Friday, 2 June 2017

Delicious potato cakes!

Earlier this month I mentioned a tasty fitness pizza I tried and loved.
Today I will post another dish from the same book.
I think.. being Swedish.. I have a special love for potatoes!
Anyway, the dish in the book says it should be served with salmon and yes that's super tasty. But these potato cakes can as well be served with anything else of your choice!
I tried it with vegetarian sausage made from soy protein and served with various veggies.
Super tasty.

I changed my diet quite a lot for the past 1,5 month and I dropped a lot in weight.
I eat less carbs, less red meat.
And yes once I start again, I'm 99% to gain a bit. But I like my new self and I feel less tired. So yes, my body likes fish, chicken and veggies better but I won't give up my meat..haha
I'll just eat less. It has of course had an effect on my wallet but the visual is striking. I never knew it could be this big of a difference!!! Exercise is important but food is that game changer, yes it's true what they say! But you need to find the balance that fits you!
Also don't forget a goal that gives you a good motivation to carry on, mine is our wedding!

You can buy the book here (Note book is in Swedish)

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