Monday, 17 July 2017

コーセー クリアターン 目もとふっくら マスク

I heard about this a few years back but I didn't pick it up until last year. This is from Japanese Kose and their line Clear turn. They have various kinds of masks. It wasn't that easy to find, I guess it's popular..I had to go to three different drug stores to find it. I cannot

I have kept it in my closet together with a lot of other products. I usually use more face masks so that's why it has been lying in the closet. But lately with some cushion foundations I have seen it cracking around my eye area. So I'd thought..maybe it's time to use this eye mask to give more moisture to my eye area and hopefully the foundation will set better on my face.

I bought a pack of 32 uses. and wow, it is thin, as I put it onto my face you cannot even see I have anything on. So great for a flight or even out..haha
I have heard so much I'm super excited! Problem is.. after my 32 uses, what should I do? I mean if this provides a miracle I need to get my hands on more... we'll see.
So far so good!

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