Wednesday, 12 July 2017

No Sebum Mineral Powder

I do not have oily skin but I have dry skin. However as a lot of Korean items can look quite dewy.
I thought this item would support me to have the make up set for the day.
I have to say, yes..package is super small and you think you'd use it within a day or so. But it lasts!
It took me some time before I got this, I thought this was more for oily skin, but after some research I read people used this to set the make up. And it worked out nice for me. You have to shake out the product to be able to apply on desired places. Both the sponge it comes with and a brush works fine.
I really like this product, maybe normal baby powder would work as well but this seems slightly better, but honestly if I was given baby powder, I would't know the difference..haha

So oily skin or dry skin, this works out well for the different purposes. It's also super cheap, around 5.5 USD! It's super easy to carry in the bag. A must have in the make-up collection


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