Sunday, 30 July 2017

Delicious memories

I went here a few years ago with my bestie.
We tried some really delicious items! And compare to foods/drinks at Disney in the US, Japanese Disney is cheap...! When I visited I tried a few, and I really..really liked the Curry one!
It's a fun thing to buy and eat.
If you are Japanese (or a child) you might buy the can that you can bring home and bring whenever you visit, so you can fill up on popcorn throughout the day.
Each vendor sells it's own popcorn bucket, the most expensive was the one with Duffy.
Do you know Duffy? I had NO IDEA until my friend told me. I had seen the bear ever since I first went to Japan but I thought it was a Japanese character. But no, it's a plush Mickey gave to Minnie.
I have no idea but in Japan this bear is the most popular and way more expensive. It has it's own store at Disney Sea. I was surprised of the prices and Japanese people buying items like crazy.

I wish we'd fun more popcorn in Sweden. And not sweet ones only.
I remember in Korea at the movies they'd sell different ones like Green tea, caramel ,cheese, onion etc. My fave was of course Green tea.

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