Saturday, 31 August 2013

3 desserts in 1

Today we had a mix up during lunch, making me receive a free dessert, so i chose this one.
Seriously, it was like three in one!
Typical Swedish cakes!
So dangerously delicious ^^

Cinnamon bun/Danish and Semla

Thursday, 29 August 2013

I like this song

So this morning I posted a song because of the popularity rather than me liking it.
Therefore I thought I'd also post a song I like.

This song is the latest single from singer LYN and it's actually called "I like this song"
I think it's really sweet :)

Crayon pop in Swedish Metro

Kpop is growing in Sweden, although i sometimes wish they talk more about the known artists instead of the small ones... Lol
This morning as i mentioned earlier today there was a small article about Crayon pop ;)
I thought I'd share it with you~
Guess this kind of publicity is good for all Swedish kpop fans as well as kpop in general

Belated birthday cake

Yesterday evening my brother and his gf came for dinner. We celebrated my birthday ^^
So of course we ate cake.

It was really delicious! ^^
A traditional Princess cake :)

Today's quote

"The key to happiness is to always have control over your emotions."

This week's hot topic

I died of laughter when I saw this for the first time.
I have totally forgot to post it.
Then I was reminded as it was an article about this song in today's Metro.
The article used the headline "Coming soon to your kindergarten" ^^
The lyrics to me is VERY boring and well kinda a childs song but well... thats how Kpop can be sometimes. :P

Anyway enjoy these 5 girls.
This is 크레용팝 and the song is called 빠빠빠

They debuted last year (2012) with "Bing Bing"
I think I have seen them... but their music is not my personal style really.
Also they haven't really made it yet. But "Bar Bar Bar" will probably take them higher on the "known" kpop artists.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013


絢香 Ayaka - "LA・LA・LA LOVE SONG" 音楽で遊んでみた (Studio session)

Here's another song from Ayaka's upcoming album.
I just love these studio session versions :)
These videos really show what a great singer and she is.
If only her English was better she'd be a world star!!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013


絢香 Ayaka - "やさしさに包まれたなら" 音楽で遊んでみた (Studio Session)

The new album with covers is coming soon!! I'm totally excited ^^
I'd translate the title to "If wrapped by gentleness"

Today's quote

“Things change. And friends leave. Life doesn't stop for anybody.”
― Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Monday, 26 August 2013

Today's not yesterday

This man has an absolute awesome voice and I think, even as solo, he will make it.
Although it is quite weird to see him without his fellow Westlife mates ^^

Here's a new song by Shane, Today's not yesterday!! :)

Sunday, 25 August 2013

A very nice evening out

Yesterday i had a very nice evening, started off with dinner at one of the local Korean restaurants in Stockholm.
We had a very nice dinner conversation with a nine year old girl and seven year old boy. Life was so simple back then - thinking most things was exciting, wanting home work etc.

Later we moved on to a bar!
Grownup time ^^
Cocktails and shots!
I tried a fudge flavored and strawberry flavored shots! Just like candy so it was dangerously delicious ^^

Thanks to all for a very nice evening ^^

Today's quote

"If you don't clear your misunderstanding in time they become the reason for distance forever."

Friday, 23 August 2013

Sushi at the airport

The carousel where you collect your suitcases at the airport is plain right!?
Black and nothing, you just wait there for your bag.
Once again Japan surprises with something fun.

They use the carousel as a sushi train.
These photos are from various airports in Japan.
I have also seen photos with various fruits and animals, but this I think is the most creative and best ones ^^

Oita Airport

Also Oita

Takamatsu airport

Toyama Airport

Photos cred @ owner

Today's quote

"Never ever lose your smile no matter how hard life gets!" ☋

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Τι ώρα θα βγούμε;

She is one of my fave singers.
And I prefer her Greek songs over her English ones.
She has been quite quiet for some time but she did a comeback this year.
The new album is called Τι ώρα θα βγούμε (Ti Ora Tha Vgoume?) and means What time will we go out?.
I'm happily surprised in many ways, and so happy to have Helena back!! :)
I wish for this album to be fully released in Sweden too.

01. Δε θέλω άλλον ήρωα
02. Τι ώρα θα βγούμε; (Chainsaw)
03. Ένα Λεπτό
04. Σου στέλνω SOS (Save me)
05. Επιτέλους μόνη
06. Πόσο μ’ Αρέσει
07. Δε θα κοιμηθείς απόψε
08. The groove is the solution
09. Η νύχτα
10. Ούτε κι εσύ
11. Βρέχει φιλιά (Crazy for love)
12. Μεσημέρια (One life)
13. Σώμα και ψυχή (Set your heart on me)
14. Μη μου εξηγείς

15. Save Me (This Is An SOS)

Τι Ώρα Θα Βγούμε

Here's a quite new song from Greek/Swedish Helena Paparizou.
I wish for her to do more work in Sweden ^^

Greek title is: Τι Ώρα Θα Βγούμε (Chainsaw) - Ti Ora Tha Vgoume (Chainsaw)
English translation: What Time Will We Go Out? (Chainsaw))

Enjoy ;)

Wanna become famous!?

I got an email this morning from Sony Music Entertainment Korea.
They are seeking male Korean adoptees who can either, sing, dance or/and rap and who wants to be their next global star. You can also be a son of a Korean adoptee!!
I'm not kidding, that's their requirements!!
So fellow korean adoptees here's ur chance ^^

Then again....What about us females!? :P

Joke aside, I wonder what kind of market they are trying to target and why just male korean adoptees!?
Then again, never seen a adopted kpop artist before... ;)

Air company listing

I like to travel... and I try to change between air companies, but some I stick too since they are really good.
Then there are some I'd never wish to use again!!

Here is my list of the ones I like.

British Airways
Always good service, friendly ground floor staff, friendly in-the-air staff.. most flights on time.
Free meal even short distance. (A sandwich and drinks)
Free bag check in! (23kgs)
I think I have flown with them 8 times or smth.

They are the IT in Canada, they are known for their culture.
Friendly staff.. they fly to many destinations within N.America.
Even when late they made us forget about it.

Qatar Airways
Cheapest way to Asia?
Staff is OK, Food is sometimes eatable, just hate the transfer time.
Their bonus system is good!! Value for your money.

Singapore Airlines
Maybe one of the best in the world?!
Everything has been great when I have used their services! If I could I'd always use their services. But they are a bit pricey :'(

They are actually ok, not much to say... so neutral?!

The ones I DISlike

SAS (Scandinavian Airlines)
They were good when I was younger, then something changed.
Service is sh*t. I mean they do not even give you water, you have to pay for everything. When you ask the flight attendant for something it take them hours to give it to you. Let me share one of many stories, I asked for a pillow from London to Stockholm. In the end I had asked all flight attendants onboard, it took them 2 hours to give me one. The flight took 2 hours and 20 min!!

United Airlines
Actually the flights were okay, just the air attendants were rude, I heard that's their style....
Well, Because I travel with u, you got a job and earn money, a smile would be nice.

They are fast when it comes to the hours in the air, but the staff is rude when you fly Europe-Asia.
The airplanes are quite old too so the inflight entertainment is not so good, especially when they only have a big screen. Then they show chinese movies with chinese sub!
The food as well, it's not tasty and looks old. I flew with them in 2007,2009 and 2010, they seriously served the same food!!!! They do have better service within Asia.

Service so-so, you get lots of alcohol but it's well... just like Air China.
Old planes and not much to do on the flight, which is annoying when you travel FAR!!

The fastest way between Europe and Asia. True but the flight attendants spoke in English with me, and Swedish with the rest, it was kinda funny to be honest!
What sucks is that you can not bring alcohol and liquids on the way back. At Helsinki Airport they throw away it all.
I kinda got molested/day raped with clothes on there too by a security guard!!!! that's also why I don't want to travel with them again!!

There are lots of saying about them and lots are true.
I hate this company!!! They are rude and try to steal money from you!!
Their flights are late a lot, it totally sucks, it's like that's their schedule is made to be LATE!!

To Be Updated...

Today's quote

"The brave may not live forever, but the cautious dont live at all."

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Soon off in the air again!!

I booked another trip today!!
I know.. I can't help myself ^^

Next weekend I'm off to Umeå and Luleå - Northern part of Sweden! :)
I'm so excited, it's my first time to visit the cities.
I have been further north before a few times, but this is my first time to these cities.
Also it's my first time to fly there ^^

I'm so excited :)

Today's quote

"You're always gonna miss your chance, if you never take a risk"

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Weekend plan

This weekend my plan is to visit the local farmers market.
I have visited it in other cities before, to be honest I didn't know we had it in Stockholm too.
Anyway..I hope I will be able to find some good veggies.
They usually sell lots of good stuff ^^

Why do we have to make it bigger than it is?

Why is it that every time something happens it's about our ethnicity?
Sure that happens too, but why do we always presume that's the case?
Doesn't this also make the problem bigger, if we blame one side without real facts, sooner or later they will just grow hatred.

This is just wrong.
Sometimes things happen without a reason, no matter if the persons involved is white, black, brown or yellow, cat or dog...

I blame stupid journalists, they are the ones who trigger this debate more than it has its needed!!
Can I even say many of them lack moral and feel like they are from another world, just put here to create disorder!?

We all know the world is not perfect, although that's what we wish for.
But instead of looking for problems, why not try to see the good things in life and society?

Monday, 19 August 2013

승리's 할말 있어요 LYRICS

So Big Bang's Seungri is back and I'm happily surprised!
I really like this song, so I decided to translate the lyrics.
Some words are quite difficult to get into English or at least the the same rythm.
As you know, a word in Korean sometimes makes a sentence in English.

Examples are: [할말 있어요] literally means "I have something to say", word by word = 할= to have, 말 = words, 있어요= to exist, but in this case it's translated to "Gotta talk to u".
내 품에 안다 where [품] can mean chest but in this case it's with [안다] it's similar to embrace. However I chose a different translation to make the whole part fit better.
[있어요] can be translated into different English words like [Have] or [Be]. As for this one have seems more appropriate.

As for [Hustlin] I think he means [Hustling] but took away the [g] to make it sound better!?
Or natives.. if I'm mistaken can u tell me what it means!? 'cause I never heard of it before in another way :P

I might brush up on this translation later, but for now enjoy ^^

할말 있어요
작사 승리 / 작곡 승리, 함승천, 강욱진 / 편곡 함승천, 강욱진

나 오늘 그대에게 할말이 너무나 많아요
부디 내 얘길 들어줄 수 있나요 그대 혹시 있나요
내가 들어갈 수 있는 곳 있나요
오직 그대와 나 단 둘이서만
둘이서만 둘이서만 내가 너한테만 하고 싶은 말
말 그 말 우리 지금 나눠봐요

나 지금 할말 있어요
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin
나 지금 할말 있어요
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin
나 지금 할말 있어요

저 파란 하늘보다 푸른 눈동자를 봐요
부디 나에게 안겨줄 수 있나요
그대 혹시 아나요 이건 그 누구도 모르죠
아나요 오직 그대와 나 단 둘이서만
둘이서만 둘이서만 내가 너한테만 하고 싶은 말
말 그 말 우리 지금 나눠봐요

나 지금 할말 있어요
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin
나 지금 할말 있어요
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin
나 지금 할말 있어요

있어요 있어요 나 할말이
있어요 있어요 내 마음이

그녀를 얻다 내 맘을 준다
눈물이 날까 너에게
내 맘을 준다 그녀를 얻다
내 품에 안다

나 오늘 그대에게
할말이 너무나 많아요
부디 내 얘길 들어요
나 지금 할말 있어요

나 지금 할말 있어요
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin
나 지금 할말 있어요
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin
나 지금 할말 있어요

있어요 있어요 나 할말이
있어요 있어요 내 마음이

Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin
나 지금 할말 있어요

ENGLISH - Gotta Talk To U (할말 있어요)
Lyrics Seungri / Music Seungri, Ham SeungCheon, Kang WookJin / Arrangement Ham SeungCheon, Kang WookJin

I have so much to say to you today
Will you please listen to what I have to say?
Do you have a place where I can enter?
Just the two of us
Only us two, I have something I only want to tell
Let’s talk about it right now

I gotta talk to you
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin
I gotta talk to you
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin
I gotta talk to you

I see eyes that are more blue than the sky itself
Will you please come into my arms?
Do you know? What no one else knows
Do you know? Just you and I, just the two of us
Only us two, I have something I only want to tell
Let’s talk about it right now

I gotta talk to you
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin
I gotta talk to you
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin
I gotta talk to you

I have, I have something to tell you
I have, I have, my heart

To get her I’ll give her my heart
Will it bring you into tears?
I’ll give her my heart and I get her
I carry it in my heart

I have so much to say to you today
Will you please listen to what I have to say?
I gotta talk to you

I gotta talk to you
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin
I gotta talk to you
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin
I gotta talk to you

I have, I have something to tell you
I have, I have, my heart

Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin
I gotta talk to you

Today's quote

"Things worth having are worth waiting for!" ;)

Amazing shoes?!

I found these by chance.. I had no idea NIKE created these kind of shoes.
Quite amazing if you ask me ^^
But after searching a bit, I do believe they have put an extra platform underneath the shoe, because the Nike store do not sell those.
Still an amazing idea to pimp an already awesome looking shoe ^^

cred @

By the looks like a male version, I wonder if they, WEGO who sells the shoe, also have a female version. :P

To Liv (Zwei Leben)

I found this movie by chance and was drawn to it. It's a Norwegin/German collab.
It's based on the novel Eiszeiten by Hannelore Hippe.
It has been quite some time since I saw a Norwegian movie and watching this made me think I should try to watch more of them.
By watching this one, it made me think that Norway has a lot of deep wounds after the second world war. And there are a lot more to be solved but probably impossible to do.
It was a good movie and I'm happy I saw it. I recommend others to watch it as well.


Two Lives tells the story of German-Norwegian Katrine, who grew up in East Germany after World War II, but moved to Norway as a 25-year-old to reunite with his Norwegian mother. Her father was a German soldier and Katrine was sent as a baby to Germany under the direction of the Nazi "Lebensborn program" - initiated by Heinrich Himmler to "renew the German blood". Having lived happily with her Norwegian family in Bergen for over 20 years, Katrine is one day suddenly confronted with her past and now she must do everything to prevent her secrets to be revealed and destroy her family.

Juliane Köhler - Katrine Evensen Myrdal
Liv Ullmann - Åse Evensen
Sven Nordin - Bjarte Evensen
Klara Manzel - Young Katrine Evensen
Julia Bache-Wiig - Anne Myrdal
Ken Duken - Sven Solbach
Rainer Bock - Hugo

Sunday, 18 August 2013

The return of Candle Sho!!

To end my b-day weekend I thought I'd cheer myself up by watching the VSArashi episode staring Nazodi cast.
However due to the late hour I realized it has to wait until tomorrow...
oh well...

The 1 year and 9 months return of Candle Sho is worth the waiting right :)

Today's quote

"Laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects, so please take it regularly :)"

Saturday, 17 August 2013


I spent my birthday with family.
We had a great cray fish party and drank a very nice champagne.

Today on the other hand i have been laying in the sofa doing nothing half the day then went shopping with mum.

So tonight we are gonna watch the VERY first episode of Midsomer murders :)

Friday, 16 August 2013

More LizLisa

So I thought I'd also blog about the final piece I bought this year during my travel to Japan from Liz Lisa.
It's a pink sweater/pullover with lace ^^

I love it, it's cute and good both for dinners and casual ^^

I got this pink colour.. I thought I should have something pink... which is NOT a lot!

Liz Lisa Top (カギ針花柄プルオーバーニット)


저녁에는 가재 파티가있다
I'm gonna celebrate my b-day by having a Crayfish party ^^

Can I be more Swedish? ^^

B-day clothes ^^

Today I'm all Japanese styled dressed, to be honest most is from LizLisa, one of my fave japanese brands.
Some clothes they have is a bit too girly girly but they have lots of nice things.
I really miss shopping there ^^

So in today's honour I was thinking of dressing up ^^
Today three items are LizLisa.. other is shirt from Taiwan - from one of the many night markets, socks from Japanese TuTuAnna and shoes from Bianco (Swedish brand)

What do you think of the clothes?
I bought the beige one...

I got these flower printed shorts ^^

And bag.. I mentioned about this one before..

You can purchase them here...
LizLisa shorts
Lizlisa cardigan
LizLisa Bag

Happy 25th B-day to me

Today I turn 25, feels kinda strange, the last couple of years have rushed me by...!!
Anyway tonight I'll celebrate with crayfish and blueberry/lemon cake ^^

Photo cred @ owner

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Bubble Tea in London

As I visited London last weekend, I went on a small Bubble Tea quest.
I visited 3 shops, and two of them belong to the same brand.
The ones I visited was Bubbleology and Chaboba

At first I only thought I'd be able to visit Bubbleology's shop in Piccadilly area, but turned out my friend likes bubble tea too and we "bumped" into the other location in Notting Hill while shopping/sightseeing ^^

Bubbleology in Piccadilly was most croweded, then again it's a central district with lots of things going around.
There i ordered matcha bubble tea (Japanese green tea) with an extra shot of matcha.
It was the milk based one, I prefer those.

At Chaboba I tried their milk based coconut and my friend tried a fruit one, I think it was green apple flavour. Also both very delicious.

In Notting Hill and Bubbleology I tried their Oolong milk based bubble tea and my friend tried a special one with strawberry, it looked like a gigantic smoothie ^^
The Oolong I'd say is the plain bubble tea, original flavour... tried similar in Taiwan back in 2011.

All very good!!!
I really recommend these Bubble tea shops if you visit London! ^^
Also I think these are the best one I have tried outside Asia!!

49 Rupert St
London W1D 7PF
7 min walk from Piccadilly Circus station

Notting Hill
45 Pembridge Rd
London W11 3HG
4 min walk from Notting Hill Gate Station

8 East Yard
Camden Lock Place
London NW1 8AL

I'm not a fit

I loved this song when I heard it back in Spring time.
Anyway, the official video was released some time ago, and I forgot to post it.
But I love the music.
Maria Mena is so talented!!

Enjoy some awesome Norwegian music

As it's Liberation Day

Today's a national holiday in Korea.
and I get even a bigger craving to visit Seoul..
Oh well... maybe next year!?

Male skinny dippers warned of 'ball-cutter' fish in Sweden

Male skinny dippers have been warned in Sweden about the dangers of the pacu, or “ball-cutter” fish, a relative of the piranha, The Guardian reported.

LMAO.. wonder who brought it into Swedish water :P

Male skinny dippers warned of 'ball-cutter' fish in Sweden

You gotta choose correct

A friend on Facebook uploaded this...
So cute!!! A little misspelled but u get the point, You got to be careful when you choose where to go ^^

English translation (from the top)
1. Playground
2. School
3. Brier

Today's quote

"A meaningful silence is always better than meaningless words..."

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Today's quote

"The most beautiful thing is to see a person smiling. And even more beautiful is, knowing that you are the reason behind it!"


I browsed around the internet and found these... kitten inspired marshmallows!!!
I wonder where I can get those (except ebay), I mean they are perfect for the upcoming autumn and winter season!!
I'd love having these in my hot chocolate ^^