Monday, 31 July 2017

Mickey and Minnie in Korean

How many has seen this video yet??
Isn't it cute? It's the first time in a long time I saw Mickey and Minnie in Korean.
Funny thing is that this so remind me of my hubby and I trying to be the smartest


Sunday, 30 July 2017

Delicious memories

I went here a few years ago with my bestie.
We tried some really delicious items! And compare to foods/drinks at Disney in the US, Japanese Disney is cheap...! When I visited I tried a few, and I really..really liked the Curry one!
It's a fun thing to buy and eat.
If you are Japanese (or a child) you might buy the can that you can bring home and bring whenever you visit, so you can fill up on popcorn throughout the day.
Each vendor sells it's own popcorn bucket, the most expensive was the one with Duffy.
Do you know Duffy? I had NO IDEA until my friend told me. I had seen the bear ever since I first went to Japan but I thought it was a Japanese character. But no, it's a plush Mickey gave to Minnie.
I have no idea but in Japan this bear is the most popular and way more expensive. It has it's own store at Disney Sea. I was surprised of the prices and Japanese people buying items like crazy.

I wish we'd fun more popcorn in Sweden. And not sweet ones only.
I remember in Korea at the movies they'd sell different ones like Green tea, caramel ,cheese, onion etc. My fave was of course Green tea.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Soufflé Omelette

I saw this on YT by a few chefs, I kinda got stuck on this video because it was short.
We had this for dinner the other day.
But we added some veggies and italian sausage on the side. And in the omelette I added mozzarella cheese and truffle oil. It was so delicious. As we had more eggs than this video, don't forget to have a large pan..haha
My hubby needs food and get fat (he is so skinny, perfect to be a kpop

Friday, 28 July 2017


This is a very cute song, it's about one of Chanhyuks childhood dreams.
It's a very cute song and has an awesome arrangement!
What a comeback, a bit sad they are not promoting but that's life right ^^



나의 옛날 동네
옛날 동네 반지하 빌라엔
네 가족 오순 도순
오순 도순 잘 살고 있었네

화장실 문 밑엔
쥐가 파놓은 구멍이
매일 밤 뒤척거리시던 아버지
No problem
난 아무것도 몰랐거든

아직도 그때가 생생해
무서울게 없었던 어리기만 한 나를
펄쩍 뛰게 한
펄쩍 뛰게 한
펄쩍 뛰게 한

어릴 적 내 꿈에 나온 Dinosaur
어릴 적 내 꿈에 나온 Dinosaur

비명과 함께 깼네
함께 깼네 네 가족이 다 같이
따스한 이부자리
이부자리 두 발로 걷어찼지

엄마는 날 안아줘
내 못 감추는 울먹임
TV 보며 진정하라 하셨지
깜빡깜빡 거리네
까만 방이 번쩍거리네

아직도 그 꿈이 생생해
무서울게 없었던 어리기만 한 나를
펄쩍 뛰게 한
펄쩍 뛰게 한
펄쩍 뛰게 한

어릴 적 내 꿈에 나온 Dinosaur
어릴 적 내 꿈에 나온 Dinosaur

우리 집 창문을 부수고
내 가족에게 포효하던
널 다시 만나면
그땐 너보다
더 크게 소리 지를래
더 크게 소리 지를래
더 크게 소리 지를래
더 크게 소리 지를래

어릴 적 내 꿈에 나온 Dinosaur
어릴 적 내 꿈에 나온 Dinosaur

Thursday, 27 July 2017

마이 아이섀도우 (글리터)

Earlier this year Innisfree launched their My Palette series.
They launch several items so the customer could customize. I really wish to make my own palette but I want to wait until I go to South Korea. I want to test the items out before making the final selection.

To try out a part of it I decided to get an eyeshadow. I went for the glitter one as I wanted my eyes to glow a bit for the wedding. I chose this blush colour with glitter.
I got this one in number 16. Brilliant crape myrtle (찬란한 백일홍)
This is very pigmented and can be used in many ways to get the desired look.
As I did my makeup in the morning, it still looked good in the evening, if wanted you can always retouch a bit. And yes some glitter came off but it wasn't like I had glitter all over my face so I cannot say anything bad with this one (this specific colour). To wash it off, itcomes off with a regular make up remover. You do not need to rub too much which is very good.
I'm very pleased and look forward to set my foot in an Innisfree shop and built my palette :)


16 찬란한 백일홍

You can buy it here, and also see all other items you can add into a palette or buy as a single.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Hola Hola

The summer is moving on, it kinda feels that we are coming to an end already.
Still we are only at the end of July.
Don't ask me why, however this song sure keeps the summer up!!


Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Black bean noodles and sweet sour pork

I'm ticking off my cravings one by one.
As you might know, I was on a strict wedding diet and shredded lots of kilos on the way.
Yes it felt good!! Although I do not want to be as strict as prior the wedding, I decided to follow it during the weekdays, and have my cheat days on weekends!

I have wanted this for quite some time and since we are not going to Korea any day soon I asked to make this at home!
This week's cheat food was the Korean Jjajangmyeon (짜장면) and Tangsuyuk  (탕수육).
To get the BEST of the BEST. I googled a lot and took inspiration from here and there.
My hubby helped too and in the end we decided on how to proceed.

For the noodles our biggest inspiration was from Korean chef Baek Jong-won.
He put a lot of green onions in the base and no added potatoes. We added pork loin, onions and the blackbean sauce. and let it all cook together 
Wow it turned out nice.

As for the sweet and sour pork, it seems the key ingredient to get the crunch is to let potato or corn starch sit in water, 1,5-2 h before pouring out the water. Add an egg and mix, that batter wow!!
double frying is the best, the taste and crunch is to die for.
The sauce however, I trusted my usual Youtube inspirations but I was not pleased with the outcome, in the end I had to do my own show to get the perfect taste. I followed what they said but to be it tasted like water and water only. Anyhow it turned out great!!!

If you wonder about the noodles, we picked up noodles from the asian grocery market, specially made for cooking jjajangmyeon. You can use Udon or "kalguksu" noodles.
Kal = knife, "guksu" = noodles. 
I like both but the udon is a bit more chewy  and that's why we chose those noodles this time around.

Monday, 24 July 2017

미샤 브러쉬 클리너

One of the things I hate the most is to clean brushes!!
But then I found this item from Korean Missha, it totally saved my day! This is the Missha Brush Cleaner and it doesn't need water. you just open, swipe on the white part and brush off on the black and done! It only takes a few seconds to clean the brush!!!
It's easy and quick to use! Perfect for a lazy person like me and also very travel friendly.
I'm in love with this brush cleaner!
It's also very cheap. 6000 won! Aprox 5.5 USD. And like I said, it's very light so it's easy to bring around! If you hate to clean brushes... this is the item for you!
I bet you can get it from various online stores that offers worldwide shipping - Gmarket, yesstyle, amazon etc. Or if you visit Korea just visit any Missha store :)


Missha's homepage

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Our wedding menu

We served a 3 course menu on our wedding, plus wedding cake.
Yes, a lot of food but it was a long day so people needed food. ^^
A few months before the wedding we were presented with a menu of 4 of each - starters, mains and desserts. They had put them in a full menu but we were told we could mix how we wanted.
In the end we chose to try 2 of each, and non of them came from the same menu.

Once we got to the venue, they had also prepared drinks to go along..aka wines.
It was very nice to be able to try the food, and it was delicious. We knew as we decided, this is going to be great!
Also the size of the portions were large, great as we were scared..what if they are hungry etc.

Before dinner started all guests were offered a small cheese pies as appetizer outside in the garden along with champagne :)

Note: I also loaded up with Chips and Candy upstairs just in case people would be hungry.
In the end we had a lot left over..haha

The presentation looks so nice and it was so delicious, they also accommodated all guests with various food restrictions - vegetarian, allergies etc.
I'm so grateful to the chefs and hosts of the wedding venue! They did a fantastic job!!!!

Our starter.
Lobster and crayfish salad, sesame mayonnaise, pickled radish, fennel, sea coral,
toasted panko and shiso.

Our Main
Deer with juniper berry jus, Pommes Anna, celeriac cream and fried kale.

Our Dessert
Chocolate parfait (Bolivia 68%), variation of sea buckthorn, chocolate crumb, salted caramel sauce.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Ddeokbokki night

One of my largest cravings during my wedding diet was to eat ddeokbokki - Korean Spicy rice cakes.
Who loves ddeokbokki? I do ^^
Last Sunday we decided to have a ddeokbokki feast. And I'm very good at making this dish, no kidding.. my hubby and all my friends I have made it for - Korean, Chinese, Western.. all loves my way of doing it.
This time I added some extras. I usually do not have sausage or cabbage but I found some recipes so I wanted to try it out ^^ All served with korean radish kimchi - ggakdukki!

What you cannot see is an onion, it was added.
As well as Korean chili paste, sugar, black pepper, and water.
We also added some dumplings ^^

This is so easy to make, slice and dice and put it into the pan and it will cook by itself.
You need to stir now and then to get it all mixed and cooked.
but if having dumplings, be gentle. Also you need to pre-cook your eggs. Eggs are good for digestion as the food is salty and spicy.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Wedding gifts for our guests

In return to our wedding guests we thought it'd be fun to gift them with something, a Thank You for them to come and celebrate us.
I searched quite a lot and in all.. most gave candy but that felt quite boring to me. 3 pieces of candy in a bag, it's nice but boring.
So...suddenly it hit me, why not gift them with socks!

In Korea you can buy socks super cheap! And they also have fun socks. Sorry Sweden but we like our 1 coloured socks - black or white. In Korea you can get fun characters etc.
So after logging on to Gmarket I found some that I wanted, actually more than I wanted. I wanted them all. You cannot imagine how many varieties they have (unless you have been to Korea and passed by a street stall, or several stalls!). In the end we decided on three different kinds and I also found an appropriate gift bag on EBay.

One of them we could not buy ourselves, the korean wedding couple, it said when order they ship random ones of the 6 offered in their shop! My now father-in-law called the company and they said they'd make a special order for us and only ship the design we wanted :)
Also... father in law's friend own a sock company - believe it or not!! So he kindly gifted us with the "thicker ones". In Korea they call them sleeping socks (수면양말). I guess it's because they will keep you warm at night! At first this uncle said he were to send us 500 EA!!! I told my now husband... what are we to do with 500? I mean we decided to have aprox 50-70 guests! So in the end we got 100 socks..haha My mum was overjoyed, she loves to wear those kinds of socks!

Below I have broken down our gift bag to our guests.

This gift bag I got from Ebay, super fast shipping, I'm very pleased. They fit the wedding so nice! And perfect for the socks.

Our special order, on top it says "Hubby and Wifey"
A Korean traditional wedding dressed couple.

The sleeping socks, I think we got them in 6 different kinds, but I only found these at home now..
The rest are at my parents house ^^

Aren't these just adorable?
We got 50/50 and let the guests choose.
I loved both so that's why we ended up with two different ones.

[Mini Album] KARD - Hola Hola

As said I was so excited for their official debut and album. Here it is - Hola Hola.
Besides from the 3 singles we got the title track Hola Hola plus 2 more tracks.
I think this is a very good debut album and as said I love this group is co-ed! I miss co-ed groups, when I was young I followed groups such as S-Club 7, Steps, Hear'say etc.
My fave song on this album is already released Don't recall. Second is..hmm... which one should I choose? Hola Hola I think..hehe
Did you grab your copy already?

★★★★★ / ★★★★★
Track List:
01. Oh NaNa (Hidden. 허영지)
02. Don`t Recall
04. Hola Hola
05. 난 멈추지 않는다
06. Living Good (Special thanks to.)

Thursday, 20 July 2017


My hubby gave me these BEAUTIFUL flowers the other day.
I couldn't be happier. And he got them from my fave flower shop in the city!!

Pure LOVE, my hubby is the best!!!

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Don't recall

Who else but me is excited about their official debut??
I love to finally see a Co-Ed debut that hopefully is here to stay for a long time!
So far this has been my fave song, but I cannot wait to get the full album!

It's out today!!

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

BlackPink in Japanese

Guess I was wrong, they did not start from the beginning, they release them all at once!!
Very surprising ^^
Which one do you like the best of the Japanese versions??

As if it's your last


Playing with Fire


Monday, 17 July 2017

One month!!

Time is flying by!
We have now been married for a month, I cannot believe it.

コーセー クリアターン 目もとふっくら マスク

I heard about this a few years back but I didn't pick it up until last year. This is from Japanese Kose and their line Clear turn. They have various kinds of masks. It wasn't that easy to find, I guess it's popular..I had to go to three different drug stores to find it. I cannot

I have kept it in my closet together with a lot of other products. I usually use more face masks so that's why it has been lying in the closet. But lately with some cushion foundations I have seen it cracking around my eye area. So I'd thought..maybe it's time to use this eye mask to give more moisture to my eye area and hopefully the foundation will set better on my face.

I bought a pack of 32 uses. and wow, it is thin, as I put it onto my face you cannot even see I have anything on. So great for a flight or even out..haha
I have heard so much I'm super excited! Problem is.. after my 32 uses, what should I do? I mean if this provides a miracle I need to get my hands on more... we'll see.
So far so good!

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Vegetarian meal

We have started to cook more vegtarian food at home.
This week we made beetroot and feta cheese pie.
I cheated and bought ready dough, yes bad for you.
But I wanted a thin crust and I knew if I make it I will be suck with a lot of it. So I gues it isn't too bad.

In the pie we put beetroots, spinach, onion and feta cheese and delicious herbs.
I only put 150 grams of cheese (one package) but I could seriously have put in two!
Other than that...DELICIOUS!!!

Pie dough - make your own or buy one
500-600 grams of beetroots (pre-cooked) or cook your own.
150-300 grams of feta cheese (depends if you love cheese like me or not)
150-200 grams of baby spinach
1 large onion 
1 tb - rosemary, basil, black pepper
a pinch of salt
2 large eggs
2 cups milk

1. Make and pre-cook your dough
2. Put your owen to 225 C
3. Cut onion in wished size, cook in frying pan until soft.
3. Add spinach and cook until soft
4. Mix eggs, milk and spices in a bowl
5. Cut the beetroots into smaller pieces
6. Add beetroot and onion/spinach mix onto pie dough
Pour over egg/milk mix
Crush feta cheese on top
7. Place in the center of the owen, bake for 25-30 min

Saturday, 15 July 2017


It's already time for Blackpink to enter the Japanese market.
I'm kinda surprised they are releasing one of their first songs, instead of jumping on with the latest or a total new song.
I like the Japanese version of Boombayah, sometimes it's a bit so-so to hear the words but I like the combo of English and Japanese a lot ^^


Friday, 14 July 2017

MISSHA 3-Step Brow Kit

I have to say, I was thiiiiis close to buy Anastaia products as I saw this kit on sale.
My mother in law kindly bought it and brought it to me.
I love MISSHA products and as it was 50% off it felt like a bargain and worth to try out.
If it wouldn't work I surely knew were to go.
I got it in shade 01. Dark Brown. And I think it only comes in two shades? The other one being Dark red. 
The three steps include a Jelly, Powder and Wax. It also comes with three tools to shape and create!
I like the small package and you do not need a lot of product, it's easy to apply and looks really nice. It surely match my colours! At first i used them all but as time has passed I have found myself only using the Jelly and Wax. To me that's enough for a daily look.
For a special occasion I use all three.
For the price I paid I'm happy. I could not say that I'd be more happy with Anastasia although I'm so tempted to buy their products. I tried in the store and fell in love.
To me MISSA did a great job on this and I can recommend this to people who need some new brow make up.
The only thing I should add is that I also use another wax pen to keep my hairs in the same direction. I'm sorry by Asian brows are so stiff and hard to work some times. I think it's because they are slightly thicker and needs a haircut more often than my Western friends' ones. Not sure if that's true, just a feeling..haha

★★★★/ ★★★★★

Thursday, 13 July 2017

빨간 맛

This song has taken Kpop by storm.
It's Red Velvet's comeback song 빨간 맛 (Red Flavour)


Wednesday, 12 July 2017

No Sebum Mineral Powder

I do not have oily skin but I have dry skin. However as a lot of Korean items can look quite dewy.
I thought this item would support me to have the make up set for the day.
I have to say, yes..package is super small and you think you'd use it within a day or so. But it lasts!
It took me some time before I got this, I thought this was more for oily skin, but after some research I read people used this to set the make up. And it worked out nice for me. You have to shake out the product to be able to apply on desired places. Both the sponge it comes with and a brush works fine.
I really like this product, maybe normal baby powder would work as well but this seems slightly better, but honestly if I was given baby powder, I would't know the difference..haha

So oily skin or dry skin, this works out well for the different purposes. It's also super cheap, around 5.5 USD! It's super easy to carry in the bag. A must have in the make-up collection


Tuesday, 11 July 2017

잉크 더 에어리벨벳 틴트

Next item to review are Clio Peripera's tints.
I got one from their Peri's Ink Velvet series and one from their Airy velvet series.

Let's start with the Airy.
In Korean it's called 잉크더에어리벨벳 2호 최애쁨템.
Number 02 Pretty orange Pink.
The packages looks identical but the second you put it on you can feel the difference, this is very smooth and super easy to apply. Not sure what the texture is but it's love for the lips, you barely feel it on!! And my lips are usually quite dry and this feels like gel on the lips. This colour is BEAUTIFUL on the lips, I'm so happy with my choice.
To me it gives an intense look of what "natural" lips should look like..haha 
It has a matt finish and stays on for many hours. I think this one is the most long lasting lip tint I have ever tried!! It doesn't smudge off that much on things but I guess it also depends on how much you put on. You get a lot of look for the money!
I love this one and I'd like to try out more colours from this series.

I wonder if this will hit Europe, I think this would be a huge CRAZE in Europe/US if they were sold!! I mean, there is NO woman..or man.. that would say no to this formula!!!


Now of to the Peri's series. This one is from their newest collection so it gave me high hopes!
I mean they are already famous and something should mean something better right?!
I chose the one in colour 잉크더벨벳 13호 미모낭낭, No 13 Charming Coral.
Looking at the colour it looked very matt and faded but still gave a really cool look to the lips.
I was so keen to try this out! However as I put in on my lips I didn't like it AT ALL.
It looked heavy and my lips felt like they were coated with glue. I was questioning if they had put something else into the bottle. It was SO DISAPPOINTING!
It felt like a waste of money and I'm happy I also got the airy one as well..
Only to try this would have meant... bye bye Peripera!
I do not recommend this unless you look to and ugly!?
I could work on others, I have no idea how? Maybe if you have super moist lips?


Monday, 10 July 2017

New station

The new commute train station opened across (almost) from our house.
It almost felt like being abroad, so non-Swedish kind!
I liked the cleanness, could be because it's the first day but well.
Also it was very wide!! So good, I hate our old and narrow platforms, there you can walk without pushing!!
It took some time before it was done but here it is. A total upgrade for the city!!!

Wedding Photography

Another thing I want to talk about is Wedding Photos!
To hire a photographer or not.
1. What's your budget?
2. Do you care about your Day being captured on film?
3. Do you care about the quality of the photos?

And...Do it prior the wedding in a studio or have the moments captured on the day?!

Answer on these three and you know.
We got a photographer and I have to say it was not easy.
The reasons were:
1. We got married on a popular date
2. It's expensive
3. Does the photographer care about YOU or is it just another job?

By now you all probably know, add the word Wedding to anything and the price is sky high.
Anyway, we had some help from our wedding planner, the venue we chose had a lot of partners and they invited us to an open event.
As we are not living in the area where we had our wedding it was very convenient. We got our bakery (wedding cake), hairdresser (for my hair), florist and photographer!
And no I was not lazy, of course we could have "Googled" ourselves and we did, but in the end as they have partnerships I trusted them.
And they all worked out very well.

We chose a photographer with passion but she also cared about us.
She wanted our day to be captured like how we would like to see and be reminded of it.
She knew the area well and could chose good spots to take photos. And looking at the photos today we really chose the perfect person to capture our day!!

We also had friends taking photos which we are very thankful of, but as most are using smartphones only these days, the quality isn't as good as using a profession camera. Also most friends captured same parts. However the photographer took portraits of only us as a couple and our bridal party (bridesmaids and bestman).
I'm still very thankful to all friends who captured our day but at the same time I'm also very happy we chose to have professional photos. it's not a day we can rewind nor make again.

So my tips for you are... Do your research and be quick! It's not always easy to find someone. And you should find someone who cares about you, someone who has passion for his/her job, is a kind and open minded person, and who thinks about the details!!

Sunday, 9 July 2017

CLIO Kill Cover Conceal Cushion

This cushion as well received good feedback.
Clio in general has grown quite a lot the past years and they have come out with a lot of nice products.
I chose this because of many reasons... and I also forgot I had purchased it!!
Nope not kidding, but the reason why is that I bought A LOT of make up prior the wedding, I could open a store I think.

This comes in 3 shades and they are not called 11, 21 or 23 as most.
These are instead called 2, 3 and 4. I chose number 3 as I thought 4 would be too dark.
It was hard to choose, I search for hours just to be sure I got the right shade.
Just like the Missha one, it came with a refill. It's a like a normal cushion foundation I have tried before. It was not as easy to apply as others, but after blending it out it has a REALLY nice finish! I was surprised that it did not oxidize as much. and it stayed on well all day!
This is also one of many reasons why I chose to have this on my wedding day! I did not re-apply.
I put it on around Noon and washed it off somewhere in the morning the following day! I'm super happy with this cushion, it gave me everything I wanted! Especially for an occasion where I slightly knew it'd be hard to walk a way and re-touch.
This can be used as daily make up too of course. I had a full over and gave the shade I wanted! Pure love, this is by far my fave cushion!!

Edit (20171008): I have now used it for a few months and the weather has an effect.
I had it on the other day for the whole day, I didn't want to re-apply, I was indoors anyway. But wow.. it dried up A LOT. I could see patches, I looked dead! I have not seen this before with this cushion. I mean I had it all day at my wedding, not sure if I need a better moisturizer or why this happened. Will try to moist more and see if this is the issue. Once again.. my skin is super dry!
I also changed the overall big star became smaller.

★★★ / ★★★★★

You can buy it here

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Food inspiration

My husband and I follow Tasty on FB.
And the other day we saw this video.
I'm still trying to find ways to eat delicious and think about the calories.
And these!! So little but looks so delicious.
We have already tried the Chickpea dish, it was so yummy!!
Now I want to try the chicken one, followed by shrimps.

I can strongly recommend Tasty's YT or FB!

Friday, 7 July 2017

On était beau

She is back!!!
I have missed her, I hope you enjoy the new song by French Louane.

Title is: On était beau meaning It was beautiful.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Missha Tension Blusher

This was another product I got interested in.
We all know there are cream blushes but it was the first time for me to see it like this, similar to cushion foundations.As it's from Missha they released a version similar to their tension pacts.To get product onto the sponge you only need to press lightly.
I chose the PK02 - Pink ruffle. I LOVE the colour!
It's naturally blends on the skin making it look super natural, perfect for the summer look!
However this colour is light so I needed to do layers. One time is not enough.
Still once on it looks amazing and I like the finish.

Through out the day it sits very nice, but if putting it on early in the morning, I'd suggest to do a minor re-touch in the afternoon/evening, just to keep the colour and have the perfect looking cheeks!
And for that it loosed a point, but still worth every penny. The pact is small and fits perfectly in the make up bag!!