Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Missha Tension Pact - Perfect Cover

I will start to review this one, it was maybe the one I had most hopes for.
I've been a fan of Missha make up since 2007 so it came naturally to try it out.

I liked the package and the mesh, I put the pad slightly to the surface and the amount of foundation was enough to cover my whole face!! To me one layer was enough. The one I got came with a refill. I got it in number 23.
The genreal cover was really good, I understand what others say when they raved about it. It was really WOW. And that's why I felt one layer was enough especially as I put on other things too - concealer, blusher, eye shadow etc.

I bought it while it was a 50% sale on Missha (Missha Day) but I can really recommend this product because of it's cover and easy to spread all over your face.

But as the time went by it kinda oxidized on my face leaving spots, especially around my eye areas.
Not sure if it's because my skin is dry but I think I need extra moisturize to avoid this. The rest of the skin looks really nice and I like the feeling of it on my skin.
I need to use more moist around my eyes I think and I won't have the same issue.
It was also easy to apply other make up without removing or having it splashing on my face.
I will try to use a blender and see if it applies differently but I'm happy with the sponge I got with the pact!!! Be sure to read below about the others to find the one you think suits you best!
Over time I'm not so happy because of all the dry spots it gave me. So sad I so wanted this one to work.

★★ / ★★★★★

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