Friday, 28 March 2008

Happy x4

Happy 1

I finally recieved my cd's from China.. :)

F4 - Waiting for you (await your love version) + poster
YUI - Can't buy my love cd+dvd
S.H.E - Encore
Comic Boyz - My youth souvenir book

Happy 2

Who is singing which solo on 嵐's new cd ((Dream "A" Live)) is released!

Also.. 相葉ちゃん through "Aiba recomen" on March 28 released a "preview" his solosong "Hello Goodbye" and one of the 嵐 songs.. called "Move your body"
I LOVED THEM BOTH... 相葉ちゃん's song was a really cute song!! ^^ it really suits him!!
I can't wait until I get the LE version of the album in my hands..!!
However... I'm most curious about じゅんくん solosong "Naked" ^^

I also found YUI's new cd ((The Limited editon)) on a Taiwanese site.. and I think I will order it.. since the price is THE BEST!!
Around NT579.. which is around $20.. all other sites sell it for $35

Happy 3

I went to the gym this morning ((my morning)) and when I got home I made lunch ((or dinner..or whatever)) I did a 100% Veggie dish!((I'm proud of myself..))
I put in mushrooms, pepper, tomato, onion, beansprouts, black olives, some cheese and other delicious veggie things... OMG how good it tasted!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kinda like a hotpot.. ;)
I really did something wonderful...haha ^^
I love cooking food... however it's much better to share it with others..!

Happy 4

As said before Korea 2008 is set!! I'm really looking forward 2 it!
And I'm planning my stay atm.. I have a place to stay while I'm studying.. I will stay at 우리 집/woori jib
and I also if it's possible.. I really like to go to Japan..
So my travelplan now... is:
Flight: Stockholm-Seoul-Stockholm
Boat: Korea - Japan - Korea ((부산-福岡-부산))
Train: Around Japan.. ((I want to stop by 大阪(Osaka), 名古屋(Nagoya), 横浜(Yokohama), 京都(Kyoto) 東京(Tokyo).. but we'll have to see~))

And I need WORK..I need money...

Tomorrow = KARAOKE night!!! I'm so looking forward 2 it!!

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

I think I'm about to cry..

I think I'm about to cry~!! I got a note in my mail that I had a parcel to pick up.. and I saw the "id number" and thought.. my cd's came fast... BUT when I got there they told me that they didnt have it.. and my first thought was "WHAT THE???"
then I got a number to the "parcel-postoffice"..and of course I called them.. and they told me that they hadn't found it.. so NOW I'm panicking!!!
I hope it shows up tomorrow or I'm seriously going to punch someone really bad!!

I'm also a bit pissed at HMV Japan.. they said the shipping fee would be 1800 Yen.. however now they have changed their mind.. now the shipping fee is 5400 yen..
so total 11019 Yen, I'm not too happy but also I pay it.. because I want my photobook and calendars.. I have been waiting since February, and they will ship it with EMS, so it should take around 4 days until they arrive.. ((After they send it out from Japan))

I'm also hesitating about the DVD... I want it so bad.. however.. it's the money issue.. I need to save for Korea..
still I will buy it sooner or later.. and I still have a $5 discount until April 7.. so I guess I have until next week to decide...

Korean classes continues.. somehow the literature class is NOT my fave.. maybe because I don't like books that much ^^
I'd rather have a Hallyu class!! ((Hallyu = Korean wave)) I love "Hallyu".. it's one the greatest thing Korea has produced.. ^^
Well it's 3 classes 2 go... ;)

Dream "A" Live countdown

Today's song: 244 ENDLI-x - Help Me Help Me...

Monday, 24 March 2008

Easter and the COLD

So Easter is here, or now maybe I should say was here..
And as tradition we went to our summerhouse.. in a small town called Storvik, Gästrikland.
Anyhow I looked forward to it since I haven't been there since X-mas. I packed almost half of my room, strange enough, like I was going to be gone for ever..well well we had space in our car since my brother wasn't going with us.
When I got there it was freeeeeeeezing cold and LOADS of snow, even more than we had during X-mas. My first thought was "Okay, I'm gonna die" so I went inside and kinda forced my dad to light a fire!

Then I watched the World cup in figureskating... On the mens side.. my fave was Daisuke Takahashi from Japan and Stephane Lambiel from Switzerland! However they didn't do too well this year :( Okay bronze for Daisuke and 5th place for Stephane is good.. but I know they could have been NO 1 and 2!

Easter = Easer eggs and Easter food.
This year we had a lot of fish on our table!! however it tasted very nice and I really liked it..
Since I started eating loads of Asian food I have started to like fish even more.. and of course seaweed ^^
I'll be in heaven in Korea.. I'll buy loads of "김" in the supermarket when I get there ^^ that's for sure.

Back to the cold weather..
SERIOUSLY.. what's happening?? It should be spring now.. but I guess I was totally wrong!! :(
I can't stand the cold!! During the weekend we had minus 10-16 degrees celcius!!
Also I have to say.. my summerhouse isnt that far away from Stockholm, and is not in the very north of Sweden.. so that's why I'm so surprised!! Cause in Stockholm it isnt this cold and we doesnt have snow here either!!

Summer 08 is set

So last week I found out that I got a (summer)scholarship..I will be studying 한국어 at 이대 aka 이대여자대학교... in 서울l, 한국.
Somehow everyone I have told has laughed and said "Caroline, you do know it's a womens univ.. right?"My answer has been: "Ehm.. its called Ewha Womens university..soo NO I didn't notice!!"So WHY did I choose a womens univ. when I can go to a "mixed univ"?? Well it was the only univ. who had a intensive languageprogramme.. and I want to make the most of my time in Korea. ((Something that I might regret when I start..well shit happens))I'll be gone for more than 3 months... YAY!! *Goodbye Sweden.. Hello Korea!*

It feels like I'm on cloud 9.. Last year I couldnt imagine I would come back to Korea within 1 year!
Also I have already managed to find a place to stay.. I'll be staying an apartment really close to my univ. and it will cost around 130 000 Won (around $120) a month.. which is REALLY cheap!!! ((for being in Seoul))Why is it so cheap you might wonder.. well it's a guesthouse/apartment for Korean (overseas) adoptives..which I am..!At the moment.. I'm raising money.. Life in Seoul is not cheap - if your name is Caroline and wants to do loads.. (Shopping, sightseeing, travel, eat yummy koreanfood, have fun fun fun~)And if I get enough money I hope I can make a short trip to Tokyo, Japan on my way back home.. I'm stuck on Japanese tv-dramas and music these days so it would be cool to go there.. and I'd really like to visit Tokyo tower...And I'd also like to go to a concert, but it's almost impossible to get tickets in Japan.. ((JE has their stupied rules~ *crying*)) therefore I hope there will be some good concerts in Korea instead.. ((I missed 신혜성's concert since I had to go back to Sweden on the concert day :( ))

Ohh.. yeah.. I will be celebrating my 20th birthday in Korea.. and in Asia you become an adult at age of 20.. so Aug 16 = PARTY!! ((and it's a Saturday which is AWSOME))I'm also looking forward to meet all my friends over there..I'll be seeing you soon!!

Countdown: 2008년6월27일 ^^

Friday, 21 March 2008

Music of the month - March 08

As most of you know.. I'm addicted to music!!
And since it's my passion I'll start to post "Music of the month", which includes albums and songs I like~
I have to say.. that... at the moment.. I mostly listen to Asian music (Korean, Japanese.. and some Taiwanese)

嵐(Arashi) - Arashic
嵐 - One
嵐 - Time
YUI - From me to you
キンキキッズ (KinKi Kids) - 39
東方神記/동방신기 (Dong Bang Shin Ki) - T
宇多田 ヒカル(Utada Hikaru)- Heart Station
V6 - Musicmind
タッキー & 翼 (Tackey & Tsubasa) - タキツバベス

嵐 - Step and Go
堂本光一 (Domoto Koichi) - SNAKE
堂本光一 - 愛の十字架-Promise 2U-
YUI - Rolling star
堂本剛 (Domoto Tsuyoshi) - Say Anything
堂本剛 - Help Me Help Me...
浜崎あゆみ (Hamasaki Ayumi) -
絢香 (Ayaka) - 手をつなご
宇多田 ヒカル (Utada Hikaru) - Deep river
F4/JVKV - 在這裡等你
빅뱅 (Big Bang) - 마지막 인사
Crystal Kay - きっと永遠に
NEWS - 太陽のナミダ
TOKIO - Sugar
関ジャニ∞ (Kanjani8) - さよならはいつも
関ジャニ∞ - BJ
舞闘冠 (Butoukan) - Now and Forever
DREAM BOYS 2007 OST - "Ending song"
김재중 - 동방신기 (Kim JaeJoong - DBSK) - Maze
신혜성 (Shin HyeSung) - He said...
タッキー & 翼 - SAMURAI

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

a huge mix...

I'm really tired.. since I havent slept much during the last couple of weeks.. so sorry for all grammar mistakes!

Why do I waste so much money?? Well I don't think I'm wasting but.. JE totally eats all my money!!
And my bankaccount is not 2 happy..!!! ((And I have to save money now.. for K O R E A ))
And recently I also bought some cd's on Ebay.. and all I can say.. the cd's was CHEAP but the shipping!!!!!Why does it have to be so expensive to send things around the world?
However.. back to JE.. I'm so excited about my new 嵐(Arashi) cd ((The Limited edition sold out in just 3 days on most of the sites on the net!! can't imagine what it will look like in Japan on the releasing day! I'm most excited about the guys solos.. I know which one にの is singing.. but I'm excited about リ一ダ一's solo, since he has the best voice.. and also じゅん and 翔 since they are my fave! April 25.. come my way!!
Why Johnny why? still when he's at it.. why not also release another cd-single.. since he's already having 嵐 release 1 cd - LE and RE.. Concert DVD and Ohno butai-dvd..

I have found a new tv-serie.. it's from Taiwan and it's called 這裡發現愛/Zhe Li Fa Xian Ai - the English title is Wish to see you again
Zaizai, Kingone are starring.. Zaizai is so cute..haha but he's getting old :S
I love the OST.. ie. F4(JVKV) - 在这里等你!! So far ep. 5 is my fave because 阿部力 is in it ^^ it's cool to hear him speaking Mandarin, I'm most used to hear him speak in Japanese. 

2day I watched the latest episode of 嵐の宿題くん

And as usual I laughed very much, they always seem to come up with stupied things to do! ^^ 相葉ランド is the best part in the show ^^ and well 相葉ちゃん is the one who comes up with the most stupied things so I guess that's why I love it^^ ((then again he is one the biggest idiots.. said by マツじゅん))
Eating playing game

punishment ^^

Winter is back!? It has started to snow..and it's freezing!!
WHAT'S happening?? It's supposed to be spring now.. not a Christmas!
And when I speak about winter.. a friend of mine got a call from KBS ((Korean broadcasting system)), in Korea and they asked him some stuff, since they are coming.. they are going to tape the World Cup in figureskating here in Sweden..and my friend told them NOT to bring any winter clothes.. LMAO, ROTF... they much be in a shock now..haha and NEVER trust my friend again!

Today I started a new course.. Korean Art and Literature.. Kinda scary and it was a L O N G lecture! Hearing pieces of Korean litterature from 13th century and not understand more than 5% or even less..!! For about 2 whole hours. ((Subtitle plz))
And I recieved some small gifts from 혜미 through Yasmine.. I was so happy~ I loved the small notebook and the memocard thing ^^ 고마워요!

This morning I also got an email from InKas.. and I have a place to stay this summer while I'll be studying in Korea *yay* and the rent is really cheap!!((compare to a dorm..and I don't need to put up with "stupied dormrules" :D ))
What else.. ohh..yeah I hate CSN!!! they have really F***ed up rules about student grant. I can't change the Korean univ. policy? Really need to find a way to earn some money..((Well I actually got a job but I'm thinking of MORE money than I'll get from that)) I'll try to apply for some scholarships, I found one on 15 000 sek, which would be G R E A T if I get it.
Come to think about Korea and the univ I'll attend.. I'm so fed up with "You know it's a womens university"
YES I do know that.. but 이대(or 이화여자대학교) was the only univ. who offers an intensive korean language course, besides I'm not there to check out guys!! That I can do just by walking around on the streets of Seoul *lol*
So at the moment it seems like I will be in Korea for 3 months!! It's exciting.. and I have already talked to some friends over there.. can't wait to meet them again!! 희정 you better plan a good "Sightseeing in Korea trip"..haha ^^
And Andreas.. we have to eat Baskin and Robbins icecream.. however I hope 혜미 and you haven't eating too much of it ^^
and I'm going to eat way much 떡볶이 and I'll eat real 짜장면! I also look forward to eat 순두부 찌개, 김밥(it's cheap and good as a snack), 김치찌개 and 갈비.

+ I'm working on getting 영웅오빠 to come and visit since haven't been to Korea yet! and was pissed at me last year when I went there without telling him!!
Also while I'm in Korea.. I hope I will be able to attend some concerts, if there are any.. and I hope my fave artists will release cd's etc ^^ Last year I could have attended a 신혜성 concert but I was flying back to Sweden the same day so I couldn't..

When I'm on the Asian theme.. why does all the asian guys, or most of them, have to smoke??
I got this answer from one person: "Well they look so good when they are holding the cigarette".. *%¤/`?=!*.. So?? Do you want him to kill himself in order to look good??

Well well.. tomorrow is a brand new day...

堂本光一 - 愛の十字架-Promise 2U-
F4 - 在这里等你
F4 - 体验
嵐 - サクラサケ
嵐 - Step and Go
絢香 - 手をつなごう
신혜성 - He said
YUI - Laugh away
Crystal Kay - きっと永遠に
동방신기 - Darkness eyes

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Tiden går snabbt när man har tråkigt!!

Återgår till "titeln" o jag ska förklara varför..
Så därför blev jag sjuk.. rätt rejält, och jag som skulle STUDERA hela veckan.. då jag den 14 mars, dvs idag hade tenta..
Men nej varje dag jag klev upp ur sängen ramlade jag o slog huvudet i nattduksbordet.. Goodmorning to me!
Aja.. 2. PLUGG PLUGG PLUGG...stress som bara den.. 4 kapitel koreansk grammatik.. det är jobbigt, spec då allt är nytt o mycket liknar varandra, dvs stavas likadant men betyder HELT olika saker beroende på vart man sätter det i meningen osv.. ursch ursch!
Varför kunde jag inte växt upp med både koreanska och svenska.. mitt liv skulle vara så mycket lättare, låt mig förklara...
i Sverige.. ja.. utomlands tror alla att svenskar är BLONDA o har BLÅ ögon.. dvs ALLA har det.
och vi i Sverige svarar med.. ja du.. en del.. men nu är det så att det finns många invandrare här.. + Sverige har blivit en gott och blandat mix!
i KOREA däremot består befolkningen till 99.9% av koreaner..och alla "ser likadana ut" eller iaf har koreanska drag.. På gatan i Korea kunde folk komma fram och fråga.. "Vad talar du för språk.. du är ju korean"
Jag svarade: "svenska" som ingenting.. men ni skulle sett deras ögon.. jag trodde att de skulle falla ut på vissa av dem.
Och vad är då så utmärkande att de på gatan,tunnelbanan, i taxin, på nattklubbar osv.. kan se att man är korean!?
1. Ögonen ((Sure.. för er som inte vet.. Det är FAKTISKT en stor skillnad på kineser,taiwaneser,japaner o koreaner.. visst är ögonen inte runda som klot som västerländska ö vi har vi alla sneda ögon.. men det skiljer sig mellan oss))
2. Näsan ((min är rätt platt måste jag dock säga.. o många koreaner har "platta" näsor.. tom. så långt att prästen i min kyrka sammanfattade utseendet på sin dotters näsa såhär: "Det ser ut som en pansarvagn har kört över henne"
3. Läpparna ((Överläppen om jag ska vara mer exakt..))
Så Nej..det är inte bara att gå på gatan i Korea o tro att man är vem som helst.. iaf inte tills man öppnar käften o snackar ett helt obegripligt språk ((Dvs i deras öron))

Varför nämner jag det här? Jo.. det lutar åt ((till 99%)) att jag från o med 27 Juni - början av Oktober kommer att befinna mig i Seoul, Sydkorea ((tar förmodligen om pengarna räcker..en tripp förbi Tokyo, Japan oxå när jag ändå är i Asien)) och studera det koreanska språket. Ska förhoppningsvis bli bättre.. ^^ vill kunna prata och förstå i alla fall på en "bra nivå" ^^
har fått stipendie av Inkas. så Ewha Univ. Intensiv kurs nästa!! dvs 200 timmar koreanska..
och Det betyder att jag INTE kommer att vara hemma på min 20-års dag.. så MAMMA och PAPPA.. ni får skicka presenterna.. ^^ och till mina kompisar.. It's gonna be a PARTY all night dag..haha!!
I Asien blir man myndig vid 20 års ålder, inte 18 som här.. såå.. finally!!!

Oj oj.. gled bort lite från ämnet tror jag.. men antar att det är för att jag är trött som en apa.. men kan inte sova!

Idag mars 14.. så är det WHITE DAY alla asiater och kanske andra för den vad det innebär... ^^
Dock ingen choklad för min del..bara från mamma.. men det räknas inte.. MEN det skiter jag i.. för jag väntar på BLACK DAY.. April 14. Då ska vi käka Jjajangmyeon.. eller hur Tiff!?

Just dt.. förra veckan då jag var sjuk.. så var jag endast ute då jag hämtade mina paket från utlandet... Japan, Taiwan, Korea.
+ Denna vecka var jag inte heller ute..då jag satt inne o pluggade som en plugghäst..!!

STORT TACK till Hye-mi (Cecilia) som just nu befinner sig i Seoul..hon skickade 3 skivor o eyebrowcutters...well needed!! 언니 고마워요!^^
+ små presenter.. som Yazz har hemma hos sig.. som jag inte vet vad det är än..

This weeks arrivel:
堂本光一 - Mirror LE ((EMS budet ringde på kl 8.30 på morgonen och jag KRÖP ((Jag hade feber o skit)) ut i hallen o skrev på som sagt det var VÄRT DET!! Skivan skickades en lördag och kom fram tisdag morgon från Japan.. THAT'S SERVICE!!))

Sen har jag även fått massa Arashi prylar.. LOL ^^
= 大成功!!
Har även pre-ordered deras nya album Dream "A" Live som utkommer i slutet av April.. och NEJ jag e inte dum.. men det är så att på flera stora japanska sidor är "Limited Edition" redan slutsåld fast att det är över 1 månad kvar tills den släpps.. o då ska jag oxå nämna att länkarna till "pre-order" kom upp IDAG (14 mars)
+ Deras LIVE dvd - SUMMER TOUR 2007 FINAL Time-コトバノチカラ- kommer oxå ut i april.. men den kostar över 300 så jag e inte säker på den än.. dvs mina pengar räcker inte till!!
Dels för att jag måste spara till Korea men oxå för att det finns andra saker som jag vill ha.. tro det eller ej..!!
Det är förstås två skivor till jag vill ha..
Först YUI - I loved yesterday Många säger att YUI har en barnslig röst.. maybe that's the hon skriver sina låtar själv och de flesta är SUPER.. älskar hennes första album mest dock.. men nya låtar som "Love & truth", "Namidaro", "I wanna be.." och "Laugh away" är riktigt bra!!
Nummer två är Domoto Tsuyoshi (堂本剛) - I & 愛... Tsuyoshi o Koichi (aka KinKi kids) är två av mina favoriter.. och jag har redan hört 4-5 låtar som finns med på albumet o jag älskar dem!! Tsuyoshi kan verkligen skriva bra låttexter..!! ((Fave of all time är Ai no katamari (愛のかたまり) ))

Okej... back to real life once again..
Nästa vecka = nytt kapitel..kap 12 i boken..., 1 ny kurs - konst och litteratur!! I'm scared!!
Ska börja jobba oxå.. "ungdomssattsning på Teknikföretagen".. är lite rädd.. men ska nog klara det.. ser det som en utmaning.. o jag behöver pengarna!!
Måste ringa CSN om studiebidrag till studierna i Korea..
Måste skicka in papper till Inkas o Koreanska sällskapet..
Farmor fyller 85 år! måste hitta på ngt till henne..frågan är vad..hmm~

Aza aza fighting!!