drama has the same name as the book! I thought it was very fun. Also they used NON-actors in the drama. Actually I think they went to one of the Top Univerities who teach Japanese and asked some of the students in the highest level to participate.
I think it's also quite cool that they chose a Swedish girl, and what makes it even funnier is that she speaks Japanese with a SWEDISH accent..haha
I died when I heard it... :P

Time to use my hands..

오늘 그냥 집에 있으면 좋겠다구 생각한다ㅎㅎ
지난 3주동안 계속 공부해서 요즘 몸이 안 좋다ㅠㅠ 그래서 오늘은 혼자 있고 싶다ㅇㅋ
내 손으로 이런 넘 귀여운 걸 만들거당ㅋㅋ

Today I'm going to start on making some X'mas gifts.
I picked these up at my local Panduro shop here in Stockholm.. I hope I can make them well!

Saturday, 29 October 2011


It's finally here, the FULL version of 's latest single.. 迷宮ラブソング!
I got the single today and I'm in love!!
This song is's the theme song for 翔くん's drama 謎解きはディナーのあとで.
I got the short version of the PV sometime last week, but now the whole thing is here!!
They boys look good as always, I love the concept for this PV... however it do remind me of
瞳の中のGalaxy (^0^)
Riida is so cute with his animal ears!

This song is the one I love the most of all their singles this year!!
Keep the storm going (^_-)>"


Worst ever... It felt like a joke!

Today after lazying around at home me and mum went shopping in downtown Stockholm.
We visited Gallerian and entered a new store called Hollister, It looks really nice from the outside but the inside was a joke!

First the staff greeted us by saying one sentece in Swedish and one in English (But you could so hear the Swedish accent!!) I wanted to die of laughter!!
Then it was super dark inside, I KNOW it's a part of their concept but people kept on bumping into each other and when looking at the clothes you had to look so carefully, the light made it so different.
Anyway we did only last 2 min inside and when walking out the staff said Bye in Swedish then something like Plz come again in English... I couldn't help myself.. I started to laugh! Actually another annoying thing was that they changed words in English.. it felt like they have taken it off some bad movie or show from MTV!! I hope they will stop it it sounds weird and most of all STUPID!! Either do it all in English or stick to our NATIVE language!

Mix Swedish and English = X

Because I can't help myself!

As mentioned earlier 絢香 has finally decided to come back!! I'm so happy, she is one of the best singers in the world, I already heard a pre-view of her new song... a ballad ;)

Anyway this is one of my fave songs by her, and I loved this live version! It's the best one of all her ”lives” for this song!
She is really amazing. The quality isn't the best, but it's the voice and sound that count..
Please have a look ;)

From Music Lovers

Friday, 28 October 2011

a relaxed weekend

I've decided to have a quiet weekend at home, taking it easy, sleep and try to make some Christmas gifts, going to make them by hand so I better start now when I have the time! (^0^)

Also if I have time I'll call Sayuri-unni in Japan and have a girltalk, havent talked with her for some time so it could be fun..hehe
I wish I could go to Japan instead! I miss my unni so much, we always do fun things, Sayuri-unni is one of the nicest people I know.
Oh yeah.. I almost forgot, I'm also going to buy even more stuff from G-market.
They already sent me a pack with lots of stuff yesterday, but there are lots more things I want ^^
even my parents have agreed on paying for some of the things, I'll later get them as X-mas gift :D

More facts before...

These days on Swedish TV there is an issue about Manga and pornographic photos/illustations.
In Sweden children should not be exposed in illustations in any way of being sexually abused, or can be viewed as child pornography.
As we know manga comes from Japan and people who are oppose this says that Manga is about fantasy, not the real world. What manga means is so different from what people believe when they see this images. Still the law says: fantasy or not it's still something we can picture with our eyes. and what's shown is children in pornographic images!
However to compare a real situation and a "cartoon" isn't that to go abit over boarder?
I do understand what they mean and some are really too much! But I also feel sad for all the children who have gone through being sexually abused and that some are comparing what they have gone through with a "cartoon".

Something should be done, but is this the right way?

One of the issues they have not draw attention to, is that now people will believe that Japanese people says it's okay with child pornographic photos etc.
I hope people will not judge, but sadly enough most will will.
I wish that they news would tell more about manga, itself! and more about the Japanese culture and society. I can agree that some of the Japanese mangas are toooooo erotic but for many that's the only way for them to get some action XD
And for you who know the Japanese society you also know why they express themselves in manga!!

My body is stiff

This morning I went to see my physiotherapist, she showed me many different kinds of excersises for my knees, however my legs are quite stiff these days not as "bendy" as they were back when I was fit (^^;;)
So at some points it felt like she was going to break my legs!! I better start streching more and more...

Now time for lunch.. a very late one!! (^0^)

Thursday, 27 October 2011


After long time I'll finally watch the japanese movie called パラダイス・キス
also known as パラキス
Starring: 北川 景子, 向井 理, 山本裕典 and 大政 絢

The movie is built on the manga with the same name!!

I've been longing to see this movie for a long time!! It was released in the theatres in Japan last June! I finally got it, so happy... Great start to my weekend!! :)


See you later (^0^)

I'm done!

I woke up at 4am, ate a small breakfast and headed out!
Time to take my exams! However when I came to my local busstop I realised I left my publictransportation card at home, so I rushed back home and then back to the busstop, and believe it or not I made it!!

Anyway I'm now done with my exams!! Yay!
And now I'm super tired... guess what I found on Gmarket, My DREAM bed..haha
I really like the design, but I could NEVER fit this in my small room (T_T)
But I'll continue my dream XD
What do you think? It looks awesome right :P

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Exhaused + Happiness

I've been studying all day, reading and writing things down, My head is so full I can't take anymore right now, I'm exhaused! Therefore I now am on a break!
2morrow I have 4 h of exam writing to do! I will have to wake up at 4.20 am! I'm actually not sure if I should sleep or not, but if I don't I will probably fall asleep in the exam hall :P

Anyway since I'm on my break I decided to check the Korean news site Naver and guess what I found?!
I found that 이승기's new album 투나이트/TONIGHT is out!!

He is one of my absolute fave artists in Korea!! I've liked him ever since this debute and he's getting more handsome by each day!! He's really something... To think about it it's quite awsome how popular he's even though he doesn't belong to a boyband (^0^) Also he admitted that he knows that he doesn't have so many male fans and have many women in their 40's as fans (^^;;)

I've been waiting for a long time for this album, it's almost 2 years since his last album!! (if we do not count the re-pack version of the 4th album)
I heard the first released track 연애시대 some weeks ago, however now, finally, the full album is here, I'm so happy!! It was a great surprise since I have my exams tomorrow
I'm in love with the titletrack 친구찮아! I love both lyrics and music and Seunggi is so cute in the MV!!

After hearing the album.. my fave songs so far are number 1,2 and 7!! I think I like that song the most!! (^0^)

01. 친구잖아
02. Tonight
03. 어디라도
04. 연애시대
05. 널 웃게할 노래 (feat. 방탄소년단, 하림)
06. 그냥 너야
07. 나는 나쁜 남자다
08. Slave (feat. pdogg)
09. 친구잖아 (Rock ver.)
10. 어디라도 (Ra.D mix ver.)

My dad said he'd buy it for me as one of my coming X-mas gifts... since he knows I love Seung Gi and then he doesn't have to run around the city buying me so many pressies :D

Today's song: 이승기 - 나는 나쁜 남자다


Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Today after my job interview I passed by our main ADIDAS store in Stockholm city, when I finally found a sales person I asked him if they'd sell the new JEREMY SCOTT X 2NE1 Adidas collection aka “JS Collage Wings x 2NE1"
His answer was NO! (reason: because it doesn't belong to the original collection, YEAH I know IT's a SPECIAL WORLDwide edition and that's why I want it!!!)
Actually I wasn't surprised but still quite disappointed. This proves why Swedish people have to go abroad for shopping! Which is a shame for the Swedish market! However most important, they way he, the sales person, said it was with a really bad attitude!! If we'd have had been in th UK, US, Korea, Japan, Australia.. anywhere but Sweden, that man would have had been fired!!! I asked in a very nice manner!! Even other people around starred at him when he gave such answer! I wonder if it has to do with the gray season or he forgot to have his morning coffee!

Anyway.. if I want them I guess I'll have to order them online, I don't want to do it though. The main reason is that I don't know the size I need, I tried a pair today and I had to get a EUR 40!!!! (I normally have 38-39ish)
And it seems Adidas doesn't have a standard size (T_T) So even though that was match it could be different with the new collection!

Super Junior Super Show 3

I got the cd today!! the 슈퍼주니어 슈퍼쇼 3 (The 3rd Asia Tour Concert Album)
It has been almost 1 year and 3 months since I went to the concert in Olympic Stadium in Seoul!
I still have lots of great memories, I love the boys and they are so fun to see on stage. Still I missed..and still do.. Hangeng! I have never been a fan of either Kibum or Kangin so I don't care too much about them.. horrible to say.. I know..
But I want SuJu back as 13!! I don't like either Zhoumi or Henry!! Henry is good with his violin but I can't see anything else from him! And Zhoumi or the fox, he is sly and talk bad about Hangeng!! + he is not good looking at all XD

Anyway far as I can remember this was the songs they sang:

1. SORRY,SORRY (Concert Remix)
2. Super Girl (SuJu Ver.)
3. 돈 돈! (Don’t Don)
4. 너 같은 사람 또 없어 (No Other)
5. 고백 (Confession - SuJu Ver.)(SJ-M’s song)
6. 좋은 사람 (Good Person)
7. 로꾸거(Rokkugo)
8. 려욱 – 봄날 (One Fine Spring Day)
9. 규현 – 내가 너의 곁에 잠시 살았다는 걸
10. 이특, 성민 – Fallin Out
11. 은혁,동해 – I wanna love you (self-made song)
12. 시원 – Looking for the day
13. 희절 – The way of Idol’s breaking up (feat. 에프엑스 설리)
14. 신동 – Champion (original by PSY)
15.슈퍼주니어티 - 똑똑똑
16. 둘이 (You & I)
17. 아주 먼 옛날 (Song For You)
18. TRAX + 시원 – One night
19. Crazy in love/ Poker Face/ Single Lady
20. Shake it up (REMIX)
22. 미워 (Hate U, Love U)
23. 응결 (Coagulation)
24. 잠들고 싶어 (In My Dream)
25. Rinaldo *not sure about the it somewhere
26. 진심 (All My Heart)
27. 예성 - 너 아니면 안돼 (It has to be you)
28. 미인아 (BONAMANA) (Dance Ver.)
29. 갈증 (A Man In Love) (Concert Remix)
30. U (REMIX)
31. Dancing Out (REMIX)
32. 요리왕 (Cooking Cooking!)
33. 차근 차근 (Way For Love)
34. You are the one
35. Wonder Boy

So the cd is a bit different from the concert I went to... Anyway it's a great cd, I've been waiting for a long time, I hope the dvd will be out soon!!
It was a great show, I laughed and cried alot..haha
And I want to re-watch it ;)
The cd also, just like last one includes some remixes of some songs!
My fave solos were Siwon's and Yesung's songs!! ^^

I hope the boys and SM will bring Super Junior Super Show 4 to Sweden!!

Two more are joining the party!

Today we got a phonecall from our friends/relatives.. not sure what to call them to be honest.. from Australia.
Before it was said that 4 people would come, from Australia and Japan.. however now 2 more from Japan are joining! My two other aunts. ^^
However will we be able to fit them all in our house?!

We need to re-think alot!! Still very much looking forward seeing them!
I also wonder what wonderful things they will bring with them from Japan.. haha
They always bring lots of stuff!

This morning I had a very looooooooong job interview, not sure how it went, but I hope it went fine! Will probably get the result soon enough!

Break is over now back to my studies...

Monday, 24 October 2011

Tragisk men man undrar ju..

Igår kom nyheten om att en 8årig flicka omkommit när hon fick en gravsten över sig.
Tragiskt och en gravsten väger bly!
Men man undrar ju vad flickan gjorde på kyrkogården? Det verkade inte som att hennes föräldrar eller annan anhörig var i närheten?!
Jag har varit på kyrkogårdar sen jag var liten och undrar därför hur något sånt här kan ske?
Vad hade flickan gjort? hur nära var hon och VARFÖR?
En kyrkogård brukar iaf jag endast gå till när jag "måste", det är inte direkt en lekplats och det låter lite märkligt att en 8 årig befunnit sig där ensam!

Tror inte att man helt ska skylla på svenska kyrkan eller ägaren till gravstenen.
Man bör även se till föräldrarna och ORSAKEN till att flickan befann sig där!!

Min åsikt är:
1. Kyrkogårdar är inte en lekplats
2. Barn bör INTE vistas där ensamma
3. Ägaren till gravstenen/kyrkovaktmästaren bör ha koll på stenarna.
4. Föräldrar/Vuxna behöver ha större koll på sina barn! (Det sker fler olyckor nuförtiden, man blir orolig för framtiden!)
5. Man ska INTE gå för nära en gravsten, gå i gå-gångarna, tänk på dem som ligger i marken intill!

A funny story ^^

Today Kyoko-chan sent me a message asking me if I saw last week's
Of course I did, how could I miss it? (もちろん見てました!嵐大好きだから(笑))

Anyhow then she told me that her mum's comment was read out during the broadcast!!
It's quite amazing, they only read out a few for each member, also there were OVER 261 000 votes!!
Kinda fun too (^0^)

Right now on their official hp they screen the opening CG they showed, however it also says in English: It's only avaliabe to viewers in JAPAN.
But.. I just saw it and I'm currently not located in Japan!! So I wonder what happened there, still happy! I loved the opening. It featured Freeter, Kaibutsu-kun, Nazodi, Jun's stageplay and TSD!! Really awesome staff they have!!

More about the results of the votes etc can be found here:


Yesterday I was supposed to send my CV to this place where I'd like to have an internship at.
However when I checked the homepage the link was gone! So I emailed them about it and got an answer quite fast! They said it was fine if I sent all my documents to them asap.
I'm so lucky right!? Not that it will mean I get the internship, because I think they are rather picky, still they were kind enough to accept it! (^0^)

Good morning world.. time to study

Today's song: 浜崎あゆみ - Moments (Hamasaki Ayumi)

Sunday, 23 October 2011

We call ourselves global!

In news and in school we are taught that we are a part of a global world, we are saying we know the whole world more or less, we are where the news is!
We teach Chinese in school and say we are a part of the growing part of the global world!
It sounds so good and because of media people really think they know it all.
Because people travel to China (Mainly big cities like BEIJING) or Japan (same as China..TOKYO) we think we know Asia.
We watch news report on TV from the Middle East and we believe we understand what's going on there!
But how can we judge a 1-2min news report with what's really going on?

Only because we know the chinese market is growing and study their language and travel to their capital we think we know the whole country and their behaviour?

Actually aren't we a bit narrow minded? Do we really see the real thing or only a very very small part?!

I mean, last Thursday there was a HUGE Fashion report in our daily Metro newspaper!
Last week the Japan Fashion week was going on, and in the small paper within the paper didn't even mention it! not even a small ad! NOTHING!
I've see photos, news reports etc from Japanese media and the fashion look as amazing as from New York or Paris Fashion week!
But there was not a single what so ever report on the Japan fashion week!!

Like I've said, I like to go shopping in Asia because their fashion (not all but much of it) are at least 6 months-1 year ahead! They are more similar to London and Paris!!
It's weird, The Nordic countries are much closer...

Yesterday some Swedish K-pop fans did some event in Stockholm city to spread the love for K-pop in Sweden.. Have it been mentioned in any media at all? NO?
Why? isn't it quite amazing that people are attracted to music from a country very faraway and they sing in a language I bet only 0,1% understands Korean language!! But to be honest.. Isn't it quite amazing?! Then we can talk about a global world! People show interest in something so faraway from their daily life! Also something that's not easy to find!
Then again K-pop is a part of the Hallyu wave, also K-pop is GREAT ^^
Actually to think about it.. as people in other countries in the world listen to Swedish music (I do not count major Swedish artists..)

Also it's not always easy to get want you want without spending lots of money, we do have spotify, youtube etc. But the more people who want it some other people want money for it!
In the end it's all about money right? and be on the right spot at the right time!
It's also a question regarding demand and wish! We can not have it all... but should'nt we be able to chose what we want? Is it too much to ask for?
Can we really know everything about each other? what's the right info to spread and what's not?

I do believe we, all countries in the world should take a good look at ourselves and think.. Can we really call ourselves global? or how should we define the word global?!

Tomorrow is another day...

+ Samsung S2

I met up with F and M today, havent seen them for quite some time.
A nice study break! Anyway I talked to F about mobilephones. He has a Samung S2, he also told me he got a iPhone 4 for work.
Anyway I asked him for pros and cons for each phone etc.
He said he liked Samsung S2 much more, so now it seems I'll get that one.. ^^

Today's quote

"It's better to say what you feel instead to leave the words unspoken"

Saturday, 22 October 2011

my own award

Today after a long day of studying I gave myself a reward, watch today's episode of 우결, first it was said to be postponed, however since it rained alot in Korea today they canceled the baseball game!!

It was a so-so episode, 이특 and 강소라 had their first date, I really liked the place they went to!! I have to look it up and go there!! ^^
Then just talking but still they are new to each other so sometimes it was abit awkward.
Both are leaders, Sora used to be it in Sunny and Leeteuk is in SuJu therefore they are the leader couple.
The food they had looked delicious, they even fed each other AND had a LOVESHOT ^^
I look forward to next week, there has also been lots of photos online saying they have been on a school uniform date etc, I really look forward seeing how they will progress!!

And now time to sleep...

소녀시대의 절친노트

이것은 진~짜 얼마전에 나왔지만 지금도 넘 웃긴다! SBS의 절친노트다!!
어제밤엔 자기전 봤다ㅋㅋ 요즘 넘 많이 공부해서 정신이 없다!ㅠㅠ 그래서 보기 됐다ㅋㅋ 스테스가 참 풀렸다ㅎㅎ
소녀시대 멤버들이 정말 재밌는 그룹이네ㅋㅋ 티파니양이 없지만ㅠㅠ

여러분 잘 보세용ㅋㅋ

This is an quite old episode, It aired back in Aug 2009 if I'm not mistaken.
Anyway the show is called INTIMATE NOTE in English and SNSD was on it and showed the truth of their bonds!! So funny though, Just like the first time I saw it I burst into laughter!!
On YT I found it with Eng sub.. so for you who haven't seen it or know Korean here u go!! :)

6 parts

Belgium choco

My mum came home last night after a short work trip to Belgium.
And what did she bring.. of course lots of chocolate!

This one surprised me the most!
Choco with fruits and almonds!!
The fruits and nuts come out of the choco, really awesome thing (^^;;)

Study weekend

It started yesterday already, my study period for my upcoming exams!
It's much to study adn I'm so nervous I won't make it in time, it's just reading and reading...
I have my eyedrops next to me just because my eyes are really hurting from all the reading!
Anyhow I'll do my best!!

This morning my brother made a surprise call from Australia, it seems like he had his first work day at IKEA.
He said it was much different from both Norway and Sweden. but he seemed to enjoy it anyway!!

Today is NO We got married on tv... I've been looking forward to it all week but no, it got canceled because of the baseball game, so I'll have to wait another week before I can see my fave couple..maybe good anyway since I need to focus on my studies!!

Friday, 21 October 2011

2nd time with in 1 week

Even though I slept a lot last night it seems like my body is still tired.
Today after a long day of studying I took a hot shower and what happened, I fell asleep!!!
Not for long, only a few min I guess still.. this is not good! It's the second time within a week!!

Better sleep soon, I got to study again tomorrow.
Today I was told by a classmate that 80% of my class failed the midterm!!!
Seriously 80% - then you should ask.. is there something wrong with the students or teachers?

Also earlier this evening Westlife released the mv for their final single..
Lighthouse - I like it very much, both lyrics and music are great!
I'm still not over the fact that they are splitting up.
Anyway I'd thought I'd share the video with ya!

Finally some sleep!

I finally got a long good nights sleep!
I'm not sure how many hours, but more than my usual 4-5h!
Yesterday on my way home from uni I fell asleep on the train! I almost fell asleep on the underground too however I stood up so I woke up easily!

Today's friday and my studies has begun....

It's so much to go through, wish me good luck!!


Today's song: 소녀시대 - 더 보이즈 (컴백스테이지)

Comeback stage on MUSIC BANK.
I love the outfits, ie. SooYoungs!!(caramel jacket)
Also Sunny's hairstyle and Taeyeon has FINALLY got rid of her old colour, I love the new one.. I used to have a similar colour..hehe

Thursday, 20 October 2011

She's coming back!!

OMG.. I'm so overjoyed right now!
One of my fave singers, 絢香, annouced her comeback!
She has been gone since late 2009 and is finally coming back!!
I hope she is well, or better so to say. I'm looking forward to her music!

It's said that she will release new songs under her own label in early 2012!
Her voice is amazing and her lyrics goes straight to my heart, there is MUCH MUCH to look forward 2! (^0^)

"Ayaka said that she wants to come back asap and people hear her sing"

Article from yahoo news: 絢香、自主レーベル設立で本格復帰へ


 2006年2月に「I believe」でデビューした絢香は、3年後の2009年2月に俳優・水嶋ヒロと結婚していたことを4月に発表するとともに、バセドー病を患っていることを公表。同年末の紅白出演を最後に無期限で音楽活動を休止していた。

絢香 - 三日月

This live performance of this song is maybe the best I've seen

絢香 - みんな空の下

I love the lyrics and music for this song, It went straight to my heart, it's so beautiful, I sang this song many times at karaoke (^^;;)

been in Sweden for 30 years still do not know Swedish!!

I just saw an interview with a woman from Libya, she and her husband came to Sweden for over more than 30 years ago.
Sadly the woman couldn't speak almost any Swedish at all.
I have to ask.. how come? The couple came to Sweden such a long time ago? And back then I guess a fewer people spoke English compare to today.

Also.. how can somebody live in a country for such a long time without learning the language?
Her English was fine, still our native language is Swedish.
And in my view, after 30 years you should be able to speak the language.
I've met people who have only lived in Sweden for 1 year and they can speak well!!
I do know Swedish is difficult, it's not about 100% perfection however to be able to understand and be able to make yourself understood in the country you live in, isn't that important?

There are many places to go and learn the language!!Also you live in the country and can hear and practise it much easier!!
I guess it's all about will and wish!!

More Japanese fashion

The Japan fashion week continues.. I've seen some amazing items, as well as some strange ones.
I'm still sad I couldn't attend any of the shows!!

I just checked aroun the Tokyo Fashion website and found lots of photos from the Ne-Net show and their collection for spring 2012

Photo @

For more photos and info please go here:

The result of the votes are out!

Today after many days of waiting the 2 hour special of ひみつの嵐ちゃん aired.

As I mentioned last month my fave was mannequin number 3..
According to data there were votes from amazing 86 different countries!!!
and guess who won? Number 3!! (^^)


翔ちゃん - I loved this outfit, I really really like the sweater, shoes remind me of 怪物くん still overall a great match! Well done!!
Number of votes: 86 623
Most popular in UK, China


にの - It was my second best, I love the colour combination, but seriously you bought the whole mannequin!!! cheating XD
Number of votes: 79 019
This outfit was the most popular in Kyushu area, Italy, Singapore and Thailand!


相葉くん - Not bad but kinda safe? he picked these clothes out thinking of what he usually would wear.. kinda sweet ^^
Number of votes: 58 885
2nd in UK and 3rd in China

4大野くん - Not good not bad, it's an ok outfit but since the season is dark it'd be nice with some more colour!!
Number of votes: 25 517
Number 1 in France!!

5松潤 - I didn't like this one at all, Okay it does have colour compare to Riida but well I don't really like this style at all! If my date would wear this I'd be sad..hahaha
The shoes and glasses are OK though (^^;;)
Number of votes: 11 087
Voted as no 5 in all countries beside from Australia, where he was voted as no 4.

Penalty for MJ is to have photos taken for the new promotional truck that will drive around 5 major cities around Japan for 2 weeks, starting 2morrow.
Theme: Halloween

Once again congrats to Shochan!! Going from no 5 to no1!! (^0^)
Looking forward seeing the photos..and once again poor MJ. But I guess he is getting used to this XD

Today's quote

“I won’t lose against a dog!” - Ken Watanabe

(He was referring to NTT Docomo's biggest rival, Softbank Mobile and their CM ‘White Family’starring a speaking dog as the father of the said family.)

Goodbye to my middle school love

Yesterday WESTLIFE announced their Good Bye. 14 years of love has come to an end.
I do feel sad since I just saw them touring in Asia and was looking forward seeing them in Sweden soon.
I missed their concert back in 2010 since I was living in South Korea. I've attended all their cons so far in Sweden, also met the guys etc..
And it feels sad to say good-bye.
Of course at some point I knew it was going to come but this was kind of a chock.

Official statement: After 14 years, 26 top ten hits including 14 number one singles, 11 top 5 albums, 7 of which hit the top spot and have collectively sold over 44 million copies around the world, 10 sell out tours and countless memories that we will forever cherish, we today announce our plan to go our separate ways after a greatest hits collection this Christmas and a farewell tour next year. The decision is entirely amicable and after spending all of our adult life together so far, we want to have a well-earned break and look at new ventures. We see the greatest hits collection and the farewell tour as the perfect way to celebrate our incredible career along with our fans. We are really looking forward to getting out on the tour and seeing our fans one last time.

Over the years Westlife has become so much more to us than just a band. Westlife are a family. We would like to thank our fans who have been with us on this amazing journey and are part of our family too.

We never imagined when we started out in 1998 that 14 years later we would still be recording, touring and having hits together. It has been a dream come true for all of us.

Kian, Mark, Nicky and Shane

‘Greatest Hits’ to be released on 21st November

New Single ‘Lighthouse’ to be released 13th November onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
Today's song: Westlife - Swear it again

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

No feelings!

Poster for the movie

Only a few months has passed since the massacre in Norway.
Already has a low budget movie been made!
The director is Vitaliy Versace and the movie was made in the American city called Youngstown.
A 70 sec old trailer was uploaded on Youtube on Monday and got over 254 000 viewers.
The people of Norway have been furious about this and emailed the director.
The Oslo police also alarmed this and suggested the director to take this down from the website.

After many agry mails it was taken down.
It's said that it was taken down to show consideration and respect for the Norwegian people, victims and their families.

The movie is set to be released in 2012.

My own opinions: How can someone even want to try to make it into a movie and so fast? It happened just a few months ago.
The vicims families and friends are still grieving their loss of their loved ones and do not wish to see it as a fictional movie!!
Sometimes there is no explination for how some people think!!!


I'm a very tired girl...

This morning on my way to class I fell asleep on the train right before I was going to leave it, lucky enough I woke up.

Then today I fell asleep while taking a hot shower, I woke up after a few min I suppose.

Lately I've been waking up early and gone to bed late therefore this result.
And it ain't over!
I still have my final report to finish with my group in school, if we work hard, we'll probably finish by tomorrow.
However that's not the end!! I have 2 exams to prepare for.. total 1580 questions to answer!!! It's a hell and it's stressing! I think I'm gonna focus on the 80 essay ones!

Anyhow I shouldn't think too much and just go it, bare with it so it say!

Today's happy thought!
Today I got a phonecall saying I got a job interview at H&M. I'm excited still I do know there many who applied. But I hope for the best!! :)

Today's song: Andreas Johnson - Buzzin

紅白歌合戦 2011

Today the news came regarding the annual 紅白歌合戦 (Kōhaku Uta Gassen). The MC for this year will be actress 井上真央 and .
Inoue Mao-chan will be the leader for the red team and Arashi for the white team!!
It's said that Mao-chan was chosen because she appeared in this year's NHK dorama おひさま (Ohisama) that received very good ratings.

Already happy and looking forward seeing the whole show!! Wonder which artists and groups who will appear this year!!

Annoucement - press con

Official news from Nikkansports:


Focus time..

Now we are going to write our final report, we asked our teacher about some questions regarding the paper.
The answers were.. well.. do what ever kind of. So I still feel abit annoyed but I guess he wants it to be really individual for each group. Totally our own thoughts and nothing else!?


It's the final!!

I'm already in school, as usual I woke up at 6 am!! so tired, when this class finish, next Thursday I'm gonna sleep alot!!

In 30 min our final seminar begins, I'm nervous... wish me good luck!!


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A new drama with Sho-kun

I've been looking forward to this.. the new drama starring 櫻井翔 and 北川景子.
The drama is called: 謎解きはディナーのあとで, Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de.. also known as Nazotoki.

Kageyama is a butler working for a rich heiress, Reiko Hosho. Needed by detectives, Reiko is a novice detective that lacks a few deductive skills. Because of this, Kageyama is relied on by Reiko to help solve cases. Kageyama isn't afraid to use sharp words against Reiko either. This drama not only focuses on the detective cases, but the relationship between butler and heiress.

I'm so happy to see Sho-kun again, and there will also be a new song from
迷宮ラブソング(Meikyu Love Song).
The first ep aired today, I want to see it asap but due to school work I won't be able to see it until next Thursday...

Anyway.. Sho-kun ganbatte!!! I hope I'll enjoy this drama! So far all I've heard seems great!!

Calculating money

Not that I would call myself poor nor rich!! These days I'm really thinking about my money...
Then again I guess it's also my fault in some ways, I've been spending quite alot within the last couple of weeks.

I recently bought some shoes, jacket and shirt from Gmarket. Actually the items wasn't that bad but the shipping fee was quite high.

Anyway.. the more expensive items are my train commute tickets. This month because of my group assignments I've been going to school almost every day. Normally I only go twice a week.
Because of this I've been paying 100USD more.. and it will be more.
Soon I also have to buy a new underground/bus pass here in Sweden, actually it's cheap but when paying all at once it's expensive.

Next month is my dad's b-day and also I need to think about X-mas, there are lots of pressies to buy. This X-mas we will have relatives from Japan and Australia coming so I need to buy more pressies than usual. I'm delighted that they are coming however I wonder how I should budget.
I hope I will figure something out!

I hope I find a new job soon then I won't have to think about this anymore...!! It's all about calculation and think on what's needed and not! ^^

Review: The boys

소녀시대 3집 - 더 보이즈

I got the album today and I've been going through all songs..
Here is my review for each song:

01. 더 보이즈 (Korean ver.) ★★★★
A very new style, a power song with edge!

02. 텔레파시(Telepathy) ★
Reminds of a song back from early 2000's. It's catchy but not my cup of tea, I've heard it too many times before.

03. Say yes ★
Too girly and too sweet? It feels a bit weird after hearing the power song "The boys". I think this song fits one of all the new younger girlbands..

04. TRICK ★★
Back to grown up girls? The chorus gets to me really easy.. still not WOW

05. 봄날(How great is your love) ★★★★
A sweet ballad, I like the lyrics and music..
It's a typical song I'll listen to in the morning on the bus

06. My J ★★
Sounds like an old song I used to like a lot. Or a song from a musical or some kind of musical related show. It's a bit too sweet for me...

07. OSCAR ★★★★
Again a fierce?! song or at least with some attitude! I like both lyrics and music

08. Top Secret ★★★
I wonder how this one will sound live? The lyrics are not special but still it gets to me fast!

09. Lazy Girl(Dolce Far Niente) ★
I don't know but once again... it's old and a bit boring. The music is catchy here and there but not enough to catch my full attention

10. 제자리걸음(Sunflower) ★★★★
Another ballad, sounds like the end of a movie! They really try to reach high notes, higher than normal.

11. 비타민(VITAMIN) -
Taken from a CF? I don't know about the lyrics to be honest, the music is fine but nothing to praise. surprised they have this song to be honest

12. MR. TAXI(Korean ver.) ★★★★
I still wonder why they changed the beginning of the song in the Korean version. I do like it in Korean.. maybe even more than the Japanese? then again I'm not sure if it's because my Korean is better ^^
But compare to other songs they've released in Jap/Kor.. this one is good in both languages!

13. 더 보이즈/The Boys (English ver.) ★★★★
I wasn't sure about this first, Many Koreans have difficult to pronounce words in English and many times I can't even hear what they are saying. However in all the girls did a great job!
I'm not sure if I like this or the Korean version the most ^^

In all it's a so-so album. To be honest I liked their Japanese album much much more. I'm not sure if it's because I had higher expectations or what the reason is?
But I wasn't a fan of Oh! either, Just like that album it had some great songs but overall it's just so-so. I wouldn't call this album bad, but I'm not overjoyed!
Then again it might take some time before I get used to it, but a great album should be great the first time you hear it right?!
Also I wished they would have had included a Korean ver. of Bad girl. Because that's a song I've been hooked on but I guess you can't have it all (^^;;)

I give you THE BOYS!

After weeks of waiting it's finally here THE BOYS aka 더 보이즈.
Both Korean and English version were released just a while ago...

My review: Time to promote not only SNSD but K-pop?! ^^
The sound it totally different and it's a more grown-up and sexy SNSD.
I love the outfits in the music video are killing!!
As mentioned many times before.. I love Sunny's new look!
I do not like is SooYoung's "위풍" in the Korean version.. it sounds like ENGRISH for "pull".. Hyoyeon does it can hear it more clear compare to SY.
Also I do not like TaeYeon's darkbrown-blonde-pink hairstyle.. but otherwise she looks cute.
Jessica and Tiffany show off their English skills.. ;)

I'm not sure which version I like the most because both sounds great!
I still need to get used to the song and the fact that the style is so different!

I'm looking forward to see their comeback stage on the 21st!!

Now off to listen to the rest of the album.. update coming later (^^)

ENGLISH Interview + promotion of the new album.. Tiff and Jessica + SoHyun

Korean version

English version

Final work in progress!!

Sitting in the English Park, a part of Uppsala Uni campus!
We are now beginning on our final mission, our final assignment!
I hope it will go well, we are going to discuss some legal rights and the meaning of it! Maximum 3 pages long essay, I hope we can finish the major part today!!

aja aja Fighting!!