Monday, 30 June 2014


I went passed the Asian supermarket and picked up lots of kimchi!
Two different kinds, one regular and one "old" one. The old one is great for making Kimchi Jjigae/stew... and so, for lunch yesterday I cooked some ^^
I love kimchi, but hate the smell... luckily this turned out very well!!
And I got left-overs ^^
Next time I might use "soft tofu" instead!

言承旭 - 有一個我

I mentioned last week that I started to watch a Chinese drama series, however I don't like that they have dubbed over Jerry's voice. Apparently he doesn't speak the correct Mandarin for the part! To me it's ridiculous but it's the reality!
Anyway, he has released a track for the drama, it has been quite some time since I heard him singing ^^

Here's his new track "有一個我"

雨撞碎在我胸口 冷风耳边狂吼
夕阳都坠落 路仿佛没尽头
当却步退缩 听到
先把伤痛 都感受
才懂得 什么是勇敢
不痛 逆风 去飞翔的倔强
不痛 哪怕 只剩下了寂寞
不痛 要给自己一个微笑
抬头仰望 第一道曙光 多闪耀
背影拉长在身后 大步的向前走
当我抬起头 满天星 在闪烁
开满鲜花的王国 还在为我等候
把困惑挣脱 会听到
才懂得 什么是勇敢
把黑暗 都闯过
才会看到 辽阔
不痛 逆风 去飞翔的倔强
不痛 哪怕 只剩下了寂寞
不痛 要给自己一个微笑
抬头仰望 第一道曙光 多闪耀
不痛 放胆和命运去冲撞
不痛 信仰 在心底多炎热 喔
不痛 还要 为自己更骄傲
都找到 找到

2014 Tour is announced!!

As Waku Waku Gakkou came to an end at TOKYO Dome, the boys announced this year's tour!

Yahoo Dome, FUKUOKA
NOV 14, 15, 16

Kyocera Dome, OSAKA 
NOV 27, 28, 29, 30

Nagoya Dome, NAGOYA 
DEC 5, 6, 7

Sapporo Dome, SAPPORO 
DEC 12, 13, 14

Tokyo Dome, TOKYO 
DEC 19, 20, 21, 22, 23

All concerts will begin at 6pm, except the last show, it will begin at 4 pm!
Due to their 15th anniversary and the awareness of the black market, they have added more shows than ever just to let more fans to be able to see them!!
It's one extra in Osaka and one in Tokyo! So aprox. 55 000 to 60 000 per venue x2! ^^

Even if I don't get tickets, although I will try to ballot, I will still be able to go and buy the goods!! As I will be in Tokyo during this time!!
I hope they have pre-sales on Dec 17 and 18 ^^

Sunday, 29 June 2014


Around 1 PM local time, a Japanese citizen attempted self-immolation in Shinjuku,Tokyo.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, he was protesting against the controversial right to collective defense and Abe cabinet, which is pushing this collective security.

The man, who seems to be around 50s ~ 60s was dressed in a business suit, climbed up the crossing bridge from Lumnine 1, right outside the 新宿駅南口 (JR Shinjuku station South Exit), with 2 bottles of gasoline.
He then poured the gasoline over his head and set fire on himself. He fell off from the bridge while burning. He was rescued by firefighters but his physical state has not been announced.

It's scary that people take these kinds of actions just to get themselves heard!
Also, to me, this is a place in Tokyo I usually visit. And last December when I was there, I stayed in the neighbourhood and passed this place every day!!!
I wonder what will happen to the man?!

Food for thought

So true... I wonder why (^^;;)


Maybe one the most anticipated movies this season is LUPIN III
Ever since I heard they started shooting I have been excited!
I finally had time to watch the trailer and well.. I so I wish I could hit the movies this August and watch it!!

La belle epoque

Kent is back!! How many have missed them?
To me they belong to my youth, I know it makes me sound old XD
Okay, they belong to my teens!? ^^
Here's La belle epoque

Saturday, 28 June 2014

순두부 찌개

The other day after some shopping with H, we had dinner at my new fave Korean place.
I had Tofu stew. I was good, better than other places, still nothing can beat the one from my fave tofu restaurant in Korea.
Oh well, being in Sweden and all.. NICE NICE NICE ^^

F4 - 在這裡等你 / Waiting For You Here

This is my fave song by Taiwanese group F4!! It feels like ages ago since I saw them the first time.
This song is from 2009. I still love it ^^


合:某一天 醒過來 發現愛
合:突然間 想起来 發現愛
合:走越遠 越明白 發現愛

仔:心留在原地 再一次旅行 空氣很清新 呼吸著自己
旭:陽光太絢麗 曬乾了遲疑 雨若下不停 用全身去淋
天:我明天要往哪裡 停在哪裡 目的地是想遇見你
V:在每個到過的地方 用盡全力寫下 在這裡等你

合:突然間 想起来 發現愛
合:走越遠 越明白 發現愛

V:可以都放棄 你再四下旅行 風揚起的帆 多餘了擁擠
天:海變得更藍 最適合記憶 閃麗的回憶 用沉默倾聽
仔:我們的下個故事 會在哪裡 我說穿了是想遇見你
旭:在每個到過的地方 用盡全力寫下 在這裡等你

合:突然間 想起来 發現愛

合:走越遠 越明白 發現愛
合:突然間 想起来 發現愛
合:走越遠 越明白 發現愛

仔:感動持續在累積 内心深處的聲音

合:某一天 醒過來 發現愛
旭:人潮擁擠在這裡等你 哦~
合:突然間 想起來 發現愛
合:走越遠 越明白 發現愛
V:Come on baby~
合:突然間 想起來 發現愛
合:某一天 醒過來 發現愛

AW at the Thaiboat

I have spent my evening with my colleagues, a very nice evening!
We ended up at the Thaiboat, it was my first time to visit the place. 
It was a really nice themed place.
It was kinda bad that service sucked...why have these remotes for "service" or "bill" and after pushing it 5 times during 20 min and no-show... also talking to the waitress and nothing. Seriously!?
However they were fast to tell us when our seating was up, after 2 h!

Food looked awesome on the plate but was so-so. The giant prawn was not needed, it was badly cooked. However the rice noodles and small prawns were good! And the amount of food was generous!
The drinks were very nice ^^ I tried several! ^^
But the orchid flower on both food and drinks did not feel that necessary to be honest, I rather have had them as decoration on the table ^^

Best part was probably the company!
A Happy Friday evening indeed ^^

Friday, 27 June 2014

Getting better posture

I feel like my posture is getting worse, and it's maybe because I'm either sitting or standing infront of a computer all day.
Anyway, the other day I bought me one of these to help me improve my posture.
I have no idea if i helps or not, but I believe it will!!
So I hope my posture will improve ^^

It looks like and feels like having a backpack on.
A children sized one, way too

I purchased it here at

Present from a business trip

Hanna went on a business trip to Romania a few weeks ago, and we usually buy pressies to each other when we travel. Usually we buy foods and other small stuff. However this time she got me this really nice jewelry box. It's kinda ironic as I was looking at one a few weeks ago, however this one is much much nicer!
Hanna also told me she wanted one herself, however they only had one at the store.
So nice of her to give it to!? ^^


Continuing with some Chinese music, here's another cute song by 言承旭(Jerry Yan). it's called 我會很愛你 which means I will love you.
This is however the Japanese version of the song and in Japanese the song is called 愛さずにいられない.

Thursday, 26 June 2014


As I mentioned Jerry's new drama the other day, it got me to listen to his album again.
To me, this is still the best song he has done. It's called 一半 (Yi ban /The other half).
It's from the drama Hot Shot.

词:徐世珍 Lyrics : Xu Shi Zhen
曲:曹格 Music : Cao Ge

一直等 一个人 等了很久
这一场 独角戏 是很寂寞
春夏秋冬 我的窗口 只有风经过

爱很深 有多深 我也不懂
妳走后 我的心 变得脆弱
听一首歌 也觉得痛 但我谁也没有说

右边的座位 右边的枕头
为妳守候 那是因为 我已经看透

没有妳的爱 这个我只是一半
不哭了 不笑了 为谁努力我也不明白

没有人能取代 一个圆的另一半
我固执 的等待 等风再把妳带回来

爱很深 有多深 我也不懂
妳走后 我的心 变得脆弱
听一首歌 也觉得痛 但我谁也没有说

右边的座位 右边的枕头
为妳守候 那是因为 我已经看透

没有妳的爱 这个我只是一半
不哭了 不笑了 为谁努力我也不明白

没有人能取代 一个圆的另一半
我固执 的等待 等风再把妳带回来


没有妳的爱 这个我只是一半
不哭了 不笑了 为谁努力我也不明白

没有人能取代 一个圆的另一半
我固执 的等待 等风再把妳带回来

Today's quote

"If there's someone next to you, discouragement will change to tenderness"

I donno anymore..who'll win!?

This year's World Cup in football has been really weird, if you ask me.
All the team I believed in have been disappointing. Spain, England... and also Japan and Korea.
Of course the Asian countries are not as good as the European ones *Coughs* But that's because they lack physics. However if a Japanese footballer weight 67 kgs and a English one 89-100 kgs.. well.. you can guess.

Japan played a lousy game the other day, I was so sad, when they had 1-1 in half time I believed in them, so I was so pissed off and sad when the game was over.

Also, seeing this photo of captain Hasebe Makoto didn't make it better.
I'm so used to see him smiling and be focused. 
I feel so sorry for him and the team 

I wonder who'll win this year's FIFA World Cup... Germany!?

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

HK Shopping!

I found these and I think I will order them this weekend!
It's possible as my paycheck comes today!
I mean, it's HK and all but these are super cute!! it's a must have. Also, they are not too expensive.
I talked to Sam, whose back in US, he said I could just order and he'd ship them to me here in Sweden!! ^^

They are called Hello Kitty SK8-Hi Slim
You can find them here Vans

Today's quote

"The important thing is not how much you do, It's how you do it with your whole heart"

후 (後)

I loved this singer, I hope she will gain more popularity!
Now J-Min is releasing a new single, and it features Lee Yeon Hee and Lee Sun Kyung.
Did you watch the Korean tv drama Miss Korea!? If so, you know that Lee Yeon Hee and Lee Sun Kyung were main characters.
Here's 후 (後) or "After" as it would be translated into English.

What do you think of the song? ^^

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


I haven't watched a Chinese Mandarin speaking movie or drama for quite some time.
Until now!! I found this by chance, and it's starring Jerry Yan! I have to say, he looked much better a few years back, I guess...age... *cough*
Anyway it looks like a typical Asian drama and the ending I already know XD but well.. it will be fun to watch! ^^

Title: 恋恋不忘 (Lian lian bu wang)
English title: Unforgettable Love / Loving, never forgetting
Episodes: 30
Publisher: China Film Co. Ltd
Director: Zeng Li Zhen

"Unforgettable Love", Jerry Yan plays a role of Li Zhong Mo, a CEO, after having a one night stand with a woman, Wu Tong, plays by Tong Liya, finds out that he has a son after seven years – leading to a custody battle with the woman. However, he later finds himself falling in love with her.

Wu Tong, a single mother with a son, Wu Tong Tong, live in a big city, poor but with full of hope and joy. Li Zhong Mo accidentally found out about his son existence, battling to get the custody of the boy. In the process, the intimacy of father and son relationship soon to emerge.

Li Zhong Mo, whose childhood upbringing was lack of motherly love, doesn't want history to repeat itself on his son.will he and the mother of his son able to learn understanding, tolerance, overcome their resentment, blame, prejudice, build their trust and love for their son be married and become a reunite family?

Jerry Yan as Li Zhong Mou
Tong Liya as Wu Tong
Denny Huang Bo Jun
Feng Jing

Info @ Asianfanatics


2NE1 is back with songs in Japanese, this time they have made a Japanese version of Happy!
I like it, sometimes I get skeptical but this one is a lot better than I thought! ^^
Happy Tuesday.. despite the rain.

Today's quote

"Difficult times happen on the way to happiness"

*Note that only one stroke changes the kanji, 辛 = Difficulty/pain, 幸 = Happiness

Monday, 23 June 2014

Do it again

Have u heard this song yet!?
It's being played well here and there all over Sweden ^^
Here's Röyksopp and Robyn!

Today's quote

"Are '恋/Fancy' and '愛/Love' different?"
"'Fancy' is wanting yourself to be loved, 'Love' is showing your true heart"

Baking inspiration

Once again I have been hooked on cooking videos on YT.
I found this channel, ochikeron, and this cute recipe - I so want to make a roll cake like this.
I need to write down on my list "what-to-buy-in-Japan" or maybe pick up in NYC in the end of August. I want to be able to make these kinds of shapes ^^
I wonder why we don't have it? Then again, we do not have as many housewives in Sweden, so I guess we don't really have time to make these things, a cake is just a cake..!?

Sunday, 22 June 2014

아자 아자 화이팅!!!

It's soon time for kick-off!
Korea vs Algeria!

I hope for a Korean victory!
I'll watch my fave players closely..hehe
My absolute fave one is of course Lee Chung Yong!!
I still remember when me and Masumi unni went to Lotte Hotel back in 2010 and greeted the team when they came home from S.Africa!! Cannot believe 4 years has already passed!!

Go Korea!! Pilsung Korea!!

Spoiling myself

At first I thought, naw.. let's not. A cheaper one is fine, I'm only gonna sleep there right!?
But yesterday I felt, No.. I want to spoil myself, I can afford it and I might need it! After all I will spend 6 nights there.
Also, this one is located opposite the building where I used to stay when I lived in Seoul!
It's a 22 story building, brand new... it was in construction last summer when I was there and i only saw a photo of what would be.
Anyway, as I found a discount coupon I felt, let's book this. I mean it looks amazing!!
And who knows, I might spend more time there than i think!? ^^

And the room....

It also comes with a gym!!

Location, Edae, Sinchon.
4-5min walk from Line 2, just across my old house ^^

Close to shopping, food, cinema, you name it!! ^^


Here's the live session with Ayaka singing 幻想曲 (Gensoukyoku).
I love this live session, I even think this version is better than the cd version!
what's ur opinion?

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Midsummer continues

Today we went to a more traditional Midsummer celebration.
It's not common to see peopke in their folk costumes but it is very nice ^^
A great day with Swedish dance and music! :)