Wednesday, 30 November 2011

紅白歌合戦 2011 Line up!

It was annouced today! Finally
Following artists will appear on NHK’s 62nd 紅白歌合戦!

Red Team (Female)
Ashida Mana
Angela Aki
Ishikawa Sayuri
Kawanaka Miyuki
Kanda Sayaka
Koda Kumi
Godai Natsuko
Kobayashi Sachiko
Sakamoto Fuyumi
Shiina Ringo
Tendou Yoshimi
Natsukawa Rimi
Nishino Kana
Hamasaki Ayumi
Matsuda Seiko
Matsutouya Yumi
Mizuki Nana
Mizumori Kaori
Wada Akiko

White Team (Male)
Akikawa Masafumi
Itski Hiroshi
Kitajima Saburou
Gou Hiromi
Suzuki Fuku

Sen Masao
Tokunaga Hideaki
Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi
Ishida Toshiyuki
Hikawa Kiyoshi
Hirai Ken
Fukuyama Masaharu
Hosokawa Takashi
Porno Graffitti
Mori Shinichi

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The beginning

I found the best news of today on 絢香's homepage.

She is announcing her new album "The beginning"

The cd will be released in 2 versions, a limited and a regular. the release date is set to Feb 2012!

I'm already excited!!

I've missed her alot and she will do her comeback stage on Kohaku Uta gassen!!

From her official hp

自身のレーベル A stAtionを立ち上げ、


2012年2月1日(水)発売 New Album 「The beginning」

『CD + DVD+ 豪華ブックレット写真集、特殊パッケージ仕様』
AKCO-90001/B  ¥3,990(TAX IN)

『CD ONLY』 AKCO-90002 ¥3,150(TAX IN)

What to buy for Christmas...

I'm kinda stuck in the middle...What to buy for Christmas, my brother was kind enough to tell me: You buy all the pressies, tell me the amount of money and I'll wire it to you.
THANK YOU Big brother!!! Thank you for leaving EVERYTHING to me.. Well he is on the other side of the world, however I'm not the one who already have started my vacation from school!
And to be honest I feel like I'm kinda out of ideas...

I have more people to buy things for this year and it's not helping...
I'm thinking: Candy, Books, Tea, Coffee, Body lotions, Candles, Clothes, DVDs....
But don't you think that sort of things are quite boring? or at least very usual!

Creative... be creative.... m(_ _)m

Can't help myself

Last night I felt boring then i talked to Sam and he made me wanna go shopping.
So in the end I got him to buy me some things from the Forever 21 x Hello Kitty collection.
I bought a key cap and t-shirt ^^
I think I'm also gonna get some Victoria Secret body lotions... need to check my wallet first though XD

The T-shirt is super cute, don't you think? :)

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

謎解きはディナーのあとで OST

The OST of the amazing drama, Nazotoki wa Dinner no ato de, is finally here!!! I was surprised that it had so many tracks! Also my fave is of course the Guitar version of Meikyuu Love Song!
If you don't have it yet... Hurry!! (^0^)
Also... if you don't know this drama you should find it and watch!! It's really fun to watch, it helps me to relax from my daily stress!
Maybe the best drama of 2011? At least one of them (^_^)


1. 謎解きはディナーのあとで Nazotoki wa dinner no ato de
2. prologue
3. 影山のテーマ Kageyama no theme
4. 凶悪な事件 Kyouaku na jiken
5. 風祭警部 Kazamatsuri keibu
6. 迷宮入りの臭い Meikyuu iri no nioi
7. 失礼ながらお嬢様 Shitsurei nagara ojousama
8. わたくしの推理 Watakushi no suiri
9. 事情聴取中 Jijou choushu chuu
10. 犯人の目星 Hannin no meboshi
11. お嬢様はアホでいらっしゃいますか? Ojousama wa aho de irasshaimasuka?
12. クビよ、クビ! Kubi yo, Kubi!
13. 影山の知恵 Kageyama no chie
14. 宝生グループの力 Houshou groupu no chikara
15. 伝えられない想い Tsutaerarenai omoi
16. 正真正銘のお嬢様 Shoushinshoumei no ojousama
17. 残る謎 Nokoru nazo
18. 謎解きはディナーのあとで 〜真実〜 Nazotoki wa dinner no ato de - shinjitsu -
19. 死者からの伝言 Shisha kara no dengon
20. お嬢様の目は節穴でございますか? Ojousama no me wa hushaiana de gozaimasuka?
21. 浮かび上がる犯人 Ukablagaru hannin
22. 優しいまなざし Yasashii manazashi
23. 影山のテーマ 〜お嬢様を守るため〜 Kageyama no theme -Ojousama wo mamoru tame-
24. 迷宮ラブソング (Guitar version) Meikyuu love song


A few days ago various media presented that A Behring Breivik was sexually abused as a child.. and that it would have been one of the reason why he turned out as he did?! He also have said he had seen himself as Norway's next sovereign!!
The latest news says that A. Behring Breivik was "mentally ill" when he carried out the terror attacks in Norway last July! and that he probably, most likely according to the news, will be sentenced to mental care for the rest of his life..!

Yes this is how we do it in Northern Europe, I guess?!
C'mon a normal sane person wouldn't have carried out such act! Of course he's mentally ill... mad even!! If we'd been in the US he'd probably be sent of to a prison with the highest security there is or even been given a death sentence?!
He needs help, he really does... but that's it? I think lots of people will object to that outcome!
IF...then he should get both, mental care as well as being in a prison!!

However the final word is not said! I guess we'll have to wait and see!

Result of Mama 2011

This year's MAMA awards is now over...
There were some surprises however many awards were known beforehand!
I was surprised that intl stars as Will.I.Am, Dr Dre & Snoop Dog, Lang Lang.. and Koda Kumi appeard as well as many famous actors! (such as Lee Byung-Hun, Nam Gyu-ri, Song Seung-Hun, Han Hyo-Joo and Oh Ji-Ho)
It felt more like an international award show and not Korean, even though of course focus was on the Korean stars!!

Song of the Year
2NE1 - “I Am The Best”

Album of the Year
Super Junior - "Mr. Simple"

Artist of the Year

Best New Male Artist Award
Huh Gak

Best New Female Artist Award
A Pink

Male Group Award
Super Junior

Female Group Award

Male Singer Award
Kim Hyun Joong

Best Female Singer Award (Solo)
Baek Ji Young

Best Dance Performance – Solo
HyunA – Bubble Pop!

Best Dance Performance – Male Group
B2ST – “Fiction”

Best Dance Performance – Female Group
miss A – “Goodbye Baby”

Best Vocal Performance – Solo (Not shown during broadcast)
IU – “Good Day”

Best Vocal Performance – Group
2NE1 – “Lonely”

Best Band Performance (Not shown during broadcast)
CNBlue – “Intuition”

Best Rap Performance
Leessang – “Turned Off The TV…”

Best OST
Baek Ji Young – “That Woman” (Secret Garden OST)

Best Music Video (Not shown during broadcast)
Big Bang – “Love Song”

Other awards

Best Artist (China)
Jane Zhang

Hottest Asian Artist
Koda Kumi

Best Asian Artist

Best Asian Artist (Solo)
Wei Chen

Singapore’s Choice Most Popular K-Pop Artist in Singapore
Super Junior

Best Style in Music
Seo In Young

Mnet Specialized Award

I smell great XD

These days I'm addicted to my Victoria Secret body lotion...
My fave ones are Strawberry & Champagne and Coconut Passion!!
Today I have the S & C and I can tell you... I smell great XD
People have asked me what's smelling like heaven...what can I say.. it's a Secret ;)

I so wish we'd have VS in Sweden but sadly NO (T_T)
However I'm happy we have access to ONLINE shopping!!

Lunch is the best!

Yesterday I bought take-out lunch for 2 days! The best thing with it all..

1. REALLY tasty
2. LOTS (1 serving is enough for 2 people)
3. CHEAP (60 SEK (aprox USD9)/serving)

So I ended up buying two of the same so me and dad had lunch for 2 days!
I bought Yakiniku wok noodles!!

Could my lunch be any better? I don't think so XD

I cried the first time

The first time I saw this live version of 果てない空 I cried, it was so beautiful.
This aired just a few days after the awful 3.11 Eathquake and Tsunami that stuck Japan.


How cute..

I know Mana-chan is a fan of KARA, however this is the first time I saw this clip!
It's the cutest thing ever!! Mana-chan may be one of the most popular actresses in Japan these days, however even she can become a fangirl XD

Best birthday present ever... Don't u think?

I wish Arashi would appear for mine XD

Always the same

I wonder why it's always the same, if I bring an umbrella it doesn't rain! And when I doesn't!?
I know this is a common thing among most people, still I wonder why..

Also it seems the winter is coming for real to Sweden now.. I'm sad sad sad, if we had +5 degrees as the lowest temp. I'd be so happy!!!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Soon time to sleep

It has been a long day, it's soon over.
Before I go to bed I'm gonna end today by listening to the latest song from タッキー & 翼 called Heartful Voice, it's a very sweet ballad!
I really missed them as a duo, they have been apart for toooooooo long!!

I think I'm gonna sleep in peace tonight..! (^^;;)

Official PV


ずっと だからずっと 

相変わらずな思わせぶり ドキドキする
誰にだってそのままだから 嫌な気分




繰り返すように君の名前 呟いている
ありふれたような名前だけど 心にくる

そこに隠れた意味を探して 寄り添い眠るそれが理想



優しくあれ この距離感で
素直であれ それが難しい
強がりな君に僕は 一度だけ…


ずっと だからずっと 

君と ずっと 繋がっている

Good night.. see you tomorrow!

Cozy monday

Me and dad just had a cozy Monday, we made scones and drank tea while watching the Danish drama THOSE WHO KILL.
It was really nice... mum is out with her work eating delicious food so we made something we both enjoy!!

Tomorrow I'm off to work, it's gonna be a busy day!!

티아라 (네번째 미니 앨범) - 블랙 아이즈

I loved MV for their comeback single CRY CRY, now..finally the mini album, 블랙 아이즈 (Black Eyes) is here.
Cry Cry showed a new side of the girls and I was really looking forward to the new side of T-ara, however I was not pleased with what I got. The performances of various shows have only been so-so, kinda boring to be honest!
Then the mini-album, well it's not bad but it's not half as great as previous ones. There's no WOW feeling and non of the songs are songs I want to play on repeat, when it's over, it's over and it's fine by me.
Yes, I'm disappointed...! I had higher hopes...!
The only songs I like is Cry Cry and I'm so bad. However with all other girl groups around I'm surprised that T-ara did not release a single song that can compete with the other songs of this season.

01. Cry Cry
02. Goodbye, OK
03. O my god
04. I'm so bad
05. Cry Cry [Ballad Ver]

Saffron cake!

I made this year's first Saffron cake today, the smell of Christmas is in my house!!
I wanted to take a photo of my creation however my dad cut it too fast before I had the chance ^^;; Anyway there will be more coming this season!

Soon our house will be full of delicious cakes, cookies etc!
Let the Christmas celebration begin!!

The standard is going down...

Today on the train.. first 2 men STINKING of alcohol sat down in the same car, it was nasty!!
And I was too tired to move car...!!
Then a few stations later a guy came on, sat down next to me EVEN though there were other seats free, I had put my bag ON the chair next to me just because I DID NOT want to have anyone next to me... what was worse.. he had some really cheap after shave on!! It really stank, however he thought he was the coolest guy on the train! Sadly in his case.. N O

I'm not sure.. but I think it's the weather and season, people get depressed and their standard is going down down down!!!!
Or.. it's just the backside for using the public transportation...

The winter is here

When I stepped outside my door this morning it was fine, I took my usual train and arrived in Uppsala... then... I realised the WINTER is here!!
On the streets of Uppsala it's full of ice and snow on the lawns!!
I was scared I was gonna slip on my way up to campus! Lucky me I did not!

It's also colder in Uppsala than Stockholm... I wanna go back home ^^

Sunday, 27 November 2011

The storm is hitting us tonight!

The weather in Sweden is not good today, a huge storm have been hitting our country.
On the news they said it will be worse tonight and told people to stay inside!! It doesn't look good and many houses in Western Sweden is out of power.
I hope it will be okay tomorrow though...

1st advent!

Today is the 1st of 4.
I'm gonna light a candle later!! :) but I'm waiting for my parents... they are on their way back from our countryhouse!
Today I took a long bubblebath and a body scrub!! I feel so clean and my skin is soft as a baby!
I guess it's a good way to start this season!! :)

Bra sångerska men...

På lördagskvällar brukar jag se på TV4's SÅ MYCKET BÄTTRE..
Fortfarande slår inte denna säsong förra årets.

Igår var det E-types dag, det var mkt intressant o se. Hans musik skiljer sig så mycket från alla andras.
Han är verkligen en trevlig o go människa. Hans dag var rolig... älskade fårklippningen!
Timbuktu's version av E-type var sååååå sjukt bra!!!

MEN en person jag önskade inte var med är Laleh, visst hon är en bra artist men hennes personlighet är ju bland det sämsta/värsta jag NÅGONSIN sett. En person som henne skulle jag ALDRIG vilja vara bekant med. Hon fjantar sig och tror att hon är något spec genom att vägra göra olika saker.

Hon har aldrig blivit uppfostrad med att göra något för andra trots att en själv inte vill.
Hon framstår verkligen som en dålig person.. det känns som att hon i varje avsnitt backar undan och struntar i de andras idéer. Och många kommer väl säga, ja men det är väl bra med känslor.. men hon står o bölar för att man håller i ett får som sparkar som bara den, det finns ju inget annat sätt att göra det på!Om fårskallen var still skulle det inte vara på det sättet!
Hon är nog den som fått mest ROS för hennes tolkningar av låtarna i media. Jag skulle snarare säga att det är för att man inte känner till henne som alla andra, Visst hon sjunger bra, jättefin röst men egentligen låter hon likadant o hon ser likadan ut - ingen spec utstrålning!!
Innan säsongen började tänkte jag... wow.. nya September..hon verkar som en gullig tjej men ursch, varje klipp hon är med i önskar jag att de kunde klippa bort!! Jag tål inte sånna människor, hon förstör så mycket av showen.

Nästa vecka är Laleh's dag och redan nu kan jag säga att jag INTE kommer att se det avsnittet!!!

In Heaven.. number?

I have no idea how many versions there have been of this album..
However this time there are new songs!! actually 2 remixes and an "old" song...

It has been some time since I listened to the song 이름 없는 노래, yet still I love it. The lyrics are very sad yet beautiful. I really wish the boys, all 5 of them..., one day will be together again!
It really feels like this song is made for the fans, YH, CM and also for themselves, it's a story that's needed to be told!

01. Get Out
02. In Heaven (Narr. 김정은)
03. 낙엽 (Fallen Leaves)
04. 소년의 편지 (The Boy's Letter)
05. Mission
06. I.D.S (I Deal Scenario)
07. Pierrot
08. You’re
09. Nine
10. 이름 없는 노래 part 1 (A Song Without A Name)
11. Get out (Remix)
12. In Heaven (Remix)

이름 없는 노래

내가 이런 얘기 한적 있나

2003년 몇 개월수습 기간을 마치고 팀원들이 첫 과제를 가뿐히 해치운 우리
2004년 이 달의 사원, 수많은 최고 실적, 그것만으로 만족할 수가 앖었던 우리 어 이상 참지
못하고 더 많은걸 바라기 시작했지

2005년 해외 진출, 한국에서처럼 모든 것이 수월할 줄 알았어.
첫 도전, 최악의 실적을 기록하고 그떄부터 자신감은 추락하고 말았어.

되지도 않은 언어
매일 숙소와 회사만
우릴 외한다는 구속 아닌 구속으로만

지나친 고독과 눈물과 분노
이것이 우릴 하나로 만들었고
행여나 어떤 일이 있어도 헤어지지 말자며
늘 함께하자며

사로가 좋은 면들만 닮아가자며
마음 먹고 달려나란 우린

드디어 어느 날 고토록 간절히도 바라왔던 최고를 한 거야.
각자 핸드폰을 잡고 가족과 친구에게 연락을 한거야.

그날이 다가오 거야
그때부터 모든것들이 잘 풀리기 시작했어

몇 십만 거의 실적, 상이란 상은 아 휩쓸고 성과를 실감했어
눈물은 훌러도 부드럽게 떨어지는 기분

어떤 기쁨, 슬픔보다 행복했던 이유

끝까지 포기 않고 달려온 우린
어떤 감함보다 가함, 역시 하나라는 이유

이미 변한 네게
(항상 그자리에 설 수 없어요)
먼저 돌아설게
(항상 눈물 흘릴 수도 없었죠)
점점 더 멀어져 가는 너의 이름만 불러볼게
(저 하늘 멀리 날 날려주세요)

한참을 달려왔나
생각지도 못한 큰 벽에 가려지고
이렇게 어두웠나라는 생각이 한참 머릿속에 머물렀어

함번은 이런 일이 있었어
커져가는 영업비에, 늘어가는 빚에
혼자서는 감당할 수 없는 일이기에

예전에 사장님께서 건네셨단 말
필요한 것이 있으면 말해라, 우린 언제나 서로 가족이니까

뭐든 필요하면 말해라
그말에 용기를 내어 전화를 걸어 부탁을 드렸어

뭔가 느낌은 이상했지만 의자할 수 있는 전부였으나까
우린 영원히 함께 할 그런 가족이니까.

용기를 내서 부탁했지만 돌아온 건 냉정한 거절뿐
그 말에 너무 화가 났지만 참고 부탁을 다시 한 번 드렸어

전화를 끊었어

흘러나오는 눈물을 멈출 수가 없었어
내가 그동안 믿어왔던 가족이 아니란 색각에 혼란스러워졌어

우리를 필요로 할 떈 가족, 우리가 필요로 할 땐 남.

갈수록 신기한 일들만 많아져 가는 기분
드디어 해외에서 대박을 만들어 상상치도 못한 실적을 올렸단 소리에
가변운 걸음오로 급여 날 회사로 들어갔어

팀원들 서로 다 들뜬 눈빛으로 서로를 마주 보았어
열심히 했다며 서로를 칭친했어

그때 받은 정산서엔 실적이 마이너스
내가 본 것이 질못 본 거라 생각하고 다시 확인을 해보니
모든 것이 경비다.
젠장, 그 많던 게 다 경비로 빠졌다.
어떤 경비길래 그 많던 게 어디로 날아가?

도무지 믿을 수가 없어서 정산한 적이 없는 정산 내역서를 보여달라고 했어.
알았다며 보여주겠다며 그렇게 몇 자의 내역서를 결국 보지 못한 채 일만 했서.

시간이 흐르면 흐를수록 궁금증은 커져가,
팀원들 머리를 모아 생각하면 할수럭 머리만 아파가.

마지막으로 한 마디만 더 한다면야
회사 위해 한 일들이
정말 진심으로 회사를 위한 것이었냐?

그래 그렇게 했다 쳐. 착한 우리가 지나쳐 줄게.
그래도 몇 년간 함께 해온 우리, 회사를 위해 잊어줄게.
그래도 그건 아니잖아, 우리에게 할 말은 아니었잖아.

마지막까지 우릴 실망시키려고 아주 작정을 한 거냐?
걸려온 전화에 한다는 말이 팀원의 됫담화 정말 믿기 힘드렀다

선배들의 말이랑 똑같아. 돈 벌 놈은 남게 하고 싶었냐?
회사에서 말한 가족에게 회사 나가면 힘들어질 거란 말을 한
그 윗부의 말이 머릿속에서 떠나질 않는다.

더욱 어 할말이 많지만 이 노래 나가고
누군가가 더욱 어 우리들을 괴롭힐 생각하니 짜증나서 더는 더 못하겠어.

아무튼 우린 힘들었지만 열심히 잘 살아가고 있어.
그 누구의 괴롭힘에도 정말 웃으려고 노력하고 있어.

이건 우라가 상품으로서의 노력이 절대 아니야
인간으로서 내가 죽는 날
후회하고 싶지 안다는 노력인 것 뿐이야

그래 결국은 JYJ,

어제와 내일, 하루종일 생각해봐도
그때와 지금의 차이를 느낄 수 있는 25, 나의 나이

이제 그만 펜을 놓으려고 해
그래도 나 지금 마음은 편해

편의 사랑을 느낄 수 있으니...
마음 한 켠에 샿인 짐을 털어버틸까 해.
쉬운 일이 없다지만 속 편해
우린 팬이란 가족을 가졌으니까 행복해
늘 생각해 너흴...

그러니 끝까지 우리 믿어줄 수 있겠니
사랑한다고 얘기할 수 있겠니
언제까지나 우린 노력할테니 늘 우리 곁에 있어줄 수 있겠니

아직 우리에겐 너희들이 있으니
너희에겐 우리둘이 있으니

약속해, 모든걸 걸고 보여줄께
그래 우린 JYJ

성벽을 높이고 문도 굳게 닫았네
사랑은 구속하지 않는 법이라잖아
사랑은 자유롭게 놓아주는 것
그것 따윈 바라지도 않아
그 반의 반의 반도 못한 너희들이 만든 우리는 영원한 우물 안 개구기
아직 하고 싶은 이야기가 많은데
우늘은 여기까가지만 할게

Not pleased

I loved KARA's Korean comeback cd, now they have released a full Japanese album but I have to say, I'm not pleased. the cd is a so-so album...
There isn't a single WOW song on it... I listen and when it comes to an end I can't even remember how many songs I've listened to.
It includes the megahit STEP, however the Korean version, I like it but I wanted it in Japanese just because. Most KARA songs have been released in both languages so..

The cd also includes previous JP singels, "Jet Coaster Love", "Go Go Summer!", and "Winter Magic" as well as the hits "Mister" and "Jumping"


01. ジェットコースターラブ
02. ウィンターマジック
03. GO GO サマー!
04. ドリーミンガール
05. 今、贈りたい「ありがとう」
06. オンリーフォーユー
07. ウィスパー
08. ミッシング
09. Do It! Do It!
10. ガールズ ビー アンビシャス!
11. ミスター *ボーナストラック
12. ジャンピン *ボーナストラック
13. STEP *ボーナストラック

Saturday, 26 November 2011

WGM 20111126

Today Jangwoo went on a date with Eunjeong's mother, first having lunch with her friends, he showed off to be great son-in-law. After lunch they went out shopping.
They held hands and EJ's mother kept on introducing him and saying he was a nice guy.
They even bought each other clothes, expesive clothes ^^ (I liked the womens wear they bought)
On the way home JW called EJ saying he was on a "date" with a girl.. which of course made EJ see RED XD
They matched really well.. EJ's mum and JW ^^
JW also kept saying he wanted to go of camping and would come by the apartment, then EJ got even more upset!! In the end JW said that the woman was someone EJ knew... If she only knew XD
After the call ended EJ's mum laughed! I guess she also found it funny to see her daughter become jealous!

LeeTeuk and Sora's date continue, first playing piano, singing... trying to create a song.
Then they went upstairs and met with LT's old homeroom teacher!! He told LT he'd become good looking. He also said LT was a good student and a very nice boy.
LT died of embarrassment.. because the teacher said so many kind things about him.
Then S asked if there were any old pics around and the teacher took them out fast!!
LT tried to stop him saying he wanted to see them first, they would probably ugly ones, however the teacher said they were good. He really tried to stop his teacher by shouting TEAAAAACHER out loud but that didn't help, he was pushed away and the photos were shown!
He wore glasses, on the first photo he said it wasn't his real ones.. XD
They even showed his report card!!!! it had lots of facts... among it all that he even from young age wanted to be a idol ^^ Even said he was good in English.. *cough*
The teacher asked if LT enjoyed his married life, shy as he is LT said Yes ^^ also when they are not together he miss S and when they are together he's happy ^^
Then the teacher suggested them to go to the Year 3, 6th class.. (I guess LT was in the same class when he was a student).
The young boys were overjoyed ^^ One of them said: This is awkward right? XD
They had a Q&A time, the first question made both almost sink through the floor (Q: when are you going to kiss).
Sora even prepared a snack for them, so sweet... The date continued up on the roof, more secrets ;) LT tried to steal S bag of secrets... the bottomless bag!! ^^
Sora admitted not to be able to spin a yo-yo with brought LT to laugher, it was a act of cuteness

Looking forward to next weeks show!!


So for today's dinner I had gekikara ramen...
It was not as spicy as I thought, too bad since I love spicy food.
Anyway I had great company therefore a very nice dinner :)

Dinner time.. soon

Today for dinner I'm meeting up with my friend XYZ for dinner, I haven't seen her since on the flight back to Sweden from Asia last August.
Kinda funny, she came from China and I from Korea and we both were on the same flight from Doha to Stockholm.

Anyway we have decided to eat RAMEN! We only have one place in Stockholm where we can do so...
I'm looking forward to a nice dinner!

Got to go

Best snack

One of my fave snacks is this..떡볶이 & 김밥 (Ddeokbokki & Kimbap). To dip the roll in the chili sauce is the best (^0^)It's simple to make and it's just awesome..
I wonder who created these dishes in the first place XD
For you qwho do not know what this is..
1. 떡볶이 - Spicy ricecakes, this time I added with onion and noodles therefore it's now called 라볶이 (^0^)
2. 김밥 - seaweedrolls

Friday, 25 November 2011


Today I finally got the special track of the 7eleven release of 's album Beautiful world.
The track is called エナジーソング~絶好調超!!!!~ (Energy song ~zekkouchou chou!!!!~)

The title says quite alot. (^0^)
I really like the lyrics, once again they boys shows their strong bond! a perfect way to start their 12th year don't you think?

Before the song start the boys have a small and cute chat. (I love Sho-kuns laugh..)Aiba: Okay, okay, okay...
Sho: Aiba-san.
Aiba: So.. let's get down to it, should we begin?
Nino: Yes, we have already started...
Sho: Ha~ha~Test, test, test.
Matsujun: Ha, ha,ha
Nino: Uh, which one? here?
Matsujun: Well, Let's get going?
Nino: Well then... Riida.
Ohno: Yes?
Nino: Shall we start this?
Ohno: Yeah.. Ehmm everybody, Put your hands together! Yo ~

Cred to yuminami @ LJ, do not re-post without asking her!
Kokomade ironna koto atta. sonna no minna issho da.
nara, tanoshii koto wo yaritainda. saa, tokihanatte.

sawagitain desho??
kuuki yonde toka mo ii ya.
saa sa goissho ni...
sawagi taose!!

la la la nante utatte mitara nanda?? karuku natta ki ga shita.
kono manma nara ikeru ki ga suru, dokomade mo zutto..
soko ni nani ga aru ka wakaranai kedo dakara bokura wa arukunda.
minna wa dou suru? ...nara kimari da issho ni aruitekou!!

Memagurushiku, kawaru yononaka de. nani wo mitsuketekita no ka??
soko ni atta hitotsu no tane ni yume wo kaketanda.

Bokura wa mayowazu.
sono tsuri ga nobiteku hou ni
tsuite itte mitara
tadori tsuitanda.

taiyou ya tsuki ni datte ikeru, hoshi tomo kyousou dekiru.
ichiban ni natte kanarazu modoru kara. koko, kono basho ni.
minna to kou shite itai kara, ganbareru mada mada ikeru.
itakute, tsurakute, kanashikutatte, tada tada, mae wo miru.

いま歌 唄って
ima uta utatte
kou shite tatteru

あなた方と (go!)
anata kata to (go!)
私たちの (go!)
watashi tachi no (go!)
akashi tachi yo
go! go! go! go! go! ...

Minna de sawaide, waratte, naite, kutte, nonde. mata sawaide.
Kono go nin to minna ga atsumattara, hai! hai! hai! hai! hai!

la la la nante utatte mitara nanda?? karuku natta ki ga shita.
kono manma nara ikeru ki ga suru, dokomade mo zutto..

Mou nani mo ka mo wasurete minna de sawageba kyou wa ii hi da.
Kibun wa saikou! bokura wa muteki da!! chouzetsu!!! zekkouchou chou!!!!

Sore jya, mata ashita.

TRANSLATION(will re-post later when it's checked.. this is a fast ENG translation by yuminami @ LJ )

A lot has happened up until now. But it's the same for anyone else.
But if that's the case, we wanna have fun. So, let's burst free.

You wanna party, right??
Never mind worrying about being polite.
Everyone, altogether now. . .
Knock 'em down with the partying!!

We sang "la la la" and wouldn't ya know it?? It feels like our spirits have lightened.
If things go on this way, we think we can make it, go on no matter how far. . .
We don't know what we'll find there, but that's why we walk on.
What do you all want to do?. . . All right then, it's set. Let's walk on together!!

In a world that changes at a dizzying pace, what have we found??
We staked our dreams on a single seed we found there.

Without hesitating
We headed in the direction that tendril/shoot was growing in
And when we followed it along [its path]
We ended up here.

We can make it, even to the sun and moon. We can even compete/race with the stars.
We'll become #1 and promise to come back. Here, to this place.
Because we want to keep on going like this with everyone, we can keep it up, we can keep going on and on.
Even when we hurt, when times are tough, when we're sad, we'll just go on, go on looking ahead.

Even when we're frustrated
Even when we've hit that wall
We sing songs now
And go on standing

Together with y'all (go!)
Our (go!)
[You're] our hope
go! go! go! go! go!. . .

Altogether, we party, laugh, cry, eat, drink, and party again
When we five get together with you all, hai! hai! hai! hai! hai!

We sang "la la la" and wouldn't ya know it?? It feels like our spirits have lightened.
If things go on this way, we think we can make it, go on no matter how far. .

If we forget what's what and just party together with everyone, today will be a good day.
We're feeling awesome! We're invincible!! Most excellent!!! Things are going super VERY!!!!

Alrighty then, see ya tomorrow.

Good night then (^_^;)

Friday night!

I'm tired, it has been a loong week!
So my amusement this evening is to make my own 김밥 (Kimbap)!!
Today I'm making tuna and ham ones... :)

It's fun and easy...


A nice nap!

After class I ran around town, went to the library to return and pick up a book. Then off to the Korean and Japanese food stores, I got to practise both my Japanese and Korean.. life is good XD

Then I met up with dad and we went home and cooked lunch, a very late one.
After lunch I checked my mails then fell asleep, I woke up 2 hours later!

Napping is my fave time of the day these days..

Life's good.. And now it's WEEKEND!! (^0^)
As we speak I'm making my own 김밥 (KIMBAP), Tuna ones and normal ones with ham.. :)

X-mas is knocking on our doors

I saw this photo in the Metro newspaper this morning and found it really cute.
It was taken at EVERLAND, the biggest amusement park in South Korea.

It's so cute, don't u think?! I'd like to have these on my lawn on Christmas ^^

Wanna try this?

A friend shared this on Facebook, kinda amazing don't u think?
I'd like to try it out for real ^^

You're welcome..

Today, in class, I got a text from the blood donation center saying: Thank you for your last donation, your blood have been given to a patient.

I did not expect that, but happy to hear it has helped somebody..
I guess that's why it's so important to donate blood! You can save others...


This morning when I came off the bus, the bus that was late! I still do not understand why.. it's NO TRAFFIC whatsoever in the morning.. anyhow.. I came off and walked down towards the station when I see the underground car coming in.. since it was just about 6am I did not want to miss it and wait another 11 min so I rushed down!
But for what? When I came there and walked between the cars I managed to walk through them all into the front, sit down and read half the newspaper before it started to move!! FML

Then the train today was 6 min late, not that bad but still...the reason was so lame I'm not going to mention it even!

Now in school and it's time for my final class before the weekend! I really really need to sleep alot! I feel..1 week...behind on my sleep XD


FREAKING OUT!! It's finally here.. "2NE1 - 1st Live Concert Nolza!"
I LOVE it and while listening I'm still sad over the fact that I was not able to see this concert last August in Korea!!
The cd is really great, the girls ROCK live!! However I do miss a few songs.. among them the solos of CL and Minzy..?! what happened there?

(because I'm missing the other 2 solos)

Now what's left is the concert dvd!! (^^;;)

01. Fire
02. Can't Nobody
03. Let's Go Party
04. I Don't Care
05. Kiss
06. You and I
07. Don't Cry
08. 아파
09. Lonely
10. Pretty Boy
11. Don't Stop the Music
12. 박수쳐
13. 내가 제일 잘 나가
14. Ugly
15. Go Away

Thursday, 24 November 2011

A great ending of the day!

I just put on another facial mask, a great treatment and a perfect end to this day!
Tomorrow morning I'll have to wake up at my usual 5 am!!

Good night people!

J. Bieber is ZERO

I've never understood why people like Justin Bieber so much, to me he is zero. When I've heard him it sounds like they have used a mixer to fix his voice!

Anyway.. here is a kid who really can sing!! 12 year old Ronan Parke.
I first saw him on Britan's got talent!where he became a runner-up

Please enjoy

Today's quote

"Within these walls your theories and books might work, but when you step outside into the real world you'll see that it's very different! So you'd better be prepared"

Sweet time!

My dad has been down because he doesn't have anything sweet to eat these days..
We used to have cookies and stuff but it's all gone.

So.. being a good daughter, I decided to bake him a sugarbun!
I already saw a smile on his face, I think it will be even bigger when he'll dig into the cake! (^^)

Disappointed..was that all?

Last night before I went to bed I watched the final episode of the Danish/Swedish tv-drama BROEN/BRON.
To be honest I got disappointed with the ending.. was that it? I've been following it for 10 weeks for that ending?

I thought it was going to be a lot different, since it has been so exciting and great.. at least until episode 9!

I guess we can't have it all...still sad since it was a good drama!

Today's mood!

The season is getting to me... one good thing.. 1 month left until X-mas!

Time to become a man!

My dad asked him to help him out a few weeks ago, now that day has arrived!
It's time for me to become a man!! The task is to help him change tires on our car! From summer ones to winter ones!!


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Full of Thanksgiving food!

I just came home after an evening with lots of American Thanksgiving food!
It was my first time to have such food - Turkey, stuffing, mashed potato, cranberry jam, sweet potato, gravy etc.
It was a fun experience and fun meeting people.. actually I didn't talk to that many, we mostly just ate XD

I managed to catch an earlier train back home! Now I'm gonna watch the final episode of the Danish-Swedish drama series BROEN/BRON!

Thanksgiving dinner

Tonight I'm off to Uppsala and gonna go to a Thanksgiving dinner.
Miso texted me last week and asked me if I had time, it sounded like a fun thing so :)
I'm also taking a friend from class with me...!!

Have no idea what to expect, the only thing I know is "American styled Thanksgiving Dinner"

Sorry for spamming..

I think I spammed my own blog yesterday... I blame the lack of sleep and I was bored XD


Skipping school

On the news this morning both on tv and in the paper they talked about skipping school and they are going to be tougher about it. (Swedish High school)
It's a good thing I suppose but it can also be bad, since some teacher will probably abuse their power!
Also the worst comment this morning was: IT'S IN SCHOOL WHERE YOU LEARN, as in you can not learn on your own.
IF a student can't get along with the teacher but can study at home and still get an A why should he or she be a victim? or might loooooose their student allowence?
But on the other hand it will get the students who are skipping for no reason to come and actually they might learn something instead of getting a F as grade.

Oh yeah.. for you who are NOT aware, the students in Sweden get a student allowence from the government every month!

I wonder how this will turn out...

When I was in high school I think I skipped 1 class during my 3 years in school... so for me I wouldn't have cared about this, still a rule is a rule, that's what makes it bad.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

3 hours later...

I'm not sure what happened, I was awake then suddenly 3 hours later I woke up!
I didn't even realise I fell asleep, I guess that's the best nap in the world (^^)

I woke up which I think was good. I needed to brush my teeth, wash my face and cook rice. I work tomorrow and have to bring a lunchbox. Actually I prefere freshly cooked rice but I know myself, I won't have time tomorrow morning!!

Time to sleep again....


So last night I ate some spicy noodles and already I can see how it backfires at me...
I love spicy food, It really shows I'm Korean I guess!
Anyway I just took a look at my face and guess what? the spots are coming at me!! I had one this morning and now I have 2 more! I wonder if I should eat more spicy food, they usually disappear when doing so since they get used to it.

One thing is sure, I will NOT give up my love for spicy food ;)

My bad..

On my way to work I was so tired and on the train I fell asleep, I don't know how but I woke up in time for my stop!
It's dangerous to fall asleep on the public transportation since you can end up in the middle of nowhere...!!
Anyway happy I didn't.

It's cold today so I'm gonna drink lots of green tea, it keeps me warm, it's healthy and it taste good. 3 in 1 :)


For some reason I'm craving same food I had last night... I wonder if I should cook the same tonight?!
However ramyun isn't so healthy so should I or shouldn't I?
This weekend I think I'll make ra-bokki! I haven't eaten it for a long time and I'm really craving it!!
I guess I have to go to the Korean foodstore on Friday, also pop-by the Japanese foodstore to buy Japanese mayo, I'm gonna make tuna kimbap!! :)

Rainy day..

It said it was supposed to be gray and cloudy, but the rain is falling...
I'm sad sad sad... and in Uppsala it's much colder than Stockhom! I want to go home... (^^;;)

What to do for X-mas

There is someone special I'd like to give a certain X.mas present to.
I already got one thing but then last night I thought what about making a photo album? with photos of us?! (^^;;)
So I started with it but it's really hard work, I'm not sure if I can make it in time for X-mas.
Maybe birthday will be better?

hmmm.... what should I do?

Food on the go..

I managed, somehow, to get to the station 10 min earlier then usual this morning.
When I arrived I was super hungry even though I had eaten a powershake at home before I left.
So I passed by Upper crust and bought one of their morning sandwiches.
What can I say, their lunch ones are much much better. To be honest I felt cheated, it didn't taste fresh at all... but I got full so that's a good outcome I suppose.

Anyway...soon time for class!


Tuesday morning and yes I'm tired, I guess I slept for 4 h!it'a 5am and time for class!!

Before I go I want to share this song with you...
Have a nice day!!

楊丞琳 - 缺陷美

Monday, 21 November 2011

Dinner time!

What else but Shin Ramyun

I have no idea why I was starving when I came home, I guess hard work made me want to eat..
I've used many calories today.. XD
However I was too tired to cook, so I took a short cut by making noodles with a little extra.
Besides from the instant noodle pack I added my usual egg + I had some bacon left over so I cooked that too and before taking it off the stove I sprinkled some cheddar cheese on top!!

What can I say besides... SO GOOD!!

I want coffee but I'm not allowed!

I want to have a cup of coffee so bad right now! But if I drink it I won't be able to fall asleep tonight! I have to wake up at 5am tomorrow as usual... first class then work!!

Tonight is one of my fave Danish drama series on TV :)

Så blir lillebror Norge rikare!

Enligt danska tv2 har norrmännen hittat mer olja, som de kallar Aldous Major Sør.
Fyndet sägs vara bland det största någonsin på norsk mark..
Det är uppskattat till 900 och 1500 miljoner fat olja!

Om inte lillebror Norge redan var rika så genom detta fynd kommer de bli ännu rikare!!

Ska vi svenskar ta o gråta lite?


News to me

I just read an article on Nate from Chosun.. and saw an English translation on allkpop. It made me laugh it says how North Korean celebrities are struggeling because of the South Korean Hallyu (韓流) wave!

It says that the North Koreans have been forgotten, however most movies are considered as boring since it's main theme is Kim Il Sung and to praise him and his family.
They produce about 3-4 low budget movies a year in N.Korea

This have created a topic in S. Korea, netizen has also commented by saying things such: Do they even have celebrities in N.Korea? Aren't all their hymns about praising the dictator pig? Can you even be a celebrity in N.Korea? Shouldn't Kim Jong Il just die? I only know of 1 N.Korean song, As for movies of they even have actors?

I'm surprised too.. of course they have movies and such, but to be able to compete with Hallyu? or even feel forgotten? IMPOSSIBLE! It's not even on the same level!!!

Info @ and

Commute train in Stockholm sucks!!

I don't understand why, everytime it's the same, it's late! the problem is so laughable I want to die!!
Today my train was 45min late!!!!!!! It's NOT ok!!

Time go wake up!

I don't want to open my eyes!! I wanna stay in bed for at least 2 more hours, I really wish I could but sadly impossible (^^;;)
Good morning yet another Monday... time for work!!

Oh yeah before I go.. I want to share the unreleased song by SNSD called "Boomerang", It's said it was to be their single back in 2009 but was replaced by GEE.
I don't know what you think, but Gee is more catchy!!Both lyrics and music-wise


So I said before I started with some Korean drama, but I got bored. Instead I changed to Japanese dramas. I found a new drama that caught my eye...

Fujiki-san is one of my fave actors in Japan, so I blame him for this..haha
Fukuda-san is okay but her voice is killing me, so I'll see how long I'll last XD Also fun to see Kiritani-san again, I haven't seen him since Ryusei no Kizuna.
Title: 専業主婦探偵~私はシャドウ / Sengyou Shufu Tantei ~Watashi wa Shadow
English title: Detective Housewife ~My Shadow
Broadcast network: TBS

Asagi Serina (Fukada Kyoko) is a housewife who loves her husband, Takefumi (Fujiki Naohito), to the extent that she would not mind being his shadow. However, his response to her excessive devotion is to attempt to avoid her “burdensome”, “gross” expression of love.
With a wife’s naivety, she refuses to suspect her husband of infidelity, and initially gets frustrated. One day, with the help of her good friend, Motoko (Ashina Sei), Serina goes out for a meal with the men at the publishing company where Motoko works. The moment a man in the group makes a move on her, it is captured on film by the sleuth, Jinnai Haruki (Kiritani Kenta). Not wanting her husband to see the photograph, Serina starts working at Jinnai’s detective agency as an assistant.

This ordinary, bumbling housewife grows stronger and improves her self-confidence through the skills she hones. Serina wants to support and help her husband instead of flaunting her new self to him because he is having a hard time. Aware of the problem that happened to her husband because of her over positivity, she sets about trying to solve it.
info from d-addicts

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Went a bit crazy!

I've gone shopping crazy!
I don't want to count all the money I spent today! (^^;;) but I guess it's around 30 000 jpy

It's not a fortune, but it's alot at once, since I'm a student!
But since I now found a job I thought I'd celebrate a bit (^^;;)
Also X-mas is coming so it felt like a great idea to spoil myself!

So what did I buy?

Socks x3 from tutuanna
Hotpants from tutuanna
Pants from LizLisa
Top from LizLisa
Bag - Japanese High school style XD
Top from Ingni

There are lots more I want, I found lots of things from LizLisa but I'm holding back abit, because there are more things I want.. or need. but I can always buy more later right!?
I still have X-mas gifts to buy!

I'll show u photos later...

써니 2011

Last night I watched the Korean movie Sunny.
It was an OKAY movie, both fun and sad. Normally I only watch the horror/sad movies.
At least this one had a good ending... (^0^)
It was fun to see Kang Sora in action since it was quite some time I saw her in a movie. These days I see her in WGM (^0^)

(info from
New high-school transfer student Na-Mi (Shim Eun-Kyung) comes from a small town in Jeolla Province to her new school in the capital city of Seoul. When she is nervous, her small town dialect comes out & she starts to shake.On her first day at her new school she is bullied by others. Coming to her help is a group of girls. The girls are Chun-Hwa (Kang So-Ra) - known for her strong sense of loyalty & excellant fighting skills, heavyset Jang-Mi (Kim Min-Young) - who badly wishes to have plastic surgery to get double eye-lids, Jin-Hee (Park Jin-Joo) - excellent when it comes to spewing profanity, Geum-Ok (Nam Bo-Ra) - interested in literature, Bok-Hee (Kim Bo-Mi) - dreams of one day becoming Ms. Korea and Su-Ji (Min Hyo-Rin) - always arrogant. Na-Mi quickly becomes part of their group. When the group confronts rival girls known as Sonyeo Sidae ("Girls Generation"), Na-Mi spews curse words she picked up from her grandmother. Because of Na-Mi the girls are able to avoid a crisis. These seven girls then form their own group named "Sunny". They also vow to stay together forever...

Twenty five years later, Na-Mi (Yoo Ho-Jeong) is married to a successful businessman and has a beautiful daughter. Her life seems perfect from afar, but there's something lacking in her life. One day, Na-Mi bumps into high school friend Chun-Hwa (Jin Hee-Kyung) in the hospital. Chun-Hwa asks Na-Mi to find the other members of "Sunny," so she can see them one more time ...

Allt för Sverige

Mitt söndagsnöje nuförtiden är SVTs program ALLT FÖR SVERIGE.
Där får vi följa svensk-amerikaner hitta sina svenska rötter.
Hittills har vi även fått se det bästa av Sverige, det svenska sommar landskapet! Oavsett vart jag åkt i världen så finns det INGET som slår sommar Sverige!!

Om ni inte sett det... gör det ;)

Farväl till en väldigt bra skådis o komiker!

Idag fick jag reda på att Lasse Brandeby gått bort.
Jag vet inte hur många olika program jag sett honom i sedan jag var liten. Förutom hans roll som Kurt Olsson så var nog Rena Rama Rolf en stor favorit. Och under de senaste åren har jag sett honom i Irene Huss-filmerna.
Enligt media hade han hållt sin sjukdom hemlig, därför känns halva Sverige förvånade över beskedet om hans bortgång.
Känns konstigt att personer man sett från man varit liten försvinner...
Men det är också en del av livet. Det är viktigt att ta till vara på den tid vi har!

Vila i frid

The official PV is out

The new Johnny's group SEXY ZONE released their official PV.
It looks like taken from a young girls' dream XD
I bet lots of elementary school girls are enjoying this!

As for myself.. I think I'm too old to see the charm.
They look cute and all but that's it.
As said before the music and lyrics are catchy, a typical JE song!

Half of the boys sounds so young, their voices has not broken yet and I do wonder how they will sound later. They kinda reminds me of when Hey Say JUMP! debuted (^^;;)

We got married 20111119

Today the stories continued.

The lunch with mother in law went fine..
She liked the food EunJeong cooked! She also told a sad story, she had asked her son to get EJ's sign, but time passed and she never got it. Jangwoo said EJ was too busy.
However EJ said she never had been asked. So in the middle of lunch she excused herself and then went to find cd's and sign a card for her mother in law. However she was gone too long so they got worried her stomach was bad :P
Afterwards EJ also got to see photos of JW from his childhood, they also danced to Bop beep.

Sora and Leeteuk met up in a park, first they checked if they completed the mission, do a "peace sign". They both made it, but Sora's was much cuter.
Then they took a bus, Leeteuk had no idea where to, until they stepped off. Then he started to laugh.. But Sora told him to stay calm!! It was Leeteuk's old school area!! First they had "lunch" nearby school.. rice and chicken. It looked yummy, it made me miss Korea!!
Finally they arrived to his old school.. a boys school! It's huge ^^
They sat down and had a snack, Sora had a huge backpack and pulled out lots of stuff. One of Leeteuk's fave candy was in it.. Once again he showed that he likes "baby stuff" - sweet things.
Today was a day full of secrets!! Sora went off and Leeteuk ran into one of his old teachers!
After quite some time one of his school juniors came with a note then took off!! Leeteuk tried to catch up but didn't make it.. XD
On the note it said to "come to the old Music classroom"
When he came inside Sora played piano for him! ^^ She played really well!
Then Sora asked Leeteuk to turn around and she took out a jacket from her bag.. School uniform match!
The couple also played piano together, but well.. it was kinda weird XD Leeteuk then showed his piano skills!

Next week they will continue their date in school.. they will make a song together, be questioned by students + meet with Leeteuks old teacher!!

Wonder how this will go...

I stayed up until 5 am!!!! reason.. I chatted with HJ-unni on Kakaotalk. I haven't talked to her for some time and the hours just passed.
She told me she's planning to go to South America for aprox 1 year!! Backpacking with a friend, it sound amazing but it's also dangerous since both are women.
So I told her if she just go here and there, without knowing or somekind of protection I won't let her go. I'll call her boss and tell him not to let her quit her job! I want my unni whole and safe!!

I slept well, I think it's because of the new pillow I got from my mum yesterday.
Yesterday was my "nameday" and her gift to me was a brand new pillow, my old one is overused :P

But since I went to bed so late I wonder how it will be 2morrow morning...when I have to wake up for work!

ANiS 20111119

I just watched Arashi ni Shiyagare! I guess this guest was the youngest ever and instead of ANIKI it was a OTOTO guest!
7 year old Suzuki Fuku-kun! He was so cute, dressed up and all.

He's a fan of Kanjani8 and KAT-TUN, because he knows Nishikido-kun and Kamenashi-kun well (they have worked together)
He said he liked Arashi too.. but he doesn't know them so well..

He was also asked what impression he has of the Arashi members.. Fuku-kun answered:
Ohno - Kaibutsu-kun
Nino - Kind person
Sakurai - necktie and jacket (he's proper XD)
Aiba - Likes animals
Matsumoto - Perm (Guess it's because of HYD)

They talked about facts and rumors - it was fun.. Obviously Fuku-kun has a 4 year old younger sister, he also taked about his toilet habit at night.. so cute!
Fuku-kun also admitted that there is a girl in his class he likes, then they wanted to know more but he said noo.. then she'd know. However then he slipped and said that she was a big fan of Sho-kun!! :P

His future dreamjob, Pizza chef Fuku-kun! so cute.. and the pizza is very cheap, only 10 jpy!!!! XD
Matsujun + Nino said they wanted to be pro-baseball players... Matsujun also said he wanted to have a big house and a sportscar.

Then his future dream fair - they made cotton candy, Fuku-kun did one with grape.
While Riida did a mix of Blue Hawaii, Orange and Melon!!
They also played games...
In the end they ate hambuger, they all looked very pleases, Fuku-kuns smile of happiness made the show!!

Next week ALFIE will be guesting the show

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Let's go shopping in Japan!

X-mas is almost here, a few weeks left!! I already know what I want, somewhat anyway.
Among the things I want is clothes from JAPAN!

So I've decided to GO shopping in JAPAN (^0^)
Actually I sadly do NOT have time to go there myself.. therefore I've gone with the ONLINE shopping option - with a slight difference.
A friend of mine said she could get the things for me!! Friends are GOLD.. no DIAMOND worth XD
I'm so happy she will help me out... Since I cannot go to Japan myself, Japan will still come to me!
I hope I can go there soon, I just need to save more money and check my schedule... when will I have time?

Anyway on my list there are things from Liz Lisa, Ingni and Tutuanna

I can't fit the food in my kitchen!

As I mentioned yesterday I got a huge pack of foods home. Sad enough I cannot fit it in my kitchen!
So what did I do..?
I cleaned out one of my drawer and have now stacked all the ramyun (instant noodles) there.. It's not the best place in the world, but I don't have any other place to put them...

Time for lunch

On weekends I always eat lunch late.. around 2-5 pm!! I know quite big time difference :P
Anyway today I'm in charge.. after lunch I have to clean my room, I need more space so I'll have to throw out stuff!
I hope I can find things I can spare....

New music

So there have been some new music and more is coming.

What I'd like to mention is 2NE1's Japanese version of GO AWAY.
I'm not to fond off it, it sounds a bit strange - not as catchy as the Korean version.
I like the clothes and PV concept, but it's very different from the Korean version, it's brighter and seems like a more happy song. The outfits are fine, lots of colour which suits the girls, but WHAT'S UP with Dara's hair?! it looks.. is it even allowed to say.. tacky!
2NE1 is one of my fave bands in Korea but this do not win me over.

Then I'm waiting to the re-pack version JYJ's album.
It has already been released in 4 versions... now another one!
I'm looking forward hearing the remixes

I saw this a few days ago and thought.. Did Sunny cut her hair?
She has already stated that the blond hairstyle was a wig.. but this is darker, could it be another wig or is it ALL Sunny?

T-ara is back with their Cry cry.
I think it's a new T-ara in a way, I think this song is hard to sing live.
But I still like the sound, lyrics are okay - nothing special but I guess it's the music that does it (^^;;)

The new song from Tackey x Tsubasa, I've missed them.. they have been apart for too long!
The songs is very nice, I like both lyrics and music.
Tackey looks more awesome and hotter than ever (^^;;)
When I saw them live doing the handmotions I melted..haha
There are lots more, but it has already been mentioned or I'll mention it later (^0^)

Friday, 18 November 2011


So today I got a message from a friend, I haven't seen her for a very long time.
She asked me if I'm free next Wednesday, she said there is a dinner, American Thanksgiving styled! Close to our campus.
It felt like a fun thing, to see her and meet new people. Obviously lots of exchange students will also be there so it will be fun.

I haven't been to things like these for ages (^^;;) so I'm looking forward to this!

Lots of foods!!

My dad was kind enough to drive me to the post office to collect my parcel.I almost fell over when walking out of there (^^;;) The office worker asked if I was ok..haha
Anyway... It was all there!

Foods - Mostly ramyun and seaweed/dried laver (and some cookies) + all my other things, calendar, pens and other goodies!!

But there is a problem... Where can I put all the stuff?! (^^;;)


Yesterday people lined up to buy their fave outfit or accessory from the Versace for H&M collection.
Anyway today I passed by a H&M store on my way home from class and guess what I saw?

Wow..I guess it's very popular!!
I also heard the H&M homepage crashed... (^^;;)
I think this collection is the most popular of all collections H&M have had...

The world is small after all ^^

So I was bumped when I picked up my parcel from the post office last night, since I had mixed it up with another parcel I was waiting for!
Of course I was happy for the small one too.. but in my head I thought it was the other one.
Anyway I checked my tracking number this morning and... saw it had arrived!!

I just had lunch and soon I'll head to the post office and collect it!! (^0^)

드~~뎌 택배가 도착했습니다ㅋㅋㅋ

It's weekend in a few hours!

It's FRIDAY!! I really need this weekend, I need to sleep.
I have a busy schedule, lots of work and study!

Relax time starts in a few hours!

Last night I watched the 20th anniversary of the Swedish TV-show called Bingolotto. It reminded me of how much I miss my Great grand aunt! I really wish she'd be alive. 13 years have passed since she passed away...

Got to go to class now... See u later!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

I guess I was wrong

So I was wrong.. I thought I'd get my package I sent from Korea, but no..
I got the facial masks that Y-E unni sent me!!
Still happy, also I got some extras with the pack.
Korea is heaven for samples! I also got a clearfile with Junsu from JYJ (^0^)
And something else with JS, not sure what it is..haha

Anyway I'm so happy...or to be honest my face is XD

TV in your mobilephone

I have seen that the mobile phone operator 3 in Sweden provides "TV in your phone" for 69 SEK/month and where you can choose between 20 channels.
I have no idea if the quality is good or not.. nor sure if people uses it.

When I lived in S.Korea I had the same thing in my mobilephone, but with S.Korean TV-channels. However instead of paying money for it I got it for free!!
The quality of sound and picture was very good...since my screen was small.
I also got a mp3 player which also provided me with tv in it.
In Korea it's known as DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) and used by most S. Koreans when travelling on the bus or underground! It's a good way to pass time.

*DMB started in S.Korea back in 2005!

However... I wonder if it will be a hit in Sweden, ALSO... why pay for it?
It should be free just like in S.Korea!!


Last night after I came home I needed to laugh, so I re-watched the HNA 2 h special from last October.
Sho-kun and his beloved Yokohama, Matsujuns trouble, Riidas shopping spree, Aiba cursing and Nino being bratty as always (^^;;)
I laughed throughout the whole show!! my parents kept on asking me what was funny and what I was looking at so I showed them and they laughed too!!

The weather is getting colder and darker.. so a laugh is really what I need!
it makes me stay healthy I guess (^^;;)

It finally arrived!

I've been waiting for 3 months for my package from Korea!
I sent home clothes, foods, books etc when I was in Korea last summer since it was too heavy to carry with me!
So happy it finally arrived!! I'm gonna go to the post office and collect it after work...


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Laugh or Cry

I just read an article in one of the main Swedish News Paper, DN.
They published an article which made me think Should I laugh or Cry?

The US have many ways of doing things... I shouldn't be surprised anymore. But this have to take the GOLD award!! According to the article it says that the US has now decided to class "pizza sauce" as a VEGETABLE!!
C'mon... well it is made by tomatos but seriously a vegetable!? Then shouldn't we also call ketchup a vegetable?
This will be another excuse for the US citizen to claim that they at least eat something healthy!! And I feel sad for all the people who will believe that it's a vegetable!!
I wonder where the world is heading...!

*photo from google

Food for thought

best version of them all!!

I love this version of 素晴らしき世界 !!

Also this concert was GREAT!!!

I love the lyrics and music for this song, it's perfect!!
it's def. on my top 10 of 嵐 songs

Lunch time

Finally lunch time... These days I get hunry just a few hours after breakfast.It's really weird.
I guess it's because my day rythm is different every day, it's bad I know but I'm not sure how to fix it.

Anyway today's lunch is some kind of Thai wok...

Lunch music is 嵐 - モンスター!

Hotaru no hikari

I found this on YT... it's a mix from one of my fave Japanese dramas..
The song is THE ONE by Utada Hikaru


Coffee in the morning is GREAT

I came to work, tired as I don't know what... even though I slept longer than last night. Maybe that's why? I overslept XD my body is not used to it.

Anyway I just had a big cup of coffee, I feel human AGAIN...!!

Stay warm this winter

Last night I checked out Tutuanna's homepage and found these..
VERY VERY cute "hot pants" to wear this coming season, they come in many different colours and animals!
Even the ears stick out..haha
AWESOME.. I really want a pair.

They come in both LOW and HIGH sizes and cost around 1200 jpy!!

Perfect this winter don't you think?

I'm gonna try to buy a pair...just because :P

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

How can people behave like that?

I just saw the documentary with Michael Jackson's doctor. Mr. Murray.
After seeing this I'm not sure what to believe, it seems they were close and he was there for Michael when others wanted him "dead" so to say.
But we can not be sure if it's truth or act.
I'm not here to judge.
However when watching and the verdict came I was surprised how people on the streets started to cheer and hug each other of happiness.. like it was the best day of their lives!
I do understand that they really loved Michael Jackson and all. Justice for his death were needed in order to let him go. BUT in my opinion we can never really know if doctor Murray did it or not, according to dr. Murray he said he didn't do it, he said it was Michael himself because he couldn't fall asleep.

I'd understand the so called "happiness" if we of the facts would know that the person was guilty. Like the terror attack in Norway! No matter how it turns out we know he's guilty.
But here we do not know.. still people celebrated like a victory in the Olympics! It's quite scary to be honest. Humans can be really scary....

Michael Jackson RIP

I almost forgot..

I've tried out almost all JE bands... at least listen to songs.
But Arashi will always be my ichiban, I also like KinKi Kids, V6 and TxT.
I used to like NEWS and KAT-TUN but only for a very very short while.
Back to the story! I've been busy with Arashi so much I've pretty much forgotten about the rest.. or not taken much interest since I don't have the time, I've just put all effort into my ichiban.
Then today I saw an interview, Heyx3, featuring Tackey and Tsubasa! AND I realized how HANDSOME Tackey is! I mean he has always been high on my list, but he has been doing lots of other things so I've kinda forgotten about him!
Then today he reminded me that I should keep a better track on him!! (^^;;)

Thank you

There are some people in my life I treasure alot..
I'd like to say THANK YOU to you and dedicate this song to you! And sorry for not being able to meet as often as I wish I could...

例えば、離れていても 何年経っても
私たちBest Friend




例えば、離れていても 何年経っても
私たちBest Friend





例えば、離れていても 何年経っても
私たちBest Friend


例えば、離れていても 何年経っても
私たちBest Friend

Translation (cred to
Thank you
I’m glad that you’re here
No matter the time
I can always smile
No matter how many years pass while we’re away from each other
Nothing will have changed
We’re Best Friends
I love you, I really love you

I’m sorry for waiting so long to say this
I was driven into a corner alone
When I hear your faint voice
I felt like I could make it

I can tell you anything
Even things I can’t tell my mom
You understand better than anyone

When I’m happy you’re just as happy for me
And you’re the one to scold me when I’m wrong

Thank you
I’m glad that you’re here
No matter the time
I can always smile
No matter how many years pass while we’re away from each other
Nothing will have changed
We’re Best Friends
I love you, I really love you

You quickly see through my pretenses
When I’m feeling down
You’re the first to send me a caring emails
That have saved me so many times

You said I should go ahead and cry when I feel like crying
Because you’d be at my side
My greatest ally

I wonder if there’s anything I can do for someone like you?
When I figure it out I’ll race over to you, I promise

Thank you
I’m glad that you’re here
No matter the time

I can always smile
No matter how many years pass while we’re away from each other
Nothing will have changed
We’re Best Friends
I love you, I really love you

I’ll always be praying
I want you to be the happiest person in the world

Thank you
I’m glad that you’re here
No matter the time
I can always smile
No matter how many years pass while we’re away from each other
Nothing will have changed
We’re Best Friends
I love you, I really love you