Sunday, 31 December 2017

Bye 2017, Hello 2018

Another year has passed.
This year was a very busy year and a happy year personally.
For work I developed a lot.
And we got married this year, I married the best man on the planet!!

I wonder what 2018 will bring!!


Some of you might be tired to hear and see SHINee posts by now.
But I guess for me this is a process to go forward. Like I said it's not like I knew him but it feels weird he is gone.
I mean..if they have had just disbanded, I'd probably posted these posts as well because it's great music.
But it feels so weird that Jonghyun is no longer here. The music is not to be the same.
What's to happen to SHINee, I don't know...

#종현 #Jonghyun #SHINee #샤이니

수고했어요 종현아

Saturday, 30 December 2017


I spent the last of 2009 and mid 2010 using this song as my ringtone on my old phone.
I still love this song so much!
I remember seeing you all performing this song as well. It is such a nice memory of you all shining on stage!

#종현 #Jonghyun #SHINee #샤이니

수고했어요 종현아

Friday, 29 December 2017


Another song played over and over on my mp3 back in the days.
Feels like yesterday I saw the comeback but it is already over 7 years!
I long back.

#종현 #Jonghyun #SHINee #샤이니

수고했어요 종현아

Thursday, 28 December 2017

누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)

This video started it all and they rose to fame.
My cute little brothers, but you all have grown so much.
Always 5 !!!!

SHINee will always shine for us!

#종현 #Jonghyun #SHINee #샤이니

수고했어요 종현아

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Time to go

In a few hours we will embark our travel to Seoul!
I'm so excited.
We paid for Economy Comfort, I hope it's good!

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

종현 White T-Shirt

I cannot stop thinking that Jonghyun is gone.
It's like a little brother is gone for some reason, I mean I have followed him and his career since 2008.
It feels strange.
One thing is having bands and artists to disband or choose another path but our Jonghyun has left us.

I loved him on shows and his music.
It's a huge loss, but he will never be forgotten

#종현 #Jonghyun #SHINee #샤이니

수고했어요 종현아

Monday, 25 December 2017

The Viral K-beauty Trend for Clear Skin: 7 Skin Method | Glow Recipe

I'm still hooked and love the K-beauty skincare routine.
I cannot wait to go in a few days, I so look forward to buy new items, especially those that have been raved about during 2017!!

If you are not aware of Glow recipe, take a look and 

Sunday, 24 December 2017

God Jul / Merry Christmas

If you didn't know it already...
Sweden celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve, dec 24.

God Jul
Merry Christmas
메리 크리스마스

Saturday, 23 December 2017

종현 Moon

One of my absolute fave songs from his solo career and this video..OMG!!!
I want to wake up from all of this and wish he is back.
Sadly this won't happen. he gave us his all!!

#종현 #Jonghyun #SHINee #샤이니

수고했어요 종현아

Alice Velvet and Leather Ballet Flat

Hubby kindly gifted me with these beauties. I saw them at one store but my size was out of stock.
Then again it was 50% off so no wonder there.
The next day I passed the other MK store and found them. I called and asked hubby for his opinion, knowing I already own a million pair of shoes ^^
He responded he just purchased the other MK shoes I saw the day before in red. I was like..OMG but I want the blue.
So I asked the clerk if she could hold them so hubby could come over so we could exchange. Hubby said, it's not easy to surprise me..haha
Anyway we came and I got these, so pretty no???

I love the velvet and colour, they are just perfect!!!! LOVE
Thank you darling

Plush velvet and a leather cap toe elevate our Alice ballet flats. Finished with a smart bow and polished lock charm, the feminine shape and minimal design instill this pair with modern balance.

• 100% Viscose
• Sole: Rubber
• Round Toe
• Slip On
• Imported

Colour: Admiral
Style# 40F7ALFP2D
Michael Kors Website

Friday, 22 December 2017

Tell me what to do

I still cannot get over it. So sad..
I miss Jonghyun.

Tell me what to do
Tell me what to do
Tell me what to do
Tell me what to do
요즘 난 I don’t know, I don’t know you
많은 걸 포기한 듯한 눈빛
하지만 들려 무언의 외침
Tell me what to do

극적인 전개도 없는 연인
시간이 두는 패착인 걸까?
끝내지 않아도 이미 끝난
Tell me what to do

풀리지 않는 매듭은
우리 앞에 있는데

내가 먼저 다가가
막다른 길 끝에서
흘린 눈물에 다 젖어버린
두 볼을 닦아주고 물어볼래

Tell me what to do
Tell me what to do
Tell me what to do
Tell me what to do

말하지 않아도 알아주길
뭔가 주기만 했다는 착각
익숙한 존재라 던진 말들
Tell me what to do

무심했던 아픈 말
깊은 상처를 남긴 날
내가 여전히 바보란 사실만
깨닫게 되는 말

지울 수만 있다면
그렇게만 된다면

내가 먼저 다가가
막다른 길 끝에서
흘린 눈물에 다 젖어버린
두 볼을 닦아주고 물어볼래

Tell me what to do (먼저 말해주길 바래)
Tell me what to do (Don’t cry no more)
Tell me what to do (너의 마음이 나를 본다면)
Tell me what to do (Don’t cry no more)

당연하게만 여겼던 네 자리
네가 없다는 그 상상만으로도
견디기 싫어져
세상은 무너져 다

Am I the one for you
넌 언제쯤 예전에 나와 견제 중
네가 많이 변했다고 말하는
내가 가장 많이 변했지
The one for me 난 모르지만
그 약속을 계속 조르지 우리
시간은 계속 머물지만 우리
시간은 계속 허물지

그 미소가 내게 와 더 환하게
차갑던 손은 더 따듯하게
외롭던 두 개 영혼이 만나
Not lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely
다시 널 들여다볼게
네 숨을 귀에 담을게
우리만 빼고 모든 것이 다 변해가도

내가 먼저 다가가 (내가 먼저 다가가)
막다른 길 끝에서 (Tell me what to do)
흘린 눈물에 다 젖어버린
두 볼을 닦아주고 물어볼래

Tell me what to do (먼저 말해주길 바래)
Tell me what to do (Don’t cry no more)
Tell me what to do (너의 마음이 나를 본다면)
Tell me what to do (Don’t cry no more)

Tell me what to do
Tell me what to do
Tell me what to do

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Home made Bibimbap

I know we are going to Korea soon.
But I had a craving for Bibimbap. My darling was kind enough to prepare a very delicious one all from the basic! It was sooooooo delicious!
It also made me long even more for Seoul!

It's funny how this dish has become so popular around the world.
In Korean Bibim means to mix, and bab means rice or meal.
And although it's very pretty displayed, to eat it like a true Korean you have to mix it all together before you start eating. In Sweden this would be same as Pyttipanna!

What's your fave ingredients in your Bibimbap?

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Jonghyun you are missed!!!!

It has passed almost 2 days now.
It's not like I knew him personally but followed him since his debut.
To me he had a lot of talent. It's so sad for all who go through depression and it's so sad for those who do not get the support needed. Depression is one word but so different for each person.
Sadly no one could help Jonghyun.
He will be missed, he ended his life too soon.
We can only wonder for how long this has been going on and why.


Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Allergies sucks!!!

Do you have allergies?
I have lots of them and when travelling it's difficult. I'm allergic to lots of foods - veggies.
In Sweden to have allergies is very common but in other countries it's not.
So in many countries it's difficult to eat because a lot cannot be changed.

The allergy I have the largest issue with is carrots!
yes you heard it right, carrots! And no I cannot eat them if they are cooked either.
In Sweden these days a lot of food companies adds carrots or substitute meat for carrots as it's cheaper. But this has caused me not being able to buy things sad!

In Korea and Japan this has been an extra large issue because they LOVE to put carrots in food or as toppings.

And although I have my allergies, sometimes I forget to ask.
Especially for dishes where it's normally not added. Or it had sorta detailed instructions but when I get the food it's there!
In Japan they have understood and taken it off but in Korea I sometimes have to fight it.
The ajummas working thinks I'm just picky because we ALL know how much the Koreans love their carrots!

Other allergies are apples, pears, peaches, zucchini, quinoa, walnuts, and hazelnuts!
All things are good for you, it's so insane!!!
And I used to be able to eat them when I was younger, so I'm not sure why I got them.
For Quinoa I was told because I ate it so intensively, like every lunch for 3 months, then I stopped. and when I started again I got such a stomach ache I thought I was gonna die.

I went to a clinic to get myself tested, the doctor said.. OMG you have A LOT of allergies when the test came out. She also said all cannot be tested. Some could be because of other allergies in other words cross reactions.
A lot of the foods would be from pollen, but I rarely feel pollen, it happened once. But I think it was because i was inside a hotel for a week and didn't go out and the pollen got really heavy the day I stepped out. That year pollen was super strong.

Anyway... having allergies sucks!
I wish I was allergy free, but once you get them.. you cannot get rid of them!

Monday, 18 December 2017

Christmas at Mr Cake

I had n appointment at the hairdresser the other week and on my way I passed by Mr Cake.
My hubby and just loved the croissants.
As I visited on a Saturday morning, It was almost full although it was very early!!
I bought one of the red velvet ones and one of their Christmas special - Gingerbread.

Both delicious. Still nothing can beat the Red velvet!!
It is sooooooooooooooooo good!

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Seoul Countdown D-10

We are now 10 days away until we are going to Seoul!!
I'm so excited and this time we will stay in Gangnam area. I usually stay on the other side of Han River for various reasons, but this time we decided this would be most convenient. 
Looking forward to it so much!!!!


Saturday, 16 December 2017

Faceshop sale

I know we are off to Korea within 10 days but..
Faceshop decided to have a up to 50% sale. And some of the items I wanted were 50% off so I couldn't help myself! I mean 50% is a lot! And i cannot be sure they will have similar sale when we are there. They didn't have this sale for Black Friday so.. I just had to get these.

First is the Mango Seed cream, I heard it's supposed to be really good for dry skin and it's supposed to be extra good for the winter season. The large one, 100 ml was 50% off so it cost 25 000 won and I also had a 10% coupon so I only paid 22 500 won!

The other two are the rice water cleansing oils. I have hard well of them and both were 50% off so I decided to get one of each, one light and one rich.
I know the light one is supposed to be for oil and combination skin but sometimes you never know so I want to try it out as well, as it was only 5000 won for a bottle.
The rich is for normal to dry skin.

I have heard a lot of good about these two so we'll see :)

Friday, 15 December 2017

Love bookstores in Seoul

When I think of going to the bookstore I think, quick in quick out.
But after I moved to Seoul, many years ago I fell in love.
I loved the Korean bookstores, the variety of books.
During weekends I could spend all day long there reading books, magazines (yes I know it's not a library) but I'd read the back of books and read the sample magazines.
I'd also pick up lots of fun stationary, cds etc.

I cannot wait to go there this time.
And guess what, I will have less than 2 min walking distance to the Kyobo Bookstore, Gangnam branch!!! I'm so excited :)

Thursday, 14 December 2017

This Christmas

The current queen of K-pop Kim Taeyeon is back with  new track!
It's called This Christmas and is appropriate for the season :)

What do you think?
I like like like :)


#TAEYEON #태연 #Winter_album #ThisChristmas_WinterisComing #TitleTrack #ThisChristmas #171212 

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Kobe beef!!!

One thing on my list has always been to eat Kobe beef, but you know it's expensive.
When I was a student it was out of my price range. Then the other times, I was too busy.
This time around we decided as a Christmas present we'd gift each other with a good meal!

I asked my bff who's living in Kobe to give me recommendations.
I mean.. better to ask someone who knows. Also she is good at finding places so.
She sent me a link to this place called Ishida, she said..good thing too was that they offer service in English. As neither my hubby or parents speak Japanese I think this will be good.

I made reservation online, on their website. They later confirmed back day/time.
And also we were asked to pay! Yes, in advance. But you can cancel but you need to do it in advance if you want your money back.

We decided on the lunch one, there are three different Lunch sets.
I booked the Choice Kobe Beef Lunch (Loin) 150g, Price ¥8800 (Aprox 80 USD).
The most expensive of the sets, but it will be worth it. With the meal we get the following:
A A5 Kobe Beef (Carefully Selected Kobe beef with BMS grade of 8~12)
・Kobe beef Mini Roast Beef
・Choice Kobe Beef Loin (150g)
・Fried Seasonal Vegetables
・Rice (w/picked veg. and miso soup)
※+500 yen to change to garlic rice
・Dessert (Sherbet)
・Coffee or Tea

They have four locations close by, the restaurant will send you details on which restaurant you get a seat at.
All are located in Sannomiya area in Kobe.
Each location can hold 22-30 guests so it's very small but it also provides better service as they are to cook the food in front of you.

Website (English)

Business Hours
Lunch 11:30 a.m. ~3:00 p.m.(L.O.2:30 p.m.)
Dinner 5:00 p.m.~10:00 p.m.(L.O.9:00 p.m.)

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Heart Shaker

Twice is back with a new song, it's called Heart Shaker.
To me this song is a bit so-so, it's not like previous songs. I mean this one doesn't stick in my head like the others.
Also the lyrics are a bit, heard it before, nothing new and nothing that caught my attention.

What about you? What's your opinion?

Monday, 11 December 2017


I think my hubby is going mad, but still kind enough to do what I ask.
We said that we'd have Korean BBQ for dinner this New Years Eve.
I had found a place but then I saw this place and as usual changed my mind!

This place looks awesome...and expensive!
But New Years is one time a year and we are not in Korea that often so it became a MUST.

I can't wait!!

The place is called Gogi Go and is located in Sinsa, Seoul.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

세상의 모든 아침

Thanks to Youtube I found out about this place.
It's called 세상의 모든 아침, which translates to All mornings in the world.
It's located in Yeoido, Seoul. Look at the pics below, sooooo beautiful!

They only take reservations through phone, so annoying for us NOT LIVING IN KOREA.
But we did it, or my hubby did it. He had a reservation and I'm so excited to visit.
I hope the weather will be nice on that day so we can admire the view.

Can't wait to visit!!

Saturday, 9 December 2017

The little book of skincare by Charlotte Cho

I ordered this as an early Christmas present for myself. It arrived earlier this week and as I start to read I couldn't stop! I enjoyed it sooooooooo much.
I have been following Soko glam and Charlotte's blog. A lot wasn't new yet the book was very interesting to read! I wish to share this all with you.
If you are into make up, don't forget your skin care!
If you are interested in K-Beauty, you must read this! It also have fun tips about Seoul. For me nothing new but I agree a lot with Charlotte's words.

Have fun reading!

#Soko #glam #Charlotte #Cho #Kbeauty #Korean #Beauty #Skincare #k-beauty #MakeUp #The #Little #Book #of #Skin #Care

Friday, 8 December 2017

Korea Countdown - D20

20 days to go!! So exited. I'm most looking forward to meet friends and go shopping!
I want to visit DDP and Myeongdong (photos) but of course other areas too.

Seoul is great for people who loves shopping!!

Thursday, 7 December 2017


The second song of their upcoming release.
I like this one the most, I posted the other song yesterday.
The music video reminds me of the movie Alice Through the looking glass.

Anyway.. I love to have boys back!
I look forward to see them perform this one live!

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Begin ~Again Version~

The boys are back, it feels like it has been so long since we heard from them.
Now they are here to stay and we can expect more from them without having to wait for a longer time anymore!

This is their new Japanese single that is to release prior Christmas.
Very DBSK styled song, no?
What do you think, I LOVE ^^

Tuesday, 5 December 2017


Finally got my hands on the highly raved YSL cushion foundation, the most expensive I have ever purchased!!!But waaay cheaper (and surprisingly easy to find) in to Asia where it's always sold out. Can't way to try...The sample showed greatness
I might have said it before, I got the flu...again!!!! so my memory is not fully working.
Anyway it cannot be mentioned enough, I'm so hyped for this product!

But before I start I will finish what I have already opened!
I do not like to waste products so I will try my best to be able to start using it!

FYI - The cushion is cheaper in Europe.
Original price was 500 SEK (aprox 56 USD), I got it on sale for 400 SEK (44 USD).
In Korea I think original price is 75 USD, and taxfree 61USD.

#kbeauty #cushionfoundation #YSL

Monday, 4 December 2017

Another you

5 years ago I was in Canada and I found this guy - Jesse Labelle.
I still listen to his music now and then and I love I can listen on Spotify.

Here is a single he released earlier this year!

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Korea Countdown - D25

I cannot believe there are only 25 days left to our Korea trip.
I really want some time off work.
It has been a busy year, I'm thankful for the opportunities given but at the same time I need a vaca!

I'm looking forward to eat delicious Korean food! Food we cannot get here in Sweden!

Friday, 1 December 2017

Love Japanese stuff

I love to follow Kim Dao.
Today I saw her video and wanted to share. So many of the items she shared I love or I want to try. And it's true. In Japan there are so many wonderful things that can only be found in Japan or Asia.
Sometimes I feel so sad it's so far away for me. But whenever I go to Japan I always love to go to drugstores and buy these items! Must buys and great souvenirs.

For you who haven't been to Japan yet, watch and write down on what you need to pick up!

Kao Megurhythm Steam Eye Mask
I love this one, I have all fragrance, but I prefer lavender.
Such an awesome invention. A great item to use to relax

Kanebo Evita Beauty Whip Soap
I have heard so much of this and I will try to pick it up this upcoming travel to Japan.
There are so many other ones out there, but it's so cute!!! also a perfect gift for any girl friends!

Daiso Silicone Moisturizing Mask
I picked this one up last year, it's awesome!
In Japan it cost 100 yen, 1 USD, this is so convenient! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Heat Packs
These are big also in Korea. I have also seen them in Sweden but in Sweden they cost 10 times as much! I love these and always buy and bring home. I especially love the ones you can put on your feet!

Dr. Scholl Japan Medi Qtto Sleep Wearing Slimming Socks
Not tried but sounds nice. Still not sure if I'd use.
Will have to check the price when in Japan.

Kyusokubijin Cool Refresh Sheet
I have tried similar ones, but I want to try this brand, I have heard so many people rave about this one!

Hesokyu Lady Warmer
Sounds like something I need will see if I can find it.
I'm in pain every month!

MeguRhythm Steam Thermo Patch
I have used hot packs so far, but these sounds better. I will try to pick some up.
Especially good to have at work. It will help me get through the day ^^

Azuki no Chikara shoulder Pillow
Looks really nice. but only works 3 times!?

Shiseido the Collagen Drink
I have never been a fan of these drinks. But I have had so many friends rave about this. I have also been given one as a sample in Japan. One won't change anything, it was ok.
But not something I'd buy in bulk.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Labiotte Haul (What's Labiotte?)

For some of you Labiotte is a new Korean brand.
Do you know Tony Moly? It's their sister brand and is more sophisticated.
I have heard a lot of good about their items so this is why I went all in on their 1+1 sale.
Also, the 1+1 was also a reason why I purchased so much.

Below you see some videos from the store, showing the products!


#Labiotte #KBeauty #Korea #South #Makeup #Skincare #Korean #Beauty #JoanKeem #SunnyDaHye #Joan #Kim #Sunny #DaHye #라비오뜨 #화장품 

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Winter season

Everyday is just darker and darker.
But that's what comes with the season.
I'm not a fan of snow but it makes it a bit brighter, this photo I took a few weeks ago.
Around 4 pm, it shows our City Hall.
Very nice don't you think?


Tuesday, 28 November 2017

코스알엑스 아크네 핌플 마스터 패치

What's the worst thing ever? No matter age... You wake up or you come home and see that a pimple is coming your way! And you know you are to be somewhere where the look is important and do not want a red spot on your face.
I bough the COSRX Acne pimple master patch a few months back, but I do not get pimples that often so I have not used it until now. Or actually my hubby came home last Friday with a huge red spot on the side of his face. And I told him to test this out. First he cleaned his face with facial wash, toner and he also used the COSRX Pimple pads. Then he put one of these on. The next day it had turned from red to white. he washed and removed and put on a new.
On Sunday morning, only 2 days later, he took this off and had a very small almost nothing left! It feels like magic. I mean really.. how does this thing work?
So far I'm so pleased with COSRX products, all I have used I like!

And about this product I have heard so much good, but as you know with most items, you never believe it until it works for you! This truly worked on my hubby. We are so going to buy more in Korea! A pack of these in mixed sizes cost 3 500 won, aprox US$2,5?
When you have the patch on you can barely see it, we went shopping on Saturday and it was not noticeable at all!

If you can buy these where you live, I'd recommend you to have a pack at home, you never know when it hits you and to avoid scars, this is a great product to treat and remove your pimples!


#COSRX #Skincare #Korea #South #Shopping #Acne #Pimple #Patch #코스알엑스 #아크네 #핌플 #마스터 #패치

Monday, 27 November 2017

30 days to go!!!

Let the countdown Begin.

SEOUL trip...30 days!

Black day pick ups

My hubby told me I went overboard with my purchases this year.
But honestly I never do Black Friday sales, because... in the country I live, it sucks! Or at least for the things I want.
I saw a Chloe bag, 20% off which was good, still not the IT bag I want so it felt like a lot of money for an "ok bag".
For make up, I got 20% off the YSL cushion, will post about it tomorrow or later this week, but that was actually before black Friday.
For Black Friday I got this from Korea, lots of make up from Labiotte and Missha.
The other brands didn't have a good sale so I will wait for Korea with them. I think they might have good ones for the year end. But these were good deals, buy one get one, in other words 50% off!
I think I would have had maybe bought this much if I would have had visited the store, but some of them well be good presents as well so it's fine. All items with original price would have ended up at around 450 USD, but because of Black Friday sale I got it all for 225!!!! It feels so good and I cannot wait to try this out.
And as said, this is only a small amount of things I want to buy in Korea, I still have a long list of items. I cannot wait to go shopping in Seoul... 30 days to go!


  • 라비오뜨 린든 블라섬 딥 모이스처 크림 미스트 1+1
  • 라비오뜨 코드덤 캡슐 클렌징 워터 1+1 / 선택정보 : 제품선택: 젠틀
  • 라비오뜨 트러플 리바이탈 크림 1+1
  • 라비오뜨 샤또 와인 립스틱 - 멜팅 1+1 / 선택정보 : 제품선택:RD01 그르나슈레드
  • 라비오뜨 샤또 와인 립스틱 - 피팅 1+1 / 선택정보 : 제품선택:BE04 홀리캔들
  • 라비오뜨 샤또 와인 립스틱 - 피팅 1+1 / 선택정보 : 제품선택:RD01 말벡버건디
  • 라비오뜨 닥터 코드덤 캡슐 시트 마스크 1+1 / 선택정보 : 제품선택:모이스처
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  • 세븐데이즈 컬러링 헤어 트리트먼트 핑크브라운
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  • MISSHA 1년에 단 한 번 블랙프라이데이 전품목 1+1 / 더 퍼스트 에센스(모이스트)+보랏빛 앰플_Z1111 / 2개

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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Cosrx från SKINiD

Jag beställde lite från SKINiD, måste säga att jag älskar att de har Cosrx.
Ett helt fantastiskt märke från Sydkorea.

Kan varmt rekommendera både Cosrx och SKINiD.

Jag hade en röd prick på näsan och tänkte..jaha snart blir den vit och så kommer jag klämma den.
Men tvättade ansiktet o använde den röda boxen och strök en rondell över ansiktet morgon och kväll.
3 dagar senare såg jag inte skymten av den röda pricken!!!
Helt underbart!!!!

#코스알엑스 #COSRX #Skincare #Hudvård #Kbeauty #Korean #Beauty #skinid

Saturday, 25 November 2017


Guess who got tickets to see Big Bang in Seoul?

I'm so overjoyed and excited.
I haven't seen them since 2009, it's gonna be so much fun.
Sad TOP won't be there but still... HYPED!

#빅뱅 #와이지 #Big #Bang #Last #Dance #Seoul #Concert