Sunday, 2 July 2017

My Wedding Dress

I want to reveal my Wedding Dress.
I got my dress from the Danish brand Lilly.
I bought a dress and a lace top.
To be added was also a underskirt, not sure why they were not added together as it seems the dress is not complete without one. "Optional" they said..well not really.
Oh well... I love my dress so much, I wish I could wear it again and again ^^
I think I spended a lot on this, of course there are more expensive dresses. But remember... it's one day! And I rather purchase something else that I can use for a longer time.
To me this was a fairytale dress, I got so many kind words from all guest. All in all with alteration etc I spent about 20 000 SEK (Swedish krona)!
(To me that it's a week of shopping in Seoul/

Now I need to find a good dry cleaner... it got stained as the night went on..haha

#BestDayEver #Married #Wedding

Brand: Lilly
Item: 08-3702-CR
Price: 9899 SEK

And I added this lace top...
This made the dress complete in my eyes.
Together they looked stunning!

Brand: Lilly
Item: 09-3182-CR
Price 1799 SEK

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