Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Sushi dinner

As said before... I'd have sushi dinner ^^
I met up downtown and went to one of my fave sushi places in Stockholm!!
I love their special tofu one that kinda looks like an omelette ^^

Lots on my schedule

As I was woken up by the mailman this morning I took an extra round at the gym!
I think I worked out too much as my body feels exhaused XD but it's also good to move around ^^

I had a strange lunch just some tuna, cucumber and paprika and one egg.
Strange enough I'm still full :S
Howver maybe it's because I'm looking forward to tonights dinner, I'm having sushi ^^
I've been craving it for quite some time now I guess that's the reason.

I've also been studying, writing my report but still not sure if I have done it right or not, still written 2,5 pages, the allowed amount.

Tonight I'm meeting up with a friend I haven't seen for 1,5 years... I think... It's weird so much time has passed but I've been busy studying and moving around between cities.
So it's gonna be fun to meet and catch up ^^

Why I gave up on Chinese

Okay so really there is no language called Chinese, but that's how most people call it.
If we should be correct it's Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka... etc There are many differnt kinds.
Anyhow what they have in common are the Chinese characters. I think they fill a purpose when knowing them.
But to pronouce them is another thing!!

Look at this... this is one reason why I've given up on it... might do it later but XD
Japanese and Korean also use them but not as much... I guess that's why I can stand it (^^;;) but then again I hate that in Japanese they can have up to 4 different ways to pronouce the character which sometimes make NO sense XD


I got the package with my Gmarket goodies! The mailman woke me up but I don't care! XD

I got the cutest mobilephone case, Hello Kitty. plus HK screen protection.
One reason to love Korean stuff is the extra stuff they give you.. in the pack with the screen protection, it was not only one but two!
I also got 4 other for free, but not HK ^^

I got my SKIP BEAT vol 29 manga book and shoes!
Will post photos later...

Food for thought

I have no patience..

I'm still waiting for my Gmarket package..
I have no patience at all, why does it have to be this slow? These moments are when I LOVE the Korean way of thinking.
There is a reason why they love their expression "Bballi bballi", which means the same as Arabic Jalla Jalla.. Hurry Hurry!!
We live in a world where we want things fast, yet the Swedish post office operates like they did back when we used a horse to carry out the mail!
It's sad that we have to pay so much in shipping fee when it doesn't get delivered fast anyway!

I hope it will come tomorrow.. but I bet I won't be so lucky, as luck doesnt seem to be on my side these days...

Today's quote

"There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear ... " 1 John 4:18

Monday, 30 January 2012

Somliga har det bra

Vet inte om jag skulle säga att Göran Hägglund är den bästa ledaren för KD. Men en sak är klar.. Mats Odell hade inte varit bättre.
Hans kommentar får en att tycka synd om honom, en man i sin position bör inte uttrycka sig på ett sådant sätt. Speciellt inte om något som detta!!
Det är pinsamt och tänk om han hade blivit KDs ledare...haha vilket skämt!
Om det hade kommit från M hade jag inte varit förvånad men KD!!!

Han och Håkan Juholt kan ju bilda en klubb för dumma kommentarer XD

Kpop på Lava

Spana hit alla svenska Kpop fans, Den 4e februari, dvs nu i helgen kommer det hållas ett event på Lava (Kulturhuset i Stockholm).
Det är det första eventet i Sverige och det kommer finnas massa olika saker på programmet. alltifrån att lära sig dansa till olika Kpoplåtar såsom koreanska lekar o noraebang/karaoke.

För dem som är intresserade så finns mer info här: http://kulturhuset.stockholm.se/-/Kalender/20111/Lava/Kpop-pa-Lava/

絢香 The beginning

I finally got it, 絢香's new album The beginning
I've been waiting and been excited since I first heard the news.
The album is a typical Ayaka album with various kinds of songs.
The lyrics and music mixes well and for me I think this is maybe the BEST album so far? ^^
It's worth every single cent! and I'm also happy I got the limited edition.

Besides I ordered it from amazon.co.jp so I got an extra discount (^^;;)

My fave songs are: はじまりのとき, Hello, The beginning and 空よお願い


01 はじまりのとき
02 Hello
03 アカイソラ
04 The beginning
06 空よお願い
07 繋がる心
09 そこまで歩いていくよ
10 笑顔のキャンバス
11 Magic Mind
12 キミへ
13 やさしい蒼

They are bad already!

I've seen statistics and also in real life that children today are worse when it comes to spelling.
It's because of the computer, they use chat language and slang. Therefore when writing essays in Swedish they fail because they cannot spell the words correct.

When seeing it on the news it makes me feel sad, a school in Sweden said that their students ONLY uses computers and not real paper when writing.
When having a spell control the children will not notice their mistakes and therefore not learn!!
No no.. please... they are young and should not look at a computer 24/7, it's already a big problem as it is!!

Jag anser att svenska skolbarn inte bör använda en dator som ett redskap när de ska lära sig skriva.
Enligt TV4 NEWS rapporterade de om en skola som låter barnen att endast använda datorer som redskap när de skriver, dvs hejdå gamla hedliga pappersark.
Visst vi räddar miljön, men barnen som redan är dåliga på att stava kommer att bli ännu sämre.
Statestik har visat på att barn idag, 8-18år, är sämre på att stava än barn var för 10 år sedan. Allt beror på just datorns uppkomst.
Ska vi glömma bort vårt språk? ska chatspråk och slang vara den nya svenskan som används?
Barn idag får sämre syn då de sitter allt förlänge framför datorn, ska de få ännu sämre pga. den plats som ska lära dem nya saker?

Not my cup of tea

Today, finally after many weeks of waiting and lots of teasers, SM entertainment released the full MV's of EXO-K and EXO-M!
The song is called What's love. And it's the first time they release the same song on the same day but in different languages. K = Korea and M = Mandarin.

However for being a debute song, this does not get to me.. it's so-so.
I don't dislike it nor like it.
It feels like a less good version than SuperJunior and SuperJunior M.
Most other SM bands have had a song that appeals more...

EXO-K members that was credited in the official MV was 디오(D.O.) and 백현(Baek Hyun)
While for the EXO-M following members was credited: 루한(Lu Han) and 첸(Chen)
However according to Naver following members are so split between the groups:
카이 (Kai), 타오 (Tao),세훈 (Se Hun), 레이 (Lay) and 시우민 (Xiu Min)... a few more members have been announced however this whole promotion thing is so messed up I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Anyway... Enjoy SM's latest boyband EXO!!
Which version do you prefere, Korean or Mandarin? ^^



Messed up!

Today i went talking to the guy in charge of foreign exchange studies, what can i say but what a messed up system they have!
Also they have changed contract from last semester so my options on where to in is limited!
I hope i will be able to go where i want to go but the chance seems quite narrow at the moment.

On the other side this messed up system can also become an advantage if i use it the right way,whatever way that is..
I need to think,hope and wish it will turn out fine!

Time for class!

여러분 굿모닝~
난 지금 열차안..학교에 가고 있음. 근데 넘 피곤해서 죽을 것 같다!
또 월요일 됬다ㅋㅋ
여러분 좋은 하루 보내고 있니?ㅎㅎ 머 하고 있니?ㅋㅋ
오늘 날씨가 추워서 감기 초심~ (^_->"

Good morning!
Yet another Monday,I'm of the train to school..but exhausted ^^;;
Anyway will try to think happy thoughts~

Its cold outside today so be careful!

I hate the way you lie!

I always check the weather, because one day I want to believe they will tell the truth!
Before X-mas they said, this mild winter will continue, it won't be any colder than this...

Of course it was a LIE!!!
The snow and cold came 2 weeks ago.. and guess what? it will continue!
It's not was cold as last year but much colder than I thought it would be.
I've been raised in Sweden and I should be used to this but no, I hate the cold!

I wish Spring could come sooner rather than later! (-_-;;)

Today's quote

"No matter how bad your current situation may be, try to remember that there is always someone, somewhere who is somehow in worse shape than you are."

Law is difficult!

I took 2 different law courses last semster and what can I say... it's WEIRD!!
This is one example that shows what I mean...

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Is being pretty everything?

Look at TV or magazines.. it's all about being pretty!
Anyway.. maybe some of you have come across this song already...?
I'd thought I'd share this too.

살찐 고양이/Fat Cat
"Is being pretty everything? Look at my heart"

it does reminds of Price tag.. but whatever (^^;;)

너 따윈 버리고

Soon this weekend will come to an end and I thought I'd share a new K-pop song.
This is Brian Joo (브라이언) with his comeback song called Let this die (너 따윈 버리고) feat. Tiger JK.


Swedish Kpop fans

I've noticed that K-pop is getting bigger by each day in Sweden.
To think about when I started with it, the only way to talk about it was with Korean friends and only way to get cds and goods was to go to Korea.

So guess how much Kpop goods I have on my hands...
However I cannot fit it anymore, So SWEDISH Kpop fans... do u want to help me out and buy some of them??
I also have Cpop and Jpop stuff ^^

What do I have? Lots and loads ^^

SM Town 07
Shinhwa (various cds)
Shin Hye Sung
Big Bang
Lee Min Woo
Jun Jin
Kim Dong Wan
Mc The MAX

Junior Sep 08 (FTisland, Bigbang, Rain, Wonder girls...)
Junior March 09 (Boys over flowers (kor drama), Kara, DBSK/TVXQ, SS501, SNSD, UKiss,2PM)
Junior Dec 09 (DBSK/TVXQ, MBlaq, 2PM, Wonder Girls..)

Super Junior t-shirt (From SPAO, all 13 members, brand new with tag)
Rain Post-its (Brand New)
Rain concert slippers 2006 (brand new)

Ask if there is something u want and I'll let u know! ^^

Best thing about living at home...

As I moved home last summer there are both good and bad things...
One of many good things is that we have a big bathtub, so every now and then I can take a hot and nice bath!
Today I'm gonna give myself an extra treat, bubble bath plus a full body scrub!

For you who never done a body scrub... you SHOULD!!!
Think of everything your body goes through and I'm not talking about buying lots of expensive products from various shops or exclusive brands.. all you need is to soak your body in hot water for a while, then use a body scrub towel to scrub all parts of the body. It's a simple yet awsome treat for your skin!!!Also after the scrub your skin feels like a babys ^^
I bought mine in Korea, but I know u can get them almost everywhere... ask your local cosmetic shop (^_-)

WGM 20120128

The blind dates continues...
We start of with the girls who have to show off their skills, using "cute language"/charms, to make their oppa/man fall ^^
When Kyu answered EunSeo's words the other members made fun of him, however Kyu said he learnt some Busan dialect, ES is from Busan. Adding a "ddi" at the end of "Bogo paddi" (I missed you).
Sena said she is not good at it so she went for a lesson prior to this meeting XD She asked EunHyuk to help her out, they did a word game.. ^^First EH got a bit sad, because he was hit however the second time ^^
Then SoYul as well showed her style with SungMin, a phone conversation.
YeonJu said since all of the others had showed their charms she wanted to do something else, then she asked SM if he liked the mountains or the sea, however he said he liked both so she could choose ^^
After LT did the same to S, then LT said he liked S the most and the others went WTF XD EH also said he's in his 30's so he is going old , making Sena saying she was 30 too and asked what's wrong with that? EH got red ^^

The boys sat down and talked if there was someone they liked or disliked.
Kyu said he liked YJ the most at the first meeting and SM said SY, EH liked the kisses from SN.
The girls had the same kind of talk, where SN said she had one she liked.
All of them wrote down the name of the one they liked on a paper, if they matched they'd go on a second date.
LT and S had fun while looking at their choices... ^^ LT checked the girls and S the boys ^^

The annoucement:
SungMin and Shin SoYul
EunHyuk and Lee SeNa (giving each other nicknames.. starting with "bear")
DongHae and Son EunSeo (LT asked DH if he was happy... DH was overjoyed)
Kyuhyun and Jeong YeonJu (Makne couple)

Then LT and S sent them out on dates!

EH and SN went a long... ^^

DH looked so funny like he was in chock ^^ and couldn't get a word out, in the end EunSeo asked him what he thought when they first met. Which he couldn't really answer ^^ then DH asked ES if she liked to drive, which she said she did so DH asked if she'd drive instead of him creating laughter.

SM and SY seemed to get a long ^^ and YJ said that her younger sibling was a fan of KH, then

KH said so you are not of me? making YJ laugh and continued to ask her what singers she liked.
She quietly answered SHINee, KH went sad so then she fast changed to Super Junior XD
Still abit sad that she said SHINee so KH continued by saying is MinHo your fave? YJ fast saying he is not the one, the one she likes is JongHyun XD Making KH even more angry saying, well he's sexy XD which she agreed on XD poor Kyu...

Then back to DH and ES, still quiet...then finally DH opened his mouth and started to talk but they got interrupted the GPS voice XD

As for parking seems like the boys like to have their hands on the chair when parking creating laughs and questions among the girls XD
They all ended up at a Bowling alley, where they had a couple game! Then when asked what they were playing for LT said.. the winners should give each other a kiss!!!
In the end SM and SY won!

Next part - the girls showed off their dance skills ^^
They showed of different sexy dances ^^
However YJ skipped dancing with SM, which she said she did on purpose, which made him sad :(
Then all were brought out on the dancefloor!

So it was time to see if this date had lead to anything...
The guy was gonna call the woman he liked, same girl he had been on a date with or someone else, then she'd choose to pick up or not.
LT then said they'd invite them to his and S house for the house warming party!

SM called SY and after a while she answered ^^
However EH called ES instead of SN who he had been out with! ES decided not to pick up the phone. (when choosing between the guys she had listed DH as no 1 and EH as no 2) However when given a second chance she picked it up!!
DH tried to call ES, to make her change her mind? however she did not pick up.
KH called YJ... and before she could answer it went to voice message XD however the second time she answered ^^

In the end DH and SN failed finding love...
LT also said that all of the guys who were not too keen on the dating were the ones who found themselves in a new "relationship" XD Poor DH - I'd choose you any day!
Then LT said that SN could call the guy she wanted, saying the guy could change his mind... so she called EH, however instead of answering himself he got his new "girlfriend" to answer by saying Don't call him.
Even though this dating part was just for fun, SeNa couldn't hold back and started to cry.
After wiping the tears, DH got another chance so he once again called ES and asked her to come back. She replied by saying: Come and get me ^^
Then when asked about his feelings, getting his lady back. He said it felt good and that he learnt that love is difficult XD
So EH got back and called SN.. who actually answered!! And said she didn't want to be ill treated and in the end they became a couple.
SN then admitted she has been a fan of EH for quite some time and was happy about them actually meeting!!

In the end the blinddates worked out fine... we'll have to wait and see if we'll see them again!!

EunJeong had her leg injured.. so she'll be on a break from shooting WGM. But I think MBC still got some clips to show...Hope she'll get well and come back soon!

Also if the MBC labour union strike will go on some shows might be affected, WGM is one of them.. we'll have to wait and see...

Mac vs PC

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Food for thought

Ayaka - Hello

I hope you didn't miss Music Station last night!
Ayaka performed one of her new songs from her upcoming album THE BEGINNING, it's called Hello and it's a bit up-tempo!
I fell for this song and I cannot wait until I get the new album, only a few days left until release! Also it was great to see her old band again (^^)


I wish I could make things like these... it's really artistic!!

Sleep is what I need

I donno why I'm this sleepy... I started my spring semester and have been travelling back and forth between Stockholm and Västerås. Then because of the schedule I wake up early but go to bed late. My fault I know XD
Then I started with my new diet, it seems to work!!

I love weekends... I feel like a panda ^^

Today's quote

"Nobody's perfect so don't let's ask for the moon when we have the stars"

My latest facial mask addiction!

I have mentioned many times that I'm really addicted to South Korean Facial masks.
I use them 2-3 times a week!
I usually change between a different sets and kinds. My fave comes from Missha and Nature Republic but these days I use Etude House as well since Gmarket do not ship the other ones overseas (T_T)
Anyway.. Today I used my latest addiction when it comes to various masks! I used 네이처리퍼블릭/Nature Republic's 아쿠아 콜라겐 솔루션 마린 하이드로겔 마스크/ Aqua Collagen Solution Marine Hydro Gel Mask.
It comes in 2 pieces that you apply yourself, compare to the normal one that comes in one.

If you have the chance you should really try this out! It's amazing product!
I also use the eye patches that comes in the same line ^^

The mask

How to use...

The gel part.. it's so soft ^^

Remove it all

I cannot remember!

Taken back in 2008 when visiting SEOUL LAND and taking a ride in SkyX with my class

Lately when people ask my age I have to think for a few minutes!
How old am I...really?
You see why I'm dealing with this problem is because of the Korean vs Western way of using age.
In Korea you add 1 year every New Year, in Korea they believe that you already are 1 year old when you are born into this world, as you were created aprox 9 months before and have been living inside your mothers womb.

However being born in August makes the age difference 2 years for 8 months. Since New Years = 1 year older, then actual birthday is in August.
Living in Korea I adapt to the Korean way of saying my age.
In Sweden people do not normally ask age, it's more taboo.

As it's January now... I'm still 23 SWEDISH/Western age, but I'm 25 KOREAN age.

Difficult to understand? Maybe... at least it's hard to keep a track on ^^

Cherry Blossom

I found this picture on Visit Japan.
It's taken in Atami, aprox 50 min by bullet train aka Shinkansen from Tokyo!

It really makes me wanna go there.. see the trees and visit a nice spa ^^

Friday, 27 January 2012

Two days in a row

Lately I have been crawing for Bibimbap...
That why with my new diet and all I have been making it, 2 days in a row.
But more bibim than bap to be honest XD A part of the diet is to eat less carbs, meat and more fruits and veggies. Still being able to eat candy,sweets and other not good things ^^

What can I say... Bibimbap is the best, I could eat it anytime, anyday :P

On the way!

Today I got an email from Gmarket saying my order has been shipped out!
So I guess the goods will arrive on Tuesday/Wednesday next week!
I cannot wait until I get the package! I'm getting my mobile phone accessoires.
I want to start to use my Samsung Galaxy 2!! ^^

Soon weekend, I need to study some more then think about my future... when to do my studies abroad!?

Now also in Sweden!

A few months ago I mentioned about foot peeling I use from South Korean brand Tony Moly.
It's amazing... going from hard and dead skin to have feets just like a baby!
As I think I also mentioned, I came across this wonderful product back in July-August 2010 while living in S.Korean capital Seoul! Then when travelling to Asia last summer I brought back 5-6 packs ^^

Anyway... Today I came across an artice/advert for this magical thing here in Sweden!
I want to laugh, but I also feel happy it's avaliable here in Sweden, not only in Asia!
But what makes me sad as always when I find Asian products in Sweden is the PRICE!!

One pack in Sweden cost 249 SEK. That's almost (by a few Swedish krona) 6 times as much as what I pay for it in S.Korea!! (For the normal pack) They released a stronger one if your skin is really hard and thick that's slightly more expesive (around 60SEK). And they also have a heel patch for 18 SEK.
As you can see it feels like a rip-off buying it in Sweden! I'm so happy I brought a few packs with me back home. I use them every 3-4th month. After the summer and winter seasons are really the times I need this product the most.

Not sure if I would have tried it for the Swedish price.. but I can admit that this product is really wonderful!!!
If you haven't tried it... What are you waiting for? ^^

You can order from Korea through Gmarket:
Heel patch http://english.gmarket.co.kr/challenge/neo_goods/goods.asp?goodscode=217489174&pos_shop_cd=EN&pos_class_cd=90000001&pos_class_kind=T&keyword_order=Tonymoly

Maxi power http://english.gmarket.co.kr/challenge/neo_goods/goods.asp?goodscode=214334634&pos_shop_cd=EN&pos_class_cd=90000001&pos_class_kind=T&keyword_order=Tonymoly

*My older post about this fantastic product: http://ccarollinee.blogspot.com/2011/12/foot-peeling.html
You can read more about it here (It's in SWEDISH): http://www.mediaupdate.se/2011-11-08/bli_av_med_harda_halar_och_sprickor

Today's quote

"Hope is the last to die"

Thursday, 26 January 2012

This is so true

Do I need to say more?! ^^

It better be a joke!

In Sweden we voted NO to the EMU (Economic and Monetary Union) back in 2003. With 55.9% voting NO against 42.0% saying Yes. I'd say even back then it was a strong NO!
In Dec 2011 they did a poll and the result showed that 87,6 % did NOT want the Euro. Not a surprise since we know what trouble it has caused during the past few years!

However there are talks now that Sweden might enter this union through a back door! This makes me crazy! I mean it's like saying who wants to throw themselves into a fire? or a sinking ship!
It's one thing to lend the countries in the EMU money, but a total other one to get the EURO!
We do not want it! We can clearly see that the citizens of Sweden do NOT wish to enter this union!

I think we should help out, lend money but with some kind of security and also get lots to say about it. We should not just lend it out like it's a few pennies, We should state our mind and conditions for agreeing!
At the end of the day, we are a member of the EU, we are a European country and if... we one day would find us to be in a difficult situation, we want aid and support as well from our fellow European friends. That's one of many reasons we should help out! Also remember that Sweden is a small country and other big European countries can easily step on us, that's why it's important to sign a contract making us have power!!

DO not try to fool me!! We live in a democratic country and we have voted!
As parliament you cannot push something like this through without our votes!!


What is ACTA?
ACTA is the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. A new intellectual property enforcement treaty being negotiated by the United States, the European Union, Switzerland, and Japan, with Australia, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Mexico, Jordan, Morocco, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and Canada recently announcing that they will join in as well.

Why should you care about ACTA?
Initial reports indicate that the treaty will have a very broad scope and will involve new tools targeting “Internet distribution and information technology.”

What is the goal of ACTA?
Reportedly the goal is to create new legal standards of intellectual property enforcement, as well as increased international cooperation, an example of which would be an increase in information sharing between signatory countries’ law enforcement agencies.

1. Read more about Acta here: https://www.eff.org/issues/acta

2. Read the authentic version of the ACTA text as of 15 April 2011, as finalized by participating countries here http://www.international.gc.ca/trade-agreements-accords-commerciaux/fo/acta-acrc.aspx?lang=eng&view=d

3. Watch a short informative video on ACTA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=citzRjwk-sQ

Say NO to ACTA. It is essential to spread awareness and get the word out on ACTA.

NazoDi SP 3/27

Last night while I was sleeping the news came.. There will be a SP of the drama Nazotoki wa dinner no ato de aka NazoDi.
It's said they are in Okinawa shooting and they started on Jan 25! (Sho-kun's b-day)
I found photos online showing the staff gave him a b-day cake on set ^^

After reading the Staff blog I can conclude that there are lots to look forward too!!

Cast: Sakurai Sho, Kitagawa Keiko, Shiina Kippei, Nomaguchi Tōru, Nakamura Yyasuhi, Okamoto anri and Tanaka Konatsu
Guests:Kunimura Jun, Asou Yumi, Takashima Masahiro, Sano Shiro, Ikeda Tetsuhiro, Bobby Orogon, etc

Nazodi has become one of my fave dramas so I cannot wait until it airs ^^

Food for thought

Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there

Today's quote

"Rather than new things, treasure the things that you are given at this moment" -Sakurai Sho

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Diet time

I'm gonna give it another go.. another kind of diet!
I have tried all diets there are on the markets, kinda at least.

I hope it will work... fighting ^^

Should I spell it out?

I'm going crazy,i email and explain EVERYTHING in detail,still the answer is like he has NO idea what he just read!
I get so pissed off at lazy people!
Our educational system need a tougher act against the ones who teach!
Why should i spend hours to study when i don't learn a crap from someone, while he gets both credit for doing so and gets paid while i waste money going there!since it's mandatory!

Sweden really needs to shape up!and it's NOT the students that needs to do so this time!

I think this is a scandal for higher education at one of our most known universities!

Happy Birthday

Today is my fave stormy boy Sakurai Sho's birthday!!
I cannot believe he is 30 already!
I mean.. I have followed him since he was 16-17 years old!!! :P



Matsushita Yuya is back!

I found this guy by chance back in 2010 when I walked around HMV in Shibuya!! (Which has now closed (T_T))
Anyway I started to listen to this guys music and came to like his music!
Now he's back with a new song, a ballad! The single is called キミへのラブソング〜10年先も〜 (Kimi e no Love song ~ 10 nen saki mo/A love song for you~ I'll still love you in 10 years from now)

01 キミへのラブソング~10年先も~
02 Life in the dark (Limited A+B+C version)
02 冬空 (Normal + Limited E version)
02 Dream on dreamer (Limited D version)
03 キミへのラブソング~10年先も~ (instrumental)

Today's quote

Hope is the ability to hear the music of the future.
Faith is having the courage to dance to it today.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Money money!!

I went down to the cellar and found some old school books, I posted them online and 3 of 4 are already sold!! That means I will be getting money!! :)
So happy I'm getting rid of them, I really need the cash!!

Now I can go to bed happy and slightly richer ^^


These days I'm really craving for Jjajangmyun! Which is a very popular dish in S.Korea.
I don't know why... but I want it so bad XD
I have had the instant one, since that's the only one I can get in Sweden! I have never tried to cook it myself, since I haven't been able to find the noodles I need.
But one day I'll try to make it. But for now I guess I have to settle with the instant one (T_T)

Who says it won't work?

Long distance relationships is never easy.
That's why so many people hate it. However I read about an article today the showed that long distance can work. In the end it's all about your will I guess.

The girl is a 17 year old from Sweden and she met her Singaporian boyfriend online. They have been talking through various media since that day and last Christmas they finally met for 2 weeks.

But it makes me wonder a bit.. I mean love is great and all.. But then this came across my mind: what kinda parents let their daughter go half across the world for a guy at that age?
Not to ruin the whole happiness and all, still such thing makes me wonder. I mean when I was at that age I wouldn't had been allowed to do such trip on my own!! Nor with friends!!
Then when reading the info while watching this YT clip I saw that her parents went with her.

Anyway it was a fun story to read hope they'll last.. it's really one in a million!

It will be a long semester

Today was my first day of the spring semester...
From all the info I got it's gonna be a very long semster!!
I hope I will be able to do well..

I hope, pray and wish for a good semster!!

Today's quote

Stop living for other people and their opinions. Learn to value yourself and what you stand for. Be bold, be you (^_-)

Monday, 23 January 2012

Hamilton = lots of action!

I have to say it was good, lots of action!
I really like these kinds of movies!
It was very intense, lots of movements around various locations and a good story!
I have to give the Swedish movie HAMILTON - I NATIONENS INTRESSE much cred!
It has been some time since I saw a good Swedish movie in the cinema!

Back to V

Tomorrow morning my spring semester starts...
I'm not too happy about it, I wish I could have had studied in Stockholm instead.
So now it's back to Västerås and Mälardalenshögskola.
I hope this semester will be better than the previous ones. Hopefully better teachers, interesting subject etc.

I pray, wish and hope!!

Hamilton - I nationens intresse

Idag ska jag gå me mamma o se denna film, har sett massa reklam för den plus vi fick en rabattcheck från ICA så tänkte passa på.
Boken släpptes samma år jag föddes o filmen kommer nu... vi får hoppas att den är bra ^^

Den svenske underrättelseofficeraren Carl Hamilton har träffat en kvinna som han vill starta ett vanligt liv med. Men hans jobb kommer emellan då han utan förklaring försvinner under fyra månader för att infiltrera en internationell liga som har stulit avancerade GPS-styrda artillerigranater exporterade av den svenska försvarskoncernen Nordfors. Då Hamiltons täckmantel håller på att avslöjas i gränsområdet mellan Uzbekistan och Afghanistan attackeras ligan plötsligt av en grupp maskerade legosoldater med okänd uppdragsgivare. Hamilton lyckas komma undan den dödliga attacken men granaterna han försökte spåra är försvunna. Inom kort används granaterna i ett attentat mot en somalisk fredspolitiker.

Samtidigt blir en svensk vapentekniker kidnappad och hamnar i somaliskt fängelse. Statsministern går med på att att anlita det amerikanska privata säkerhetsbolaget Spectragon för att kunna genomföra en fritagning, på villkoret att en svensk observatör får följa med, nämligen Carl Hamilton. Mot DG:s vilja tar Hamilton dock omvägen om Beirut för att ta hjälp sin gamla vän Mouna i PLO och använda sig av dennas resurser ifall något oväntat skulle hända i Somalia. Info @ wiki

Mikael Persbrandt – Carl Hamilton
Pernilla August – Statsminister
David Dencik – Vice statsminister
Leo Gregory – Miller, Spectragon
Gustaf Hammarsten – Martin Lagerbäck
Peter Andersson – Chef Militära underrättelse- och säkerhetstjänsten


This is what has been announced.
The Thirty-seventh single is an up-tempo rock song and it's the theme song for the TV drama "Lucky Seven" Matsujun is starring in. It will be released on March 7.
The limited will have one extra track + dvd and Regular version will have 2 extra songs + karaoke versions.
The titles for the other songs and covers are yet to be announced.

Also.. when did the boys changed record label? On my previous cds it says Jstorm but on cdjapan it says SONY. (Incl. Beautiful world...but still on mine it says Jstorm) Is it maybe just Cdjapan who got it wrong?

Limited edition
1.ワイルド アット ハート
3.[DVD] ワイルド アット ハート (ビデオ・クリップ)

Regular edition
1. ワイルド アット ハート
2. タイトル未定B
3. タイトル未定C
4. ワイルド アット ハート (オリジナル・カラオケ)
5. タイトル未定B (オリジナル・カラオケ)
6. タイトル未定C (オリジナル・カラオケ)

Be ready!

News has it that Arashi's new single Wild at heart will be released on March 7!
I'm already excited to see both PV and promotion!
But most of all listen to the full version of the song...

Golden boy!

He's really done it! I've seen him from black to blonde!!
NEWS member TEGOSHI Yuya is officially BLONDE!!
He's always been my fave in NEWS and I was surprised when I found this photo online!
I'm not sure if I like this new golden hairstyle of his....! I cannot say is bad.. nor good.. XD

There's something about Asian people going totally BLONDE!!

Long time ago ^^

I like this colour though...

Now... B L O N D E ! !

*Photos @ Google photos... + tsubategoryopi@tumblr.com

Happy Lunar New Year

For some reason I have forgotten to mention it here but been talking about it all weekend!
It's Lunar/Chinese New Years!!
Hello year of the Dragon! aka my year ^^

In Asian countries many have been off from work and school because of this..
and there are also lots of celebrations! However as for me I've been at home not doing much.
Except from eating bibimbap at church.
Normally at New Years in Korea you get Ddeokguk (rice cake soup)... that's the way to get 1 year older!
But not this year... maybe I should eat it tomorrow XD


Today's quote

"Life is not about the days that passes by, it's about those you remember"

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Mysteriet på Greveholm 2

Mysteriet på Greveholm är nog den bästa julkalendern jag upplevt! Vilket jag tror många kan hålla med mig om! Jag var 8 år när jag följde den på SVT med spänning innan jul. Och sedan spelade div datorspel osv.
När jag ser på den idag tycker jag den är minst lika bra som den var då, förutom att jag nu med andra ögon märker hur "dåliga" effekterna är av det som är "datagjort" ^^ Fast på den tiden var det en bra 3D effekt ^^

Idag kollade jag på SVTs Landet runt och fick en chock....
SVT Malmö har fått ansvaret för att göra 2012 års julkalender och det blir inget mindre än en uppföljare till succén som sändes för 16 år sedan!!
Både Pierre Lindstedt och Sven Ahlström återinträder i sina gamla spökroller, Staffan och Jean.
Barnen som har huvudrollerna i årets upplaga var inte ens födda när den förra visades (^^;;)
Och regissören har sagt att någon från familjen Olsson kommer att dyka upp! Vem inte vem av dem!! Jag hoppas på Ivar eller Lillan XD
Vi får vänta med spänning och se om uppföljaren kan komma i klass med orginalet!! Jag är skeptiskt så det blir helt enkelt upp till bevis!!

가문의 영광 4 - 가문의 수난

The 4th movie with the Hong family is here!

Title: 가문의 영광 4 - 가문의 수난
English Title: Marrying the mafia 4 - Family ordeal

President Hong’s family hit an all-time high after succeeding in their business. The family members, who have been prohibited from leaving the country for years for being involved in gang-related incidents, are finally allowed to go Japan and start preparing for a trip for the first time. In Japan they will try to get a better share on the Japanese market with their products however their plans don’t work out as well as they wished for.

Shin Hyun-jun as Jang In-jae
Tak Jae-hoon as Jang Seok-jae
Kim Soo-mi as Hong Deok-ja
Lim Hyung-jun as Jang Kyeong-jae
Jeong Joon-ha as Jong-myeon
Hyun Young as Hyo-Jung
Kim Ji-Woo as Mori


I loved and laughed at the 2nd and 3rd movie and was kinda surprised when I heard the 4th movie would be released!
However this story is so-so and I miss Kim Won-Hee who acts Shin Hyun-Jun (or Jang In-jae)'s wife. I think she'd have had brought some more light to the movie... (^^;;)
The story could havd had been fun but they are draggin it out and not making as much of it as they could have had. After 35min it gets kinda boring to be honest.
There are of course many fun parts too but I still missed the fun from previous movies.

It's far away from the same quality...
I don't think we'll see a 5th movie!

They are eatable!

Actually they are so tasty I can't stop eat them... that's the feeling I got when putting it into my mouth!
However as sweet things are not good for you, one has to be enough! At least for tonight ^^

My dad said: Is it okay to eat a second one?

I wonder how long they will last, if my dad can decide not long enough!!

Cardamom buns

It's Sunday and I felt the smell on the way home from church so I thought.. why not make some cardamom buns myself when I come home? ^^
So now I've cleaned my room, dust GOOD BYE! and the mix/paste/dough is proving in the kitchen!

It's a good Sunday evening I guess ^^


If you haven't you should listen to her latest album: How Crazy Your Love

YUI is one of my fave singers in Japan.. here are 2 songs with her I like.

The Paradise Kiss OST has been an addiction since I first heard the songs.
I also love the manga, movie...!!

Then AGAIN.. a rocky and great song!!!

Beautiful World Tour - T-shirt

It took me a few days but I finally put on my t-shirt I bought from Arashi's latest tour BEAUTIFUL WORLD.
My first though: The fabric is so soft XD
And it looks awesome... I still cry over the fact that missed this years' tour still happy that I got some goods. Thanks to my friend M-san who went to their concert venue to get me some goods ^^

And since this was the first time I bought a T-shirt from their goods I have to say it was a good..no a GREAT buy ^^


Today after church we all had Bibimbap.
I love Bibimbap even thought it's considered as an easy dish, you mix what u have kinda food. We had various veggies and bulgogi meat.
It was nice and tasty, I had lots of chili sauce.. I love spicy food
Also fun to meet with friends and have a nice talk ^^

I haven't been to church for more than a year... it's sad but I study and work so on the weekends I usually study or sleep.
Sometimes I meet with friends... but usually I'm too lazy. I finally understand what HJ unni was talking about when we lived together in Korea ^^

2 days left

It's now only 2 days left on my vacation or winter holiday.
I feel sad already, I don't wanna go back to uni XD
It has been nice to just relax and do nothing special....

Now I'm off to Korean church...
See u later ^^

Time to get rid off stuff

I have gone through most of my cds and other goods this week and is now going to try to sell them off.
I'm not a huge fan of NEWS, Kanjani8 or Tackey & Tsubasa anymore.. therefore I'm trying to sell some old goods off! (cds, dvds, photos etc...)
I hope I'll find them new homes...

Seems like som good already have done so ^^

Today's quote

“But still, if it's true, how can it be a lie?” ― Astrid Lindgren, Pippi Longstocking

Saturday, 21 January 2012

WGM 20110121

This week we start of with JW heads off to the house, which needs to be cleaned :P
EJ called and they had a small fight, just like normal couples.
While JW was home cleaning and washing, not so well but..he is a guy so who can blame him XD, EJ was on set shooting T-ara's Lovey Dovey MV.
In the end JW called SOS aka his mum for help... she scolded him :P

Then step two, how to get the bedding dry :P but well it didn't work too well so he made an emergency call, to a dry cleaner! He asked them if they could try it for him however they told him they could wash and dry it but not only dry. In the end JW solved it ^^
This episode showed how young he is and do not know much about house work :P
After hard work JW search online for somewhere to go and have fun in the snow, afterwards he put the bedding in the bedroom.. (Still.. why not outside on the veranda where u normally put it to dry off) then headed out to EJs location with lots of foods.

At the club JW greeted the director of the MV, a quite famous one, as well as spotted SoHyun while she did her solo part. Which of course made EJ jealous!
Then when EJ did her solo part JiYeon and SH went to get JW, they took him off side and had a small chat with him.
The girls told JW what EJ likes, suddenly JW said he had planned to take her on a trip which made the other girls jealous :P
EJ sneaked and eavsdropped on their talk, where SH and JY created scenes... they talked about kissing :P (it's the first time I noticed SH has huge thighs)

Finally Super Junior member had their blind dates!! They met up at a cafe.
The boys where already waiting and spoke about nonsense while waiting XD
Eunhyuk brought up the issue if the guys would want the same girl, Kyuhyun also saw it as a problem however Sungmin suddenly said: it doesn't matter what you think, it's up to the girl to pick the man she wants XD
DongHae didn't sleep the night before... being nervous and excited XD
Then LT and S showed up. And they start talking that LT turns 30 this year (Korean age) XD and of course asking S about it, she said: When turning 3o that's when you start to become a man ^^
S said what kind of women they wanted to meet, so she tried to find women with those criteria she also said all of them were actresses ^^ which made the guys very happy :P
The boys still continued saying they had not prepared.. not fixed their hair or make-up for such date XD
First to enter was Son Eun-Seo, Both EH and DH showed their interest for her :P Also EH and SES had met 1 year ago ^^
Second: Lee Se-Na, Once again EH showed his interest.
Third: Shin So-Yul, Yet again EH showed his interest, LT laughed at him as EHs face turned red. He also admitted that he and SSY had worked together before.
All the boys went redish and hot.. seeing such beautiful girls.
Final girl to enter was Jeong Yeon-Ju.. haha and EH showed his interest XD (someone has been out a girlfriend for a long time...)

Since all had arrived they started off with a small presentation, when SES stood up both EH and DH started to laugh which made LT wonder why they became so happy to see her stand up XD
SES said what style of guy she liked, her interest.. one of them was Kickboxing which made the guys very surprised.
Then with a lot of laughter EH finally got his words out and asked SES if she had any interest in any of them. SES said Yes ^^
SeNa also said what kind of guy she liked, that she had never been to a group date before etc.
As for SeNa, the question the boys had was: How do you spell your name.. With an E or Ae XD
DH asked if she had any siblings, she said she had a brother and sister.. which made DH play with the names asking if they were called HaNa, DuNa and Sena (HaNa = 1, Du= 2, Se= 3) SN said her sister was named Hana.
Then EH was too shy so DH had to ask her age, she said she was 30 years, born in 1982! Making LT bow and say: Hi Nuna XD
SoYul did a quick presentation, she seems to be very straight forward.
Finally Yeon-Ju made hers, she seemed a bit nervous, she's same age as Sora.

Then the boys made theirs...
SM was shy but pulled off a very nice presentation.
EH made a surprising comment saying he has never had a Girlfriend before!!
DH was nervous and very cute when he made his presentation.
When KH said his name, DH interupted by saying is your name KuHyun, and not kYuHyun.. making KH saying he needed to open his ears :P He said he liked to drink whine while watching movies.

SM started to show off his interest... martial arts and playing guitar!
EH had brought a present, which he choosed to give to SES ^^ At first she was surprised because inside it was a Samsung Galaxy S2 phone, then EH put on speakers and showed off his dance moves ^^
Afterwards she was asked how she felt and she admitted to be bad at dancing and said she liked a man who could dance.
KH presented a beautiful song ^^ Making all the women go "kyaaa" However the song wasn't the only surprise.. he also showed off his magic skills
DH had prepared a different gift, a huge laugh was given when they found a medicin box in his bag :P In the end DH lipsynced to his selfmade song ^^

Next week we'll see part 2 of the Blind dates, will we see a new couple? ^^

Today's laugh

One expression but so many meanings...
Let me laugh at this XD

He is fired!

Finally as we have been waiting for this day!
He has left his position! (or... he was fired XD)

May we celebrate!?^^

This man have had so many chances,he has done so many wrongs and mistakes!
He has been like a cat but his 9 lives has come to an end! Time to step down as the leader of the "Socialdemocratic" party!

Good bye Håkan Juholt
We won't miss you!
You will be remembered in our history books as nothing but a failure!!

Not that I am a fan of the "Socialdemocratic" party..but so tired of hearing his voice and his wrongs in various media!
Hope they will find a better future!

Family outing

This morning i was forced out of bed despite my stomach ache.
My mum and dad took me out on a family outing to a smaller city.
It was nice but cold!
My parents ended up shopping..while i only bought my train commute ticket!
I start my new semester on Tuesday and this time in my old uni city.
To my surprise the ticket was way more expensive than the one i have had during last semester.
400 SEK more! It's maybe 20km longer in distance..but it's a train, therefore it should be cheaper!
I mean it's eco friendly and is promoted to use.
It's also the easiest way to get there,as well as many people commute there both for work and studies!

It's a shame for Sweden!!
We,students are not made of money!!

Today's quote

I used to believe in forever, But forever's too good to be true. -Winnie the Pooh

I passed!

I got my result from my exam... I passed!!
Now I can leave this semester behind and walk forward..
Good bye 2011 and Hello 2102 :P
I'm finally on my 5th semester....! I cannot believe it's already the 5th!!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Odd Molly

I keep on spending money XD
Today I payed a visit to my fave Swedish brand.

I already bought a jacket from them a few weeks ago, however I couldn't resist so I bought myself one more.
So now I have both a brown and blue one!
I bought a green Odd Molly jacket 10 years ago and I still love it. However during these years I've never found a new one I liked until now.. therefore I rewarded myself with 2 ones! ^^

I love all their designs, it's colour, flowers, knitting etc!! Great Swedish design!

What's wrong with me?

These days I cannot go to sleep... I go to bed at midnight but I do not fall asleep until 4-5am!
I'm so tired but my body won't let me sleep!
I'm on my vacation... my next semester starts on next Tuesday, Jan 24. So I should feel relaxed and enjoy my sleep, since I've been busy studying for my previous class.

I wonder what's wrong, What is my body trying to say?

Goodbye Megaupload!

It sucks.. today Megaupload closed their server, because of ONE very stupid man!!
Now what? Megaupload has been a great site to upload things.
Like.. when travelling and taken lots of photos, instead of sending one by one to friends or a few in an email (since it has a limited size only), you could easily upload a zip or rar file onto megaupload, send the link to your friends who then could download it fast and watch them on their computer! AND get the original size!

However now it's history.... now what to do? (T_T)

Today's quote

"A little Consideration, a little Thought for Others, makes all the difference." -Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh

No more kimchi?!

I ate all my kimchi so I had to wash the jar I had it in. However my mum thought the smell was so strong she washed it a million times XD
Anyway this morning when I walked in to the kitchen I saw this weird looking jar in the zink. At first I didn't think much about it until I saw the red lid on the side!
My kimchi jar had shrunk! It looked like someone had used it for a scientific experiment.
But no.. when I asked my mum she said she had put lots of hot water! (^^;;)

So now I need to get myself a new kimchi jar!

I do love kimchi but I hate the smell! It takes over EVERYTHING...!! Therefore I need a proper jar to put it in ^^

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Reason to love Korean food!

Watch this and you'll understand why I think Korean food is one of the best in the world!!
Look, be amazed and try to find it!!! ^^

Here are the first 3 parts... as for the rest you'll find them on Youtube.

As for Korean restaurants in Stockholm, I'd recommend you to go to Korea House, Kimchi or Arirang...

삼성 갤럭시 S2

Today is the day!
I talked to my dad and we have decided to go and buy a new phone for me.
Actually I'll pay for it myself, but when it comes to buy electronics I like to have my dad around..
I have already decided which one to buy and all.. but I like the company I guess ^^

I've decided to buy the SAMSUNG GALAXY S 2

So... this weekend I need to go and buy some accessories ^^
I've already found some on Gmarket for a good price!

오늘은 새 스마트폰 살거얌!ㅋㅋ 삼성 갤럭시 S2!ㅎㅎ
아빠랑 만나고 같이 살려고 한다!!
많이 기대하고 있음... 드뎌 갤럭시 s2 내꺼 될거얌ㅋㅋㅋ

WGM taken over by SM?

Recent news are suggesting that SuJu member Donghae will for a new couple on the popular We gott married. His wife to be is said to be Son Eun Seo. The speculations have been going on for a while however now people believe it to be true.

With all do respect, I love Donhae... but to have 2 members of SuJu in it isn't too much?
There are so many other celebrities in Korea so why have two of the same group?
Could this mean that WGM takes another turn OR could it be that the show should come to its end? It has been airing since 2008 and have been very popular, however we have seen various come and go. However so far we have never seen members from the same band/group in couples at the same time.

We'll see how it goes, we already know a new couple will be added since Kim WJ and Park SH exited in last weeks show.

Is the world gonna become like China?

In China and North Korea they have censored websites!
That means you cannot access to the major sites we use today, such as GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER and YOUTUBE.

If SOPA passes through... USA will be the first DEMOCRATIC country who will live like they do under a communist regime!
This means no more communiting and be able to easily contact and share or watch the latest music, commercials or other fun clips like we do today!

If USA let this pass... then what about all other countries in the world?! Who will follow? As we know USA have a huge power and as in many other questions others will follow their "big brother"!

IS this how we want it? Do we want to step back to a world we lived in years ago?
Doesn't all these website proves how much we can gain from each other but not move physically?

Should politician be able to step on its' people like this?!

Aren't we supposed to live in a world with a freedom of expression?

January 18th, 2012 is the largest online protest in history, to stop the internet censorship bills, SOPA & PIPA. Join in by blacking out your site and urging everyone you can reach to contact Congress now.

Sites that will go on strike are many... some of the signups are:
Google, Wikipedia, Craigslist, Tumblr, Greenpeace intl., Twitpic

For more info: http://sopastrike.com/

Today's quote

"If SOPA passes, you could get 5 years for uploading Michael Jackson's songs. That's one more year than the doctor who killed him."

I should stop shopping in Stockholm

I feel ripped off, It's the same country but different cities...
Should this even be okay?
Only because I live in the big city should I pay more for the same things?

Last week after finishing my exam I passed a shoe store and saw a pair of boots I just had to have (^0^)

At the store in UPPSALA they were 70% off, however when arriving in STOCKHOLM I met up with my mum and she liked them so we went to the same store but in Stockholm.
When reaching the store and found them... I was surprised to see that it was ONLY 50% off!
That means.. I got 20% more discount at the store in the "smaller city".

Also I'm hunting for a new phone and I was surprised by the price here in Stockholm, I remember the price from GÄVLE. So today I called the store to check it, just to be on the safe side. And guess what.. it was 100 SEK cheaper!!

The stores I'm mentioning now are so called chainstores... and that's why I get so pissed off!
Why should I get to pay more only because I live in the BIG city?!

I should just stop go shopping in Stockholm and only shop in smaller cities!
Why pay more and get the same? Is it me as customer who has to pay for the stores' rentalfee? Seriously it doesn't make any sense at all!! It feels like I get cheated!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Yatta - it finally arrived!

This morning I got my package from Japan... I ripped it up, smiled like a baby and went back to sleep XD

A cute top from one of my fave clothes stores in Japan.. Ingni!! I will be able to use it both casually and for work ^^
Pink hasn't really been my colour but these days I'm addicted to it XD

I finally got to taste it.. the mysterious Pepsi PINK. Strawberry and milk sounds weird but I have to say, it was really nice (^^)
Can we release it here in Sweden too?? (^^;;)

Then I got my final batch of Arashi tour goods, from the BEAUTIFUL WORLD TOUR!

The t-shirt, it's my first time to get a t-shirt... this year it looks nice (^^;;) I really like the darkblue colour and the words...
Next year I hope for a parka (^0^)

My ni-ban.. I got the Matsujun clearfile, doesn't he look handsome?

All five.. The best stormy boys ^^
This photo is really great!

Finally.. and last... the hairtie/hairgumu - NAGOYA edition!
It's so cute, now I can wear Arashi with me :P