Friday, 30 June 2017

CUCKOO Rice cooker CRP-BHXB0660FD IH Pressure 6 CUPS 220V

Sister in law and her family gifted us with this.
A IH pressure rice cooker from Cuckoo.
This comes with a lot of features and it's really pretty.
The rice cooker talks to you as it works, it's so cute.
And the rice becomes so delicious! It's really different taste from cooking in a "cheaper" ricecooker or a pan. WOW... I could only eat rice!

This one does not only cook rice, it can also make stews and long cooking.
It's pure amazing!!

I'm so thankful to my sister in law and her family for gifting us with this :)

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Wedding cake!!

This was our Wedding cake! A white cake with luscious blueberries and raspberries frosted with a white chocolate buttercream. And white chocolate coating.
It was so delicious, I was kinda sad I did not tell them I wanted the left overs...haha
It was perfect, not too sweet..and pure joy to look at! The girls had covered with flowers fitting our theme.

I will def. order cakes from them again!!!

#LittleArtCakery #AThousandKisses #Cake #WeddingCake

Wednesday, 28 June 2017


The princess of Kpop is back.
How long has it been? I have lost track...
It's a very BoA track, but thinking she has been gone for a while I think she could have returned with a more WOW track.
What do you think??


Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Missha Tension Pact - Perfect Cover

I will start to review this one, it was maybe the one I had most hopes for.
I've been a fan of Missha make up since 2007 so it came naturally to try it out.

I liked the package and the mesh, I put the pad slightly to the surface and the amount of foundation was enough to cover my whole face!! To me one layer was enough. The one I got came with a refill. I got it in number 23.
The genreal cover was really good, I understand what others say when they raved about it. It was really WOW. And that's why I felt one layer was enough especially as I put on other things too - concealer, blusher, eye shadow etc.

I bought it while it was a 50% sale on Missha (Missha Day) but I can really recommend this product because of it's cover and easy to spread all over your face.

But as the time went by it kinda oxidized on my face leaving spots, especially around my eye areas.
Not sure if it's because my skin is dry but I think I need extra moisturize to avoid this. The rest of the skin looks really nice and I like the feeling of it on my skin.
I need to use more moist around my eyes I think and I won't have the same issue.
It was also easy to apply other make up without removing or having it splashing on my face.
I will try to use a blender and see if it applies differently but I'm happy with the sponge I got with the pact!!! Be sure to read below about the others to find the one you think suits you best!
Over time I'm not so happy because of all the dry spots it gave me. So sad I so wanted this one to work.

★★ / ★★★★★

Monday, 26 June 2017

So many reviews to come...

I posted a photo a few weeks ago prior the wedding with Korean make up I bought.
I have not tried them all but quite a lot.
I will make reviews asap :)

Stayed tuned...

Saturday, 24 June 2017


Sorry for being off.. the wedding required some time.
Anyway, as I was gone..the best comeback so far this year came.. ^^
BlackPink is back!!!!!


Monday, 19 June 2017


As dower from my husband I got these earrings.
I actually bought them myself a month ago..haha but as we were to give each over a dower, tradition. I told him he could give me these, not a surprise but just what I wanted.

As I have said, I'm hooked on Lily & Rose accessories.
These comes in a slightly pink shade, perfect for the summer.

Love you hubby ^^

Article No: 61132
Length: 1.1
Crystals: Swarovski (info)
Color: Silver, Material: Brass

Thursday, 15 June 2017



To go with the bracelet I showed yesterday are these petite drop earrings feature a set of Swarovski crystals. I love the bling but that they are not too much. I'm not the one who wears too much make up, bling etc. I'm more modest I think ^^
However these will show a good mix of me being special on our special day.
Also these was a gift from my darling! But for our anniversary! He knew I wanted them and thought these would be a great gift of love. I love his thoughtfulness and that I will be able to wear them on our day of love! These goes in the same colour as the bracelet. 

Article no.: 60836
Length: 2.4 cm
Crystals: Swarovski
Colour: Silver, Material: Brass

For More info visit their Official Website

Wednesday, 14 June 2017


I cannot believe it's only a few days left until the wedding.
I'm in panic state!! And a very happy state!
I did mention back in March that I was in love with the Swedish brand Lily And Rose.
Today and tomorrow I will share my wedding jewelry! First out is the bracelet.
It's called Sofia and comes with "Crystals", in other words, no colour. The bracelet feature multi-faceted Swarovski crystals.
I love this piece, as soon as I saw it in the store I was like "That's the one".
I cannot wait to put this one with the dress and earrings!! My darling bought it for me already on Valentines, or he gave me a gift card to buy it. He knew I wanted jewelry for the wedding and he also knew I wanted to purchase it in advance. The BEST Valentine's gift..hehe

Just a few more days...

Article no.: 50437
Length: 16.0 cm - 18,5 cm
Crystals: Swarovski
Color: Silver, Material: Brass
For more beauties, visit their website!

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Only a few days to go!!!

I got my dress last Friday!!! It's now only 4 days..or less even..if counting hours.
I cannot believe it's soon our Wedding day!

There are still things to be fixed but most are in place!
I'm so happy :) The dress looks beautiful!
I cannot wait to show my future hubby and the rest the beautiful creation!! This is also the reason why the picture is so blurry. I cannot reveal anything until the big day!!!

Sunday, 11 June 2017

New hair colour!

The other day I went to the hairdresser and got a new hair colour!!
This is what I wanted, be blonde!
I think the hairdresser did an AWESOME job!
And guess what.. it took 6 hours to complete. All I have met says it fits me but at the same time they said they feel like it's a totally different person..hehe

This is what I looked like before the change..
So as you can see, it was a challenge!!

I love my new look!!
What do you think?

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Heartbreaker 2009! And GD's first solo, I think it was the first anyway..haha
1. WOW time has passed fast! I remember the first time I heard this.
2. He was sooooo young (and so was I..)
3. Music style has changed slightly but it's GD all over!!

It's a song that should never be forgotten :)


Friday, 9 June 2017

무제(無題) (Untitled, 2014)

With everything going on with TOP, I was surprised to see this release.
But I love GD so I'm super happy.
And GD is his own, he is not to blame.. but we all know the Korean Kpop scene, there will pop up angry comments.

Anyway, this song is wonderful.


Thursday, 8 June 2017

Delicious food

Came back from Paris, intense hours.. and I managed to do some shopping and enjoy delicious food!
This is from dinner, I LOVE tartare (raw beef)
And for dessert we shared some delicious cheese.
All served with delicious red wine.

I loved this dinner, especially as I had great company!
I'd love to go back to Paris any day!!!

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Make up store Matte Foundation (Review)

Make up Store is a big brand here in Sweden. After hearing good things I decided to try out their foundations, as that was what I needed at the moment. No I was not born under a rock, but when I was younger it was quite expensive for me, then I found Korean make up. Therefore I didn't really think a lot about them. However being back home I'd thought... for my wedding day maybe I should try out their foundations. Some of the Asians can be slightly light, this also depends on the sunlight.

I got good help at the store to found the colour matching my skin tone. I also said I wanted a natural look, so rather one with lighter coverage, so when adding other things it won't look too heavy. I don't want to feel like I wear a mask! Also I wanted a matte finish. So a good start I thought as we found one quite fast.

Then I came home...

I applied it and it felt nice and I liked the colour, but it had a way lighter coverage than I expected. Not sure what the girl did at the store, it felt "heavier" at the store.
On one side I used my fingers and on the other I tried a sponge, in this case I'd say fingers were better. To get the finish I wanted I applied a powder on top!
As I applied I could see it sinking into my pores and crease around my nose and eye areas. I'd say the crease part annoyed me the most, but thankfully the powder helped me to set it slightly better.
I have dry skin, note I did apply moisturizer before applying the foundation. I have never paid this "much" for a foundation with such bad result.
Maybe this is not for dried skin, but that the girl in the store didn't tell me... I can use this for daily wear, just because I paid for it..haha

But I do not recommend this at all! I'm very disappointed of what I got for the money.
I regret not buying one from MAC instead, one I know works...!!!!!
I'm so happy I tried long before the wedding day, imagine the disaster on the day using this product. I'll probably not go back to Make Up Store again for any items, unless they release something out of this world! I rather go for MAC, Anastasia or my usual Japanese / Korean brands.
Luckily I have also purchased some Korean foundation cushions, I hope they will give me the glow I want for the Wedding day!!! ^^
So until then I will apply SPF 50!! I tan super easily, 5 min out in the sun and it shows ^^

Item: Foundation
Brand: Make Up Store
Style: Matte Foundation
Coverage: Light cover
Review score: ★ / ★★★★★

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Svenska flaggansdag!

Today is the day of the Swedish Flag!
More celebrated as "Swedish national day"!
I think I have said it before, I didn't grow up celebrating this day, NOBODY did.
but a few years ago..maybe 10ish? it became bigger.
Then again, a day to celebrate and get a day off from work.. why not?

How are you spending today?

Monday, 5 June 2017

Paris bound

A bit mixed feelings but I'm happy to travel.
But it's my day off, so to be working on my day off is so-so.
I hope for good weather and some shopping after work ^^

Sunday, 4 June 2017


Honestly I know nothing about these girls but they are popular these days and I have seen a lot of their songs pop up in my YT feed.
As I heard TT I was like...JYP! ^^
Well.. I cannot say anything but this is going to be a "plague" for the coming months...
Listen and you will understand what I mean ^^


Saturday, 3 June 2017


Have you ever seen Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids?
There are scenarios that no-one want but people are human so... *no words*
I selected mine based on what felt right to me. I will have 3, probably could have selected 5 but to be reminded. It's more complicated.
And I think all girls knows I love them anyway!

I wanted a flowergirl and boy, but sadly I do not have any children close that fit the age.
Well well.. it's ok :)

There are a few things to consider when choosing bridesmaid.

1. Budget
Will you pay? or are the girls to pay for their outfits?
Don't forget shoes, hairstyles.

2. Dress
Long / Short, Colour, cut, straps/strapless...and PRICE!!
There are so many things to think of. Worse is if one/several bridesmaids start to think more of themselves, than of you and your day!
Get the girls together to go shopping can also be difficult. Be sure to have time. Also think of aspect of size. Is someone gonna try to lose weight? It's better to order a larger size, it can be taken in. It's way more difficult with a small dress.
And how much are you willing to pay for bridesmaids dresses!!! If each bridesmaid pay, think of their wallets as well!

3. Flowers
What flowers are they to have, who is to pay?
Size of the bouquet.
Colour to match the dress?

4. Personal situation
Let's say you go for, girls pay themselves. Then you need to think of the budget.
Can they afford it?

Size and shape - please consider that all do not feel comfortable with everything.
Some might not like "too" short.

What other expenses are needed and if they are to pay themselves, can they afford what you ask for?
Although it's your day, you need to think of them as well!

5. Does it match?
Have a clear vision of it all - you, them, venue, colours, him and bestman.
A rainbow of colours might not be the best. But then again. it's your choice!

6. Your happiness
In the end all want you to be happy!
But be open minded. An open mind can support you having the perfect wedding!!

Friday, 2 June 2017

Delicious potato cakes!

Earlier this month I mentioned a tasty fitness pizza I tried and loved.
Today I will post another dish from the same book.
I think.. being Swedish.. I have a special love for potatoes!
Anyway, the dish in the book says it should be served with salmon and yes that's super tasty. But these potato cakes can as well be served with anything else of your choice!
I tried it with vegetarian sausage made from soy protein and served with various veggies.
Super tasty.

I changed my diet quite a lot for the past 1,5 month and I dropped a lot in weight.
I eat less carbs, less red meat.
And yes once I start again, I'm 99% to gain a bit. But I like my new self and I feel less tired. So yes, my body likes fish, chicken and veggies better but I won't give up my meat..haha
I'll just eat less. It has of course had an effect on my wallet but the visual is striking. I never knew it could be this big of a difference!!! Exercise is important but food is that game changer, yes it's true what they say! But you need to find the balance that fits you!
Also don't forget a goal that gives you a good motivation to carry on, mine is our wedding!

You can buy the book here (Note book is in Swedish)

Thursday, 1 June 2017


2017 has really been a year of disbandment!
It feels weird, I do not recognize a lot of kpop groups anymore.
I think Sistar is the "latest" I actually recognize faces and names of..haha
Well Sistar has now released their final song as a group!