Sunday, 30 June 2013


One of the best dishes in this world, or can it actually be called dish!?
Well.. one of the best foods is the Japanese カツサンド.
Like I mentioned it's basically a pork cutlet as topping on bread ^^ it's square shaped and not triangle as normal sandwiches. These days you can also find beef and chicken cutlet, and of these I prefer the beef or pork one.

This time, I found a famous branded one at Tokyo station ^^
It was so delicious... time to eat!! :D

So if you ever go to Japan... try it!!
It's like a full meal because of the cutlet ^^ And on the plus side, it's very affordable ;)

Very cute package ^^

The sandwiches ^^

A new adventure

I found Midori-chan at Tokyo station, which is massive.
The other day I ran through the whole station.
Although it looks kinda okay, it's massive!!
I mean it took me 10 min to walk from the Shinkansen tracks to Keio Line. It seriously felt like I walked to Chiba :P

Anyway... thanks to Midori-chan's map I found the meeting point!
We just bought breakfast and snacks, I finally got my カツサンド/ "katsu-sando".
A sandwich with tonkatsu (pork cutlet). It's one of my fave foods in Japan. (will post photo later)
I donno why but the bread is always so soft!! Also this one was a famous brand, although normal is good too ^^ I also got a japanese green tea and some candies.

We just reached the platform and our train just arrived.
It's our first time to ride the JR East shinkansen and Hayabusa ^^
Excited already :)


Good moning!
Another short night, but that's how it is, being busy and all ^^

I'm soon off to Tokyo Station to meet up with Midori and take the train to Hokkaido!
I'm super excited. It's my first time to Northern Japan :D

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Disney sea!

This morning I went on the shuttle bus from Mikina's house to Tokyo Disney Sea.
I met up with Sayuri and we spent the whole day enjoying the theme park!
Although it was a Saturday it was not as many people as we expected which was very nice ^^

I really LOVED it!

As the name kinda disclose, Disney Sea. It has water in the theme park. It reminded me of Europe and Canada.
So in a way it almost felt like a trip around the world in a day, and 99.8% only Asians there (^^;;)

We also tried many different rides, and took photos with Donald and Minnie.
We also tried a lot of various foods - mochi ice, ice cream, popcorn - Caramel and Curry!! Curry was super delicious, Ebi fri and Disney styled steamed bun and more.

At the end of the evening we watched the "night show" and fireworks!!
It was really beautiful ^^

I had a wonderful day with Sayuri unni, as always ^^
And I'm so pleased we could meet again this year! As we haven't met in 2 years.

Now I'm back home at Mikina's got to pack my bags as I'm off to Hokkaido in the morning!
Got to (1) pack, (2) shower and (3) sleep :D

Friday, 28 June 2013

Maid cafe

Tonight I met with a friend of mine whom I havent met since Feb 2010!!
She brought a friend too, so in total we were four.
After dinner in a super crowded and busy Shibuya we walked to Hikarie (a shopping mall).. However it closed at 9 so we decided to go to a cafe.
I dont know how we got into it but we decided to go to a Maid cafe!!

Japan only.... ;P

So we googled it and found one in Shibuya.
I have to say, it was one of the most funniest things I have seen!

Now we are back home, it took some time... and I got to sleep.
Tomorrow morning I'm meeting with Sayuri unni and we are going to TOKYO DISNEY SEA!! ^^

Purchasing Arashi waku waku gakkou goods report

This is my report from when I went to purchase Arashi goods from their Waku Waku Gakkou 2013 (ワクワク学校2013) project.
It was my first time to purchase goods at Tokyo Dome and Arashi goods. Before I have only purchased KinKi kids goods in Fukuoka (2008) and I was FIRST in line!! :P
Then some V6 in Seoul (2009). Anyway I was excited and nervous and I have heard stories where fans line up at 5-6 am to buy goods!! So the night before despite coming home late I tried to aim to get their around 8ish.

Here's my report!!

I arrived around 8am to Suidōbashi Station (水道橋駅), to get there I used the Chūō-Sōbu Line.
As the photo shows it's quite easy to see which exit to use.
It took 3-5 min to get to Tokyo Dome area from the station and I can say this, there were lots of people lining up already!!! Most had some kind of Arashi goods with them, straps, towels, bags.

Some people has done this before, they even brought chairs and foods.
I had packed water and some bread, my friend's mum had gotten that advice from her friend who usually goes to buy Johnny's goods.

The panorama isn't the best maybe, but the line was long, so when I looked I thought I'd wait for at least 5-6 hours.
And just a few min after I arrived I looked behind me.. and wow!!!
Lots of people! I kinda felt lucky not being the last in line. And the line kept on growing.

Suddenly around 9.45ish I think. I actually lost track of time, but the line started to move and before I knew it I was inside the goods venue so to say. So close still...

Lots of people around, all talking about what they'd buy for themselves and for their friends...
And soon it filled up I couldn't see the beginning nor the end.

Around 10.15 the line started to move again as they announced they'd start selling the goods!
All got really excited and some even pushed, I didn't want to cut the line but some people pushed my back so I think I went a head of 3 people. However none seemed to care.

And soon it was my turn, I got excited yet nervous, that the items I wanted to get was sold out.
I kept on looking and thinking what I wanted and what I didn't want. Also check so I kept my budget. I had promised myself not to spend more than 7000 yen!
But it was tempting to get all the goods just because I was there, at Tokyo Dome and I did not have to pay anyone any commission. But in my heart I knew I wasn't keen on all of them.

The funny thing is... it took less than 40 min to get inside the goods venue, it was the stupid line inside that took time. I think I stood there for 40-45 min.
Reason why? Well people couldn't decide what to get and the staff were super accurate that each customer got exactly what they wanted so they re-counted stuff over and over.
By this method I had more than enough time to decide what to get.
However one thing made me nervous, I didn't know all the names in Japanese and there were some kanji I didn't know... but I hoped for the best.

Luckily they had a picture of all the goods so I could just point and say "one, two, three".
So the goods list was
- Clearfile (Individual)
- School Tote Bag
- School Subject Bookmark Set
- A4 Writing Paper with Writing Pad
- Coin Case
- Folding Mirror
- Embroidered School Crest Brooch
- Lunch Bag
- Toothbrush Set
- School Slippers

And in the end, I got the brooch (x3), A4 Writing Paper with Writing Pad (x1), Book mark (x1), slippers (x1) and lunch bag (x1)

And when I left the line had grown bigger!! And I can say I was happy I had arrived early so I could get the goods I wanted ^^

I left the area around 11.15-30ish!! A lot earlier than I thought!!
I had scheduled to get out of there around 2 pm! ^^

As always when buying JE goods, don't forget to bring CASH ;)

Thursday, 27 June 2013


Today after a long day of sightseeing and got 3 full bags of gifts and had a wonderful dinner.

One thing I got was a bag full of my beloved Melon pan today from my auntie Takako-san!
I'm overjoyed of happiness ^^
This is one of the most delicious foods in Japan

Waku waku goods

Good morning, it's early Friday and I'm soon off to Tokyo Dome to buy Arashi goods from their WakuWaku School.

I think I will get the bags and slippers... and something more, if they have :P

I'm so sleepy though, I went up early yesterday too.
Tonight I'm meeting a friend in Shibuya for dinner, it's gonna be fun :)

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

In Tokyo!

The rain wont stop from pouring down.
I am now in Tokyo...or Chiba to be more correct. At my friend Mikinas house.
Its kinda late so I should go to bed, as I have appointments with my Japanese family tomorrow.

Anyway its great to be in Tokyo again, I just wish the rain would STOP!!!!!!!

Rainy day

From the moment i woke up it has been raining crazy!
It started before i woke up still, it sucks!
This morning i took a bullet train to Kobe to see Shoko.
It took around 12-15min to get there from Osaka. All things Shoko had planned was ruined because of the heavy rain. But we had fun anyway, shopping, talking, taking purikura etc.

I'm now on the bullet train on my way to Tokyo. I should pass Kyoto...i think ^^
I haven't been in Kyoto since 2008. It feels kinda weird the time has passed so fast.
I hope Japan will offer better weather during my stay!!
Tomorrow I'm supposed to go sightseeing at Tokyo Sky Tree so it better be good! ;)

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Rinku Outlets

The outlet place wasn't as close to the airport as I thought, or maybe did the bus take a detour.
Anyway Osaka is not offering any sunshine.

The Outlet area is huge and there are lots of stores but not so much to buy.
I can hear Chinese people shouting LOUDLY despite being more or less alone in the specific store!!

So in the end I ONLY bought a pair of shoes at Olives de olives.
I thought I was gonna spend a couple of 10 000 yen bills here but I only spent a few 1000 yen bills.

But I'd come back here if I have time next time I visit Japan ^^

To get to the subway station was not easy!!! I kinda got pissed off too for a few sec because they have barly any signs!! But finally I found the right way, however I had to rush when buying my ticket as the train left within 2 minutes!!

Now I'm bounded for downtown Osaka, first stop is my hotel to dump my bags, then meet up with S unni and Y unni for some fun and dinner :)

I have arrived in JAPAN

I'm back in Kansai!!!
It's my second time for me to arrive at this airport and third time to Osaka!
I love the Kansai dialect, may I find myself a Kansai man!? ^^

Anyway I have collected my bag and been running around the airport... both to exchange my JR ticket and reserve a few Shinkansen tickets - my ticket to Kobe and Tokyo tomorrow as well as my ticket to Hakodate on Sunday.

And because of time I have decided to take the 100-yen bus to RINKU Premium Outlets.
At first I thought I'd have time so I could just take the regular subway and walk, but well bus sounded tempting so here we go!! :)

Hope I find some good buys at the outlet ^^

Good Bye Seoul for now

A few very busy days, or week in Seoul I'm now heading East to Japan!
Last time I was there was also two years ago, and I had a blast with  various friends.

Today I'm meeting with two friends! It's amazing and weird at the same time.
Now I'm in Osaka bound but tomorrow I'm heading to Kobe during the day then Tokyo in the evening! ^^

Monday, 24 June 2013

Time to dig in :)

Oppa just went and ordered food!! We are having Mexican and Pizza.
According to him it's popular dishes and also very delicous!! ^^


It was super delicious!! I have never had that good pizza in my entire life!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for lunch and for taking me to this food court!
I will visit it again when my parents come to Seoul. ^^

Lost in the subway system

Maybe not lost but confused. Not where I am but where to go.
I'm meeting with JH oppa for lunch and at first we had decided to meet at Seoul Nat. Uni but now we are meeting at Samsung station/COEX. But oppa just called and asked if I could get off at Seullung station.. However I already arrived there so instead he came and picked me up.
Also, I thought he'd come with taxi, but NO, he came with his own car... a sporty one ^^

And now he's taking me to a food court, but not just any food court... THE famous food court beloning to Galleria (located in Apgujeong). It's called Gourmet 494.
According to oppa the CEO of Galleria had this plan, on how to stand out compare to all the other malls.

For you who donno, but Koreans are all about food and there are always food courts in every department store, even in super markets!!

So what this CEO decided was to get some of the best restaurants in Seoul under one roof!! And guess what he made it, he got various foods - Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Burgers etc.
A awesome idea and what it seems like delicious....the line to park the car is massive. I think we have been lining up for 10 min now ^^

Movie time!!

It's just past 7 am and I'm at the movies and just got my ticket for 은밀하게 위대하게 ^^
By the looks of it, 5 other people are here to watch it as well!
I'm happy the movie theater is so close from unni's house, takes 5-7 min to walk.
Also the reason why I'm here this early is because
1. I have 3 other appointments today, meeting with 6 friends.
2. It's cheap 5000 won (aprox 5 USD)

I'm excited as I have wanted to watch this movie for some time ^^
And I know it's morning but I just had to get the sweet popcorn, as we do not have those in Sweden!!

So ready to watch the movie, go to go, it starts in 5 min ;)

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Oh well

So we arrived at Lotte Cinema, but unfortunately we couldn't find a movie to watch.
They only one we were interested in was a Korean movie but unni had already seen it so, I have decided to see it tomorrow.
It's called 은밀하게 위대하게 (english title: Secretly, Greatly) starring KIM Soo-Hyun.

So instead we walked around in Nowon, did some shopping and had a coffee at Caffe Bene, and chatted.

Now we are having dinner, and since it's summer here in Korea we decided to have Samgyetang, a chicken soup very popular during this season. ^^

Afterwards I think we are to another cafe, then home to relax ^^

Hangout in DDM

We have walked from the restaurant down to Dongdaemun culture and history park area as well as shopping area!
The boys are funny!! I should hang out with them more often...too bad I'm just here for travel!
The sun is burning us so we have been looking for a place to rest.

So in the end we sat down for icecream, but it wasn't easy to decide what to eat, in the end I, BK and S oppa decided to share a big one with 3 flavours ^^
A oppa bought his own. Anyway this day has been great as always, and I'm so amazed BK oppa knows so many people!!

After icecream and chat we looked around for some shopping, and now I'm heading back home to Nowon to hangout with HJ unni.

I should mention that Nowon has almost everything, it's not in the city center of Seoul, but it got it all.
A good Lotte department store, shops - clothes, shoes, make-up etc, restaurants, cinema, book stores...
So I can understand that a lot people stay there during the weekend!!
They even have a big market and music festival in the evening on Saturdays ^^


So here we are at a Indian restaurant, for some reason I think I have been here before...
A few years go, it could be my imagination but it seems familiar in so many ways ^^
And it's me and 4 boys, I heard a girl friend of a friend to BK oppa is coming soon..
So I'm not all alone ^^

Well...let's dig in!! ^^

Off to meet the boys

Today I have two appointments, first to meet up with B-K oppa and W-J oppa and friends to BK oppa.
And we are having lunch at an Indian restaurant in Dongdaemun, according to BK oppa it's supposed to be really good. Just like all other Koreans he used Naver to find it ^^

After lunch I guess we'll just hang out. then I'm heading back "home" to Nowon to hang out with HJ unni.
We have said to go to the movies, so I hope we'll find something good to watch ^^

Off to Dongdaemun now... ;)

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Cafe street

Today i met up with two friends for lunch and sightseeing at a place called Cafe street.
It took 1 hour and 30 min to get there but it was worth it!
It was really nice and not crowded!

When i arrived i realized that's the place where they shot the drama 신사의 품격/a gentlemans dignity.

If you have time in Seoul, please visit it. It's outside Seoul but truly worth visiting. ^^