Thursday, 27 July 2017

마이 아이섀도우 (글리터)

Earlier this year Innisfree launched their My Palette series.
They launch several items so the customer could customize. I really wish to make my own palette but I want to wait until I go to South Korea. I want to test the items out before making the final selection.

To try out a part of it I decided to get an eyeshadow. I went for the glitter one as I wanted my eyes to glow a bit for the wedding. I chose this blush colour with glitter.
I got this one in number 16. Brilliant crape myrtle (찬란한 백일홍)
This is very pigmented and can be used in many ways to get the desired look.
As I did my makeup in the morning, it still looked good in the evening, if wanted you can always retouch a bit. And yes some glitter came off but it wasn't like I had glitter all over my face so I cannot say anything bad with this one (this specific colour). To wash it off, itcomes off with a regular make up remover. You do not need to rub too much which is very good.
I'm very pleased and look forward to set my foot in an Innisfree shop and built my palette :)


16 찬란한 백일홍

You can buy it here, and also see all other items you can add into a palette or buy as a single.

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