Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Long Drink

On the boat a few weeks ago I was told this was SUPER Finnish and some couldn't believe I hadn't tried it before. So I ended up buying one, I tried it out last weekend, what can I say but - There's a reason why, it tasted AWFUL!!
Sorry to all who likes this but I felt like throwing up, I only took one sip!!
Oh well, at least now I know what it is!!


Wherever I go I seem to hear this song ^^
It's good, I really like Tove. But not sure if this is my fave ^^
Still yes, I do like it.. and as it's so popular, I'll share it ^^


Monday, 30 March 2015

Paris is calling me?!

For fun I did a Myers-Briggs personality test, I'm not sure how they work and if I chose an answer based on the current mood. Maybe it would have had turned out differently if I would have had done it on a day when I was all relaxed and did it seriously!?
Anyway, I was told I'm a INFJ type of person. When reading the personality type I could agree to lots but I felt a bit foreign to other facts. Anyway, a few weeks later I found this, it'd tell you which city you should live in based on the personality yest.

My city according to the test is non other than Paris, France!!
Kind ironic as I have never been there, I don't know how to respond... Or maybe, something is telling me that I need to travel there soon?! ^^

Paris offers an unprecedented combination of class, culture, history and style. The city has been a metropolitan melting pot of artists and intellectuals since its first days and is unbearably attractive to the idealistic NFs of the world. Valuing privacy but feeling deeply engaged with the artistic community, INFJs find themselves blending nicely into the cosmopolitan streets of Paris. They are able to explore their interests in depth, engage with the history of the nation and keep to themselves as much or as little as they please. The delightful French culture of Paris sits well with the INFJ – who is as rare a gem as the city itself...

To see the city closest to your personality go here

Twinkle Days

I found this in my YT feed, it sorta reminds me of my teens... (^^;;)
And I have to say, it's so typical Japanese.. no?


Sunday, 29 March 2015

Getting Stronger each time

Weight training is improving as my PT is pushing my limits each time Last Thursday I managed to do dead lifts and squats with 50kgs!!! And lunges with 2x9 kgs dumbbells...
I feel that I get stronger but I also have a sore body!
The pain is still not over and today I'm back at the gym. I had a rest yesterday, Saturday is my only day off from exercising!


After three years, Ayaka returns with a brand new album titled Rainbow Road! The album will be released in 4 versions, A 3 cds+DVD, B 1 cd, C 3cds, and D Fanclub special edition.
The album features previously released Tsuyoku omou, beautiful, Chiisa na Ashiato, Arigatou no wa, number one, and Nijiiro. But many of the other songs have also been used for various CMs. From what I can see No End is the only song that seems to be AYAKA only ^^ no special promotion.
Disc 2 and 3 are recordings from her live tour from last year. I'm really excited to get the 3 cd version, I hope it still will be available when I go to Japan in May. I already heard previews on her official website ^^ I cannot wait!!!!

1.number one
2.Have fun!!
4.No end
8.Lose control
9.Through the ages

にじいろ Acoustic Live Tour 2014 ~3-STAR RAW~


10.Through the ages
15.The beginning

1.beautiful【Music Video】
2.ちいさな足跡【Music Video】
3.ありがとうの輪【Music Video】
4.number one【Music Video】
5.にじいろ【Music Video】
6.ずっとたいせつなキモチ【Music Video】
7.No end【Music Video】

Saturday, 28 March 2015

No End

I really like this new sound of Ayaka.
I'm excited to see what 2015 will bring in terms of music!! ^^



Because of their single I got curious about their 4th album. So in the end I got the B version. I have no idea how and why I chose the B version but that's what I did.
The good thing about this album is the mix of songs and the variety of members participating, although I cannot hear the difference XD And yes, this is a typical AKB48 album!
I don't have any actual feelings after listening to be honest, everything passed by and I was like.. OK, not bad but cannot really say anything else. A few songs were better than others but that's it. I like Kashiwagi Yuki's solo song. Overall, I'm sorry to all fans but AKB48 didn't leave any impressions.

[DISC 1]
01. Kibouteki Refrain (希望的リフレイン)
02. Labrador Retriever (ラブラドール・レトリバー)
03. Reborn / Team Surprise
04. Suzukake no Ki no Michi de "Kimi no Hohoemi wo Yume ni Miru" to Itteshimattara Bokutachi no Kankei wa Dou Kawatteshimau no ka, Bokunari ni Nannichi ka Kangaeta Ue de no Yaya Kihazukashii Ketsuron no You na Mono (鈴懸の木の道で「君の微笑みを夢に見る」と言ってしまったら僕たちの関係はどう変わってしまうのか、僕なりに何日か考えた上でのやや気恥ずかしい結論のようなもの)
05. Mae Shika Mukanee (前しか向かねえ)
06. Kimi no Hitomi wa Planetarium (君の瞳はプラネタリウム) / AKB48 Kenkyuusei
07. Futari wa Dekiteru (2人はデキテル) / Kojima Haruna, Kitagawa Kenji
08. Heart Ereki (ハート・エレキ)
09. Kokoro no Placard (心のプラカード)
10. 47 no Suteki na Machi e (47の素敵な街へ) / Team 8
11. Erande Rainbow (選んでレインボー) / Tentoumu Chu!
12. Koi to ka... (恋とか…)
13. Ai no Sonzai (愛の存在)

01. Bokutachi no Ideology (僕たちのイデオロギー) / Ichikawa Miori, Iwata Karen, Iwatate Saho, Uchiyama Natsuki, Kimoto Kanon, Kushiro Rina, Kojima Mako, Komiyama Haruka, Sasaki Yukari, Tanaka Natsumi, Hirata Rina, Mukaichi Mion, Murashige Anna, Motomura Aoi, Yabushita Shu, Yoshida Akari
02. To go de (To goで) / Kuramochi Team B
03. Oshiete Mommy (教えてMommy) / Tsukamoto Mariko, Kawaei Rina, Shimazaki Haruka, Kojima Mako, Owada Nana, Watanabe Mayu
04. Setsunai Reply (切ないリプライ) / Sashihara Rino solo
05. Panama Unga (パナマ運河) / Kawaei Rina, Matsui Rena, Minegishi Minami, Watanabe Miyuki
06. Akai Pin Heel to Professor(赤いピンヒールとプロフェッサー) / Matsui Jurina solo
07. Yowamushi Kemushi (よわむしけむし) / Kashiwagi Yuki solo
08. Namida wa Atomawashi (涙は後回し) / Minegishi Team 4
09. All of you / Takahashi Minami solo
10. Tomodachi de Irareru Nara (友達でいられるなら) / Shimazaki Haruka, Yokoyama Yui
11. Kyou Made no Melody (今日までのメロディー)
12. Ikitsuzukeru (生き続ける) / Umeda Ayaka, Oba Mina, Ogasawara Mayu, Kitahara Rie, Kuramochi Asuka, Kotani Riho, Sato Sumire, Shibata Aya, Suda Akari, Takajo Aki, Takayanagi Akane, Nakanishi Chiyori, Fujie Reina, Miyazawa Sae, Yamauchi Suzuran, Yamada Nana

Friday, 27 March 2015


The other day I tried a new work out, I had never heard of it before but it seems to be super popular.
Or maybe I've been living under a rock for the past months.
Anyway, I had a blast!
I hope I can attend this work out class soon again... ^^

君に贈る歌 ~Song For You

I first heard about this singer because she did the title track for the Fuji TV drama Dear Sister.
Now I found this song, a perfect song for graduation.
The other day some friends of mine graduated from university in Japan, and I thought of them as I listened to this song. I bet they had a great day!! Soon they will also enter the life of a OL ^^


Thursday, 26 March 2015

Why why?

I have heard of Shannon, but I finally took the time to listen to her.
It's a cute high school song I'd say, maybe even too sweet? Or maybe it's just me who's too old XD

Family Sushi Dinner

After my trip on the boat I wasn't so hungry, until I came home.
My parents were so kind and we ended up having a sushi dinner, a total delight!!
There's a sushi place quite close to our house, I have to say, they make it very well!!!! Swedish sushi can be really so-so and from a local small place you never know. However I'm really satisfied with this place!! It was so delicious!!!!
I want to eat it soon again (^^;;)

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Solar Eclipse

Last week we had this big thing, the solar eclipse reached us.
Did you see it?
However the weather was quite bad in Stockholm so we weren't able to see as much as we wished for. Also, my camera wasn't the best, because you could actually see more then what the pics shows.
Still despite the bad weather we were able to see something ^^

Now it's just 24 years until the next one....

Green Flash

I have always listened to AKB48 on and off, I guess whenever they have a big seller it's hard to avoid it. And well the years have passed by and the members I have liked have all left already so I don't listen to them so often anymore. But in this case, I guess it's because of all the talks before the release and all, I finally got to listen to AKB48's latest single Green Flash. I grabbed the A version.
I like this "slow" style, although to me AKB48 is more uptempo, I really appreciate this kind of sound.
I also like the lyrics for this track, a great combination. ^^
As for the other songs, they are not bad but it's not wow, so at least I'm happy that the title track is good! ^^


01. Green Flash
02. マジすかFight
03. 春の光 近づいた夏(AKB48選抜)
04. Green Flash off vocal ver.
05. マジすかFight off vocal ver.
06. 春の光 近づいた夏 off vocal ver.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

30 days to go!!!

Woop woop!!!
It's a month left before we head off East to SG!!
I cannot wait to see the girls and enjoy a great vacation!! ^^

Always good to be home

I went on a short trip last weekend, I took this on the way home.
I was so happy when I finally came home.
This drink was a mix of fresh berries. A juice to wake up. It was strawberries, pineapples and oranges. I was kinda happy about the sun coming out. But at the time I was longing home..
Boats are not my fave mean of transportation.

Snö of sweden versaille chain brace gold clear

The other item I gifted myself with was this beauty, however I got it in GOLD.
But I wasn't able to find a good pic of it. The one above is in Rose.
Anyway, I really needed a new bracelet, I only have a few. What I liked about this one is the simple yet well balanced design.
Also this item is from Snö of Sweden.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Today's quote

"Don't think too much. You'll create a problem that wasn't even there in the first place."


I finally got it!! I'm so excited, I have been excited ever since it was publish it'd be airing. However due to work and hectic lifestyle I haven't been able to look for it. However now I got it!!
I cannot wait to see it, if I know Sho-kun well, he struggled to learn how to cook. But then again we also know his real life skills ^^
The drama story is slightly different from the novel, but still I think it will be fun to watch!! ^^

Title: 大使閣下の料理人 / Taishi Kakka no Ryourinin / The Ambassador's Chef
Broadcast Network: Fuji TV
Episodes: 1
Release Date: January 3, 2015
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan

In 2013, Ko Osawa (Sho Sakurai) works as sous-chef at a first-class hotel. He cooks French cuisine. His job at the hotel requires him to cook for hundreds of customers, but Ko Osawa prefers to cook for a single customer. One day, he happens to see a pamphlet inquiring about a chef available to work at a diplomat office. Ko ends up taking the job and quits his job at the hotel.
2 years later, Ko now works as the chef at the Japanese Embassy in Vietnam. Ko then takes part in a cook-off against the chef at the French Embassy.

Sho Sakurai as Ko Osawa
Ayame Gouriki as Rei Ti Ran
Koji Ookura as Seiichi Furuta
Shigeaki Kato as Satoru Eguchi
Naoto Takenaka as Shinzo Murakami
Ryoko Hirosue as Hitomi Osawa
Toshiyuki Nishida as Kazuya Kuraki

info @ asianwiki

Sunday, 22 March 2015

SNÖ of Sweden Blizz Ring Rosé/Clear

The other day when travelling I got myself some small souvenirs from the tax free store, the first item was this cutie.
It's a rose gold plated iron with white stones in artificial glass. Inside the ring is curved.
Snö of Sweden is one of my fave jewelry brands in Scandinavia ^^
And to get it tax off was awesome ^^

Item: 610-716X255
Width: 10 mm
Thickness: 3mm

Läkerol DentaFresh

I had seen these on TV and the other day I found them at the supermarket. They come in three different flavours, and in the end I chose the Sweet mint one.
All I can say is, I cannot stop eating them.It's like candy. It's in other words... 
DANGEROUS!! (^^;;)

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Ujo Hand towel red/purple

My other purchase from Marimekko from a few weeks ago was this towel, Ujo Hand Towel. 
I got two since they were on 50% off and it's always nice to have a set of things. I got the same colour so they match my robe. I got the size below, the hand towel size. The one above which is in the right colour is the "guest towel" size, however I couldn't find a photo with the right colour, so just to show the size I dcided to post both ^^ I guess the reason why I couldn't find a photo with the right colour is because it's "last year's" collection. Anyway I'm super happy with my purchase.
Marimekko is simple yet such a great design!!! Hope to get more items in the future ^^

Ice cream w Cinnamon buns

I found this at the supermarket and I had to try it.
I mean, Ice cream YUM, Cinnamon Buns YUM! So they should match well together right!?
YES it did!! But, it was very sweet, like most B&J ice cream ^^
It's a good treat on the weekend, but not too often! haha

I recommend you to try it!!

Friday, 20 March 2015

Today's quote

"Don't think too much. You'll create a problem that wasn't even there in the first place."

냄새를 보는 소녀

I feel like I should watch more K-drama to improve my Korean, however it's not as easy as it seems.
But I found this drama, it will start in a few weeks and I will try to follow it. I like Shin Se Kyung so she's the reason I will watch it.
The title is kinda funny "The girl who see smells". I wonder what that really means... ^^

Title: 냄새를 보는 소녀 / The Girl Who Sees Smells
Broadcast Network: SBS
Broadcast period: April 1 - TBA
Air time: Wednesday and Thursday 21:55
Original Soundtrack: TBA

Choi Mu-gak's younger sister Eun-seol was killed in the "Bar Code" murder case. Since then, he has felt numb physically and emotionally, having lost the sense of smell and taste, and is unable to feel pain or attraction. Mu-gak becomes a detective in order to re-open the investigation into his sister's death.

Oh Cho-rim was the sole survivor among the "Bar Code" serial killer's victims. She's forgotten all her memories before the traumatic event, but gained the hyper-sensory ability to visualize smells. Cho-rim teams up with Mu-gak to catch the killer.

Main characters
Park Yoo-chun as Choi Mu-gak
Shin Se-kyung as Oh Cho-rim
Namgoong Min as Kwon Jae-hee
Yoon Jin-seo as Yeom Mi

Thursday, 19 March 2015

유가네닭갈비 치즈퐁닭‬

There's a Korean FB group called "What do eat today" or 오늘 뭐 먹지.
The other day they posted these pics, I was amazed by it!!
This dish is now on the menu at the restaurant chain called 유가네 (Yugane) and can be found all around South Korea. I also found out they have a place in SG, I hope they will serve it when we visit there in April/May ^^
So what is this you may ask....? Well this is pan fried chicken with various veggies and noodles in spicy sauce. And this new edition comes with a cheese fondue!
It looked quite cheap to me, 19 500 won for M size (550g chicken, 280g cheese), 28 500 won for L size (850g chicken, 350g cheese)
Note: M is for 2-3 people and L is for 3-4 people.


I showed it to my PT... he said it didn't look healthy, and I said it's not supposed to be.
But I so want to try it. it seemed like he wanted it as well...!!!
*Food junkie*

100 Years of Beauty - N and S.Korea

This has become viral since a few days ago, I think it's pretty amazing.
I'm not sure what to say, I actually like the N.Koren looks in many decades a lot more than the S.Korean ones to be completely honest ^^

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

I had seen the trailer several times on YT and FB, it kept popping up on my feeds, it looked hilarious so I search for the first movie and saw it. It was so-so in one way and awesome in another. However the second seemed more fun so I decided I had to see it, although it more looked like a movie for the "older generation". And I was right in a way, most people in the theater, the 8 of us watching it were all 50+. So yes, I took down the average by a lot ^^ I went there with my mum a few days ago, we both enjoyed the movie. I liked the second one much much more than the first. Although the character of "Sonny Kapoor" was freaking annoying in this one, I liked the others... so right now I wish for a third movie XD And, I also want to go to India!!!!

Title: The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Distributed by: Fox Searchlight Pictures
Release dates: 26 February 2015 (United Kingdom) / 13 March 2015 (Sweden)
Running time: 122 minutes
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2 (or The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) is the expansionist dream of Sonny Kapoor, and its making more claims on his time than he has available, considering his imminent marriage to the love of his life, Sunaina. Sonny has his eye on a promising property now that his first venture, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel for the Elderly and Beautiful, has only a single remaining vacancy posing a rooming predicament for fresh arrivals Guy and Lavinia.
Evelyn and Douglas have now joined the Jaipur workforce, and are wondering where their regular dates for Chilla pancakes will lead, while Norman and Carol are negotiating the tricky waters of an exclusive relationship, as Madge juggles two eligible and very wealthy suitors. Perhaps the only one who may know the answers is newly installed co-manager of the hotel, Muriel, the keeper of everyone's secrets. As the demands of a traditional Indian wedding threaten to engulf them all, an unexpected way forward presents itself.

Judi Dench as Evelyn Greenslade
Maggie Smith as Muriel Donnelly
Bill Nighy as Douglas Ainslie
Celia Imrie as Madge Hardcastle
Penelope Wilton as Jean Ainslie
Ronald Pickup as Norman Cousins
Diana Hardcastle as Carol Parr
Tina Desai as Sunaina
Dev Patel as Sonny Kapoor
Lillete Dubey as Mrs. Kapoor
Richard Gere as Guy Chambers
David Strathairn as Ty Burley
Tamsin Greig as Lavinia Beach

info @ wiki + imdb


Flower is here with a new album titled Hanadoeki and translates to Flower/Floral Clock in English, which makes a lot of sense no? ^^ I have been very excited about this album, FLOWER is one of many few girl groups I follow these days, they are more mature than E-girls, it's more woman-like rather than girl-like in their dances. However as for the lyrics it's about the same level ^^;; Anyway I'm happily surprised about this album!!! But I have to admit, I wanted more new songs instead of new versions of older ones.

I really like the 2015 version of "秋風のアンサー", I loved the single version too and it's not a big change to it yet it's so good ^^ I also like the vibes from the song "青いトライアングル", it's a little Spanish touch over it ^^ Also, compare to the "old" version of "熱帯魚の涙", I like the 2015 version making the song a lot better compare to the first time I heard it. The song "Dreamin’ Together" feels like a good song to listen to at the gym, it's something about the rhythm ^^ although it also reminds me of the Disney movie High School Musical (^^;;) "Spring has come" is kinda girly but FLOWER shines through a lot, I actually listened to this while being on my way to work the other day, and as the sun rays hit my face through the window, I felt like this song kinda matched my morning feelings. Another song I really like is "時間旅行", I love the music and lyrics for this one, it has also become a fave song to listen to in the morning on my way to work for some reason... time travel would be nice I guess.

As for the covers, the song SECRET BASE~君がくれたもの~ is one of my fave Japanese songs over all and I was kinda skeptic about this, but it turned out very well!!


[CD1] オリジナル・アルバム「花時計」
01. 花時計 ~ Party's on! ~
02. 秋風のアンサー (version 2015)
03. 青いトライアングル
04. さよなら、アリス
05. 熱帯魚の涙 (version 2015)
06. Dolphin Beach (version 2015)
07. Flower Garden (version 2015)
08. Dreamin’ Together feat. Little Mix
09. あの日のさよなら
10. Spring has come
11. 七色キャンドル
12. 時間旅行
Bonus Track
白雪姫 orchestra mix (version 2015)

[CD2] カヴァー・アルバム「Flower Clock –covers-」
01. SECRET BASE~君がくれたもの~ (ZONE)
02. TOMORROW ~しあわせの法則~
04. 恋人がサンタクロース (version 2015) (松任谷由実)
05. 恋におちたら (version 2015) (Crystal Kay)
06. Baby Don't Cry (レイラ・ハサウェイ)
07. let go again feat.VERBAL (m-flo)
08. 何度でも (version 2015) (DREAMS COME TRUE)

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Blast covers are out!!

Covers for Arashi Blast in Hawaii is out!!
I love the First press DVD edition cover, I'm so excited about the dvd!!
It's less than a month until the release!!!

맛있는 김치찌개

I feel slow, this dinner I had last Saturday with Alex.
Anyway, better late than never?! We first met for coffee and we spent a few hours together, in the end we had dinner. We went to GoChoo and ate kimchi stew.
Of all the Korean restaurants in Stockholm, I'd say this one serves the best kimchi stew!!
A delicious dinner worth every penny ^^

絢香 - iTunes Session - EP

It's finally here ^^ I've been so excited and with all right. Ayaka is one of the best live performers, I prefer her live recordings compare to the studio recordings. Not that those are bad, they are good too but if you have heard Ayaka live you know what I'm talking about!!
When listening to this EP you can clearly notice how she has worked with the music arrangement and vocal to make the best session possible. Honestly, as I said in my previous post about this EP I miss a few songs. But at the same time I'm overjoyed with the songs on it. My fave is track number one ツヨク想う which is also one of my absolute fave of all her songs!! I love the arrangement of this song and her beautiful and powerful voice! It's perfect, probably the best version of this song.
The little minus is the English, I'm sorry Ayaka I know you try your hardest, but there are so many words that become numb or not clear and it drags them down, I would rather have had the Japanese versions of these. Still thumbs up for trying!!!


01 ツヨク想う
02 アカイソラ
04 にじいろ
05 はじまりのとき (English ver.)
06 Through the ages (English ver.)

Monday, 16 March 2015

Vietnamese noodle soup

Yesterday I went to the movies with my mum, afterwards we had lunch.
We ended up in the food court area in Kista Galleria.
I had Vietnamese noodle soup with veggies, giant shrimps and meat.
I have had this dish before, but I do think the soup base used to be more yellowish rather than white.
Anyway, it tasted great, despite I'm not a fan of coconut milk, I like this soup.

I had a discount coupon so I only paid 60 SEK!! Could it be any better? hehe

Starbucks Sakura Latte

pic cred @ owner

The Sakura Season (or Cherry Blossom season) has started in Japan!
At Starbucks, both cafés and the to-go-drinks, which you can find at convenient stores, they have special Sakura editions!
As for the to-go-drinks they have one with strawberry!
I so wish I was there now, I want to try it!!

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Souffle Cheesecake

I did it, I made the cheesecake, but to me, the first batch became a little eggy in the taste.
So, I added both chocolate and cheese for the second one and it turned out well!!
It's was super easy, only 3 ingredients ^^

Eggs, White Chocolate and Cream Cheese!!

I added some icing sugar before serving ^^


Before I said i wanted to watch the Taiwanese drama 真爱遇到他 / Go Single Lady!.
I never got to that sadly...
But I finally found this song, the title track for the drama.
The song is called Ai Zhe Ai Zhe Jiu Yong Yuan / Forever Love


曲: 張簡君偉 詞:徐世珍/吳輝福

和你 相遇

為你 猶豫

我們在寂寞中靠近 擁抱中痊癒

我們在微光中前進 曖昧中小心
有沒有愛著愛著就永遠 的幸運

全心 全意

我們在寂寞中靠近 擁抱中痊癒

我們在微光中前進 曖昧中小心
有沒有愛著愛著就永遠 的幸運

Shrimp and Salmon sandwich layer cake

Lately I'm craving seafood, and the other day as the weekend was knocking on the door I decided to buy myself a treat. I got a big piece of shrimp and salmon sandwich layer cake from the supermarket close to my house. It was super delicious, and it had so many delicious ingredients, I could probably stuff myself with this for a whole week straight XD
However it's not the healthiest, also it's not so cheap either, so I wouldn't be able to treat myself every day. But maybe a few times a month?! (^^;;) Still, I guess I'd need to go to the gym a lot more and work even harder each time (^^;;)