Thursday, 20 April 2017

Wedding Dress Alteration

The day finally came, it took a turn due to recent events in Stockholm.
I got my shoes in time and I went to the tailor to get my wedding dress alternated.
Girls, be out in time, depending on shops/tailors it can take time.
The more work needed the more time. Also, if you get married in a busy season like me, need to be out in time. I handed my in on April 13 and I will be able to pick it up on June 2!!!
Almost 2 months!!! I have to say, they had A LOT of dresses hanging and they have other services too.
To be honest, in my opinion from what I saw and what they said, I wouldn't say that my dress require too much work! And it seems the tailor said so as well. I'd say it's because I have a part of a corset back which makes it possible to pull and tuck in. However some parts needed to be fixed such as length. Oh well.. One more thing to TICK off my list of things to do.
I feel happy and content! As I put the dress on at the tailor, I was in love, that dress is really the dress for me and I cannot wait until I will be able to wear it in front of the person I love the most!!

It's less than 2 months now... until I become "Mrs"

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