Saturday, 22 July 2017

Ddeokbokki night

One of my largest cravings during my wedding diet was to eat ddeokbokki - Korean Spicy rice cakes.
Who loves ddeokbokki? I do ^^
Last Sunday we decided to have a ddeokbokki feast. And I'm very good at making this dish, no kidding.. my hubby and all my friends I have made it for - Korean, Chinese, Western.. all loves my way of doing it.
This time I added some extras. I usually do not have sausage or cabbage but I found some recipes so I wanted to try it out ^^ All served with korean radish kimchi - ggakdukki!

What you cannot see is an onion, it was added.
As well as Korean chili paste, sugar, black pepper, and water.
We also added some dumplings ^^

This is so easy to make, slice and dice and put it into the pan and it will cook by itself.
You need to stir now and then to get it all mixed and cooked.
but if having dumplings, be gentle. Also you need to pre-cook your eggs. Eggs are good for digestion as the food is salty and spicy.

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