Sunday, 30 April 2017

Walpurgis Night

Tonight is Walpurgis Night in Sweden!
We'll try to go and see a bonfire :)
Spring is here...*woho*

Saturday, 29 April 2017


Ayaka is back, one of the happiest thing of the year so far.. no?
I love the new song :)
I cannot wait until the full release!


Friday, 28 April 2017

Which cushion is your fave?

I'm thinking of trying a new cushion. But I have no idea which one, I have been searching high and low and watching youtube has been fun, some people own most of the cushions..haha
So far I have only tried one.. One I know.. But the reason is that I have so many other foundation so it feels like a waste buying tons and not use. When travelling to Korea it's a bit annoying sometimes because the sales staff do not let me alone, I feel stressed when I look around so in the end I leave the store with only the things I know. It feels like a shadow behind me, I have nicely tried to say, go away and let me shop, but that usually means... pulling out 10000000000 other products for me to "try".

The one I have tried is the Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion, I like it, then again I like Innisfree in general, so I could be bias?
Compare to their others, when this was released I was attracted to because it's easy to apply and works fine on my skin, it doesn't over cover so I have used powder as well.

I'm wondering which one to try out next, looking at the videos and reviews it's really hard to choose.
I'd really need to go to Korea and enter each shop I think but I cannot go to Korea for quite some time.

Which one do you like???

Wednesday, 26 April 2017


This came as surprise the other day. Kinda sad Taeyeon did not appear in the video.
I wonder why, but well.. it's a nice song. I hope they appear on shows together :)


Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Korean Make up - a jungle of choices

Have you ever tried Korean make up? If you ever visit Seoul, bring a large suitcase. They have so many make up brands so you will most likely get lost!!
I have gone through quite a lot over the years, started off with The Face Shop, Skinfood and Etude House as my fave shops. However over the years I have moved over to MISSHA, Innisfree and Nature Republic as my standard brands. I think their make up suits me more.

To me Etude is too pink and girlish. And their make up doesn't fit as good as they used to.
But I do buy a few things from there now and then. Skinfood I do not even set my foot in anymore, and Faceshop I buy a few things mostly face masks and nail products.
Over the years more and more stores and brands have popped up! To me I only go to new ones if I have heard or red about a good product.
Otherwise I stick with what I know and like. it's like KPop, I stick to my old bands, I'm too old to hunt (^^;;)

In the jungle of it all, here is a video below going through a lot of stuff.
But most are from the same stores, and I understand, ones you fall for a brand you kinda buy a lot from that store. For all non-Asians (or Asians who doesn't like to be pale), Lots of the base make up is very light and white! So base make up that fits can be difficult to find. My mum always say she looks like a ghost. But she loves the eye make up, nail polish, body lotions etc. So focus on those instead in case the "whitening" is too much for you :)

Some Korean brands (remember there are a lot more but these popped into my mind right now): 3CE, A'PIEU, April Skin, Banila CO, BaviPhat, Clio, Etude House, (the) Face Shop, HERA, Holika Holika, Innisfree, IOPE, It's Skin, Laneige, MISSHA, Nature Republic, Pera pera, (the) Saem, Skinfood, Tony Moly, Too cool for school

Once you have experienced Korean make up brands, I'm telling you, you will be hooked!
In Myeong Dong you can find at about 5 stores of each brand in the area. A bit sad in my opinion. There used to be a lot of other stores but now it's mainly make up. However if any item is sold out in one of the stores I'm sure you can find it further down on the street ;)
Don't forget to ask for Tax-free :)

Monday, 24 April 2017

Spring time

We went to celebrate the Cherry Blossoms last Saturday, it was packed with people.
Also, the Japanese association held a big event to celebrate this.
Foods, Japanese trad. items, infos etc.

It was quite cold but it was very nice.
It brought back memories to one of our first dates back in the days.
It made me reminisce our love and good time we have shared and what we are to share..

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Wedding markups

Welcome to the wedding world!
Not new news to me after starting our wedding planning..
But the more I think the more sad I get, I mean it's a word and then the prices goes up a lot.
You can have similar items you want - venue, food, drinks and decorations.
I mean some people celebrate anniversaries with the similar feeling as weddings.

Sometimes you need to look for options high and low to ensure it's a good price, and you'll need to do it with a lot of time on your hand! If you have no budget then this is a NO concern for you.
I want to tell you, you want your perfect day but within a budget you really need to do your research.
You will always able to find cheap options :)


Friday, 21 April 2017

ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2016-2017 Are You Happy?

The excitement is growing fast in my heart! It was finally announced and my bank account went broke..haha
Not only because of the dvd itself, I'm not that poor, yet!? :)
But with an upcoming wedding there are a lot of expenses. Anyway it didn't stop me from pre-ordering this! I got the DVD Limited edition. I want the regular too, why does JE always have to make fans broke? I mean we want both! Oh well...release is May 31, not long to go :)

After asking Are You Happy? with their best-selling album in October 2016, Arashi made fans happy with a same-titled concert tour from November 2016 to January 2017. The ever popular group attracted 855,000 people to the 18 shows of the Are You Happy? dome tour. To convey Arashi's thoughts on their current selves, each member tailored their own performances of their self-produced songs. The group also wove together their hit songs into Happy Medley for a happy surprise!

Limited Edition comes in special packaging with a live photo booklet and two bonus discs containing Arashi's August 2016 Japonism Show live in Yokohama Arena.

Regular Edition comes with a bonus disc containing Are You Happy? tour documentary.

「嵐が思う今の嵐」を体現し、会場を“Happy”の渦に巻き込んだ圧巻のパフォーマンスが DVD & Blu-ray で待望のリリース!! 2016年度オリコン年間アルバムランキング 1位を獲得した 15th アルバム「Are You Happy?」をタイトルに冠し、2016年11月から 2017年1月にかけ、18公演を開催、85 万 5000 人を動員した 5 大ドームツアーの東京公演をパッケージ。アルバムコンセプトである“嵐が思う今の嵐”を体現した今回のコンサートでは、メンバーそれぞれが嵐、そして自分自身と向き合い、各自プロデュース曲の演出を考案。メンバー一人ひとりの持ち味がふんだんに盛り込まれたパフォーマンスやステージングは今作最大の見どころ。さらに本編ラストでは、人気曲が惜しみなく織り込まれた「Happy Medley」も披露!会場全体を最高の笑顔と“Happy”の渦に巻き込む!彼らにしか体現することのできない圧巻のコンサートを存分に楽しむことができる、まさに最強の映像作品!

【初回限定盤】には、2016 年に開催され、嵐としては実に 9 年ぶりとなる全国アリーナツアーとして話題を呼んだ「ARASHI “Japonism Show” in ARENA」より、8月横浜アリーナ公演を特典映像として全編収録。ドーム公演とは異なる、アリーナの規模感を活かした貴重なパフォーマンスの数々は必見。

DVD 初回限定盤
■DVD4枚組 [LIVE本編 + ARASHI “Japonism Show” in ARENA]

※「ARASHI “Japonism Show” in ARENA」および「Documentary Film ~アユハピ~」は、全盤種共通で DVD 収録となります。

LIVE 本編 (DISC1&2) *DVD・Blu-ray 全盤種共通
Overture/Ups and Downs/supersonic/I seek/Oh Yeah!/Love so sweet/Sunshine/To my homies/DRIVE/Step and Go/Don’t You Get It/
Bad boy/TWO TO TANGO/復活LOVE/青空の下、キミのとなり/ファイトソング/Power of the Paradise/Baby blue/Miles away/果てない空/WONDER-LOVE/
また今日と同じ明日が来る/Amore/青春ブギ/Happy Medley [Happiness, きっと大丈夫, A・RA・SHI, Troublemaker~Løve Rainbow, 言葉より大切なもの,
ワイルド アット ハート, 感謝カンゲキ雨嵐, 愛を叫べ]/a Day in Our Life/五里霧中/エナジーソング~絶好調超!!!!~/Daylight
※DVD・Blu-ray ともに、全編日本語字幕スーパー入り

初回限定盤 特典映像 (DISC3&4) *DVD・Blu-ray 共通
「ARASHI “Japonism Show” in ARENA」 横浜アリーナ公演
ただいま/A・RA・SHI/Overture/Sakura/Japonesque/ワイルド アット ハート/イン・ザ・ルーム/復活 LOVE/Lucky Man/Troublemaker/Daylight/
Everybody前進/I seek/ソロ・メドレー [Disco Star, Rain, 秘密, Shake it !, T.A.B.O.O]/三日月/マスカレード/Bolero!/
青空の下、キミのとなり/miyabi-night/心の空/僕らがつないでいく/Power of the Paradise/愛を叫べ/感謝カンゲキ雨嵐

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Wedding Dress Alteration

The day finally came, it took a turn due to recent events in Stockholm.
I got my shoes in time and I went to the tailor to get my wedding dress alternated.
Girls, be out in time, depending on shops/tailors it can take time.
The more work needed the more time. Also, if you get married in a busy season like me, need to be out in time. I handed my in on April 13 and I will be able to pick it up on June 2!!!
Almost 2 months!!! I have to say, they had A LOT of dresses hanging and they have other services too.
To be honest, in my opinion from what I saw and what they said, I wouldn't say that my dress require too much work! And it seems the tailor said so as well. I'd say it's because I have a part of a corset back which makes it possible to pull and tuck in. However some parts needed to be fixed such as length. Oh well.. One more thing to TICK off my list of things to do.
I feel happy and content! As I put the dress on at the tailor, I was in love, that dress is really the dress for me and I cannot wait until I will be able to wear it in front of the person I love the most!!

It's less than 2 months now... until I become "Mrs"

#Excited #Overjoyed #WeddingDress

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

니나노 (Feat. 플로우식(Flowsik))

As 2NE1 came to an end I believe most of us felt, ok now what?
One of the best groups in Kpop has ended!!!
Still bumped, but happy Minzy has moved on and is presenting her own colours!
Here's her debut song, Ninano.


Monday, 17 April 2017

Couple Pants

I made it, I was able to get couple style clothes into the house.
And not just any clothes...dorky cute ones..hahahha

I'm so proud. My other half is not as excited but he deals with it ^^

Yes they come in adult sizes in Korea!!!
I bought these on Gmarket :)

Sunday, 16 April 2017


It took some time but here it is, the first solo song by Davichi member Lee Hae Ri.
It's called pattern.
I wonder how it will be live, I bet it will be powerful as she has such an amazing voice!!!


Saturday, 15 April 2017

Happy Easter

Did you find your egg? or maybe eggs??

Anyway, Happy Easter everybody!

Friday, 14 April 2017

Man of Sorrows

Another Good Friday is here.
How are you spending it?
Do you even know why we have this day? Does it mean anything to you?
To me it has a huge symbol in my life.

Today is a day of reflection.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Pretty Girl

I found this on Spotify by chance, I really like this song.
Some days are good, other bad... this is life.

The singer herself describe the song as following: "Pretty Girl was inspired by my experiences growing up on social media and being constantly judged and underestimated based on the superficial, which is something I think a lot of girls are going through right now.

Being on the set of Pretty Girl with all of the amazing girls was so much fun, just hanging out and getting into trouble. We had a good time and I think it shows, especially in the shots outside where we got to be a bit sassier."


Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Bride to be

Last Sunday I was fooled. I thought I was going to have a calm Sunday with one of my oldest friends.
I had no make up on at all..
I went to where we were to meet and I got seriously surprised!!
My friend's had printed a photo of me and cut out their eyes.
It was my hen's party! I had asked for a calm one, aka SPA/Brunch/Girls night.
I did not want to do anything crazy as I have seen many girls doing. I'm happy they respected my wish!
The brunch was DELICIOUS and great company. I'm so happy for the people showing up.
I feel so happy to have them and cannot wait until the big day.

At the brunch place one of Sweden's largest politican also had brunch.
I received a congratulations to the wedding ;)
Quite cool..hehe

Monday, 10 April 2017

The aftermath

Last Friday the whole city stopped.
It started with the sounds outside my window, I have never heard so many police cars at once.
I turned on the TV and heard the news. What we had feared but had not idea when it would come had came. An attack nobody could have known! A single man, a man that should not even be in this country (he was supposed to be deported but in hiding) did something so awful!
It took 4 persons lives, several injured and also killed a poor dog!

Anger, anxiety, fear and sadness stuck us all.
What now? Is it over? The hours passed by and the city, country stood still.
The world I knew and the plans I had made was changed in a second. From nowhere it felt like a nightmare, it wasn't true. it couldn't be.

I'm happy all of my loved ones were safe, some were in the area when it happened. I cannot believe how lucky they were. But I'm thinking of all the ones who is missing a loved one. The ones who are not allowed to feel the relief that I and so many other do.

Thanks to the police force, doctors and outsiders who stepped in, who showed what they are made of!
They truly deserve a BIG THANK YOU!! Without you, Stockholm would not be able to stand strong today. Also thanks to all people sending thoughts from all around the world.

Yesterday many people gathered downtown to show, you can not take us down!
You will not bring us into fear! We are strong and you are weak. You will never defeat us. Enough is enough! We together are standing strong, for us and for them who will not be forgotten!

Life goes on!

Photo cred @ owner

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Oats & Protein

Nutramino released a new kind of proteinbar - It's a flapjack one.
My PT gifted me with these, really kind.
I brought him an Easter egg with candy. But as you know, I should not eat a lot of candy.
But he can eat it so why not? Also I bought it to donate money for a charity at work.
It felt good and I heard the eggs were nice.
Anyway back to the proteinbars. For me it was a bit "wet", I prefer more chewy ones.
Not bad though and it felt like a meal as it had the oats. I tried the raspberry one, I still have a choco one to try. :)

What protein bars do you like??

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Make Me Love You

As always, for SM artists, there is an additional track!
Taeyeon's repacked version is called Make me Love You.


#TAEYEON #MyVoice #Deluxe_Edition #Make_Me_Love_You #Release #170405 #12PM

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Lebanese feast

My darling and I celebrated our anniversary with a delicious meal.
We went to a restaurant in central Stockholm called Underbar (Wonderful).
We had their mix plate incl. grilled meats.
It was sooooooooooo delicious. And SO MUCH food.
It felt like a shame as we couldn't finish it. Also, still to little of each to take a doggy bag.
Anyhow we had a great time, we could barely move after dessert ^^

I can totally recommend this place and its food!!


Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Pretty flowers

I love my hubby to be, he got me these for our anniversary ^^
I actually got to pick the flowers and he paid..hehe
He took me to my fave florist. So happy, and they are so pretty.

Life is good!

Monday, 3 April 2017


The second edition of Red Velvet is the Chips Ahoy's ones.
These I'm happy with, they really tasted Red Velvet.
Probably stuffed with lots of bad things lol
If I compare these with the Oreo ones, I give Oreo a 3 and this one 8!!!
If you can find them.. please try them out :)

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Kohen Silver-Tone Watch

I have wanted a new one for quite some time.
I hate that the rhinestones on my current keeps on falling out. The price to have them replaced isn't cheap either. And I found this by chance, it was marked down to 92 USD something.
For some reason my payment didn't work, so my friend bought it for me. She lives in the States and I was supposed to ship to her house anyway so it was ok.
Now I noticed the watch is more expensive than when I purchased it.

I got it a few days ago, although it reminds of my current Fossil one, I love that it doesn't have any rhinestones. And it's VERY pretty!!!

Name: Kohen Silver-Tone Watch
Style # MK3579

Sleek and sophisticated, our silver-tone Kohen watch features a slim silhouette that gives it a minimalist look and feel. Style it with a complementing cuff or wear it solo for a timeless finish to any ensemble.

-Stainless Steel
-Silver-Tone Hardware
-38Mm Case
-190+/-5Mm Inner Circumference
-Water Resistant Up To 5 Atm
-2-Year Warranty

Official Webpage